Impeachment Sends Trump to Highest Approval Rating of His Presidency

According to the latest survey of American adults by Gallup, President Donald Trump is looking at some of the highest approval ratings of his entire presidency. In what can only be termed a shocking rebuke of the Democrats’ current strategy of throwing Trump out of office, the approval ratings gap between the president and his opponents has also hit an all-time high. In other words, the partisan divide in this nation has never been wider, a sign that 2020s election season will be one of the most brutally fought wars for political supremacy in our country’s history.

Gallup shows that Trump’s overall approval rating is now sitting at an average all-time high of 42% and a quarterly high of 43.3%.

“Overall, Trump averaged 42% job approval during his third year in office, an improvement over his 38% first-year and 40% second-year averages,” wrote Gallup. “Trump’s third-year average is not far behind Obama’s 44.5% or Reagan’s 44.9% averages at the same point in their presidencies. However, it still ranks among the lowest year three averages for any president elected to their first term since World War II, surpassing only Jimmy Carter’s 37.4%.”

Yeah well, as much as the media loathed Reagan, it wasn’t anywhere near the 24/7 onslaught of fake news that Trump has faced. Reagan had to survive in an era of second-wave feminism and inner city blight, but he didn’t face an enemy like today’s social media-driven leftists. Nor was he actively fending off a socialist wave of insanity coming from the leftist flank of the Democratic Party. And finally, Reagan didn’t have to endure an impeachment, even though Democrats had control of the House during all eight years of his presidency.

All this to say: For Trump’s approval ratings to be anywhere close to 50% right now is nothing short of a testament to how powerful and supportive his base his.

What’s more remarkable is how badly impeachment has backfired on the Democrats. 51% of American adults say that Trump should NOT be removed from office. After three solid months of screaming through their various megaphones that Trump is engendering American national security for his own political gain…and this is the result Pelosi and Schiff are left with? A surefire acquittal in the Senate and an immensely skeptical public? Wow, what a disaster.

A final point just to reiterate the obvious: Trump’s approval number is right in line with where Reagan and Obama were at this point in their presidencies. You may recall that both of those gentlemen won reelection.

Ohh, how the tears will flow…

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