Israel Fully Within its Rights to Bar Omar and Tlaib From Entering

There’s a whole lot of hysteria in the Democratic Party these days, and it doesn’t take much to change the kettle from “boiling” to “erupting.” So it was on Thursday when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (with a little gentle prodding from President Trump) decided to block Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from visiting Israel on a visit intended to promote the BDS Movement that both of them have endorsed.

Bernie Sanders called Trump a “bigot” and threatened to stop giving Israel U.S. monetary support. A liberal writing for The Forward said Israel had to keep their “occupation” of Palestine hidden in darkness so that they could keep doing it. And mainstream media outlets circled the wagons to insist that neither Tlaib nor Omar has ever said ANYTHING off-color about Jews or Israel.

They apparently all think we were born yesterday.

There’s a school of thought that says Israel played this whole situation wrong. That it would have been magnanimous and positive from a PR perspective to turn the other cheek and let the virulently anti-Semitic congresswomen come to Israel, see that they are welcome despite their rhetoric, and, you know, do the whole “catch more flies with honey” approach. And there is a good argument for that approach.

Or at least there would be, if Israel did not face existential threats on a daily basis. Palestinian terror organizations, backed with funding from Iran, pose an ongoing, violent threat to Israeli citizens. The United Nations, filled with states that have far more grievous human-rights sins than Israel could ever come up with, has voted numerous times to sanction the country from their supposed occupation. And while the BDS movement has yet to attract majority support among Democrats in the U.S., there’s no question that the larger left has decided that Israel is basically the modern-day equivalent of Nazi Germany.

Well, you know, when they aren’t saying the same thing about the U.S.

Under these circumstances, Israel was fully within its rights to bar Tlaib and Omar from paying an official visit. Tensions are wrought, and the last thing Netanyahu needs is for liberal Israelis and Palestinians to be exposed to anti-Zionist propaganda from two U.S. lawmakers.

By the way, weren’t these all the same liberals who were crossing their fingers, hoping that Britain would disinvite President Trump? Would they have any problem if Haiti or some other “s**thole” blocked the president from coming to their country? Of course not, they would be dancing in the streets. So spare us the high horse nonsense about an “attack on liberal democracy.” This is an attack, insofar as you can call it that, on the radical Muslims inside the House of Representatives – nothing more. And it’s an attack well deserved.

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