In 2016, Stacey Abrams Said it Was “Disturbing” to Dispute an Election

Stacey Abrams, who has recently flirted with throwing her considerable bulk into the 2020 presidential race, has made a name for herself in 2019 as the woman whose election was “stolen” from her last November. Despite losing to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp by more than 55,000 votes, Abrams continues to tell anyone who will listen that she didn’t really lose the race. Rather, she contends that Kemp is the architect of a grand scheme of voter suppression, and that is the only reason she remains a private citizen today.

“We had this little election back in 2018,” Abrams said Wednesday. “And despite the final tally and the inauguration and the situation we find ourselves in, I do have very affirmative statement to make: We won.

“I am not the governor of Georgia, remember I told you about my opponent?” Abrams continued. “You see not only was he the Secretary of State, he was also the architect of voter suppression. We can work as hard as we want, we can fight rights, but if you’re fighting against the system that is designed to oppress you, sometimes you got to fight a little bit longer than you think.”

Abrams has yet to official concede the election.

Once upon a time, though, her thoughts on a candidate who would dare to dispute an election were quite different. That time was 2016, when Donald Trump suggested that he might not concede the election to Hillary Clinton.

In an interview with CNBC in October 2016, Abrams was asked: “You’re in a state that if it does go to Trump, we may still have a national election in which Hillary Clinton were to win. One of the articles in USA Today this morning, suggest that 4 out of 10 Trump supporters would not recognize such a win if that were the case. What does that mean for a state like this?”

“I think what it signals is a shifting of our politics that we’re going to have to work together to shift back,” Abrams replied. “The rancor that pervaded this campaign is disturbing and it is distressing, but it is also a fixable problem. The enthusiasm for Sarah Palin had a similar bent but we eventually found our way back to being good citizens and I think we’ll do the same.”

Apparently we still have to “work together” to get our politics back in the right lane, because Abrams has forgotten her own good advice.

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