Is AOC Brain Dead?

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known for her absurd hot takes, stepped in it again.

The Democrat-Socialist representative faced fierce backlash after she compared woman in Iran protesting for freedom to women in the United States protesting for unlimited abortion rights.

“Solidarity with the courageous women and allies in Iran protesting for their freedom. Mahsa Amini was senselessly murdered by the same patriarchal and autocratic forces repressing women the world over. The right to choose belongs to us all, from hijabs to reproductive care,” she said.

It actually boggles the mind how anyone could compare the murder of a woman protesting for actual freedom to women who are free to protest to terminate the life of an unborn baby.

And she was hammered for it.

“You’re shameless in such a disgusting take. This is NOTHING like that,” editor Rebecca Downs said.

“Your only Allie’s in Iran are the Mullas. Your side suppress Iranians like me here in the US b/c we have opposing views. You call people like me , thought we escaped real oppression extremists. The majority of Iranians are not stupid enough to buy this BS,” a popular Iranian American Twitter user said.

“Your only Allie’s in Iran are the Mullas. Your side suppress Iranians like me here in the US b/c we have opposing views. You call people like me , thought we escaped real oppression extremists. The majority of Iranians are not stupid enough to buy this BS,” a popular Iranian American Twitter user said.

“Mahsa Amini is not George Floyd. Iran is not Ukraine. Hijab is not inherent to Iranian culture. Stop projecting your Feminist biases upon what is a national struggle for the sovereignty of Iranian People. Stop appropriating Iran for your Woke agenda & liberation theology,” another Twitter user said.

“Shame on you @AOC. Couldn’t just tweet out support for the brave Iranian people – you had to put your radical spin on it… Pathetic,” Iranian Americans for Liberty said.

“you actually compared Islamic rulers killing a woman, to a woman getting an abortion, killing an innocent child? Do you ever read what you write? Resign immediately! You’re unfit for any public office!” another Twitter user said.

“Women in Iran are getting killed and this airhead is talking about women’s ‘right’ to kill their babies? This woman sucks at all levels,” another said.

“It took a full week for the Squad to figure out a way of making believe they give a hoot about women being killed in Iran over hijabs. If they really cared, they’d have been all over it in a microsecond, and not waited until their silence became as repulsive as they are,” author Gary Weiss said.

“I lived 6 years in Saudi, not Iran I know, but these comparisons to middle eastern countries are deeply offensive. You are basically diminishing Amini’s death as you try to westernize it and make it about you. It’s really disgusting,” another said.

“It took u a week and public shaming to finally say something. And NO, they weren’t murdered by ‘the same patriarchal forces etc…’, they were murdered by specific forces and a very specific regime or fascist theocrats, imperialists, holocaust-denying antisemites. Shame on you,” another said.

Fox News reported.

On Wednesday, Iran curbed access to internet as well as Meta Platforms’ Instagram and WhatsApp, two of the last remaining social networks in the country, amid protests over the death of a woman in police custody, residents and internet watchdog NetBlocks said.

Anti-government protests have spread rapidly across Iran following Amini’s death. Amini was arrested by Iran’s morality police for allegedly violating the strict dress code for women, which requires them to be wearing a hijab and clothing that covers their arms and legs in public. 

Amini was allegedly beaten after her arrest and later died following a three-day coma. Authorities initially attempted to brush off blame for Amini’s death by suggesting that she had a pre-existing heart condition. Amini’s parents have since denied those claims.

Her death has spurred people across Iran to protest freedom from the Islamic Republic with some women burning their hijab in protest.

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  1. All
    Crazy strikes another blow for the stupidity!

  2. Unfit for Office? That’s putting it mildly.

  3. AOC’s cranial rectal inversion is strong in that bozo.

  4. Why in a shooting or death of a baby inside a mother when the mother is shot, is the shooter charged with the murder of a baby, that was in the Victim? A baby is a Baby! Stupid ass Leftist cannot change the fact. If the women don’t want babies, they should keep their legs closed! Black women are the targets of the Feminists claims of being singled out to not be allowed an abortion. It is a known fact, that SOME black women pop babies out to get more money out of the social economic system. Then again, some get pregnant from prostitution. The whole scenario is fraud against the social economic system!
    Yes white and Hispanics do the same thing. But, i am specifically addressing the feminists claims about Black women being victimized in abortion rulings.
    Then again AOC has to defend the feminists, because she herself is a multi racial woman. She would face the Deathy Penalty in Iran for hher actions!

  5. Dont’ blame AOC. Blame the idiots that voted her in TWICE! I wouldn’t even drive my car through her district.

  6. Her mind, what there is if it, can only operate within her mindset and agenda . I can almost feel sorry for the people in her district now that they’re putting a tent city in it. You can b sure there will be a surge in crime in that area. By they elected her so they asked for it.

  7. Normally I never read an article about aoc bc she is a complete and utter moron and everything that comes out of her mouth is completely moronic.
    Well I read this article only bc it was about Mahsa Amini and I’m thinking what could aoc the moron say about a young vibrant women that was murdered by the Iranian rulers over her wearing her hijabs a certain way. Then I read aoc tweet and I said to myself this moron never disappoints MORONIC

  8. The bar slut, and killer Joe, have roughly the same IQ. Extremely low!

  9. We deserve if anybody can vote for this idiot =AOC. what about Omar, Pelosi?????


    She must continue her show!

  11. Occasional Cortex is nothing but an articulate talking head and very dangerous.

  12. The highest form of “ignorance” is trying to discuss a subject of which you have no knowledge. This Moron proves it every time she opens her mouth! She needs to go back to the Bronx, where she belongs, and sling drinks!

  13. Is AOC brain dead? I am assuming the question was rhetorical.

  14. The bigger question is does she have one?

  15. AOC ……… An Occasional Cortex.

  16. AOC can only take drink orders and serve drinks to inebriated patrons and even then, she is better known for sitting on the bar and spreading her legs while wearing short shorts to please the drunks as in the photo she is known for. How in the world she ever got elected one can only wonder. She is certainly way above her ability.

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