Israel and Trump Stand Together Against a Growing Threat in the Middle East

President Donald Trump slashed open old wounds this weekend when he reminded Americans that his predecessor gave billions in cash to Iran to help put the finishing touches on the nuclear agreement. “Never gotten over the fact that Obama was able to send $1.7 billion dollars in CASH to Iran and nobody in Congress, the FBI or Justice called for an investigation,” he wrote on Sunday.

The tweet, which would initially appear to have come out of nowhere, actually may be connected to statements made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In a speech at the Munich Security Conference this weekend, Bibi said his nation would not hesitate to strike first against Iran if it was in Israel’s best interests to do so.

“Israel will not allow the regime to put a noose of terror around our neck,” Netanyahu said. “We will act if necessary not just against Iran’s proxies but against Iran itself. The unfortunate thing is that as ISIS compresses and Iran moves in, it is trying to establish this continuous empire surrounding the Middle East from the south in Yemen but also trying to create a land bridge from Iran to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza. This is a very dangerous development for our region.”

The remarks from Netanyahu drew predictable criticism from Iran. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, also in attendance in Munich, said the Israeli prime minister’s speech was nothing more than a “cartoonish circus, which does not even deserve a response.” He went further, accusing the U.S. of using the conference to “revive hysteria” against their nation.

Renewed tensions between Iran and Israel began last week when an anti-aircraft missile brought an Israeli military jet out of the sky. The jet was returning from a bombing mission in Syria where it unloaded its cargo on Iranian-backed positions. The new tensions will once again bring the controversial nuclear agreement back into the spotlight. Both Trump and Netanyahu have called for the agreement to either be scrapped altogether or negotiated, but the U.S.’s partners in the deal have refused to return to the table. Iran, of course, says they will not negotiate terms that give away any of the advantages they secured from the Obama administration.

Whether this is a temporary flare-up or something more remains to be seen, but what Netanyahu said is the truth: With their growing presence in Syria and Iraq, Iran clearly has ambitions that go well beyond its own theocratic borders. Combined with nuclear aspirations that will not be held in check forever (if they are even being held in check now), they could quickly become one of the greatest threats to global stability in the world.

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  1. Yes we should help Israel but President Trump should not side with the left on gun control and help the American people from these radical leftist. It looks like the middle might go to war and we do not need these radical leftist taking our guns away by any means. The fix the NICS is a gun control scheme by the left.

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  2. God have mercy upon beleaguered Iran

  3. One Caliphate on the run, and a new dictatorship is standing in the wings to take over. Iran is making bomb toting missals, along with NK. So now when we tar and feather Iran, who will take over then? The west Asian group are just like the cattle in a chute waiting for the front one to run out. Some, thank goodness are at least friendly to Israel and the US but not many. And it is not about Trump, it is because Obama was a wuss, they got used to being bowed to. Now their sources of $$s are being rethought.

  4. Israel is pretty solid, Trump is shaky

  5. Pres. Trump has done an A+ JOB and is keeping all of his promises and more, as long as he’s president Israel has a friend, my biggest concern is, what has happened to the so called dem. party and the MSM, and why do we let the likes of George Soros interfere in our politics, our culture and our laws. shouldn’t we americans demand that he exit our country, he causes trouble worldwide.

  6. Alejandro M Castro

    I love the friendship with our best allies in the Middle east, Israel. Since Trump became our president, that alliance has become more stronger. Hurrah!!!!. #yestrump.

  7. As a Conservative Republican,,, I Do-not Support The Continued Encroachment Of Land Taken From Palestinian Peoples Land, By The Administration Of Crooked Mr.Netanyahu. America has NOT Stopped The Spread Of Jewish Settlements On Stolen Palestinian Lands. This Will Only Bring More Hate To American People By Other Arab Countries. I would Be Remiss If i Did Not Mention to Other American Citizens Here…..That In 1967
    The ‘Ally Israel’ Killed With Deliberate Violence Upon Americas Naval Ship. The USS LIBERTY. A Vet.

    • Israel is God’s chosen people. Islam is not. Simple as that!

      • Really”? is That In The “Old Testament”? Or The NEW Testament”? Curious”””?

        • is in other places, new and old, but read Deuteronomy 7:6.

          • Beware Of The Temple Of Satan””’

          • the temple of satan was for those who said they were jews , but were not. can you give us references for your suppositions?

          • My….Keep An Open Mind and Not a Closed One. Like…….”Pro-Israel”…Some Cannot Think Outside the Box…Or..Confuse The Current Politics…..With The Past And A Bible. The Theft Of Someones Property..Cannot And Should Not Be Ignored. Not I..But Others And The UN Have Condemned The Taking Of Land From The Palestinian..And America Allows This To Continue”? (Eliminate Foreign Aid For Israel And The Land Stealing Will End) Some….Think Its Ok To Steal..And Then Wonder”? Why America Is Hated… The Blind..Use The Bible To Steal And Then Defend The Thief….I Do-Not. USS LIBERTY. Don’t Forget’! A Vet.

          • Since you do not believe that God and the Bible are the final authority, your points are moot. The New Testament exists to support the Old. The Old foretells the New. If you are truly a Christian and baptized, as you claim, you would know these facts. You are a false Christian. Is the temple of satan awaiting your arrival?

          • Jesus Said To Peter” You Will deny Me Three Times Before the Cock Crows. Judge Yee Less….Lest YEE Be Judged.. I’m a Christian with an Open Mind. I Believe..? I’m Not Spoon Some “Knowing All’ Gentiles Or Goys”. I read…… You”?
            The Tongue Is a Very Small …Muscle…Yet It Creates a ‘Fire-Storm’ Larger then the most Powerful Muscle in The Body”’..(James)…..I Think You Just said a Mouthful……Eh…..? VERITAS

          • All you are doing is proving what an idiot you are. You write in fragmented ideas, as do all liberals. You “quote” partial scriptures that make no sense. Your reference to Peter is part of what had to happen in order to complete Jesus’ dying for sin. Which was God’s plan. Contrary to liberal’s thought that the Bible is a “living document”, thus must change to match the times is wrong. Liberals feel the constitution is the same. Our founders thought differently. They foresaw what is happening in the US now, with our rights. God, the one true God, must be and is part and parcel of our constitution.

          • Hey..Go Fuck Yourself..! Shithead…. Israel Is Americas Demise..$$$..Dopey”! A Money Bucket For Stupid And Uninformed ”GOY’S” Not This One”! The Ashkenazi IS THE TROUBLE MAKER In The Middle East…… Many Leaders Have Said This In Europe..Your Just a Spoon-fed Bible Idiot’! Take a Hike……! Pea Brain”!
            USS LIBERTY Will Not Be Forgotten By This US Vet’! You Don’t Know What Serving Is About… Just An American Spoon Fed Jerk”! VERITAS’!

          • Just more evidence of your very limited mental capacity and vocabulary. Typical liberal. I am a veteran. Your verbal vomit has no effect on me. Other than pity you for your lack of education and legitimate faith in the one true God.

          • Your Not a Vet..You Are a Shithead….And For you Stupid…. Conservative With Brains… (Not Spoon Fed. Or Follower Of John Hagee) Again……Live In Israel You Phony Son Of a Bitch”! Israeli Firster..Go To Hell’! USS LIBERTY….NEVER FORGET’!


          • Lets NOT Forget….The People Who With Intention To Commit grave Bodily Harm….Carry This Out And Kill””! ”The HAND THAT FEEDS YOU”! (USS LIBERTY) PLEASE”””? Trillions Of Dollars Have Gone To a Jewish State. (In America..We Have Separation Of Church And State”’?””’Or…Don’t We””?) Israel Is a Jewish State. I’m a Christian. No One Asked ME To Support Another Religion”! You A Spoon Fed. Goy’? Or……? By The way……They Jew Closed And Padlocked The Church Of The Holy Septuke In Israel”? Whats With That”? Hate Of The Christian”? Jealous”? What..Pray Tell Me”? Don’t We Americans Give enough Money To The Jewish State…? That They Want MORE money For the Christian Church””’?””! PLEASE””!

        • issa IS NOT the Jesus of the Gospels of Christ. Plain and simple.

          • ISSA..? I Follow The New Testament. When Jesus Walked On This Earth. before The Jew Asked For His Death By Pilates hand. The Temple Of Satan…..Ring A Bell’?

      • No One. Nor I Support Islam”? Where Do You Think I Reside”? PLEASE”! Don’t Be Fooled To Think Someone who Does Not Agree With Israel ‘Stealing Palestinian Lands’ and Building Jewish Settlements On That Land..Are Muslims”? Or ? Don’t Confuse ‘hate’ With Dislike”? There Is a Major Difference… Don’t Confuse The Bible..With Common Law Of Today”? Stealing Is Stealing”! The Bible Does Not Allow It Under The Words Of The Bible. A Gentile Or GOY Tells You this. VERITAS

    • What happened in 1967 was at the orders of one man in Israel. Tragic and I hope he died a violent death. But we were at war with England to gain our independence. WW1 and 2 with Germany, attacked by Japan. Attacked by muslims 9/11. You think maybe it’s time you let 1967 go?

      • I’m a Christian. I’m Not Spoon Fed By Americas Jewish Controlled Media. 1967 I Will Never Forget. (USS LIBERTY) Why You Ask..? I’m a Vet. Viet-Nam Era. If You Served”? and YOU Probably Did Not…. You Would NEVER Understand’! ‘VERITAS’ (TRUTH) War With Germany”1967”?”! The Jews Killed ( And Tried To Lie And Bring America Into The War By Killing American Citizens…! I Will Never Forget That. It Should Be Taught to EVERY American In School. but…..I Know why Its Not. As For Muslims” ..I Don’t think They Belong In America. Europe Is a Good Indicator Of Their Love For Christians. NO..I Will Never Let Go Or Forget’!

        • It is obvious you hate Jews, a far greater danger is the Muslim so called religion, if you have not seen what they have done and are doing, it is because you choose to turn a blind eye. You can’t let go of one wrong that was done in 1967 and yet you overlook a host of other worse events. I am sorry for your loss, truly, but if you are a Christian, then you know you cannot be forgiven unless you forgive. Time to do that, you aren’t getting any younger, sir. I was still in high school in 1967 and I remember, unfortunately history cant be changed. I am a woman and an American whose family has fought in every American war. I do support Israel, because God said he would bless those who bless it and curse those who curse it. I take God’s Word seriously and study it. Forgiveness brings freedom.

          • Hate Jews”? Fake News”’! No..I Look At Life Through Clear Lenses..Not Spoon fed By Americas Jewish Controlled Media. I Have seen The jewish Hate Of The Palestinian On ‘You Tube’. not ABC News’! But..If You Are Blind Or Ignorant And Do-not Seek..? That Is The Problem Of The American. (i’m One) Lazy”? Indifferent’ Or….Ignorant’? Pro Israel”? Who Or What Are You”? No Name”? Fearful of Your ID’? PS: Raised Roman Catholic,Served in The LATIN Mass On The Altar. Now…A Born Again Christian. Muslim”? Yes I Know Of Their Deeds In Europe.. Trump Is Correct…Keep Them Out Of America. If Your Husband Or Child Were On The USS LIBERTY..? You would Think Different. I’m A Vet….I Won’t Forget The Deliberate Killing Of American Serviceman…! Nor Should You….? Just Because you Are a ‘Goy
            . Or Shicksa. To Do So…..Shows Contempt To Those Who Guarantee your FREEDOMS. 1962-1967 US AIR FORCE. PS: I Met TWO Survivors Of The USS LIBERTY…Meet Them Yourself”! Remember In The Bible”? The Temple Of Satan”? Read It Again. Thank You

          • You sir, are unhinged. You make wild accusations with NOTHING to support them. Stay in your state of hate, your choice. I’m not Jewish, my ancestry is French and English. My Dad fought in WW2, brother DEA, classmate killed in Vietnam. Nephew graduated Annapolis, is Navy pilot.

            You are an ass. You can’t even write properly, thought pattern eratic. I’m done with you!

          • thank you for your insight. pied piper. ADC Command.Protecting America. Try The USS Liberty. Ostrich. if you have not seen what the ‘chosen’ have done to the Palestinian and ignore are a Elitist Pig Brain And Dumb. Axis-sally. USS LIBERTY..NEVER FORGET”! A Vet’!

          • LOL>>>>>>>LOL……………….LOL…Typical Elitist…..Swine And Doesn’t Even Know It”?

        • Post script; thank you for your service.

  8. “Never gotten over the fact that Obama was able to send $1.7 billion
    dollars in CASH to Iran and nobody in Congress, the FBI or Justice
    called for an investigation,”

    Now this is something that AG Sessions could look into, that is if he weren’t part of the deep state…..

    • He wasn’t. The country did, President doesn’t have the power to send money where it isn’t allocated. Duh!
      Why did we give them money – because they sued and won it in International Court, The Hague.
      Sessions won’t be looking at it as it would be a pointless task!
      History – I love it!!!!!!!!

  9. I don`t owe Israel anything. Or anybody in the Middle East or Far East.

  10. that land was promised to them through their father abraham and was confirmed through moses 430 years later.God gave the land to israel as an inheritance.

  11. Lets step back a minute, imagine Canada, Mexico want to blast us from the face of the earth. We don’t have the right to exist. Could you sleep at night? Iran and the Palestinians need to be taken out behind the woodshed.

  12. Iran has plenty of extremists and terrorists, but while the Shah (the American puppet) was running the country, the middle class blossomed, women were awarded free access to education, including professions and past-graduate training, and Religious goons weren’t running the show. Obama gave Iran billions and billions, under the pretense of gaining nuclear control (while Russia continued to sell Iran everything they needed). The UN showed the world that it was meaningless yet again when it counts. I love Persia and the Persian tribes who love freedom. Once again, Iran is dangerous because it is controlled by Islamic extremists who only repress, oppress and suppress.

  13. Iran Would Be Better Off If They Would Take An Possibility Of Becoming An Vast Wasteland By Underestimating Israel Acting In Pure God Giving Right Of Self Defense Against An Satanic Enemy Who Has For Centuries Threatened It’s Existence and That Of Their People. Any Catastrophic Event That May Fall Upon Iran Will Be Explicitly Deserved And Unquestionably Justified.

    • I am a Christian and know what was prophesized. There are seven major prophesies about Israel. Five have already come true, four in the last 100 years. The last two are “nations shall rise against Israel” and God said “I will destroy all nations who go against Israel.” Armageddon. NEXT?

      • Did GOD Say That. (What You Stated”?) Look Up What Jesus Said”” The Temple Of SATAN.
        I’m a Christian Also. I’m Baptized.

  14. The U.S Should Always Stand With Israel Without Hesitation In spite Of The Biased Opinions Islamic Arabs,The Corrupt U.N And The Racist Europeans As Well As The Racist Asians. The U.S Should Never Yield To Devious Demands Of The Malevolent Global Racism.

  15. President Trump is doing better in foreign ,than I expected.

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