Intelligence Chief Denounces Russian Allegations Against Trump

Two days after BuzzFeed published an explosive dossier of unverified claims regarding President-elect Donald Trump’s associations with the Russian government, the top intelligence official in the United States condemned the report and expressed his regret that it had been made available to the public.

On Thursday, Trump said Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had spoken to him about the report.

“James Clapper called me yesterday to denounce the false and fictitious report that was illegally circulated,” Trump wrote. “Made up, phony facts. Too bad!”

Clapper himself verified that he’d spoken with the president-elect in a statement.

“I expressed my profound dismay at the leaks that have been appearing in the press, and we both agreed that they are extremely corrosive and damaging to our national security,” Clapper said.

BuzzFeed has now been denounced by the president-elect, the current administration, and most major news organizations for their irresponsible decision to publish the documents. Of course, that does little good after the fact. Now we have the next President of the United States wasting valuable time with reporters to deny absurd accusations of a most vile variety. Half the people that read BuzzFeed’s report probably think it’s all true. And if even they’re told it isn’t, it will stick in their minds.

And that’s exactly why this report exists in the first place. Put together by Trump’s political enemies, it is – by all known accounts – complete fiction. But when allegations are as explosive and “viral” as these, it barely matters whether or not they’re true. Their power is in their propaganda. Less power now, perhaps, than before the election, but still powerful enough.

In his statement, Clapper went out of his way to distance U.S. intelligence agencies from the data published on BuzzFeed.

“I emphasized that this document is not a U.S. Intelligence Community product and that I do not believe the leaks came from within the IC,” he said. “The IC has not made any judgment that the information in this document is reliable, and we do not rely upon it in any way for our conclusions.”

Ultimately, if even a single sentence of the dossier turns out to be true, we’ll know it soon enough. In the meantime, we encourage all Trump-hating liberals to hold their breath.



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  1. John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, BHO, The Clintons: all globalists, all corrupt!

    • Golden rain crowd.

      • It’s golden shower MORON, if you’re going to be a sheep at least get your fictitious facts right…….

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          • What is that supposed to mean?

          • A post, now vanished said “moron, stupid moron” and I asked if there were any other type. A smart moron. no….anyway the post was erased and now mine remains dangling in cyberspace.

          • Oh thank you for responding. Name calling randomly seems just inappropriate. We are all entitled to our opinion. CNN and the FAKE Trump story so angered me. I believe he unjustifiably is being viciously attacked by machinery. That’s my point. AGAIN Thankyou for your kind response

          • Ok. I agree. You are a moron

          • You know I have been reading your posts. You seem to lack intelligence . In fact, demonstrate you have not earned the right to name call . Most PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP supporters as I am, are very well educated and have a vocabulary that they can express themselves without name calling. When my PRESIDENT is mocked and insulted, I take offense. I have defended his name and honor from California to Maine from Washington state to Miami Florida, and this last year in many countries and foreign lands, have engaged in meaningful conversations concerning our president. AGAIN, I don’t take it lightly. For the record, your distaste for me is mutual. I don’t need nor want your distraction. However, I may disagree with you, but will defend your right to say it.

          • My reply was meant to be as ignorant and offensive as yours. I could have said , you are juvenile, immature childish, low education , low comprehension skills , and limited vocabulary. You have absolutely no skills to express yourself other than name calling. That’s not giving your opinion. Not a dialogue why you agree or disagree. Most important,
            you have not earned the right, the license to insult and name call. Whatever your opinion is.

          • Richard Schnedorf

            You cant’t even read let alone spell,

        • It is the fact that CNN and John McCain disrespected and dishonored my PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. That’s what this is all about. Facts prove those who point fingers usually are guilty of what they accuse others of. Therefore, I believe this is disgusting behavior they probably are engaged in and accusing PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP of. That’s the point. I don’t care what the perverts label it.
          I will continue to stand against those who spread vicious lies about PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, as I have this last year from coast to coast and many foreign lands Many for the first time were aware of the slander campaign against our president. I have had meaningful and fruitful dialogue. That is my agenda.

        • I am not a sheep. The perverted correct labeling by this FAKE NEWS I am not interested in. What I am interested in as the slander being perpetuated against Americans choice. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. And those I named I am convinced are engaged in this disgusting behavior. That’s why they think they have the right to harm our presidents character. That’s my point
          AGAIN, I don’t care about correct labeling of perverse behavior. I am concerned about spreading this dirt to slander PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.

          • I am with you. I really hope that all the parties involved in this slanderous reporting and continual leaks will be duly prosecuted after Jan 20. I believe there should be a full investigation around all the nefarious action which has gone on for the last 3 weeks. Obviously if the leaks did not come from intel(but then you have to believe Brennan) then they must have come from the administration or the congress or senate.. it’s really not that hard to figure out. Just look to those who have been out to get Trump since the election . My guess it lies within the left though McCain and Graham can’t be ruled out. Not much use for Rubio or Ryan either.

          • Absolutely. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP has fingered Brennan. As wild as Donald can seem in accusations, he hasn’t been proven wrong yet. Everyone else BLINDSIDED he sees it. You’re right, it sure gets sketchy, who is friend or foe. Thanks for your reply.

          • Only a deviant could dream up this vile accusation. Plenty of hollywoods, wieners, Clintons, Soros, CNN idiots, and their base of puke out there, bathhouse potheads and crybabies. Trump has already made this cretin of the press eat the words they printed, and CNN led with. We find that this story was a fabricated POS, created by P’sOS, posing as press! They join the ranks of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS that are only shadows and operatives of the DNC, involved in fake news schemes in the politics and illegality of personal destruction! As the redneck scientist exclaim, ” plain to see, plain as the azzz on a mandrill baboon” to us all!

          • Absolutely. The reply correcting me on this deviant behavior terminology and three posts responded moron. Idiot and moron are Soros funded HILLARY trolls standard reply. That post must have got them in the balls!!

          • Did you catch CNNs scenario that would take out (kill) Trump, Obama and much of those politically close to them and turn the White House back over to the Democrats. It does not take much to stimulate hate, discontent and violence and CNN just set the idea into motion!

          • Abominable

          • InternetCensorsREvil

            But golden rain is a correct label. The responder is just an ignorant liberal.

          • Hay. Thanks. These guys are disgusting and disrespectful to PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP that and they are low life to have had come up with this. I am convinced they practice this and comes from personal experience

          • Follow the dollar; you will find much of the stress, lies, violence and hatred in the country is still beinf funded and Bought by the Clinton Campaign and the $2.2 Billion Dollar “Marketing Budget” Obama has at his disposal.
            Tomorrow Obama will be history – – we have to hope Trump will be true to his word and do his best to bring Honesty and truth back into our government; remember that the government BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE and that we can only claim to be a Democracy when the government and our laws are managed and controlled by the people!
            We entrust our president to carry out the laws and ensure a safe and secure nation. IF that president decides s/he has the power to intercept the laws the way s/he wants or to ignore those laws they do not like, the doors are quickly opened to lawlessness.
            For eight years we have watched Obama apply his own interpretations to the laws and twist them into his own preference. It has been that personal agenda that has caused the demise of 50 years of gaining better racial relations in our country, that has brought about the disrespect for government and justice!
            Trumps’ biggest challenge is going to be fixing the mess Bush left for Obama and the ignoring of the Bush problems while Obama create even grater numbers and more significant problems he will now leave for Trump.


          • Trump is now our president; his biggest challenge will be in uniting this country as the Obama/Clinton and Left Wing leadership has created so much hate and discontent ever since it was revealed that Trump actually beat out Hillary.
            Todays speech by Trump ws full of promises to bring Americans’ back together, to cure many of the ills that have been brought on by weak, uncaring, and uninvolved managers In Washington. They have been supported by two massive budgets; portions of the Billion Dollar campaign fund Hillary had at her disposal and the “Marketing Budget” Obama had available. We know these funds were being used by the Hillary Brigade preceding the elections and there is little doubt they are still paying for demonstrators.
            Trump made a lot of great promises today, we need to hold him to them and we need to do what we can to help him bring them about; remember – Obama made a lot of the same/similar promises but he did nothing; Just being In The White House Does Not Make Things Happen or keep us safe and secure!

          • TRUMP today made it about We the people. Where you been? Trump has been doing just that. Trump is not confined to just his short muscular to the point can do speech

        • I looked up your name. Unlike other posters I was directed to an advertisement. I believe you are a troll. You purposely twisted my statement to create confusion I am convinced. Troll A Soros paid TROLL

        • InternetCensorsREvil

          You must be a liberal, attacking someone like that and don’t have YOUR facts straight.

          Go Google ‘golden rain’

        • stop the name calling.

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      • If we get enough people blocking these idiots maybe they will go get a job.

      • If we Block all these idiots maybe they will get off of welfare and get a job

        • Absolutely. I didn’t block the blasphemous responses I got. I think many should see these posts. I can do nothing about blasphemy but God who sees all certainty can and will.

    • Now Heir Drumpf knows how it feels to have unproven allegations hanging over his head. Hillary has been dealing with unproven allegations and disinformation for over 30 years!

    • yes – drain the swamp – good place to start with these!

  2. It’s a damned shame that some of these liberal rag sheets along with CNN can’t be permanently shut down along with the owners and Chief Editors being sued up the butt.

    • Agree totally. Can’t get their golden rain pictures out of my head. McCain Clapper OBAMA HILLARY CNN. All make me puke. I share PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP disgust at this low life.

    • They can be shut down, but will take a strong and nation – wide effort to contact and, if necessary, boycott their sponsors.

    • Absolutely agree 100%

    • Lame-Stream News Media:
      CNN – Communist News Network or Certified NON-complete News or Calumny News Network *** or “Counterfeit News Network”
      CBS – Communist Broadcast System or Calumny Broadcast System ***
      ABC – Accredited B.S. Channel or Anarchists Bullying Channel
      NBC – No Broadcasting Credibility or Nothing But Conjecture or Nothing But Corruption!!
      MSNBC – Main Stream National BullChit Channel! Most Stupid Numbed Brain Channel
      PBS-Premeir B.S.
      NPR- National Propaganda Reporting
      What do they all have in common?? ANYTHING negative about the DimmiWITZ or positive about a Republican WILL NEVER see air time!!

      **** Calumny defined:
      1)the making of false and defamatory statements in order to damage someone’s reputation; slander.
      synonyms: slander · defamation (of character) · [more]
      a)a false and slanderous statement.

    • The element of “Malice” is clearly there. So legal action against multiple media outlets should be relatively straight-forward. With literally hundreds of media employees subject to subpoena – a couple of them would ‘fess-up”, and the entire conspiracy would expose itself. At least an attempt should be made – to set an example for the future.

      • Litigation sounds good on the surface, but it unfortunately entails great expense, egregious waste of time, and blind reliance on LOY-YIZZ. Derailing the money train is the smarter way to go.

        • I’m not cmmitted to any certain solution – just so’s it results in credible, reliable, responsible news sources.

    • All you people sound like relics of the Nazi regime.

    • IMO, the single most effective thing Trump can do to stop fake news is to extradite soro$$$$$$ to Russia, where a warrant for his arrest is extant. BONUS ITEM: send soro$$$$$$’s $ON$ along WITH the old “man”.


    Is Donald Trump the New Joe McCarthy?
    Posted on January 14, 2017
    By Al Benson, Jr.

    Thanks to our faulty understanding of (and lack of
    knowledge) history in this country, the name Joseph McCarthy brings up all
    kinds of negative bugaboos about the late Senator, mostly undeserved but all
    promoted by the Far Left and those that finance the Far Left.

    McCarthy had a genuine concern about the numerous
    Communists within our own Federal Government and U.S. military that were
    working to destabilize the country and he found, as he went along, that
    there were many within our own government that wanted these Communists
    in place to do exactly what they were doing.

    When McCarthy tried to expose all this, especially in the
    army, they blackballed him and eventually, when they could stop his exposures
    no other way, they got him censured. In other words, when McCarthy was
    seeking to expose the treason in his own government to the American people, the
    traitors in his own government opposed and eventually managed to shut down his
    efforts. After all, the American people didn’t need to realize they were being
    sold out and certain people in high places in government were going to make
    sure they didn’t.

    For those that might be interested in a little background on
    this I would recommend the book McCarthy written by Roy Cohn and
    published by Lancer Books in New York way back in 1968. Believe it or not, it
    is still available on and worth the read to see some of what is
    going on right now in regard to Donald Trump and how the Ruling Elite are
    trying to stop his efforts. Read and begin to connect the dots…

    There is a concerted effort afoot right now to deny Trump
    the presidency he won legitimately, and those responsible are both Leftists and
    their willing cohorts in government–and please don’t try to tell me the
    Leftists have no friends in government.

    After over 40 years of political research, I know better.
    One of their biggest boosters in government at this point is the man who lives
    at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington–a man hopefully soon to be gone. Barack Hussein
    Obama!—Al Barrs

    The spiritual descendants of those that got McCarthy
    censured are alive and well in Washington, D.C. and are working to deny Trump
    the presidency because they know he will not play their game–unless they can so
    co-opt his Administration by infiltration that he will have no choice.

    The descendants of those people that spread vicious lies
    about McCarthy are busy now doing the same thing about Trump. McCarthy
    had to be discredited before the public and so does Trump.

    The Leftists and their good buddies in government and in the
    “news” media are all working mightily to make sure that happens–any way they can,
    any way they have to.

    Even the intelligence community in this country seems to be
    against Trump. According to an article on
    for January 13th; “His (Trump’s) plan was to tell no one
    about a recent intelligence briefing he had. The information got out anyway,
    proving the leak was not on his end, but within our intelligence communities.”
    Trump said: “I think it’s pretty sad when intelligence reports get leaked out
    to the Press. First of all, it’s illegal! These are classified and certified
    meetings and reports.” So the intelligence community is leaking Trump’s
    meetings with them to the “fake news” media who are, in turn, putting out there
    what they think will make Trump look bad.

    It was interesting, regarding that 35 page dossier on all of
    Trump’s “indiscretions” that was put out. The fake news media eventually had to
    admit that it was, indeed, a fake. World Net Daily
    published an article on 1/12 partly about a firm called Fusion GPS, that
    had hired Christopher Steele, the man who supposedly authored the dossier. The
    World Net Daily article stated that: “Steele, 52, was identified Wednesday by
    the Wall Street Journal as the author of the memo. The Times cited a source
    saying the money to hire him came from a wealthy Republican Donor who
    wanted to compile a dossier about Trump’s past scandals and weaknesses.” It didn’t make any difference if it was false or not as long as it worked to influence
    the public against Trump! The headline for the World Net Daily article was Firm
    Behind Trump Dossier Worked for Planned Parenthood. Does that really
    surprise anyone?

    I hope, at this point, that Trump realizes all the forces
    arrayed against his presidency and how low they will stoop to make sure he
    doesn’t make it to the White House–again, any way they have to.

    The question then arises–should these people be able to
    thwart the will of the millions that voted for Trump, what will the reaction of
    those millions be–when they realize they have been shafted yet one more time by
    their own government’s unelected rulers?

    Many of them have watched the government stiff them and their families for decades now and Trump seemed to be a way to end all that.

    What happens then if he is denied the ability to do that?

    You had better believe that lots of these folks are really
    ticked at what government has been doing to them for most of their lifetimes.

    Will they just sit idly by and watch it happen all over
    again if the Ruling Establishment thrusts a fake Hillary or a fake Jeb Bush on
    them as their supposed “president”?

    There was a time when I would have said “yes, they
    will–they’ve been getting stiffed for decades now and they have put up with it,
    so why not again?”

    Now I am not so sure.

    History does have a way of getting messy, and I am about
    half convinced that our history here, in the short term, is going to get real
    messy. McCarthy and Trump (connect the dots) have been treated the same
    way–only this time the American people just may not take it anymore. We will
    see what happens come January 20th.

    Joe McCarthy Was Right
    Accuracy In Media
    By Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid
    February 22, 2000

    At the recent conference on “Rethinking McCarthy”, veteran
    journalist M. Stanton Evans disputed a number of myths about the Senator that
    have been accepted by leading historians and media figures.

    Evans, the director of the National Journalism Center who is
    writing his own book on Senator Joseph McCarthy, said one of the most notorious
    myths is that the Wisconsin Senator never named any names of suspected
    communists in the U.S. Government. Holding up a file of material, Evans said,
    “Here are the names. Right here! Anybody who wants to can look at them.” He
    produced a letter that McCarthy sent to Senator Millard Tydings in 1950 in
    which he listed the names.

    The original list, which included numbers of cases and not
    names, was obtained by McCarthy after it was put together by congressional
    staffers. It was drawn from the files of the U.S. State Department itself.

    But McCarthy provided the cases to Tydings with the names
    attached. Critics have said over the years that the list was either outdated,
    blown out of proportion, that the individuals named were cleared by congressional
    committees, or they were just mildly leftist… But none of that was true. Evans
    quoted from some of them: “…he furnished material to a known Soviet espionage
    agent…” and “…He is a known Communist Party member”.

    Evans said the biggest piece of disinformation was that these
    cases had been cleared by congressional hearings. This was false! The chairman
    of one committee said the information showed “a large number of communists on
    the rolls of the U.S. State Department.” He added, “It makes me wonder if there
    is any representation of the United States in the State Department.”

    McCarthy also had access to information about Amerasia, a pro-Communist magazine, and State Department diplomat John Stewart Service, who was arrested for passing classified information to its editor.

    In a major speech, McCarthy called the U.S. Justice
    Department failure to prosecute the case a massive cover-up. “We now know that
    he was 100 percent correct”, Evans said of McCarthy’s charges.

    The FBI wiretapped the meeting where the cover-up was
    planned and the case was fixed to get Service off. Playing a role in the
    cover-up was Soviet agent Laughlin Currie in the White House. He was a key
    adviser to Liberal President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    Another McCarthy target, Owen Lattimore of the Institute for Pacific Relations, was supposedly investigated by the Tydings Committee, which found nothing incriminating in his FBI files. But Evans read from that file, page one, which said back in 1941 that Lattimore was a communist who should be detained in the event of a National emergency.

    All of this mattered for two reasons.

    One, some of these people engaged in espionage for the
    Soviet Union.

    Two, they manipulated U.S. foreign policy to the benefit of
    the communists. For example, they maneuvered to cut off aid to the Chinese
    nationalists in order to betray China to the communists. This betrayal left
    mainland China in the hands of the Communists and the Nationalists Chinese fled
    to the island of Taiwan. More than 50 years later, the betrayal continues under
    the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Administration. But Senator Joe
    McCarthy tried to prevent it.

    • absolutely we were infected with communist in government and time proved him correct

    • McCarthy was a Patriot. He and the FBI compiled a list of some 300+ commies within our federal bureaucracy by the mid 1940s. FDR, Truman and even Ike refused to do anything about it. Evidently old Gen. Patton was right and Stalin had them in his pocket. When JFK, a staunch anti communist, took over and purged them, they had him murdered. But the commies came back with a vengeance with the 1960s and 1970s commie led riots and protest. The young radical restless mush-for-brains punks that were the result of Woodstock were the beginning of our decline.

      • Also, many folk in that age group, which includes yours truly, while not a part of the “hippie” movement were just living decent lives and NOT minding our government. My generation, while well-meaning, let the rot deepen in our government by doing nothing.
        I think we MUST fight a good fight NOW, or our nation will be buried completely in the corruption.

      • they where never purged completely, they are still around.

    • Outstanding post. Being a history junkie I too know about the history and persecution of McCarthy by the communists within our government who were supported mainly by Hollywierd back then. Hollywierd still is a hotbed of communism but now they call themselves democrats. I firmly believe that HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) should be resurrected and allowed to ferret out communists wherever they are found. HUAC’s sole purpose was to investigate subversive activities by individuals and other country operatives in America. If I remember correctly in 1969, HUAC was renamed the Internal Security Committee. Six years later under Gerald Ford it was abolished and its functions transferred to the House Judiciary Committee a benign committee that has rarely if ever taken communism in America seriously. Hence we have a major political party that adopted the socialist/communist agenda during the 1960’s.

      • I find more truth and facts from the well-read, intelligent commenters on these sites than I have ever found in the main-stream media! Thanks!

        • I say I am a History junky which is true but that is because American History was my minor. Otherwise my major was in Chemical Engineering. Early European history is just something I took up on my own. No formal classes just deep interests in a number of specific countries where my ancestors came from. .

      • Does anyone remember when President Johnson was talking to the Vietnamese for a piece treaty, and Richard Nixon tried to usurp him by telling the Vietnamese not to do it, wait until he was President and they would get a better deal, President Johnson knew he was doing this and Nixon called Johnson and said he wouldn’t do such a thing? Well, the war went on didn’t it.

    • I really appreciate your speaking out of the truth! I thank you so much.

    • What you say and have posted is correct, now its the Islamists, Islam, Islamic Terrorists, and President Barack Obama and his affection for the Muslim Faith that are carrying on this assault of the United States. Make no mistake, the Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, Communists, Islamists, are infiltrated within our government and our State Department. If you don’t believe this, watch what Barack Hussein Obama does after he leaves office.

  4. How odd, I listened to Mr. Clapper on a televised news program just a few days ago and thought he said the exact opposite of his claims in this article. So confused!

    • GOLDEN GUYS. the reigning PEE KINGS. McCain Crapper GRAHM they are all perverted. Their names are repulsive. I just see their golden showers and vomit. No wonder PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP should have righteous disgust.

  5. The Left will do anything to stay in Power including eating their own children. John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio should all be recalled and put out of office for spreading all these lies.

    • They are RINOs.

    • First we need an official process that allows the citizens to recall members of Congress. At this time there is no such provision either nationally or by the states they are supposed to represent. How would you like a job that you knew you could not be fired from until your current term expired if then? Basically we little people have no real representation in the government. Members of the Senath and House thumb their noses at us daily until election day when they usually run unopposed or in a manipulated election.

      • Brilliant! We need to be rid of the reigning GOLDEN BOYS.

      • Correct, there is not a national method to recall a sitting Senator or Representative. At the Federal level any Senator or Representative may be impeached, tried and removed from office, but do not hold your breath for that to happen. They are elected by their states and districts. Many states have procedures to recall any elected official, they just lack the guts to do it. Support a Convention of States for term limits to be rid of these people. Senators McCain and Graham should be the poster boys for term limits.

        • I am going to check into how I could support a Convention of States.

          • Mary, web search for Convention of States Action group. I would also suggest that you read “The Liberty Amendments” by Mark Levin. There are many people that are afraid of this convention as they falsely believe that the process could be a run away amendment process. More about the Convention of States can be learned by reading Article 5 of the Constitution. I hope this helps.

      • I have be reading about those trying to form a “convention of states.” Would that address this problem?

        • Mary, one of the proposed amendments addresses term limits, it is really the only way we will be rid of these leeches.

        • Absolutely! However, the very people spreading lies about such a convention are the ones that fear it because it would allow us to take control away from them, namely all professional politicians. It’s a shame that the Founders didn’t understand that those that would follow them would not have the integrity and patriotism as they held. Politics has become the dirties business in the world and we continue to allow it. The only way without a convention would be to never vote for an incumbent and the people will not do that.

          • It is strange how folk seem to believe THEIR Representatives and Senators are GOOD. Its the others that are corrupt!
            While there are certainly many “shameful” facts that have been uncovered since Trump first started running for Prez, I consider the extreme biases in the main-stream media to be the most shameful fact to have surfaced.
            Now, I have to search for informed, intellegient people on the news comment sections to understand the current issues and happenings.
            Thanks for the info! I will consider helping in the convention of states if I have any help to offer. I don’t even know what kind of help is needed.
            Do you know a reliable site I could visit?

          • Since the call for an Article V Convention must start in each individual state you have an opportunity to contact your state legislators by mail, email, fax and explain to them that you support a convention. A better way is to attend their “town hall” meetings that they are required to hold in your area. This way you can stand up and bring the subject up directly with them. Doing this gives you the advantage of having others at the meeting hear about it. You could even get a chance to explain to the audience that the Convention of States is the ONLY way that the Founders provided to “we the people” to rein in a rogue government. And that is precisely why most federal politicians oppose it. They like the control over us that they now have. I will tell you that getting state legislators to join is a very difficult task because even state legislators like their power and most have a dream of getting into Congress at some point. Now, many state and federal politicians try to block you from emailing them because you may not be in their voting district but there is a work around that I use all the time. You will need to find locations within their district and use a street address in that district. This is something I learned from a conservative activist group I belong to and attended training sessions on how to get things done. There are usually conservative “think tank” organizations in every state that are more than happy to give one assistance in making sure you can make a difference beyond just voting and donating $$$. The old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease is very true when dealing with politicians. I have made myself a thorn in the side of many legislators including my own governor. Right now I am pushing hard to get my state to get rid of Common Core. I had to find out that there are states that have done that already because my legislators told me “it cannot be done”. It turned out that Texas and South Dakota both have rejected Common Core and I wrote to many of my legislators telling them they were wrong and whom they could contact to learn how to do it. Common Core is not about education at all. It is about perverting our youngsters with liberalism at much earlier ages than they do now.

          • I just Googled “town hall meetings” and found there was one the last part of 2016 in my county.
            You are correct about what Common Core is all about.
            If the states weren’t lusting after the Federal dollar because they don’t want to fully support their own educational system, I don’t think Common Core could have made it to first base!
            I will Google and also talk with my city’s town hall members and hopefully learn what, if anything, might be afoot about the Convention of States.
            Thanks for the additional information.

      • That would take a Constitutional Convention of the States, Article 5. Mark Levin Lawyer and Talk Show Host, and now has a TV show, has proposed this and 38 States i think have joined this endeavor. This is the only way that we can right this Constitution.

    • The Golden rain boys. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP should look on them with justifiable disgust. Trash. CNN is garbage and all those they employ. I’m sure not one of them could pass drug test

  6. Rumors swirling that Guccifer was the one who hacked the DNC, Podesta, HRC, et al, not Russia.

  7. These are sick Satanic worshiping PEDOPHILES / HOMOPHILES that sexually abuse little children and murder them. This is proven beyond a shadow of doubt from the wikileaks Podesta e mails. This is what needs investigating. Everything else is a diversion from the DC PEDOPHILE RING.We the people must demand an investigation into the CIA that are at the core of this shadow SATANIC GOVERNANCE in America. The CHURCH / SAINTS of the LORD cannot ignore this or we will be held accountable by Him. His servant, Peter
    eye opener;

    • And then there’s the pedophilic UN and their EU commie elites.

    • BoundlessExistence

      Wow, you are a new type of crazy! Quit flushing your meds!

      • You think Satan exists only in medication?

        • BoundlessExistence

          huh, what?

          • You won’t understand, for you have already been blinded by evil. Do you even have a clue of the evil that exists on earth?

          • BoundlessExistence

            Trump is a personification of evil and so are all of the people he has picked for his cabinet. Do you remember what he said he does to women and can get away with because he is rich and famous? He is an atheist who thinks Christians are stupid. He does not care about you, or me, or anyone else, he only cares about himself! Anyone who voted for this piece of garbage is a fool!

          • Actually no. The crazy radical left is the personification of evil. We have been forced to endure Obama – purveyor-of-evil-in-chief – for 8 long, frightening years. Thank God we have been delivered from these evil people. The fools are those who would vote for a corrupt, self-interested woman who has enriched herself at the public trough and through influence-peddling to foreign, hostile governments. The emails are there to prove it, which is why Hillary was so desperate to hide her email and why the FBI began, several years ago, to investigate her racketeering activities while Secretary of State and that investigation is still ongoing. Her (and Slick Willy’s) corruption goes all the way back to Arkansas and the evidence is there for anyone to read. She was booted off of the Watergate investigative committee due to unethical/illegal activity. Standard operating procedure for the Clintons. Filth.

    • Exactly chaplain Peter! Not a PEEP about this in the news, not even at Fox!! This is major stuff and should be investigated and people’s heads should be handed to them on platters! These people are the vilest of the vile. Absolute scum. And yet, crickets. Meanwhile we have to listen to the pontificating of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, little Marco, John McCain etc. – traitors that they are – about the fake Russian hack. The latest is that Congress wants to bring back earmarks!!!! We have PROOF of pedophilia and sex slaves with participation by John Podesta, Bill Clinton and others but instead of investigating THAT, we’re investigating the fake Russian hack. And that charge is being led by little Marco and Johnny McCain. I am so sick of the putrid stench coming out of Washington D.C. They all need to be tried for treason. That’s about where I am with it all right now. There are a few patriots in D.C., but very few indeed. I pray that President Trump will find the dirt on all of these people and throw them all in prison. That’s where they belong.

  8. They can’t even find their OWN leak and we are suppose to accept their report on a foreign agency and assess the damage they might have done in our election? Until these intel agencies can do the simplest of tasks and FIND a domestic leak in their agency I am afraid I have no faith in their ability to properly conduct a foreign investigation. Now this is just plain common sense people.

    • The only leak is when they piss in their undies.

      • Then they get all excited. Call John Mc Cain that calls Clapper that calls CNN GRAHM RUBIO RYAN you know the reigning GOLDEN GUYS. John McCain is the PEE KING. No wonder PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP should be calling for simple drug tests. They could per in a cup. And fail, again.

    • I’m with you. I don’t trust any of the current intelligence agency leaders and am very suspicious of the rank and file as well.

      • They keep themselves busy watching doctored GOLDEN RAIN videos with John McCain

        • McCain felt so special and worthy that he was in a prison camp. All the Donald said was that he, himself, liked those smart enough to get away.
          That crushed McCain and he just cannot get past that! LOL

          • That’s where McCain learned all about them golden showers. Good people never hear of this before CNN and their perverts. Crapper and GRAHM and Brennan the Muslim CIA head. Tin foil hats to deflect their GOLDEN GUYS award.

    • They couldn’t pass simple drug tests. Drug testing would be these: THE PEE KINGS’ delight,. McCain GRAHM Ryan Clapper CNN employees. The reigning GOLDEN GUYS.

    • But “common sense” has been in short supply for years now! Greed is King!

      • That is the goal of propaganda. Basic common sense and instinct is drilled out of you by all the stupid distractions that they propaganda you with. Must have this, must wear this, must buy this, must eat this, must must must. You can’t help people who refuse to listen to their own inner voice of common sense. Propaganda is a powerful thing, just look at North Korea. If these people think we have free press then they need to ask themselves why Clinton had them repeal the propaganda law that allows them to do this full steam ahead. Just saying.

        • Even when tries to “research” news items, one can only hope to get close to the truth!
          But those folk who rely on “sound bites” have to been really misinformed! Often, I seem to find more useful info from informed, intelligent posters on the comment sections of news flashes than the right or left media!

  9. No such thing as journalistic integrity any more and political integrity is truly an oxymoron. Fines paid by companies or wealthy company owners/families (e.g. the failing New York Times) won’t stop this underhanded behavior. Too many rich folks willing to sponsor this crap (e.g. Soros). Maybe serious jail time would make them think twice or at least take them out of circulation — pun intended. In jail they could stop trying to subvert our country and our democratic process and focus on something they would enjoy …. like interviewing Hillary. Lock THEM up with HER.

  10. Somebody please tell Rachel Madcow and the NBC management that their broadcasts of Rachel’s ridiculous fantasies and make believe assumptions demand she be removed from public display. If they cannot control her rants she needs to be put out to pasture!

  11. The people who read buzzfeed are not that bright anyway.

  12. this is a classic Lyndon Johnson Democrat stunt. One of Johnson election managers asked Lyndon why hw started a rumor that his opponent had sex with chickens on the farm. Lyndon replied, ” Most will know it is false, but their are enough stupid people that they will believe it and keep the rumor alive.”

    • Old LBJ was a real piece of work. A bully from the beginning in Texas politics, he peaked out after becoming President. Known for in-the-face confrontations with his opposition and his invites out to the parking lot for knuckle sandwiches. His smokers and alcoholic breath probably sent most adversaries over the cliff. His tall stature and bulky body was also a factor. In spite of all of this, the peaceniks and micromanaging the Nam war brought him down. Vietnam became a loss after the Tet win, when he and the demowit congress cut the war spending and LBJ went to the peace table. It gave the Ruskies, Chinese and the Koreans time to retool for the war. Nixon save some face when he bombed the crap out of Hanoi. Too bad old “Hanoi” Jane Fonda and her love fest wasn’t there at the time. I did enjoy watching the USS New Jersey (BB-62) shelling the enemy from afar. From someone that was there. US Navy vet, 1966-1969; HM2, FMF Corpsman, Pharmacy Tech; the “Big E” (CVN-65), USS Repose (AH-16), USS Lexington (CVA/S/T-16); Freedom is NOT Free, it must be bought and paid for with Service, Sacrifice, Blood, Pain, Sweat and Tears. Just ask the Vietnamese and the vets.

      • HILLARY in drag. We need to keep a close watch on the Pee kings the GOLDEN BOYS. McCain GRAHM Clapper Ryan. CNN and all it employs.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Aboard ship, I went there! We left Norfolk, loaded to the max. We were there for 13 weeks, unloading tanks, jeeps, helicopters and ammo. We then loaded body bags and headed back. Saddest day of my life. ? And now the veterans, for the most part, are treated like shit! ??

        • I agree with you Michael. It makes me sick to watch our government send our young, brave men to fight in wars that our government has no intention of winning. Or at least it seems that way. If we are going to send our brave young men to risk their lives fighting, we had better fight to win it and win it quickly. I am sick of seeing our soldiers blown to bits or come back missing multiple body parts. It makes me angry and I blame it on our so-called leaders. Obama decided, against the strenuous recommendations of his military advisors, to completely pull out of Iran while leaving all of the tanks, missile launchers, ammunition, jeeps etc. for the islamists to use against OUR soldiers when Obama sent them back in. Just sitting here typing, it enrages me. At one point, one of my sons expressed an interest in serving and I told him over my dead body as long as Obama was commander-in-chief. There are enough sinister stories – Seal Team 6, Benghazi for examples – that lead me to believe Obama and his ilk not only do not have the best interest of America and Americans at heart, but are actively hostile to the military. I think he hates America and hates soldiers and veterans. They send troops over to hostile territories without proper support or equipment – those guys are doomed and the Obama administration knows it. But Obama loses no sleep at night over the slaughter of our military. Honestly I think it makes him happy. The treatment of our veterans is positively disgraceful. Those guys and their families deserve the very best that this country has to offer. Instead of sending our tax-payer dollars to yet another welfare program for people who are completely capable of working but don’t, we should be financing excellent medical care (NOT the VA system – that is a disgrace), excellent education and decent housing for all veterans and their families. And for the families of soldiers who die on the battlefield, there should be a free ride for everything. THAT is where our tax-payer dollars should be going. Okay, I’ve finished my rant. Makes me so mad.

    • Sounds like LBJ. No wonder Jaquie believed it was him who had JFK killed.
      WATCH THE reigning GOLDEN BOYS,

  13. I would not put the release of this trash document past McCain,Graham and Rubio all three of these low life RINO’s have had their heads up Omuslimes back side as long as the Half breed has been in office they have backed everything that this slimey Muslim has done from bring in all of the Muslim terrorist they could possibly get in and defending his give away to Iran,and the three musketeers of slime have gone against Trump from the day he was ELECTED I would like to see an investigation into their contacts with Russia and the Omuslime camp

    • I totally agree with you and I would add Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to the mix. The very first act that Ryan performed as Speaker was to negotiate and approve Oblowhards democommie agenda budget with no changes whatsoever.

    • The reigning GOLDEN BOYS and all those employed by CNN

  14. A lie told often enough becomes a known truth! Hellary is a master of disguise, innuendo, misinformation, and corruption and yet the DNC chose her for their choice for POTUS. After losing the election, the DNC then blamed the Russians for their influence in getting Trump elected! The Dems don’t even acknowledge that they made the same mistake 3 times in a row! Electing Obama twice because he was black, though not a leader; and then wanting a corrupt Clinton because she was a women! I hope this sinks the Democraps for next couple of decades!

  15. Too late. The cat is out of the bag. Truth at this point will make no difference to those that hate a Trump presidency.

  16. Freedom of the press means printing the truth with proof, but if they chose to print lies or slander they should be charged with a crime. creating havoc or manipulating an election is not their job truth is. Time we hold msm accountable.

  17. Only a foolish moron would believe this garbage ! A moron with a little sense would not believe this idiotic story. I never thought it was true since the moment I heard it. I mean who in the hell wants to get pissed on ? Even Anthony Weiner doesn’t do that !

    • Obama. John McCain GRAHM CNN employees I have mental pictures of them and GOLDEN SHOWERS. The mention of their name is repulsive and makes me vomit. These are the reigning GOLDEN GUYS. the PEE KINGS

  18. However, take notice that Clapper used the words “profound dismay”. When I make a real screw-up those certainly are not the words I use. It’s political double-speak because politicians and bureaucRats can never admit they were or did something wrong and don’t want any record of it.

  19. The people at Buzzfeed need to go into hiding. When false information is spread about our president they should be arrested tried and jailed. They could defect however to avoid prosecution would be their smartest move

    • We could not agree more. It is proven those that accuse are often participating in the same activity and over UP by diverting. McCain Clapper GRAHM Rubio CNN probably all PEE KINGS the reigning GOLDEN GUYS

  20. This is so unfortunate. One cannot mention John McCain and I think of golden rain and his experience in this . Part of his prison camp experience, probably. Then I think of Obamas and golden rain. The mental picture is there. Even CLAPPER and CNN all enjoying pee in their bed. Yuk skuzy.

  21. If anyone wants to understand what’s really happened I invite you to read the 5th edition 37th printing in March 2014
    of “The creature from Jekyll Island” which explains insolvency itself is actually inherent in the system itself a system called fractional reserve banking that. The full details can be found at my free articles at

    Titles will take you to the topic which is most important to the complex subject, which is divided into more than 100 separate articles in economics

  22. it MIGHT be true.

    • Obama Crapper GRAHM JOHN MCCAIN are pee KINGS? That they are the reigning GOLDEN GUYS? I believe it if them. They make me puke. DRAIN THE SWAMP. YOU GO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP

  23. find the dillweed who fabricated this load of Horse Hockey and
    have a little Q and A session with him then find out who put him
    up to it and deal with them as needed.


  25. The false report as is patently obvious came from truly sick minds.

    Please leave Russia out of it since Russia had nothing to do with it. There are no “Russian allegations.”

  26. All Trump haters, all America FIRST haters (because they have extreme cases of “ME-itiss”), all muslim lovers, and all misguided “gender bender” abnormals FEAR what they know nothing about…usually. They FEAR Trump because he stands for the rest of America who haven’t gone on the confused guided tour of CRAZY with the Liberal nuts that “used” to run our govt.

    THANK GOD THEY ARE GONE, DISPERSING, DISAPPEARING – but not before their FAKE CONMAN of an inept president thrusts the dagger deeper into Israel before he takes leave.

    Liberals are NEVER about helping anyone but themselves and bho is no different. He is doing this to keep President Trump from destroying ObamaCausticCare and working on repealing EVERY LAST ILLEGAL EXECUTIVE ORDER BHO MADE. The more crap bho throws in Trump’s face before Trump takes office, the busier he will be — too busy to touch the monkey king’s illegal acts.


    If you think this will never happen, think again! Many people have come forward with damning info about bho’s legitimacy and proof he is truly not a U.S. citizen. Many people are going after Soros as a co-conspirator and will find out what role he played in the biggest CON GAME in the U.S.

    President Trump knows more about barack than he lets people know. I truly think when Trump was investigating the birther issue of bho’s fake birth certificate, he found out some incriminating info that was much bigger than he realized. The only position strong enough to take down the obama fraud network was the U.S. Presidency. That is when Trump decided to run for the presidency.

    It’s just a matter of time before Trump unleashes his wolf dogs on barack — and all will be exposed. Trump knows about “timing” — that’s how he raised a highly successful business enterprise. When the time is right, the sword will fall along with all of bho’s handlers. By doing this, Trump will restablish the U.S’ s superior position of Power in the World agenda…and not one country will dare to step on America’s toes again!

  27. As President Elect Mr. Donald J. Trump has said, ” DRAIN THE SWAMP.’, its terrible that so many people in government don’t want to give this man a chance, they gave Obama 8 years and how did that turn out, 10 TRILLION ADDED TO THE DEBT. John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, and others are pilling on. Now we have the Rep. John Lewis D-GA, Rep. Barbara Lee D-CA, Rep.Mark Takano D-CA, Rep. Yvette D Clarke D-NY,saying they won’t attend the inauguration, Rep. Lewis said ” That President Elect Donald Trump is not the legitimate President.” The entire Congressional Black Caucus is against this man. Its no wonder that race relations in this country are strained, its because the Black Elected Officials are constantly fighting change, and Rep. John Lewis is mostly to blame for this. I want change in this country, I want change that means something, I want the taxes that we are burdened with changed, I want this Affordable Care Act, Obama Care changed, But the Democrats Are Going To Fight President Trump for the next 4 years because he has said, He, Mr. Trump is going to change the country and ” Make America Great Again.” I ask,What The Hell Have We Got To Lose, except our Country.God Bless President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and their families on their journey as they lead us into the further.We Had Better Get On The Trump Train, Or Be Left In The Rut of Decline.

  28. Michael Dennewitz

    The friggin liberal, freebie lovin assholes just won’t give up, will they?? ???

  29. Does the socialist/communist nazi criminal george soros by any chance own BuzzFeed???? If he does, it would explain a lot, since the CRIMINAL soros wanted in the worst way to see to it that Donald J. Trump would not be President Of The United States Of America!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Lying RINOs/CINOs trying to get salacious accusations against Trump, paying Steele to either make them up or get a Russian source to make them up. Long before the recent Russian government and even before the KGB, Russia was renowned for propaganda. They were the world’s best and most renowned at propaganda.

    But, the sad thing is that Republicans started this scandal, and then Democrats joined in, so both are implicated, and all is spurious lies, in other words FALSE NEWS promoted by them and Buzzfeed and CNN.

  31. The only side this story sticks with is the stupid side that ran it.

  32. LOL Love the last sentence!

  33. The leftist media does not see itself as accountable for what they publish.
    Their Mantra has always been “The ends justify the means” they believe they win when they pollute the public mind with complete untruths.
    This is why the leftists once in power round up and execute the useful idiots in the very media that supported them.
    The MSN’s Darwinian liberals believe in “survival of the fitist by any means” and we are witnessing it now.
    Any leftist also knows “What goes around comes around” that’s why they kill – and that’s the reason why peace only comes by crushing revolutionary liberalism.

  34. Nancy Pelosi just announced that she always wondered what Russia had on Donald Trump. That tells me Nancy and her family need to be thoroughly investigated. Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein all have skeletons in the closet we need to have brought to light. We will discover behaviors of fraud treason and espionage I am convinced.

  35. Buzzfeed and CNN need to be destroyed!

  36. So why are they having senate hearings on it then? There are so many bad characters in our intel and administration it is ridiculous . How in the hell can Obama who is both a traitor and a cop and military hater been elected once let alone twice? Our country is in the toilet . Hillary walks. The most corrupt , lying, murdering traitor to ever hold public office(along with Hussein) and she walks . Perhaps not in this life but no one ultimately escapes justice.

  37. How do we the people enact term limits on Congress and for that matter SCOTUS (Justice Bader can’t even pee without assistance)………these people make a living by scamming us……..

  38. John McCain, knew exactly what he was doing when he gave those lies to the C.I.A. How did he come by it? If push comes to shove, he is up to his ears in the whole thing. Now they are saying 6 Democrats and republicans, Bush among them put it together


  40. President Trump, we all(real Americans) have known for many years we are being lied to by the press and Obozo. How can you have 4.6, 4.7 percent unemployment when you have 95 million working age people out of work. Our country is in big trouble economically and the left wants to blame Trump for their failed policies. Tough times are here now and tougher times are coming and the commie left wants us to believe it is Trumps fault and he is not even in office yet. The liberal left are the scum bags and the country finally elects a QUALIFIED PRESIDENT and libs go berserk! Why? Because the only things liberals stand for is LIES, LIES and blame someone else for their stupid failed ideas.

  41. Like his fuhrer, “Crapper” who helped instigate this atrocity is a piece-of-sh^t, an evil, treacherous piece-of-sh^t!

  42. How Long till the Weenie Left self-Destructs?? How long must this B/S go on! Why is this Nation run for the benefit of it’s LEAST Productive Leech Azzed Recipient Race Trouble Making Anarchists? Don’t even have to Name them! Workin’ Whites pay Most of the Taxes and get the Least Benefits! Who set it up this way? Pay off the Lazy Bastards, or they will Invade the Rich Senator’s and Representative’s neighborhoods, to RIOT and BURN!

  43. Buzzfeed is actually Bull Feces Feed! Everything they put out is just a pile of
    stinking garbage!

  44. Well, finally CIA Clapper has done one right thing. Probably wants to save his job under Trump. No, better to clear out FBI and CIA who have been bought and paid for.

  45. John McCain leaked it, does he get a free get out of jail card alone with Hillary. Corruption correction and justice needs to start here or the gov’t will never drain the swamp.

  46. All of this noise from the left about Donald Trump is just a smoke screen to keep the public from focusing on the Clintons; emails, lies and the Foundation that is closing doors! If Russia has anything on anyone it’s that group. John McCain is just a used up old windbag who should have been put out to pasture even before he ran for POTUS.

  47. Just another way the establishment on both side are trying feverishly to discredit Trump as are the low life morons who won’t accept the fact that the party is over for them. Kick ass Donald. I’m with you 100%!!!.

  48. Golden shower, golden rain are one and the same, they both allude to the same thing. Why bicker over simply semantics?

  49. ” In the meantime, we encourage all Trump-hating liberals to hold their breath.”

    With any luck they will hold it so long they die. A decrease in the inane insanity of the left. Good riddance.

  50. CNN just broadcast a scenario that would take Trump, Obama and many of our current and incoming leaders out In one big sweep and put a Democrat into the White House.
    If there is any fact to the idea that much of our violence starts from television – – CNN just set the effort into motion!

  51. This is probably a made up witch hunt to get people upset with Trump.

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