Irate Parents Get Florida Library to Cancel Drag Queen Storybook Event

A branch of the Jacksonville, Florida public library wanted to have teens come in, dress in drag, and enjoy a performance by drag queen BeBe Deluxe in what they were calling the “Storybook Pride Prom.” But after conservative parents got a whiff of the event, they went on Facebook with their outrage of what was being done with the public space, decrying it as a “perversion” that had no place in the community library.

The movement against the event was initiated, or at least popularized, by “Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnson, who called on her social media followers to contact the library with their concerns about the LGBT event. To illustrate exactly what her concerns were, Johnson had to do little more than include the advertisement the library was using to draw teenagers to the event.

“Create your own ‘happily ever after’ at The Storybook Pride Prom,” invited the Jacksonville Public Library. “Come dressed inspired by your favorite book character – casual, formal, or in drag – whatever makes you feel great. Be you!”

After a deluge of calls and letters, library officials felt they had no choice but to cancel the event – although without much in the way of an apology. In a statement, they blamed the pro-family organizers for “co-opting the event” and preventing library personnel from being able to “provide a safe, secure environment.”

That should have been the end of it – what business does a taxpayer-funded library have putting on such a politically-charged event in the first place? – but of course, the LGBT mafia does not like losing.

And so now we have this situation (courtesy of LifeSite News):

The cancellation caused an uproar on the part of drag performers and LBGTQ advocates on social media. For example, Selena T. West, an activist and drag performer, called on his followers to dox pro-family activist Johnson. On Facebook, he wrote, “Looking for information on The Activist Mommy — Elizabeth Johnson. We need phone numbers, place of worship, job locations and phone numbers for her husband. I’m tired of reading about her successfully shutting down gay events. Time to organize and peacefully protest this behavior.”

Followers responded with threats against Johnson. User Bryan Richardson wrote, “Let me know how to help! I am so down!” User Megan Marie wrote, “Maybe pool money for a private investigator?” Michael Erickson wrote, “Someone needs to slap that Bitch in the face with a Pie.”

Waahhh, they stopped us from spreading our perverted message to impressionable teens using the taxpayer dime! Wahhh!

Getting really tired of people thinking they are “oppressed” because people insist on calling a man “he” and a woman “she.” Because they can’t get a gay wedding cake from that one Christian bakery in town. Because they can’t parade around in drag for the benefit of children at the library. You’re not oppressed, you’re obnoxious. There’s a difference.

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