Illegals Found Hiding Where?

Special agents with the Texas Department of Public Safety have located two “stash houses” which currently have within them 31 immigrants in Webb County.

In Laredo after 6 p.m., the DPS special agents along with the United States Border Patrol noticed that there was suspicious activity in the area. In East Laredo, they located one home that housed 15 illegal immigrants. In South Laredo, a second home was found that housed 16 illegal immigrants.

The 31 illegal immigrants found had come to the US from either Mexico or Guatemala. The United States Border Patrol has now been tasked with reviewing them.

The discovery is part of Operation Lone Star which was created by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to bring the borders under secure control.

Abbott’s office released a statement in September where they noted that Operation Lone Star was key as the Biden administration was not handling the border crisis with the appropriate attention and was refusing to secure the US border. They also added that all those individuals who have been arrested or apprehended, as well as all of the drugs that have been seized, would have ended up across Texas and infiltrated many communities if it weren’t for Operation Lone Star, especially as President Biden continues to have open border policies.

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  1. Only question is what’s going to happen to them after arrest? Are they going to be deported where they can return or sent to prison where we have to care for them or dealt with properly.

    • Dream on Sir. They will be released to wherever they want to go. Absolutely ridiculous that our country has allowed this infestation from all of these nations. Most of these America haters live better than our citizens thanks to the clowns in Congress, the Oval Office, the courts as well as churches that stick their noses in.

  2. No we’re going to move up to check Cagles New York or Washington DC

  3. If they would really punish these law breakers, maybe they would stop breaking our laws! maybe 6 months at hard labor?

  4. They’re NOT breaking America’s Constitutional Law as they are.Encouraged and Welcomed as BIG AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENT’S New Voters. IT’S lying Biden who needs to go to prison for TREASON against the American Citizens for NOT keeping us safe and Protecting Our Borders as he swore under oath of occupier for Our White House.

  5. I have spent the past 70 years supporting riff raff and lazy no good things that call themselves human. DNA says they are right. I say they are leeches on society. If Empty headed Biden wants them here for votes he and his cohort demon possessed beings need to step up and pay their way themselves. Put a stile every 10 feet around Polosi house and the same for McConnell and the rest of the RINOs and drmon rats. They have more money to keep the losers who are illegal than working people have at this time. We are the ones paying the price at grocers and gas stations. Get rid of them all in the fastest way possible.


  7. They don’t even punish the law breakers born and raised here…

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