Iran Using U.S. Money to Strengthen Military

Any idiot could see that the Iran nuclear deal was a disaster in the making when Secretary of State John Kerry kept making concessions to appease the anti-American hardliners loyal to the Ayatollah, and those who were blinded to the deal’s disgraceful elements beforehand certainly came to see how horrible the agreement was when it was signed. But unlike some political deals, which improve with age, the Iran deal only gets worse with every passing month. We can’t go more than a few weeks without learning more about just how insane this agreement was, and this week is no exception.

Only a few days after we learned that President Obama set terrorists and spies free in exchange for American prisoners held captive in Tehran, a new report shows that Iran is busy using U.S. funds – released to them in the wake of the agreement – to strengthen their military. A military, by the way, that has been known to paint rockets with slogans like “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Iranian officials announced late last month that Iran’s defense budget had increased by 145 percent under President Hassan Rouhani and that the military is moving forward with a massive restructuring effort aimed at making it “a forward moving force,” according to regional reports.

Iranian leaders have stated since the Iran deal was enacted that they are using the massive amounts of cash released under the agreement to fund the purchase of new military equipment and other armaments. Iran also has pursued multi-million dollar arms deals with Russia since economic sanctions were nixed as part of the deal.

Well, anyone who is surprised by this was either naively optimistic about the deal or willfully ignorant. The Obama administration knew this was going to happen and they went ahead with the agreement anyway. Obama didn’t want to risk being embarrassed on the international stage, and he spent the last years of his presidency trying to retroactively “earn” that ridiculous Nobel Prize he got months after taking office. In doing so, he gave away the farm to Islamists who would nothing more than to wipe the United States and Israel off the map.


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