Is Rick Perry a Raging Homophobe? Media Thinks So

The mainstream media never misses a chance to accuse a Republican of being racist, sexist, homophobic, or some combination of the three, so it was so surprise to see them go after one of their favorite targets last week: Energy Secretary Rick Perry. According to the news reports, Perry, the former Texas governor, is incensed about Texas A&M – where he graduated – electing a gay student body president.

The insinuation to the headlines was that Perry was trying to make waves because the student body president is gay. Perry doesn’t like gays, so he went and made up some story about why it was wrong for his alma mater to allow such a thing to occur. If that seems a bit unbelievable to you, don’t worry, because it only bears a glancing relationship to the truth.

Reality, as it so often is, turns out to be a little more nuanced. In a column for the Houston Chronicle, Perry asked if Texas A&M chose “diversity over the right to due process.” In the column, he said that he initially had no problem whatsoever with Bobby Brooks’s victory. Proud, even.

“The election appeared to demonstrate a commitment to treating every student equally, judging on character rather than on personal characteristics,” he wrote.

Upon learning more about the election process, however, Perry grew concerned. Because as it turns out, Brooks, the gay candidate, did not actually win the election. His opponent (Robert McIntosh, who happens to be the son of a major Republican fundraiser in Texas) won nearly 800 more votes than Brooks. So why did Brooks “win”?

The Houston Chronicle reported that McIntosh was disqualified due to anonymous charges of voter intimidation and, most damningly, because he did not hand in a receipt for glow sticks he used in a campaign video.

“The desire of the electorate is overturned, and thousands of student votes are disqualified because of free glow sticks that appeared for 11 seconds of a months-long campaign,” wrote Perry.

As far as Brooks’s sexual orientation is concerned, Perry’s only problem is that he suspects the “winner” may have gotten special treatment due to his homosexuality.

“What if McIntosh had been a minority student instead of a white male?” Perry asked. “Would the student body have allowed a black student body president to be disqualified on anonymous charges of voter intimidation? The outcome would have been different if the victim was different.”

Of course, that’s a topic that no one in the liberal media wants to touch with a ten foot pole. Much easier to simply accuse Perry of being a homophobe and move on to the next story.

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  1. If Rick Perry, or any other member of the Trump Administration, were observed walking on water, the mainstream media would report that they do not know how to swim!

  2. Homophobe? I doubt he is scared of gays.

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    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Probably just finds their lifestyle distasteful as do all normal human beings.

  3. They say that like it’s a bad thing.

  4. Wanting to stop putting men in little girls bathrooms does not make anyone a homophobic it makes them a sensible decent person. Hating the fact that Mike Obama and his Poofter husband Barrack disgraced America with being sodomites in our white house does not make anyone homophobic it makes them normal decent Americans with integrity!

  5. The following is a great example of Liberal news
    A little girl was leaning into a lion’s cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the collar of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, all under the eyes of her screaming parents.A biker jumps off his Harley, runs to the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch. Whimpering from the pain the lion jumps back letting go of the girl and the biker brings the girl to her terrified parents, who thank him endlessly. A reporter has watched the whole event.

    The reporter addressing the Harley rider says, “Sir, this was the most gallant and bravest thing I’ve seen a man do in my whole life.”

    The Harley rider replies, “Why, it was nothing, really. The lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger, and acted as I felt right.”The reporter says, “Well, I’ll make sure this won’t go unnoticed. I’m a journalist, you know, and tomorrow’s paper will have this story on the front page. So, what do you do for a living, and what political affiliation do you have?”

    The biker replies “I’m a U.S. Marine, a Republican and I voted for Trump”.The journalist leaves.

    The following morning the biker buys the paper to see if it indeed brings news of his actions, and reads, on the front page:


    • Love it, your the best. Thanks for sharing. Respectfully Moe

    • Your joke is so dead on in today’s world, good one

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    • I told Trump was making a big mistakes appointing CEOs and former governors as assistants. These people will not obey Trump. I believe I told you I hired 3 former CEOs or owners of business that failed. They were so stubborn that I had to get rid of them. They wanted to run my business as they did with their business. Now Trump hired Rich Perry-ex governor. Perry is a drunk; reported to work drunk when governor. Then Trump even nominated Sarah Palin as VA secretary. He is lucky Sarah turned down the nomination. That woman does not know diddly about medical practices. Then he hired Dr. Carson, a Black man who thinks is white. Carson does not know anything about laws related to discrimination. Carson will be pushed around by his workers. With Perry as secretary of energy this country is in trouble. Perry’s office must be full of Vodka and John Walkers.

      • Ah, the town idiot has gotten loose again.

      • Fact you’ve never managed, owned or operated your own business . At most you worked as a bus boy, dish washer at your local MICKYDEES ,BURGER KING ,CRISPY CREME OR WINN-DIXIE .

      • First of all, you are a raving maniac. Your comment is wrong on the following points:

        Second, Secretary Perry’s name is RICK, not RICH.

        Third, he doesn’t drink and you have NO proof that he EVER showed up to work drunk.

        Fourth, Sarah Palin was NEVER “Nominated” as VA Secretary. She was “considered” but NEVER “Nominated.”

        Fifth, running the VA is and has always been treated as an ADMINISTRATIVE POSITION. It is NOT required to be a medical position. Should be, but never has been.

        And finally, Dr. Ben Carson does NOT consider himself white. Why is it that every single time a black person who happens to be a Republican and well-educated succeeds, you attack with the full force of your literary ignorance??

        Dr. Carson is a renowned Neurosurgeon. He grew up poor. He lived in the projects with his mother and brother, and SHE worked her ass off making sure that her children knew how to read and write, went to school, went to college, and were able to realize their full potential.

        Is the fact that he never lived as an adult off of the government tit what has you so incensed???

        • So you don’t remember Perry was drunk during 2012 debates. In one evening he was really slurring his speech- totally drunk. I wish I kept the video footage.I know I am right. Trump will have trouble with his appointees. Give it 2 months and write back.

          • What bat shit crazy planet do you hail from there?

          • I think it is called UR ANUS

          • I saw ALL of those videos. There is a HUGE difference between goofing around in a speech, which Rick Perry has done numerous times when he was our Governor, and actually BEING drunk.

            He was indicted for abuse of power because he fired a Texas state official after she was arrested in a “falling down drunk,” and abusing those who arrested her.

            Those charges were eventually dropped.

            Also, just in case you mention it, Rick Perry is NOT gay!!

          • Marjorie Lee Peterson


          • Marjorie Lee Peterson

            Like I said, lived in TX. the whole time he was governor. NEVER heard a WORD about him being drunk. Has he EVER been drunk? Probably, he’s a grown man and I would imagine, like most of us, he has overindulged a couple of times. That doesn’t make him a drunk! There’s a big difference between being drunk a couple of times and being an alcoholic, which is what you’re calling him! Better not make claims when you don’t know the full extent of what you’re saying. Rick Perry was a great governor and is NOT an alcoholic!!

          • Hey! NumbNuts!! Should we go around and find out just HOW MANY DRUNKS work for the Government? It is ashame that there are some HARD, Honest workers that pick up the slack for ALL of the others, especially their managers and supervisors! If not, nothing would get done! AND, the worst part about it is that you cannot just fire them! THEN, they retire with a pension! So, let’s not talk about individualities here!

          • Brilliant! Excellent response!

          • Rick Perry was a rarity in Texas. A two term Governor. And an outstanding one.

        • Nicely said.

          • During the 2020 WH campaigns it was reported that Rick or Rich Perry had a stone or boulder at his home with a word “N not allowed here.” And here you’re praising him. The next day, during debate, Perry was so drunk he could not remember the Department of Energy- the agency now is heading. I have no idea how Trump could think appointing Perry for the agency he could not remember

          • Such ignorance and lying…
            You say “During the 2020 WH campaigns is was reported…”
            It’s only 2017 now. Idiot.

          • Sorry, I meant 2012 WH campaigns

          • Don’t even worry about what this ding bat says, he’s drunk or stoned.

          • You must be the one who’s drunk. There hasn’t been a 2020 campaign, this is only 2017, snap, snap, sober up.

        • curmudgeon VN Veteran

          Months ago before I blocked him I believe he said he is Black.

        • Marjorie Lee Peterson

          Thank you!

        • That has to be ONE of the BEST REPLIES I have ever heard! Dr. Ben Carson is such a great and Honorable Family man and Devout Christian and these LIBERALS cannot stand it! He took this Position ONLY to TRY to get it in ORDER. But, there are SO MANY USELESS people inside that organization, who DO NOT want to be DRAINED out of the SWAMP! I worked part time in college back in the 70’s for HRS and saw it with my own eyes! They were useless and Liars and did not work, but showed up for their paychecks UNTIL Florida started to Drain the swamp years later with REPUBLICAN leadership!

        • excellent comment

      • I grew up in the same environment as Dr. Carson. I experienced the very
        same thing he did as an 8 years old child in Franklin Park when he was
        set upon by White kids from the “Green Street” Neighborhood”. A
        neighborhood that began at the Walnut Street “border” of Franklin Park
        separating the GSN no-man’s land for Blacks of any age. Like Dr.
        Carson, these kids bent on killing me by drowning in a small pond in
        Franklin Park. Luckily, I was able to get away from them; it was also
        the first time I was called a “nigger.”

        Dr. Carson, like myself, did not succumb to the likes of your racist, unfounded comment. He became a world-renowned physician; I, a proud career in law enforcement.

        This, despite race-baiting, low-life, condescending, miscreants such as you, including many Blacks, who I’m sure was put him down a they did me, for attending school, studying hard and being goal-oriented.

        To which many of you “liberal” White’s called we Blacks, determination to excel and succeed, as “a credit to your race” and fellow Blacks determined “to take us down a peg” as they said, calling us “Uncle Toms”, “Handkerchief Heads” and a White Man’s Nigger”…simply because we were determined to make it out of the repressive environment in which we lived while they sat on the wayside pissing and moaning about being a victim.

        Dr. Carson does not think he is White. If you bothered to read his any of books, you’ll discover a very decent human being. He and his wonderful wife Mrs. Carson give back through their color-blind programs to improve the lives and future of deserving Inner City and rural Blacks, Browns Whites, Native Americans and others…no matter their gender.

        But, you go ahead, continue your racism, and misogynous diatribe.

        Who cares? Maybe your pet dog.

        After all, what come out of his rectum is the same poop coming out of your racist mouth.

        • Well, during his bid for the WH did he hire Blacks as advisers? No. He hired only Whites. It was only when Whites started stealing funds that he brought in Blacks. Do you see Herman Cain or Allen West with Blacks? No. Cain and Allen West, like Carson think their ancestors came from Britain. And why did Carson hate Obamacare? Because Obamacare enabled Blacks access to medical services in rich people’s clinics and hospitals or formerly available to Whites only. Carson, stood, at one meeting and declared war on Obamacare; and President Obama was at the table. Racists loved to hear a Black man, Carson, defame Obamacare. But progressives were stunned to hear a Black doctor talk down on Obamacare and in front of Obama. I wish Carson the best as Housing Secretary- I hope he knows the laws and how Blacks are treated by Banks. I doubt and he knows he does not care.

          • Marjorie Lee Peterson

            I’m going to block you because you’re a raving RACIST! Can’t stand to see the lies you write anymore!

          • I know the truth hurts. Have a wonderful evening and rest of the week.

          • There you go again. The speech you are talking about was Dr. Carson’s KEYNOTE Speech at the FIRST National Prayer Breakfast during the Obama Administration, and he was speaking about the necessity of medical care for ALL Americans.

            Because of that speech, Dr. Carson and ALL of his colleagues were ruthlessly AUDITED and HARASSED by the IRS, the first such time that had EVER happened to Dr. Carson.

            Every single hospital in this country accepts Medicaid, moron. They have to — if they don’t accept Medicaid, guess what?? THAT HOSPITAL DOES NOT GET MEDICARE REIMBURSEMENT.

            Skin color is JUST THAT. Skin Color. When the Good Lord made us all, he had a purpose and a plan for everything He did.

            You are perhaps THE most racist, xenophobic moron I have ever seen on these blogs. Do you even KNOW what it is like to be poor?

            I do, and I am white!!

            Do you know what it is like to be treated with your brand of Reverse Racism?

            I do.

            During my military career, I had the extreme displeasure of having to work with a black NCO who was so caught up in being black and punishing everyone else for his own shortcomings that he was impossible to work with.

            The next time, he asked me if I had ever had sex with a black man.

            A few weeks later, when I had a classroom full of civilian, middle aged students from all walks of life, he taunted me and dishonored my students when he told me that “One of my students had the hots for me.” When I tried to report him for sexual harassment, I was give an unlawful order to go back to my class and “forget about it.”

            It wasn’t long after that when he accused me (solely because I grew up in Southern California) of being “responsible,” “personally responsible” for the fact that HE had to from “substandard books” in East St. Louis as if I was personally taking money away from the schools he attended.

            For the record, my dad was a long haul trucker for over 40 years and worked LONG AFTER he was eligible for full retirement under Social Security. My mom often had less than $10 a week to feed six people, so don’t tell me that I don’t know what it is like to go without.

            We were ALL raised to treat all people with respect and deference. Racism did NOT exist in our home. yet because I am white — and only because I am white — I am now expected to be “ashamed” of my skin color.

            Well, guess again, bucko!!! I respect and honor all people who have earned it through living a simple, hard-working, and crime free lifestyle. I will NEVER be ashamed of who I am. I have lived through more hell than you can possibly imagine, fought through it, and come out relatively unscathed on the other side.

            The point is that we all come from all walks of life. You seem obsessed with destroying the reputations of EVERYONE — especially blacks who are successful — you happen to disagree with politically.

            Like I said, you are a raving maniac.

          • What did you say-Because of that speech, Dr. Carson and ALL of his colleagues were ruthlessly AUDITED and HARASSED by the IRS! You are spreading fake news. President Obama would never condone IRS to haunt people who criticized him. I guess you’re aware how Obama was treated by FoxNews and especially by morons such as Sean Hannity, Bill O’rielly, and Charles Krauthammer. Some people who were eventually fired or suspended by FoxNews for their foul language. Carson should wake up, act like an Eagle and see that he and other African-Americans are regular Americans. He and his friends such as Herman Cain should never claim are from Britain. Did you hear Cain boasting that he was Koch Brother from another mother? That is a shame. Carson should have supported Obamacare and never embarrass himself at the meeting you’re talking about.

          • Wrong. I SAW the interview with Dr. Carson. I saw the evidence of people who were targeted by the IRS, and there IS written proof of same.

          • Carson, his family, and his colleagues were audited and harassed by the IRS. Google it and you’ll see numerous news accounts.
            Well, unless the new Goog algorithms have moved the articles to the archives already.

          • My O my Just another snowflake whom resides with in the realm of eternal Denial. Reality is well beyond your ability to comprehend.

          • Your ignorance knows no bounds. Obamacare is pretty useless for poor people, because, even with government-subsidized premiums, they cannot afford the copays and the deductibles.

        • God bless you brother.

        • Marjorie Lee Peterson

          Well said!

        • Wow! Thank God for giving you the grace to reject racism from all sides, and not letting it drag you down.

        • I happen to really enjoy Dr. Carson and had he been our Republican Presidential candidate would have voted for him as I did President Trump! I was raised in the South and we had Blacks and we had Niggas and the very FIRST time I had ever heard the N=word was from our young Black lady who watched after me and my brother when my mother & father were at work. She was on the phone and talking to a friend and she called one of her old boyfriends that word. I would have had my mouth washed out with soap, but she told me, Son, there is a BIG difference in Black people and Niggas! And then she told me she was proud of her race and that the person was Black, but he was that N-word because he was cheating around on her and other Black women and using their money, and they are different! I was a young boy then, but it always stayed with me. We had the same in the military,too and you could tell right away! We depended on EACH OTHER in those combat areas and there were some you were just as afraid of them being in there with you as the NVA. An Old, but wiser man.

          • I met and talked personally to Mr Carson during the caucuses prior to the election in Iowa. A finer person i have never met very personable and would have loved to have had him for my president.

          • Today blacks like Maxine Waters are called plantation blacks. They resent sucsuessful blacks as Dr. Ben Carson. They cannot be controlled manipulated, and the plantation blacks cannot make money or political clout off of them.

      • Please, get back on your medications.

      • Me thinks you may be the one imbibing a bit too much.

      • Marjorie Lee Peterson

        I lived in TX. when Perry was governor. He was a great governor and I loved having him! I NEVER heard ANYTHING about his being a drunk! It’s just NOT TRUE! The ONLY reason you’re picking on him is you don’t like the President! Well it’s about time you started acting like an American and realize that Trump IS and for the next 8 years, WILL BE YOU’RE President and there is NOTHING you can do about it. He has already done MORE for this country in a little over 2 months than Obama did in 8 whole years! YOU LOST and it’s about time you GET OVER IT!

      • I see you’ve crawled up out of the sewers again, after being MIA for so long. I can absolutely guarantee you’ve never hired nor fired a CEO in you life. I’d be surprised if you’ve even worked in a McDonald’s in your putrid racist life. Pull the manhole cover back over yourself when you go back to the sewer life and exist on rats.

      • Which lying news media did you get that from? Or was it the drugs talking?

      • Spoken like a liar and a fool.

      • I’ve often wondered what it feels like being a real dumb a$$hole, dang, now I know. it’s a pinball

        • We had here a governor who was appointed by Bush as Secretary. A few days after starting his job, he said wished had not accepted the job because he was feeling supervised by the President. Now he is trying to take his job back as governor. That is why I told you and many Republican morons on this site; that never appoint governors or CEOs as head of agencies because are usually lazy, drunks and fat. I am sure Perry is soon resigning.

    • good one John

    • Currently locally in my Texas home town, a high school student from a small ranch was on campus suspended for 3 days and given a 5 day suspension of driving his vehicle to school because a 2 1/2″ blade pocket knife was found in his truck. The knife had a NRA logo (which might have had a lot of bearing on the matter) on it and the student drove in the ranch pasture many times and simply forgot the knife was there. Not only did the local newspaper make a front page issue of it, the school officials did also. The student is the son of a retired TPWD person so I don’t doubt even a little bit he was better schooled on weapon safety than either the newspaper staff or the school officials ever were.

    • Couldn’t have said it better! Awesome blog!!!

    • Typical

    • SO SAD, BUT TRUE in Today’s society! Things are getting ridiculous and the world wants to think that the Liberal Media is in control! I agree with Secretary Perry and that for someone to lose an election over a receipt for some stupid ass glow sticks is BEYOND Ridiculous!! GET REAL, AMERICA!! These are YOUR college students and they are getting educated by the media and the Gay Liberal professors and associate professors and WHAT will it bring to this country in the NEXT generation?

    • This is great, John! It is probably the best depiction of the news media I have seen!

    • This would be funny if it wasn’t true to life.

    • John

      Excellent example– soo true!

  6. The sad part of this is that the masses of idiots who follow the libturd media will believe ONLY what they are told to believe. It wasn’t that long ago that all the idiots who supported that lame loser, Hillary, wanted her to win so she could open our borders and be all inclusive in bringing in as many savage animals under the guise of “refugees” as she wanted. The point is that they’ll believe anything they are told but refuse to educate themselves with cold, hard facts like these…

  7. The accusations, and lies never ever end by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NY Times, on and on. In our nation’s history has the majority of the media given a blank check to spread lies and write propaganda. To ignore the crimes, lies, and sneaky underhanded deeds of the former President. Everyday, were hit with untrue hatred towards our President. We had eight years under a pathological liar, con-man, and violator of constitutional law, or refusal to enforce law. He shit on this nation and her middle class. Now we are suppose to worship a a proven liar and dump Trump? When do they investigate president Obama, he is truly a pos and literically got away with near murder. Perry, like the others must accept the fact unlike Obama’s lying executive branch members, he cannot pull out the race card when needed.

    • sandraleesmith46

      O shat equal opportunity on ALL American citizens, regardless their race, religion, and/ or economic status. And he’s trying to still do so!

    • Marjorie Lee Peterson

      IF you read the article, he did NOT pull out any race card. He was my governor for many years, and he is NOT a RACIST! In my life, I have learned that the people who cry RACIST the loudest are usually the worst RACISTS there are!

      • I never ever wrote he was a racist or pulled out the race card. Read it again, I said he unable to pull a race card. Thanks for the compliment, I never ever said he was a racist, I am a firm supporter of him, he is a gentleman and your accusation is understandable if you get the facts right. If your defending the former administration it makes some sense? Read carefully will you?

  8. Perry better watch out or the gays will attack him with their powder puffs.

  9. The MSM today is an insult to humanity! To them, Democrats, liberals, socialists and homosexuals can do no wrong! Anyone who disagrees is some kind of fool! What these so-called news reporters deny by their actions is that there is a God, and He has given His word to mankind! God sent His one and only Son to die for man’s sin, so that God could forgive man. If mankind accepts God’s offer and is obedient they are “saved” from His eternal judgment. If they deny His word, they deny Him and are separated from Him for all eternity. One of the things God clearly condemns is homosexuality: to Him it is an “abomination”! Rick Perry agrees with God, the MSM does not! The MSM who lauds homosexuality will have an eternity separated from God to think about their stupidity! Unfortunately, there will be no second chance!

    • ReplyI would like to see God remove his protection from the Main Stream Media and let them suffer as they deserve.

      • sandraleesmith46

        When He does that; it won’t just be them, but all of America, and He’s already removed His Holy Spirit from the bulk of the “churches”, which left Him, decades ago. I suspect it can’t be too much longer before He withdraws His own, who are not slated for punishment, and leaves the rest to their chosen fate.

  10. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    If Perry is a homophobe it raises him even higher in my eyes. I don’t like the flaming creatures either and am tired of the liberal retards rubbing them in our faces. You cannot legislate morality nor legislate out perversion, but you don’t have to continually drip on normal people how wonderful queers are.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Neither do we owe them special privileges and protections at the expense of the rest of society!

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        They sure act like we do. Have you noticed that they have a pervert in just about every TV show these days? Really adds to the story line doesn’t it? I am sick of the bunch and their enabling media.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Actually, that;s 1 of the reasons I don’t get TV, per se; I have Roku and pick my programming as I like it! Pure Flix is a great Roku station; it’s “CLEAN” movies with a Godly theme to most all of them. There are others I subscribe to, but when I run across 1 of those, I just turn it off.

  11. Hammer the Bar'stewards

    A Spade IS a Spade, a Homosexual IS a Homosexual, a Lesbian IS a Lesbian, a Transvestite IS a Transvestite,
    Those are facts that CANNOT be disputed.
    In my eyes only the Spade is normal, all of the others are a creation of perverted minds!
    And NO I am not a religious person I am more of an Atheist!
    Rick Perry is by the way 1,000,000% correct!

  12. Discrimination of white straight males. Sadly the left wants to categorize people to make them feel oppressed, than turns around and oppresses them.

  13. Yeeesss….The MSM propagandist’s plying their trade, of deception and sliming the opposition party. And they wonder why no one can nor should believe a word they say…??? Such disingenuous creatures!

  14. And I think the media is a bunch of lying propagandists who cannot be believed on anything. It is time to revise the libel laws to make the corrupt news media accountable for their lies. It is also time to require an occupational license to be a journalist. Just as a quack physician can lose his license for malpractice, a quack journalist should be evicted from his profession for misconduct.

  15. The progressive movement has no shame, no ethics, and no brain. For A&M to be hit by the foolishness that plagues our northern brothers is truly an insult to all Texans.

  16. When reading the word of the Lord of Hosts one would get the Idea he Is also…..

  17. Mark Anthony Jones

    Fake news! The media can’t help themselves. Rick Perry is not anti-gay. Anyone who thinks so hasn’t been around long.

  18. sandraleesmith46

    I suspect Perry is correct about the anonymous charge and special treatment; it’s all too rampant these days and campus’ are among the worst offenders in that respect!

  19. Who gives a damn what the liberal media thinks about anything or anybody. Their old and fake news!

  20. Rick Perry, surprise! the desire of the electorate was overturned in Trump’s case also.

  21. The Libertards going to the same old well again. If you oppose one of their’s your either a racist, a xenophobe, or a homophobe. How about he is a concerned citizen standing up for whats right. Let them make their allegations, it’s like the old adage of the boy crying wolf, they use it so much it eventually means nothing.

  22. Rick Perry simply is doing what the majority of Texans believe in !! The right thing !!

  23. This is just more special treatment of a person because of their abnormality. Rick Perry, apparently, thinks that this homosexual was “elected” because of his sexual deviancy, not because he received more votes than his opponent. It appears that the Secretary has concerns about the legitimacy of the election. That’s it!

  24. My granddaughter is a Chem Eng grad of A&M. She is appalled. How could this happen at A & M? Normal for U.T.

  25. Is anyone surprised about this issue! The Lib’s are what they are, people with no Principles, no Honor and no Respect for anything that “does not fit their requirements”! And, I’d bet that Mr. Perry is not hiding in a closet and writing an apology to A & M. Far too many very good folks attended A & M to let this “wrong” stand!

  26. When are we Americans going to stop giving the Media the power it has? When? As long as we continually use its websites and purchase its papers, it will continue to miswrite and “color” situations happening to Conservatives! Come on now! The Media doesn’t treat Liberals that way because libs are “Sensationalists” creating the stories that keep the Media’s readership flowing.

    If you truly want to hit the Media where it hurts – STOP READING THEIR TRASH ON THEIR WEBSITES AND STOP HAVING THEIR TRASH PAPERS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR! YOU are giving the Media the air they need to breathe. End it! And tell all your friends and families to do the same!

    The Media will not listen to Conservative complaints but it damn well will notice its readership going down and dying. THAT is how you “change things up”! Remove those manipulative agencies and let’s get America strong again!!!

  27. I think it is time for the slanderous “News” Networks to qualify for being SUED. They do not even TRY to represent the TRUTH. They should have to identify themselves with a continuous banner on screen stating “THE COMMENTS HEARD MAY NOT BE TRUE, ONLY THE OPINIONS OF THE COMMENTATOR”

  28. So it turns out that the Liberal Media are the Homophones and all the other ‘titles’ they like to stick on people who are not far left nutcases as they are.

  29. To begin with, if you are a male and are attracted to real females who have vagina’s and no penis or if you are a female attracted to real males who have a penis YOU ARE NORMAL, anything else is mental illness. As for the queers, “transgenders” and all the rest of the mentally ill who claim that we Normal’s are homophobic, it’s not that we are homophobic, it is they are heterophobic and rebellious against the very God who created them.

  30. Screw the Main Stream Media.

  31. Is Rick Perry a raging Homophobe? i certainly hope so! because the LGBT movement is pretty much declaring war on those of us who are repulsed and disgusted by their same sex filth, which really shouldn’t be the American public’s business to know! the liberal Political Correctness being allowed is going to cause a whole bunch of social problems because Gay and Normal do not mix! so they call us Homophobes and bigots,haters,ignorant idiots, etc, but all these name calling verbs still doesn’t change or excuse this behavior, and it will continue to divide the American public like its doing right now! Hurray for ALL Homophobes, who know the truths, and who’ll NEVER bow to the disgusting concept of men marrying men,or any same sex behaviors being sold as a civil right-
    that perversion belongs behind closed doors, and as long as its allowed out in the open, it will continue to have very unfriendly and blunt feedback, and especially against liberals or other people who’ve been brainwashed to embrace this sin!

  32. Queers have no business at any major university. The queers are an abomination and should be exiled.They are freaks of nature and disgusting besides.

  33. I totally agree with his message and for one are sick and tired of hearing about gays of all kinds , they should go on with there lives but I do not want them around me or my family . I think the majority of Americans think like this but are afraid to admit it because they are afraid to be labeled whatever. This country is becoming sick.

  34. This is the second time you have shown the same articles

  35. If you were a perfect person, never stepped out of line, well educated and a patriot who only wants the very best for our nation and citizens you can bet the left will tear you down and turn you into an elite snob who thinks you are too good for others. It is just how they behave as they think everything is owed to them and they should not have to work for anything. What they tend to ignore is all those liberal politicians in DC that filled their heads with how the rich owe the poor are just as rich and in most cases richer than those they point fingers at, but, big but there, notice not one of them gives all their riches to the poor, not one votes for a pay cut to be equal to the middle class or poor, nor do they vote to have their retirement or health benefits cut to be equal to the citizens of this nation but they sure love telling everyone else how the other rich owe them their earnings while those same officials have done nothing but sink this nation into debt, kill our jobs, destroy our healthcare, and end our 401K’s. So why idiots keep voting them back into office is beyond me much less listen to their BS.

  36. I am incensed that a small number of minorities are driving their poor values down the throats of God loving Americans. I am further angry with the terrible radio and television liberals who give out their worthless opinions in their attempt to drive the politics of our country. That is not what these traitors to the values of a Christian nation should espouse. The excessive salaries that these people make is a travesty because the consumers pay for all of this through the purchases made from those businesses that spend advertising funds with these liberal media.

  37. only in the dunderheaded twisted mind of a liberal progressive, can a loser be declared a winner.

  38. “Media” is a plural word. So, “The media thinks” is incorrect. It should be “The media think”

  39. Sorry Sandra that you can’t count

  40. As Americans rush to embrace homosexuality, they make certain divine retribution for their error. God does not tolerate this, and He looks at homosexuality with a severity that we cannot fully understand.

  41. there are homophobes and heterophobes like this writer.

  42. Isn’t that where the nut Manzel came from?

  43. Forrest Huck London

    this is the maniac media liberal that is going after a republican to hide the real truth about someone stealing the apple pie off of the window seal typical anything to hide the real truth thats whats wrong with our country nobody can tell the truth anymore lying and cheating will only take us to HELL


  45. Don’t know if Rick Perry is homophobic but I am! Queer Logic is a social form of cancer that destroys every society it infects! Seems that liberals function on Queer Logic these days…

  46. Don’t know about this but, the media has NEVER been right about anything else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. AS ALWAYS the gay-press NEVER lets FACTS get in the way of a GOOD ROASTING!!!!!

  48. I believed that Texas was invulnerable to this sort of nonsense, but I see that liberals are trying to take over the state so they can permanently win all future national elections — which could succeed unless Caoifornia seceded from the union.

  49. dirty bastards twist the news around to suit their agenda….Trump needs to stay on the medias ass…

  50. The truth of all this just exemplifies how liberalism is destroying our young people. This because we have allowed liberals to take over our non educational system turning minds into wimps crying about everything that has nothing to do with reality or truth. They deserve this and are entitled to that and learn nothing important the rest of the time. Pretty sad.


  52. Is there something wrong with being homophobic? I don’t think so! They turn my stomach! But if the homo’s were not constantly pushing their life style, I wouldn’t know what they were or care!

  53. I’m not sure what a homophobe is, but if it has anything to do with fear of a queer, I may be guilty, too! Ever hear of Aids? HIV? Nasty germs from nasty people!


  55. The so-called Liberal Media are not even that. They are not liberal at all. A Liberal is someone who is “generous, tolerant, favors reform” but the majority of the media are none of these things. They follow an ideology similar to ISIS, with the only God involved being Socialization. They Lie, Invent the News that they want the Masses to believe, Castigate those who do not believe their Propaganda and Scourge the Leaders of Truth.

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