Iran Openly Mocking the U.S.

Many times over the past few months, Donald Trump has said that the world – and specifically Iran – was “laughing at us.” And considering everything that has happened since President Obama took office, it’s hard to find fault with that contention. Apparently ignorant of history, Obama believes he can change the world through weak diplomacy. Like Jimmy Carter before him, he fails to understand that peace is achieved through strength, not supplication. He is a child among men, and his cowardice on the international stage has become an American embarrassment.

And it’s only getting worse.

Iran, fresh off making the Obama administration dance like trained monkeys in the nuclear negotiations, is now adding insult to injury. Monday, Iranian state TV announced that Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian had been convicted…of something. Rezaian, who has been in Iranian custody for 14 months on espionage charges, was tried in a secret process behind closed doors. A spokesman for the Tehran Revolutionary Court could not elaborate on the details of the conviction, but Rezaian could face up to 20 years in prison.

A WaPo editorial said the conviction “reveals Iran as a country where the most basic norms of justice are still grotesquely flouted and where taking prisoners to use as pawns is still regarded as an acceptable form of diplomacy.”

Well, this is what happens in a power vacuum. The wolves come out to play, knowing they will face no consequences. Iran is finally liberated from the Ronald Reagans and the George Bushes. They can now act with impunity, unafraid of the slow-witted bum occupying the Oval Office. This is a president who couldn’t even be bothered to put Rezaian’s freedom on the negotiating table. There shouldn’t have even been a negotiation while Rezaian was imprisoned, to say nothing of the other two Americans still behind Tehranian bars. It’s an absolute disgrace.

“It is hard to understand how the United States government or any nation can place the slightest confidence in the words of an oppressive regime that has consistently denied Jason’s basic human rights and is violating their own laws regarding the rights of the accused,” said Washington Post publisher Frederick Ryan, Jr.

Mr. President, when a liberal rag is telling you that your foreign policy approach is too soft, you might want to shift gears.

The concerning thing, though, is that he doesn’t even care to acknowledge how badly he’s mucked this up. We are in the middle of a developing crisis. Iran, Russia, and even North Korea are openly mocking the United States, flaunting this president like no country has dared in decades. And make no mistake, the problem isn’t our national ego or anything so trivial. The problem is that without a strong United States, the world becomes a very dangerous place. Someone will rule with military and economic dominance; if it isn’t us, it will be someone else.

Will it be Iran?



Elect another limp-wristed Democrat, and we might just get to find out.

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