Is There Any Hope of Saving American Healthcare?

If you’ve been following the Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare this year, it probably did not surprise you when the latest attempt – the Graham-Cassidy bill – was withdrawn from consideration in the Senate this week. While this bill was an improvement over the last one – the so-called “skinny repeal” that failed over the summer – it was not enough to bring all 52 Republicans on board. Once Sen. John McCain signaled that he was a no, others including Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Susan Collins, and Rand Paul decided that they wanted no part of a vote, either. On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pulled the bill, showing once again that this party simply doesn’t have enough votes to make good on their longstanding promise to reform healthcare.

And it’s not actually clear if they will ever be able to.

While it’s easy to stand back and make cracks from the peanut gallery about all of those broken campaign vows, Republicans have worked themselves into an impossibly tight political corner. Their donors – largely from the corporate insurance world – want a bill that will guarantee them the kind of government-backed bailouts that a conservative approach to healthcare should be working to eliminate. Many of their voters want things like pre-existing conditions to be covered by legal mandate, which is the exact opposite of a free-market system.

Even among conservative Republicans, there is sharp disagreement about how “hands off” the government should be when it comes to healthcare. It’s worth noting that virtually no one in the party is talking about simply repealing Obamacare and going back to the system we had before. Which is Reason #223 why socialist programs have to be stopped BEFORE they are implemented. Once they’re there, they are there for life, baby. Maybe it’s “better” to have states in charge of these marketplaces than the federal government, but…that’s still government healthcare, is it not? Whether local or federal, we’re still talking about the government. We’re certainly not talking about the free market, that’s for damn sure.

And so there is little hope that we’ll ever see a truly capitalism-driven solution to the healthcare problem. That ship has sailed. The best we can hope for now is that Republicans can stem the tide of socialism coming from the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party. And as the Obamacare system fails – as it will…as it was DESIGNED to do – that will become an ever-increasingly difficult thing to do. Americans still don’t like the idea of a socialist healthcare system, but it’s going to sound nicer than the disaster that Obamacare is going to quickly become. Without a viable alternative, Republicans are essentially leaving the door open for the LEFT to fix what they’ve already made a mess of.

We’re not looking forward to the result.



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