Illegal Immigrants Learning to Defy Federal Authorities

Activist groups in New York City and other major immigration hotspots are holding training sessions to teach illegal immigrants what to do if federal authorities come knocking.

In the sessions, non-citizens are being told not to open the door to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, not to cooperate if taken into custody, and not to sign any documents without consulting with a lawyer. Trainings are scheduled for areas like El Paso, Texas and New Mexico in the coming days.

The organizers of these “Know Your Rights” events say it’s important for illegal immigrants to know what they can do to push back against the Trump administration’s attempts to enforce the law. They want to let illegals know that unless the U.S. government can prove that they are here without documentation, they can’t deport them back to their home countries.

From the Associated Press:

At a training session Tuesday in Queens, a little more than two dozen people sat in a room listening to Yaritza Mendez, an outreach coordinator at the pro-immigrant advocacy group Make the Road New York. She spoke about various ways ICE agents can find a person, and what to do if they come knocking.

Even people in the country illegally have constitutional rights, Mendez said, such as not being subjected to unreasonable searches and seizures, not answering questions and not signing any documents without speaking with an attorney.

Hmm, so it seems that if ICE agents are having a difficult time finding illegal immigrants, they could…you know…just show up to one of these events and wait for people to emerge. Get the bus ready!

There’s only so much patience to be had for these activist groups that exist solely to advocate for criminals. Non-citizens. People who flagrantly violated U.S. law and continue to do so every day they remain in the country. These are the people these groups have dedicated themselves to protecting. Not American citizens or people who have been victimized by criminal foreigners, but people who are – by definition – not even supposed to be in the United States.

We can admit that there are portions of President Trump’s agenda that are socially controversial, but we are astounded daily that this is one of them. Where is the controversy? Are we a nation of laws or aren’t we? Do we have borders or not? Why is enforcing the law such a dreadful proposition?

We’ll never understand.

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  1. Foreign invaders – know your rights! Apparently you have more rights than legal citizens. You have sanctuary cities where you will be protected from evil law enforcement – legal citizens have no such protections as they are held accountable for their illegal actions. Although legal citizens are invited to visit all sanctuary cities, but only to spend their own money and not the taxpayer’s money. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

    “… non-citizens are being told not to open the door to U.S. Immigration and
    Customs Enforcement officials, not to cooperate if taken into custody,
    and not to sign any documents without consulting with a lawyer. …”

    By the way – just who who is going to pay for the lawyer? Let me guess – The taxpayer?

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    • When these “people”, and I use that term loosely, stage their protests, round them ALL up, both citizens and illegals alike, transport them to the nearest FEMA camp that we have heard so much about and hold them till they can be vetted thoroughly. Those that are righteous citizens can be fined for, if nothing else, being stupid !! The illegals should be immediately deported.
      We might as well get some good use out of those camps !! Besides that, they will need to have guards there and that would provide employment for people.
      BTW, the ACLU can shove it where the sun fails to shine…

      • Excellent plan I’m 100% for it. Let the ‘feel gooder’s” and bleed heart snowflake liberals live with them up close for awhile. They would be begging to be rescued in a matter of days.

  2. Elizabeth Raynor Short

    Detain all of them. No bond until hearing. Everyone in detention pending final outcome of proceedings (would be years). Many will agree to be deported rather than be detained through the process. No more Mr. Nice Guy. And arrest the anti-American “activists” if they get in the way. I’m done. This is war against the Republic and Constitution.

    • Sure it’s a war, the sad and scary part is they have many American citizens helping them do it, for instance the “Useful Idiots” attending universities around the country, I believe if we were attacked by millions of Jihadists these fools would join them.

      • Elizabeth Raynor Short

        They can be arrested too. This has to STOP. Realize what it is – insurrection. War. Domestic enemies. Are we going to go on the offensive and stop it or continue to allow it? Now is the time to decide.

  3. AfricanTraveler1

    The author will never understand, eh ? The author will never be compassionate, either. More power to sanctuary cities and all the people who support them.

  4. Illegals have no rights, they are not citizens. If they choose not to cooperate just drag them off and deport them right there on the spot. What part of illegal do they not understand?

    • the USA’s enemies that are causing so much trouble are not illegal aliens…they are democrapos…pro hore clintoney supporters…voters for the african vacationing golfer and other assorted coffee shop commie aholes…

    • No talk, must be an illegal. Deport right then.

    • It’s important to deport illegals and not to provide taxpayer funded aid.

      However, the Constitution (especially the Bill of Rights) largely refers to “persons” and is not restricted to “citizens”.

      • PREAMBLE, “We the PEPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES” does not refer to those who are not here, no where does it give citizenship automatically to those who come here w/o proper papers.

        • The government school civics classes don’t instruct with regard to the Bill of Rights, I gather.

          • The Preamble came before the firs 10 amendments, ie; the Bill of Rights,

          • I think people have lost sight of the purpose of the Preamble.

            You do realize activist SCOTUS justices point to the Preamble for some of the most idiotic interpretations in the history of jurisprudence – particularly the “general welfare clause”?

            The purpose of the Constitution (in its totality) is to define the duties, responsibilities, and limitations of the federal government – much of which has been ignored thanks to mob mentality.

          • Hispanics, mexicans, mooslums that are ILLEGAL WILL be deported…….In bags or on their own two feet……….They are the killers, rapists of the planet, and are no longer welcome in the USA…………..WE THE PEOPLE will make sure that the laws of the USA & THE CONSTITUTION are fulfilled with speed……..SOONER THE BETTER…..

          • The only problem is that in the case of illegal aliens who are violent criminals, their own countries don’t want them back either. In their cases, I suppose we could just send them to concentration camps… I’m not sure what else to do with them. If we let them back out onto the streets, and they commit more crimes, then its the duty of the citizenry to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and defend themselves.

          • Start re-populating Gitmo! Build on and expand the facility as needed. Include in this new prisoner population any of these goons who are encouraging the illegals to avoid detection and are teaching them to refuse deportation.

          • Does that mean that Texas schools are taught via hispanics and liberals laws…….??

          • I am not following the question.

      • These illegals are the large part of school funding problems & over crowding aliong with all the dem give away $$’s to support them while U.S. Veterans suffer the consequences ! The dems are #1 creators to bankrupt the U.S. being a deceitful plan to their wannabe socialistic dictators !

        • Absolutely true. I can’t disagree with that.

        • They are the main cause of societal breakdown.
          When we have 20 or 30 million people in our midst braking our laws every day that’s anarchy in the making. It encourages irresponsible citizens as well to ignore our laws..

        • I read recently that something like 30% of our prison inmate population is made up of illegal aliens. Oh, they just come here to pick lettuce, right? Sure!

      • Read the references to the defining of illegal & treason against the U.S. & put it all together & the bottom line says Patriotic U.S. Citizens & not an enemy that tries to dictate & destroy Liberty …. !

        • Not sure I am following.

          Sorry, which references? Did you include some? I can’t seem to spot them in the reply.

        • That means that Obama would be the first to go……He is an illegal, a muslim, and did treason against the USA…..BO was a racist, bigot, corrupt, & lying DICtator……He has tried in many ways to destroy our Liberty and our USA………..

          Then all his brothers & sisters can accompany him back to the lines in the sand……maybe they will take the Liberals with them………..That would be a GREAT DAY, when those haters & destroyers are sent to a foreign land to burn, loot, kill, destroy buildings & vehicles………

      • It clearly states that if a person that comes here and is not a legal citizen, they are to be deported.

        Its the law of the USA………If those illegals don’t like it………..TOO BAD……….

        • granny — I think I know what you are trying to say and if I do, then I am sure to agree.

          Tourists are not legal citizens.

          I am assuming you are not advocating prevention of tourism? Especially from Western Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, etc., right?

        • And if the D(i)mocrats don’t “like” it, then TOO BAD, also!!!!

    • My first sentiment. They have no rights as illegals.

    • time to start rico charges for a ongoing criminal conspiracy to violate us immigration laws.
      All illegal aliens need to be removed on the spot when found

  5. So, this is really a conspiracy by those subversives who want this nation to collapse in order to make way for those who hate America to cause the collapse of this once great nation! They are using illegal immigrants to help accomplish their mission! They have no idea what they are doing! Nor do they have any idea of what’s coming! They will reap what they have sown! And they will not be happy!

    Someone should be able to figure this fallacy out by now……….it is like saying a person who kills another person can blame the victim, my goodness what idiots we have in this country……….harbor criminal you are a criminal, protect a criminal you are also a criminal, give free legal attorneys then Bullshit,if they want an attorney then they pay for it…free education/housing/food/medical/legal/ to illegals should be null and void from this moment on…………..

  7. George Basil Constantine

    In my day, Immigrants contributed to the well being of our Nation. People are confusing Illegals with the original description of Immigrants. For the most part, Illegals are a drain and not contributors. Many live in conclaves, don’t assimilate with the rest of the citizens but wish to take advantage of the benefits of legal citizens without any contributions

    • That’s due to the PC society, They are “ILLEGAL Aliens” Immigrants are those that come in legally, planning on becoming citizens like my Grandparents did, and signing papers that they will NOT become a burden to society, also they were checked to make sure they were in good health, learned English and the History of USA.

      • George Basil Constantine

        But as you said, they learned the language and aspired to become legal immigrates thus contributing to our society by ultimately assimilating into our society. Their signing of papers further testified as to their honorable intent. I’m first generation of legal immigrants that came through Ellis Island. My Dad went through MIT on scholarship because he knew the benefits of an education and served during WW2. His folks, my grandparents, found employment and started paying SS under F D Roosevelt. Conversely those coming here illegally want to live on the dole at our tax payers expense.

        • Back in the ’40’s I took 2 years of Spanish (Castellian) sp, thought it was a beautiful language, the spanish spoken by most illegals is comparable to our slang, I found this out when I lived in Miami and dealing with refugees from Cuba, the educated Cubans could barely understand the ones who came on “Boat lift” and other SA countries have their own slang, My Grandparents came, before Ellis Island, from Denmark, Bestepa was a Baker as was one of his son in Law, the first time I saw either of them not covered with flour, I was afraid of them, funny now but to a 5 YO they were strangers.

  8. How can they have rights? They are not citizens. I would think that not cooperating would stop any chance of them coming back illegally. Who is going to pay for an attorney for them? Not us. We do not defend felons against our selves.

    • This is what happens in a New World Order with no borders. It’s already here.

    • You do when the Damnocrats get wind of it. they are the biggest problem our nation faces, where applying the LAW is concerned

    • I gather you are unfamiliar with the Bill of Rights? The terms “people” or “persons” are employed in most of the Amendments – NOT “citizens”. This was done for a reason – the Framers anticipated mob hysteria.

      Legal procedures are in place to detain, assess status or charge crimes, prosecute, and deport those without legal status to remain in the country. These laws just need to be enforced.

  9. Of course if a Real American has say a large number of unpaid parking tickets the local gendarmes will accost you in the street, your place of work, or use that door knocking log to get into your “castle” and drag your screaming rear end to court….unless of course you take advantage of the “parking ticket amnesty”…

  10. This is disgusting, these people should be put in jail.

    • No, not put in jail, too expensive…..Kill them, right then and there…….or feed them to the sharks………..

  11. The whole point is the abolition of borders, and the submergence of our culture, language and economic and political system by tidal wave of non-American un-American and anti-American aliens, who have neither the ability or the inclination to assimilate and in fact intend to assimilate Americans into the Third World. The Shining City on the Hill is to replaced by a warren of souks, casbahs and barrios in a one-party state run by the Obammunists back in power after a revolution, this time permanently, controlled by Soros and dominated by a nuclear-armed caliphate. The transformation scheme depends upon filling of the country with mestizo invaders, central american gangs and drug cartel soldiers, violent armed criminals released from prisons for this purpose and as many head-choppers, genital-mutilators and bomb-throwers as they can bring in from the Middle East to get on welfare and cut loose on the infidel.

    • Miles you’re correct, I have been saying it since 2000, the sinister forces behind this need chaos or so they believe before they can bring about their precious New World Order. Look at many countries in Europe they are being turned into Hell-Holes, rapes are common even in broad daylight on young girls, women are afraid in many cities to go out alone. Muslims are boasting about the large number of children they’re having up to 32 with 4 wives while the Europeans are having 2 just do the math and who takes care of these ingrates? the same people they’re destroying. These so-called leaders just cannot be so stupid that they cant see the damage they’re creating by allowing this insanity to go on. If the citizens don’t rise up and fight this menace then their country is doomed.

  12. Leave it to New York, criminals teaching criminals to be better criminals

  13. This has been going on for years. As a retired Bounty Hunter we saw illegals who were getting classes in how to call the police on us and falsely accuse of of crimes in order to stall investigations and cause enough chaos where family members could escape arrest.
    DA’s would never charge them with makng false police reports or aidng and abetting, so they knew they could do it without consequence. Nothing new here.

    • I know for a fact it’s been going on over forty years, but the numbers have vastly increased since then, these ingrates that know how to milk the system make much more money than the citizens that are forced to support them. It was brought to my attention when a nursery gave me a Mexican laborer who was actually bragging about not paying taxes, saying he lived rent free with a girl on welfare and he sent all his money home because he and his brother were buying a ranch. Just before I got this pompous ass back to my home, I turned around and took him back to the nursery, he was so full of himself with his superiority complex because he knew how to cheat the system.

  14. Arrest the ones training them, that is aiding and abetting criminals whice is against the law!!

    • I was about to say the same thing!

    • Yes they can be deported with them !!!!!!!!!

    • When the American Communists achieved their goal of getting the government to take charge of our schools was their greatest achievement, even as far back as 1935 then president of the American Communist party was urging the government to do so and in 1963 Congress investigated the American Communists 45 goals, getting the government to take over our schools was among those 45 goals, their dream came true when one term Democrat president Jimmy Carter signed off on the Department of so-called Education. The Communists knew they could create millions of “Useful Idiots” both nationally and uniformly. Can there be any wondering why America is slowly turning into a Hell-Hole. Muslims are boasting they will take over western nations without firing a shot, because they say “you are having 2 children while we’re having 8 and with four wives we are having 32 children” and the Europeans are paying for their own demise, picture Europe in a couple of generations and America and Canada will soon follow, unless drastic measures are taken.

        ISLAM WAS BANNED FROM THE USA IN 1952 but Obama doesn’t want you to know that, nor does he respect or uphold US law.
        The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the
        laws relating to immigration, naturalization and nationality for the
        United States.
        That Act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and
        the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of aliens to the US and
        remains in effect today.
        Read: 100K Syrians in USA by Year’s End? +Video
        Among the
        many issues it covers, one in particular found in Chapter
        2, Section 212, is the prohibition of entry in to the US if the alien
        belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the
        United States by force, violence or by other unconstitutional
        means.”This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to
        the United States but this law is being ignored by the White House.
        Islamic immigration to the United States would be prohibited under
        this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require
        complete submission to Islam which is antithethical to the United States
        government, the Constitution and to the Republic.
        All Muslims who attest that the Koran is their life’s guiding
        principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government.
        Now the politically correct crowd would say that Islamists cannot be
        prohibited from entering the United States because Islam is a
        Whether it is a ‘religion’ is immaterial because the law states that
        aliens who are affiliated with any organization that advocates the
        overthrow of our government are prohibited.

      • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

        SO RIGHT.

  15. since when does the Constitution protect those who aren’t here legally..merely crossing the border illegally is a crime, hence the word illegal. For God’s sake people, have you all lost your minds

    • Since the 9 robed demigods decreed it so.

      • The Supreme Court does not make laws. They can only decide what is and is not Constitutional. A decision from them on any issue does not make it law. Only Congress has the power to make laws. Its falls to the POTUS to enforce them. Demand your Congressmen fix the problem by passing the proper legislation.

        • You’re Constitutionally correct. However, the “living Constitution” BS, combined with the precedent of “case law” running counter to the Founders intent (and sometimes clear language) allows them to legislate from the bench.

        • davesnrakleberger

          until Roberts changed Obamacare

        • RIGHT……….Demand anything from your Congressmen and see how far that takes you…

    • Illegals should be deported, but it is important for citizens to actually read the Constitution. It refers to “persons” and not citizens or permanent residents or visa visitors.

      This means all persons, otherwise law enforcement can take a person and just shoot them without legal process. Pity our country when it comes to that.

      • Where, and in what content??

        • Consider …
          Amendment VI
          In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.

          The accused could be a citizen, permanent resident, visa visitor, or foreign agent. It is not restricted to citizens.

          Imagine you are a visitor from Poland and (due to mistaken identity) you are accused of committing theft or fraud or assault and battery, or pick your favorite crime.

          You have a visa and so you are here legally. But you are not a citizen. Why should the rights granted by the 6th Amendment not apply? Just because you are not a citizen?

          Do you follow me?

          Don’t get me wrong. I oppose illegal immigration and I despise sanctuary cities (I live in one and there are awful ramifications to what the idiot Progressive city government has done).

          However, the last thing this country needs is to become blood thirsty and convert into a totalitarian-authoritarian state.

          The laws exist. They just need to be enforced.

          • You’re correct, if the laws had been adhered to we wouldn’t be facing this awful mess.

          • It’s a tragedy we had to endure a President who for 8 years purposefully violated his oath of office.

            I console myself by knowing I didn’t for for the disingenuous, insincere bastijo.

          • What’s amazing is the Republican candidates; McCain didn’t seem interested in winning, at two separate town-hall meetings he said Obama is a good guy I know him, Obama would make a good president, I knew we were in trouble then here comes Romney who did really great but did a complete reverse, it was like he was ordered to stand down. Then we elect a president that has the best interest of the people and these clowns fought him all the way, and some are still doing it, obviously many of them wanted Clinton.

          • RE: McCain … his 2008 campaign seemed to follow Bob Dole’s 1996 campaign … “It’s my turn”. I wish McCain had kept his dignity and retired after his 2nd Senate term.

            I guess the beltway does that to people who stay too long and lose touch with reality.

          • So do I, McCain identifies with liberals more than he does conservatives. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he voted for Hillary, that goes for the rest of the RINOs the only reason they wouldn’t have voted for her is fear they would be found out.

          • Too bad his captors didn’t keep him……….He was very helpful to them and sang like a mocking bird……….He admitted that and stated “I CAN’T STAND PAIN”…………

          • I thought the same thing…… It seems that the DEMS/GOP have been washing each others backs for too many decades……Notice that Bush went over to the HC camp to help her in her campaigning………..Too many closet DEMS in the GOP party……

          • His oath was given while he was holding the QURAN………

          • If the illegal muslim Dictator had of gone back to where he came from after college (?), we would not be in this mess………He is & was the EVIL that was elected via the illegals/mooslums & uneducated Liberals that are only sheep & the crooked voting machines & counters………………

            The worst of that scene is the fact that many politicians KNEW BO was not a legal citizen of the USA.

          • I believe this much … Obama was the worst President in the history of the USA, and we’ve had a few bad ones over the years.

            The thing that concerns me is this: I am not sure who the guy is. So I call him Barrack Hussein Davis-Obama-Soetero as I am equally unsure of his progeny.

            If his real father is Frank Marshall Davis (I suspect this is the case – his mommy had an affair with the communist Davis), he WOULD be a natural born citizen – just not a very good one.

        • Take your liberal uneducated brain and go look it up…………….

          • I am far from a Liberal, and very well educated, I went to Georgetown in 1949 at age 17, now I was talking to Sol-of Texas, and I’ve read the Constitution, Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments), Dec. of Independence, and Articles of Confederation, plus many books about what really happened in Boston.

      • GOD BLESS our police departments………..Lets hope that no more of those illegals or mooslums decide to kill our men in blue…………Hope our police take care of the evil doers, and their ilk…..

        Thank GOD for the 2nd Amendment, the Military, the NRA, the USA FLAG, and our CPL’s………

  16. Well these “Activist’s” are Wrong, the government does not have to prove that an Illegal Alien National is here Illegally, it is the responsibility of the “suspected Illegal Alien” to prove legal authorization by producing Federally issued Identification such as a Green Card or Guest Worker Authorization that is current and NOT some State or Municipality I.D., State Benefit Card issued by a Sanctuary City/State.
    Even a U.S. Citizen MUST produce Identification when asked by Law Enforcement or risk being held or taken into custody till proper identification can be ascertained.

    • You are 100% correct.

    • As a citizen I couldn’t do a lot of things if I didn’t have identification, this tells me these people are being helped in breaking the law, those helping should be made an example of by being punished with a very huge fine.

  17. time to change the law making entering the USA illegally iis a felony . Anyone assisting them gets conspiracy charge.

  18. Lawyer’s are the fixers of the Law! They all have lived in the “made-up world of Little Willie Clinton when he stated……………”Well, it all depends on what Is, Is”! And far to many of our elected Representatives are……You guessed it, Lawyers”!

  19. What ever happened to complicit in a crime?

    • Whatever happened to Treason being a serious crime, I cant imagine what one would have to do today to be charged with Treason. Once upon a time in America Obama and his gang would have been hanged.

      • I once watched a movie, “Man without a Country” don’t recall why, but he renounced his citizenship and ended up on a ship, could not go on land w/o papers and he had none, because you need to be a Citizen to get a VISA, basically, he regretted his decision. don’t recall how it ended as I said, many,many years ago

  20. Dennis B Anderson

    Going to drag you illegal slugs out of our houses screaming had enough of spoon feeding, and housing you. Cinco de Mayo was over some 20 years ago. Get lost and dont let the border gate hit you on the back side! Wait I take that back do let it hit you maybe you will clean up your own country instead of bringing your problems with you. Sorry we can no longer afford you try in about a decade.

  21. We have abrogated the term “alien”. They were not born here, hence they are alien invaders. (That sounds like a 1960’s classic science fiction motion picture, doesn’t it)? In fact, they are just that. I have long advocated ICE agents attending these gatherings and begin checking attendee’s immigration status. It is analagous to a clogged drain. When you have all the offending particles in one place they become easier to remove.

  22. Start worrying about our own people and less about the Illegals ! They are brakin the law,and in my way of thinkin so are you and you should be arrested for aiding ,and a bedding the Illegals !

  23. Find, arrest, deport! The Constitution was written by, and meant for We the People, not for foreign entities! These people have no rights under our Constitution! Find these people who are breaking the law by holding “Classes” for illegals, and arrest them for subversive activities! If there is ANY way that a civil war will start in this country, the left will be the cause, and they will LOSE the conflict!!

  24. anthony j. manzo

    Some one find a legal way to stop these people. Could it possible come under treason. If there is no law congress should pass one.

  25. that’s called aiding and abeting they have no rights just ask them for their papers

  26. deport them this is not lazy demorats and obuma time.

  27. TRUMP needs to Drain the Swamp….Now !!! i have a plan…[email protected]

    • Tell you what…if you’re willing to post it, I’m willing to forward it to the website and my state reps at their email addresses.

  28. This is good. Now we have a place to go looking for illegals. Raid the sessions and get them in groups and arrest the trainers. No valid visa? No stay. If criminal background check is clean, deportation and name goes on a list. If not send them to prison for years. 2nd offense, 6 months in jail then deportation. 3rd offense, send them to prison for years. That will make them think before trying to circumvent the U.S. immigration system.

  29. This is the equivalent of Wedding and funeral crasher party crasher…uninvited guest that won’t leave and disregard your request or demands to leave..they’re being exploited by their own people…have not and in cases refuse to assimilate…

  30. Yvonne Kozlowski

    Lawyers are supposed to uphold the law not help break it .If they don’t comply to the rules throw their asses in jail .What part don’t they get ILLEGAL .l don’t care ship all their asses home grandma , mama dad,and kids ,al. Of them should go home .We have enough to support ,maybe then my taxes would go down inNew York I doubt it though I’m sure our elected officials would find a way to keep them high

  31. Far as im concern they got to prove their legal to be in this country. If not, send them back to where they belong.


  33. They are aiding and abetting law breakers to break laws. Isn’t there a law against that? arrest them, try and convict them and send them too prison.

  34. Why is it half the country wants to train people how not to respect our laws.

  35. Put them on a ICE bus bound for the border. Drop them off and escort them “home.” And, “home” is not this country.

  36. Too late folks we are frogs and the water has already started to boil. We can’t get out of the pot. We didn’t start smarting up soon enough. All you can do is bitch and you only have 1 vote and no organization and no platform in your favor. The traitors are overwhelming the President and nothing will be done to stop it. If we had a nation of laws they would be on the docket in prison or headed for prison by now. It ain’t gonna happen. Get it?
    Now continue on, talk-talk-talk, bla-bla-bla. ad-nausium…

  37. Make it a felony not to co-operate with Ice officials. then if you can’t prove you are here legally you will be deported as felon.

  38. Get the disease ridden vermin the hell out and the Illegals who voted In the election are criminals and need to go first ! The election workers who helped them vote need to go to prison.

  39. They are not U.S. citizens, what rights do they have? I don’t say treat them bad but if they don’t open the door stay outside until they come out. Heck, cops will break down the door of an American citizen.

  40. Anyone found to be aiding and abetting illegals should face asset forfeiture. If they stand to lose their own car, bank account or house they might not be in such a hurry to help people who are breaking our laws.

  41. Since they are INVADERS and not legal nor lawful Immigrants they only right
    they have is to be put on the first plane back to country of origin and dropped
    on the tarmac to fend for themselves. But only after being photographed,
    finger printed and DNA samples take and tested. The sooner we start enforcing
    our IMMIGRATION laws the better and let the Border Patrol take the gloves off
    when apprehending them criminal who are INVADING our Nation Illegally.

  42. I bet they will all be democrats and will be encouraged to vote for the baby killers illegally when the time comes.

  43. I say send ICE to the training sessions with transport buses. Arrest the illegals for being in the country illegally, take them immediately to the border and run them back across, and arrest those conducting the classes for aiding and abetting.



  45. The libtards will go to every length for anarchy!

  46. Those who protect, hide, and otherwise hold up justice should also be proscueted for obstruction of justice.

  47. James R. Currier

    Someone needs to remind these people that illegal aliens DON’T HAVE ANY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

  48. George E. LeFebvre

    You can bet your butt that the ACLU and its communist operatives are behind this one.

  49. Fortuneless is right. Illegal means outlaw and no citizens rights! Whose paying for the lawyer? You can bet they aren’t! I’m not going too, are you?

  50. What rights? They are illegals. Leave now or be deported. Take your kids with you. No more entitlements.

  51. Wonder why we have so many openly illegals in America,,,? ,,you just saw a statement encouraging this openly in the media and NO punishment WOW… Americans are not that stupid,,,,,STOP IT

  52. And has anyone explained to these illegals that resistance can get them seriously injured, or dead? The left wing whackos don’t care if they are injured, or better yet, dead. All the more useful by the commie democrats and MainStreamMedia to have their twisted followers crying for the poor illegals.

    They are criminals, and they need to be dealt with, now. Peacefully deported if possible, forcefully removed from this country if need be! Either way, they need to go now to give relief to the American tax payers who provide billions in tax dollars every year to support this foreign criminal welfare society which arrived unchecked by Obama and his comrades of the democrat party!

  53. It would be nice if we could force these people to put their money where their mouth is the same way they force taxpayers to fund their growing madness. Like maybe offer them a deal. They can keep their millions and millions of illegal aliens. They just have to support them themselves. No more taxpayer dollars for food, housing, medical care, education, childcare or anything else. They need to find them employment that will not deprive a legal American citizen from working. We’ll see how fast they change their minds when its their burden to carry.

  54. liberal Democrats are the enemy within that will destroy our country if we don’t stop them.

  55. U.S.A. citizenship is a birthright to the off springs of legal U.S.citizens and a privilege granted by the legal citizens and the applicable U.S. immigration statutes to foreign nationals legally seeking citizenship.. Citizenship or visitation to the U.S.A. is not the right on any foreign national.


  56. article says…: They want to let illegals know that unless the U.S. government can prove that they are here without documentation, they can’t deport them back to their home countries. That is utter bull-skat
    The BURDEN lies upon the PERSON to prove they have the right to be on American soil

  57. We have the laws and now a president who will enforce them. Those who conspire to violate those laws should be prosecuted as well!

  58. If the fact that they don’t have a job, they collect all the welfare and benefits they can, they have make no attempt to assimilate and/or even learn the English language is not enough for deportation, then I suggest that every supporter of these illegals be given the personal responsibility for their continued care! Just see how long they can personally comply with that level of personal welfare to illegals then multiply it by the horrendous numbers already here and the unsustainable pressure it is placing on the American economy. Great way to crush our country and its economy. When it is all done they will move on to other feeding grounds leaving nothing behind them but a confused and devastated waist land!

  59. If these idiots are so upset about these illegals being deported why don’t they put as much effort into helping them come back the lawful way? They could even let them move in with them and become members of their families. It could be a learning experience for them. They could learn all about how they behead infidels and rape the women first hand.

  60. When they do get deported all of this should be held against them when they apply to come back legally.

  61. Find’em, move’em out an get them gone. If then come here they better love AMERICA first and where they came from last OR ELSE. And take Obama first.

  62. When did non-Americans think they can run our Country? Did you notice that the last name of the person leading that stupid training is a Latino name? Is she even here legally or does she have a green card or did ICE just miss her altogether? Whatever the reason, this woman thinks that Americans do NOT count and that only Illegals have the rights to defy our President and ICE. She is 100% wrong and someone needs to lock her up in a high security woman’s prison where most of her friends probably reside already.

    FYI: Are you aware of LaRaza, a Latino Political group FUNDED BY GEORGE SOROS that is determined to destroy our Government and take over the West where they say the White people stole their land. Wrong. Didn’t happen that way, but in Mendez’s confused and hot headed mind, it did. George Soros is behind most of the action this group does because he wants the U.S. in chaos — easier to take over if it is. Stupid people like Mendez only look at the $$, not reality, so she gladly pursues Soros’ agenda of disruption and disobedience. ****Kick her and her cohorts to the curb!**** They have no business teaching this crap to illegals who are criminals in the first place. And when ALL the illegals are escorted to the border and dumped in Mexico, make sure Mendez is included with them…plus anyone else who thinks that Illegals have rights over American Laws. They do NOT! They are Law breakers and must suffer the consequences!

    Besides, most illegals speak very broken English. Hit them with enough LEGAL terminology and they will collapse because they don’t understand the language. Mendez is barking up the wrong tree. Our ICE is a big burly dog who is going to do their job and send all these criminals packing back to Mexico where they belong. Any Liberals disagreeing with that can join the homey hike out of the U.S. and back to no man’s land.

    Here’s an idea for Mendez: Why doesn’t she go down to the Countries in South America and discuss fighting ICE with the drug cartel leaders? Why? Because she would become the drug lord’s new girlfriend and never see America again! Send all of La Raza down there! If they want to play with fire, go for it, but not in America. Return to your roots La Raza and see how well you like living back in the ghettos…or shut up and try acting like a real American! Your choice… NO MORE ILLEGALS OVER AMERICANS!

    • Even worse, they want we taxpayers to pay for them to turn America into a Hell-Hole like the one they came from. Then there are the Muslims here who adhere to a Fascist Political Ideology, according to a recent survey the vast majority want Sharia Law but that’s not surprising, Muslims have many well funded alphabet organizations these groups will never assimilate, to get an idea of America’s future with Muslims just research Germany, Sweden, England, France Holland just to mention a few, the Muslims there are boasting we will take your country, you are having 2 children we are having 8 and with 4 wives we are having 32 with millions still coming in just so the math. Check out America and Canada it was Muslims 8 children non-Muslims 2 children per family.

      • I am very AWARE of the muslim’s “Population Jihad” they are doing in many of the countries in Europe. Unfortunately for them, those same countries are trying to deport them as fast as they can because the native residents are angry at the lawmakers. Go figure!! How stupid to let them inside their countries in the first place. Stupid is as stupid does!

        But muslims are not brilliant people and will keep trying to do this when in reality, all they will be doing is bogging down their very own families because many Countries will NOT allow them in…just like we won’t do that either. Geo Soros is furious that Pres. Trump created that Executive Order stopping all travelers from the 6 terrorist filled countries in the Middle East. Many Liberals don’t understand what is going on or they are just plain stupid, who knows.

        But Americans are done with playing babysitters for illegals who do nothing for our country but add more financial debt! As for the Muslims inside our country, “WATCH THEM ALL”! Those individuals that killed so many Americans were raised here, went to Saudi Arabia and a year later committed Jihad. There is a connection to Saudi Arabia and the Jihads. The CIA needs to investigate that connection so Americans will no longer be in danger. Trust no Muslim…they re devious and manipulative and will smile at you while stabbing you in the back. I worked with several of them…not to be trusted.

        • I know more about Islam than probably most of the misguided fools that adhere to this Fascist Political Ideology. Many of them are inbred. For almost 1400 years these maniacs have been committing atrocities on innocent men women and even children, having this sordid background why would civilized countries allow them in knowing their goal is to is to eventually take over their host country. Iran was a nice country before Muslims took it over, they contribute nothing to the world but claim credit for what non-Muslim have achieved once they get control.

          • I sooo understand what you are saying! I had to work with a couple and found them very arrogant and rude to all the women in the office – even those women who were their bosses. They never showed up for Corporate meetings and when they did, were very disruptive. One actually got so angry he stomped out of the meeting and left the building because a Marketing female’s plan wash accepted over his. He quit several days later. He was only friendly to one man in the whole company and wasn’t missed by any when he left.

            On another occasion, several years ago, a dear friend of ours was kidnapped, raped and abused by a muslim man who she encountered in a grocery store. All she did was answer a question where the soft drinks were located. She was polite, but he misinterpreted her actions as a “come on” to him and followed her to her home, knocked on the door and forced himself in when she opened it. He overpowered her, held her captive in her own home, wouldn’t let her talk to anyone or answer her phone, and raped and beat her when she wouldn’t submit to him.
            We called her about a party we were having and said if she didn’t come, we’d show up at her door and we had a key — so they both came. She had heavy makeup (first red flag because she NEVER wore makeup) on to hide the bruises on her face and long sleeves to hide the bruised arms. He held her by her arm and wouldn’t let go until we convinced him we needed her help in the kitchen. Once we coaxed her away from that snake and saw what was happening, another of our guy friends immediately took her to her parents and they got a Protection Order against the muslim. A warrant for his arrest was filed for kidnapping and abuse, but he had left the country. Our friend’s parents moved her out of her apartment into another place several cities away so he could never find her again.
            She had psychological/physical trauma and was seeing a psychiatrist because of what he did to her. This was a young lady who always smiled, was polite and was basically very happy…he turned her world upside down. Muslim men are nothing but animals dressed in human clothing and there is no place in the U.S. for anyone like them!

            So when you talk about the atrocities muslim men do to their own women and children, most Americans do not get it. They think everyone acts the same, but they haven’t been around angry muslim men who think ALL women are a huge step below them, subservient, a piece of furniture, a possession. When this happened to my friend, I knew then that these were NOT the kind of people to let into our country…ever. That instance with our friend happened before the Boston Bombings, the San Bernardino killings, the Paris Nightclub killings, etc..

            Muslims do NOT know how to accept females of any age as equals and will constantly “use and abuse” them as objects. I do not respect muslims, nor do I like them, and I definitely do NOT trust them. They can all be removed from our country and sent back to the Middle East where they can commit their Jihads with a camel or donkey or whatever. No, they already abuse those animals sexually, so even the animals aren’t safe from those beasts.

    • LaRaza is made up of nothing more than racists, anti-America hate group, they have been inciting Latino illegals from the day they were formed. Todays immigrants are a 180 degrees apart from the immigrants that helped build this country, those immigrants wanted to become Americans, they wanted to assimilate, today’s immigrants aren’t about to assimilate, they don’t know the meaning of assimilation, nor do they care.

  63. They should worry about how to defy armed citizens. Any I catch breaking Federal Law, I intend to arrest and.possibly shoot. AMEN

  64. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    If they can not or will not show proof that they are LEGAL then LOCK them up. If NO ONE shows up with their paper work and a attorney then they need to be deported. As they are NOT legal and have NO rights. If you are illegal the you are a criminal. TRUMP WILL RULE and these POS’ NEED to go bye-bye as we REAL legal AMERICAN citizens are tired of paying their way!!

  65. I have never understood what rights people who are here illegally have…maybe under the Geneva Convention? We must treat them humanely, but they do not have the same rights that citizens have. If they do not have documentation to prove they are here legally, they need to return to their homeland and try doing it the right way. Believe me they know at all times where their documents are as they know how important it is to have them handy.

  66. The Obummer legacy of Marxist America relentlessly carries on. Funded by Soros’s money and a few other socialist buddies the Obamas continue to tear down The United States and our Constitution from just a few blocks away from 1600 Pen. Ave. He and his organizer minions have set up anarchist training and planning centers around the nation to continue to brew up trouble and to help his muslim buddies to build more Saudi funded mosque radical training centers. You know… the enemy of my enemy is my friend…..that is until they bite them in the…..ashes to ashes nation dust to nation dust.

  67. sandraleesmith46

    They don’t have “rights” and have been defying law enforcement for as long as they’ve been here; some for decades. They don’t need gringos to give them lessons.

    • Hi Sandra Hope you’re doing well. I’ve been looking for you, the last time we had contact you gave me a security company’s name but before I could get it copied I lost the page and couldn’t get back on it, I get thousands of e-mails daily, I cant believe this is just a coincidence; I took a Trump survey on a couple of conservative sites one or both sold my e-mail address to every foul company out there, impossible to unsubscribe If you still have my e-mail address please try sending me one, mine were coming back undeliverable. I’m getting a new computer and a new e-mail will give it to you when I do. Thanks

      • sandraleesmith46

        Hi Apollo. I’ve learned a couple of things since, forget the security thing. I have tried sending you mail to the mollyjojo address & they keep coming back as undeliverable. But maybe it’s something in your device blocking. I have no problems with my other friend on tutanota getting his mail. Will keep trying.

  68. The author ends this article with “We’ll never understand.”

    We don’t have to “understand.”

    The question is, “Why would an American educate an illegal alien on how to break American laws.”
    The answer is, “An American wouldn’t.”

    But an anti-American would. An anti-constitutionalist would. A criminal American would. Anyone in any of these three groups should be rounded up and housed in Sheriff Joe’s tent city until they can be processed for deportation. If they prove to be American citizens they should be stripped of that citizenship, and any and all the property they used in this criminal enterprise should be confiscated. Serial violators should be prosecuted under the RICO Act.

    It’s time for a zero tolerance stand against these traitors and/or enemies of the state.

  69. American citizens have ‘rights’. Illegals have laws that are stacked against them because they are illegal, therefore they have no rights. If they came into the country legally, which is going to be hard to do from now on since we had such a rush of immigrants after Obama went across the border and beckoned them here… but if they came here legally and assimilated ~ that’s what American immigration is about.

    • Today’s so-called immigrants don’t know the meaning of assimilation, the Latinos want to bring their Hell-Holes with them, then we have a more dangerous ones the Muslims who want an American Middle East, they are making much progress thanks to their liberal supporters and the many well funded alphabet Muslim organizations who are in the process of setting up their Sharia Law, for instance in Ferguson Texas about a year ago the Muslims lost on a 5 to 4 vote just one vote shy of getting Sharia Law passed, how can this even be voted on? because I did say their organizations are well funded, something that attracts the Traitorous politicians

  70. Forrest Huck London

    if you are not a citizen then you have no rights you are illegal that means deportation

  71. The city mayor, council members, and even judges that interfere in those Cockroaches being taken into custody for being deported back to shit hole Mexico themselves need to be charged by the DOJ and taken into custody to await trial for defying Constitutional law.

  72. Deport them!

  73. Put them all on Ships and send them to North Korea. We could solve 2 problems at the same time.
    It would not be easy for them to get back into USA.

  74. The asinine organizers of this defiance of U.S. Laws are as guilty of crimes to abet illegal acts against all law enforcement that demands arrest, indictments & prosecution ! This is absolute defiance of National Security !

  75. Hmmm – CUT off all federal funds to NY but simple stats checks can produce evidence….

  76. They can either leave under their own two feet or in the horizontal position………..Does not make a difference to the USA Legal Citizens that want them GONE…..Consider the Mafia putting a bounty on their worthless heads…

  77. Federal funds are being used by illegals (no matter their land of origin). Officials of various cities & states are NOT abiding by laws of the US, plus NOT falling their oaths of office.
    ALL funds should be automatically CUT to those who are illegal, who are NOT abiding by our law(s). WE are a Nation of LAWS…so we are told.

  78. These people giving the classes need to be checked out. Illegal invaders have no rights. Them being here is breaking the law. Try doing this in Mexico, and see what happens.

  79. Would that be “Party to a crime” or “complicity”?

  80. OldConservativeGuy

    I love the idea of the bus outside the event! It would either easily round up a bunch of illegals or scare them away from these events that are completely seditious. Any group that actively teaches people how to flout the law should be prosecuted as well. Where the hell does the left get off thinking it is OK to ignore our laws whenever they want to and have no consequences and when the hell are we going to start holding them accountable to appropriate consequences?

  81. They’re INVADERS!!! Just shoot them!!

  82. This sound simply stupid. ICE has to prove that they are Illegals ! that sounds just like the liberal opposition to proving that you are a citizen to be eligible to vote.
    Are we collectively this ignorant ? I hope not !

  83. I suppose, if they resist arrest, we could just shoot them…

  84. Contact your legislartors demand a federal law, that makes aiding and abetting the criminal aliens a felony carrying a 4 years mandatory minimum, with out possibility of parole.
    Let’s see if the liberal scum want the illegal votes enough to go to jail and then, as convicted felons, lose their right to vote.

  85. When will ICE be posting Bounty $$$ (They are worth $5 each)
    I could hit the lottery with all the tacos I see…

  86. So we have liberal dems helping ILLEGAL immigrants to disobey laws WTF ??? Then they should be locked up too ! This is typical misbehavior from the left. All liberal dems should have to pay for all of illegal immigrants and thier woes. Put them up in thier homes and pay for all. Then they would lie and say they’re Republicans. These stupid people have no idea what they’re doing or care. It’s sad that people can be so ignorant and laws mean nothing to them except when it favors thier cause. When Obuma did the exact same thing not one word was said. So these diplorables should shut thier pie holes now. Lock em up !!!!

  87. Pass a law, any business hiring/employing “illegals” will be prosecuted as “aiding and abetting” criminals, and most likely lose their “Business licenses”.

    It’s not hard to know how determine someone is to “get the job done” by the actions they take to “get the job done”.

    And I don’t think this government (Congress) has the determination to “Get the job done”.

  88. I am so tired of hearing from the bleeding heart liberals and others who support illegal aliens in their quest to remain in a country where they have willingly and knowingly broke the LAW! I am tired of Congress and a former President or should I say Presidents that did not do their jobs regarding this issue. I am also tired of the myriad of corporations that consistantly aide and abet these criminals. I can’t understand why it is ok to break some some laws and others are not ok. I would like to not pay taxes because I do not like the way my tax dollar is being spent, yet if I don’t, I face jail time. Hey I work for a billion dollar a year company whereas I know the company has more money then it needs and if I take some because of a need, I could again go to jail because of thief.
    What people do not understand is that illegal immigration whether it is crossing the border, overstaying a visa, etc. is a theft of services. It is Theft of services in the ways of crowded schools, medical services, jobs that Americans and LAWFULL immigrants could be holding and getting paid for, scholarships and lower tuition that American kids could be educated at universities, etc., Noone looks at the full picture.
    Currently we have the Dreamact, which the illegal parents brought the illgl children with them and now they again want services to aide them in getting an education and give them a job. Who is paying for the reduced tuition and scholarships? YOU ARE! WE ARE! The parents took the risk in coming here knowing the rules and now they want to profit from their illegal activity.
    What could be done is better educate those here who ware citizens and want an education and offer to them what the dreamers are getting.
    America needs to cut off the social welfare entitlement programs to illegals and maybe the cost would go down whereas it is a workable system for those who need it. Schools should be off limits to illegals so that more class room time could be devoted to citizens and legal immigrant children and cost could be lower. Let the corporation who hired the illegals build schools and fund them for kids of illegals if they take on the risk of hiring them.
    Immigration should not be a given for those n student visa either. Those students who graduate should be forced to go back to there country of origin for five years as a minimum to help those countries out to improve them instead of taking jobs form those here.
    I hope Trump continues to do what he says he will do with immigration and hope that he will be more stringent when comes to enforcement to the law. If an American tried to go to France illegally, they would not have any of the entitlement programs available to them like in the United States. Why should we be any different?

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