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For the past couple of weeks, liberal news organizations have been repeating the same false claim about America’s refugee program. The claim is that since 9/11, nearly a million refugees have been resettled in the country. Of those, exactly zero have been brought up on charges of terrorism. Therefore, they say, the Republican effort to block Syrian refugees is based on nothing more than unfounded hysteria.


The truth is that we have seen multiple incidents of refugees and asylum-seekers being charged with terrorism. Two Iraqis in Kentucky were charged with attacking U.S. soldiers with IEDs and plotting other terrorist attacks. A refugee from Uzbekistan was convicted of stockpiling explosives and supporting organized terrorism. The Boston Marathon bombers themselves were only here because they were granted political asylum. They showed their gratitude by killing three people and injuring more than 200 others.

In a statement made to Fox News, the State Department said, “Of the three million refugees we have admitted to the United States since 1975, including nearly 785,000 refugees admitted to the U.S. since the events of 9/11, approximately a dozen — a tiny fraction of one percent — have either been arrested or removed from the United States due to security concerns that existed prior to their resettlement in the U.S.”

Okay, well at least we’re now dealing in truth rather than wishful thinking. But that doesn’t change the fact that it only takes one bad apple to do an unthinkable amount of damage.

Nor does it change the fact that we have almost no helpful information about the 10,000 Syrians Obama wants to relocate in our communities. With these other refugees, we had the benefit of background checks. When it comes to Syria, we simply don’t have the resources. We’re taking a huge gamble, and it is utterly disingenuous for this administration to pretend otherwise.

If we want to have a real debate on this issue, we need to make sure we’re all using the same facts. The real facts. Not the ones Obama has carefully conceived to get what he wants. Not the ones where we pretend like we’re only talking about “widows and orphans.” Not the ones where we pretend the refugee program is infallible.

And especially not the ones where we don’t recognize that things have changed. The Islamic State is a terrorist organization unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. This is not Al Qaeda. This is a group of lunatics who want to bring about the end of the world. They are an army. They are a government, for Christ’s sake! They aren’t hiding out in the caves of Afghanistan; they’re selling black market oil to the tune of millions of dollars a day. And we think they’re not capable of infiltrating the Syrian refugee program?

Even if ISIS terrorists get through and even if they launch the worst terrorist attack in American history, chances are good that they won’t kill anyone you know. So that makes it awfully easy to “take the high road.” Maybe if more Democrats would proceed with the assumption that the next attack will kill the people they love most, they would be a bit more cautious about our national security.



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  1. Obama’s number one job IS protecting Americans, not putting them in harms way. He says he gets this, he says that’s what he doe’s, but as usual he’s lying. His actions contradict his words as always. Obama’s real goal is to flood this country with illegals coming across the southern-border and now with Muslims from the Middle East. All part of his despicable plan for his “fundamental-change”. He doe’s not love America OR it’s people. He proves it time and again by slandering this nation while standing on foreign-soil. History will NOT be kind to B.O., he will forever be known as the most un-American, arrogant, and destructive man ever to sit in the Oval Office, an office he isn’t even qualified to hold.

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    • But unfortunately for you silly Right Wing CHICKENS,
      ANY EU citizen (10 MILLION Muslims) can get on a plane and be killing Americans by lunch.

      so tell me cons, WHY do THEY not pose a threat but a refugee who has spent 18 months in camps having reviews IS a threat?

      • There IS NO DATA-BASE to check against in Syria for these so-called “refugees” to see if they are who they say. Is that clear enough? There is NO WAY to validate who they say they are. Is that clear? Put down the Kool-Aid, use your head for something other than a hat-rack, and wake the hell up! You may want to take the chance one of these “refugees” won’t murder you or someone you know, but myself, AND THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS are NOT ready to take that chance. By the way, should they do come, how many are you going to have living with you?

        • The majority of Americans, unike you, have not been taken in by right-wing lies.
          The majority of Americans are not repeating lies.
          The majority of Americans know that the Electoral College elects a President.

          • Get off your Electoral College kick. What’s the sense in even voting if the Electoral College ALONE elects the president? See, you’re the ignorant one!

          • Are you from Arkansas? Sometimes I wonder what you listen to and subscribe to in your politicians. Some of the biggest rinos and dem lemmings represent your population. Guess the pork barrel projects must be pretty good or the welfare exceptional. Libs and dem lemmings go for the freebies big time. We in AZ have our fool rinos too but the two AZ senators are going to go. Unlike the other parts of the country, we in AZ see first hand the results of the liberal agenda. The right wing has originated in states like AZ. You need a whole lot of the criminals running the border freely and the illegal alien hordes invading your state and sucking voraciously on your benefits, AKLady2015. I do now the truths of your so called right wing lies. You are obviously not touched by it yet, but it is migrating your way, I can assure you of that. And you are spreading disinformation.

          • I also live in Arizona, I know exactly what you mean.

          • They will, we just have to convince a good conservative to challenge our old rino. He made Salmon back down. Same thing happened in 2008 when he had to run against BO. McCain is a “got to go for sure loser”!
            These two you are posting with are so out of it. Guess they need the wakeup call this part of the country is getting and has for years. Wait until Reality and AK, Arkansas, get over run by them. Feel the pain of these criminal illegal aliens and see the damage they do and it is funny because I know a lot about the tracking of the refugees in this country for a fact. When the bureau says they can’t vet them, it means time to round the wagons and these liberals just don’t get the message.
            Living where we do makes all of these things real and the liberals here don’t stand out because the locals know the reality of it. I have not met or talked with anyone including every Mexican I know who is still a democrat or who likes BO. And the refugees now here are being watched really closely but 10K more totally unvetted is unbelievably stupid especially considering the Bureau view. Really dim wit people, Bill.

          • It’s becoming more and more apparent every day that liberalism is indeed a mental-disorder. Trouble is, these morons are so far out in left-field they’ll never change until it affects them directly.

          • Logic, facts, truths have no impact. Direct impact may or may not. Depends on their financial security, etc.. Most working people in the country legally and those who have seen the problem will react as all of us now labeled conservatives or the right. If they are freeloaders, make a living advocating this, or are just socialist at heart they will never see the point of their opposition. I am a retired CPA and BSA. Lived in AZ since 1964, father was a quarantine inspector at the Yuma port of entry and military brat. I know what this costs, how dangerous it is, how big business is buying this via our politicians. Even the illegal aliens are losers here, they just don’t realize it yet. The very reason they want to be here is what they are destroying for the bought politicians and the greedy business interests. BO is not doing any of this for altruistic reasons.Good posting with you Bill. I am sure we will cross paths again. Give the idiots hell, I do.

          • Hope to talk with you later. Getting late now, 6 A.M. comes early. Enjoyed your posts and as I said, hope to talk later.

          • A friend of my daughters is running against McAmnesty and the last I saw she was up by about 7 points.

          • What’s her name so I can vote for her?

          • Her name is Kelli Ward, she is now a state senator so you can check out her record etc. She is ahead by 7 points the last I saw. I have heard nothing but positives about her.

          • Absolutamente!!!!!!!!

          • Hi….Bear down Arizona!!!! Go Sun Devils!!!!!!

          • Really? Is that WHY Hillary is now behind 3 or 4 GOP candidates as we speak? Man, are you that ignorant? Really? Once again, WHAT would be the point in even having people vote if the Electoral College ALONE were able to pick the president?

          • The electoral college gives “votes” based upon the voting in the state except in winner take all states (which really should not be acceptable).

        • Bill, reality is a fantasy for the idiot you are addressing. Give him hell but know it is a waste of your time. Liberals are dem wit dems for a reason and it is not because they really think!

          • Thanks for the support, we’re dealing with real, honest to God morons here. You know, Obama and Hillary trolls. You (almost) have to feel sorry for them. But I don’t!

          • I like the way you ignore the 10 million Muslims with passports who get absolutely no background checks, LIKE the Paris attackers.
            they could just as easily have come to America and done that.

            Bill seems to have problem grasping basic facts.

          • Are you and AKLady related by any chance? You both seem to share the same brain, and it’s currently out of order.

          • Billy: maybe they swap colon mucus also?

          • I wouldn’t bother even responding to them, it just encourages them to continue. I don’t anymore. Watching paint dry has more advantages than dealing with these people. If everyone would cut them off by not answering them they would probably go away and try and spread there garbage elsewhere.

          • I have a lovely winter lawn that I enjoy watching as it grows. It gives me more pleasure than trying to get some of these brainwashed, propograndized (is that a word?…if not, maybe we can make it one), misguided, koolaidites that BHO so adores. They don’t seem to realize that whatever happens to this country is going to happen to them as well.

          • Right you are.

        • In addition this is not a refugee program, what we are being asked to agree with is financing an invasion of our country. 75% of these “refugees” are fighting age men (180-40 or so). Where are the elderly, the handicapped, the women and the children? And its a better idea to help them make safe zones over their for their civilian population. Most of these people want to stay in their part of the world — its home .

    • “Why would he have his records sealed”


      can you name another politician who school records are OPEN to the public?

      This administration has 100% more things available online than the GW administration.

      Maybe the FOOL can prove something instead of Flapping those fat Gums.

      • YOU are mistaken FOOL. YOU don’t know what the hell you’re talking about FOOL. YOU can prove what you say, lets see it, FOOL. YOU are obviously one of those liberal-pinheads. FOOL!

          There are no “illegal voters” on the Electoral College.

          • The popular vote in the regions represented by the electoral representatives is suppose to be the basis for their vote. Though it does not always control their vote, it was supposedly designed to do that. So the illegal alien hordes or those of them voting illegally will likely sway the electoral representatives in their regional population statistics via the popular vote as in our votes as supposedly legal US citizens or our legal immigrant populations. But you are correct in that it should be a legal US citizen or possibly legal immigrant who represents them in the electoral college. Of course, these days the rules and laws have little sway AKLady2015. That I have noticed, have you?

      • RC, we a have US Senator here in MA, who not only has her school records sealed, she has her employment records sealed. Elizabeth Warren claimed that she was a Cherokee, because her grandmother told her that she had high cheekbones. I guess that’s all Liz needed to claim that she was a Cherokee. When she was running for the US Senator’s seat, a Cherokee committee came to Boston to talk to her about her claim to be a Cherokee. They had no record of her, her parents, nor her grandparents who were a part of the Cherokee Nation. Liz did the smart thing: she didn’t talk to them. The Cherokee committee went back to Oklahoma, pissed. You see, if Liz claimed that she was a Native American, doors to colleges and employment would be open to her. If she wasn’t a Cherokee, but used that ruse for admittance to college and employment, a REAL Cherokee would be denied the preferred treatment that she received. Here’s another footnote on Liz: when she was running for the US Senate, she took a leave of absence from her job: $350,000/year teaching 1 class/week at Harvard. She traded that job to become a US Senator, who’s salary is about $175,000, approximately a 50% cut in pay. The perks (at our expense, of course) must be fantastic!
        Now, RC, there’s your “other” politician with sealed records, 1 up on Obama with her sealed employment records.

        • Good post, proves beyond a doubt some get sealed legally and some don’t. Reality won’t put that in his pipe and admit he is wrong though.

        • Has anyone remembered that anytime someone wants to go to a different college/university (as I have done), all the records from the previous college/university are available to be transferred to the new school. Those records are not sealed. My birth certificate, such as it is, is not sealed, nor is anyone else’s that I know. Most of the time, in today’s world, just about any info someone wants to access online is instantly available, including date of birth, address, phone numbers, family members and all their info. I’ve called companies that I’ve never called before and they instantly know my phone number. I know this is true because they repeat it back to me without asking me what it is.
          The reason BHO has had his info sealed is because he has SOOO much to hide. He’s even had people erased because they knew too much about him. Sort of like one the president wannabes.

    • Everyone’s records are sealed.
      Please get help. If you cannot afford a private doctor, there is a community mental health clinic in your area.

    • The Electoral College elects the President.
      No amount of your imaginary ilklegal voters would change anything.

      • Well now, aren’t you a regular liberal-lunatic. Trying to point out someone else’s ignorance and instead showing the world your own stupidity. No, not everyone’s records are sealed, you are mistaken, you are wrong, and you are a pin-headed leftist imbecile!

      • They are not imaginary and if you read the news you would note there are those who have been caught voting illegally who are being prosecuted. I can not believe you spread such lies, makes me wonder if you are even a US citizen. I don’t believe are. Actually you must be a troll.

      • Key word here is “learn how YOUR country actually works”. You are not from this country or you are just ignorant AK, Arkansas, or where ever the hell you are from. Pull up the info on the popular vote versus the electoral vote. You need to do your homework, Sweetie! I always do cause it pisses me off when the delegates change sides when the intent of the electorate was to let the popular vote guide them. Maybe now in these times, that may be a good thing. Ignore all those voting illegal aliens, dead people still voting, etc that are really happening, Sweetie!

    • Add most divisive, black racist, and arrogant narcissistic sociopath who really is a muslim NOT a christian and you have said it all Bill Matthes. Well said!

      • Thanks, we’re dealing with self-righteous bone-heads here. Just like their messiah Obama.

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    • I get your message, Bill, but it would carry more credibility if there weren’t any misspellings and/or inappropriate punctuation, i.e.: it’s not ‘doe’s’, it should be ‘does’ (pronounced duz; unless you’re talking about female deer, then it’s pronounced like the word ‘doze’…but don’t confuse that with ‘doze’ as in ‘to sleep’). And then there’s the most misspelled word in this nation: ‘it’s’ when it should be ‘its’. ‘It’s’ is a contraction for ‘it is’, which is the exception to the rule relating to possession. Proofreading your comments should be required in order to not appear to either not care about your native tongue or to be too sloppy to care. Since these comments are read worldwide, it would be of enormous assistance to help other nations realize that not all of us are illiterate or only partially educated. Case in point: I read and re-read this comment about five times before I hit the Post “button”.

    Even a moron can put it all together, okay?
    Terrorist training camps ALL ACROSS AMERICA!!
    Sanctuary cities, ALL ACROSS AMERICA !
    And there will BE NO ELECTION !! The PMIC and geo Soros are cooking up the biggest race riot in history. Once that’s started, the PMIC will declare martial law, then declare himself a dick taster, I mean dictator….and all of these “so-called” refugees will come crawling out of the woodwork to be his own personal army!! AND WE THE SHEEPLE WILL STILL BE SITTING ON OUR DEAD ASSES, WATCHING IT ALL TAKE PLACE!!


    But unfortunately for you silly Right Wing CHICKENS,
    ANY EU citizen (10 MILLION Muslims) can get on a plane and be killing Americans by lunch.

    so tell me cons, WHY do THEY not pose a threat but a refugee who has spent 18 months in camps having reviews IS a threat?

    I didn’t think the Right could get any more DIM.

    • Says the dem wit dem lemming.

      • well if you think I am wrong, that would prove your low info status even more.

        • Gee, that hurts. NOT!. But you made me laugh with your comment. You really are proving my point, do you understand that? Even if you don’t, I don’t care. You are a waste of energy and time. For someone of your brain power any argument or reality is wasted. I wish you lots of muslims and illegal aliens in your future reality check.

  4. Shut down all immigration / refugee resettlement until ISIS is destroyed. Then review current regulations. Abolish any immigration and refugee actions related to the U.N.

  5. If the unified militias, swore to take the blowbama family out by force if he brings in 10,000 Syrians, he might get the point. That IS something that would hit close to “home” for the Asshole-in-chief

  6. It has been common for terrorist, and jihadists, to wait for an order from one of their high ranking superiors to have simultaneous attacks begin on a certain date and at a certain time in order to obtain the greatest amount of fear and damage. As the “refugees?” who have not been vetted are being located throughout our country the stage has been set for a nation wide jihad to begin after receiving orders for its commencement. Due to the fact that “refugees?” which have not been vetted are being placed throughout our country without the consent of the people, we no longer have a government dedicated to protecting us. We no longer have a government of the people, by the people and FOR the people. The states are our only hope of surviving this administration and they need to join together in the creation of Countermand Amendments to protect us from dangerous orders from this president. The Charles Kacprowicz web site explains how Countermand Amendments are created and how they can protect us. Charles said that he is willing to meet with governors and state representatives to answer questions.

  7. Liberals control the MEDIA so they control the lies that we believe…

    Fight the media at

  8. One might well inquire as to whose side the government is on, as it doesn’t seem to be on the side of The American People.

  9. That’s just it. It has to hit them personally THEN they will sit up and take a different approach. Why can’t they think that before? Why can’t their brains figure out it could be someone they love and hold dear?

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