Illegal Immigrants Charged With Voting in 2016 Election (Even Though This NEVER Happens)

In North Carolina, federal prosecutors are either engaged in a racist plot to take illegal immigrants from their families at the behest of the evil Trump administration or some kind of once-in-a-lifetime supernatural miracle has occurred. It has to be one or the other, because otherwise it just doesn’t make sense that 19 illegal immigrants are being charged with voting in the 2016 election – several of them on multiple counts, i.e., they voted more than once! How could this be, when we have been assured by Democrats, Hispanic activists, and even federal judges that this NEVER happens? How can this be, when we’ve been told by anyone who is anyone that the only reason to check ID at the polling place is to marginalize minorities and others who would ordinarily vote for Democrats? What is happening??

Unless…wait…unless the left is lying? Nooo, that can’t be.

In any event, illegal immigrants in the case have been charged with everything from voting illegally in North Carolina to committing passport fraud in their quest to give Mrs. Clinton a boost in the 2016 election. If convicted, they could each face up to a year behind bars, a $100,000 fine, and a supervised release. Though the news articles we read didn’t say it outright, we would suspect that they will also be in line for a ride in the ICE paddywagon. Destination: Back to Wherever You Came From.

In this instance, that destination will include such exotic locales as Nigeria, Philippines, Mexico, Germany, Grenada, Japan, El Salvador, Guyana, and the Dominican Republic.

In remarks to the Washington Times, Logan Churchwell of the Public Interest Legal Foundation said the indictments represented a “critical step in confronting real foreign influences in our elections.”

One might compare that to the imaginary and inconsequential foreign influences in our elections that the media is so obsessed with.

“Across the nation,” said Churchwell, “noncitizens are gaining unlawful entry into our voting systems, often by bureaucratic invitation. Our voter registration systems must confirm citizenship eligibility — otherwise more votes will be stolen by foreign nationals.”

We can’t help but notice there has been exactly zero coverage of this story in The New York Times, the Washington Post, on any of the left-wing cable stations, or in any other national mainstream media outlet. All of the information above has been gathered from small conservative outlets and local North Carolina news sites.

It seems odd that the media would overlook such a story, given how it completely upends a lie they’ve been telling their readers/viewers for the last two years straight—

Oh, wait, we just figured it out.

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