Is WikiLeaks the Last Bastion of Journalism?

WikiLeaks is either a Russia-controlled propaganda machine, as claimed by the Obama administration…or they are filling the role that used to be occupied by American journalists. And since WikiLeaks has done nothing more than to release actual documents and emails that expose the truth behind the spin, it’s hard to see how their activities would qualify as “propaganda.”

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t Russian actors who hacked into the DNC servers and John Podesta’s email account, and it doesn’t excuse them for their crimes.

But once the damage is done, we can hardly be upset with WikiLeaks for delivering the information to the people. Despite what CNN might think, we don’t need modern “journalists” to play gatekeeper with the releases. If there is truth to be seen, we deserve to see it. And none of the networks should have any problem with that.

If they do, perhaps it’s because WikiLeaks is doing the job they’re no longer willing to do. The media – contrary to what reporters and owners believe today – is supposed to be objective in their news coverage. That sounds almost laughable and quaint in 2016, but hey, that’s still on the marquee. They still want us to believe they are treating everything fairly. Even when it is so blatantly obvious that they aren’t.

And WikiLeaks, for whatever else you may think of them, has done an amazing job of pointing out just how pathetic the American media has become. In fact, these latest releases have driven the media even further into its partisan corner. The information in the emails is too damning to be ignored altogether, but the media has tried their best to minimize the worst of it. We’re led to believe that a guy saying a few bad words on a bus about women is far worse than a would-be president advocating “open borders” for the U.S. In what fantasy world does that make any sense?

As for the Clinton campaign, it’s pretty rich to see them blame Russia and call WikiLeaks a front for Putin. Whether or not they’re right, these releases have shown us that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and the rest are basically state-run media outlets themselves.

That will change the second a Republican president is back in office, of course.

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