IRS Audit Could Doom Hillary Clinton

Is there a couple on the planet that can rival the Clintons when it comes to pure arrogance? The pride and powerlust and evil they exhibit is not only ghastly to modern eyes but indeed could stand against some of the most treacherous rulers in history. It’s not just their web of lies and their obvious disdain for anyone who doesn’t share their bloodline, it’s their sneering confidence that they will never pay for their sins.

In April, a story unfolded that went largely ignored in all the racket about Clinton’s email server. Reuters reported that the Clinton Health Access Initiative – a charity under the Clinton Foundation umbrella – left some pertinent information out of their tax filings. Namely, how much of their grant money came from foreign governments. Reuters also interviewed tax experts for the story who said this was not the kind of mistake charities make for multiple years in a row.

Oh, but the CHAI promised they would get right on it, re-file those tax forms, and make everything right with the IRS. Of course it was just an error. Of course it was.

This week, though, the charity decided that it’s not going to bother re-filing those forms after all. Because the errors “had no impact” on the grand total the CHAI reported to the IRS, they don’t think they need to go through the trouble.

This means two things. One, there was a damn good reason they didn’t separate the foreign government donations from the rest of the funds.

And two, Hillary thinks her campaign is now so invincible that she can openly defy the law.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is asking the IRS to audit the charity. “Given CHAI’s history of repeatedly failing to accurately report the amount of money it received from foreign governments,” Priebus wrote to the commissioner, “there is no way to tell whether there exists other undisclosed foreign government grants without the IRS conducting a full audit of CHAI’s financial records.”

And what chance is there of this happening?

The IRS is too busy auditing Tea Party groups to worry about anything so trivial as the Secretary of State trading political favors for charitable donations.

As satisfying as it might be to imagine Hillary watching election night coverage from a prison cell, it’s depressing to realize that might be the only scenario that keeps her out of the White House. Democrats seem determined to saddle us with another four years of Clinton corruption, to say nothing of another four years of reckless spending. Nothing sticks to this woman. Everything this couple touches turns to scandal, yet they always manage to get away scot free. And not just get away – get away and flourish! Achieve the highest office in the land! Twice! Three times, potentially!

Donald Trump promises to “make this country great again.” Forget about great for a minute. If we can just be a country that doesn’t elect Clintons, that would be a damn fine start.

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