Iranian Inspections: Americans Not Allowed

It appears that world leaders reached a final agreement with Tehran by making concession after concession to the rogue state. Iran has emerged from these lengthy negotiations with everything they wanted, giving them a clear path to pursue a nuclear program without the hindrance of economic sanctions. But even the deal’s fiercest critics were taken aback when they learned that American inspectors would not be permitted inside the country.

As part of the final settlement, Iran’s nuclear inspectors can only be from those countries with normalized relations with the Islamic regime. Independent American inspectors will be shut out of the process, leaving only the International Atomic Energy Agency teams to conduct investigations. Naturally, many are concerned that without an American presence, Iran will find it much easier to cheat on their end of the bargain.

Former National Security Council director Elliott Abrams says this arrangement is unacceptable. “No member of the P5+1 should be barred, and this is another example of how badly the administration negotiated. We should have insisted that the ‘no Americans’ rule was simply unacceptable,” Abrams said.

Unfortunately, it seems that Obama was so set on securing this deal that no Iranian demands were too ridiculous. If Iran’s hardliners had understood how weak Obama’s position was, they might have even managed to get this deal without submitting to any inspections at all. Even as it stands, they will have a 24-hour notice period to clean up their act whenever inspection teams decide to pay Tehran a visit. Whether or not this gives them enough leeway to pursue a nefarious program remains to be seen.

Defending this spotty inspection process, lead U.S. negotiator Wendy Sherman attempted to roll back expectations this week. “I think this is one of those circumstance where we have all been rhetorical from time to time,” said Sherman. “That phrase, ‘anytime, anywhere,’ is something that became popular rhetoric, but I think people understood that if the IAEA felt it had to have access, and had a justification for that access, that it would be guaranteed, and that is what happened.”

So the idea of surprise inspections was just…what? An idea that came out of nowhere to become a magical myth? If you believe Sherman, the Obama administration never had any intention of putting Iran’s nuclear activities under the microscope. Perhaps she doesn’t understand that this admission sounds even worse than the alternative: that this administration lacks negotiating skills. Now it sounds like the president never took Iran’s nuclear program seriously in the first place. Which, come to think of it, would explain quite a lot.

Whatever the case, there’s no question that this is a bad deal. And if it leads to disaster, there will be only one man to blame.

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  1. What are the odds that 0bama will be vacationing in Iran when Iran smuggles their first atomic bomb into America?

  2. I expected nothing less from the ISIS member “Berry the Terrible”

  3. retired cop in marana

    Just when-in the hell are odumbo and carey going to be arrested for treason? What does it take? I think Trump is right in calling out McCain. Since being in office, McCain hasn’t done anything to help Arizona or the nation. He even allowed the democraps to shit all over his running mate and didn’t say a thing!

    • I agree. Remember McCain was the co-sponsor of NDAA and also (in 2005 I think) co-sponsored comprehensive immigration reform that included citizenship without closing the border. I refused to vote for him last time he ran (although I did hold my nose and vote for him in 2008) I certainly will not vote for him in 16. I will support Kelli Ward. How about you?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        The HTNIC will declare martial law, looong before the elections.. Watch!!

        • Declaring national martial law is realistically going to be a hard thing to do. While even more difficult to justify. And nearly impossible to pull off and enforce. It would have to be a total national emergency of some kind. It also may very well prove to be counterproductive for any president.

          Keep in mind what Germany did the night of the long knives would not be possible here. This nation is at least 50 times the size of Germany. Although Russia is bigger the citizens had already been disarmed and therefore unable to resist. Same for China. Where governments are all powerful the citizens are for the most part disarmed.

          • Remember what the federal whistle blower said a couple of years ago…obummer would use race riots as an excuse to declare martial law. He tried his damndest starting with treyvon in Florida, then Brown in MO., then Gardner in new york, then Grey in Baltimore and the pool party in TX. I’m sure I’ve left some out. His intent no doubt was race riots throughout the entire nation. Luckily, most of the protesters realized the violent rioters were not locals. Turns out the rioters were mostly imports, paid by Soros ($5000 per month) to go from city to city and burn and destroy. I read a study reported, I think, in the WSJ by some large university, it would take 75,000 troops just to secure martial law in the city of Seattle. I agree martial law would be tough to try and enforce country wide, but large cities watch out. He is enough of a dictator to try.

          • I would think that the highly trained, patriotic veterans would join with the patriotic, law abiding Americans to fight Obama’s putrid losers.

          • Yup, agree. Don’t forget about our troops and most seasoned law enforcement who will also be Americans side.

          • david b cordick

            fight obamas losers? there really wouldnt be much of a fight, you have to remember obamas supporters dont believe in owning any of those nasty old guns. and when push comes to shove, obamas people will be heading for other countries to protect him. obama would have to rely on black radicals who hate anything white and illegals that he has promised to give citizenship to. and most of them dont have anything to fight with. marching and demanding more from the taxpayers isnt going to win any battles. and there are way too many americans that are armed and ready, but keeping very quiet about it. obamas is screwed no matter how he tries it. use un troops, big mistake, that would be another invasion of america. and americans wouldnt stand for it.

          • Look I understand what you’re saying and I do not dispute the fact he may very well try. You must understand he cannot succeed in any attempt like that. There are not enough law enforcement that would follow him in America to overcome the armed citizens if and when it comes to that.

            I have no problem with expect and prepare for the worst but pray for the best. America is an armed nation it will not be easy to overcome us. Remember that! We will prevail.

            He has not succeeded yet and he will not!

          • I agree with you it would be very difficult if not impossible with the exception of his using lots of un troops, and even that probably won’t work. This guy is a maniac and will try to do anything in order to stay the dictator. No matter what, we must stay vigilant.

          • I know this is an older report and there is a newer one out right now but I do not have the address for it now. But this will give you an idea of some of the facts if you have not seen it before.


            So if the report is true and I think it is everything I was able to check out is certainly true, and there are 315 million citizens in America that means 283 million are gun owners. Now since the average is five guns each that means there are 1billion 415 million guns in America. Now at 1415 million guns and each has an average of one hundred rounds of ammo per gun (I personally know people who have 10,000 rounds) equals 141 and a half billion rounds of ammo. There are more unfired rounds of ammo in the US today then were fired in WWI, WWII and Korea combined. The above numbers increase daily if not hourly. Who thinks that number of guns and ammo can ever be confiscated without the American citizens surrendering them voluntarily? I submit it would be impossible to confiscate them all even if the second amendment were repealed.

            You know as do I criminals will never surrender their weapons. Oh of course some citizens will surrender but I do not think many veterans will. Think about something else in the last nearly seven years obama has alienated so many law enforcement officers and military he may very well have a major revolt on his hands if he tries what you suggest. No I think obama has screwed himself if he ever intended to do the takeover you suggest. He may have to face a hundred million armed people, many military trained. Might not work very well for him.

          • Yup. I agree completely. I know he will try more gun control in his remaining time in office. This morning I read an article from the LA Times. He is now going after millions of Social Security recipients using the same criteria he is using for veterans. If someone else takes care of your financial matters, you will no longer be able to own or possess a firearm. Nothing required from a Dr., they just do it!

      • I have to wonder…The way mclame turned his back on America while in the senate, isn’t it possible he secretly did the same on his fellow POW’s. Just wondering.

        • McCain was a POW in one worse regimes we have seen since Hitler and the
          Japanese were our enemies. They physical and mental torture they were forced
          to endure is beyond the comprehension of normal people. Even the horror movies
          we see do not tell the full story of what they endured. Movies can only give you some
          of the psychology and physical pain that was inflicted upon them. The damage
          to them mentality is never know in some until years later. Even those who did not
          physically face the enemy suffered also as we see in some cases of PTSD today.
          There is a strain when you are in a combat zone that effects many in different ways.
          Some are stronger and can withstand the strain of isolation they feel. Some never
          see or hear shot in anger but come home damaged and suffer the rest of their lives
          and suffer suffer from depression who know the human psyche or how they will be effected. As a Viet Nam Vet who served when McCain was shot down I salute him
          for what he endured. But I think he was mentality damaged and we are seeing
          that today with his actions in Congress. We need to look past his war record and
          see him for what he is today in Congress. A person who is lost and is not thinking
          clearly. He needs to be removed and replaces with a younger and more competent

          • I wholeheartedly agree. His traitorous actions as a senator could very well be caused from his POW status. However, I’d like to hear more about these photos of him at the dinners in Viet Nam.

          • McCain as Rasputin, helped the Pentagon hide the fact that POWs were still alive years later with legislation designed to let them hide these facts and not look and negotiate for them….this from a former POW who should NEVER LEAVE A SOLDIER BEHIND, this was pure political calculation so the Pentagon would keep hiding his cooperation with the VC which is why he was one of the very few not promoted while in captivity. The man is one very cold, calculating, and mean politician.

        • Just go to Saigon and look at the memorial loaded with photos of McShame dining .

        • I think he just is caught up in the position of being a Senator or perhaps no longer cares. Much of the criticism he receives he deserves because sometimes he does not seem to use his head. NDAA is just one of the times

          I suppose that could be possible. Anything is. I’m reasonably certain you know I’m not much of a McCain fan. However, being a veteran and pilot myself I sincerely doubt that and he should get the benefit of the doubt in that case. It would take rather strong evidence to convince me he was a turn coat. Certainly more then one person making such an accusation. Even if it were someone in the Hilton.

        • Other POW’s in McCains area have attested many times that Johnny squealed alike a pig when questioned by the Viet Cong telling them all they wanted to know coordinances, plans to bomb which cost other Soldiers their lives…

          • I believe he has been a coward in the senate. He should have simply run as a dem, and although I would have disagreed with him, I would have just considered the source (although I feel the current day dems are traitorous to this country). I know little about his time as a POW. I’d love to see facts as to his actions while in custody of the viet cong. Unfortunately, I also felt forced to vote for him in 2008. In that case it was the lessor of two evils. I have to hope he would have been better then the POS we’ve got now.

      • correct………McCain is no conservative, no pro American war hero. Yes he served the nation as a navy pilot, patriotically and deserves respect for his service, imprisonment and torture, but as a politician……he needs to retire. I can believe that the torture he received affects his decisions and point of view with all these issues. He does not support veterans, nor the American public with his pro amnesty ideas. These elitist politicians live so far removed from the street gangs, drug runners, disease and general nastiness that open borders allows, that all they think about is how good they have it and how wretched the poor from south of the border look. Then they inflict it upon the middle class. The illegals don’t move into their house, neighborhood or attend their kids schools, because these politicians are too long removed from real life. Trump’s criticism of McCain is nothing compared to the damage McCain’s votes have caused veterans and taxpayers.

        • I am also a veteran and a pilot. You are correct about his time as a POW. He once stated (and later denied he said it when he ran for president) the time in the Hilton broke his will. I personally will not support him again here in Arizona. I respect him but do not want him as my Senate representative. I think he is a RINO.

          • right……….he did serve honorably and even heroically. But as a US senator, he has been terrible. We on the east coast are baffled why a politician from a border state would support in ANY WAY, amnesty, open borders and illegals to receive entitlements. The people on border states get destroyed by the criminals that invade. And they do make their way to the north, east, west. McCain should retire……..and go back home to observe the results of his failed work. What is with these guys ……just cut off the attraction of welfare, entitlements, food, medical care and wasted space in our schools. The whole bunch of them do not fight for Americans and just keep handing out our money………so now we have 20+ trillion in debt for nothing. They play semantics, word games………don’t say illegal, don’t say muslim terrorists etc…….enough already.

          • Both of our comments the other day along with others got me thinking. So I started doing some research. I had heard years ago not long after McCain came home from VN. (I had been out a long time). However a friend of mine called McCain the songbird. Not a songbird – the songbird. I did not pay much attention to him and just let it pass. Now that I’m retired I have considerable more time on my hands so I started researching many things. However, what got me going on this was I heard it again and it rang a bell so I started looking. Now I do not know how authentic this is or even if it is true but here is some of what I found. Have you ever seen this? Let me know. Kind of reminiscent of John Kerry and the swift boat.


        • 19 Signs That American Families Are Being
          Economically Destroyed(Look at #16)

          Submitted by Tyler Durden
          on 04/09/2015 Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

          The systematic destruction of the American way of life is
          happening all around us, and yet most people have no idea what is happening.
          Once upon a time in America,
          if you were responsible and hardworking you could get a good paying job that
          could support a middle class lifestyle for an entire family even if you only
          had a high school education. Things weren’t perfect, but generally almost
          everyone in the entire country was able to take care of themselves without
          government assistance. We worked hard, we played hard, and our seemingly
          boundless prosperity was the envy of the entire planet. But over the past
          several decades things have completely changed. We consumed far more
          wealth than we produced, we shipped millions of good paying jobs overseas, we
          piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and we kept
          electing politicians that had absolutely no concern for the long-term future of
          this nation whatsoever. So now good jobs are in very short supply, we are
          drowning in an ocean of red ink, the middle class is rapidly shrinking and
          dependence on the government is at an all-time high. Even as we stand at
          the precipice of the next great economic crisis, we continue to make the same
          mistakes. In the end, all of us are going to pay a very great price for
          decades of incredibly foolish decisions. Of course a tremendous amount of
          damage has already been done. The numbers that I am about to share with
          you are staggering. The following are 19 signs that American families are
          being economically destroyed…(Look at #19)

          #1 The poorest 40 percent
          of all Americans now spend more than 50 percent of their incomes just on food and

          #2 For those Americans that
          don’t own a home, 50 percent of them spend more than a third of their incomes just on rent.

          #3 The price of school
          lunches has risen to the 3 dollar mark at many public schools across the nation.

          #4 McDonald’s “Dollar Menu
          & More” now includes items that cost as much as 5 dollars.

          #5 The price of ground beef
          has doubled since 2009.

          #6 In 1986, child care
          expenses for families with employed mothers used up 6.3 percent of all income. Today, that figure is up to 7.2 percent.

          #7 Incomes fell for the bottom 80 percent of all income earners in the United States
          during the 12 months leading up to June 2014.

          #8 At this point, more than 50 percent of all American workers bring home less
          than $30,000 a year in wages.

          #9 After adjusting for
          inflation, median household income has fallen by nearly $5,000
          since 2007.

          #10 According to the New
          York Times, the “typical American household” is now worth 36 percent less than it was worth a decade ago.

          #11 47 percent of all Americans do not put a single penny out of
          their paychecks into savings.

          #12 One survey found that 62 percent of all Americans are currently living paycheck to

          #13 According to the U.S.
          Department of Education, 33 percent of all Americans with student loans are currently
          behind on their student loan debt repayments.

          #14 According to one recent
          report, 43 million Americans currently have unpaid medical debt on
          their credit reports.

          #15 The rate of
          homeownership in the U.S.
          has been declining for seven years in a row, and it is now the lowest that it has
          been in 20 years.

          #16 For
          each of the past six years, more businesses have closed in the
          United States
          than have opened. Prior to 2008, this had
          never happened before in all of U.S.

          #17 According to the Census
          Bureau, 65 percent of all children in the United States are living in a home
          that receives some form of aid from the federal government.

          #18 If you have no debt at
          all, and you also have 10 dollars in your wallet, that you are wealthier than 25 percent of all Americans.

          #19 On top of everything
          else, the average American must work from January 1st to April 24th just to pay all federal, state
          and local taxes

          • Every item in the list is true……but remember the brainwashed masses………glaze over and drool if you give them stats, numbers or facts. We’ve dumbed down the population into some kind of pop culture voting, where all that matters is PC , diversity, gay marriage, legalize dope, and stay high. Work, pay bills, economics, inflation , taxes………all mind numbing subjects today. In the past all that was just daily facts of life to deal with…… its just too “heavy” for most 30 or 20 somethings to think about. Look at the US as a giant WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL TODAY, where there are no gates, no charges, just a free show, lots of mud, stink and dope.

      • McCain abandoned sensible, for the indispensable, lobbyist favor/Big business interests. I certainly believe in a strong military, especially troop readiness. But uncalled for support of any program coming down the byway has led us to programs as bad as the F-35. I say ‘Bad’ because no aircraft should need cost the same as 50 aircraft carriers.. fully loaded with with Super Hornets.. as will the F-35 over its lifetime of development.
        It isn’t as “bad” as a ‘War on Poverty’, which has cost 40Xs as much and we are still at the same place><.. but point being Americans been taxed to fill everyone pocket, without due regard to the best for the country.
        McCain is no doubt a Patriot, almost all our service people are patriots, patriotism comes in various strengths, but Hero Status is different animal and like others whom served during War including myself, McCain might not be seen as Heroic as many would like to claim.
        He isn't a "HERO" now and ultimately, heroism before, doesn't make anyone even close to perfection now, or not answerable for their actions.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Never happen officer!! It’s been coming for centuries and WE THE PEOPLE have sat on our dead asses and watched it progress.. Nobody’s going to march on DC, especially since the bastard will be on an undisclosed golf course! If the truckers or motorcyclist would get together, they could shut government down and arrest the little halfbreed monkey, but there’s no organization in it. We are doomed to what we’ve been watching take place… GOD FORGIVE US AND HELP THIS BROKEN COUNTRY!!

      • How many American citizens know about this exclusion to the inspection process, not too many I would suggest.

        • The phony could care less what we want or need…he says F-U to congress and is going to get the Scumbag club..also known as the UN a say before us…and it will be….read it and weep. Done deal–sold out-Valerie Jarrett must be having an orgasm over this.

        • Trump is right again and again…that we have terrible negotiators…this deal is continued proof!!
          Plus in this deal Iran gets billions from us….how stupid is that to allow people a nuclear weapon capability that have sworn hatred to kill all Americans..and decimate iSRAEL…ITS INSANE!!!!!!!

          • trump is always right he’s America’s only hope period and has ball’s not afraid to speak ,like tha rest of them in there all cowards afraid of who they might offend might lose a vote sell outs…

        • they shouldn’t let obama make no deals he’s not to brite in that category and he’s gonna do what ever he can to screw us and our allies.. they no he is a illegal and he hates america and Israel.. they should just grow some balls and remove him… traitors our white house and gop have been to us all and to our country only tha people can join and stop this crap…. fuk up mess they got us all in thats for sure…

      • true,,, people better do something quick ,god won’t fight this battle for us…sad

    • Pretty much my feelings, exactly. McLame has been in office way too long and should never have been there in the first place. He rode in on his “POW/Hero” status. Piffle. And I’m sick of hearing about it!!!! Far better men have DIED for this country!!!!! AND WHAT’S HE DOING? SCREWING IT UP!!!!

    • Odumbo and

      Odumbo and Carey are following the guidance of the Shadow Government
      (CRF). That is cause tension among racial groups, side with our national enemies while
      insulting our friends, and do anything possible to bring the country to bankruptcy.
      That will guarantee THEIR financial security and safety from prosecution. In
      case of war they will be allowed entrance into the caves that were/are being prepared
      for the members of the Shadow Government (CRF).

      The prophecies mention how the elites cry out for the rocks
      to fall on them. God will grant their request.

      • These traitor gov elite’s safety is far from secure as is their money.
        But they cannot see what’s in the
        forest beyond their money!!!!!!

    • I feel your sentiments……..but this nation had let the left gradually over decades brainwash the public, first colleges, then public schools, creating a left wing media and pretty much warping all the principles the nation was established upon. Good is bad, bad is good, perversion, drugs, open borders are all part of the radical left destroying the nation.

    • Odumbo and Carey are following the guidance of the Shadow Government

      (CRF). That is, cause tension among racial groups, side with our national
      enemies while insulting our friends, and do anything possible to bring the
      country to bankruptcy. That will guarantee THEIR financial security and safety
      from prosecution. In case of war they will be allowed entrance into the caves
      that were/are being prepared for the members of the Shadow Government (CRF).

      The prophecies mention how the elites cry out for the rocks

      to fall on them. God will grant their request.

    • From one former cop to another, I agree with Trump and your comment on Palin except for some McCain points: he did refuse early release as a POW when the enemy realized he was an admiral’s son, even though he was being tortured in “Hanoi Hilton” as were other POW airmen. In that respect he is a hero. As are any POW with the exception of Bergdhal.

      But he never should have permitted the media to tear Gov. Palin and her family apart.

      It was a cruel, unrelenting, nasty indictment of a successful public administrator, simply because she was an Alaskan, a beauty with brains, unafraid to speak her mind and carry her own bucket, independent of McCain. McCain crapped out, failing to stand up for her, even permitting “leaks” from his staff to the media that he regretted choosing Palin as a running mate.

      This hypocritically was completely opposite from when McCain brusquely grabbed the microphone from a lady, at a town hall meeting during the 2007 Presidential Campaign, who was criticizing that Empty Suit currently occupying the Oval Office, McCain ran against, referring him a “decent family man, etc.”

      McCain should have shown the same cajones with Gov Palin. He should have manned up for his running mate..

      • retired cop in marana

        Thanks for the agree on Trumps stance. On the McCain issue, it’s been a long, long time since his debacle in the Nam, but since then, he hasn’t shown much in the way of representing us Arizonans. To me he’s (as Eastwood would say) an empty suit.

    • McCain is Obama’s lap dog. Anyone can see that.

    • I said same thing a million times .they need to remove that illegal clown . how much dirt is a person allowed to do to a country and its allies before they remove or arrest them…I think since gop won’t do there job there just as guilty of treason on our country as well

    • Actually, she did it all by herself. There was no way to protect her. He was stupid to nominate her.

  4. So we send billions, we turn away from Israel, we agree to do away with sanctions, we make a rotten, sick, idiotic deal with these satanic fools and we don’t have the right to be included in the inspections?! Is that ridiculous or what?! But some in Congress will approve it! America is finished . . . as it should be! We turned away from God and He is simply letting us do it to ourselves! And there is silence from the leadership concerning our spiritual decline! The Founding Fathers would turn over in their graves, but then, they warned us of this! Read their writings!

    • It is difficult for me to believe America has turned away form God. I think those who have are a minority. Just like Germany where a minority (at first) of the people gave hitler the power over them as fuhrer a minority is taking over America. And it is because people have not awakened from their apathy yet. I admit I do not understand why!

      Furthermore, I actually think the United States of America suffers from what Alexander Tyler stated in 1887, as follows.

      In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.” “From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.” That is how or better yet why obama beat Romney in 12. He promised jobs and obama promised gifts. Millions of Americans sold their souls for obama money. But millions did not!

      That is the reason obama is promoting the welfare state, the share the wealth BS and all the give away programs. His goal is the destruction of this Democratic Constitutional Republic. Not a true democracy. Remember his grand parents (who raised him) were communists and so was his mentor. Frankly I believe Alexander Tyler was correct in his analogy and under the obama guidance people are jumping on the freebie wagon. That “will” take America down without firing a shot. He will have succeeded.

    • Its the stuff that’s going on behind the scenes here and now that worries me….the sneaky shit….you hear a little bit here and there, its rotten to the core.

  5. Evidently the IAEA and the UN are in the pockets of Iran. It’s nice to know that Obummer and his minions aren’t. Even though he has islamofacist and commie leanings. We just need to keep up the pressure on the radical liberals, progressives and dumb a$$ politicos until the 2016 elections. Then maybe, just maybe we can take over a super majority everywhere.

    • That is a nice thought and I agree. However, we thought when we elected Republicans in 14 we would get something done and then the people we elected to do those things elected McConnell and reelected Boehner and nothing is getting done other then obama’s bidding. So we have to elect the right people and that would mean NOT Bush, Christy or Graham.

      • You are correct, except we do not have a majority in Congress. Republicans have a majority conservatives do not . If we get a courageous conservative president in 2016 and gain more seats in Congress for conservatives we can turn the tide and the country back to our roots. Dont be fooled democrats understand their mistakes that are stopping them from a full takeover here. They will be back.

        • I have to agree again however, I said Republicans not conservative. I am not a Republican but a conservative Independent. Which actually makes no difference at least to me. I see your point quite clearly. With people like Graham, McCain, Boehner and McConnell (and there are others) how could we ever think we could get anything done.

          We need to pick up about 5 more seats in the Senate (not impossible) we will be in good shape if we just keep our gains in he house. However, keeping what we have in the Senate may prove difficult at best. I have confidence however, we can get this nation back on track with several of the candidates now vying for the nomination.

          • The GOP have 24 seats to defend in the Senate and will most likely lose it to the Democrats who are only defending 10.
            those 10 include Ca, Oregon, NY, Hawaii and Washington So I wouldn’t expect much from those states

            And Bernie Sander is going to take the presidency in a bigger event than Obama’s election.

          • Amazing where do you buy what you’re using. I know you cannot smoke that.

          • Was that you proving something Don?
            I was just explaining how you are going to lose the Senate.

          • You do remember that it was a conservative that imploded the global economy?

        • Trust me when I tell you that everyone in the GOP are conservatives by normal people standards.
          You are a wackydoodle conservative.
          Those are much different.

          Ronald Reagan would be a liberal to the GOP of today. He would be forced to caucus with the Democrats because the Republicans are to far to the right.

          • I love it when the name calling, assuming, talking points, begin it tellseverythingab out accusers intel. When no references, data,information,history, or facts are given then it is only opinion. Actually republicans have given obama has asian trade pact, budget, obamacare monies, all just in the last few months plus other things. Conservatives are not the majority of the republican party. If you have been watching instead of listening to democrats/obamasrhinos talking points you would see. In 2014 democrats took a whipping, going back to the 1930’s they have never held so few positions. It was due to so many these policies. Plus several republicans got beat by conservatives Conservatives are a smaller percentage of the r epublican party and not the majority or they could get passed what they wanted and they cant. Republicans for the mosrt part are a majority of Rhinos like Boehner, McConnell, McCain, and pretty much like democrats. They want big massive govt., massive govt spending, massive govt programs, disregard the Constitution, disregard the rights,freedoms,liberties, of the citizens and maintain the status quo that is not conservatism. Actually,Reagan would be finewith conservativesright now, have youever asked a conservative what they thought of Reagan??? Yea, I know, maintaining the values,morals character,principles,honesty,integrity,honor, discipline,etc.,of the founding fathers and foundation of America of what made this the greatestfreedom loving nation on earth is kind of whackydoodle isnt it?NOT!!!

          • “I love it when the name calling, assuming, talking points, begin”

            if you think wackadoodle is name calling, you have a lot to learn silly con.

          • ” It was due to so many these policies.”

            Dream on Jack,
            you think maybe the lowest voter turn out in 60 years had something to do with it?

            does ignorant Jack know that the Dems took in MILLIONS more votes than GOP in 2014?

            does Jack the fool know that the only reason they hold as many seats as they do is through gerrymandering?

            Your thoughts on reagan also demonstrate you’re short a loaf.

            raised axes 16 times, supported gun control, and a womens right to choose.

            I think Jack is delusional.

          • Your dems took in millions more votes/gerrymandering, with again no facts showing your statement?? Then back to the intellectual name calling. No one said Reagan did not do those things so what does that prove??? What was the Carter economy like Reagan inherited and how was the economy when Reagan finished? You see the PC police, spelling police, language police, english police, life isnt fair,victimhood, race baiters, bullying, name calling, and on and on sling from the direction that complains about it being done. Have a wonderful day!

          • “Senate Democrats got 20 million more votes than Senate Republicans.”


            Reagan tripled the national debt.
            VERY conservative.

            Hey if you’re gong to post moronic things, you’re going to get labeled a moron.

          • Did you even read the article you quoted? It stated the 20 million figure was accentuated to make it look worse? The figure was not of any particular state but the total from all the states combined,then accentuated and inflated!!!! Name game again, very intelligent, fair, racist, bullying, victimizing, and all the rest the left uses.

          • shall I get out my violin?

      • ” other then obama’s bidding”

        what planet do you live on?
        Congress has passed nothing that Obama has asked for.
        How was that doing his bidding?

        The GOP have made a point of not doing anything Obama asked for.
        You on heavy medication or something?
        Doing his bidding, GIVE ME A BREAK!

        This is more about YOU making excuses for the people conservatives elected.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Yer like me.. You dream a lot!

    • “Evidently the IAEA and the UN are in the pockets of Iran”

      evidently you’re a moron.
      Where where did you get this bit of insanity?
      Rush Limbaugh fan are we?

  6. I will be curious about what Congress does about this “agreement”.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Jerry: The repuklicans already showed us what the best money can buy! How’s it feel to be thrown under the damned bus with the rest of us???

      • Michael,
        It does not feel good. But I am still alive and kicking – back.

        • Wow Jerry further to the right, seriously?
          You guys run another wacky candidate and you will have another eight years of Democrats in the White House.
          America is moderate, not hard right, not hard left.
          Do they like Medicare, yes.
          Do they like Social Security, yes.
          Do they support minimum wage, yes.

          Do the GOP support any of those things, NO.

    • The same they always do. Set up a fuss about the unfairness of the deal. Have their meaningless committee meetings. And grant obama anything he wants in the interest of “national security”.

      • Brenda,
        See, great minds do think alike.

        • That was too easy, They have been doing it for six and one half years.

          • Brenda,
            Sho nuff. Sew, we gotta unplug the crap in DC. That is easier said than done. I have not picked a GOP candidate yet but so far I have eliminated all the Dems.

          • It is hard to choose when we have such an array of do nothings. I definitely do not like the establishment republicans; Bush, McCain, Graham, Rubio, they seem more interested in illegal alien’s “path to citizenship” and other areas not conducive to American betterment. I like the brashness of Trump and the fire in Cruz. But, Carson offers a more thoughtful path. So I will continue to research and see whose platform fits..

          • Brenda,
            It is hard now to pick any candidate that will win.

          • Bernie is your man, Jerry.
            I know you haven’t even looked at his platform.

            Similar to Rand’s without all the repealing of ACA and anti gay and anti climate change stuff.

    • the dictator already said the HE would override any veto…heil hitler

    • So Jerry what’s the alternative?
      The other six countries are going to lift sanctions regardless of whether the US signs the deal or not.
      Once those sanctions are lifted, Iran can easily work on its nuclear program.

      The deal at least gives us 24 seven monitoring, inspections, and the fear of sanctions FROM All COUNTRIES reinstated.
      I am anxious to hear what the conservatives option is if we don’t do the deal?
      Unfortunately it’s going to sound like crickets.
      Do you have any kids that will be going to the war in Iran?

      • Reality,
        What I the alternative? Tell them to dismantle their facilities or we blow them up. That is an alternative. Part B is to tell them we will do it again if they build any more. Simple enough. I don’t like sanctions because of what it does to the whole population of the country.
        I have three grandsons but they would have to start up the draft because they are all in college and have no intention of military service. That does not mean they would not go. I have two older grandsons but they are not going to volunteer either as they have families of their own. I see no reason for a major war currently in Iran.

        • “What I the alternative? Tell them to dismantle their facilities or we blow them up. That is an alternative”
          Kind of a shallow answer, Jerry.
          You aware that Iran has a defense pact with Russia?

          I’m guessing no.

          You think were just going to waltz in there and blow up their nuclear facilities without lots of Americans getting killed?

          That’s just silly talk.

          You think Russia’s is going to sit by while we blow up Iran?

          ” I see no reason for a major war currently in Iran.”

          What you think is going to happen when we blow up their nuclear sites besides the massive contamination issue?
          That will add fuel to the Islamic fire against the West, good job conservatives.

          Iran will triple its efforts to blow things up in the US mainland and will succeed.

          And then we can blame the conservatives for the stupid plan.

          I don’t think you thought this through Jerry

          • Reality,
            I thought it through. I thought good old Reality would respond just like he did. I don’t like wars. I was very unhappy with yer old buddy, Bushbaby for invading Iraq trashing the government and economy of another country. I was equally unhappy with yer old buddy, Obama, for invading Libya and doing the same thing. Look where that kind of invasion has gotten the Middle East into. Knot a good plan, methinks.

          • but you support invading Iran?
            I sense some hypocrisy building up.

            It should be pointed out that the GOP were SCREAMING for Obama to do something about the people being killed by Gaddafi.
            needs links for that?

            I am against all of this “world Policeman” shit.

            WE have terrorists, BECAUSE we keep butting our nose into the middle east.

            and for some reason the conservatives in our nation want to just add to that fire.

            WHY Jerry?

  7. TeaParty Patriot

    No shit dick tracy, you didn’t really expect someone to inspect Iran to see if they were following the agreement?

    • “you didn’t really expect someone to inspect Iran to see if they were following the agreement?”

      What exactly makes a conservative think this kind of bull shit?

      Why do conservatives think liberals want to END the country, start World War III, the end of life as we know it.

      and you wonder why most people thinks cons are short many loaves.

  8. Michael Dennewitz

    Then the “supposed deal” wasn’t worth shit, right? Hell, my grand daughter could have wrapped up a deal like the HTNIC did! Slowly, ever so slowly, WE THE PEOPLE are selling what’s left of America to the highest bidder – “SOROS!!”

  9. I remember a war movie when the Commander was watching his men go into battle I he said “Where do we get men like these?” I sort of have the same thoughts today: “Where the H . .. did we get leaders like we now have?”

    • Michael Dennewitz

      He’s the best that Soros’ money could buy!!

    • You elected them

      • Who did? I’ve never met you, and hope I never do. But I can say with 100% certainty you voted for this fraud in the WH. You supported his voter fraud schemes, you supported his voter intimidation and his illegal alien get the vote out scheme. You supported his porch monkey Holder’s suits against American States and his supporting foreign gov’ts suits against American States. You my not so friend, need to move to china where you can live happily ever after.

  10. One man to blame and one man to be charged for treason, whether still in office or even if he ever leaves office.

    • Do not let all his henchmen get away to come again another day. Hang them all, if need be on national television for all to see what happens to you when you do treason against America as a politician and leader. Now the question needs asked who is pulling obamas strings,put him in the white house, so we can take them out also. Soros is not by himself in this.

      • Soros and his money for sure. Maybe the leaders in Agenda 21 and the NWO?

        • “Soros and his money for sure. Maybe the leaders in Agenda 21 and the NWO?”

          well marty we can cross you off the intelligent list.

          come on Marty, DEBATE ME.

          shooting fish in barrel?

  11. What an ignorant article! So the IAEA — the world’s only professional nuclear inspection agency — isn’t competent to monitor Iran’s compliance? Seriously? Even though this is what they DO?
    I wonder if “Admin” applies these same standards when he hires a plumber? “Hey, I don’t want no stinkin’ professional plumber! I want some guy from Kentucky!”

    • You need to take a step back and engage your brain. There is no international agency which is pro US. Just look at their records. “Professional nuclear inspection agency”? They are every bit as political as the UN. And we all know the UN should be kicked out of the US and their building turned into a homeless shelter, after we collect their parking ticket fines.

      • Got it. So what you’re saying is you haven’t read the text of the proposed agreement and, since you don’t know what it says, you have no idea what you’re saying. But you hate the U.N. because… let me see if I get this straight… there are other countries in the U.N. which don’t always agree with the United States. Got it.
        You should read the text of the proposed agreement.
        I have no idea what your anti-IAEA rant means, other than you’re against any organization that isn’t made up entirely of right-wing Texans, or something like that, and that you haven’t read the text of the proposed agreement, but you’re all too happy to drag anything into this conversation that isn’t related to the fact that you refuse to read the text of the proposed agreement.

        • Unlike you, I’m smart enough to know you don’t make deals with terrorists, Never. You obviously don’t care iran is responsible for the deaths of untold numbers of American servicemen and women. You also don’t seem to care American hostages are still being held by these dirt bags and during these talks the iranians were shouting “death to America”. Now you tell me what does the US get out of these talks. NOTHING at all except a so called legacy for obummer and us telling the world we will negotiate with known terrorists, which will further put out troops in harms way. As far as the un is concerned, you’re right, I don’t like them. I don’t like paying more then our fair share to these terrorist lovers. I don’t like the fact they are allowed in our country or are housed in our country. And I sure as hell don’t like the fact that my taxes pay for these dip shits. I don’t care what is in the fine print of this deal, common sense (which you obviously lack) dictate you don’t negotiate with terrorists!

          • 1 – So, in other words, you haven’t read the text of the proposed agreement, have no idea what’s in it, and therefore you don’t know what you’re talking about with respect to the agreement.
            2 – You are apparently opposed to deals between competing and/or warring nations; one imagines that you are opposed to every nuclear treaty between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union, for example. Interesting. And the alternative — war — is more appealing to you? OK. But first, how about you enlist.
            3 – “Terrorist” is mostly a political label. What would you call a bunch of thugs who board a commercial ship and toss merchandise into the ocean? Terrorists or patriots? It all depends on which side you’re on.
            4 – You seem to be OK with the notion of Iran developing nuclear weaponry, which is what will happen without this deal. I’m not. But then, I know what’s in the proposed deal because I’ve read it. You don’t know what’s in the deal and have no idea what you’re talking about, but you like to toss around catchphrases. Let me know how that works out for you.
            5 – You should read the text of the proposed deal, especially if you’re going to attempt to argue its merits or lack thereof. It’s called “Knowing what you’re talking about.”

          • You are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you? It’s absolutely senseless to negotiate with russia. No matter what kind of a deal they sign, what makes you think they will abide by it? They can and probably did sign the deal with no intention of limiting their stockpile. So we sign a deal with a Communist country expecting them to abide by it while we actually do abide by it. As far as iran is concerned, they are a terrorist nation. What part of we don’t negotiate with terrorists don’t you understand. First of all they will never abide by it just like they never did with all those un sanctions. And what did the un do about it, absolutely nothing! The un isn’t worth a plug nickel, except of course stealing our money.

          • Heh. Yeah, I’m stupid. I’m the one who knows that all the treaties we signed with Russia (actually, the former Soviet Union) were effective because we were able to monitor them. Or are you trying to tell me that Russia has been conducting atmospheric tests of their atomic weapons since 1963 and we just haven’t known about it? Hmmm….

            So I take it that you still refuse to read the text of the proposed agreement with Iran, yet you insist on talking about it! Perhaps you’d rather discuss other things about which you have no knowledge? Brain surgery, perhaps? The behavior of atoms within a lattice? The migration patterns of the monarch butterfly? Go ahead; I’ll let you choose…

          • “You are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?”

            No Marty you have proven in the last couple posts, that that is you

          • Marty, I was laughing so hard at your tirade that I completely missed this sentence:
            “First of all they will never abide by it just like they never did with all those un sanctions.”
            Um… You don’t “abide” by sanctions; they’re something that is imposed on you. Perhaps you might look up the word “sanctions” to see exactly what it means, but I’ll give you an example: I impose a sanction on you, and the sanction is that I won’t give you cheeseburgers. Now, is it possible for you not to “abide” by my sanction? Nope. I’m not giving you a cheeseburger no matter what you say or do.
            Hey, here’s an idea: Go read the text of the proposed agreement. Trust me; it’s under 100 pages, once you discount the pages that are just lists.

          • > It’s absolutely senseless to negotiate with russia. No matter what kind of a deal they sign, what makes you think they will abide by it? ”
            – Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, 1963. Have you noticed any atmospheric nuclear tests since then?
            Now, it’s possible that this subject is too far above your head. It’s possible that you don’t realize that two parties, although differing dramatically in political philosophy, can nevertheless negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement. It’s possible that you don’t understand that these agreements are not base on trust; they’re based on verification, and that such agreements are abrogated the moment either party stops abiding by the terms.
            I can’t help you if you are unable to understand these simple concepts. I can’t help you if you are so in favor of war that you’re not interested in agreements that make war less likely. I can’t help you if you’re so married to slogans that you don’t understand that “governing by slogan” is a lousy way to do things.
            And yet you insist on calling ME stupid… Have you read the text of the proposed agreement yet? No? Ok, then.

          • “You obviously don’t care iran is responsible for the deaths of untold numbers of American servicemen and women”

            Gosh Marty,
            did you forgot about all the people killed by Japan China Germany?

            they’re all our friends now.we negotiate with, trade with.

            A short memory Marty?

            The alternative marty?
            Seem to be avoiding that part of the question

          • Our military members were not killed in iran or while we were at war with iran. They were killed with IED’s built in iran and supplied to our enemies. Do you not understand largest state sponsor of terrorism, and you want to negotiate with them? Germany and Japan are no longer our enemies. I absolutely believe china and russia are.

        • OK, I don’t know why I waste another second on you two morons. I will say it one more time. I don’t believe we should ever negotiate with terrorists. Period. It has been the long standing policy of the US. We don’t negotiate with terrorists, until the terrorist in chief came around. Nuff said. We don’t negotiate with terrorist’s. There is nothing you can say to change the fact that until the idiot in chief came around, we didn’t negotiate with terrorists. If you want to talk with the terrorists, please do. Get your ass out of here and go talk with them. Please don’t return. That’s it. The moron in chief negotiated with the states who had terrorists in Gitmo. Treasonous! He should have been impeached just for that. But the anti American demorats could have cared less. Treasonous. There is nothing left to talk about. We don’t negotiate with iran, obummers best buds! Like you libs love to say about so called global warming, End of discussion. And, no, I will will no longer waste my time with you, End of discussion.

          • You know what else we don’t do, Marty? We don’t use an apostrophe to make a word plural. See, even I — a moron, by your definition — know that.
            Just because YOU brand Iran as a terrorist state, and just because YOU say we don’t “negotiate with terrorist” — doesn’t mean it’s true, and doesn’t make it a good policy.
            End of discussion.
            Oh; wait. Not quite… Those “terrorist” in Gitmo are, for the most part, nothing of the kind. Most them are innocents who were turned over to us by Afghanis with ulterior motives, and most of them have been cleared for release for more than a few years. Some of them — the minority — are bad guys. But most of them are, and have always been, just regular folks who were turned in by someone who pocketed the reward money.
            You should do some research some time, but I know you won’t. You won’t even read the text of the proposed agreement! Are all “conservatives” as lazy as you? Probably. I suspect you’re afraid that if you read the text of the proposed agreement, you might discover that it’s a pretty good deal, something that Britain, Germany, France, China, and Russia also think.
            Now it’s the end of the discussion. Unless you’re going to read the text of the proposed agreement.

  12. Hey, what can you say. Iran called the shots, declared victory, so now thanks to obama we must all dance to the tune. As the Irani president said; “We resisted until we got what we wanted.”

    • another ignorant con posts vomit.
      What facts you have Brenda, because Rush Limbaugh said so?

      “As the Irani president said; “We resisted until we got what we wanted.”

      Actually conservative that is what Obama said.
      Not that I expect the conservative post the truth

      • I watched the Irani president on C-Span. So Reality Check go soak your head.

        • Gee Brenda, what do you think the Iranian Pres is going to say?


          god you cons are low functioning humans, proved by your immature view of the world and humans.

  13. it is terrible to have a president so disloyal to America’s security interest.

    • And what you base that on?
      Conservatives and their ability to gather information from the atmosphere?

      • Wise up knucklehead. At this time, they are not a target. Israel and the US will be direct targets.

        • Well low in full human, Germany, France and England are infinitely closer than the US by three or 4000 miles.
          Iran might be able to develop a bomb but getting it to America is a different story.
          they could get it to Germany, France and England much easier.

          Israel has their own bomb. You really think the Iranians are suicidal.
          Are you really so dim?

          • Part of the deal is to let them develop ICBMs so they can reach America. They can get these from North Korea.

            Are you really so dim?

            If your brains were nylon, there wouldn’t be enough to make a pair of panties for a piss ant.

          • In 10 years they can start building ICBM’s.

            you Think we can curtail all of their arms technology?

            Not really a sane world view you possess.

          • If you believe Iran will actually abide by the treaty, you don’t have sane world view.

            They can buy ICBMs now from Korea or Russia.

          • does the silly pineapple know that we have had treaties with evil Russia for decades?

            that seemed to work out.

            Didn’t your LORD Ronny Reagan say something about “trust and verify”?

            that’s only good if a GOP does it?

            what good is an ICBM if you can’t launch it?

            does the pineapple think you can launch an ICBM from your back yard?
            does the fruity con think we don’t have some really good spy satellites?
            and that you can put an ICBM in a suitcase?

            con logic is always fuzzy and requires total suspension of logic and common sense.

            WHAT was the alternative again?
            you seem to be forgetting to mention that part.

          • The alternative plan is what the Israelis did to Saddam Husseins nuclear facilities They bombed them into oblivion before they could be used.

            Have you never heard of preemptive strikes?

            According to your convoluted logic, Iran should be allowed to develop a nuclear weapons before any action is taken.

            If it were not for convoluted logic and illogic, there would be no logic in your posts at all.

            Forget about common sense. You are obviously not familiar with that.

          • You really are an idiot. Proximity is not the question. At this time they have not threatened Europe, although that will come later. They have definitely threatened the US and Israel, over and over. Reaching us would be no problem seeing their overt friendship with russia and n. korea. Or are you so stupid you don’t think they can reach us either. Go ahead and bury your head in the sand, hopefully in iran where someone will shoot you in the ass.

          • Reality check, good name, you should be checking your reality,
            Yes I think some Iranians are suicidal, if you don’t think so I guess, for you, 9/11 never happened. It’s quite possible that at least one of the suicidal terrorists could have come from Iran it’s a certainty they weren’t American. But knowing the liberal mind you would question that assumption, it was an inside job and Bush was responsible. The middle eastern mind and the western mind are further apart than the right and left. The left only wants to make nice with everyone except the right, even
            with Iran. Peace in our time, Good luck with that.

        • Marty – – the reality chick is a paid PC liberal-RETARD TROLL…..

          • Thanks, I can certainly believe it…But I love debating these idiot libs. It’s like them taking a knife to a gun fight.

          • bring it marty.
            pick a topic.
            but flapping gums don’t count for evidence.

          • Debating with you and rusky is a waste of time. I learned long ago, you can’t debate folks who think with their hearts.

          • Gee Marty, I think it was you saying:
            “But I love debating these idiot libs”

            it’s ok, I have yet to meet a con who backs up their rhetoric.

          • that’s right!

            anyone smarter than a conservative with facts HAS TO BE a paid troll.

        • they can’t reach the US silly.
          not to mention, you think the country of Iran is suicidal?

          they would be GONE seconds after their weapon detonated.

          cons have such a shallow view of the world.

      • That trio are and have been big trading partners with iran. The biggest import from iran is oil. Not one of them has oil of their own. They’ve had to buy Russian oil since the embargo was put in place. They were in favor of the deal from the get-go. They also know that they have nothing to fear from a nuclear iran. The “Great Satan” (USA) and Israel are the immediate targets……..

        • ” Not one of them has oil of their own.”
          cons and their shallow knowledge of the planet.

          you should look THE NORTH SEA oil.

          we wouldn’t BE the great satan if we hadn’t blown up the middle east several times like morons.

          • We only blew them up when they needed it…
            The NORTH SEA OIL was developed without any input from the “Trio”.
            Blowing up the middle east was a stroke of genius. It gave the oil companies the unfettered development of our own oil without any interference from the “Government”.
            We now are producing more oil then the middle east….so there……

      • When you remove your A## from whatever dark hole you stuck it in, then maybe you will see the light and come to the realization that the info you dissed was true after all. Wake up and stop blaming the people who are astutely aware of the games being played to ruin the USA. It couldn’t be any clearer, yet you still fail to accept the fact we are being used by the DC elite and it’s been going on for years and years.

        • Was that Joan proving something?
          All I see are your flapping gums.

          the people in DC, YOU and your conservative wacky friends put more than half of them there,so….

          That is why Bernie Sanders is the only choice.
          he is the only consistent voice who voted against NAFTA and all the trade deals that have killed the country and supported by the GOP.

          • Yes and I bet you really like his communist leanings and his projection of a 95% tax rate for all.

  14. giving
    them a clear path to pursue a nuclear program without the hindrance of
    economic sanctions – See more at:

    • Thanks for satraightening us out. I was so uninformed. I thought the U.S. was the world leader in Nuclear Technology and might be better at detecting abnormalities. Not to say Germany, France, & England cannot detect, but WMDs (gas used on Kurds, and now as you admit, leaving 2% of nuclear material – do you know how much was there, and how much is needed to make “a bomb”?) But now you have shown me great wisdom by telling me taking away 98% of byproducts are assuring us of world safety. Thank you for re-vomiting huffington-post probamao BS. I assume that we will be joined by all progressives when they find out: “Oh darn, we were wrong and now we’re screwed. Despite all the times they’ve ‘mis-spoken,’ we really couldn’t trust the JV squad.”

      • Conservatives are usually wrong, so not to worry.

        Do you know how much material was there?
        Did I miss the link yuo posted?

        So where is your proof that I am wrong silly con.

  15. And how much more proof does the POS in the Oval office and Congress need to know this is a cluster
    FUBAR from hell? No matter how they try to dress it up this is a PIG from top to bottom and back
    again. The entire world will be put at risk unless it is stop and stopped hard right now. No more playing
    games and the Traitor in the Oval Office needs to be removed due to mental problems, He is bat shit
    crazy and a muzzie traitor to booty. He is selling the United State down the river and Congress is so afraid
    of being Political incorrect they cannot pule their heads out of their asses. We do not have leadership we
    have a political collection of Lawyers The most corrupt and despicable individuals we have seen in office
    in a long time and who is to blame. Those individual who do not get off their backsides on election day
    to vote to preserve the freedoms they enjoy so much. You stay home and do not vote you let the trash
    of our society take over and you wind up in a prison of your own making a slave society run by the most
    corrupt among us.

  16. I would not be in the least bit surprised if obama initiated this. That way when it falls apart he can divert the blame saying if we were able to inspect this would never of happened. He is a sly [email protected]@rd. I never thought anyone could make a used car salesman look honest.

  17. One thing you can say about Barry is he is consistent. Since he occupied the WH we have received one dirty deal after another. This is what happens people vote in a non-American low life scumbag who hasn’t ever done an honest days work in his miserable little life.

  18. It is not hard to understand,if you know what/who obama is and all of his intentions. Anyone that listens,watches obamas words and actions if they are a sane,mature,adult,cognitive ability thinking individual. Along with putting all of obamas past,mentors,actions together knows America is being screwed tighter and tighter and I pray nothing major happens to us before he gets out. Let the next president be a true American,that believes in Americas founding fathers,foundation,history and greatness and place as leader of the free world and undoes unwinds all of obamas atrocities/rules/regulations/laws/executive orders/treaties/whatever you want to call them. Nothing obama done has improved the nation or America or the world. From race riots and occupy wall street,to massive historic deficits and debt, to explosion of the massive nanny plantation state to millions of illegals coming in and flooding our hospitals/schools and bringing diseases killing the children his domestic policy is a complete failure. I could go down the list of foreign failures they are as bad or worse. GOD Bless America!

  19. The agreement was signed by several nations not only the U.S. All you war mongers can just sit back and learn to eat crow. Give this agreement a chance before you start calling Obama names. I don’t think any of you want it to work because it will put another feather in Obama’s hat and you can’t stand that. He is going to go down as one of the greatest presidents of all times. You just do all you can to try and put him in George W. Bush’s category.

  20. Worst president in modern history…..what else can we say? He’s making a deal with the devil, who openly show their disdain and hatred for the U.S. and Israel at the same time.

  21. Anybody in congress that votes for this needs to be immediately removed from office any way necessary preferably legally but whatever and that goes for odumbo and his but kissers

  22. Well, Obama can still go visit! He’s a NO American. Besides he’ll want to see how
    quickly they are getting the missiles built!

  23. The US will continue down a failed, dangerous path around the world until this wretched Imam is out of the white house. Kerry should be ashamed of himself …….selling the American public this garbage deal….and the media that has tried to sell the public the virtues of this failed regime. As part of the negotiating team to be told by this dirt bag nation of Iran………that “no Americans can inspect” is the complete conclusion to the worst deal in US history. This garbage deal will set up the future for a war, be it regional or global…… this radical, muslim terrorist regime feels enabled, refunded to continue its proxy wars, bombings and attacks on the west and the Mideast. It is a shame that a future generation and president will have to contend with this outrageous act by Obama.

    • Where is my violin?
      Why are France Germany and England okay with this deal?

      And you know they’re going to lift sanctions regardless.
      THEY want trade to resume with Iran and whether or not the US goes along with the deal the sanctions are going to be lifted by 90% of the countries.

      So Iran will then be able to do things it could not now.

      At least with the deal in place we have inspections, and 24 hour monitoring in a framework to reinstate sanctions should Iran he found to be making weapons, that the other countries have signed on for.
      So tell me what’s wrong with this?

    • But the PC Liberal-RETARDED demonicRATS & FeminineNAZIS love the deal….just read what the Head in Colon, paid TROLL Reality Chick had to say above and below your comment….He/she/it is working overtime to earn that loot.

  24. What is the difference between
    Chamberlain and B. Hussein Obama? One capitulated to Hitler and the other to
    the Ayatollah. Except one fundamental difference, namely: Hitler had his Stukas
    planes and Gestapo while the Ayatollah has nuclear bombs and Hezbollah

  25. It would seem like we owe Putin an apology for criticizing his assessment of Obozo in his Chess game analogy. In his negotiations with Iran he certainly knocked over all our pieces, shit all over our country, and then strutted around claiming Victory. Maybe that’s what Victory looks like in Chicago.

    • Russia was in those negotiations moron.
      So tell me what specifically is wrong with this deal?

      Can the conservative actually articulate what is wrong with the negotiated deal?
      Or is parroting back what you are on Fox News this morning all you got.

      are Germany France and England part of Obama’s cabal of Muslims out kill all Christians?

      • This moron has not heard of any other country’s representative(s) who ‘participated’ in this staged campaign event, who is saying anything about it much less touting it like our congenitally lying traitor of a president.


        • Actually silly conservative, the Germans already have a trade delegation in Iran today.
          So much for your knowledge base.

          “Germany’s vice chancellor will travel to Iran with a business delegation
          next week, indicating Europe’s economic powerhouse nation is moving
          quickly to engage with the energy-rich Persian Gulf nation in the wake
          of the nuclear deal with six world powers.”

          The things Fox News doesn’t tell you.

          • BFD! There are probably several US trade delegations that would like to go but won’t even though the sanctions are gone.

            Like I said ” … any other country’s representative(s) who ‘participated’ … ”
            The European countries are overrun with musloids as is our own federal government so their governments won’t say anything against the agreement.

          • “with musloids as is our own federal government”

            Well that proves you’re not too bright

  26. Did anyone really expected any thing less than an incompetent Muslim friendly deal from this president?

    • How is it Muslim friendly?
      Do actually know what the deal is about?
      I think Steve is just a parrot of what Fox News told him morning.

    • Does anyone really expect any of the people on this board to have actually read the text of the proposed agreement?

  27. This is why I refuse service to the Persians when running my remodeling and welding businesses. Hell, I refuse service to all muslims, hispanics/illegals, and homos. It is easy to do, you just claim that you are overwhelmed with business and are not accepting new customers at this time. But I will ramp it up now.

    • This also works with hiring, I just claim that I am not accepting applications at the time. It is easy to find good, legal American help these days with so many of our countrymen out of work.

    • Ah, another follower of Jesus, who famously said “Hateth thou those with whom thou disagree, for that is the path into Heaven.”
      You DO know that “Persia” is the cradle of civilization? Get a DNA test some time; you’ll be surprised how much “Persian” DNA you have.

      • I didn’t say anything concerning my views on religion. I just said I selectively do business based on my social point of view. Nothing more.

        • I didn’t say anything about your views on religion, but it’s nice to know that you share the same views as the likes of a certain former German dictator, who also singled out certain groups for his approbation.
          I’m just saying how proud Jesus would be of your display of hatred for arbitrary groups.

          • Ah, another follower of Jesus, who famously said “Hateth thou those with whom thou disagree, for that is the path into Heaven.”

            This was copy and pasted from your comment. But you just said you didn’t say anything about my religious view. You are obviously a lying sack of dog shit. Therefore, you have no credibility. Your comments mean fuckall nothing. Your just liar, a troll, and most likely a pathetic loser and a coward. You feel really tough in your parent’s basement trash talking people and trolling conservative sites, but on the street you are a big panty wasted nancy boy and probably a little dicked shitbag too. The best part of you ran down your daddy’s leg and down the drain one night in jail.

          • Oh no! Such a devastating response! I shall cry myself to sleep, the bitter tears running down my cheeks and forming an acrid pool on my…
            Heh. Yeah, I have to be honest; I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what you have to say. As for “trolling conservative sites,” I wouldn’t be here if the jackass who runs this site (for the specific purpose of selling all kinds of questionable stuff) didn’t keep sending me emails.
            My parents have been dead for longer than you’ve been alive, in all likelihood. I’m retired, and living well off a pretty fat IRA, thanks to years of hard work. So… well, feel free to pound salt. And perhaps, when you take a break, you can find Jesus. Or perhaps develop the ability to detect sarcasm.
            I won’t hold my breath, especially when the guy who is attempting to taunt me has, as his avatar, the battle flag of a traitorous state that couldn’t even win a single war. True rebels would be flying Old Glory.

  28. They don’t need a notice period because pootin’ will probably make these inspections personally.

  29. boris yasdnilkov

    Damnation. If it is true that Americans are not permitted to participate in the inspections Obama should be impeached and Kerry should be tarred and feathered… for starters.

    • So you don’t trust Germans, or French, or British?

      You know that Hans Blick, the arms inspector that we trusted in Iraq was not American.
      In fact many of the inspectors that we trust are not Americans.
      We live in a global society, that might be news to you, but that’s because you’re an ignorant conservative.

      • boris yasdnilkov

        Name callers more often than not are ignorant assholes therefore I really don’t give a shit what you think.

        • when one says ignorant things about world events, it’s not name calling, it’s accurately describing the post.

        • Perhaps if some of you would actually read the text of the proposed agreement, the term “ignorant” would not be applicable.

  30. That is 24 DAYS, not 24 hours, I believe.

    • You could, you know, actually read the agreement if you care about what it actually says. You won’t, of course.

  31. Is this about Senator McCain, or is it about the lousy, no worse than lousy, criminal deal with Iran, giving Iran a paid for path to nuclear bombs?

    • A paid for path to nuclear weapons?
      And where did the conservative get this little nugget of lies?
      Care to elaborate?
      What’s the alternative?
      The conservatives are up in arms about the deal but they have no alternative except for.
      Are you signing your children up for death in Iran

    • Five dollars says you haven’t read the text of the proposed agreement.
      Twenty-five dollars says you won’t bother to read it.
      Fifty dollars says you’ll continue to wail about the proposed agreement even though you don’t have the slightest idea what it says.

  32. The worlds’ greatest negotiator, what a great deal he made with the Iranians. They got the mine and he got the shaft. A world power just got snookered.

    • Please elaborate on how we got screwed.
      Like that will happen, conservatives never backup what they say.
      What’s the excuse going to be today gray fox; look it up yourself, do your own homework or I should know by now?

      • Iranian Inspections: Americans Not Allowed
        Iranian Inspections: Americans Not Allowed

        • Perhaps if we had not abused our inspection rights in Iraq the Iranians would not be so hesitant about letting Americans inspect. Many in Iraq were actually spies posing as inspectors. Got the US yet another bad reputation.

          does the con have any real reasons for there being Americans in the inspection group?

          You think the Germans French and British are going to let them get away with stuff?

          Why you think that greypuppy?

        • Why does the nationality of the inspectors matter?

          • I have no idea, enlighten me.

          • Really? You have no idea why you posted what you posted? Interesting…

          • As a famous “lady” once said, “What difference does it make now” Don’t play stupid, “PuttinOnTheRitz”, it’s unbecoming.
            I’m still waiting to be enlightened.

      • You forget that these folks are trying to bring about the Rapture. They’re all in favor of Iran developing nuclear weapons, because they want us to go to war with Iran. If the end result is a cataclysmic world war, all the better!

    • Interestingly, experts — you know, people who actually know what they’re talking about — disagree with you. I’d post a link, but since you refuse to read the text of the proposed agreement, I hardly think you’d bother to read the statement of 60 current and former National Security leaders, both Republican and Democrats. But here’s just one paragraph from “Statement by National Security Leaders on the Announcement of a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” (Go ahead and Google that text; I’m not going to post a link.) Here’s that paragraph:

      “This JCPOA will put in place a set of constraints and monitoring measures that will help to assure that Iran’s nuclear program will be for peaceful purposes only.
      Major U.S. objectives have been achieved: uranium enrichment limited to 3.67% and only at the Natanz plant; the Arak reactor will be re-designed to minimize the amount of plutonium produced and Iran is barred from separating plutonium and all spent fuel will be removed from Iran; a 98% reduction in Iran’s stockpile of low enriched uranium for 15 years; unprecedented surveillance of nuclear activities and control of nuclear related imports; a two-thirds reduction in the installed centrifuges for ten years; constraints on research and development of advanced centrifuges. The agreement will set up a highly effective multilayered program to monitor and inspect every aspect of Iran’s nuclear supply chain and fuel cycle, including continuous monitoring at some sites for 20-25 years, and permit inspections on short notice. We have followed carefully the negotiations as they have progressed and conclude that the JCPOA represents the achievement of greater security for us and our partners in the region.”

  33. Kerry was an a-hole in Vietnam and nobama was an a-hole at birth, what do you expect?

  34. There is only one way to stop all the crap coming out of Washington, that is to start at the top with a well placed lead implant and work down. Eventually, someone will wake up to the fact that we the people are tired of the crap and maybe they will do something about it……One can only hope……

    • Trust the Marine to incite violence.
      We have this thing called voting in America, if you don’t like your representatives vote them out.
      How low functioning does one have to be to think murder is the only way to change?

      • Sadly, many people in this country only believe in democracy when things go their way. I believe the proper term for these people is “Republicans.”

  35. “Germany’s vice chancellor will travel to Iran with a business
    delegation next week, indicating Europe’s economic powerhouse nation is
    moving quickly to engage with the energy-rich Persian Gulf nation in the
    wake of the nuclear deal with six world powers.

    Tuesday’snuclear accord, which came after a decade of diplomatic efforts that
    frequently appeared on the verge of collapse, aims to prevent Iran from
    producing nuclear weapons in exchange for relief of economic sanctions.”

    Meanwhile, America’s conservatives are tripping over each other to see consider stupidest things about the Iran deal while foaming at the mouth and chanting death to Obama.

  36. The one man to blame does not care at all.

  37. This just goes to show the total ignorance of the present administration or perhaps it is part of a deliberate plan to bring our country into world war three!

  38. “Now it is not common that the voice of the people desireth anything contrary to that which is right; but it is common for the lesser part of the people to desire that which is NOT right; therefore this shall ye observe and make it your law-to do your business by the voice of the people. and if the time comes that the voice of the people doth choose iniquity, then is the time that the judgements of God will come upon you; yea, then is the time he will visit you with great destruction even as he has hitherto visited this land.” Mosiah 29:26 & 27

  39. Well done, Bammie Bojangles. You and your maroon, Kerry-the long face, have solved the problem of Iran’s atomic bomb threat. It must make you tingle all the way to your toes to know that you have continued to screw up every “change” you attempted during your tenure as imposter-in-chief. Now, with only time for a few more screw-ups you can return to the slums of Chicago where you belonged in the first place.

  40. Just for your information,Patriot News writer,it is NOT 24 hr advance notification agreed upon by these fools that brokered this abominable treaty,it’s 24 DAYS!!!!!!

  41. Don’t tell me – DumBO is going to send Israel those incompetent soldiers who General Odierno says can’t be trusted to safely handle a firearm…….Where are we training soldiers these days – in Commie re-education camps???? If ANYBODY should know how to handle a firearm, it’s a military service member!!!! Seems to me that if our soldiers can’t be trusted to protect the US and themselves, why would Netanyahu want them??????????? He’ smarter, IMHO, than our Liar-in-Chief.

  42. Yes i was, spent five years there off and on


    In a heated moment President Trump was ambushed by John McCain who led the attack by calling all of Trumps followers crazies. That’s like calling all aborted babies fetuses.

    If you paint everybody with a broad brush you can expect splash back. Trump attacked McCain as a loser and poopoohed his war record. That was all the Rinos needed to complete their take down of Trump. Joining with the democrat party of death who got us into Nam and ultimately the shoot down of McCain by democrat party protected SAM sites.

    All of a sudden the same party that prevented McCain’s war record to be used in his presidential campaign now sing his warrior praises. Remember the lessons of Troy. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

    Trump is a huge threat to the RINO party and this was the moment they were waiting for. Et tu Fox who on Sunday created a Pearl Harbor morning and chose to destroy Trump once and for all.

    I flashed back to the movie the Patriot where the British general Cornwallis says send in the reserves we finish this battle today. Frank Lund stuck the first blow
    followed by the RINOS running for reinfection. Democrats would never turn on their own.

    Trump gets free advertising and steals the headlines. He must be stopped now before he picks up 30 points in the polls. He was right about immigration. He forced the RINOS to take their heads out of their bowls to face reality. Americans hate reality and they run from it with shut down ears. I gave McCain his last vote for president because I support all vets and POW’s ten times more.

    The left will play the patriotic card and call Trump a draft dodger. Never forget the biggest draft dodger who made the presidency was Slick Willy.
    Trump shot from the hip and he cannot walk it back because his enemies will chop him to pieces. He knows that. But here is how he can say mea culpa. Just as he made immigration a major issue, He can make all vets his major issue. The VA scandal was smothered by replacing one incompetent with another but it got worse.

    Now Trump has to make amends. Best way is to support the POWS rotting in Ft Leavenworth. Guys like SGT. Evan Vela,SGT. Derrick Mitchell and others who were tried by a panel of judges with no combat experience and sentenced to twenty years in prison for un pre meditated murder. Not only were they sentenced to a fate worse than death. Their wives and children were denied all benefits and sentenced to a life of poverty. Any assets they had were sold off for legal fees.

    Trump can turn the tables on this planned rubout by the demo commos and their rino allies and once again make America’s day. Who loves you baby?



  44. if we did not have Ogayarab running things, the deal would have been open all doors, dismantle everything, and no more islamofacist crap or we nuke your sorry arsed country back to 2000 century c

  45. Trump right again and again that America has very very poor negotiators….Kerry being the classic example!!!

  46. With all the power, truth, and strength that the United States of America has. With all the responsibility that the United States of America has in keeping Nations free in the World. And a hand few individuals gave all that away in these negotiations. How pathetic. Shame on them.

    • “With all the responsibility that the United States of America has in keeping Nations free in the World.”

      Boy are you messed up.
      We are not the world’s policeman. Get that through your silly head.

      We are an imperialist country that needs to keep its nose out of other countries business.

      That would create a lot less terrorists for you to be afraid of.

      • You would not know the truth if it slapped you in the A$$. I also did not say we were the policemen of the World, but many Countries would not be free if it were not for the United States of America. You are the type who would walk down the street if someone was being bullied by a punk, and you probably would close your ears and eyes and say la~la~la~la~la~la~la~. You probably was the class clown who thought everyone in the class thought you were funny, but in reality you were just a dumb little kid. And they let you have kids““““`and vote?????

  47. The USA is bankrupt, yet they give these iranian freaks $$$$ as part of this sell out?
    WHY and WHO is so daft to do thiss????????

    • Trouble is, THAT is not true.
      daft would be the one who told you this,and you for not looking it up.

      we are on the other hand, unfreezing assets that we have frozen, which is substantial.

  48. If war breaks out because of them, make the first casualty here Obamonkey!

    • If war breaks out it is because the conservatives started it.

      • Get your head out of the sand! Obamamonkey has handed Iran a green ticket to develop nuclear weapons without US inspections! And last I checked, he was a dumbocrat! He has also degraded our military beyond all reason of national security. NO foreign enemy ever encroached upon our territory or airspace with bombers or military ships under any Republican leadership. And now it’s a daily occurence! And even China is now threatening war in the Far East. No, this mess is Obamamonkey’s doing! And he should be the first to fall if war does break out!

  49. Is that what you call him? Think maybe you should do some checking before making asinine statements

  50. Solid proof you cannot expect two BOYS like obama and john kerry to stick up for America, or Israel. Iran was laughing their heads off at this country and the world is too.

    • well except for Europe, Russia, China, Most Members of the UN.

      Tell me again what the conservative alternative IS?

  51. The treaty is an utter sham and has been compared to the 1938 Munich agreement. In fact, it is far worse and more like the Norwegian surrender and French armistice of 1940. The only possible explanation is that the Manchurian President and his grim-faced retainer have intended all along to deliver us into the hands of mohammedanism and world government. Gays and atheists and others who are now exulting that they rule the roost under the Obama regime need to realize that the real aim of this quisling government is Islamic hegemony, and once Iran is able to take out Israel and project its power will be coming here, at which time the rainbow boys and girls and the secular humanists will be thrown under the bus, quite likely literally.

  52. Of course Iran will cheat cause that is what they are supposed to do 0buma knows this cause WHISKERS has told him so but i9t don’t matter cause he has made his legend the only good thing is now maybe 0buma will resign from his position of being our KING and we can go about the business of getting rid of ISIS and some other things that he refuses to do in our country. Of course this will depend on if this would satisfy valerie jarett and the other muslims that are involved in our government.

  53. ( Ten minute video that tells the truth about “McShame”, the Manchurian candidate that was the fall guy for the Muslim-Marxist jihadist back in 2008!

    Welcome to “The Michael Savage Newsletter,” your daily insider report on all things “Savage.”

    In today’s issue: Dr. Savage’s visceral, candid reaction to the terrorist attack in Chattanooga placed much of the blame for the murders on the shoulders of Obama’s cowardly, politically correct administration.

    “We have to clean out this government or we’re all dead,” Savage warned his audience.

    We need to clean out the government of Islamic followers and Islamic enablers.

    I just played you audio of a CNN terrorism expert unsure if a shooter named Mohammod is a Muslim.

    Before he got that job, he was the assistant director of the FBI under Barack Obama.

    That’s what passes for intelligence in America.

    We are all at risk right now because the government has been infiltrated by, if not outright Islamic sympathizers than pacifists who are going to get us all killed.

    Now why did the Department of Homeland Security permit this sub-human to go back and forth to the Middle East without stopping him and investigating?

    The answer is because Obama has instructed every department in this country not to look at Muslims no matter what they do until the bomb goes off.

    There is a rule in the government and the military: Don’t say “Muslim,” don’t say “Islam.”

    They have decapitated the military, the police, the FBI and DHS agents in the field.

    I can hardly gaze at the screen.

  54. It is so painful to see again and again how those two traitors sold us out.

  55. Michael Stewart

    I agree with Iran. If American inspectors are involved they will make up lies about Irans programs. The IAEA already states that Iran complies with all agreements.

    • iF YOU are an example of Iran’s people then we know that they can not be tr4usted. Do everyone a favor and leave the USA or provide your address so someone can give to you the 40 beads!

  56. This deal gets worse and worse. Treason and a sell out for fame or infamy.

  57. This deal gets worse and worse. Treason for fame or infamy!

  58. It is clear that the regime’s negotiators, particularly Jean-Francois Cohen, were desperate for a deal and in the bag for the mullahs. Perhaps the deal is so bad because the Iranians negotiated in Farci while our Secretary of State negotiated in French, which when he ran for president he wanted us all to speak. No doubt this inveterate Francophile is auditioning for the role of Captain Louis Renault in “Casablanca”: he will be shocked, SHOCKED to discover that Iran has nuclear weapons. Unfortunately for us, the Frenchmen he most admires are Marshal Petain and Pierre Laval, and under this regime we are now living in occupied Vichy America.

  59. Not everybody gets everything they want in negotiations. If congress turns this down, it will be the end of America as a world power. No one will respect us anymore if we can’t play with the big leagues.

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