It May Not Take an Earthquake to Break California From the U.S.

In a statement this week, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra put his stamp of approval on a movement to secede the Golden State from the rest of the union. As long as the separatists, known as CalExit, can round up 585,000 signatures for their petition in time, the attorney general has authorized them to put the initiative on the 2018 ballot.

If they are successful, Californians will be able to vote next November to decide whether or not their state should remain part of the United States…or go free into the liberal LoonyLand as an independent, sovereign country unto itself. And while few analysts give the movement any hope of succeeding, the mere fact that it’s happening shows you that it only took one man – Donald J. Trump – to show these leftists how important it is for states to maintain their rights.

The new proposal, of course, is a bit weaker than the one that preceded it. It doesn’t actually call on Californians to vote on secession; rather, it would give California’s liberal governor the mission of “negotiating more autonomy” from Washington, which may include a future ballot measure declaring full independence from the country. In other words, the new Calexit movement wants to set the stage for an odd “have your cake and eat it too” scenario where California will remain part of the union but will be a “fully functioning sovereign and autonomous nation” within that framework. How that’s supposed to work, we’ll have to wait and see. We think it basically means that California will continue to gratefully accept federal grant money but will politely decline to follow any federal guidelines, regulations, or laws. Should be quite the sight to behold.

As ridiculous as California has become in recent years – and especially in recent months – there is some cause to hope that their quest for secession will be successful. This certainly need not lead to Civil War II: The Trumpening. Maybe this is simply an idea whose time has come. In the wake of the federal government growing more powerful and invasive than our Founders would have ever imagined, this enormous country of ours has begun to crack. And the reason – well, part of the reason – is that people in California are being forced to adopt the culture of southern Mississippi and vice versa. That was never supposed to be the case. We are united, yes, but we were never supposed to be a legally-homogenous culture from coast to coast. And in practical terms, we never will be.

Maybe Californians (and, in their own right, Texans) have a point. The next decade could bring some very interesting questions about the federal government and states’ rights to the forefront, and it’s probably not a bad thing for us to discuss.

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  1. I still hope it BREAKS OFF!

    • I would be happy to see California to go but they would really be in a hurt. USMC would go, US Navy would go, US Army would go, US Airforce would go and US Coast Guard would go. Also Border Patrol between California and Mexico would go. Losses to their ecomony would be in the $ Trillions. If San Andrea fault goes who is going to be there to help clean up the mess and rescue the survivors. Ya! let them go! When they came crawling back we would set the rules.

      • I was born in Calf over 90 years ago. Nice place and outside of the big cities, it still is. But I don’t want Calif to go – just the opportunists who took over the political establishment. At any case, I now live in Nevada. Most of my children are in California because that’s where opportunities are.

        I notice a warning of where not to be when the US Dollar crashes. First is Israel. Second is southern Calif. Can you imagine the chaos in southern Calif when the US Dollar no longer buys anything?! The US Dollar is not backed by anything now except the full faith and credit of the Federal Government. That’s a pretty thin thread as the Federal Government is under water to the tune of trillions of dollars. But as that great financial collectivist, F D Roosevelt, said, “we only owe it to ourselves”!

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        • Hey you; If the taxpayers stopped paying taxes; the government would be broke! I do agree w/ you. It’s OUR FAITH and belief that our dollars are good!

        • Malcolm Davidson

          I would think there are less opportunities there now, as opposed to the 80’s and 90’s. No matter what happens, we are living in some pretty bizarre times.

        • You STILL don’t vote DUM-O-RAT, do you??!!…..This is how the BSLN virus( blue-shirted lefty NAZISM…;-) is spread, turning once DECENT states purple-to-blue!!

      • Don’t forget the U.S. Post Office, Amtrak, all Federal Courts, the 9th Circus Court of Appeals, all federal parks, FAA, FCC, and all federal construction organizations. If they exit no federal funding for anything, and all federal positions would be eliminated . Dianne Feinstein could perhaps become a Mexican politician along with California’s other Senator and all California Congresspersons.

        • Ilike the idea of Feinstein being a Mexican politician – or a NON US senator. THROW HER OUT!

          • RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ernestinarvictor

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      • Malcolm Davidson

        I agree with you Richard, but with all the bases there it just isn’t going to happen. If it did, all the bases would be moved, and if a major earthquake did strike who is going to help them? If the rest of the country did, they in turn would have to mend their stupid ways.

      • it’d be a 3rd world nation in no time and be sucking the UN hind tit

      • Indeed. Since California “progress”-ives are morally and ethically superior to us, and since we backwards hicks—with our plethora of this-&-that “phobias” and “biases”—are the only things standing in the way of the CA elites and their grand, socialist Utopia (to which they are so very entitled), they will be much better off WITHOUT us…and our tax dollars! [wink wink!]

    • Maybe it will. I remember the great quake of 1987 that struck San Francisco very badly. Another bigger quake may do the job.

    • It would be the best thing in the world for the rest of the Country… Except NY.

    • If it doesn’t BREAK off, maybe Mexico will annex it.

    • although the flag over the seceded california implies communism, its the wrong flag, remember as MSM wants you to know, “russia is bad communist. red china is good communi$t” so the flag should be red with the yellow stars in the corner, same flag that flies over Peking.

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  2. While America guarantees its citizens rights as described in the Constitution.

    California does not. No second amendment rights here.

    Worse, it seems beyond a shadow of doubt that the election process is controlled by the single political class. They count the votes like Stalin did.

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    —-Joseph Stalin

  3. I’d be quite happy to see California leave the nation. I’d be sorry for the poor souls who live and work there and who cannot escape until they retire. It’s worse now than it ever was, and my hubby and I bugged out of there in 1980, thank God.

    • Beat you out by a YEAR , 1979 !!

      • It’s a know fact America does not need California any more. Name us one thing that’s worth having from them. They have become nothing but a scum state full of corruption, crime, queers, transgenders, same sex marriages. You name it California has it. It’s like the wild west days. Anything goes.

        • California wasn’t fit to bring up children clear back in the 60’s and 70’s! My entire family is still there and all of their kids are corrupted because they didn’t think family was important enough to raise with a proper set of values and mores!

          • Jane Faatz Mitchell

            I was raised back in the 50s and 60s in Southern California and it was a wonderful place to grow up. I still have lots of relatives out there who are conservatives. There is no way the state will actually vote to leave the USA. They just need to vote out the liberal wackos and take their state back.

        • The wild west was a hell of a lot freer than today’s california is!

          • In the Wild West, GUN rights were a GIVEN.

          • During that era, I believe gun rights were pretty much given throughout the nation. More people back then favored truth whereas too many today favor lies. Sad, isn’t it?

          • Both coasts are full of liberal nut jobs. Could it be something in the water??

        • Worse yet, they screw up our elections.

        • As long as it is societal “perversion” of some sort.

        • That sounds like New Dorkistan and King Cuntmo!

      • SAME HERE! Just before Mt St Helens blew her top! I think there was a message from God there!

      • LOL! Lucky you!!

      • Unfortunately we had to wait until 2008. But we made it! WOO HOO!

      • Left in 1968 when I went to the Army, returned in 1998 when I retired; didn’t have a passport or visa for that third-world place

    • The only things I miss about living in California is the sheer beauty of so much of it, from the beaches, backpacking in Yosemite and Kings Canyon, all the scuba diving I used to do up and down the coast and the weather. Luckily, I got corporately transferred out in late ’94, and have only been back a few times to visit my former in laws.

      • Yes, California had everything going for it UNTIL it became slovenly leftist. It would rather have people despise it than love it…..because the left knows best. GRRRRRRR….

        • Or so they like to think anyway. I see new CA license plates moving to Oklahoma quite often. On speaking with some of the hew people moving in, some are to have gotten out of there, but then there’s the rude drivers that I don’t miss out there with the outrageous traffic in LA area, the ones that will speed up if you turn your blinker on, just so you won’t slow them down by half a millisecond.

          • I hear you totally. Seems like everyone living in city is always in hurry. I prefer laid back atmosphere. 😉

    • I wonder how the people that have retired from the State of California would be affected through their retirement….and are not living in California????

      • Mildred Bradway

        I lost my Retired Employer group health insurance. Because of Obamacare just because I live across state lines. I retired in 2004

        • Really? Is that how states do it? You should be entitled to your retirement no matter where you now live! You EARNED it, or cannot states grasp the meaning of “EARN”?

          • Mildred Bradway

            Obama let big corporations put their retirees that live across state lines into exchanges. We can not buy into the Obamacare insurance plans for those of us on Medicare under the age of 65. We were put into a exchange that refunded medical expenses up to $3,000. A year. We lost our 80% coverage on the 20 % that Medicare don’t pay. So it cost me $3600.00 just for
            2 premium . THE ONLY THING I can get is a Medicare Advantage plan because I am under 65. I lost my secondary insurance plan I can’t get a supplement plan untill I turn 65. It against the law to sell me a plan since I am on Medicare.

          • What a revolting thing for the gov. to do! I am so sorry.

          • States do all kinds of things when their survival is at stake. They react like humans do. Yes, state officials can grasp “EARN”, but they will always put their survival ahead of your’s. That’s institutional survival. So, we can’t live on borrowed money much longer!

          • No such concept as “ownership” exists in communism.

          • True! Unfortunately too many Americans buy into communism – as long as it is called something else, like progressivism.

          • “Progressivism” is just another name for the worst form of communism: soro$$$$$$ian communism. The reason why soro$$$$$$ian is the worst is that it seeks one-world government.

      • It shouldn’t make a difference. But California is not normal.

      • That would be interesting. It might save them qite a few $$$ but folks wouldn’t mind I don’t think!

    • You’re probably talking about the metro areas. The central coast remains good and pleasant. But, then, the metro areas dictate the politician environment.
      I just noticed a note on where not to be when the US DOLLAR.CRASHES. FIRST PLACE IS ISRAEL. SECOND PLACE IS SOUTHERN CALIF.

    • I am retired, and I can’t escape!!!

      • Oh, Jeffrey, that is terrible. We left there, moved to Texas where there is no state income tax, and where the state didn’t feel obligated to butt into every aspect of our lives. Some of the cities there are left leaning, but in most of the countryside, and there is a lot of it, is conservative.

  4. Wish the Land of Fruits & Nuts would secede.

    • And take Hawaii with it.

    • Will we need a wall to make sure the illegals stay put along with other riff-raff?

      • I think a wall would be a ‘must.’ And with the number of Muslims Trudeau is bringing in, a wall for Canada also!

    • In other words,they don’t want to have be a part of our country or to obey our laws,yet,they still want American tax-payers to support them. I say let them go,but don’t give them a single penny of American money,for if they don’t want to be americans,that should put them in the same group as the illegals that they love so much,so they don’t deserve any help. At the same time,they should be treated as a hostile foreign government and unable to get aid as a foreign country. They want their freedom,then let them have it and all that goes along with it,the loss of all federal money.

      • Absolutely, cathy. Those Californians who want their cake and eat it too….well no more Federally funded cake. If they want that ‘cake’ they can forget it and make their own cake and pay for it themselves..

      • All Federal dollars should be forcibly removed if it goes thru. All Federal agencies including Department of State should have nothing to do with them and all Federal buildings should be leveled.

        • Unfortunately, nothing will happen. California is like all the nutcase celebrities that said they would leave the country if Trump was elected. Still waiting for the first one to go. The national IQ would increase by 50 points if they all left.

      • How about a Wall along California’s eastern border to keep the garbage in? The agricultural products they produce can be purchased from South America. The products coming from Hollywierd only help fund more liberal movements that kill society.

    • Then where would your (real) fruits and nuts come from? No, just think about that!

  5. It would be a TRUE BLESSING if the LEFT WING, LIBERAL LAND OF FRUITS AND NUTS did secede from the rest of the USA, and as the cartoon suggests, BECOME THEIR OWN NATION INDEPENDENT OF THE REST OF THE USA, and then have ALL GOODS AND SERVICES provided by the rest of the USA TO CALIFORNIA DENIED!!!! Let the LIBERAL LEFT WING LOONS in California figure out how in Hell they are going to get VITAL SERVICES provided to them by the rest of the USA!!!!!!!!!!

    • Two AMEN’S and a Hearty HALLELUJAH for good measures!!!

    • California = “The Granola State” because it’s full of fruits, nuts, and FLAKES.



      • Put strict immigration policies in place at the California border.

  6. Let it break off NO FEDERAL money. Let them support themselves.

  7. Well since we’re not sure when the next big quake will occur, couldn’t we just put nukes along the fault line and detonate them to help the process along??? Sarcasm.

    • Not that I disagree with you, but Crazyfornia does pay a moderate amount of income tax into the IRS. I suspect over half the amount they take back in benefits. If they give some water back to the farmers there could once again be a massive agribusiness in CA. They would have some difficulty retaining industry and business with the tax and spend mentally of the left.
      It just might be the lever I need to convince my wife it’s time to CalExit.

      • Well if “Moon Beam” would have used the tax monies to build waterways and dams instead of a “High” Speed rail, then possibly they could have revamped the agribusiness!! It appears you are one of the vanishing intelligent Californications that still exist!! Wish you luck in bailing out!!!

  8. Please! And take Oregon and Washington with you. Give conservatives the right to go east and leftists the right to go west and build a big, beautiful wall!. And give Chicago to Canada. Why should the rest of the country pay for the idiot policies of these people?

    • Francisco Machado

      Just Seattle. The state is pretty conservative but not heavily populated so it gets outvoted.

    • No, NO, only Seattle and portland, maybe tacoma.

      • no no no include chicago, if there are any people left from all the killings and wouldn’t you need a pasport to visit these cities if they do pull out?



    • sandraleesmith46

      My thinking: the wall should start at the Gulf of Mexico, run across our southern border to the eastern boundary of CA, up along that and OR and WA, to the Canadian border, across the north, looping around MN, MI and Chicago, to the Appalachians and down that line to the Gulf again; the rest can form their own nation or whatever. Allow libs and illegals 30 days to vacate: move the Naval installations to the Gulf, and all Army and USAF units inland. After 30 days, we start rounding up and deporting. Conservatives from the affected states would be welcome to move “home”.

  9. California doesn’t need to leave, just the idiots running it.

  10. Francisco Machado

    Benefits: No California representation in Congress, no California electoral (or popular) votes for President. Negative attributes: We’d probably be sending them foreign aid. I don’t know if there even is a California ship registry, but their ships would not be able to transport cargo between U.S. ports.

  11. Good, get rid of California. Defund California immediately. In case of emergencies no FEMA for these weirdos. No welfare and no food stamps for them. They get NOTHING from the States. Good riddance California and don’t come back. It’ll be interesting to see how California holds up with all their illegals and NO government funding, lol.

    • Yeah,like that’ll happen.Look at the way we treat the invaders and “refugees”.They live a whole lot better than we citizens do and they have better representation,more rights,protection and privileges than we can ever hope for;we’re only here to guarantee their”right” to a better life through our sacrifices.

    • Pull all military bases out of CA, there are at a minimum of 3, 4 is probably closer, and all the families that purchase things in CA, all Federal employees and all funding. All is left is a few working families and a whole lot of illegals who want everything given to them, lots of luck with that.

      • sandraleesmith46

        There are a LOT more than 4; there are a lot of “under the radar” bases in CA, besides the huge Navy base; the 2 Marine bases and 2 USAF bases of which most are aware. There have to be at least a dozen scattered bases in CA, possibly more.

        • So a lot of empty property and empty houses they can’t use as they are US property and lots of business built around the bases that will go out of business due to lack of customers.

          • sandraleesmith46

            That would be 1 side effect of such a move. ALL those personnel and the money they earn/spend pulled out, tsk, tsk. The Coast Guard would naturally have to move out too. MORE bases and personnel. We could let them have the land; not that it would avail them anything. Of course the water from the Colorado basin would be cut off as well. That’s US water. Libs seldom if ever actually THINK anything through; they just emote.

          • Unintended Consequences. If we gave the bases back, they would have enough housing for all the illegals that will be pouring in to live in Mexiformia.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Maybe; but where would they put all the libs flocking in from the states to live in their utopia?

          • Now that is a good idea, help every state and not have to kick them out of WA and Oregon and other states.

          • sandraleesmith46

            There are bases in OR and WA too; same situation.

          • it is only the west coast of WA that are democrap, the rest of the state is outvoted by Seattle.

          • sandraleesmith46

            I understand that’s essentially true of CA and OR as well; but if we cut all 3 off, and send all the libs,illegals, and “refugees” in the rest of the nation THERE, to get them out of the rest of the states, they’ll need that space to accommodate the influx. And anyone else will want to leave too.


    • They are also cut off from the power grid and water that they steal from the surrounding states.

      • That would and should be the first on the list!!! Along with assisting Northern California breaking away and creating their own state of Jefferson!!!

    • California Progressive Totalitarians should be careful what they wish for. It is clear they have once again failed to think things through.

  12. How’s this sound. We allow California to secede. We give conservatives in that state ample time to leave and come to a sensible state. At the same time, tens of thousands of liberals migrate to California. Then, the U.S. declares war on California and wipe out the entire liberal population. Once again, it becomes part of the U.S., only without all the degenerates.

  13. Don’t just let then secede, push them out!! Exclude them from any and all federal financial programs and let them become the new Venezuela. Let them spiral even further into their financial abyss and then refuse to let them back into our country. That will cause chaos and will drive real estate prices into the toilet, along with the rest of their failed state. Nutsy Peelousy and Maxi-Pads Waters will be the reigning Loony Queens of that land of deranged idiots.

  14. They should secede. And all federal money, including social security, should secede from their wallets. Take a big wet bite out of that shit-hole-of-an-existence.

    • And take away their electoral seats so they would no longer have a voice in our presidential elections.

    • “River”, read all the previous posts. You are either a NWO type or grossly ignorant of the facts.

      • HUH????????????????????????????

        • ??????????????????????

          • For what it’s worth, I DO NOT know how you’re in this BUT I was replying to DunderHead aka dondehoff! He posted about river being NWO and ignorant! I don’t recall seeing anything from river regarding anything that could be remotely NWO’ish!
            I went and looked at rivers and your posts above and saw NOTHING, NADA for DunderHears post! Quoting DunderHead:
            “River”, read all the previous posts. You are either a NWO type or grossly ignorant of the facts.” That is why he got the HUH?????????????????? Does it make sense now?????????

          • just wanted to know

  15. If CA becomes its own country they cut all ties to any kind of money. Problem is they will be over run with illegals running the border to other states. Illegals are already approved for drivers licenses. Their party will forever be Democrat and no other. It will be a totally communist country. I can think of many down sides to this besides it being third world which will be the new world order.

  16. Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

    You can’t leave the union of the USA and still expect the federal government to give you money. Maybe the Hollyweirds can support you. I bet a lot of them will leave California if you try to take their money. They are only liberal as long as it costs them nothing.

  17. I do recall that States Right thingie was declared unconstitutional by a guy named Abe and to prove his point invaded the States that wanted to move on. Sooooooooo cut out all the free stuff from the Fed and watch Mexifornia sink .

  18. They want their cake and to eat it too. If they choose this, the federal government should not give them a penny.

  19. I am not sure how that would work if they accept any money from us. If they vote to exit then I assume we can vote to make them truly independent. No financial aid, no military assistance. Nothing. Then we can take that money and build an extension to the wall.


  20. So…..who does verging-on-bankruptcy California expect to support its state if it DOES secede….China?
    Ohhh, boy…..if they think they have it bad now, just WAIT!

  21. They want to follow the path of Porto Rico where they got all the goodies and protections while the real America foots all their bills. Cal is far more of a welfare state then most realize and the Hollywood crowd make certain that the media stay away from the homeless starving forgotten populations . If they want to leave the union we the people must insist that they leave all the way and we will not be responsible for their bailout when they fail.

  22. Many Californians are leaving for other states as they are alarmed at how stupid California is becoming. Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, a worthless Governor! Where does it end? However they are becoming increasingly at risk! It would,not,take former military to realize how dangerous a spot they are in. They are one natural disaster away from Ruin!

  23. PRAY FOR THEIR SUCCESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. If Calif. doesn’t want to conform to Fed. law no money for you– period. What a messed up State in so many ways.

  25. Let them go.

  26. bye bye


  28. And who needs that cesspool?

    • Beatriz, from a strategic viewpoint, the U.S. needs that state as part of its defense system, not to mention the many seaports and airfields that move tons of foodstuffs and commercial goods to and from Asia.

      • how long will this last as the muslims are taking the state over from within along side with the mexicans they already have lower calf.

      • Dondehoff I am fully aware of what you just replied to me, but unfortunately I was taken by my emotions and enraged me their arrongance and ungreatfulness

  29. It would be gross stupidity for California to secede from the union. There would be millions of people moving both to and from the state. It would take at least 20 years to settle all of the legal issues of property owners. Then, the Federal Government might move all government facilities, including the military bases, including the National Guard, from the state. Equally and probably most important, Article 0ne, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the duty “to provide for the calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”. Also, would the U.S. stop all interstate highways and rail traffic to that new country at the new border and would the bordering states allow the new country’s airplanes to fly over their states? Ditto for the new country’s bus and rail service. What would be the currency?—and this post required but about 10 minutes to list—there would be a hundred-fold additional problems—such as the Muslims directing their world domination efforts to this new small country. Does anyone remember the old axiom, “United We Stand, Divided we Fall?

  30. If CA secedes it would be a big boost to lowering the national debt. CA may pay in a lot of taxes but they suck back billions more than they pay in. I do feel sorry for the people who are stuck there. I do love the fact that Brown will have to start really taxing Hollywood’s elite and all those blabbering fools will find out just how great socialism is.

  31. I’ll sign the petition for them, Damn I’ll sign it 585,000 times it that will help. bye bye Commiefornia

  32. Marvelous, now we have to build a wall for illegal immigration from California, since it will be yet another bankrupt country.

  33. I don’t think letting California secede from the Union is a good idea. They could side with a foreign power like Communist Red China. There could be ChiCom troops, navy ships, and aircraft in California if California makes an alliance with Communist Red China.

  34. “probably not a bad idea to discuss”? Hogwash!!! This kind of crap from the Left is just what they are craven in wanting to do, secede from our nation. Why you ask? Because the Hispanics, and mostly illegal Hispanics, have overrun California thinking that that land is theirs. They could not be any more wrong thinking in that. That land was bought and paid for!! The democrats have set out an agenda to destroy this country, take away our freedoms and Liberty, and strong arm the economic lay of the land with their unquenchable desire for power and control.

    Is Hollywood and all the money there, going to go along with this mentally deranged idea? Granted most of Hollywood is “mentally deranged”, but are they really going to think that they’re not going to support that state if California does succeed in seceding from the nation?

    If California is successful in seceding from the nation, then it should be emphatically demanded that they are on their own…NO MONEY from the states, NONE!! Let them, the ignorant Left, excercise and demonstrate to the world how a mentally deranged mindset functions in society. They will have WISHED that California did fall off the continent from an earthquake instead!!!

    • The United States Government will not allow a strategic coastline, strategic military bases, and the largest port in the USA go to some independent group of nutjob politicians that have temporarily taken over the state. Period. They will be crushed.

    • just think if calf. drops out of the union the morons that said they would move if trump got elected won’t have to move as they would be out of the U.S. anyway

  35. Many things in California are socialist and just plain weird. The top two voting scheme merely helps keep the dominant party in power and should be struck down. the current governor is in now in his fourth term, way in excess of the two term limit law. State gun laws have required (magazine release tool) special hardware to be put on magazine based firearms. They also require an expensive background check on any ammunition. All of this is from liberal abuse. Not all California is liberal. Instead of seperation from the US or increased autonomy i suggest that the federal government look at supreme court cases striking down voting schemes. According to the constitution citizens are guaranteed a republican form of government where you can express yourself with your vote rather than be drowned out by majority ruling. Further i suggest splitting California into anywhere from 2 to 6 states to better allow local laws reflecting the local area. California is too big and has run amuck with special interests.

  36. If it does become its own nation, I’m heading to the hills with my posse and we will be warlords. The US military won’t be protecting them, so we can live in a lawless west and rule ourselves the way we want. As free men. It’ll be a fun adventure to see Jerry Brown be a Commander in Chief of some tranny army trying to keep the security of his new nation! Me and the boys from the hood will link up with the rednecks from Stockton and Lodi and we will take over his little California “army”.

  37. Linda Christensen

    I am wondering if they think that if they break of it will get them out of debt. The fruits and nuts of California need a dose of reality and I hope this works. But I have the feeling that they are too stupid. That is why they keep electing the dims.

  38. Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    If they would break away –then no bs —break away means no federal gov and no funds and no aid and no nothing –regard like cuba and no anything –not the bullshit secession with Federal rights –break away with nothing–what’s this crap with eat cake and have it —no way—it becomes an enemy of the US with no rights to get anything ever from the U S

  39. We should build the wall to keep the California sickness away from us normal people.

  40. TrueRedWhiteandBlue

    I think they need to get rid of their illegal alien governor.

  41. When I grew up there, it was the best state of all. i had some good jobs there and made a good living. Towards the end of my career , I was transferred to Las Vegas. When I see what the horrible Governor has done, I am lucky to be out. My son lives there. Many of my old classmates from high-school still live there also. If the state broke out of the USA, all seniors would lose their medicare and social security. Could the survive without them?

  42. California’s officials are criminals and activists. Can not imagine how that kind of trash got elected legally!

  43. Evidently the majority of people in California have the IQ of a slug. I feel for those poor souls that can’t escape. I know how it feels to be trapped in their situation, living Illinois is bad enough but it’s worse when you live in Cook county. The leadership of Illinois is trying hard to create a California. If I were out of Illinois, it could slide into lake Michigan and I wouldn’t notice.

  44. Can anyone who wants California to completely secede from the US sign the petition even if we don’t live in California? I mean full complete secession, no US federal money, independent nation, separate passport with no travel or immigration into the US for at least 40 years (to help the fledgling nation establish itself), an impenetrable border wall, no trade without trade agreements….oh please can we sign? I used to think Berlin was horrible, but since we’re now talking California, I’ve done a complete 180.

  45. I know there are some good well thinking people in California-nut land who are trapped in many ways and cannot leave or effect any change in the wacky leadership of the State. I feel sorry for them.

  46. What is kinda funny is some very good actors came from Canada and settled in California U S of A and gained celebrity and loads of money through acting in movies that American’s spent a fortune to watch. Now if California secedes from the rest of the U S of A, will they move back to Canada, less money earned, or pack up and split from their California mansions and move into some U S of A patriotic state?
    As far as I know, movie goers who have ALREADY! spent a large amount of money to watch their movies don’t want to emotionally, and aggravatedly pay to hear their political views.

  47. Jerry and the dams gave over a million illegals licenses and now our traffic is jammed all the time . No environmental impact report, no studies , just add one million illegals to our roads. The wear and tear on the roads is turning the streets into third world roads as potholes abound. And the corruption of the illegals racists policies hiring only their relatives, friends, and other illegals and covering up for each other is destroying the state.. The Republicans should hang this traffic nightmare on Brown and let the people know as we sit and stew n the traffic jams every day. Brown and the Dems should be made to own this nightmare.

  48. Be my guest. AMF

  49. Then when they want money to pay for welfare for their millions of illegals, they’re threatening the federal government for money.

    Last month they said they were going to let Calif burn, if the feds didn’t send them millions of dollars.

    The low life sleazy Democrats have ruined California with their open borders. Give Calif to the illegals and see how long it takes to look and smell like the giant sewer known as Mexico?

  50. There goes the election for the liberals in any future Presidential race (without Cal. Trump would have won the popular vote also). Adios California ( Take New York with you also ).

  51. IS the person who wrote this garbage article in possession of any intelligence?


  53. Okay, California doesn’t like Trump. That’s their right. So, why not secede. They’re broke now, how much broker can they get; one more wild fire, one more mudslide. What happens if, for some reason, a candidate that the ex-state of California approves of gets elected president of these United States of which California is no longer a part. Do they apply for reinstatement? Do they call for a ‘do over?’ Do they say ‘Sorry, we were just kidding. We want to come back.’ And, do we say “sure, come on back. All is forgiven.’ Or. do we salute them with a giant 49 state middle finger.

  54. PLEASE do us all a huge favor libtard/left wing California and LEAVE PERMANENTLY and take all the Illegals aliens with you!! Hopefully the big ONE will still hit your state and then we won’t have to put up with your asinine worthless left wing nuts and their mentally sick rants!

  55. I do have a question for the writer(s) of this article: “is that people in California are being forced to adopt the culture of southern Mississippi and vice versa.” What culture of So. Mississippi? Elaborate what you’re talking about!!! Site some examples, instead of just making some comment and expecting us to understand what the meaning is behind that comment!

  56. If California has the right to secede then so does northern California have the right to secede from California and to form the state of Jefferson, which many northern Californians want to do. The state of Jefferson would hold a good chunk of California’s water supply. We would probably welcome Jefferson into the USA to replace California as our 50th state. President Trump would probably fix the dam the way that it needs to be fixed.

  57. The land of fruits and nuts broke away years ago. Let them go patiently (and quietly, please!) into that good night.

  58. What a boatload of blarney! CA is already so ‘far left’ as it possibly can go, breaking off into the ocean would only help, if the people surviving such are those “disenfranchised” folk outside of LA and SF! The state absotootly should be separated, one half containing LA&SF, the other half only allowing “common sense” people in….

  59. Forget the wall to keep Mexico out we need a wall to keep Californians out a lot more. But first lets look at what California is really up to. They will take in 100million mexicans make them citizens then they will will rejoin the usa. Its a slick move but it don’t fool me.

  60. It doesn’t sound like succession is going to be a success.

  61. No more orange juice ?? So what who cares ..Long as take Nancy P. along

  62. sandraleesmith46

    OH NO! They want to be autonomous; they’re OUT all the way! Otherwise they adhere to the Constitution and get back in line! They don’t get to have their cake while eating it too. If they’re a separate entity; then they’re entirely separate!

  63. They’ll do what they’ll do….but NOT with FEDERAL MONIES!! In fact, don’t they have to ante up for the federal blogs, Armed Forces’ bases, etc., etc., etc.

  64. I would be glad to see California separate from the United States but I’m intelligent enough to know that it will never happen. It would be great though improbable and that is why it will never happen. Just think, we could build a wall and keep 60% of the wetback population out of our country. The downside however, we would be keeping some of the best medical cannabis out of the reach of people suffering from chronic pain. Still, not enough of a reason to hold onto the loony bin and their insane governor.

  65. Be happy to see California to go but they would really be in a hurt. USMC would go, US Navy would go, US Army would go, US Airforce would go and US Coast Guard would go. Also Border Patrol between California and Mexico would go. Losses to their ecomony would be in the $ Trillions. If San Andrea fault goes who is going to be there to help clean up the mess and rescue the survivors. Ya! let them go! When they came crawling back we would set the rules.

  66. It ain’t gonna happen! Those idiots KNOW how to rangel the government for extra dollars with nothing in return! WE DO NOT NEED THEM! They are only good for the margin of safety supplied when they get the nuke from N. Korea or Iran! That will give the REAL UNITED STATES time to react to our enemies! California is a COMMUNIST stronghold and was when I was there from birth until I left in 1979! Stanford was filled with Communist plants and agents while I attended “school” there! ALL sane Californians should FLEE that stong hold of insanity! She was corrupt when Jerry Brown’s Dad, Pat, was governor! Scandal after scandal haunted her entire history as I grew up there. She has already let the Mexicans take over every aspect of laws and life there! Besides, the drought there these last decades has all but ruined the farm production of all they used to brag about! We finally have turned to the Gulf states for our fresh produce and the Midwest for our meat and dairy production! California is way over rated for what she has to offer. TOO encumbered with too many laws and taxes that produce NOTHING but heartache!

  67. California used to be a beautiful state. However, since it has been run by demoncrats it has turned into a sewer. Visited there recently and vowed to never go back. Freeways filthy, high prices, taxes on everything. We actually left a day early to get out of there. Will not miss you looney tunes in California. Feel bad for the regular folks working and trying to make it in an exaggerated over taxed economy.

  68. JUST A THOUGHT! 😂😂😂😂😂

    IF they leave the Union, They will not be part or under the protection of U.S.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 They will become just another Enemy Country (like they are now).

    We can then declare WAR on them, invade them, kill, rape and plunder this liberal shithole and make all the demonrats SLAVES! That would also eliminate the need for Mexican workers and other undesirables. This would also improve our GDP and Quality of Life.

    We could then put up a massive wall along their Eastern Border so none of them could escape! Remember the movie Escape from L.A.?

    There are certainly more states to get rid of. Illinois, New York, Michigan, Washington, Seattle, etc. etc, etc.

    This is just another way to “Make America Great Again” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  69. If it breaks off, sooner or later , with their open border policy, there will be more Mexican migrants moving into the California region and there will be once more citizen voting to change its status to be a part of Mexico; that is, Alta California, a “sister” state of Baha California of Mexico.

  70. My only regret would be that we’d then have to build that wall around Mexifornia.

  71. If they don’t want to follow the federal guidelines then the don’t get any federal money. Screw californication.

  72. Thank God, this clown is making headway for Caliexit, I was wondering what ever happened to this movement. Once they’re out, NO FEDERAL $$$, AND HIGH TAXES TO IMPORT ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS. THE SOONER THE BETTER

  73. All the hot air and gas there would be enough.

  74. You Have To Drain The Swamp, Toilet, The Lunitics,And All Hpllyweird And All The Drug Heads Ans All CaliFornia The Crap box Of America Or Garbage Can State Never Been There And Never Want To See The Human Trash

  75. The Earth quake is Coming Soon

  76. 15.0 On the Richter Scale Would Do The Job

  77. Leonce LaRouche

    Ya right, this is nothing but a Liberal Progressive pipe dream, or ” California Dreaming” if you will! Ain’t never going to happen, darn it anyway! All those Military bases that are in Nuts n Fruits vill, doe’s anyone really think Uncle Sam will let them go just because? I don’t think so, I like to think of the Nuts and Fruits going full headlong in to their beloved Sanctuary State and lose all their Federal money, along with border checks on Oregon border. Wait, there might have to be border checks on Washington St. to help keep out Californians and Oregonians because Oregon is sure to follow!

  78. admin: You take on California seceding from the country is naive and stupid!!! As a Californian I find it hard to put up with brown, the idiot an de leon the fu$%^& illegal. Both of them are stupid beyond belief!!!! And hopefully after this mess and scandals with democraps we’ll see Republicans return to voting in this great state!!!! CONSERVATIVES UNITE IN CALIFORNIA!!!!!

  79. It is at least a cheerful thought. Glad I can hang onto it for a while. Californians are greedy and arrogant, but not stupid. They spent lavishly on salaries and pensions, fully expecting the rest of the country to bale them out. They are talking big now until they start putting a pencil to it.

  80. If California breaks off what are they going to call it Mexafornia ,because that’s all that will be left in Calif…

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  82. Restrict the Federal Government to those things “Enumerated in the Constitution”.

    That means an end to all Federal monies going out to all states for any reason.

    No more Welfare, Healthcare, Education funds, Foreign Aid, and thousand of other programs.

    The reason our country is coming apart is because everything is “Backwards” from what the framers/original Constitution specified,

    Each state was to be an “Independent State/Nation” regulated only by those powers listed in the Constitution to the Federal Government.

    Democrats and Liberals, ( Read, “Communists”) have regulated/taxed Businesses to the point they left the country in trying to give people all the “FREE” stuff, Food stamps, Housing, Healthcare, Education, Foreign Aid.

    Which is not authorized any place in the Constitution.

    But the real danger lies in the fact that it is “Communists” thinking people leading California’s exit,

    Communists have always use Revolts against their present Government to create a Revolutions in which they come out the winner.

    Read History and look at the tactics of the Obama Democrats and Liberals, and especially George Soro.

    The Constitution is just a piece of paper, it’s real power is in the people, the kind of people we don’t have today.

    Like the Welfare class, they want someone to do all the work and hand it to them “FREE”.

    • I can agree with much if not all of what you say here however, I’m certain you know most if not all will never happen. It would take an article 5 convention in order to accomplish most of it. Congress will never do it.

      You’re also correct about the reason the country is coming apart. Government actually is limited by the constitution and all that is covered in the tenth amendment. However, once the way Senators are placed in office changed states rights changed because it took power away from the states. Senators were placed in office by the states that is also the reason for the 6 year terms. The House is called the peoples house because they are elected by the people that is also why they have a 2 year term. it allows more control.

      Furthermore, the progressive communist so called democrats are socialistic and believe in big government and high taxes however, the parties are becoming one. Politicians no longer necessarily support the party that put them in office. At least republicans.

      Both parties have obviously been infiltrated by communists however, the democratic party has been to a much larger percentage and there are very few within the party who now match the dictionary definition of liberal (read it and I’m sure you will agree). Of course everyone can see the difference in the democratic party. However, it is the republican party who presents the biggest party problem because those who have infiltrated at least attempt to hide it. One good example is John McCain. The reason they are a problem is they disguise themselves as republicans but side with the progressive communist so called democrats. Paul Ryan may also be another example.

      Many government agencies in existence today are not authorized any place in the Constitution you are certainly correct about that. Most of them would take an amendment to be legal according to the tenth amendment.

      I think it is not just California whose communist are screwing of the state it is the foothold they have in the federal government as well. I see the progressive (both parties) as communists in disguise.

      When Barack Obama was elected he promised an unexplained fundamental transformation. Why was it unexplained? It was unexplained because if he explained it it would have then been obvious he favored communism. Furthermore, there was a reason he also promised a civilian police force just as well funded, trained and equipped as the US military. Democrats and the media never asked what is such a police force needed for (as a matter of fact I do not think republicans did either) now when it has not been necessary for over 200 years. The reason it was needed was because his fundamental transformation was going to require force and he knew it would gather resistance and we are an armed nation. Which also explains why he was hell bent on finding a reason to regulate guns out of legality. After all hitler needed the brown shirts to solidify his power who he later on murdered with the SS.

      Communists have always used Revolts against their present Government to create a Revolution in which they come out the winner. Here you are right again. Perhaps you have hit upon the reason why history books have been changed and in many grade schools is not even taught any longer. However, those who do not know history are bound to repeat it. No one has to verify that statement it has been fact since the first time it was uttered.

      Sooner or later it is necessary to learn history if the mistakes of the past are not to be repeated. As my father used to say “learn from the mistakes of others because it is impossible to live long enough to make them all yourself.” He was right!

      In order to install a different kind of government guns have to go. However, it is not necessary to outlaw them if they could stack the supreme court with Justices who would reinterpret the second amendment and declare the second amendment to not cover individual ownership but the word militia to mean a government entity. That is also why it was so necessary for hillary clinton to win last November 8.

      • Arizona Dan, the “Second Amendment”……”Authorities”……citizens to “KILL” anyone who attempt to take their Guns, or any other “Rights”. The whole purpose of the “Second Amendment” is citizens having Guns is to defend the “RIGHTS” specified in the Constitution. Gun used in defense only means one thing, “Killing”.

        • It is Don not Dan but that is not important.

          Sorry I do not believe the second amendment gives anyone the right to kill anyone it guarantees the God given right to self protection. nothing more nothing less. That may or may not mean killing in order to accomplish that. Most of the time it does not mean that. Taking another humans life is a horrific act. Everyone who has ever experience it will convey that. It is in essence a horrible thing to do. Anyone who does it never forgets it and is always haunted with it.

          • Don, why do we arm the military with Guns, for “Sports”, are they “Authorized” to kill in defense of the Constitution??? Self protection goes far beyond stopping a criminal on the streets, it includes tyrants in government. When dealing with would be dictators, killing is the only way to win, Hitler is a good example, but not the only one. When it’s kill or be killed, it’s not so hard. If the “Founding Fathers” who instigated the revolt against England were alive today they would be called “Radicals” and “Troublemakers”, just goes to show how backwards the ideas that created this country have becomes, and the reason it “CAN NOT SURVIVE”.

  83. IMO we should give kalifornicatiA the ultimatum:
    “Suck it up, or secede entirely; you can’t have it both ways.”

  84. The ultimate test of kalifornicatiA’s desired status as a separate sovereign nation WITH benefits of STILL receiving federal funding would be THIS: let’s provoke them into declaring WAR on US! Let’s find out just how far they will carry their insanity!

  85. There is good and bad. If SF and LA broke off great, but the rest of CA is not too bad. Kind of like NY breaking off. If it’s NYC not upstate good riddance.

  86. If they stay they stay if they leave they leave but NO cake and eat it too – it’s one or the other. If they leave they still are over 1/2 a trillion in debt – I guess they feel that leaving will clean the slate and they won’t have to pay. I feel sorry for the good people in California but apparently they have let the snowflakes take over. I wonder if they do secede – will George Clooney have to move east because he will no longer feel his family is safe their either?


  88. A new IRS investigation SCAM is currently being operated (202)4599868 or other numbers… You’ll receive a call from a heavily accented or not – individual claiming allegations against you….. This is done through internet calling – or even mobile numbers….. currently it’s from a call center established in pakistan (dem IT) or india ——- DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME – USE AN ALIAS – PLAY with them – THEY READ FROM A TERRIBLE SCRIPT – but when possible – ASK ABOUT YOUR 411 IN THE ALIAS NAME – CONFIRM the scam……The IRs used these people as contractors to process tax returns over the years – besides that 411 and in conjunction with the DC leaks and hacks – they have limited 411….Use an alias – find out what they want – ask if they have your file before them – CONFIRM that this is BOGUS – Have a little fun with them – PLAY AWAY – FEDS CANNOT AND WILL NOT HELP YOU..

  89. Maybe it’s time that CA finally paid for it’s stupidity…..

    • Don’t worry they will especially if they do secede. Take a look at Venezuela and see the California future if they do secede.

  90. Nuke em.

  91. My best case scenario would be to see the left coast states of California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii form the Socialist Liberal Alliance of Communist Kooks, abbreviated SLACK.
    Then all the Slackers living there will feel completely at home in the politically correct ruins of the progressive fantasy Utopian world of the welfare rats, cheats and illegal aliens.

  92. Camille Gilliam

    Californians had better be careful, isn’t the state already in financial trouble? How do you think you will make it without Federal help? Do you think that the only people that matter is you? Well a lot of us still believe in God and we don’t like it that you want to take that right away from us.

  93. They refuse to obey federal laws! They should secede, or their state political leaders should be arrested for failure to comply and enforce these laws. It’s sedition at best, and treasonous what they are doing. If you don’t like the law, then you use the legislative process to change it. Immigration laws are criminal in statutory nature…sworn authorities are sworn to enforce these laws to uphold and protect the sovereignty of our nation. Go into Mexico illegally and see what happens to you. First offense is five years in a nice Mexican jail.

  94. I live on the East coast. Can I sign the petition to help them along? Then we could include them in the travel ban.

  95. Bacerra is only a small part of the corrupt moonbeam cartel! I live in California, and I am NOT proud of it! As far as funding from the government, we are going to lose it totally, because moonbean Jerry Brown wants us to be a sanctuary state along with Bacerra, so we can kiss any funding goodbye!

  96. Great, bye California. Glad to see ya go.

    • Bee, California leaving the Union would be the beginning of the end of this Great Republic. This United Sates has proven to be the most free and successful state, not only in this Great Country but on this the planet. Too many people refuse to look at the complete picture of what secession means and accomplishes. You fail to understand that California produces more produce for this country than all of the other states combined. They probably would sell it to the overseas countries that do not have the same capabilities. Also, they would lose trillions of dollars when out government would move out of the State, and the loss of the seaports, airfields, and jobs could not be replaced. Bee, read the several other posts—-they mostly are well on point.

  97. IF THE BIG ONE DOESN’T HAPPEN, I HOPE THEY PASS THE “LEAVE” BALLOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Stephen Griffith

    A house divided will not stand & no man is an island come to mind. Funny how Ole sayings fit alot of todays troubles. But the Liberal Leftists seems to know more than God & the rest of us. Just be careful what they wish for. They may just get something thats not as great as they think. We shall see if that day comes.

  99. I cannot speak for anyone else on this site but I can foresee some very bad things in California’s future if it does manage to secede from the rest of the country. I would not give it two years and it will either become a part of Mexico or communist. Most likely communist. It will no doubt go the way of Venezuela which is now becoming a communist dictatorship somewhat like Cuba. To the dismay, I might add, of responsible well meaning citizens. So if you guys in California would like to get a glimpse at your future now would be a good time to take a good hard look at what is going on in that country. Not very encouraging is it?

    • Your points are well take Don. I have a question I have been waiting to pose in one of these venues, and this is as good of time as any.

      A lot of people out here in Cyber Space and even in the National News Organizations such as they are anymore, that California is going to leave the Union.

      What is my question? My question is what make the people pushing for this think that can be done without gun fire? Those of us who went through the public school system pre-1970’s, who were still taught US History know what will happen. One of those history lessons was about the civil war and what happened when the Confederate States tried to leave the union.

      Do those making those statements think the Federal Government is just going to let them “walk away”? Not even. Think about all the Government Offices, Military Bases, Infrastructure etc…etc. located in California that was paid for by US Citizens. All of us.

      The Federal Government objected with extreme prejudice in the 1860’s to government asset forfeiture initiated by the state, and they will again I do believe.

      • That’s a good question it likely can’t. However if you look at the fact they want to get rid of the guns there (like Venezuela did) and that also would be necessary because there are many conservatives still living there. Not many in the big cities like SF, LA, SAC and San Diego though. That is the areas that rule California of course there are few smaller cities right along the coast that also are heavily progressive communist so called democrat. However, you make an exceptional argument with the confiscation of wealth in military holdings etc. With that in mind it appears they have not thought it trough.

        It seems a thinking person would see and understand a citizenship that is unarmed is vulnerable to all kinds of tyranny. But for some reason they don’t. The younger generation does not even know somewhere between 170 million and 250 million people were murdered by their own government(s) during the 20th century not counting those killed in the wars. But the most important thing is they don’t know why. That century was the bloodiest in recorded history. If you have never seen it watch “innocence betrayed” I think you can find the documentary on the internet although I bought it.

        I graduated from high school in 1957 so I understand what you mean. However, my grandsons have told me some terrible things about the universities today. Not only do they not teach correct history the professors insist on the proper (to them) progressive communist so called democrat thinking. My oldest grandson nearly failed in one college class because he let it be known he was conservative. And he had in high school a 4.9 grade average. That is how bad it is getting. Our schools including 1 through 12 are even introduction centers now not places of learning.

        • Indoctrination Centers ….exactly.

          That is the state of the public school system as I have stated to many teachers in tense conversations with when I called them out. They always tell me their hands are tied….I would like to do something but don’t want to lose my job…the Union won’t intervene….etc..etc. I have one child a 30 year old son who isn’t married nor does he have any children. Yet. I have told him if he and his future wife are willing, my last task before I pass on hopefully from something other than gunfire, to home school his children. He is a Fed…..Law Enforcement and understands what we are talking about here and has told me that is a generous offer that he will be inclined to discuss with a wife at some future point.

          The school systems in this country are nothing more than conditioning labs that dumb down the kids of today to accept authority without question.

          Just watched the documentary you listed above. Spells it all out for those who are not brain washed already. I keep Crazy Horses words in my mind and think about the warrior philosophy he expressed when Custer arrogantly rode down into a camp of 5000 plains Indians at the Little Big Horn with 225 mounted Calvary to enforce the governments will on them. Crazy Horse jumped on his pony and as the War Chief started rallying his warriors. After an eloquent exhortation to attack Custer, he said those famous words…..”Today is a good day to die!”….screamed his war cry and went out with his warriors and killed all of them.

          There are a lot of us Mil-Vets who have adopted that philosophy and won’t go easily into the night – not even! They will pay a very heavy price when they come for us because if we have to give up our guns and bullets, we will start with the bullets and give them up one at a time out of the end of an Combat rifle with a full magazine.

          Have a great week my Cyber Friend and fellow Vet….peace…

  100. Separate and conker, This is how to take over countries / etc.

  101. Billdorich Gmbooks

    If we Californians really decided to totally lose our minds and secede from the union it will be more than losing the US Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Army that will be at stake…it would mean the loss of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits paid by the Federal Government and other federal programs that the NEW state would have to absorb. Will these lunatics even consider the tax consequences of going it alone? It would mean doubling the personal income and sales taxes, an increase of corporate taxes by at least 20% that would drive them out of our state. So you lose your job and your income for the ‘GREATER GOOD?” How will Student Loans be issued and paid? California depends on Federal funding for police and hwy funding which the state would need to also absorb. Brace yourself you California morons…Gas taxes would need to triple!

    Last month California passed a “Single-Payer Medical” bill that would cost $400 BILLION per year which is twice the annual California state budget…clearer minds have shelved that level of stupidity when the state is currently $127 BILLION in the RED. The San Andreas Fault is the least of our worries but should the state experience the biggest earthquake in the world that is predicted and California has split from the Union, who would pay the enormous cost of rebuilding?

    WILL CALIFORNIA PRINT ITS OWN CURRENCY? AND WHAT WILL BACK THAT CURRENCY, THE “FULL FAITH” OF DISNEYLAND?… Just think about it, a family of 4 staying at the Disneyland Hotel and 4 days of park hopping currently costs over $3,200 or an average of $200 per person pr day…be prepared for that to double as well after seceding from the union. AND WHO WILL PAY FOR THE CARE OF CALIFORNIA’S NATIONAL PARKS? WHAT HAPPENS WHEN NEVADA DECIDES TO SHUT DOWN THE HOOVER DAM AND THAT WATER CALIFORNIAN’S DEPEND ON? AND WHAT WILL IT COST CALIFORNIANS TO TURN THAT WATER SUPPLY BACK ON?

    Too bad so many Californians are so ignorant about the cost of running a country, much less the cost of running this WELFARE STATE that believes in giving ILLEGAL ALIENS housing, medical care, education, food stamps and welfare…IF THE FUCKING CALIFORNIA MORONS KEEP DEMANDING everything FREE, WE NEED TO BRACE OURSELVES FOR A MAJOR STATE BANKRUPTCY! BECAUSE THAT WILL BE THE RESULT OF THIS SECESSION MADNESS!

  102. It’s coming and she’s a beauty.. (9) on the Richter Scale! Sources unknown for now.

  103. OOPS..Pulled my prediction…I must have touched a sore spot…No balls Patriot News Probably run by Democrats.

  104. Timothy Thompson

    Lived in CAlifornia all my life and I can honestly say this state has gone to the wolves of progressive political destruction. These democratic politicians do not care what we Californian’s have to say, they have no fear knowing that every department of state government has been taken over by their leftest pals. Shame they seem to have no concern about our economy, our people or about the impact that seems to be killing our economy and our golden states history. Hopefully we may see a change come 2018 election, voting in more conservative Republicans, don’t hold your breath but California is broke and their wanting to leave the United States of America shows they have hit bottom, there are a great many patriots who live here I am one. Let’s pray we discard the awfull democratic control of our state.

  105. Very Cool!!!! Break away from the USA and all adjoining states will charge a steep Tariff for ANYONE who tries to cross into the other states or bring product across the borders to CA. They would lose all the fuel sales to AZ and other states because they would be shut off at the AZ border (Texas and the Gulf Coast would supply us instead), they would lose all the revenue from those from other states who would have vacationed there (there are many other places for “Zonie’s” to vacation with similar and much cheaper amenities), The power from Palo Verde nuclear power plant in AZ would be cut off or there would be a HUGE increase in the cost of power from AZ to CA. AZ, NV, and CO among others would rescind the water agreements from the Colorado River…. Shall I go on??? “Moonbeam” Brown and his blind selfish Idiots have no clue the catastrophe leaving the USA would cost them. I have friends and family in CA who say the voters aren’t THAT stupid!!!

  106. Don’t worry about California, they will soon all disappear if the news is correct.

  107. California is sinking, check the Navy pears, Long Beach yards also. “Surf side” land will soon be on sale in Navada Time to OVER-HALL that State.

  108. I say let California secede. The Libertards can have their own little Utopia and stop getting on us conservatives last nerve.

  109. It would eliminate 50+ looney-leaning electoral votes and that would be a good thing.

  110. I HOPE CA does leave the US. We can put up a fence, make them have passports to come into the US and tax them every time they come. If their bsuiensses want to stay in business with folks in the US they pay us taxes.

  111. Malcolm Davidson

    I do not see California as succeeding from the USA, despite that many in the middle of the country would love it if they just split. Won’t happen though. The state of California reminds me of Scotland and the rest of the UK. A few years back they had a referendum to break away from England and Wales. Didn’t happen, lost 58 to 42%, and only 4 districts voted to leave. What I think that was about is to extract more $ and autonomy from England, but the majority of voters felt if they broke away, they would be out in the cold. (Scotland is the most left of center politically in the UK).

    There are some differences though. the first is that California has many more people and hence, more moonbats. Businesses are moving out of California, hence Toyota going to Texas. Scotland has its share of heavy duty socialists,but they are not as dizzy as the ones in California. They at least make some sense, not all mind you; Scotland doesn’t have as big an income disparity quite like California, and Scotland will never be confused as England. California is part of the USA, and at one time was the most important state within the country. this is debatable now.

    I think basically the Californians who are advocating for splitsville are very idealistic, or they are trying to get their cake and eat it too. I don’t see it happening any time soon. In the meantime, they will have to suffer with Trump, and the rest of the country will have to suffer with them.

  112. It should take Arizona with it; at least McCain and Flake!

  113. California will not be missed by conservatives. Just think, no more millions of illegals voting fraudulently in our Federal elections and no more guaranteed California Electoral votes for a Democrat. Even better no more millions of welfare leeches using our tax money. Without California, Republicans should easily hold the Presidency through 2424 and beyond. Without California, no more Ninth Circuit to make ridiculous Judicial Rulings. California will have to cede all their Military Bases just like Guantanamo in Cuba, as they are already owned now by the US Government. California will also have to cede all other Federal owned lands or pay to recapture them. But getting Pelosi and all Californians out of our Government would be a tremendous blessing. Good Riddance. And then maybe the great quake will follow and create a new river of separation.

  114. All they have to do is find 585,000 stupid liberals in California. Annnndddd… Done.

  115. NO Federal help, period. Fk California. Break off and good riddance to these libtard traitors.

  116. Jane Faatz Mitchell

    Back when Obama was president, there were huge federal land grabs in the West, and agents even murdered that man, and had standoffs with more than one ranch. That is something to go against the federal government for. Going against the USA because the liberals don’t like Pres. Trump is ridiculous. This is the state that gave us Pres. Reagan, who was first their governor. There are too many conservatives in the state for this ridiculous measure to actually be voted into being. But if it does, they should not get any more federal money for anything. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  117. Very sad. They are destroying what little economy they have left. I hope the real Americans vote this down because of these sore losers. Governor put this state in bankruptcy before. Why they keep voting these Dems in is beyond my comprehension. Hey! California wake up and votes these idiots out.

  118. What will the nation of California do for water. The Colorado River on which most of southern CA lives and needs is not allocated to the nation of CA, it is a compact to provide water to the state of CA. They leave the US and we keep that water for our states. That will move a lot of people.

  119. The only thing Calif needs is to get rid of the Democrat Traitor politicians, starting with Gov Brown. They have turned this State into a Sanctuary Haven for criminal illegal aliens, over the protection and security of legal Americans.
    Calif has given almost a million illegals drivers licenses. Politicians who voted for this, need to be deported or jailed. Their motto is illegals first, and Americans last. Absolutely Disgusting!

  120. California gives much more to the federal government in tax dollars than it receives back from the federal government. Meaning it’s a net-donor, and is helping to subsidize poor states in the South and Great Plains.

  121. If come next November Californians get the chance to vote to secede from the USA, I will jump the line between California and another state just to vote for them to go. They could not leave fast enough for the rest of us. Let Mexico pay out their welfare and all the other free stuff they get at current taxpayers expense. I bet that won’t last long before the Mexican government clamps down on them. Then they will all want to jump the fence and get back to America, the land of the free. Free food, free healthcare, free welfare, free schooling for their anchor babies, free housing, well you get the point, don’t you? So let’s us all help the little lazy toads out and drive over to Mexifornia come next November and (illegally) vote to have them become a part of Mexico, forever!!!!!!!! Oh yeah Mexifornians, when everything begins to fall apart, don’t call us, we’ll just hang up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  122. Good riddance. Been praying for years this piece of crap state would slide into the ocean.

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