ISIS Threatens China for the First Time

China has largely avoided wading too deeply into the global fight against Islamic terrorism, but their ability to turn a blind eye to this threat may soon be compromised. ISIS released a new video this week in which militants belonging to China’s Uighur ethnic minority promised to return to their home country and slaughter innocents.

China has had their eye on Uighur militants for some time, blaming exiled separatists for launching bloody attacks in the Xinjiang region of the country. In the video, one such Uighur militant issued a direct threat to China before killing a man ISIS believed to be an informant.

“Oh, you Chinese who do not understand what people say! We are the soldiers of the Caliphate, and we will come to you to clarify to you with the tongues of our weapons, to shed blood like rivers and avenging the oppressed,” the Uighur fighter said, according to U.S. government translators.

Terrorism experts say this is the first time ISIS has sent such a threat China’s way, saying it could be the beginning of a new front for the Islamic group. They say it could also just be a subset of the Uighur resistance joining forces with the Iraqi wing of the Islamic State, a situation that would not necessarily be as alarming for China.

Even so, ISIS is proving on a daily basis that theirs is not a war exclusively against the West, or even against non-Muslim cultures. They have declared war on the world, and they will not stop recruiting and killing until they conquer all of humanity…or, of course, until they are wiped out of existence.

We have no worries that their so-called global caliphate will ever materialize, but we do worry about how many people will have to die before the world truly wakes up to this spreading disaster.

Although, with a man who sees this threat for what it is in the Oval Office, we worry a lot less than we used to.

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  1. It sounds to me like it is time for China to follow Obama’s example and start a rigorous program with the explicit mission to provide “Jobs for Jihadists”. Give them something constructive to do that will get their minds off the Caliphate and its mandate to slaughter all infidels.

  2. Maybe McCain/Graham can illegally invade China and bomb them?

  3. China would eliminate them in short order.

  4. Hopefully this will lead to all 3 superpowers, US, Russia, and China to combine their militaries and wipe this evil off the face of the earth once and for all.

    • Join with communist China? No thanks.

      • California is more communist than China. China hasn’t been communist for at least 20 years. I lived there from 1981-2012

        • You must have swallowed the propaganda while you were there. Bloody persecutions. Oppressing Christians. Forced abortions with two child policy. State controls churches. They proudly identify as communists. China pretty much owns California and Hollywood.

          • Of course you know this for a fact???? Oh no, you heard this from MSNBC. So, you MUST be an expert. But just in case you want to read some facts, there are Catholic and Christian churches all over China. Synagogues too, and of course Mosques. I have never seen or heard from a single person undergoing a forced abortion. But I do have many friends and employees that have more than 1 child. In fact my wife has a younger sister. No penalties and no forced abortions. But of course you know way more than me.

          • ALL controlled by the Chinese Communist government you moron.

          • way to take part in an otherwise intellectual discussion. Why didn’t I think of that. Insult someone and you win. Who’d have thought it.

          • Pam……..if you looked that up, please tell us where??????……..I searched, but was unable to find that particular fact…….

          • Wonderful to read a coherent response to propagandized hysteria! I just wish that we could recognize the fact of “overpopulation” as realistically as China has – and DEAL with it. Nobody benefits from it except the corporations that sell infant formula, baby food, and disposable diapers, anyway? (Most of it probably made in China?)
            How many “refugees” from the US war on the Arab world is China taking?

          • Doubt many corporations are making money off more babies as most of it is in third world countries that don’t have the money to buy anything and are just stupid enough to continue breeding.

          • Like the illegals and mooslums…….But then the mooslums wed 2yr olds up to 9 yr olds and don’t have to worry about kids till later……..

          • And there is the specter of FGM … what those poor muslim child brides have to look forward to.
            What level of human reprobate trash would sever the external genitalia from
            any woman, let alone a child.
            Realize of course that FGM is a hallmark of mostly muslims… others are equally guilty

          • While the population growth of most of the world has slowed, the muslim population has exploded . . . and muslim invaders get free housing and food in Europe and in some parts of the U.S . . . paid for by working taxpayers.

          • They have already said they will take over the world by out breeding the rest of us and in Europe the are doing a good job of that and in states like Minnesota and Michigan have already taken control over certain districts.

          • Overpopulation that’s what Soros , Planed Parenthood , and the Democratic Party are up too . Seems Democrats think we can bring illegals and refuges in to take care of and abort Americans ignore are homeless and seniors for votes .

          • Read that China hardly MAKES anything but sends it out to the surrounding Asian countries that use child labor…….it may say China, but was actually put together elsewhere……..Thank heaven the Japanese have technology to put together our electronics, without shipping them out to Bangladesh……..

          • The japan electronic, as well as some of the Korean electronic companies, have entirely too much of their production done in china

          • The US war on the muslim world?

            First, their is no muslim world despite obama calling it a muslim world.

            Second, it is radical islam’s war against the rest of THE world despite obama’s refusal acknowledge the connection between islam and terrorism.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            No muslim world? Better look at an atlas and count the countries that are officially Islamic. (All far from the USA.) I am aware of the threat of radicalized Islam to everybody (beginning with to the Muslim world). If you are wishfully thinking that the west has already destroyed the Muslim world and radicalized Islam is all that remains of it (which is what you seem to be saying) – that might partly explain the increasingly tragic situation we find ourselves in today.

          • There is only THE world . . . and it does NOT belong to the muslims despite you and and obama referring to it as “the muslim world”.

          • The gooberment does, the people not so much….

          • Well, as a Catholic, I love attending my church in Hong Kong and in China and Catholicism is growing exponentially. They have other faith denominations as well. Times have changed, Daze. I don’t like abortion but I can understand why they are trying to keep their citizens from procreating while trying to keep plenty of food for them. This is usually done only in the very large cities and not so much in the countryside. And, now they are allowing 2 children and I think that is because of the schoolhouse collapsing and so many Chinese women past the birthing age and children are suppppper important to the Chinese, while we have lost that love of children. Lovely church in Hangzhou where I studied, and not far from Tienanmen Square is the old cathedral that we attend Mass. Much more freedom noted each time we visit and we feel that once all the old, old communists leave this world, China will a very different country even more. They are very entrepreneurial, love ethe good life and fine things. When we first went we saw more bicycles but today it is cars and some taxis with female drivers and TV for the passengers. Food always good but not so much in the Sichuan area.

          • Ha! Sichuan food a little spice for you? It sure is for me.


        • You must certainly be sleep walking. They are as communist as they have ever been. Their government is still considered a leading communist nation.

        • So, you’re WELL indoctrinated then.

        • Well if it is so great why didn’t you just stay .Funny thing is outspoken people still disepear there .

          • I stayed there for 35 years. That was enough. Just love all the comments from the “experts” here on this forum. No wonder we’ve been in so many wars since WWII.

          • How many US workers did you put on the street in those years. Another US sell out

          • You really are not ashamed to show the world how ignorant you are. I was there producing components for US shoe factories to try and keep the US shoe manufacturing business from going the way iof so many other American industries.

          • How many US shoe companies did you put out of Business in those years. Go back we don’t need your kind in the US. I know of three in a neighboring state .

          • There you go again showing how ignorant you are of any facts. I probably saved more than a dozen shoe factories from closing down in the 1980s and 1990s. Now tell me what have you done for your country?

          • That is the biggest lie, I used to buy US made shoes until they started having the Shoes made in China . Dr. Scholl is another one you put out of business. So that makes 5 that I know of . Try 25+years in the military fighting the Bastards that you went to work for in China..

          • And they don’t here? Might have some disagreement from a Vince Foster or many of the others that are no longer with us after being associated with the clintons.

          • Yup the Clinton trail is from Arkansas to NY .

      • Only to destroy isis.

        • Is that why Barrack sent battleships (Military) to the shores of Russia, just after PRESIDENT TRUMP was elected…….He wanted a war, kicked the Russians out of the USA and was really determined to make the new CIC’s life hell on earth……..

        • I repeat – join with Communist China – NEVER!

      • Well, since we have visited China several times and I studied there, very little communism existing and slowly but surely is disappearing. With Obama in office, we felt more free in China than here, so we voted for Trump and our freedom. My spouse escaped communism and he knows the difference. China is, however, a piggy for land but then so was America. But they also do not allow liberals at all because it is a huge country with a lot of people and they don’t want any more peasant revolutions. Too bad we are too nice not to stop liberals here. Hmmm.

      • We are already enjoined with China. They hold more than a trillion dollars of our debt, and we have more than a $500 billion trade deficit with them.

      • They are not asking you to join……….but the MILITARY………..If they worked together…….it would be over in a day….maybe two………..

    • China can do it on it’s own WITHOUT anyone’s help

    • Madisyn, Hate "Check" Queen

      UNFORTUNATELY, they’ll just take out all the Muslims in China. . .

    • OldHighlandGuyOne

      Now there you go! I could go for that. Wipe out ISIS and any other terrorist group that pops up. But, who gets to write the rules for this war?

    • Those 3 super powers as allies? Well, nothing is impossible. Who could ever dominate them?

  5. The big difference is – China will round them up and kill them.

    • Whats wrong with that idea ?

      • Our bleeding heart liberals wouldn’t allow that! Oh no!

        • The Chinese don’t concern themselves with what our bleeding heart liberals want.

          • Mike W. Libnuts would get their asses kicked over there what a glorious sight that’d be lol

        • On second thought maybe we can get them to go over to China and protest πŸ˜‰

          • Lets send the demo politicians over there and get them out of this country

          • Start with SOROS……..DEM and the GOP closet DEMS…….McCain has SOROS $$$$ in his wallet……..along with some other GOP & DEM turncoats.

          • Craig Vandertie

            Why is everyone so focused on that Globalist, Jewish Hungarian who sold his own people out to the Nazis?

            Enslavement of the vast majority has been going on for quite sometime by at least 3 families, the Kotch, Rothschild, and Soros families, the Rothschilds family have been manipulating the national policies of Europe and the U.S. for 200 years.

            It is time that the attitude of the U.S. and Europe is 1 of disdain for those who would enslave the masses to live like tyrants.

          • The only thing people want when it comes to george soros is for him to be jailed and treated as the traitor he is. Justice served.

          • Because this POS is one of the big money senders to the USA to create mischief. He has billions so it’s a game for him

          • Craig Vandertie

            Then the World court needs to step in and guarantee that Globalists will be served justice for their despicable acts.

          • Just ship them the mooslums from the USA……….

          • The Chinese do have a way of dealing with protestors, don’t they? (using .50 BMG machine guns…)

          • Chinese using a 50-caliber BMG (Browning Machine Gun)? They’d use a 12.7mm DShk or NSV machine gun.

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          • lol…as long as they don’t try to come back here

        • Speak for yourself. I am not a bleeding heart liberal, but a moderate, and I have no problem with China taking out ISIS. The president of china said as long as no one interferes with their property (land) they will be safe. That was meant for any and all invaders. Less American blood shed, the better.

          • We have to be pro active about that No one saw 9/11 coming.Now we have to kill them there or they will kill us here.

          • Diane yes there were some that did see it coming but others took the information and ignored it. Example Muslims learning to fly only not take off or land and that report was totally ignored.

          • yes thanks to Bill Clinton we were more focused on Monica Lewinsky than the safety of our country.Look at the San Bernadino killings That woman was allowed to enter this country on a fiancΓ©e visa No vetting at all.! Political correctness once again

          • You’re right but the one thing that amazes me to this day is he convinced people that a blow job is not sex. I could see the younger people accepting that but the people in retirement communities accepted it more then the younger people did.

          • She was willing for that particular act…….probably the other 200/300 women were not and would not………..Its SEX…… matter how you slice it……..

          • I never felt sorry for Monica Its just that Clinton was more concerned with getting his rocks off and not paying attention to threats aka the attacks on the USS Cole,African embassies etc Thousands of Americans lost their lives

          • Apparently ALL of Billy Boys blood supply rushed elsewhere from his brain while Monica was busy.

          • Whenever there is something that takes our eyes off the ball is when we need to be watching closely. They do that all the time, and look at the things they slip in on us when they think we’re not looking. Also look at all the things shoved up our butts on Fridays. Can anyone say OVERSIGHT?

          • Yes like the Democrats being more focused on attacking Trump than doing their jobs and they didn’t stand for Seal team member Owens? How disgusting can this party get?

          • Best yet………Bush was told they were coming (no date, but was told, soon), but he went on a vacation to Florida……….Then those mooslums learned to fly from instructors right here in the USA, then boarded the airplanes and took over……….

            They ALL need to be sent back to their own foreign land……..

          • Yea but don’t blame it on Bush, they came here before Bush. And I’m not a big fan of old George.

          • Actually, I did vote for him,….but……I am neither DEM OR GOP……But vote for the person I believe can do a good job…….But then we all make a few mistakes, but never made the big one and voted for the illegal KENYAN muslim DICtator……or the alcoholic corrupt lying pant suit HC……….

          • I don’t believe that for one minute Conspiracy theory?

          • Conspiracy would mean the enemy sent him a note…….But then you are one of those liberal sheep that have empty space between your ears……..It was on the news and in the paper that he was told……..but forget liberals don’t listen and can’t read.

          • Think it was a little late when Bush was told about it but besides that we have thousands working in federal law enforcement that wasn’t doing their job so hard for me to put the blame on Bush.

          • That was shear stupidity, anyone that wants to learn to take off and land only should have raised millions of red flags, where was the government? And don’t tell me they didn’t know about it.

          • Someone in our government should have been keelhauled for missing that minor detail.

          • It seems only two things happen in government when you screw up on your job, they either get assigned to another area or get promoted, rarely do any of them get fired.

          • AK’s are still available………….Time for you to shop….

          • Problem is they are already here.

        • give all liberals a free trip to china with, a one way ticket just in case this happens. Then the libs can talk some sense into both sides.

          • They would be shot just like ISIS .

          • HURRAH…………

          • So what.

          • Less dirt bags to worry about , that’s what you do not understand .

          • Rounding up the mooslums would also be helpful, gift wrap them, and put a non-removable stamp on their forehead, stating they are AB NORMAL and send them to CHINA………

          • My solution was to put those who want to kill us in leaky boats in shark infested waters. After all, sharks have to eat too, you know.

          • that works too


          • Samuel M. Smith

            Wonderful idea! Use the soil removed from the channel to raise the banks on the U. S. side and use Crocodiles instead of alligators. Wouldn’t hurt to put a few colonies of Pirana fish in there, too. That might cost a lot less to do than building the wall and likely as effective.

          • Craig Vandertie

            Salt Water Crocodiles, the one’s that herpetologists and zoologist say in some cases may actually grow to 30′, as it is they are big enough to use the tide to carry them back and forth between Malaysia and Australia, I am sure theyou would enjoy some Mexican food.

          • lol… I was thinking we should build the wall in the Middle of the Rio Grande and electrify it.

          • Craig Vandertie

            Thank you for reminding me of how upset I got in history class at the age of 15 when I found out that idiot Carter signed a bill that would turn the Panama Canal and canal zone over to the Panamanian government.

            My anger stemmed from knowing how many U.S.citizens died from Malaria and other diseases spread by mosquitoes working on the project, then those who gained controlled of the canal could not afford the upkeep, so the Panamanian government sold the canal to the Chinese government.

            My point?, not only would have deepening and lengthening the Rio Grandeur as a canal have saved the lives of many U.S. citizens if would have been serving as a means to keep out the Cockroaches.

          • Craig Vandertie

            Yes, some of their last words in Arabic would be death to the infidel sharks.

        • Hey China will help them get over it and remove them from
          the equation also at the same time. Cain’t beat a two’fer

        • No they won’t allow it. Just as Hitler and Stalin will use any faction they can to bring down the government, but when they’re through just as Hitler and Stalin, they will be executed, that being though to let those people to them, so that they will not lead the people against them when they Perpetrator evil in the world. The Devils time is short and he is working very hard globally right now, as you see going on here goes on around the world and who’s pulling the strings the demons that Satan has given money and power to

          • You mean liked SOROS used his puppets…….BO & HC………..If HC had won…….SOROS would probably be sitting on the SUPREME COURT…….

          • You do know that George Soros nephew is married, to Clinton’s little witch daughter!

          • I read that in one of my searches………..Did you know that SOROS birth name was Gyorgy Schwartz……..A hungarian jew……….That worked with the Nazi’s in delivering messages to jewish families to report to the Gestapo……

          • I am second generation born here in the US. My grandfather came to this country from Hungary in 1909 and worked in many different jobs call mines at all. The name Soros and Hungarian mean shitty

          • Here too !!!!

          • LOL… fits him to a TEE!

          • I hope so, I tried several language translation sites but none came up that particular translation for Soros. I was curious since my mother was born in Hungary.

          • My dad and y uncle his brother both at different ties both told me the same thing and they were not around each other when they gave e the same translation!

          • Yes, I did read that. They reported any Jews that were hiding gold or other portable assets to the Nazis which of course led to their exacution and the soros family was rewarded for that information

          • Craig Vandertie

            Oh, you mean that thing that looks like a walking, talking Muppet, Chelsea.

          • Ya ! That one the acorn that fell from the tree hitting every branch on the way down.

          • hahahahaha LMAO

      • I got no problem with it.

      • None at all! Its a great one!

    • Mike W. China has the right idea. ISIS must feel suicidal lol

    • China will not round them up , they will die on the spot and taken to the nearest dump

    • Just like we should be doing with equal “nonchalance”.

    • Good………..Will write President Trump today and tell them to send all our mooslums to China.

    • And they don’t much care about what the American ACLU has to say about it, either!

  6. China is always ready to harvest dissidents and radicals for organ transplant market. Islamic inbreeding makes their organs more reptile than human so the Chinese would have them executed by female soldiers which is what islamists fear the most.

  7. I don’t think the Chinese will take the threat lightly. Maybe they will go wipe out isis for us, eh?

  8. Michael Dennewitz

    Ahhhhh. GO AHEAD! Mess with China. Then they could kill your asses off and save US the trouble! ???


    Wish we could round them up and kill them but the goody two shoes people would get all bent out of shape

  10. New Chinese menu item = Fried ISIS
    available only for TAKE OUT

  11. Cut their damned heads off. They think that they can’t go to heaven if that happens.

  12. They stand no ground with China whatsoever. They seek their own destruction….for 72 raisins.

  13. If ISIS is giving me a choice, then I say let’s wipe them from the face of the earth first. Candidly, this might be just the vehicle that makes China do a cranio-rectal extraction and stop with its own world take-over crap. We will never be buddies with China (our differences are just too great), but ISIS might knock them off their holy pedestal and they will work with the rest of us for a change. But who knows? I’m probably just California Dreamin’.

  14. This will be fun to watch.
    Beelzebub vs. the Devil.

  15. Ha Ha! about time!

  16. I seriously doubt that China will be concerned with civil rights and it’s unfortunate that a long prison sentence is in the cards. Bamboo laced food and drink would lead to a very long and painful death which would be an ideal fate for muslims.

    • Long prison sentence if they are extremely lucky.

    • China will not be concerned with what the U.S. demonicRats and the ACLU think. Nor will they be concerned with ROE (Rules of Engagement), being politically correct, or (sub)human rights.

  17. Good luck with that ISIS. With all the people in China you don’t stand a chance in HELL

  18. isis will find out very quickly that China has no qualms about killing them as fast as they find them. no matter what else you think about China you have to give China credit where credit is do. to bad we don’t do the same thing.

  19. China will grind them to dust!

  20. Isis is a group of cowards who kill innocent people that are un armed. Cuz they know if the dont hide they cannot face people of god.

  21. Not a good idea. ISIS will learn the hard way that they cannot play their games with the Chinese. They aren’t as forgiving as we are.

    • I think it’s a great idea – China’s military has about 300 million soldiers they could use the training exercises.

  22. They fully intend to destroy everyone who is not muslim. Whether they do or die trying is up to all of us.

  23. A Peaceful Life

    Well, if they (Uighur militants ) wanted to die – China (PLA) will Not hasitate to kill them. Trust me ! ?

  24. We had better take care of our relations with China. We do not need to have bad feelings due to interrupted trade deals previously made. If ISIS were to be the enemy of China that may be a good deal for US. But to advantage from that we need to keep things straight with China. Making enemies with Nations that have taken years of work to a peaceful co-existence or better yet to agreeable trade deals definitely would be bad for us.

  25. Time to wipe out all of ISIS.

  26. In the last 1400 years Muslims have killed 120,000,000 Africans, 80,000,000 Hindus, 60,000,000 Christians, 10,000,000 Buddhists, and millions of their own. Over 100 verses in the Quran call for torturing, pillaging, and raping infidels, which is you, if you’re not a Muslim. If anyone tells you Islam is the religion of peace, and you believe it, you’re just plain ignorant of history and facts. Don’t believe their lies or you may one day find yourself hanging from a cross, being impaled on a pole, or having your throat cut, tortured, raped or pillaged by these sub-humans.

  27. A Peaceful Life

    Well, if they (Uighur militants) wanted to die – China (PLA) will Not hesitate to kill them. Trust me! …

  28. DogWithoutSlippers

    China has sent the troops in to the Uigher province several times in the past and put down rebellions. They do not take prisoners and understand the danger of the cult.

  29. “RIP” in peace suicidal ASSHOLES not, don’t know who your messing with China will F you up then kill ya they’re not about to let raping murdering pedo savages take over. Kick asses China

  30. When the time comes, and it is definitely coming, we should throw the rule book out. ISIS does not follow the rules so why should we.? They have to be exterminated, every last one of them. This is a war for survival. This is a war we must win.

    • Frank. Exactly. All non Muzzy countries need to do the same.Their agenda for 1400 years conquer rape enslave kill. Inbred pedo savages

    • Tell that to the UN and leaders of the OWO .Them are the Bassturds interfearing with everything in the free world

  31. Yep. Just nuke ’em once and for all. Works for me.

  32. Old saying goes as follows. One must recognize things as they are, rather than hoping or assuming that things will be or are as they would prefer.

  33. Knowing China, they stand the chance of an ice cube in Hell. China has controlled Kashgar for years and to think these ISIS idiots can hurt China in any way. I look forward to the ISIS demise in attempting anything in China. They are well fortified, has well trained military, and great weapons of war. Come and get, ISIS, and maybe with China, the USA and other countries you will once again lose it all and perhaps as Trump said you will be removed from the planet. Go for it! The Chinese are stronger than you!

  34. Rodger K. Shull

    They would get to be the CENTER of ATTENTION, at a PUBLIC EXECUTION, they being the GUESTS of DISHONOR.

  35. This will be fun to watch…..

  36. Remember folks when our past incompetent POTUS said that ISIS was a “junior varsity” and would not pose a major threat to our country! The height of ignorance or supportive of his Muslim brotherhood!

  37. They should have known, even their own people are under ISIS and they let this happen from within… look at their own people under this disguise and do to them as they need to do to all these people … Fight it now before it gets any worse.. Just because they look like you do not mean they are with you, they are against you …if they are following Islamic belief… Start with their Mosques if they have them there.. BAN them now… all nations need to have warrants on SOROS,OBAMA and HILLARY ASAP

  38. The Chinese Military won’t fool around with those ISIS IDIOTS~~~They’ll wipe them out!!!!

  39. I think that ISIS has made a mistake in threating China. They do not care about
    public opinion an if you threaten them on their own soil they will remove the threat
    in a very harsh manner and have a public execution of the current’s who made
    that mistake. Even if it means wiping the from the face of the earth in a brutal
    and permeant manner and the “threat” will disappear in short order.

  40. China will not mess with these fools, they will not tolerate any threats and beheadings. They won’t mess around and play pattycake with them. They will Take Them Out.

  41. If they had the stupidity to do that in a country where human rights have meant little for years, I cannot imagine what they have accomplished, covertly, in the US. We don’t really know what is going on here – it will be a tragedy eventually.

  42. Chris Robinette

    Another confirmation of the wonderful stupidity working brain cell ISIS has. China will have very little thought about carpet bombing the whole town, city or country into Oblivion. Happy days!

  43. Good News, another Ally in the fight to exterminate ISIS and its many machinations.

    Now, if Russia will help we’re finally getting somewhere as China and Russia have no qualms about killing anyone who blinks at them.

  44. China does not put up with sh_t like muslime militants. They simply put them in reeducation camps or kill them. The only sure way of dealing with islime is to wipe it off the face of the earth. China and N korea will do just that to islimic troublemakers

  45. If ISIS was smart they would not mess with China, they do not fool around, maybe they will find out the hard way !

  46. Well it is true that Terrorists commit much less Terror after they have been Shot.

  47. yeah, good luck with that ISIS, you are stepping on a sleeping dragon.

  48. yeah those lunatics aren’t just coming for take out but China won’t fool around with these clowns they will destroy them.

  49. I’ll bet China’s government won’t stand around doing nothing if isis attacks on their soil. I believe justice will be quick and devastating.

  50. Watch what the Chinese will do to those clowns. They won’t stop their treatment of perpetrators for outcries over sleep deprivation or a little water usage. – So if we waterboard terrorists that’s bad, but if China sells their organs as “donor parts” to the highest bidder (which is what they currently do to political prisoners) while they are alive, for immediate removal upon sale that’s good? Liberal snowflakes? Crickets! Snowflakes? Crickets!

  51. Isis has no idea of what china will do to them, they are screwing with the wrong country, China will wipe isis off the map, and don’ t care who likes it.

  52. Islam is a threat to all of mankind! Satan is their leader and he is merciless…

  53. In some ways this is very sad, because more than likely innocent Chinese will be killed. In another way, this is also good, because the Chinese will literally wipe these people out without any hesitation or mercy.

  54. Unlike China if Obama and his dishonest executive branch still sat in power, they would be here in welfare giving them enough free time to plot the murders of innocent citizens. Trump wants to try to protect us, yet the wealthy left who have security at work and home, say there is not a single problem with folks coming into the nation without background checks from countries that harbor terrorist. The left printing as much lies as they can in the left wing media which is nearly all the media want a pathological liar like Obama in office to spend the nation into ruin.

  55. ConservativeSenior

    We should send our libtard congress over there to plead with China not to massacre ISIS. Maybe we’ll kill two birds with one stone. LMBO!!!!!!

  56. Interesting that ISIS hasn’t invaded Korea. The young Prime Minister of North Korea would wipe his land with their blood and put their heads on stakes for the world to see.

    Obama was afraid of his own shadow – absolutely worthless when it came to iSIS…China and Korea will not be!

  57. Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    CHINA… “would never force Syrian refugees into it’s society like Obama has done!”
    Muslim cultures all over the world have “common ground” interests together. They all believe and follow the teachings of Quran & Sharia Law. THE difference between an Islamic Radical Terrorist & Normal Muslim
    is almost nothing because they all have the same raw-religious ideology! It’s based upon the brainwashing Ayatollahs do to them by enforcing rigorous, “severe penalties” including the threat of death if a Muslim
    wants to change. Islam is a “sick-minded-cult” in many ways. We are forced to tolerate the Islamic Muslim religion but, (Islam) does not tolerate any other religion in the world. Islam & it’s teachings lack the capacity to live in peace or even “coexistence” with other religions. Google: (Islam, How it works)

  58. Craig Vandertie

    Our race as a whole is so disillusioned and in a total state of denial, islam the the paying homage, prostrating to a 3,000 year old Arab “PAGAN” moon/war god that expects all to worship it with no exception, those who refuse die.

    Do the research you dimwits that would criticize me for my contempt of the islam cult.

    Any text that outlines how to deceive others is not 1 base on love and tolerance of those with different beliefs.

  59. Craig Vandertie

    The only good muslim is a dead muslim, do the research on their cult you dimwitted naysayers.

  60. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    The idiots in isis are forgetting who they are dealing with –the Chinese have weapons that will blow those rag heads off the face of the earth—and they can do it in less than 24 hours

  61. This is proof of thier agenda. World domination is the ultimate goal. Sharia law the world law. Freedom loving nations need to unite and put a permanent end to this filthy religion and its adherence.

  62. china dont play around,like u.s.a.if ISIS do something nasty in china,they ARE FINISH!!

  63. jackcandobutwont

    ya that will finish ISIS off….1 billion pissed off china men attacking them from every angle…..or better yet….get N Korea to attack ISIS…the starviing koreans will eat each and every isis ahole…’ll be the first meat koreans have had in a decade!!

    and the US can help the effort by throwing mccain, mconnell, ryan, hatch and a few other worthless oldtime GOPers into the fray!

  64. STop the BS……Get China, Russia and the US in a coalition to combine forces and go on a REAL HUNT and kill every mothers son of em……………….

  65. I hope they get China riled up because China will annihilate them.

  66. Hope china responds with precision and accuracy!

  67. Tell ya’what, ‘Isis scum bags’, payback’s a bitch’n we’re comin for ya.

  68. HAH !!! I am in upstate New York, and heard the guffaw clear over here… I’m certain that china is shaking in their communal boot, Right between choking on their bok-toi and green tea, and laughing themselves sick…


  70. If ISIS would quickly become WASWAS if it attacked China.

  71. China will eliminate them all. There is no doubt in my mind. The World better soon wake up. ISIS must be eradicated. Start in this Country…. they have training camps here and are pouring into this Country as “refugees.”

  72. ISIS claims they hate America for our invading their lands, so why go after China? Is it because the truth is they hate everyone who does not follow their demanded way of life?

  73. Mr. Manfredgensenden

    China’s military does not screw around, they will ID a provence where the Uighur are present in large numbers and go in and kill every man there of fighting age or ability. Then they will watch and listen for further radicalism to surface and go in again killing anyone they think may be associated with Islam, man OR woman, until the threat is gone. Which may be the only way to rid our world of this Medieval curse.


  75. Good… The Chinese are more likely to deal correctly with the mudslime scum than any western power. We stupidly give their political system deference because of it’s religious cloaking.

  76. The only thing that bothers me with your article is, “We have no worries that their so-called global caliphate will ever
    materialize…” That complacent attitude, accompanied by blindness and disbelief, is what’s got us into the quagmire we’re in today.

    We turned a blind eye to the communist/socialist infiltration of our nation back in the 50’s. We arrogantly ignored the warning as it was read into the Congressional record in January 1963. Even today, people are of the mindset that “it can’t happen here.” Even on this site, I’ve seen people write, “there’s no way it can happen here.” News flash…is happening here and it’s getting worse, with both the communists/socialists and the islamists.

    You are wrong in stating that “we” have no worries about a global caliphate being formed as I and many others are very worried…you should be too; and if you’ve ever lived in the region or spent any time there, you would be. Everyone should be worried and we should be demanding that our government do something to ensure it doesn’t happen.

    The islamic caliphate IS taking hold and it’s burning through the world like fire through a dry forest. Europe has been cow-towing to islamists for years and look what it’s got them. We’ve been doing it here, nationwide, for the last 8+ years, in some cities (Dearborn, MI for example) decades, and look what’s happening.

    Our government has been aware of radical islamic communities being established in our Country since the early 80’s. Research “Islamville.” Groups like CAIR have been named in a 2008 Texas lawsuit (2008 Holyland Terror Funding Trial) as conspirators and a front for the muslim brotherhood. They have a plan…

    All I can say is, wake up people! We should all be afraid.

  77. Big mistake on ISIS part.

  78. When I thought I have heard everything ISIS comes out with a ridiculous threat to China.
    Now this is a battle I would like to watch from Miles away on TV.
    How stupid can ISIS be threatening a Communist Terrorist Country that has almost as many people in it as the whole world does.
    This is going to be a slaughter of Biblical proportion, ISIS here today gone tomorrow, we all can sleep safer when ISIS goes to war with China.

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