Illegals Racing to Get Into America Ahead of the Election

According to Border Patrol officials, there has been a recent explosion in illegal immigration apprehensions and many experts believe the impending U.S. election is spurring the swarm.

“Smugglers are telling them that they need to come across now while there’s a chance,” Border Patrol agent Art Del Cueto told Fox News.

A second agent, Chris Cabrera, agreed with Del Cuerto. “People think if one candidate wins, certain things will happen, like a giant wall being built and then they can never get through. Another faction believes that if the other candidate wins, they’ll get amnesty if they’re here by a certain date.”

There are few issues where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton agree, but there is nowhere that they are further apart than on the subject of illegal immigration. Trump rode to the Republican nomination on a promise to build a massive border wall and a (later softened) vow to deport all illegal immigrants currently in the country. Hillary, on the other hand, has promised to deport even fewer illegals than Obama and to push Congress for comprehensive immigration reform that would include amnesty and a path to citizenship for millions.

Federal departments such as the Border Patrol and ICE are prohibited from endorsing political candidates, but the major unions that represent workers from both agencies have thrown their support behind Trump.

Speaking to Fox News, Del Cuerto said that Border Patrol officers are “not getting any backing” from Washington.

“We need to start enforcing every single immigration law we have on the books,” he said.

Under a Clinton presidency, that’s not going to happen. Hillary, who told a Brazilian bank that she envisions a future characterized by “open borders,” has no interest in tightening immigration security. Far from it. She has taken Hispanic pandering to a new level, telling the American people at a debate in the primaries that no family would be torn apart under her administration. That’s a nice sentiment, but it’s essentially an admission that illegal immigration will no longer be…illegal.

Almost no one in D.C. – not Democrats and not Republicans – supports the kind of tough policies endorsed by Trump. That’s one of the reasons why conservatives need to think twice about staying home or voting for Hillary. We won’t get another shot at this. When it comes to illegal immigration, this is our last chance to get it right.

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