Italians Ban the Burqa

To hear it from the American mainstream media, only racists support Donald Trump’s uncompromising stance against Islamic terrorism. Everyone else – Republicans, Democrats, Europe, Canada, Russia, Charlie Brown, etc. – thinks we must embrace Islam more tightly than ever when our citizens are slaughtered.

But wouldn’t you know it, not everyone thinks that way.

In the northern Italian region of Lombardy, the governor has passed a new regulation forbidding Muslim women from wearing face-covering veils into public buildings and hospitals.

These laws are already in place, but Italian politicians in Lombardy say the regulation is needed because “thousands of Muslim women go about undisturbed with their faces completely covered by the burqa or the niqab, making it impossible to identify them.”

The new rule will go into effect on the first of the year.

Such regulation will probably do little to stop the kinds of attacks we saw in California and Paris, but it’s an acknowledgement that the status quo isn’t working. We have to stop pretending like Islam and Islamic terrorism are two entirely separate entities. If that means enacting laws that make Muslims uncomfortable, they have only themselves to blame. They’ve had years to chop away this radical branch of their religion, and they seem utterly unwilling to do it.

So in response to that failure, how can you blame us from taking matters into our own hands?

Of course, we will hear all the usual arguments from liberals who want to protect Muslims from “discrimination.” Oh, this will drive moderate Muslims right into the hands of ISIS!

When the racist in Charleston killed innocent people at a church, the Democrats blamed the entire South for the actions of one psycho. When a nutjob shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, the Democrats blamed it on Republican rhetoric against abortion. When it helps them push their agenda, these liberals have no problem blaming the entire bunch for one bad apple. No one suggested that taking down the Confederate flag would drive angry southerners to shoot up more black churches, did they?

If what Hillary Clinton says is true – that moderate Muslims will turn into terrorists because of Trump’s language and laws that target Islam – then that opens the door to a whole new set of questions.

If this really is the religion of peace, then why are so many Muslims just one outspoken Republican away from joining ISIS? Why must we be so careful about violating the Islamic ban on drawings of Mohammed? Why must we treat Muslims with kid gloves?

We aren’t doing this out of respect for a religious minority; we’re doing it because we’re scared witless. Scared that if we should make one false move, legions of peaceful Muslims will suddenly turn into bloodthirsty murderers.

And that fear should tell us everything we need to know about what’s going on.


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