Illegals Suing Colleges Because Tuition is Too High

Somehow, we’ve skipped right past wondering whether illegal immigrants have any business going to publicly-funded colleges and right into the fairness of their tuition rates. At least, that’s the word from the ACLU, which is representing three illegal immigrants in three separate Missouri lawsuits. The suits target the University of Missouri, St. Louis Community College, and Metropolitan Community College, arguing that illegals deserve the in-state tuition rate.

“It is shameful to treat DACA students like outcasts, when they have lived, worked and gone to schools in this country since they were children,” said the legal director of ACLU Missouri.

Shameful? Okay, so point A: These immigrants or their families broke federal law. Point B: They should not be in our country. Point C: They should not be receiving an education funded by the taxpayers. So how is it that it’s shameful to at least expect them to pay a rate commensurate with the tuition charged to international students? This is like a guy who gets a stay of execution complaining about the long walk back to his cell.

According to the ACLU, there’s no legal standing behind Governor Jay Nixon’s preamble to this year’s education appropriations bill. In that preamble, it is stated that “no funds shall be expended at public institutions of higher education that offer a tuition rate to any student with an unlawful immigration status in the United States that is less than the tuition rate charged to international students, and further provided that no scholarship funds shall be expended on behalf of students with an unlawful immigration status in the United States.”

Jeffrey A. Mittman, the ACLU’s executive director, said, β€œTo punish students who had no say in how they arrived in this country is not only mean-spirited, it is against the law.”

Mean-spirited? Against the law? Where do these idiots come from? It’s mean-spirited and against the law to force American citizens to subsidize the education of foreigners.

With the ACLU’s track record of success, this is probably going to be another slam dunk for the pro-immigration left. Somehow, this group and others like it are able to consistently persuade judges that non-citizens have the same rights and protections as citizens in the United States. Even those non-citizens who should have been deported a long time ago. Want to talk about law? Where is the congressional law that gave these illegals amnesty? Oh, right, President Obama just decided to hand it to them and the rest of the government stood by and whistled.

The dominoes are falling fast. We’re quickly approaching a world where illegals have the right to drive, the right to work, the right to a low-cost education, and, soon enough, the right to vote. Border enforcement isn’t enough when you provide these kinds of incentives. Illegals were more than happy to risk life and limb just to work in the orange groves; there’s no wall on the planet that can stop them if they magically become U.S. citizens once they touch American soil.

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