Illegals Racing to Get Into America Ahead of the Election

According to Border Patrol officials, there has been a recent explosion in illegal immigration apprehensions and many experts believe the impending U.S. election is spurring the swarm.

“Smugglers are telling them that they need to come across now while there’s a chance,” Border Patrol agent Art Del Cueto told Fox News.

A second agent, Chris Cabrera, agreed with Del Cuerto. “People think if one candidate wins, certain things will happen, like a giant wall being built and then they can never get through. Another faction believes that if the other candidate wins, they’ll get amnesty if they’re here by a certain date.”

There are few issues where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton agree, but there is nowhere that they are further apart than on the subject of illegal immigration. Trump rode to the Republican nomination on a promise to build a massive border wall and a (later softened) vow to deport all illegal immigrants currently in the country. Hillary, on the other hand, has promised to deport even fewer illegals than Obama and to push Congress for comprehensive immigration reform that would include amnesty and a path to citizenship for millions.

Federal departments such as the Border Patrol and ICE are prohibited from endorsing political candidates, but the major unions that represent workers from both agencies have thrown their support behind Trump.

Speaking to Fox News, Del Cuerto said that Border Patrol officers are “not getting any backing” from Washington.

“We need to start enforcing every single immigration law we have on the books,” he said.

Under a Clinton presidency, that’s not going to happen. Hillary, who told a Brazilian bank that she envisions a future characterized by “open borders,” has no interest in tightening immigration security. Far from it. She has taken Hispanic pandering to a new level, telling the American people at a debate in the primaries that no family would be torn apart under her administration. That’s a nice sentiment, but it’s essentially an admission that illegal immigration will no longer be…illegal.

Almost no one in D.C. – not Democrats and not Republicans – supports the kind of tough policies endorsed by Trump. That’s one of the reasons why conservatives need to think twice about staying home or voting for Hillary. We won’t get another shot at this. When it comes to illegal immigration, this is our last chance to get it right.

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  1. Gee let’s see a minn. wage of $15.00 with job losses and an increase of illegal immigrants with low wages, sounds like the perfect step to Third World economy.

  2. The Demon-crats need some new servants to do the menial jobs after they clear out all patriots, dissidents, gun-owners, Christians and anyone else who might insist on thinking or doing for themselves. Get prepared for the New World Order with the anti-Christ as its head demoniac-in-charge. Those hoping for a pre-tribulation rapture should ignore the messages from any bought and paid for 501-C3 preachers on the subject and read their Bible for themselves, asking Go to reveal the truth. I suggest you reread Matt. 24 and II Thess. 2 letting scripture interpret scripture to get the truth on the subject. Those that survive to the end will be saved, others will be persecuted, robbed and martyred as true Christians. Also see Daniel 11: 31-36 to know the truth, don’t listen to the end-time false teachers and preachers. They are hirelings that devour the sheep!

  3. The article certainly lays it on the line. This IS our last opportunity to save this country from total destruction by the DemocRATS. If kill-liar-y ‘wins’ this election, that’s it, we’re finished. Remember, the democRATS have the leftist media, all the fraudulent votes; the cemetery vote, the ”’vote early-vote often”’ vote, and the black panthers might be out in force too, as that criminal Holder, the former head of the corrupt DOJ, said it was okay for them to intimidate voters at the polls…and the present, leftist and anti-American head of the still corrupt DOJ will back that up. Now is the time to come together, to think of the good our country, and stop kill-liar-y, (and her handlers), before she has the chance to finish us off.

  4. Hope they know something about the election we are not yet sure of.

    Can’t believe I am getting this hard assed having been a true constitutionalist but enough is enough. crossing the border illegally should be a shooting offense. – Instead of a wall how ’bout a DMZ.

  5. Did you hear Obama telling illegals that they wouldn’t get in trouble if they vote and they have a right to vote since they contribute to America. This is how many countries lost there freedom because they fell for all the lies they were being told, till they gave these people the power and learned the truth to late to stop them.

    • Why do you need to tell this lie?

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  6. God’s word says to obey the laws of the land. ILLEGALS have broken our laws and this our last chance to stop them. If Hillary is so much for ILLEGALS, she should move to their country. TRUMP/PENCE 2016

  7. Seems to me that the last sentence in the above article makes a most important point, one that must be kept track of. “When it comes to illegal immigration, this is our last chance to get it right”. That is the author’s opinion, which I’m inclined to agree with, alibet with one proviso, that being as follows. Assuming that past administrations and congresses haven’t screwed the thing up beyond redemption. By the way, the irredeemable screw-up I reference is, I submit, more than just a possibility.

  8. When is Congress going to have a spine transplant and arrest O Bummer and place him on trial for treason????

  9. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, reduce annual wages by 5.2% for some native-born workers.
    Since two-thirds of immigrants have no more than a high school degree,
    vulnerable native-born workers suffer the most because they’re most
    likely to compete with immigrants for jobs.

    Immigrants cause a fiscal drain because they pay less in taxes than they receive in government services, costing U.S. taxpayers as much as $299 billion
    per year most of which is passed to the states. For example, immigrants
    cost the state of California nearly $19 billion per year.

    Keep on voting Democrat you ignorant, mouth breathing idiots!

  10. Voting for hillary rodham clinton is cutting your own throat and also your children’s and grandchildren’s too. Our country will be lost and cannot let this corrupt lying treasonous traitor get into office.

  11. Now we see that Trump was so right!!

  12. Thanks to Mr. President and the liberals USA is in a death spiral that it will not survive…. Come quickly LORD Jesus…

    Just as God gave Israel unrighteous leaders so to has He given us unrighteous leaders… And just as the Israelites failed to turn to God so too has Americans failed to turn to God, thus the Israelites were destroyed and so too will USA be destroyed in His timing.

  13. Clinton’s are lowlifes…among other lowlifes. The Kenyan prez needs more than a spanking!

  14. Dear God,
    Please help us!!

  15. The big question is, Why haven’t the border patrol opened up on them as an attacking force against the US? Not a damn one of those wetbacks belongs here. They belong in shallow unmarked graves as fast as they can be filled!

  16. Garbage piled higher and deeper.
    Feed the hate.
    Feed the ignorance.
    Feed the fear.
    It sells advertizing.

  17. Even if they come into the US legally, it’s still no secret that we really don’t want the dreaded “THEM” among us.

  18. Ms. Clinton has favored open borders for trade movement of money and information. Information services is one of our major exports. She never favored open borders for immigration and that falsehood among many others soured me on Republican candidates. The coyotes are telling the migrants the same lies as gun stores are telling their customer base. Ms. Clinton is not responsible for the first but Mr. Trump is certainly responsible for the second.

  19. I guess illegal’s are coming in to our country so fast because Mexico built a great wall on their southern border or maybe they would go there. They want to take back this country by an illegal numbers invasion but they didn’t have the balls to keep it back in the day and don’t the balls to get it back today. So, go home, take your kids with ya and make something out of your own country, Advice: Its the people not the dirt that makes a country great.

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