Is There Any Hope of Saving American Healthcare?

If you’ve been following the Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare this year, it probably did not surprise you when the latest attempt – the Graham-Cassidy bill – was withdrawn from consideration in the Senate this week. While this bill was an improvement over the last one – the so-called “skinny repeal” that failed over the summer – it was not enough to bring all 52 Republicans on board. Once Sen. John McCain signaled that he was a no, others including Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Susan Collins, and Rand Paul decided that they wanted no part of a vote, either. On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pulled the bill, showing once again that this party simply doesn’t have enough votes to make good on their longstanding promise to reform healthcare.

And it’s not actually clear if they will ever be able to.

While it’s easy to stand back and make cracks from the peanut gallery about all of those broken campaign vows, Republicans have worked themselves into an impossibly tight political corner. Their donors – largely from the corporate insurance world – want a bill that will guarantee them the kind of government-backed bailouts that a conservative approach to healthcare should be working to eliminate. Many of their voters want things like pre-existing conditions to be covered by legal mandate, which is the exact opposite of a free-market system.

Even among conservative Republicans, there is sharp disagreement about how “hands off” the government should be when it comes to healthcare. It’s worth noting that virtually no one in the party is talking about simply repealing Obamacare and going back to the system we had before. Which is Reason #223 why socialist programs have to be stopped BEFORE they are implemented. Once they’re there, they are there for life, baby. Maybe it’s “better” to have states in charge of these marketplaces than the federal government, but…that’s still government healthcare, is it not? Whether local or federal, we’re still talking about the government. We’re certainly not talking about the free market, that’s for damn sure.

And so there is little hope that we’ll ever see a truly capitalism-driven solution to the healthcare problem. That ship has sailed. The best we can hope for now is that Republicans can stem the tide of socialism coming from the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party. And as the Obamacare system fails – as it will…as it was DESIGNED to do – that will become an ever-increasingly difficult thing to do. Americans still don’t like the idea of a socialist healthcare system, but it’s going to sound nicer than the disaster that Obamacare is going to quickly become. Without a viable alternative, Republicans are essentially leaving the door open for the LEFT to fix what they’ve already made a mess of.

We’re not looking forward to the result.



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  1. It really is quite simple… Repeal the bill.

    It is a false narrative to think that cancer needs to be replaced…..

    The new narrative needs to be Repeal and Recover….

    • I am all about everything you posted. Free market or no market. We need to concentrate on healthcare services not on insurance policies. Healthcare professionals are suffering under this bill just like patients are.

      • I am all for getting the Government out of Capitalism…

        Small fiscally responsible Government confined by the Constitution…

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    • What is wrong with my young brother Trump trying to replace Obamacare with nothing? Trump should know the Repubs and TPs love Obamacare. Their relatives are now insured. I love Obamacare. Here is my advice to Trump. Lay off attempt to replace Obamacare. Focus on your job such as getting rid of NK moron. This is the guy we should do Bin Laden or Late Noriega. Last, listen to your wife and Ivanka. These seem to know how to help you succeed as president.

      • pmbpuppet

        You really should refrain from posting about things you have no knowledge of.. Your posts make you look ignorant.

        • To make that fit, his comments show DemonRAT mentality!

        • I am third generation in the insurance business and he is absolutely correct!

          • Hate to say it but, I do believe that insurance people have less credibility than presidents named 0bama.

            ‘Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialized State.’

            That is the ONLY reason our politicians promised us 0bamacare… As a first step towards socialized medicine.

            0bamacare is a cancer, it will only spread if not excised from our capitalist society.

      • Government controlled health care is bad for everyone. Most of us want NOTHING to do with socialized medicine. Get rid of O’bama care and find your own insurance. You’d be better off.

      •’d have fit right in with Hitler. You have his mentality!

        • Actually it is Hitlers brother Lenin…. that pmbpuppet fits right in with. All you have to do is connect the dots.

          “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
          ‘Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialized State.’
          “The goal of socialism is communism.”

          • If you care to research it, I did, one of the first things Hitler did, was government controlled healthcare!

          • I believe the ties between Hitler’s fascism and Lenin/Stalin’s Communism are far stronger than the false narrative that the Left pushes about conservatives…

            Thank you for the information, I was not aware of that.

          • Don’t forget the burning books and taking over the schools to indoctrinate the young. Ever see the pictures of the brown shirts?

  2. Start with Repeal…. If the truth had been told by those that sold us the bill, it never would have passed.

    The TRUTH is that socialized medicine is a huge step towards socialism, and Socialism is a huge step towards Communism. The Political Elite in America are all about CONTROL of the people…. They no longer work for the people.

    Start with Repeal, and then lets heal…

    • Are you one of those listening to Bannon? I am surprised people are listening to Bannon. The guy does not take a bath, change his clothes nor brush his teeth. That is why he was asked to leave Trump WH office. Bannon office was stinking alcohol. Now here we are seeing people like you listening and adoring Bannon as their savior. We will send Erica Hill to teach Bannon etiquette – dressing good.

      • Bannon who? Perhaps Bannon is listening to me… Those are my words.

      • What are you talking about? Obama said “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. PERIOD. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. PERIOD.” Lies, and the plan would not have passed if he said “Sorry, you won’t be able to keep your plan, many of you won’t be able to keep your doctor, and most of you will be paying more to subsidize those who won’t have to pay.”

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  4. Tis a puzzlement. Democracy isn’t working. I am Republlican, voted for Trump, hoping he can do what he would like to do. If we could get away from Big Pharma, it might help.

  5. As long as Obamacare exists as it is the Democrats own it. Not one Republican voted for it when it was passed. Remember Pelosi standing before the House telling the majority Democrats to pass it, then read it? It took just a little while for Harry Reid to get it passed by the Democrats in the Senate with no votes from Republican Senators.
    No matter who did it. No matter how they try. Obamacare was a very expensive failure and people are going to be hurt!

  6. Where ObamaCare was designed to fail to deliver another 1/6th of our economy to government the cure is to abolish the whole thing and let the free market sort it out with no state insurance bureaus, as all are corrupt. Capitalism will deliver the best for the lowest price just as it always has since they days of Henry Ford.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  7. The socialists in both parties want socialism and for the McCains and Grahams out there, defeating Trump is only a bonus. These guys got a taste of socialism and how great it works under Obama and they like it. Our only chance of getting the country back is getting the RINOs out in the next two elections. If we listen to and believe them like we did last time we will seem the same thing repeated.

  8. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is the best hope for health care for most Americans and Trump and his minions want to destroy it because of their ego failings. Impeach the con man and stop the madness.

  9. There would be hope if the government got out of heath care but as most know anytime the government get involved they screw up anything they touch. First of all this isn’t a health care bill it is dealing with those on welfare, so please quit calling it a health care bill like it is for the average working people, it is not.

  10. Just read an article about the economic crisis of our country. Did it ever occur to anyone that we can’t support other countries. Just like the EU is failing, we are in the same boat. And why is that? Because big countries can’t keep supporting the smaller ones. Sending our work to small countries to help their economy! We need to be concerned about our own. It will fail just like the EU is failing for the same reason.

  11. Get rid of McCain, get rid of the Demwits, These people cant keep from spending money that we the people don’t have. They cant take care of them selves. Not real sure why they think it is up to them to tell we the people what is best for us.

    Texas C is right about the Healthcare professionals, my son is A Charge Nurse on the Med Surg. floor at A major Hospital and according to him Doctors of age 50 and up are fed up and getting out.
    MAHB001 is also right Repeal and replace with common since medicine, down to earth Insurance Premiums that the working man can afford for his family.
    The Insurance Co. is padding the pockets of the politicians to keep us in bondage.
    For those that don’t have insurance we the insured are paying for their health care already so why do they need it, they get it for free and we pay.

  12. Whenever government becomes involved with ANYTHING, sooner or later it falls apart!

  13. First of all this entire discussion is a con job. #1 No politicians , RNC, DNC or anyone has answered me on any of my helpful comments. #2 What did we have before Obamacare? Nothing!! So why not just repeal it? #3 A 5 or 8 thousand $ deductible is no protection. A 30% to 50% co pay is no protection. # 4 rules of a health savings account suck to high heaven to protect insurance companies. Let a person open a personal health insurance account and pay into that with no stupid restrictions where you have to spend it all each year. Let it grow for something serious. I have 6 more things that are simple to help the problem that will work but no one wants to listen. They all suck. I’m glad Coker is moving on. He’s doing the right thing. 2 terms and out. He will still get a fat pension!

  14. “Republican efforts to repeal” – What I’ve been watching is the Republican Progressive efforts NOT to repeal Obamacare. Repeal was the campaign pledge that got them elected. It also was leading up to the 2014 election. I remember the pledge – the itemized budget that would defund Obamacare. I remember the Omnibus budget that gave Obama everything he wanted. I remember “Give us the house, we can defund it.” “We need the Senate to get rid of it.” “We can’t do it – the President will veto it. We need the Presidency to get rid of it.” I find the one vote loss of the worthless renaming bill suspicious. The DNC, the Senate knew they had to sacrifice some candidates to defeat the bill. If those had refused, the Senate would have chosen others. I remember the reported intimidation, the bribes the Democrats used to pass the bill. I recall the House bill they completely gutted and installed Obamacare to call it “passed by the House.” Have we seen such efforts by the Republicans to repeal it? Not a chance. The Republican Progressives are so desperate to keep it that they didn’t want Trump to win. Politics will always be infested with Big Government Progressives because Politics attracts people with pathological controlling personalities who consolidate into a mutually supportive elite, a circumstance where we see them exempt themselves and one another from the laws and burdens imposed upon the commoners, a circumstance which gives stark meaning to Jefferson’s “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time…” or Trotsky’s Political Evolution by Revolution.

  15. Let’s face it the Dumb Dems listened to a communist President looking for single pay and screwed it up by being dishonest and they won’t help to undo the harm they caused by eliminating this piece of junk.,Start over and come up with something better that some Communist will accept. Huh!

  16. There is nothing the government has their hands in that is run either efficiently or anywhere within budget, so keep government out. This isn’t a health care bill as most take it for the average working stiff, it is nothing but a health care bill for those on welfare, so call it what it is, WELFARE

  17. We need to go back to privatizing medical insurance and keep the government out of it. It should up to individuals to find their healthcare not the government.


    My idea for “personal-medical-care-saving-account” has nothing to do with a government dictating what kind of medical service would be allowed. Rather, funds from this account could be used to either pay cash for a medical service, pay for a medical insurance policy or as another retirement savings account, in which the earnings or interest on a CD or whatever would be an annuity of a sort, after a person turns 65. If a saver (person with a medical saving account) dies before age 65 these personal medical saving account monies would be inherited by a designated person who would place these same medical saving account moneys within their “personal-medical-savings-account”.

    I have no idea how the idiots in Congress are wording their law on “personal-medical-saving-accounts. I am positive it is screwed up. Personal savings accounts will not lower medical care, “unless there is also an elimination of third party payers”. Third Party payer “loophole” should be replaced or eliminated to where every body in America instead possessed a “personal-medical-savings-account. People deriving 3rd party benefits (employer paid, partial or whole coverage) forces the remainder of the citizens in American to not only pay for their medical care but also to assist in the paying for those who derive the medical insurance from their employers (especially government and large corporation employers).

    Trump has done nothing illegal or unconstitutional except for being “extremely transparent”. Being “extremely transparent” is difficult for most American citizens to comprehend! For most of our our lives our congresspersons and past presidents have been pure smoke and mirrors or the opposite of clarity in their presentation of goals, objectives and actions.

    Trump has been a liberal for most of his life and now, in his more elderly years, he has grown tired of many of those liberal ideals of his youth. Even today, Trump would sign a very liberal or progressive worded federal-medical-care-bill. A bill much more liberal, in its content, than anything I would sign. Many citizens remain lost in the Democrat and the Republican Parties along with media’s smoke and mirrors.

    PS “Problem”, all the “deciders” are now receiving free medical care by their own selfish prerogative, and for them to change, in order to make our nation’s medical care actually market based, is a wish larger than I can comprehend.

  19. If the politicians will not repeal Obamacare, it will do as it was designed to do and go bankrupt, leaving everyone WITHOUT ANY HEALTHCARE. The “MEDICARE FOR EVERYONE” proposal will go the same way, Medicare is already facing fraud, price overruns, and bankruptcy! The VA and Medicare two government run healthcare programs show that the government cannot run or administer healthcare!

  20. #1 The FEDERAL government has zero/no business in the health care field. Find it in the Constitution. Provide for the common security and defense of the nation I’ll buy, health care NO. #2 Federal health care limited to those on active military duty, Active reservists, retirees, service connected disabled and active federal employees. #3 Repeal Obama care and turn health care to the state level, better management probabilities.

  21. America deserves to know just how corrupt HILLARY is maybe buying her way out of her problems, and when will the truth surface. America is waiting no more COVER UPS….

  22. I never thought that I would have to explain this such a basic level, but here goes. If you have a person who has a severe illness and this person has insurance….there are 100,000 people who are paying into this plan. The premiums by the 100,000 will cover the one. Understand?
    By the House and the Senate excusing themselves, their employees, the teachers union, the railroad workers, on and on….THE BASE IS TOO SMALL TO COVER ANYONE!!, it cannot help but fail.

  23. The answer, is SO Simple! STOP, “trying” to “Repeal”, Bamycare! That “bill”, left alone, is going to totally “Implode”, on it’s Own! Probably, in 2018, when Premium’s, are Increasing, Again, between 117-200%/per month! WITH, a $10/K, “deductible! NOW, How many people/family’s, afford THAT Premium/MO? Forget “FIXING BAMYCARE!”, LET IT DIE! THEN, WE, the American People, can use the “FREE MARKET”, to purchase the Ins. WE want! NO Mandate’s, etc.! NO regular American’s can AFFORD this “ATROCITY”! LET IT IMPLODE & then, WE can Start all over,! Purchase your own ins., NO Gov’t!

  24. No! This was an idea belonging to and voted in by the Democrats. They knew it was no good from the beginning. That’s why they excused themselves and others such as government employees, teachers, railroad workers, etc. after doing that there just weren’t enough people paying into it for it to work. Just another Democrat idea to bilk taxpayers.

  25. Start with an executive order mandating all exempted people go directly into Obamacare! All politicians, and their staffs as Congress not a small business! The only way out must be repeal and replace, otherwise they are stuck in Obamacare!!!!!

  26. “Is there any hope of saving American healthcare?” The better question is, “Is there any hope of saving America?” No, we have violated God’s Laws of morality and America has brought her destruction upon herself with her embracement of evolution, homosexuality, abortion and the rejection of God’s Holy Scriptures…

  27. disqus_7EcB0kPDrU

    The problem is that several Republicans are RINOS, not conservative, not fiscally intelligent, a big blot on the Republican party. Hopefully they’ll be voted out or die, (McCain), and true Republicans will take their place.

  28. BAMYCARE, is going to Implode, on it’s OWN! Congress/Senate, should Just “STEP BACK”, & allow “this program”, to DESTROY ITSELF! Premium’s, are going thru the ROOF, & it is the Insurance Co.’s, who are “THE PROBLEM”!, as well as ALL, the “Medical Provider’s”! Step Back & let the “FAT CAT’s”, to EAT Themselve’s THEN., perhaps America MAY be able to Review & Discuss Healthcare option’s, for the Country!

  29. What was wrong with the old way we got health insurance? You get a job, work there for 90 days, then you can buy into a group plan…….
    What was so hard about that?????

  30. The ideal bill would read: “All government regulations and subsidies for health insurance are hereby eliminated.”

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