Impeachable: Biden Abandoned 14,000 in Afghanistan When US Fled Country

Joe Biden and the Woke Generals abandoned THOUSANDS of Americans in Afghanistan and as many as 14,000 during their quick escape from the terrorist-controlled country.

And then they left the Taliban with $80 billion in US arms.

New figures released by the State Department reveal as many as 14,000 Americans were left to fend for themselves when Biden and the woke generals quickly fled the country due to their artificial timeline.

There is no way that Joe Biden should remain as president after this horrible act.

The State Department believes as many as 14,000 U.S. legal permanent residents remain in Afghanistan, Foreign Policy has learned, as the agency faces increasing scrutiny from Congress about the status of U.S. citizens and green card holders that are still stranded in the Taliban-controlled country…

…The finding, disclosed by a congressional aide familiar with the matter, has been transmitted by the State Department to aides on Capitol Hill in private, but officials demurred on revealing the figure when questioned by Republican lawmakers on Wednesday, insisting the agency doesn’t track the figure.

“Isn’t the operating assumption about 14,000?” Republican Rep. Chris Smith asked Brian McKeon, deputy secretary of state for management and resources, at a hearing on Wednesday, referring to the figure briefed in private.

“We don’t track [legal permanent residents],” McKeon responded. “It’s a good question why we don’t,” he added, suggesting the lack of clarity might be because the State Department does not require Americans and legal permanent residents traveling abroad to report their whereabouts.

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  1. The Democrats impeached our President twice , for rediculous reasons. Yet, the Republicans sit on their hands while Biden litterally turns America into a landing pad for every soul who wants to live off of oir systems, into our country. Deliberately turning his head to the federal law forbidding illegal people from rntering our country at will, without any vetting for diseases or criminal background, never mind the burdensome mob of old and disabled people who will further drain our resources.
    The worst crime of all is, leaving thousands ofvour feellow citizens in a hostile country with no plan to save them, all to meet a political point of personal agrandisement. To enable him to say HE ended the 20 year fruitless war on a 9 11 date.
    How petty and wrongheaded can a person be to allow fellow citizens to lve 8n dire danger, only to pat himself on the back with ANOTHER phoney trick.. THIS MAN AND HIS ENTIRE CABINET SHOULD BE IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY.

  2. What do you expect from an illegitimate president installed by George Soros and his mob of fascist tyrants. There’s only one way to re-instate the U.S. Constitution and order, the old fashioned way. Public hangings of all tyrants !

  3. You can add that to the growing list. Let’s start with obiden breaking a law and opening illegall aliens in, and now wanting to pay hem. Then let’s speak to his breaking of his oath to defend America from foreign and domestic terrorists. They are coming in droves from the southern border and from the east by planes, and distributed in the states he promised to protect. Has anyone actually given us firm numbers of the autracities done to Americans from people illegally brought in to our country? Now let’s talk about this government over reach with mandates. They are illegal and against the Constitution. Our leaders need to start stepping up to take this lawless regime down. Do you really think we the people can wait till 2022? Do your jobs, not to cave to socialism, but to keep to the oaths that you took to protect you legal voters. They at least need to be censured and brought to bear and the states need to take their country back and help the border states build that wall.

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