Is WikiLeaks the Last Bastion of Journalism?

WikiLeaks is either a Russia-controlled propaganda machine, as claimed by the Obama administration…or they are filling the role that used to be occupied by American journalists. And since WikiLeaks has done nothing more than to release actual documents and emails that expose the truth behind the spin, it’s hard to see how their activities would qualify as “propaganda.”

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t Russian actors who hacked into the DNC servers and John Podesta’s email account, and it doesn’t excuse them for their crimes.

But once the damage is done, we can hardly be upset with WikiLeaks for delivering the information to the people. Despite what CNN might think, we don’t need modern “journalists” to play gatekeeper with the releases. If there is truth to be seen, we deserve to see it. And none of the networks should have any problem with that.

If they do, perhaps it’s because WikiLeaks is doing the job they’re no longer willing to do. The media – contrary to what reporters and owners believe today – is supposed to be objective in their news coverage. That sounds almost laughable and quaint in 2016, but hey, that’s still on the marquee. They still want us to believe they are treating everything fairly. Even when it is so blatantly obvious that they aren’t.

And WikiLeaks, for whatever else you may think of them, has done an amazing job of pointing out just how pathetic the American media has become. In fact, these latest releases have driven the media even further into its partisan corner. The information in the emails is too damning to be ignored altogether, but the media has tried their best to minimize the worst of it. We’re led to believe that a guy saying a few bad words on a bus about women is far worse than a would-be president advocating “open borders” for the U.S. In what fantasy world does that make any sense?

As for the Clinton campaign, it’s pretty rich to see them blame Russia and call WikiLeaks a front for Putin. Whether or not they’re right, these releases have shown us that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and the rest are basically state-run media outlets themselves.

That will change the second a Republican president is back in office, of course.

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  1. President Trump might need to buy the media giants, fire their management, replace them with patriots and reward excellence in journalism not parroting government spin.

    • I’d rather see Trump start up a new news organization, and see the rest slowly go broke as the rest of the world realizes all they have to offer are un-entertaining lies

  2. “That will change the second a Republican president is back in office, of course.”
    So in at least four years, got it.

  3. YES

    The truth is comming from the internet in another country

    Even the corrupt fbi and doinj don’t want her emails revealed,
    They are a total disgracr!!!

    Keep up the good work

  4. Who leaked the information is not as important as what that information is.

    It seems the left only thinks that The Donald’s tapes are valid, while feeling when their raw underbellies are exposed is not. .

  5. The American MEDIA is pathetic. Their use of bias by omission has turned them into propaganda puppets.

    We the People must demand more from the MEDIA. That is the reason for

    Join the fight.

  6. There are no bastions of journalism left here in the United States. All the major sources have become Goebbels like propaganda arms for the Liberal Progressive elites.

    Fight the MEDIA at

  7. Why isn’t Wikileaks being prosecuted for “stealing” e-mails? As far as I remember, breaking into, hacking, whatever you want to call it – taking someone else’s property is called stealing. Why are we praising Julian Assand for bringing all of this to light? That’s crazy news reporting right there. A disgrace.

    • So why is Assange held a prisoner in London…………cos as soon As he steps foot outside the embassy he will be in the USA in 8 hrs, never to be seen again……….he spilled the beans Before about the USa spying on most EU leaders……….how could you…….your allies

      • Apparently the man has no conscience. People with no conscience don’t feel anything or feel they are responsible for anything or – just plain – are getting paid big bucks.


          • Whoops – hurts my feelings!!! Not!! You sound like a very angry little man – with all of those capital letters and puctuation marks – all we needed was some red letters!!! Grow up!!!!

          • You are right i am angry at all of you Communist Trolls!!!!!Is that better?Didn’t say it to hurt feelings everyone knows you Commie Bastards do not have any!

          • Well glad you got that our of your system – but since I’m a communist bastard – I guess I really don’t give a rat’s ass. ?

  8. This post is right in one way it is SRM State Run Media not MSM but wrong on it will change with Republican in Office.
    The NWO owns them all. Anyone who Reads News in the Papers Or Watches the News on TV is a complete Fool.

  9. This short essay is quite right. However, I have a batch of in-laws who, despite their intelligence, still watch and read the Democrat media. I would call it the Marxist Media, but its purveyors aren’t smart enough to know what their ideology leads to. Also, I think International Communism has evolved into Globalism, so some new terms must be established. Globalist? Democrat Globalist? Anti-America Globalist?

  10. If Trump wins maybe make Assange press secretary. LOL

  11. Wikileaks is the ony journalism we have today as because of Wikileaks we are learning the truth that the so called media tries to hide from us!

  12. Never liked the guy and guess I still don’t, but that may be just a bout right.

    God bless him for putting Clinton on Front Street. Nopbody else will print the truth.

  13. major American media are all owned in part by sorry assed soros!!!! that is why it is so fed up!!!!!

  14. Judge Jeanine is the only American Journalist left !!
    The Hackers are Heroes ! They are only considered Criminals by the Criminals & Traitors they Expose.
    So anyone that labels them Criminal is one.

  15. Old George Soros owns most of the news agencies and old George is backing Hillary!!!!

  16. I think Assange should be given a daily morning show.

  17. American news is not honest….are biased….can get more from some internet sites

  18. in the old testesment Cain killed his brother because God accepted his better offering and buried him but the Blood cried out from the ground now which one is worst the Blood crying out or Cain killing his brother and coverning up the crime?> sounds like two crimes to me period

  19. If the main stream media did their jobs WikiLeaks would be irrelevant.The vast majority of the media is acting as an arm of the Democratic party,look familiar,the Communist party and Pravda did it also,nothing but left wing propaganda in the news. An endorsement of Clinton is an endorsement of a person that should be in the big house,not the Whitehouse.Anything against the current Administration is being greatly throttled such as the turning off of ones internet to suppress an opposing view…Banana Republic tactics in the highest degree…really deplorable.

  20. Long Live WikiLeaks—a dependable antidote to George Soros’ globalist “New Order”. Goodbye “Homeland”—or goodbye Soros?. Vote early & vote often? No, just vote, & note who votes often. Voter fraud? oh perish the thought.

  21. In reporting news, objectivity is obligatory, opinions are only for the editorial page.

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