Islamic Groups Rush to Defend Their Faith

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has a reminder for the country. In the wake of the worst terrorist attack on Western soil since 9/11, the group posted a tweet:

We must remember #TerrorismHasNoReligion

CAIR wasn’t the only group defending the faith. Their counterparts across the sea – the Muslim Council of Britain – issued a statement that condemned the Paris attacks while carefully separating them from religion.

“This attack is being claimed by the group calling themselves ‘Islamic State.’ There is nothing Islamic about such people and their actions are evil, and outside the boundaries set by our faith,” the group said.

And, in the Democratic debate Saturday, Hillary Clinton went out of her way to claim that we “are not at war with Islam.”

While we can acknowledge that, to some degree, these sentiments have the ring of truth, we must also recognize that we’ve long since swung too far into the Tolerance Trap. Yes, we should make the distinction between peaceful Muslims who cry just as we do when these attacks happen. No, we should not stoop so low as to believe that every mosque in America is a terrorist cell in disguise.

But when we are out there pretending that Islam has nothing to do with it, we’re only setting ourselves up for more heartbreak, more bloodshed, and more destruction.

These terrorist groups are not just using the “brand” of Islam because they like the colors or they think it sounds cool to position themselves as holy warriors. They are true believers. You don’t blow yourself and others to kingdom come if you don’t think there’s any kingdom to come.

Democrats (and many others around the world) think that if we call radical Islam what it is, it will drive more and more moderate Muslims to join the terrorist cause. They will see America as a great Christian/Jewish evil whose ultimate aim is to wipe out their religion. Thus, they believe that if they bend over backwards to preach a message of tolerance, we can win back the hearts and minds of the moderate majority.

This is the very definition of stupidity.

You don’t fight lies with more lies. By doing that, you’re giving away one of the best advantages we have over these terrorists. Because when you dig beneath the surface, study the Quran, and listen to what the leaders of ISIS and Al Qaeda are saying, you’ll soon discover that they aren’t just using Islam as a front. They derive their power from it. And when our Western leaders are telling would-be jihadists that ISIS is “fake Islam,” it’s a trivial matter for these groups to prove that they aren’t. And so thousands of men and women around the world look at ISIS, look at the West, and see clearly that ISIS is the one telling the truth.

We need to get real about the enemy here. Political correctness is stifling and dangerous at all times, but it is particularly devastating in this war. There is no room for it. There is no reason for it. It’s pretty difficult to give lowlifes like ISIS the moral high ground, but somehow these activists and their allies in the DNC have managed to do it.

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