ISIS Explains Exactly Why They Hate Us

The liberal media is awash with reporters and pundits promising to investigate “why they hate us.” The “they” being Islamic extremists like those who join ISIS. The reasons they come up with are varied and numerous. But in the new edition of Dabiq, the official magazine of the Islamic State, an author for the group says that anyone who tries to separate Islam and ISIS is lying.

“Many Westerners, however, are already aware that claiming the attacks of the mujahidin to be senseless and questioning incessantly as to why we hate the West and why we fight them is nothing more than a political act and a propaganda tool,” they write. “The politicians will say it regardless of how much it stands in opposition to facts and common sense just to garner as many votes as they can for the next election cycle.”

And see, here you have the exact danger of following the Obama Doctrine when it comes to Islamic terrorism. Part of the reason ISIS is so appealing to young Muslims is that when you compare what they say with the words coming from Democrats and other PC politicians, ISIS sounds a lot closer to the truth. This organization is deeply religious and devout, and they are beholden to the Quran. Does that mean they represent the views of a billion Muslims? Of course not. But when we pretend that “their version” of Islam is some crazy, imaginary thing, we’re giving up the moral high ground. Who does it serve to play these games?

“There are exceptions among the disbelievers, no doubt, people who will unabashedly declare that jihad and the laws of the Shari’ah – as well as everything else deemed taboo by the Islam-is-a-peaceful-religion crowd – are in fact completely Islamic, but they tend to be people with far less credibility who are painted as a social fringe, so their voices are dismissed and a large segment of the ignorant masses continues believing the false narrative,” the author writes.

You know, President Obama has done a lot of irritating things over the last eight years, but this may take the cake. When his idiotic rhetoric makes us nod our heads in agreement with the ISLAMIC STATE, something is way off. Of course, if we had a president serious about his responsibilities, there wouldn’t even be an Islamic State, much less an official ISIS magazine.

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