Iowa Shock: Carson Gaining on Trump

If you asked a Washington insider who had the smallest chance of winning the Republican nomination six months ago, they would have probably said Donald Trump, followed closely by Dr. Ben Carson. So it’s with some amusement that we regard the latest Bloomberg Iowa Poll that shows these two political outsiders topping the primary field.

Trump remains at the top of the pack, flush with the support of 23 percent of likely caucus participants. But Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, is hot on his heels with 18 percent of the pie. For pollster J. Ann Seltzer, this surprising turn of events is both incongruent and somewhat meaningful.

“Trump and Carson, one bombastic and the other sometimes soft-spoken, could hardly be more different in their outward presentations,” said Seltzer. “Yet they’re both finding traction because they don’t seem like politicians and there’s a strong demand for that right now.”

This truth is not just reflected in the poll numbers for Trump and Carson; the anti-Washington sentiment is hurting former Iowa frontrunner Scott Walker and crushing Jeb Bush. Voters – both nationally and in Iowa – have had it with the same old, same old. There is a deep-seated desire for fresh blood, and conservatives have found something they like in the two top choices.

As opposed to Trump, Carson has been waging a quiet but powerful campaign. His ads are all over televisions in Iowa, however, and his message has apparently connected with much of the voting public. In him, conservatives have found an alternative to Trump’s wild and wooly approach to the race. Carson is measured and thoughtful when he speaks while still unrestrained by the shackles of political correctness. In his quest to become America’s second black president, he provides a stunning contrast to the one we have. With a heartfelt defense of individual liberty and personal responsibility, he could pull off the upset of the century.

No matter who ultimately winds up taking the nomination, it is clear that Republican voters are looking for something different this time around. Trump’s popularity is proof enough of this, but Carson’s sudden rise only emphasizes the point. After years of Obama, weak GOP congressional representation, and nonsensical surges in social liberalism, we are drawing a line in the sand. No more will we be jerked around by the Republican establishment. No more will we reward cowardice on Capitol Hill. No more will we be told by the media who we should vote for.

No more.


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  1. Some think that because Carson is black that he will take the black vote , but this is dead wrong !!! Obama didn’t win the black vote because he was black , he won because of his pasion of issues !!! Carson’s right wing ideas are directly against most American voters poisons on the basic problems facing us along with his bat _hit crazy ideas on God and what this country stands for will Carson fail terribly against any Dem running !!! The problem is the message not the person’s color or religion !!! Our party has to change and stop being the party of Bigots and the privileged !!! Only then will we win national office !!! Some say ” well we have to just be close and then we can send it to the courts or have it desided in the house ” but if that were to happen America ( no just Dems ) will not stand for that again !!! The American people will call for new elections and will not let the country move forward without them !!!

    • What’s the matter, you Liberal TROLL, all you got is a Liar & a Socialist? Go whine on Huffington Post where the other Left Wing Loonies can appreciate you.

    • Obama won the black vote because he was a community organizing street pimp who gave blacks their victim status. (apologies to street pimps) The democrats could care less about the blacks, it’s all about votes and power. The democrats have done nothing but destroy the black family. Carson’s story is amazing, he’s from a single parent family and his mother worked three jobs to support her family. He also went on to become one of the top surgeons in the country. The democrats tell blacks that they can’t do it alone without the left’s help, BS! Blacks that vote democrat vote against their own best interests.

    • Obama won because of his promises to the LGBT and baby-killing lobbies which are the only issues he was passionate about.

      • Obama won because the elections are rigged and the corrupt media supported him because they were paid to do it.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. George Herbert Walker Bush is still president to this day and all the rest are just his fill-in-flunkies, doing exactly as they are told.

        The way I see it, Hillary won’t be president because she is an idiot. The powers that be will get to both Trump and Carson and their campaigns will end mysteriously just like what happened to Romney in 2012. As much as I hate to see it, Jeb is our next president.

        These people are all closet communist. Every person, no matter how great or how beloved, is just a bullet away from eternity. God help us all.

        • Oh God, here we go again.
          the election was stolen.

          MEANWHILE, no one EVER goes to jail

          Tell me silly one, where are all the GOP poll workers during this voting?
          since you fools have been claiming this is happening for DECADES,
          one has to wonder why cons are so stupid that they can’t do something about IT?

      • try again silly human.
        please NAME those PROMISES.

        (like that will happen)

        • Oh…. maybe promise not to defund Planned Parenthood and send Biden out to test the waters in support gay marriage… but you knew that, right?

    • And Studid said…

    • Your comment has to be the most idiotic one thus far!

    • Obama had 90%+ of Blacks supporting him, 10%+ of the vote.. did little for the Blacks at all, they’ve suffered the worse in this recession.. and still support Obama about 90%. I don’t know how ‘passion’ is this inevitable without racial dependancy. This isn’t passion for idea’s, this is passion for a “BlacK” person… continually telling blacks whites are oppressing them.

    • Color of skin doesn’t matter. Intelligent people will consider Carson, the rest will vote for the democrat Hyphenated American, no matter what.


  3. Trump had better expose Dr. Carson’s historical support for ‘Affirmative Action’, Gun Control, and Amnesty for Illegals (work permit program). When reads looks at Dr. Carson’s books and then hears his campaign rhetoric they don’t mix.. His support for the Baltimore Mayor and District Attorney is very shocking.. and the MSM is not exposing his clear racial bias… we don’t need to take the chance of electing another stealth racist as President

    • Dr. Carson is no Obama

      • But what if he is just a closet racist looking to add on to the damage that Obama has already caused and is causing? i’m afraid I must agree with RN. Why take the chance?

        • Other than Cruz, Jindal, Santorum and Huckabee, I think we would be taking a chance with, to a great extent, some RINO ideals. Carson slammed Obama at the Prayer Breakfast where no even a White conservative would have dared to challenge him. DR. Carson has great disdain for the government dependence Obama tries to push on Blacks and America.

          • “DR. Carson has great disdain for the government dependence Obama tries to push on Blacks and America.”

            AFTER growing UP on WELFARE and FOOD STAMPS?

            I think we call that a HYPOCRITE.

            and you are pretty silly to think that this hypocritical stance will not be his downfall in an election.

          • I said nothing about assistance to those truly in need. I’m talking about a lifestyle of dependency…yes he may have used the system but weaned himself from it…I doubt very seriously that welfare paid for his college education. I’m sure some hard work and sacrifice had to have been involved somewhere along the way. Many people could benefit from understanding his story. But it’s easy for those who are unwilling to work as hard as he did to get what he has, to feel his stance is hypocritical. He is not against welfare or food stamps…he is against sloth.

          • Doesn’t seem right to me to blame Dr. Carson for “growing up on welfare and food stamps”, when that action would have been taken by his mother or father or both, without having consulted with him. Don’t think that makes him a hypocrite either. Seems to me you are painting with much too wide a brush here.
            However, he did rise out of that life, went to college, got his doctorate in medicine from John’s Hopkins Univ. and became the pre-eminent head of the section of the hospital that deals with brain surgery. That’s no small deal in itself. Unless you hold a doctorate in ANY subject, I’d suggest you just set down and be quiet.

          • Jindal I don’t think he’s what he claims to be. He took the first step towards a cashless society, he signed into law No Cash for 2nd hand transactions. their all pushing for a cashless society. government will have complete control over everyone, they will know every dime you have. how you got it and how you spend it. they will know how much money you have at all times, they will be able to track you where ever you go, they can’t do that with cash. those chips now being placed in the credit cards is another lie, if you don’t use the cards with the chips don’t. soon they will all have them. that was another thing about hitlary. hitlary’s had many servers I think, they are finding more than one already, Gowdy was able to uncover the power grab hitlary tried to get away with. her server was being set up to take Control of All Public Records. it was a Power Grab and he said she almost got away with it. just like when she was in the WH. she Stoled those FBI files over 900,000 files. the clinton were able to go after anyone with an FBI file, they jump when the clintons call, they donate millions to the clintons and chelsea included.
            hitlary will never go to prison, even thou we’re supposed to be a country of laws. They would be scared to death to allow her to go to prison. She could expose a lot of people, many of them would be right there with her in prison. She’s not going away so don’t hold your breathe waiting.

          • Let it play out. Don’t sell out early. Give them all a chance to show who they really are.

          • I wouldn’t consider voting for any of the ones mentioned as selling out however I could see myself voting for Fiorina or Walker even Trump…not so much Kasich, Paul or Bush.

          • I could see you going down on Trump.

          • That’s a liberal thing, I could see you going down on Hillary or Bernie Sanders…Dirty Joe would love it…damn that’s one hell of a visual if Bill had to resort to Monica…that’s desperation.

          • “Dirty Joe” ….Liberman I assume? Great visual: you feltching Ted Cruz while his dad takes pictures.

          • There’s only one Dirty Joe and he’s a Communist pretending to be a Catholic…he’s just waiting for more sympathy votes before announcing he’s running.

          • Dirty Joe’s hole! I know right! Fuck him and his dead son…what an asshole he is!

          • Ah! now you’re into necrophilia as well? Liberals are never satisfied.

          • Yes, fuck conservatives, they’re all brain dead

          • yes ….you’re so open minded, your brain fell out.

          • Save yourself the time and just puke you conservative guts out now you wussie.

          • Lilly, you silly bovine of a bit@h. I know you are just another version of croc or jughead or dickface or whoever you dream up for today’s obfuscation and misdirection.

            News flash, no one takes you seriously, so just crawl back in your hole and wait till someone calls for you. Maybe you could put that mouth to use and make a quarter or two sucking off your queer buddies.

      • No but he is identical to him in several areas.

        • What areas for instance?

          • Open your eyes, it’s right in front of you. They are both black and they are not what they seem. I’m for Mr. Trump as I would never vote for Ben Carson unless he was up for VP of another candidate. I have never voted for a democrat in my life and that’s never going to change.

          • Thank you for opening my eyes. I wasn’t aware that they are both Black and that’s the reason you wouldn’t vote for him…kinda justifies all the liberal rhetoric regarding Republicans hating Obama because he’s Black…wouldn’t you say? I don’t know if Carson has ever been a Democrat but I do know that Trump has.

          • So was Ronald Reagan and he changed parties. There’s just something about Ben Carson and that’s just my gut feeling.

          • I had that same feeling about Obama and apparently too many people didn’t share my feelings. Should Carson get the presidency, I just pray you don’t have to tell me and others, the way I told others, after Obama got elected…”I told you so”.

          • If people paid more attention to obama they would no he was lying to them. The news media and congress should have exposed obama. his school records from collage would have exposed him. obama was really elected thru election fraud, election fraud was at it’s highest for the clintons so they thought but obama beat them out.
            obama said he was not a Democrat he was a Progressive and so did hitlary,
            The news media should be reporting that she is not a Democrat and she’s running on what ticket, What Party? Sanders is running on the Dem Ticket because hitlary is not a Dem, she would not have any votes if she exposed herself again. why the news media won’t report on this is beyond me. now there are a couple more on the Dem ticket, but hitlary has not really come out and said what party she is running for. she did the same thing in the last election, she waited till she was certain obama was getting the nomination for the Dems. she than expose herself thinking she was going to get the VP slot, it was time to reveal who she really is because obama had already came out and declared who he is.she had a chance of being VP but Biden got first pick at that. Biden was rewarded for his covering up the clintons and UN’s money trail with Soddom. hitlary got the Scryt.of State and was promised their support for her for Pres in the next election.

          • He will have to give in to the black panther,shorten, the NAACP will be on the Door steps to the WH with their hands out asking for more money for Education, they took over the Con game from jackson he used it for years. clinton handed over Billions to the NAACP and where did the money go? Their all living high off the hog. While most of those in the black community are living in poverty and why because the Big mouth Blacks don’t care about anyone but themselves. Education has been the #con game for years. They should be lined up at the Doors of the NAACP and get the Education money that was give to them.Same with Jackson has been getting money for years, to support his misstresses

          • He supports the Baltimore Mayor & District Attorney which is more than enough for me to not vote for him. Can you say or spell RACIST ?

          • Seems I heard him speak out in support of cops and from what I have seen he has a dim view of any activity that conflicts with the semblance of law and order regardless of the color of the perpetrator.

          • Keep believing the lies if you so choose to do. People like you keep electing these Rhino’s not me !

          • If you think Cruz is a RINO, you obviously haven’t been paying attention.

          • Obviously you have not the intelligence to realize so.

          • RINO horney RINO

          • I think you got blood coming out of your wherever

          • My comment was directed at Lady Green Eyes & not you. There for you comment to me is disgusting & not gentlemanly at all. Therefore you owe me a apology but dirt bags like you never apologize so just stick it !

          • I was responding to your comment to me regarding my intelligence…I have found that people who don’t think rationally usually attack other people’s intelligence or call them idiots, morons or dirt bags and tell them to “stick it”. But if that comment was sent to me by mistake, then I do apologize.

          • Forget it men like you is what is wrong with our society today.

          • what’s really wrong with our society today is men carrying purses and playing hopscotch.

          • You truly must not have much of a life ? Trying to converse with one like you is futile .

          • What??? You mean you condone men carrying purses and playing hopscotch.

          • You comment is in no relation to the conversation. Are you saying that you carry a purse & play hopscotch ?

          • Well I lost my purse and the only Scotch I play is not hop.

          • You seriously need to lay off the Scotch.

          • Oh Nick, have a shot it will do you good. Might even give you a sense of humor.

          • I only drink socially at parties to lower my inhibitions.

          • oooo…kinky

          • No not kinky ! i only drink socially because I am shy. By doing so I find it easier to socialize.

          • Oh ok my bad …I can relate, I was a bit shy in my youth myself, just be careful not to overindulge there’s a bunch of Bill Cosby’s out there.

          • He says a lot of things, but what he says doesn’t always match his record. Look up his record on abortion issues, for a good example. I don’t trust him. He talks a good talk, but I suspect it isn’t as sincere as he wants us to believe.

          • If Obama, Trump and every other politician is allowed leeway chance their minds or stances, why not Carson that doesn’t mean they’re not sincere now.

          • Trump admitted that his position changed. Carson has not. It’s what he omits that is a concern. He also seems far too soft on other issues, such as international matters. His comments in the debates were far from firm on almost anything.

            Trump aside, Cruz is a far better option than Carson. Jindal also looks really good. I like Walker, but he’s dropped out. Carson, I have watched, but I cant trust him. A lot of that is discernment, and there isn’t always a clear reason, but it’s there.

          • Cruz is my first choice and I like both Jindal and Santorum but Carson so far is the only one with the balls to say a Muslim being president is inconsistent with American values and the Constitution.

          • This is true, but maybe his statement will bring others to agree.

          • Carson has given me a couple of concerns. First and foremost was his statement that The 2nd Amendment should be conditional upon where one lives. Rural citzens should have the right, urban dwellers already have too much violence.

          • Actually he is pro 2nd but there are a few liberal sites who are pushing the idea that he is…I mean don’t you think Dems are in total horror at the thought of losing the Black vote. If anything he is probably concerned about places like Chicago and Detroit and the easy access of illegal guns to hoodlums. But he is the ONLY one who has made ANY comment which was pretty clear on Muslims…that explains his sudden surge. Americans want somebody who doesn’t apologize for what some feel are politically incorrect comments.

          • Maybe. However, if the clip wasn’t dictired, I HEAR him waffle on the 2nd Amendment months ago. That caused me to rethink my support.

          • Dsmocrats are so afraid of losing the Black vote that that will doctor anything he says… A good example is what ABC tried to do to him regarding his statement about a Muslim being president

      • Have you seen his “Immigration Reform” proposal? Opposite of Trumps. We have enough Illegals in the USA. Time to send them home! Period!

        Trump 2016

        • It’s a great idea…but a more realistic approach is Cruz’s plan which Carson seems to agree with 1. SECURE THE BORDER!!!! 2. Deport all violent and drug abusing criminals immediately. 3.Revise wording of the 14th to deny an incentive to illegal immigrants to use “anchor babies” as a means of staying here…then we talk about the rest….first things first.

          • Trump is already advocating:

            – SECURE THE BORDER!!!!
            – Revise wording of the 14th to eliminate “anchor babies”

            – Deport ALL Illegals

            I like Trump’s plan better!

          • I like Trump’s idea better also…I just believe Cruz’s plan is more doable and more expeditious.

        • Man alive, if that ain’t the truth, I’ll kiss a bullfrog.

      • But Carson gives God reach arounds! Spurt, spurt!

      • He is also no Reagan or heavy weight conservative… he is barely moderate, and when one understands his true positions on several critical issues he is more left than right. Example… he wants work permits for illegal aliens already here… that is Amnesty. Carson is for Amnesty. He thinks some kind of gun control is ok for semi-auto weapons… hardly mainstream 2d Amendment support. He has a vision for a new form of ‘Affirmative Action’ one that deals with all underprivileged members of society not just those of color… he wants an expanded version of Affirmative action… hardly conservative. Finally, Carson was a Democrat for most of his life… he supports the Mayor and District Attorney’s handling of the Baltimore riots and police… that is hardly conservative. Think before jumping on another Obama… an unknown and unproven political entity.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Yea, but another fucking nigga for you idiots to get your panties in a twist about.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            He said from his rectum.

          • You’re a rectum

          • StupidConservativeValues

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          • With friends like you who needs enemas?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You and your traitorous conservative buddies are so full of shit, it would seem your entire body could use an enema. But good god who’s going to clean of the mess? Oh right, us liberals, we’re always cleaning up conservative shit.

          • Traitorous would be your liberal minions who must have license to kill babies and debauched behavior “normalized. Your contributions to the moral decay of America will be our undoing. As for cleanup, you can’t even cleanup the mess left behind by your heroes Bill (Monica), Hillary (Benghazi), Margaret Sanger (baby killing), Kermit Gosnell (how would you like to clean up his “mess”), and Harvey Milk (milk gulping). Those are the real traitors. We need more patriots like Dan White.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You condone killing…hypocrite. Hey I ate too many Twinkies!

          • Naw…not killing….I condone saving America.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            If you condone saving America, have you considered offing yourself like the coward, Dan White?

          • Actually I considered serving my country…and did…and you?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Serving one’s country encompasses a large swath of possibilities, but I’m sure in your pea brain it can only be military service or nothing. I served my country by working to get Obama elected and our county out of the clutches of its home-grown terrorists (Repuklicant’s). Praise the lord for our Commander in Chief: President Obama.

          • You call that serving your country??? That’s high treason. What I did was for ALL Americans including you (you ingrate) not out of idolatry for one person or it’s deviant party. Just like in the Middle East you have actually turned over this country to the real terrorists…the liberals. But be forewarned…the day of reckoning approaches.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Conservatives waste more government money on witch hunts:
            Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz has just admitted that the GOP’s investigation into Planned Parenthood’s misuse of federal funds turned out to be a dud. “Was there any wrongdoing? I didn’t find any.” Chaffetz was quoted a saying.

          • Chaffetz is a liberal in GOP clothing. I’m sure you think Planned Parenthood would NEVER stoop the the lows of Kermit Gosnell…they just sell baby parts….sheeeesh

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yep, all you cons do is rationalize and/or make shit up: “Chaffetz is a liberal in GOP clothing.” Grow the fuck up!

          • I bet you “rationalize” killing babies, Benghazi, emails, Kermit Gosnell and consider them witch hunts too…sheeeesh…and YOU have the gall to say “grow up”…what a sad Gruberite you are.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You funny “man.”

    • You are correct on all points. Good job of vetting Ben Carson.



    • Ronald, “amen”. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”—also “being a top surgeon does not a leader, make. Surely, most of his time has been spent in perfecting his surgical skills. I have no objection to the good doctor and I respect him as an authority in his field but he might well be out of his realm of abilities and this is no time to “experiment”. As a President, we are looking for one of Ronald Reagan’s stature.

    • His position on abortion isn’t nearly as pro-life as he wants people to think, either. He’s also for forced vaccinations.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Dr. Carson should put on some “white face,” so he doesn’t look like a brotha.

  4. The author errs when he says, “if elected, Ben Carson would be the second Black president”…actually he would be the FIRST.

  5. I will not be fooled by The Republican Party this time ! If Trump is not running then I will simply stay home on election day.

  6. Mr. trump has lots of enemies, the democrats hates him and so does the rino’s whom I call closet democrats. I’m sorry I cannot get behind Ben Carson as I smell a rat and he does nothing for me. Mr. Trump go all the way to the white house.

  7. This tells us about Iowa and their ability to look into the voting history of the last election. Romney was a Mormon and what happened, may evangelicals stayed home. Those with the mentality of Black is Beautiful have better look closely to what has happened during Obama’s reign. Many hasn’t the slightest clue to pulse of the voting public and if there was ever an event that would tare this party apart it would be that Carson become the nominee. After Obama, a black, has virtually destroyed our country we have far too much apprehension and the word prejudice can’t be ruled out. My suggestion to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, North Carolina and any of these other states they had better take a hard look and run a poll of the Southern White Male. This will certainly lead to anarchy within the party and the formation of that dreaded 3rd Party.

  8. Some are saying Carson would bring the Black vote. I and many others don’t want the black vote, we’ll find ourselves in the same situation as the Democratic Party. I have nothing against their voluntarily joining but I’m not going to suck up or vote for a black just to gain their vote. There isn’t enough of them to make a difference if our people will show up at the polls. Being the opposite of Trump or that he took on Obama at the Prayer Breakfast is just not enough to vote for him and I will allow you to call me racist, it wont be the first time.

  9. Mr. Trump-President, Dr. Carson-Surgeon Gen., Allen West-Sec. of Defense. Ohillary CLITon-White House custodian.

    • Hildebeast shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the WH. The last time she was there she stole everything she could get her hands on & was forced to return “some of it”.

  10. Trump – President/Carson-VP/palen – head of the EPA/ Fiorini – head of the IRS Christie Secretary of Defense.


  12. based on all the silly candidate suggestions below, I think Moody’s has been reading these blogs.

    “Democrats to Win in a Landslide in 2016, According to Moody’s Election Model”

    “A small change in the forecast data in August has swung the outcome from the statistical tie predicted in July, to an outcome that nevertheless gives the incumbent
    party 326 electoral votes to the Republican challenger’s 212.”

    time to look for a SANE candidate.

  13. I DO not believe the polls.

    Americans are DEATHLY afraid of being labeled a racist because they are ones but don’t want nobody to know but ironically everybody does now.

    I cannot think anyone would want another “brother” in office. He praised Al Sharpton recently and that is ALL I need to know.

    If I was running for office I would NEVER EVER praise the puff daddy negro! He has IMO committed some serious crimes that endangered innocent people.

  14. That is beyond disturbing. We don’t need someone afraid to answer a question leading the country.

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