Is This The Most Conservative Administration of All Time?

Even those who wholeheartedly supported Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign were not fooled about what it was that they were getting. They were all about the nationalism and they were just fine with his proposal to drain the swamp, but they weren’t confused about his conservative bona fides; Trump was not a man who read old William F. Buckley columns in his spare time. He could pay lip service to conservative ideals and even make promises to live up to some standards such as Supreme Court nominees, but this guy had been a Democrat for most of his life. His fiercest conservative critics saw him as a charlatan, but even his supporters wanted a warrior more than they wanted Ronald Reagan 2.0.

So it is with some astonishment that even some on the NeverTrump side of the fence are watching this presidency unfold. Not only have we gotten two pristine Supreme Court nominees out of this president and not only have we seen the erasure of much of the last president’s outrageous agenda, but we have watched as this administration becomes one of the most conservative – economically speaking – in the history of the United States.

That assertion is backed up by a new report from the American Action Forum, which noted that Trump is cutting Obama-era regulations at a rate that exceeds even what the president promised. While Trump signed an order last year demanding that his executive branch cut two regulations for every new one they implement, the report shows that they are doing much more than that.

“With less than two months remaining in FY 2018, the Trump administration is well on its way to surpassing its regulatory budget goals,” said the new report. “Collectively, executive agencies subject to a regulatory budget remain on pace to double the administration’s overall savings goal. On an individual basis, 12 of 22 agencies have already met or surpassed their savings target.”

The biggest savings, according to the AAF, are the Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services.

“The Department of Labor (DOL) enjoys the largest total savings of covered agencies with $417.2 million,” the report says. “The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) comes in second in savings, but has a larger savings surplus (or the amount in excess of its FY 2018 target) than DOL at $285.6 million. The Department of Transportation (DOT) ranks third in annualized savings followed closely by the Department of Justice.”

These kinds of cuts don’t make for flashy headlines. No one’s going to write a bestselling political expose about the Trump deregulation agenda. But in many ways, this is what’s really going to matter to the American bottom line in the long run. This is conservatism in action, and we have Mr. Democrat-All-His-Life to thank for it.

Just another reason for the NeverTrump crowd to be driven out of political punditry forever.

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