IRS Audit Could Doom Hillary Clinton

Is there a couple on the planet that can rival the Clintons when it comes to pure arrogance? The pride and powerlust and evil they exhibit is not only ghastly to modern eyes but indeed could stand against some of the most treacherous rulers in history. It’s not just their web of lies and their obvious disdain for anyone who doesn’t share their bloodline, it’s their sneering confidence that they will never pay for their sins.

In April, a story unfolded that went largely ignored in all the racket about Clinton’s email server. Reuters reported that the Clinton Health Access Initiative – a charity under the Clinton Foundation umbrella – left some pertinent information out of their tax filings. Namely, how much of their grant money came from foreign governments. Reuters also interviewed tax experts for the story who said this was not the kind of mistake charities make for multiple years in a row.

Oh, but the CHAI promised they would get right on it, re-file those tax forms, and make everything right with the IRS. Of course it was just an error. Of course it was.

This week, though, the charity decided that it’s not going to bother re-filing those forms after all. Because the errors “had no impact” on the grand total the CHAI reported to the IRS, they don’t think they need to go through the trouble.

This means two things. One, there was a damn good reason they didn’t separate the foreign government donations from the rest of the funds.

And two, Hillary thinks her campaign is now so invincible that she can openly defy the law.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is asking the IRS to audit the charity. “Given CHAI’s history of repeatedly failing to accurately report the amount of money it received from foreign governments,” Priebus wrote to the commissioner, “there is no way to tell whether there exists other undisclosed foreign government grants without the IRS conducting a full audit of CHAI’s financial records.”

And what chance is there of this happening?

The IRS is too busy auditing Tea Party groups to worry about anything so trivial as the Secretary of State trading political favors for charitable donations.

As satisfying as it might be to imagine Hillary watching election night coverage from a prison cell, it’s depressing to realize that might be the only scenario that keeps her out of the White House. Democrats seem determined to saddle us with another four years of Clinton corruption, to say nothing of another four years of reckless spending. Nothing sticks to this woman. Everything this couple touches turns to scandal, yet they always manage to get away scot free. And not just get away – get away and flourish! Achieve the highest office in the land! Twice! Three times, potentially!

Donald Trump promises to “make this country great again.” Forget about great for a minute. If we can just be a country that doesn’t elect Clintons, that would be a damn fine start.

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  1. The Clintons have control over everyone,
    including the Dept. of Justice, CIA, and the FBI because the Clintons have all real
    opposition snuffed out! Cruz for Trump’s V.P.

  2. We, the conservatives of America, are merely resigned to the fact that those now in control of America will never allow their socialist cohorts to actually be investigated and indicted for their crimes, while on the other side, the democrats are happily sure that their hero now in charge will never allow their “upcoming president” to be derailed from her campaign to become the next liberal in control of America. A sad state of affairs for the America that used to be the world leader.

    • The IDIOTS that voted for the POS obama are getting what they deserve!
      The sad part is the ones smart enough NOT to vote for him are getting it also!

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      • and those who dreamed of Obama’s utopian world peace bullsheet will pay for 100 years to come
        actually more white women voted for the maggot in chief than blacks combined. they must have had visions of a greasy snake in their minds any human with half a brain saw through the oreo’s garbage from the start

        • If only they had done their homework before voting!

          • the doofus wives would snap when their husbands tried to convince them the oreo would be bad for America- accusing them of being racist. yes- me too 🙁
            women should never have been given the right to vote.

          • “women should never have been given the right to vote.”

            I dare you go tell you wife that, Neanderthal.

          • he does not have one they all see him for what he is

          • Look! Tag team progtards!

          • your stupidy shines brite

          • Hmmm. Maybe you’ve been hanging out with the wrong women Randall. Although there are some valid reasons one could philosophically argue regarding women’s natural talents being mutated into false compassion by those willing to steal other people’s money to take care of or be nurturers of the less fortunate and needy instead of starting their own truly charitable enterprise to do the same thing with their own resources and vitality–I believe the conservative women of American who have been combining their excellent attributes along with their exceptional IQ’s and obvious superior problem-solving skills to organize efforts of their own–out of their own pockets to deal with the challenges the progressives have been throwing at us for over 60 years should make you both, take pause and think twice before relegating women to the back seat in all things government. In-other-words, don’t bite the hand that’s feeding you and helping you fight your battles or you might end up with a lot of cold suppers and no one at your back when you need them the most!

          • it’s all about a woman’s inability to envision scenarios. “what would it be like if the hillside was cut out on a 45 degree angle?”
            or- what would it be like if a man named hessian was president of a country that was recently attacked by the middle easy radicals?”
            i.q. has nothing to do with it.

          • God didn’t make men and women exactly the same but designed them to work together to over come whatever deficits they had individually by becoming “one” with the other they both become greater as a whole. Men lack many attributes in and of themselves to be true governors while women are natural born corporate executives and their talents and skills can compliment men’s pragmatism and exactness to elevate the capacity for both to make decisions and take decisive action accordingly.

          • only one person writes like that – beautiful work –

          • no homework necessary.

            GOP EVIL

            Dem GOOD.

            what party let 60,000 factories leave the country AND gave them a tax deduction for the cost of moving?
            what party said the economy was JUST FINE the day before the stock market imploded in 2008?


          • The stock market didn’t explode, the housing market crashed, caused the democrats and their so called affordable housing scam. Geez man, take some of that welfare you get, and buy yourself a brain. You liberals are so gullible!

          • The biggest ever single-day crash on Sept. 29, 2008, came after the U.S. House of Representatives rejected the government’s $700 billionbank bailout plan. This Dow drop obliterated $1.2 trillion in market value.

            The Dow hit an (at the time) all-time high on Oct. 9, 2007, closing at 14,164.43; by March 5, 2009 – a little under 18 months later – it had fallen more than 50% to 6,594.44.


            what would you like to call that? a correction?

            why are you cons so ill informed?

          • Cuz you are so SMART. Probably MENSA? Harvard, but not Yale ( The stooge Bush went there) Which is your place of “higher indoctrination “?

          • USC, UCLA

          • That explains your left leaning indoctrination. UCLA? I never made it out of third grade. Cuz I am a red neck hillbilly, no teeth, inbred, and live in a trailer( at least it is a double wide!) you so smart, my hero! Peace, and thanks for the comic relief( that means laughs)

          • the housing market that rose and crashed all under GW’s nose and with the GOP in control of both houses.

            you people are complete fools.

            if Right Wing Media told you ISIL did it, you brain washed tools would believe it.

            gullible, how ironic.

            Tell me WHAT Dem bill fueled the housing bubble.

            I know you silly cons so well, I know you are going to bring up the Community reinvestment bank, like you have been taught to say.

            Now since the language of that act goes like THIS:

            “The Act instructs the appropriate federal financial supervisory agencies to encourage regulated financial institutions to help meet the credit needs of the local communities in which they are chartered, consistent with safe and sound operation”


            you need to explain to me what got changed to allow “stated income loans”, which if you were informed, would know IS what cause things to go BANG.

            take note how the liberal post a link to prove what he says.
            the con will continue to Flap his Gums.

          • Clinton was the cause of housing bubble, making it easy to get a house folks could not afford and forcing approval for people without good credit. Sorry, everyone does not deserve a house.

          • Sorry, THAT IS A LIE.
            maybe you can link me to some proof.

            “stated income” loans started in 2001.

            lets see, WHO was president then?

          • Actually, it started with James Carter. But I will not post a link. He is STILL building houses that the ” poor” can’t afford.

          • People WHO LIE, never post links.

          • Then why do YOU post them? And if I keep you busy trying so HARD to prove me wrong, then you leave the other ” morons ” alone? Hummm. Interesting isn’t it?

          • Hello. Why did you stop responding to me? Don’t like the idea that if I keep you busy, you won’t be able to harass the others here? Was that not a smart thing?

          • FIRST you have to post a “fact” that is in error.

            THEN I will prove your an idiot.

          • Bill Clinton…………read your facts RC. NAFTA started with Clinton! Bush Jr. had ponzy schmes, etc. and Obama had the Freddie/Fannie bigger ponzy scheme! No more Clinton’s or Bush’s! Time for someone new and different. Go Trump!

          • You have no clue of what you speak.
            Nice word salad though, Sarah Palin would be proud.

            Clinton did sign NAFTA, you got that part correct and then……
            no one is really sure what that meant.

          • Go ahead and bash Bush too, it IS OK. The Rino establishment was and STILL IS a part of the mess we are in. And if you don’t think Oblowhole isn’t responsible for most of our troubles we have today, please change your name, cuz you definitely need to be REALITY CHECKED as you must be in Liberal utopia.

          • I wonder WHY Robert still doesn’t give any examples of those trouble.

            I love the way you tools carry waster for the cons YOU fools elected

          • Because I can say what ever I want too, and I figure that it is fair play to not have to back up everything I state as a fact, with a ” link to the Huff Puff site” or some other Left wing group that spews hatred for anyone that disagrees with the Liberal mojos. Besides, people like you wouldn’t take the time to hunt for the TRUTH anyways. You go to the feeding trough of your talking point Masters. Why shouldn’t I be able to o the same? Later my “tool” friend!

          • I post links constantly.
            YOU flap your Gums constantly.

            YOU don’t link to ANYTHING, liberal or otherwise.

          • Yep. You are so …. Observant.

          • The housing collapse was a direct result of action by a democratic majority congress pushing FNMA and FREDDIE to loosen up the qualification requirements, no appraisals, no proof of income, no down payments, on and on to get more people able to qualify for a loan. The result was disaster. As a bank for over 60 years, we did not follow the lax rules. But, many mortgage loan operations and some banks followed the lead of these government driven groups. You are so blinded by being a socialist if not a Marxist that you do not see the forest because of the trees and so everything bad is GOP and anything good is socialism, which means in todays time, democrat.

          • EXCEPT the GOP controlled congress from 95 to jan 07.
            AND the President from 01 in case you forget that too.


            you people are brainwashed with LIES, making you very LOW INFO.
            Do you look anything up?

          • You should reconsider your moniker. Your information is anything but Reality let alone acting like you check things. The fact is that the legislation concerned was done during Cheater and morally corrupt Bill Clinton’s term and done by liberals from the NE US.

          • Community reinvestment act was from 77, low info con.


            WHY are cons so ignorant of the facts?

            it ALSO HAS a clause that PREVENTS bad banking practices, like the ones that took down the housing market.

            “The Act instructs the appropriate federal financial supervisory agencies to encourage regulated financial institutions to help meet the credit needs of the local communities in which they are chartered, consistent with safe and sound operation (Section 802.)”

            I await your LINKS to prove that was changed and encouraged “stated income loans”.

          • What is your occupation? CRA did not originally have anything to do with making loans on homes. In fact, most community banks did not make first mortgage home loans until after the failing of the Savings and Loan Associations. In some states community banks could not make home loans while in other states they could take a home as additional collateral only and that was usually a second mortgage. Whoever you are, I am not ignorant of the compliance issues for the banking industry as I have been doing this for over 60 years. If you are a banker, you may have some understanding of the voluminous amount of regulations that have been placed upon all financial institutions even though rural and community banks were not the cause of the housing collapse. And as for the Savings and Loan debacle, the commercial banking industries FDIC insurance fees went way up and were required to be prepaid for 3 years with the FDIC simply charging the bank’s account at the Fed. Those extra funds to pay for the Savings and Loans came out of my daughters and granddaughters pocket. And now congress has proposed taking funds from the banking industry again to pay for updating the roads in the US. They have misused the gasoline tax for welfare and other gift programs instead of for the purpose originally intended. By the way, one of my daughters, a graduate of Harvard, worked on the hill for several years for a congressman and a senator as Economic and Government aide. My immediate family is not stupid people. We are graduates with advanced degrees from Ivy League Schools, Northwestern and Stanford. These are not shabby schools. How about your education and background?

          • USC and UCLA

            for someone in the banking industry, pointing a finger a the 1977 Community reinvestment act does not speak well of your knowledge base.

            sounds more like you eat up the Right Wing propaganda without a SHRED OF RESEARCH.

            ‘stated income loans” WERE the cause of the implosion.
            THAT and GREED by corporations and ignorance of politicians that didn’t stop IT.

          • You fail to answer questions usually making crude remarks about the commenters. It now is obvious that you are far from Reality Check. You are really a fraud who is so brainwashed with the liberal agenda that your mind has become demented with junk. Commenters feel sorry for you. It might be a good idea to get a check up with a neurologist in hopes of finding the problem with your brain and thinking. Just a little practical advise.

          • Lets remember WHO was unaware of WHO controlled congress during this period.


            only one of us is ill informed, silly con.

          • GW Bush in 2002.

            THE PRESIDENT: …. I appreciate your attendance to this very important conference. You see, we want everybody in America to own their own home. That’s what we want. This is — an ownership society is a compassionate society.
            More and more people own their homes in America today. Two-thirds of all Americans own their homes, yet we have a problem here in America because few than half of the Hispanics and half the African Americans own the home. That’s a homeownership gap. It’s a — it’s a gap that we’ve got to work together to close for the good of our country, for the sake of a more hopeful future.
            We’ve got to work to knock down the barriers that have created a homeownership gap.
            I set an ambitious goal. It’s one that I believe we can achieve. It’s a clear goal, that by the end of this decade we’ll increase the number of minority homeowners by at least 5.5 million families. (Applause) … And it’s going to require a strong commitment from those of you involved in the housing industry…
            I appreciate so very much the home owners who are with us today, the Arias family, newly arrived from Peru. They live in Baltimore. Thanks to the Association of Real Estate Brokers, the help of some good folks in Baltimore, they figured out how to purchase their own home. Imagine to be coming to our country without a home, with a simple dream. And now they’re on stage here at this conference being one of the new home owners in the greatest land on the face of the Earth. I appreciate the Arias family coming.


          • Wasn’t that when Billy Boy gets the credit for having a “balanced budget ” and a surplus, etc? Can you admit NEWT actually got Billy Boy to get WELFARE REFORM passed? I wasn’t born yesterday. I have been around the block once or twice. What a “stool”… ( since you like to call people YOU don’t agree with names such as TOOLS, it is fair play to call you a Stool)

          • well moron, I was correcting the CONSERVATIVE who was LYING above.

            I POINTED OUT that the GOP had control.

            welfare reform was not mentioned, silly 250 lb thug.

          • Boy, you can’t make a comment without name calling. Guess that what makes you look like a stool. You are smart enough to know what stool is don’t you?

          • morons are just morons.

            I call black, black.

            when the shoe fits, you wear it.

          • Now you calling me black? How did you know I was African American? Are you being racist, or does it just come natural? I can see how you know so much a Morons. It does “take one to know one” you know?

          • better change that to the real reason,= = = BIG UNION BOSSES

          • like workers in the US, Union or not can compete with Vietnam/China wages.

            Get realistic just for once in your life.

          • I did not know that Bill Clinton was with the GOP. The majority of your complaint happened under Clinton. That does NOT let the RINO Bush Jr. off the hook. He had a hand in it too.

          • NAFTA was signed in 94 and took some years to start to take hold and the negative effect to become obvious.
            GOP held both houses from 95 to jan 07.
            they were the only ones with the power to pass bills making leaving less attractive.

            you don’t seem to understand how congress works.

          • Ok. Fact here. Obama doesn’t know it either. Sure glad he has a pen and a phone( blackberry still?)

          • You still don’t get it do you? Members of both parties are in the pocket of the international bankers and Oligarchs running the show–there is not a nickles’s worth of difference between either party as to the damages they have inflicted on this nation by usurping authority that was never meant to be in the hands of the federal government in the first place. Ever since (and probably before) Woodrow Wilson and the treason of progressives allowing JP Morgan and his Oligarch friends and allies who illegally and unconstitutionally drafted up the entire scheme of the Federal Reserve to rob this country blind both parties have been kissing butt to get in on the goodies for as long as they could vying only for positions within the realm of power rather than working for the American citizens or caring one wit about the US constitution because when they get done with us we all will be slaves they plan to live like Kings in a world where no one will have any choice but submit to their will.

          • “Members of both parties are in the pocket of the international bankers and Oligarchs running the show”

            I agree 100%.

            there are few who are not.

            the ones that are NOT are all Dems.

            WHO do you think is NOT that’s in the GOP?

            AND here YOU ARE on a Right Wing Oligarch web site, carrying water for the rich.

          • That’s a very good question for those who were just elected have turned to betray us almost before they were sworn into office–seems there is a mighty power brokerage that sets all law-makers straight as soon as they get into office that they are only figure-heads and will do what they are told or find themselves in some obscure office without any commitiees to attend. I believe the Counsel on Foreign Relations has been directing traffick in the hhalls of Congress for oveer 50 years–made up of unelected bankers, corporate heads and variosu politicians it has been the driving force behind america’s disasterous foreign policy and players are also then influential in 0ther areas of our government. I’d like to see Rand give some more lessons on the constitution and don’t believe he has yet been corrupted. I also believe Carson may be someone with enough ignorance about the strength and power of the real movers and players he may not be approachable and therefore may not be phased by their mechanisms until he is actually in office (if he ever gets there). I believe Mike Lee is working as hard and fast as he can to get done as much as he can for the people because he knows due to his dilligence his days are numbered and he will,never be given any committees or power to influence anything again by thumbing his nose at the establishment. There are a few miore–but very few. Tell me who you believe is a constitutional Democrat as I don;’t see anything but cut and dried socialists and Marxist leaning progressives from my view.

          • “Counsel on Foreign Relations”

            that’s complete silliness.
            BASED ON WHAT exactly?

            I thought the going conspiracy theory was George Soros is controlling America or is it the UN and the NWO.

            you conservatives have so many conspiracy theories, it’s hard to keep up.

            Counsel on Foreign Relations is a new one.

          • Mike Lee is considered insane by most members of congress.
            THESE are the views of someone who needs help.

            He wants to do away with the 14th and 17th Amendment.

            He thinks the Supreme Court should rule child labor laws as unconstitutional. (…Is anyone really campaigning hard for those lazy 11 year olds to head back to the factories, Senator? Really?)

            Federal Disaster Relief and FEMA should be deemed unconstitutional.
            Social Security should be unconstitutional, according to the Senator.
            The Violence Against Women Act is also unconstitutional. (It’s constitutional to beat your wives, guys.)

            Medicare and Medicaid are unconstitutional.
            The FDA and food safety programs should be shut down, because, y’know, unconstitutional on the grounds of states’ rights.

          • What party caused the banks to crash which created the housing bubble? Democrat.

            Which party has doubled the poverty rate? Democrat.

            Which party gave us a record low workforce? Democrat.

            Which part gave us the worst president in history? Democrat.

        • “those who dreamed of Obama’s utopian world peace”

          no one had that dream, lying con.

          do you cons just post the first silly thing that comes to mind or do you hear it on Fox news first?
          maybe you’re a Savage Nation idiot?

        • I’m not sure but I think I read or hear that the Bible says something about “in the last days” the world would be ruled by children and their mothers would be over them? Maybe that explains the absolute insanity the progressives have delivered us into–their frontal lobes haven’t developed yet so they cannot think rationally nor accept responsibility for anything nor achieve anything independently so are forced to demand the public pay for everything they want and think they need and are incapable of seeing they are causing their own demise as well as ours!

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      • explain too me what they are not getting that they have all along

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    • Madeline Victorino

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    • Freedom doesn’t come free, as they say. We have approached the time in this country’s history where a communist revolution has been completed and you can bet that they will not cede this absolute power that they now have peacefully! They now count the votes so voting has become of that of a third world banana Republic! Why do you think that these punk-ass, geek-ass, chicken-sh^t pseudo-intellectual communists must disarm “US”! The sheeple had better start giving them a reason to fear us = FREEDOM because as it stands now we are fearing them = TYRANNY! This is the truth and the TRUTH will set you free! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! Armr======================? don’t disarm MUST be the freedom loving Right’s MESSAGE TO THESE Satanists that are out to make America a living hell for the peons while these Satanic NWO elitists live the high life, as they are currently doing, on your and my dime and it will only get worse if they are not stopped ASAP!

    • There you go again with your dumb observations about Hillary. Hillary was not running the Clinton Foundation. It was Clinton himself and may be his daughter. You were at Benghazi which failed; then e-mails which humiliated Trey causing the cry-baby Boehner to retire or resign. Now you’re with audit. The audit has been done by IRS already. Stop reading the Sports Section only. Read politics too.

      • There are those that will deny Hillary’s involvement in the foundation, just as they will continue to deny the fact that she is a liar and incompetent administrator. The IRS audit showed that the foundation failed to account for foreign contributions, resulting in a request to refile. But, the Clinton Foundation decided that it was a bother. Had you responded is such a manner, the IRS would not have accepted that response. But then, your name is not Clinton and you do not display the same arrogance.

        • Did you hear this -Obama matches Reagan in job creation? Somebody majoring in psychology should rush to rescue souls at FoxNews such as Bill O’rielly, Sean Hannity, Eric Bolling; Andrea Tantrums and Karl Rove. These have been going to church to pray that Obama fails. But President Obama has been stead-fast ensuring everybody in this country has a job. You remember in 2008 the country was dripping in seams: banks were dry-no money, the nation was bankrupt, GM was folding;
          this country was buying engines for Space program and copters from Russia. This is when same engines and copters could have been produced in Minnesota and
          Oshkosh Wisconsin. Now the same engines are being assembled in Wisconsin. Bin Laden would not have killed if Obama said No. You know Biden and many of his advisers doubted the mission to kill Bin Laden would succeed. With Obama magic wand, Bin Laden, Yemen and Benghazi morons were decommissioned. We are safer now than during Bush or Reagan. Now I see a lot of people smiling – they have good paying jobs; they eating in restaurants and giving tips to waiters; and are driving new cars and SUV. Americans are in heaven again as during JFK and Reagan.

          • Surely you do not believe what you are writing. Obama has killed jobs daily. The real unemployment is about 23%. Figures don’t lie but liars do figure. The most people are unemployed since the great depression and another one is on the way if we do not get in a war, ww2 brought us out of the depression by making jobs for the war effort and putting women in the work force.

  3. The TPP text came out today and NOW the TRUE colors of the conservatives YOU have put in congress are going to show.

    this trade deal is going to END the US economy and cons are the power behind it.

    WHY do you people support this giveaway of US rights?

    • the gray are of the immigration clauses open the door to 200 million more muslims coming legally to America- they will be able to make up their own rules and laws with this- you are correct- this will finish American working class. a bowl of rice a day for the working people- 64K annual benefit for those unwilling to work

      • “they will be able to make up their own rules and laws with this”

        not unless they are a corporation fool.

        stop trying to pretend you are even slightly informed.

        • with this the various country’s reps do have the ability to make up rules of commerce that control the u.s.’s commerce without congress even getting a say in the matter.
          go ahead- keep denying that your little brown boy is disintegrating what America is. turning it into a stew of rat feces.
          if I were your kind I would deny everything too.
          thank Goodness I’m not one of your kind. I have “self worth” not mooch worth

          • so post the section of the TPP that lets that happen, fool.

            DEMS are the only group against the TPP.

            WHY does YOUR PARTY support this TPP?

          • read it this morning- you only want to see what your kind wants to see anyway. all 12 countries will form a committee that makes rules- the usa is only 1. and there is language however vague about immigration in the deal.
            ya think a country full of starving imbiciles would want to send millions of the useless tards to America?
            Haha- of course you would say no- you are one of those unwilling to work

          • the deal needs to be killed, not to well informed con.

            I am retired, ignorant tool.

          • yessum, it’s another kick in the head to the American working class. one of many the oreo has crafted to bring down the standard of living of American workers

          • nope your wrong they being let in here by obama the muslim leaning marixist mad rabid dog for one reason they vote as a democrat 95%

          • well i agree with you on this one its needs to be killed

  4. “Iranian leader: ‘Death to America’ refers to policies, not the nation”

    “The slogan ‘death to America’ is backed
    by reason and wisdom; and it goes without saying that the slogan does
    not mean death to the American nation; this slogan means death to the
    U.S.’s policies, death to arrogance.”

    In his tour of history, Khamenei included an American-backed coup in Iran
    in 1953 and the spying he said was done from the U.S. Embassy in
    Tehran, which Iranian students and radicals took over in 1979. They held dozens of American Embassy workers hostage for more than a year.”

    Iran caves

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    protection is a must and the government will come for registered firearms any day now.

  6. get protection with out the f.b.I. digging up your past with a background check.

    a shirtpocket size protector at-

  7. We need examples to prove that in this country, no one is above the law and therefore prosecution!

  8. are you stupid?–the irs is owned by the dog obama–if they was to do you really think it would fined anything?wake up

  9. Audit ALL of the Clinton tax returns, personal, business, non-profit, exempt, charities, foundations. There is a LOT to find here, if you just look. Go back at least to Clinton’s presidency! Audit, Audit, Audit!

  10. It becomes so sad when many people say ,”Why vote, things are so crooked now it would not count anyway.” Now years of O”Crapo has almost destroyed our Country. He is a Muslim and wears a Muslim ring on his finger not a wedding ring. He is a drug user and a pathological liar. How can anyone get away with what he has? Also Over the Hill too. Reverend Manning says it like it is about him being the,” Son of Satan.” Mia Marie Pope who knows him personally tells the truth about him and that his name is Barry Soetoro. She also says Barry and Over the Hill are two snakes in a Bucket because they lie for each other. He was never elected to begin with as it was a fixed deal. He is half white and very little black. He is a gay sicko. You want the truth see what Reverend Manning finds out when he interviews Mia Marie Pope. You will see pictures of him and also one in his lizard outfit. Or whatever it is.

  11. Raymond Ambrozaitis

    Yes the Clinton’s are as stupid as you suggest and their team of accountants and lawyers who file their taxes are a bunch of moronic fools who would be ignorant enough to cheat on their taxes. Did you even stop to think how ludicrous this claim is? You couldn’t have or you would be laughing soi hard you could not even post it. You have an idiot savant on the Republican side to discuss Dr. Ben Carson and his lie a day program needs some of your attention

    • Raymond, if you would just pull the partisan nipple from your mouth, where you feed on the Clinton Koolaid, you would know that we do not think the Clintons are stupid but arrogant and above the law. You only hate Ben, because only Conservative lies matter, and if Hillary says twenty lies in a row, it tastes like ambrosia to you.

    • Somehow, not declaring income does not seem such a ludicrous claim. You find it so funny, then try not reporting ALL you income and see what happens to you.

  12. The act of Priebus requesting the Audit just looks like a political move. Far more effective and realistic would be for the IRS to do it’s job and call them on the obvious act by the Clintons’ of ignoring the demand to clarify their returns. What is going on anyway?

  13. richard schlinder

    To call The U.S. a banana republic is an insult to Banana Republics. The U.S. government is so top heavy,it will fall on other countries when it collapses.

    • And just what constitutes a banana republic? Countries in the grip of Dictators, where crime and graft are the norms. Countries where the dictator and his “supporters/friends” live elaborate life styles at the expense of the people.
      Seems like that is where we are at today.

      • richard schlinder

        Hi Brenda. You are exactly right. The difference is The U.S.government,for decades has been transferring their spending to their citizens. Personal and private debt now surpasses all other major countries compared to GDP. Places like Nicaragua,Costa Rica,Chili.Peru,Columbia and others actually have a lower debt to GDP percentage wise than America. That is what I mean by top heavy.
        Yes,the U.S. is much worse off than the good people that send us their coffee,bananas,sugar,pineapples,chocolate,Tilapia and other fresh produce.

  14. Benghazi has fizzled, so the wingers need some other alleged Clintonian sin to rally ’round!

    • Benghazi fizzled? If so it is only because of the democrats in congress that wish to absolve Clinton of all blame. As for alleged sins, the foundation admitted they failed to properly account for the money, just as they choose not to refile tax returns because they are “above” the legal requirements of ordinary citizens.
      Maybe you can live with the cover-ups, the lies, and the mis-directions and prefer the liar to become president, but not everyone. If nothing more, the Benghazi hearings showed her to be the incompetent, power hungry, fend she is.

      • Her poll numbers went UP after her testimony and the GOP’s went down.

        THAT is what was accomplished at the hearing.

        she didn’t rattle after 11 hours of partisan questioning.

        the GOP candidates couldn’t handle 2 hours of questions from some unprepared news journalists, before crying to their mommies.
        Nice group of “leaders”.

  15. Looking to the IRS to audit the foundations tax issue, the same IRS that blatantly break their own rules, the same IRS that continues to cease and desist their preferential treatment of non-charitable organizations that are not democratic organizations———that is not about to happen. They would much rather harass ordinary citizens over a few dollars than go after the politically connected or non tax payers on the government pay roll.

  16. I don’t think the irs will find anything ,they are corrupt

  17. This was a post I made toward Katherine Kane’s so-called ‘porn’ e-mail scandal. It comes from much ‘e-mail’ and document handling scandals over the last 15 or so years… few indictments and very, very few convictions. And we wonder why?

    former post:

    And this is just the tip of the problem; it is not just here that one’s career take a dive; but how one’s career in office is intertwined with countless others that should have also been canned as well. The MO in Washington is to keep like birds together for fear of the a total collapse due to scandal… the same goes for Wall Street and Washington in collusion.

    How many colluding with Big-Pharma and Big-GMO?
    How many would have been taken down with Hillary over Benghazi?
    How many elected officials taken down with the IRS or with Wall Street?
    How many over Iraq, Syria, ISIS/ISIL/Al-Qaeda/19 Hijackers, Saudi Arabia and 9/11?

    The MO is in the form of indoctrination and fear of reprisal, or worse. It is like a secret society where no whistle-blower’s cry is tolerated for fear of bringing attention to the system of corruption.


  19. We are living in a dream world if we believe the IRS directed by the Devilcrats and under the thumb of Bunghole Bathhouse Barry will permit such an audit. She and the rapist, Billery, will continue to subvert the law with Obama’s permission and smile all the way to the bank. Unfortunately, a large percentage of so called Americans could care less.

  20. There is not a politician in The district of corruption that would challenge the hildabeast with a investigation by the IRS of ANY D’rat. with this corrupt government there is not one chance in 50,000 that a D’rat would be investigated and prosecuted.

  21. If there is an audit it will not be finished for 20 years.

  22. It will never happen precisely for that reason. Our present day politicians are almost all slime and while they disagree on most issues they are pretty close to unanimous in their opposition to putting any of their fellows in prison for crimes connected to politics, a “There, but for the grace of God, go I” attitude.

  23. Why Democrats want to elect a liar and cheat is beyong me. Of course they could elect a Socialist which goes right alone with the Democratic policies.

  24. If Hillary starts talking it will take-down the Scum-in-the-White House, so He will protect her and grant her an Presidential Pardon on the way out! Sad that government has become so sorted and corrupt. She has less chance everyday just because she is “Hillary”, mean, ugly and a Liar!

  25. Hillary is a Murder, not just in Benghazi but every where she go’s, If there is anyone who needs to go to jail is Hillary.

  26. If there were any justice left in our system, Hilary Clinton would already be in prison, if only for the things that she has openly admitted doing. But there seems that the laws do not apply to the Clintons, Obamas, and most rich political insiders. The laws are only enforced against common folk like us or against those rich and political that try and stand up for us.

  27. This thing must not be president. I said this with the negro sodomite so I could be right.

    Elect her as president and you will get 8 years more of the negro.

    And there is nothing worse than having women and children (Negroes) to lead you.

  28. I believe that there needs to be a cleaning of all top IRS management until there is an audit and a prosecution. An orange jump suit should fit.

  29. This article is missing any comment on DC lawyer Charles Ortel and Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton’s extensive FOIA’s with years worth of legal violations of the Clinton Foundation and satellite agencies’ IRS violations. The men have said there’s enough evidence to warrant a grand jury investigation into the Clinton’s Foundation. They’ve said staying out of jail may be hard after discovery of these violations. Why doesn’t this article address these facts?? What’s the current state of all the illegal activity this turned up? This article is lame without any comment on these FOIAs.

  30. As if Reince Priebus could effect any change….. Democrats own that dude.

  31. That won’t happen as long as Lerner is still there. One crook auditing another crook? I don’t think so. They both should be in prison.

  32. I pray for the day to see the Clinton’s in jail. It is way past due dating back to criminal days in AR.

  33. Thank you Eva Holiman for your reply and to those who seek the truth.

  34. Mrz. Clinton – and her wife, Slick Willie- have gotten away with allowing drug smuggling/gun running, money laundering, obstruction of justice, benefiting from murders, removing evidence from an investigation, tampering with evidence, etc.. I don’t hold much hope of her/them being put in prison by Hussein-Obama’s Infernal Revenue Service.

  35. I think we would be a great nation if we could get rid of the trashy Clintons. And I think they need to be held as accountable as any of the rest of us regarding honesty in reporting sources of income. Why should you or I have to report this, and not the Clintons? I simply cannot wait to get Obama out of our White House and his enormous feet off of our Resolution desk. He is so disrespectful that he makes me literally sick. Returning our bust of Churchill to England and his feet on our special desk, with no regard for its history and value, both of these show a complete lack of respect for all of us and our property. But then I suspect tnat any foreign-born and raised Muslim would do the same.

  36. Arrogant TWAT! WTF the IRS would screw any US citizen for taxes over 10,000 but this organization gets millions and also undisclosed amounts from foreign governments they won’t list when she was secretary of state!! Something smells bad here !! They are pounding the hell out of Marco Rubio over 65,000 on an RNC credit card and he supposedly used 4500_ 6500 for personal reasons all paid back ( this was 10 years ago I believe) but Clinton BS is CURRENT!! She is the root of evil. Her smile is fake, her laughter is fake their is nothing sincere about that black hearted witch accept she will step on anyone in her way!! When she said ( what difference does it make now) about the Bengazi fiasco and 4 Americans murdered under her watch she could care less the black hearted witch. She has done shit AGAINST the LAW which would send any of us to jail or get fined or audited but like they said no one has the balls to go after that bitch!! No more than anyone asking why Obama files are sealed unless he’s hiding something!! The lame stream media is going after Ben Carson for stuff that happened when he was a teen . He asked about Obama sealed files and why doesn’t the Media go after that story as well as the 30,000 still missing e_mails from billarys server. She is a pissed poor example of a human being and is to used to being protected, coddled and shielded I say enough is enough and take that Bitch out!!! She’s a lying crook

  37. “But What Difference Does IT MAKE NOW ANY WAY” A Hilda-Beast screatch quote as she flies away on her broom stick

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