Iran Openly Mocking the U.S.

Many times over the past few months, Donald Trump has said that the world – and specifically Iran – was “laughing at us.” And considering everything that has happened since President Obama took office, it’s hard to find fault with that contention. Apparently ignorant of history, Obama believes he can change the world through weak diplomacy. Like Jimmy Carter before him, he fails to understand that peace is achieved through strength, not supplication. He is a child among men, and his cowardice on the international stage has become an American embarrassment.

And it’s only getting worse.

Iran, fresh off making the Obama administration dance like trained monkeys in the nuclear negotiations, is now adding insult to injury. Monday, Iranian state TV announced that Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian had been convicted…of something. Rezaian, who has been in Iranian custody for 14 months on espionage charges, was tried in a secret process behind closed doors. A spokesman for the Tehran Revolutionary Court could not elaborate on the details of the conviction, but Rezaian could face up to 20 years in prison.

A WaPo editorial said the conviction “reveals Iran as a country where the most basic norms of justice are still grotesquely flouted and where taking prisoners to use as pawns is still regarded as an acceptable form of diplomacy.”

Well, this is what happens in a power vacuum. The wolves come out to play, knowing they will face no consequences. Iran is finally liberated from the Ronald Reagans and the George Bushes. They can now act with impunity, unafraid of the slow-witted bum occupying the Oval Office. This is a president who couldn’t even be bothered to put Rezaian’s freedom on the negotiating table. There shouldn’t have even been a negotiation while Rezaian was imprisoned, to say nothing of the other two Americans still behind Tehranian bars. It’s an absolute disgrace.

“It is hard to understand how the United States government or any nation can place the slightest confidence in the words of an oppressive regime that has consistently denied Jason’s basic human rights and is violating their own laws regarding the rights of the accused,” said Washington Post publisher Frederick Ryan, Jr.

Mr. President, when a liberal rag is telling you that your foreign policy approach is too soft, you might want to shift gears.

The concerning thing, though, is that he doesn’t even care to acknowledge how badly he’s mucked this up. We are in the middle of a developing crisis. Iran, Russia, and even North Korea are openly mocking the United States, flaunting this president like no country has dared in decades. And make no mistake, the problem isn’t our national ego or anything so trivial. The problem is that without a strong United States, the world becomes a very dangerous place. Someone will rule with military and economic dominance; if it isn’t us, it will be someone else.

Will it be Iran?



Elect another limp-wristed Democrat, and we might just get to find out.

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  1. Liberals and in particular, female liberals believe there’s strength in weakness and weakness in strength. They are truly ass backwards.

    • as ass backward was the guy who thinks women are backward?
      no war on women from the right as dougy just demonstrated..

    • You have got that right! But I do not know if I could even call female liberals females. Seems to me they are afraid to take up the role as a true woman which God intended and would rather wear the pants! So sad it is.

      • so your role in life is spitting out babies and looking after YOUR MAN?

        THAT is why women with brains vote Democrat.

        • women and men who are lazy ass pieces of shit who want handouts vote Democrat. The only war going on is the war of the Democratic party on America and is fundamental roots. The 5 knuckle head clowns on the Democrat debate stage made that clear last night.

        • Did I say that? What you are saying in order to have any kind of say or use our God Given authority as a woman, that we have to wear pants? You are a dumb ass of the worst kind and I bet lesbian and love your man pants. Do you also stick a sock in it? You make me sick!

        • It’s obvious you haven’t read the whole bible and if you did, you would have maybe,,,,maybe not understood some of it. I doubt it though, you just pick and choose out of context or go by what someone else said to get your info, but you definitely did not get what you just said from the Lord. Go away demon.

          • until the 70’s women couldn’t get a credit card without their MAN signing for it.
            YOU couldn’t vote until early 1900’s
            before that, when your husband died, some THIRD party decided WHO got the kids and the Money.
            females had NO RIGHTS

            you were less coveted than the family horse.

            THAT is what the bible got YOU.

          • God’s Word, the Bible had nothing to do with that. It was just the dumb asses and power mongers that chose to interpret that way for their own use. My Lord and Savior is such a loving Father and through prayer, study to show thyself approved and staying in His Will brings great blessings. God is not mocked. God is no respecter of persons, neither rich, nor poor, bond nor free, male nor female. Only man sets these rules and boundaries. If you want to place blame. Blame it on the devil instead as he is hell bent on destroying anything that God loves and God so loved the world, that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believes on Him shall not perish but have eternal life! Thank you Jesus! I am a sinner saved by grace, not by works lest any man should boast. I am a witness to His saving Grace and I am eternally grateful.

          • Pick and choose, huh. Isn’t that exactly what Christians have been doing for centuries. This is such hypocrisy.

      • No fooling how long has Obama worn pants??

    • Lol I love women’s azzes though!

  2. Whatever happened to,” walk softly and then beat their brains out.”?

    • ya that is how CONSERVATIVES blew up the middle east.
      America is DONE with conservative bull poo.

      • William Shuffield

        ? You man by creating the vacuum leading to the Arab spring then embracing the bood thirsty knuckle draggers? Against all conventional wisdom and in sore of the plains of every ally? Oh wait….that was the ignorant liberals. Never mind

        • you mean the same Arab spring endorsed in the GOP 2012 platform?

          THAT Arab spring?

          you are very well informed William.

          • SALLY you are FREAKING DUMB!

          • was the not too bright conservative trying to make a point?

            maybe prove me wrong?

            who the fuck is Sally?

          • Ok Lame brain… Reasoning with a Progressive Deranged and Delusional Libtard is like making bricks with Jello ( your pathetic brains damaged by Inbreeding) or like calling Obammy a well Schooled Thing in governing…. ZERO!
            But giving Wadded panties to MORONS like you is like…. FUN! Even MUZZIES are laughing at you, like Putin and Castro…

          • nice moronic reponse.

            I am sure everyone is convinced by now that you are a drooling idiot.

          • hahahahah you are making my point… YOU are an INBRED MORON… Carry on Sally …

        • I couldn’t agree more!! The left has dumbed down our kids! Its sickening! And its out in the open they are REWRITING HISTORY! and Indoctrinating our kids ! If you feed lies no matter if the truth hits them upside the head they won’t believe it anyways!! They will tout ( it says it in the book! Or the President or some leftist idiots cram lies down our kids throats!) And its just getting worse!! The leftist idiots during the DEMORAT debate said they want to do away with capitalism & replace it with socialism!! WTF??? Even if your a lifelong Dem they should ( if they have ANY MORALS or VALUES) should vote Republican! To save the USA! All anyone has to do us look at pre- WW2 Germany! & the Hitler youth! And Hitlers statements! History will & is repeating its self and people / kids who are ignorant or dumb on history or who have the new common core books won’t find this because ITS BEEN ERASED!! Everything OBOZO touches TURNS to SHIT! How can a community activist ( agitator) who has a secret past be qualified to lead or run the USA!! Obama didn’t fundamentally change the USA for the better he fundamentally FK-ED us!! Iran , Russia & SK are running circles around us!! They have a free ticket to do whatever they want because Obozo is hitting way outside of his weight class! I do give obama an A+++ in the BS category!,@ all he’s been or qualified to do is run his mouth & divide , instigate ,indoctrinate people but when he’s cornered , out – maneuvered, out smarted ! Them he either tucks tail & runs, causes shit elsewhere to deflect eyes off the crisis. He then goes into the blame mode instead of stepping up to the pl

      • How is living in the idiot world of STUTOPIA working for you?

      • OH yes… 7 years of Obammy the MUZZIE really have Solved it all…. Apologies… retreat… Arab spring….Incompetence in dealing with Syria.. Libya.. Egypt.. allowing Iraq to be retaken by Iran.. Isis.. and AQ… YEAH… You Progressive MOON BAYS really have it Right! AND now after “selling out to Iran and CUba….how soon after Cuban trops join Russian ad Iran Troops to SAVE ASSAD in Syria will Cuba “HOUSE” Rissian Missiles War ships and Planes??????? YOu MORON!!!

      • Like what the conservatives did in Libya!! Oh, wait a minute!!

        • HEY that was a WIN from “BEHIND” but Muzzie Barry never explained whose Behind Obammy was Talking about…His or Reggie’s that was ‘INVADED”…..

      • Really?! Explain that?? Especially sense the M.E. was semi – stable When Bush was in office! Don’t forget the world in its current state is due to Vagina- boys foreign policy!! Which is( retreat & hide) doesn’t anyone know history?? True history & not the common core shit being shoved down our kids noses now?? We should never have invaded Iraq nor dethroned Saddam Insane. People forger that during the Iran – Iraq war that we backed Iraq. He was a dick but at least their was no power vacuum like now. People don’t understand that part of the world! They have been fighting their wayyyyyy before the USA was founded you can trace history their to BC times old history. We shouldn’t mess with shit we have no knowledge of. We can’t change nor shove our views down peoples throats no matter how much we want to. Besides like the muzzies in NJ said & in Germany & Europe! We want it our way or no way! You may not pray or bow to Allah but your kids will or they will die! Does anyone from the left camp bothered by this??? Or care?? Because they don’t care!! If you don’t convert to their ways your kids will die!!they are bringing their hate and discontent with them!! The Arabs that Cabins man are letting in (,300,000) so far and an additional 200,000 running from Syria!! A lot are young healthy military aged men!! And why is that?? They don’t/ won’t leave their hatred behind! They are bringing it here! That is not Bush’s fault! That’s Obama!! The left whines iand act like a bunch of spoiled kids! Who think they are OWED!! Everything ( YOU! USA OWE ME¡! X!! Y!!! &Z!!!) Not because they did anything but just because! Sounds like my ex-wife who had mental issues!!! LOL people especially the LGBT people etc blame cinservaties for their woes! Especially when someone doesn’t like them parading around in front of children when they are half naked & flaunting it!! Guess what??,The Muzslimes do not tolerate the LGBT community!! They hang them or chuck them off roofs!! They have no tolerance!! I hope the left realizes this but they don’t!! But enough with blaming conservatives for Vagina man’s failed policies! He has been President for almost 8 years!! He’s accountable!! For what’s going on in the world & the next terrorist attack is directly his fault & not conservatives!! The left & him own ! This shit now!! Wait until they use Iran’s low-end uranium in a dirty bomb!! Its not a matter of if now but when!! But explain how conservatives are in anyway responsible for the ME shitstorm ??

        • Patriot068 and Redhawk, you just cant win an argument with a liberal, you’ll always be wrong no matter what because they are just so much more intelligent than you. Notice the arrogant, condescending attitude? Like you are not worth their time. You are not “worthy”of an opinion because you’re always wrong.

          • I know Redhawk but its so damn fun to get em wound up. Make then take more of their meds LOL because each post you can see his they change! Tweezers!! Love it lol . they do say its a MENTAL disorder they have. My ex – are was like that!! Bi-Polar was fun to set her off especially in court. Same on here online you can see how at 1st their messages are civil until someone disagrees then they show their true nature

          • SPOT ON… I enjoy to Throw a few “ISSUES: to see how far off the rails the “tards” can Roam…

          • It is not so much “winning: as is to see how they “BEAT THEMSELVES” into proving their Stupidity! :0)…..Keep on Firing for Effect, the Moon Bats are in Range!

        • BULLS EYE!…Keep loading up Facts and rest assured that it’;ll keep their Panties so wadded up to cause crap flow reversal and the funny stuff they post will be just like watching obammy Flooded with flies about his BS…

      • I agree that going into Iraq was a mistake. However, after seeing what a mistake it was, why was Obama and his State Dept. deposing Guaddafi and Mubarak and trying to depose Assad? THAT’s what lit the fuse in the ME.

        • you are not to bright I see.
          Mubarak the Egyptians did themselves and Egypt is some what stable.

          Libya is so far from the middle east, it proves you don’t know what the Middle East IS.

          shall I post some links to the GOP calling for Obama to move on Gaddafi?
          LIBERALS Blasted Obama over this. (not like I expect a con to be informed)

          liberals think we should NOT be doing any of this and cut the military by HALF.

          • and Build Transgender Johns for them MUZZIES…now that really wil keep our Country Safe at least that is what Lib Tard MOON BATS believe

    • Obbamy way is to hide under a desk and play with a SOFT thing….With REGGIE’s

      • is that how Oama died?
        and ore terrorist leaders by a factor of 10 than GW?

        why do cons insist on lying all the time?

        • That’s BS! The target was painted on bin- laden way before V-man was lekected;! Wouldnt have looked right if V-man took it off!; I love how the left gives false credit ! & plays the blame game when something goes wrong! We all know if all had happened on V-mans watch that Bin- laden wouldn’t have been targeted because it would have been covered up – & V-Man would have problems given him a pardon or would have been invited to the WH. I definitely know that WE NEVER would have invaded Iraq! Nor Afghanistan! Because USA lives do not matter to V-Man

        • Do you think that obama had anything to do with it? That was the military and the CIA’s doing. Obama’s a golfer, not a leader.

        • Volumes of evidence separate fact from fiction. On July 11, 2002, TheNew York Times said “Osama bin Laden is dead. (He) died in December and was buried in the mountains of southeast Afghanistan.”
          “Pakistan’s president, Pervez Musharraf, echoed the information…(T)he truth is that Osama bin Laden is dead.”
          The BBC, Fox News and other media sources reported the same information. David Ray Griffin‘s seminal book on the topic titled “Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive?” did it best.He presented “objective evidence and testimonies.” The former includes the following:

          Through December 13, 2001, the CIA monitored messages between bin Laden and his associates. Suddenly they stopped.
          On December 26, 2001, a leading Pakistani newspaper reported bin Laden’s death. It cited a prominent Taliban official attending his funeral – witnessing his dead body before it was laid to rest.He was very ill with kidney disease and other ailments. In July 2001, he was treated at the American Hospital in Dubai.
          On September 10, 2001 (one day before 9/11), CBS News anchor Dan Rather reported his admittance to a Rawalpindi, Pakistan hospital.

          In January 2001, Dr. Sanjay Gupta said bin Laden appeared “in the last stages of kidney failure” (according to Griffin) – based on video evidence he saw in late November or early December 2001.

          In July 2002, CNN reported the capture of bin Laden’s bodyguards months earlier in February. “Sources believe that if the bodyguards were captured away from bin Laden, it is likely the most-wanted man in the world is dead,” it said.

          Washington offered a $25 million reward for information leading to bin Laden’s capture or killing. No one came forward to claim it.
          Testimonial evidence Griffin cited included influential “people in a position to know” saying bin Laden died in December 2001 including:
          Pakistan President Musharraf;
          FBI counterterrorism head Dale Watson;
          Oliver North saying, “I’m certain that Osama is dead…and so are all the other guys I stay in touch with;”
          Afghanistan President Karzai;
          Israeli intelligence saying supposed bin Laden messages were fake; and
          Pakistan’s ISI “confirm(ing) the death of…Osama bin Laden (and) attribut(ing) the reasons behind Washington’s hiding (the truth) to the desire of (America’s hawks) to use the issue of al Qaeda and international terrorism to invade Iraq.”

          In October 2008, former CIA case officer Robert Baer told National Public Radio when asked: “Of course he’s dead.”
          In March 2009, former Foreign Service officer Angelo Codevilla published an American Spectator article titled “Osama bin Elvis, saying:
          “Seven years after (his) last verifiable appearance among the living, there is more evidence of Elvis’s presence among us than for his.”
          Griffin explained today’s advanced technology can create fake messages and videos able to fool most people.
          Pre-May 2011 claims about “bin Laden’s continued existence (weren’t) backed up by evidence,” Griffin explained.
          Perpetuating the myth about bin Laden remaining alive until May 2011 remains one of the Big Lies of our time.
          It bears repeating. Clear evidence proves he died of natural causes in December 2001. Keeping alive a dead man was done to pursue America’s phony “war on terror.”

          So-called “Enemy Number One” was used to stoke fear as pretext for post-9/11 imperial wars on one country after another to this day.

          The official White House account of bin Laden’s death was totally “false,” said Seymour Hersh, an investigative journalist.
          Most important is both explanations and others expose the official Big Lie – hype used as justification for America’s war on terror, naked aggression against one country after another by any standard.

          Hersh said the May 2011 bin Laden operation began in August 2010 after a former senior Pakistani (ISI) intelligence official offered information on his location in return for the $25 million reward Washington promised leading to his death or capture.

          Claiming he was in Abbottabad under ISI house arrest doesn’t comport with convincing evidence of his December 2001 death.

          Saying Obama wanted Osama dead belies his earlier demise. The staged bin Laden killing was hokum – especially with no visuals, corpse, independent proof and shifting official accounts.

          Major events are always strategically timed for political reasons. In this case, to boost Obama’s sagging image. It got an immediate bump following the staged event.

          It diverted attention from neoliberal harshness, force-fed austerity and protracted homeland Main Street Depression conditions.

          They’re evident today in unprecedented levels of borderline/actual/or deep poverty, unemployment or underemployment, homelessness, hunger and overall deprivation in the world’s richest country.

          It continued post-9/11 fear-mongering to further Washington’s imperial agenda – featuring one direct or proxy war of aggression after another against nations threatening no others.

          So-called DNA evidence claimed to prove bin Laden’s death 12 hours after the staged Abbottabad incident was fake.
          Experts explain DNA identification takes days to complete – impossible in hours, especially in a location with no professional lab or skilled personnel to conduct it.

          A Final Comment: On August 6, 2011, 30 US special forces (including 20 Navy Seals) involved in the Abbottabad incident died in a reported helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

          Draw your own conclusions. Dead men tell no tales.

          • Why do you respond to this troll? I beat his brains out before I finally just had to delete him whenever he posted anything. He’s a troll and he’s just trying to get your goat. He hasn’t got brains enough to carry on an intelligent conversation. He’s a conservative/ common sense basher because he has neither: conservativism nor common sense!!!!

            (And besides that, he’s full of sh-t!)

          • True… but Jesus said speak TRUTH… So sometimes I just have to vent….

          • You go, girlfriend!!! 😉

    • Yes, that is the best way!!

    • If you are asking me, Spark that question. I still HATE the EVIL ONE, Barry Soetoro Hussein because he is NO GOOD. PERIOD. He is against OUR country and must be REMOVED. Joe Biden is a PUNK too > But he is just dumb.

    • I think it was walk softly and carry concealed… but now they’re talking about confiscating those “dangerous” weapons…
      Besides, even a jackass knows Obama has it out to destroy America. yet the whole group of donkeys support their “leader” for the sake of the party…

  3. Leave it to the shallow thinking cons to want to make American HOSTAGES even MORE VALUABLE.

    HAD we linked the nuclear negotiations to the prisoners, that would have made MORE American prisoners EVEN MORE VALUABLE.

    every American overseas would then become a target to negotiate with.

    TRY THINKING for once.

    • William Shuffield

      I guess you missed the part where Obama told the families to pay all ransoms as they wished yeah you try thinking for once

      • tell me William, what that would have to do with the US government?
        OR the Iran deal?

        perhaps if you were informed instead of disingenuous, you would know that families have been asking to be able to pay the ransoms.
        US policy was to NOT negotiate with terror groups and so families were not permitted.

        Obama just has more heart than the cons in America.

        • Oh…I guess trading 5 terrorists for a cowardly deserter wasn’t negotiating with them…you people lie so much, that if you told the truth–you would have to lie to get out of it! We have had enough of the phonies, and stick a fork in them.

          • well fool, that was done through third parties
            Perhaps not being an ignorant con would help your debating skills.

            AND there is that little tradition the US forces have.
            “LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND”

            so much for your patriotism.

          • Don’t get so mad ! – no one here agrees with anything you say obviously…..did someone put sand in your Vaseline again? is that it ? I do feel sorry for you tho if it makes you feel any better. It must really suck being that ignorant. SEMPER FI

          • your kindergarten level response is obviously because I proved your not too bright of an American and can’t come up with a competent reply

          • It wouldn’t have been leaving him behind. Bergdahl deserted on his own accord.

          • You guys would been equally up in arms had he not rescued him .

        • Obama showed indeed to have more heart when he told the federal prison system to take pork off their menu in order to protect his brethren. He also showed more heart when he negotiated the exchange of known terrorists for a deserter in order to please those who brought him. This proves that you are capable of telling the truth, even when it is by accident.

    • You’re an idiot. We had not yet given the Iranians their $150 B back before the negotiations. That’s called . . . leverage. We don’t have any now.

  4. The only ones Obama plays tough with are Americans, particularly those who don’t kiss his ass.

    • That is because he want’s to go to war with his enemies, and 0bama’s enemies are Republicans in Congress, The Tea Party, and Christian Conservatives.

      • Couldn’t agree more! We need to fight & watch our asses with him! It proves he isn’t a true American let alone a true citizen of the USA!,his ass kissing with the Muslims!condemning Christians etc and basically all out war on anyone who does not agree with him just proves who he is.we’ve always had divide in the USA and race relation problems but instead of bringing both sides closer no matter of it was/is based on race, religion etc he has divided and drove a wedge in between !hell the cops don’t even want to do their jobs in Chicago because of fear of being on the nightly news whether it be due to police brutality or MURDERED by a black person.. Now Chicago’s mayor is whining because its the muder capitol of he USA& guess what? Its V- mans adopted home state and has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the USA!the Dems & libttards got EXACTLY what they pissed & moaned about!! Black lives matter movement got exactly what they asked for & more!! & in one month of cops really showing what it will be like now the left is whining again!! FK them!! If I was a cop ide refuse too. Anyone who questions what it would be like & is like if their is no law now sees or can look east towards Africa to see what its like. Better yet look at Haiti!! The French freed their slaves & walked away !! Now look at it ( HISTORY!!! ) people don’t read true history ! Now the left got what they wanted & they don’t like it!!tough shit I say!! They made their bed now they can sleep in it I say!!

      • Well, when he is faced with bible thumping, hypocrites.

        • 0bama never has been faced with bible thumping hypocrites…

          That is just a made up crisis of which to get you to do something stupid for him….

          • How so?

          • Have you even seen a bible thumping hypocrite?
            Do you even know what a bible thumping hypocrite is?
            Has 0bama ever been in contact with a bible thumping hypocrite?

            They are using your fear of the bible to control you.

          • Bible thumping, I believe it means attempting to quote the perceived word of God. Hypocrite, example, marriage is a sacred institution, yet has been divorced more than once.

          • So what you are saying is no, 0bama has never faced a bible thumping hypocrite.

            Why is it when 0bama changes his mind you call it evolving and when a divorced person whom recognizes the errors of her past, asks for and accepts Gods forgiveness, and then 4 years LATER backs up the sacred institution of marriage by following Gods word, and you call her a hypocrite???

            Are you not being the ultimate hypocrite? .

          • No not really. Because I do not see it necessary to live my life condemning others, pushing personal beliefs on others, as if to say ” hey, do and be how I think because I am better than you. You and those that believe this superiority thing are exactly and completely the bases for our country being so jacked up.

          • Those are just stereotypes created by bigoted people.

            I am a conservative and I have no desire to condemn others or push my personal beliefs on them.. I will no longer back down when others push their beliefs on me… But then again, apparently atheists can not be accused of doing that….. (sarcasm intended)

          • Well you are correct about athiests. They tend to not viciously attack others and claim it to be the word of God. Seems to me athiests are indivuals. They do not use religion as a reason for cruelty and hostility towards peers, they make the decisions that are best for them, as a person.

          • Atheists actually cannot be accused of that – they have no “belief” – that is the very definition of atheism. It is not that they do not believe or disbelieve in a higher power, they simply do not view belief as important next to evidence and logic.

          • Those that control atheists have gone beyond your description of not believing or disbelieving, as they now fight against Christianity….. This small minority no longer allow the majority to follow their personal beliefs… That is a far cry from “simply do not view belief as important next to evidence and logic” That is all about opposing Christianity, and to work that hard one must believe in something.

            Atheism like liberals, and conservatives are being used by socialists with evil intent.

    • Jerry, Obama doesn’t have the guts to play tough, with anyone unless he has his hoods with him.

      • Lol hell he married one of his enforcers!! ( mooch-hell) the beast!!! Lol

        • So far, you guys and all you gun waiving stupidy, why you go enlist or better yet get happy asses on a plane and go put you guns to some use at defending American ego.

      • That’s why he married one of his Enforcers!! Mooch-Hell! The BEAST¡! He’s got protection 24/7 & its not the Secret Service! It coming at you is like a big F-king Wookie coming at you!!

    • True and I do not think I would want to get close enough to him to kiss his ass, as I might bring out the anointing oil and start casting those demons out of him! and praying total protection before I go anywhere near him.

      • Quit bitching about ‘Bush’s War’ – it was voted by Congress, unlike Obama’s ILLEGAL was in Libya. How’s that hell hole working out now? It sucks, like the rest of the Middle East Muslim countries..
        At least Bush stood up like a man and took responsibility. Obama sent out his girls to justify why Benghazi wasn’t his fault – then went to Vegas to raise funds. He’s a coward and Putin and the rest of the world leaders know it.

    • Wonder if that really works for you. Obama has made mistakes. Sure but what pres hasn’t? Quit believing that Republicans are better. They both tell lies, they screw up. But the dems don’t send Americans to get killed over bullshit, bitch.

      • At least Bush stood up like a man and took responsibility. Obama sent out his girls to justify why Benghazi wasn’t his fault – then went to Vegas to raise funds. He’s a coward and Putin and the rest of the world leaders know it.
        At least Bush stood up like a man and took responsibility. Obama sent out his girls to justify why Benghazi wasn’t his fault – then went to Vegas to raise funds. He’s a coward and Putin and the rest of the world leaders know it.

        • I guess it really was brave of him , Bush. I mean what sacrifice, right. Stood tall like a man and delegated that shit.

        • So you condone Obama but not Bush?

        • Why is it easily brushed aside that Bush was wrong or criminal in his leadership? Is it because he is white? Is because he is a Republican? Something else?

          • Why play the race card? Bush followed the law – period!
            As much as you want to think everything he did that you didn’t like was criminal, it wasn’t. You voted in a new president who routinely ignores or violates the law. Should I ask if it’s because he’s black? No, he has an ideology that he holds higher than the law. Remember his complaint about the Constitution being a list of ‘negative liberties’ and doesn’t support wealth redistribution? Remember how he couldn’t override the Immigration laws until he did?

          • You are in fact doing the same thing to Obama that you just stated about us/me saying about Bush. Why? Why must it be this difficult for you to see how this just keeps circling with no solution, no real effort.

        • Bush never took responsibility for war. He cowarded behind Cheney and Dumsfeld.

  5. I laugh at liberals too….

    After all liberals have been running the Country for 7+ years now.

    They would not be laughing if a Conservative was in office….

  6. What in the world would make anyone believe that the end goal of any diplomacy by this regime is peace? What makes anyone believe, even remotely, that making America weak isn’t the end goal of everything taking place?

    • well until you try, you don’t know do you.

      the conservative plan is WAR.

      we can do that later if the treaty doesn’t work.

      are you anxious to get into another endless war?

      • The present liberal peace plan is for war in the future…with Iranians using nuclear weapons in addition to terrorism and conventional military forces.

      • ISIS is taking over the Middle East and committing genocide, should we have ignored the Nazis as well?

  7. Bath House Barry is sucking up to the muzzies and working for them not for the United States nor our Allies. He
    has rolled over and lied to the American People constantly, his actions have made us a joke on the world
    stage so the out enemies see the weakness in the Oval Office and think they can make headway around the
    world at this point. They know that he will never do any thing against them as long as he can stay in office.
    The only people that the muzzie POS has attacked is the Christians and those who are not muzzies, He has
    backed the homosexuals and other sexual deviates against the principles that made our nation great.

  8. It is too late for this administration to wake up to reality concerning human behavior. While I can admire Obama’s desire to end conflicts, sometimes putting a conflict down works better. But we are dealing with a problem peculiar to the Middle East for centuries which means we have to deal with it carefully.

  9. It is not weakness. The Muslim/Commie is one of them & their leader. The HEAD SNAKE.

  10. SO why is obama still in office

  11. A cute poodle in a dog fight with 100 grizzly pit bulls.

  12. Obama a class act failure on foreign affairs, POS is destroying America which is his agenda

    • Exactly! We see it as failure but he’s accomplishing his agenda right under our noses! We see it as total failure but its really not!! But the end result is the utter neutering of the USA on a world wide stage!

  13. well Hell Putin also is Laughing at Obammy by provinf to be an Even Better Organizer… he got Fidel Castro to send troops to join His Russian and Iran Troops in Propping up Assad,,, So how soon will Russian Ships, Planes and Misiles bt “HOUSED ” in CUBA??? and Will Obammy Find a pair to talk about THIS miscalculation of his ????

    • A lot of people ( especially left raised kids) are to stupid ( not their fault) to realize just how close Cuba is to Key West FL) 90 miles.they are to busy trying to get freebies & legalize pot.

      • Since we are tying every single Dem or liberal leaning into the same crap trap. All Republicans must , war hungery gun toting bible thumping sexual predators whom can’t/won’t feed the children of this country, but will take away a women’s right to her body. Then there is the anti gay thing, really. You are nothing but the opposite of what Jesus /god says. Although it depends on which version, kill all first borns and what not or the love thy neighbor. Hmmm must be hard for you to pick which hypocrisy you will chose.

      • YEAH… Generations of Libtards IMBREEDINGS have Created this Generation of DUMBASSED VOTERS ( on top of LBJ “great Society;)wanting Obanny like MOON BATSS to give them Freebies until the Cash rubs out and then>>>>>>>>>>>>??? well Bernie and the Clinton SOW will make the same promises having NO idea how to PAY for their ” largesse” for Votes by the very same A*s holes…

  14. Obummer believes he can change the world …… most commies and tyrants believe that. But Obummer isn’t in charge, Valerie Jarrett is. Jarrett is a hard core socialist from an elite family and went to elite schools. She is a student of Sal Alinsky, one of Americas foremost communist community organizers. In Edward Kline’s book (2014) Blood Feud: the Clintons vs the Obamas, he writes about how Jarrett manipulated Barry from the time he started work for a Chicago law firm as an intern, and met Michelle, foraged their marriage and became his hard core communist mentor. Even Barry’s family and friends were commies. He and the Clintons rubbed elbows with many 1960s and 1970s hippy commies and the likes of Alinsky and Bill Ayers and family. I even speculate that Barry was fathered by Frank Marshall Davis, a hard core commie, as Barry’s mother had many partners over several decades. This doesn’t take a PhD or rocket science, Obummer is a commie with Jarrett as the puppet master, a puppet herself to the UN and EU elite Puppet Masters of Georgie Soros and his friends, minions, drones and sheeple.

  15. Has anybody out there have balls? What is going on.? The more I read the sicker I am getting… RONALD . where are you? This half breed A- HOLE is killing us. AND THERE ISN;T a thing we can do. Why? We have no more power as a people ,or a nation. I would like to sit in on a congress debacle , and watch these clowns . talk each other into a stupid , what ever its called, and ask what have you maroons jus accomplished ? They would lock me up. REMEMBER when the queen of France said let them eat bread, and they stormed the palace? These guys are telling us to eat s//t , and we don’t do a frig-gen thing .

    • “This half breed A- HOLE is killing us’
      I think the MORON needs to elaborate.

    • Well saddle up soldier. I think all you die hard should be on the next ride over seas. Show them what we are made of boys and girls. Ohhhhh, right. Nothing but BITCHES. If you want a war go take care of it and let the others who have seen it already stay home. Go on with ya.

      • I will comment , because you got me at a nice mood. 1ST grow up, 2nd learn to talk English.
        3rd its guys like me who have GONE and will still go. because guys like you have no balls. if you will not stand for your country , what will you stand for BOY.

  16. As far as I’m concerned Iran sucks, and they need an ass whipping to make them see the light.. But Alas our executive branch of gov, is a passel of wimps, who are afraid of their shadow..We need a person of principle with a set of gonads to be in our gov. offices…

    • why so eager to have more Americans in body bags and with serious trauma?

      the person of principle IS IN OFFICE, thank GOD.

      we don’t need fools with the cowboy attitude.
      that was GW and look what THAT FOOL did.

  17. Let them mock us. WE should BLOW THEM UP. PERIOD A few NEUTRON BOMBS. Bye people, HELLO buildings. Then Find and Send ALL the ILLEGALS there. DONE. Oh, they can take their children with them. CLEAN UP OUR COUNTRY. NOW

    • What exactly would a cleaned up country look like?

      • It would be a country where the races, all races got along. AND, the Liberal Demos. would get a clue on what was going on and be more sensitive to the needs of ALL people not just have themselves in mind. Oh, and ALL ILLEGALS would be GONE and NO MORE WOULD EVER COME HERE FROM ANYWHERE.

        • Sounds wonderful. However what exactly has the dems or repubs done to seemingly prevent this? Please only truth by that of fact, not opinion or fox news please.

          • NOTHING. That’s the problem. Just because there are two sides and different opinions, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t arrive at a middle ground to protect our interest and be precise in what we do. I have always been for equal opinion and thoughts. Seems both sides are one way. Their way or the highway. Not good. WE are in trouble and it is because of GREED, CORRUPTION and just bad people in government. PERIOD. It has to CHANGE or we will be, always in constant fear of those around us.

          • Thank you. It is refreshing to that not all opinions here are of violent and hateful mind sets. I agree that it is equally corrupt on both sides and that it is important to see this in order for a more united standing by the American citizens. If it stays one sided it itself will cause our demise.

        • Well, except the immigrant thing. There are rules I believe should be to this matter. I am 100% in believing that taking care of the American vets and currently serviced should be first as well as providing the essentials of life to the poor and ill . when we are doing this and succeeding we can share our country. We are not built from non immigrants when we ourselves are immigrants.

  18. Folks, leave Reality Check to his own disillusions. It’s total waste of time responding to the baiting remarks this individual proffers.

    • Baiting remarks? He just keeps giving facts to possibly educate and ween you from the irrational ignorant jack asses you apparently enjoy being. He was attempting a good sumaritan act. Figures.

      • Tsk, tsk. I feel soooo wronged by your hate-filled name-calling; something “people” (and I use that word advisedly) of your ilk often stoop in justifying their convoluted opinions and to demonize those with opposing views. As I figuratively look down my nose at you, please consider using your “spell-check” in future correspondence in this or any other commentary venue, as the respective words are: “WEAN”, not “ween”; “GOOD SAMARITAN”, not “good sumaritan”.
        As for corresponding with me…I want nothing more to do with you, because I’m sooooo sensitive to being called names. You really, really, reeeeeeally hurt my feelings!


    • Unless something has dramatically changed. America is no longer a Christian nation. On that, this nation was not even based from Christian beliefs nor any religion. For goodness sakes you have got to stop with this shit. Quit with the lies just boost your egos.

    • Just wanted to be clear. I agree with most of what you wrote.

  20. Impeach him now. Biden might learn that we don’t put up with this, & not be as bad, for the rest of the term, til we can get Trump in for President.

  21. Note to Iran: January 2017 will be the end of the worst administration in United States of America history. January 2017 will see you still living like barbarian slugs under some hominy guy in a dress. One for us; none for you!

    • can we just pretend your not an American.

      you make us “normal” people look bad.

    • Hopefully, it won’t be the beginning of another Democratic Administration with the likes of Sanders or Clinton at the helm….! Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Teapartiers and all other patriotic Americans who believe in our Constitution, Bill of Rights & the Law of the Land, need to band together to put a stop to the Socialist/Liberal Lunatics trying to destroy this nation.

      • Yourko: Your words scared me…the thought of a sanders or clinton in Our White House is a horror almost as bad as obama being there. Yes, I agree that we all need to band together! Those of us who respect the Constitution, etc are all needed to fight alongside each other, not against each other.

        • Didn’t mean to scare you Joy…. But, it’s horror that we’ll face if one of those two get voted in.

          • Don’t worry about scaring me Yourko, I already live with the fear of another radical administration. We will just have to prevent it!

      • You should really get a grip on what kind of country you REALLY live IN.

        Social Security is Democratic Socialism.
        Medicare is Democratic Socialism.
        Medicaid is Democratic Socialism
        Public libraries are Democratic Socialism.
        (and in the Constitution)
        The US highway system is Democratic Socialism (and in the Constitution)
        our electric grid is Democratic Socialism
        Public Utilities are Democratic Socialism

        I can go on.

        your basic problem is you listen to Propaganda that has corrupted your brains.

        The GOP are trying to turn this into an Oligarchy and YOU are participating in that change.

        That is very UN-AMERICAN. (and not very smart)

        • I lived in Canaduh long enough to know what Socialism is. Last time I checked…, it was a Constitutional Republic. Here in lies the problem with Liberal lunatics like yourself. You live in fantasy land, and unfortunate for you and your KKKlan…, We still have a Constitution & a Bill of Rights.
          Rectal Check…, your partner has gone a little to deep, and as he was pulling out, your brains followed. Those aren’t hemorrhoids you have hanging out your a$$…., it’s your brains.

          • Wow. Very informative piece of …anyway. Just curious why you didn’t have facts to back up you Anti socialist views as did RealityCheck with his facts. Hmmm.

          • I have what’s called common sense and know where this is heading. I also resided in Canada when police came door to door in my town “confiscating” guns just as they did in New Orleans. They’re up to it again.
            If you haven’t the capacity to see the forest through the trees, there’s nothing I can say or do. Yes, I am indeed anti Socialism.
            Fact is, Socialism fails. All the entities RC mentioned are failing. You and RC can do your own internet searches to see all the above failing. If Socialism fails, why would anyone want to implement it & support it? You won’t get the guns, and you won’t change the USA into Canada, Australia or Great Britain. Why? Because we have a Constitution & Bill of Rights and, enough Americans still understand those Laws and Rights contained within those documents, are precisely the reason for our success. You may want to enroll in this Constitutional study to actually understand and grasp the importance of our founding documents, and how we can directly attribute our successes to them.
            Our Constitutional Republic might not be perfect, but it’s better than any of the above mentioned countries, and I challenge you to show me a Socialist country who has even remotely reached the success America has attained….., Second Amendment included. Just based on the desire to immigrate to this great nation from folks around the planet is evidence of our success, and the desire of those folks who also desire success. If you and any other Americans full heartedly believe Socialism is for you, by all means, go, immigrate to those wonderful countries and enjoy their intrusive governments.
            Good Luck

  22. Unable to cast a vote regarding Obama regarding destroying America and his handling of Russia…. Tried for 15 minutes with negative results…

    The Fix must be in, like everything else in his Administration and Liberal Democratic Progressives !!

  23. Let me ask of all of you. But don’t go somewhere else in answering, just answer the question. Would you save Obama if he was needing help? Dying? Just answer this question. Side note to you all. I know what the Bible tells you but do you? Go ahead answer.

    • Sincerely in belief that everyone on here thinks they know every thing, have answers to all, yet no one can answer any of my #’d questions, at all, not even snarky comments. Curious if it is because when asked something that may provoke actual individual thought, it escapes you.

  24. Nobody respects a negro, or a woman but that is all what America wants to put in as their leaders. Don’t you think this is planned by somebody??

    Kiss your country goodbye and be the laughing stock of the world too!

    • This is what you call patriotism? Racism and women bashing.? Um, sounds alot like history. History of which we are to learn from and not repeat the mistakes made. It’ s called progress. Why do you chose to be stuck in the mindset of destruction.

      • Those other countries treat women and Negroes like dirt. That is why lieberals want them for America.

        One to mock her, and two, to bring her down.

        THIS IS DANGEROUS. It can allow an invasion and if you are women you will see how they really treat them. Good luck! Whitey is gone!

    • more importantly, no one wants anyone LIKE YOU as a leader.

      • IF you elect me as President, I will first arrest the negro, put Hillary in jail and her husband for treason, rape, murder.

        I will also arrest all Congressman that voted for the illegal negro under TREASON charges. Repeal the 16th and 17 Amendments not properly ratified.

        I will eliminate the illegal “income” tax and create a flat rate tax of no more than 10%.

        90% of illegal ABC government agencies will be disbanded.

        All illegal immigrants will be returned to their country. Thus, I wall employ MILLIONS of Americans to do so. Job may take many years guaranteeing employment.

        Nearly all illegal foreign aid will be eliminated.

        All lieberals will be licensed and monitored and forbid civil or governmental authority. Each, however, will be given his/hers sandbox, if tax payers agree.

        Military and veterans will be made priority thus guaranteeing peace at low cost.

        Militia to be created per the Constitution. Citizens encouraged and trained to be armed per 2nd Amendment. Virtually any weapon can be owned by any QUALIFIED citizens.

        Death penalty to be brought back for justice.

        Christianity will be encouraged and in some cases required. Such as my cabinet members.

        I, thus, will create the greatest country, the shining city on the hill that you all don’t want. 🙁

  25. I can’t speak for everyone but it makes me feel good that there are no more body bags being shipped home from the mid East. Let’s give peace a chance.

  26. Here’ s a blief I have. 1. Working together for peace first be the rational thing instead of guns blazing right out of the gate. Why is this wrong? Is it not what the Bible suggests?

  27. 2. Love thy neighbor is also from the Bible. Not love only those who look like you, who live only like you, or love only like you. So why do so many chose to abide by this? Is this not a form of picking and choosing what you follow as the word of God?

  28. 3. Immigrants is what we are in this land have you forgotten. We were visitors to this land that was already occupied. But as history shows, we were so full of dominance, and false supiority that we destroyed the life of those here before us. Tragic and not deserving a reprisal.

  29. 4. Falsly believing that every member, of a political side, or citizen in a country, or are of a religion, are hateful and wish harm on the innocent. Why do so many believe otherwise?

  30. Why wouldn’t they? They’re on the same team as Obamao. Seriously. Anyone still think this president is on our side after all the crapola he’s pulled? I fear there are too many stupid people in our country for us to retain our freedom. People better wake up soon or it’s the end of us. OBVIOUS FACT!

    • I fail to see the “obvious fact” when you forgot to supply said facts.

      • You fail to see them because you’re a socially engineered useful idiot lab rat tool in your own destruction.. Well. Just for one on the ever-growing list. Telling the enemy what and when you’ll do things militarily so they have a heads up is exactly what to you Orwellianites? Here’s another. Bergdahl. When you stop denying those two we can go further. So………..We won’t. ISIS is his fault too. Deny it all you want.

        • Still not seeing the facts? Guess you have none possibly due to the overuse of idiotic name calling.

          • The ones you ignore? No. I see them just fine.

          • Listen, if you have a “fact” based response, please share. I am not in the habit of believing someone just because they state their opinion and slap a “fact” label on it.

  31. Raymond Ambrozaitis

    Ok when there is not another moron just like you around to hear don’t you laugh at the clown car candidates too?

    • Why the name calling? Why no solutions, no ideas, no common ground? Is it that you find yourself to be the all knowing, superior, I’d fix it but it’s not my job, guy/girl? Well keep on fighting that hamster wheel of so called life you have pegged for yourself.

  32. I never thought I was going to witness this disgrace in my lifetime. Come Lord Jesus, come soon!

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