Is Obama Even a Real Democrat?

A manuscript written by former President Barack Obama when he was in college criticized the Democratic Party, arguing that liberals’ “rudderless pragmatism” left them hamstrung in the culture war against Republicans. 

The future president argued in the 250-page manuscript, which had the working title of “Transformative Politics” and was written with his friend Robert Fisher, that while liberals had good intentions, party members did not really seem to believe change could happen.

Obama argued that if Democrats used a different strategy by changing their focus from race-based initiatives to universal economic policies, the party could shift the political battleground in their favor, according to the New York Times

“Precisely because America is a racist society, we cannot realistically expect white America to make special concessions towards blacks over the long haul,” Obama and Fisher wrote. “Those blacks who most fervently insist on the pervasiveness of white racism have adopted a strategy that depends on white guilt for its effectiveness.” 

The two argued that white people in the United States would not suddenly decide to “provide blacks with wholesale reparations” as a means to atone for their past. Focusing on economics instead, they argued, would be a more effective strategy because blue-collar workers, regardless of their race, “understood in concrete ways the fact that America’s individualist mythology covers up a game that is fixed against them.” 

“Transformative Politics” was written during Obama’s final semester at Harvard University and was intended to be published as a book after Obama and Fisher left college. However, the two never got the piece ready for publication, and it was mostly lost to time until it was mentioned in a 2017 biography of the president written by David J. Garrow.

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  1. Are you real Republicans?You sound like QNon.

  2. Is Bar Hussein a real person? He sure thinks he’s a God of some sort. He’s just a liberal clown who also probably cheated to get elected. Did nothing for real American citizens.

    • My question is: Is he a citizen????

    • Obama is a radical Socialist/Communist and a proud member of the New World Order/One Would Government cabal. End of discussion Lib kiddies. Wail away and dismiss it but it’s the truth and we all know that you can’t handle the truth.

      • Whe obamanation was ‘elected’ in 2008 my first words were “We’re doomed”. Seems I hit the nail right on it’s proverbial head.

      • Agree Craig and then there is the question of whether he was even an American Citizen when he was elected. An elections official in Hawaii checked for his birth record in Hawaii and not found; checked the national records and not found. Word is he was born in what is now Kenya and his mother registered his birth in Hawaii. They moved to Indonesia where she was forced to become an Indonesian citizen in order for Obama to go to school there. There is no information I could find where she ever reverted back to American Citizenship when they returned to Hawaii. Obama registered for college as a Foreign Exchange Student. At what point did he become an American Citizen? His Selective Service registration was fake as well as his Social Security Number being that of a dead person. This is not me saying this but what was reported in the news.

  3. It just proves that Obozo has been a pure racist his entire adult life and will most certainly die as one. His character traits are, Arrogance, Deceit, Sloth and Mendacity. Nothing good in or about him. Actually yet another human piece of garbage. Rancid person.

    • A real DEMONICrat? One thing I’m sure of is that barry is a REAL pile of stinky feces! Hell is his future, and I can’t wait that he and his supposed
      ‘ wife’, mr. michael lavaughn robinson, get there! BURN IN HELL!

  4. Asians come to America not speaking English and their children are in Ivy League schools one generation later without ‘affirmative action’ quotas. African Americans have been free for over 150 years and still need quotas to compete. Maybe it’s African Americans who need to change.

    • Well said although I worked with many who DID push ahead even out of poverty most are willing dupes especially out of Johnson’s great society,

  5. No…..he’s a communist who ran as a Demonrat.

  6. Is Obama even a real American

  7. Nobody will convince me he’s an Amerigcajn. Talk about a scam. Who vetted the sum’bitch?

  8. Bathhousebarry was born in Kenya and is a muslime. His grandmother said he was born in Kenya before she was murdered and his half brother put out a Kenyan birth certificate of bathhousebarry’s. His father Obama was a muslime Communist. His mother was a communist well as his grandparents. I believe that his real father was Frank Marshall Davis who was a registered communist. Bathhouse like camel toe harris did not meet the legal qualifications to be president of the United States. His job was to destroy this country and he nearly did so the first time. He is the one who pushed LGBT and the Gay marriage garbage. Hitlery Rotten was supposed to finish the destruction but Trump put a halt to that for four years. Now bathhousebarry with valerie jarret is in the basement finishing the destruction of the country as the puppet master of CCP owned bidet.

  9. Obama has been and always will be the slave property of George Soros. And George Soros has been and always will be a Nazi.

  10. Obama, Biden are a disgrace. They are destroying the democrat party

  11. Obama was NOT a citizen of the US and should never have been elected. He is also a super liberal and a communist amd a disgrace. and is an
    was and is a world order idealist.

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