Ilhan Omar the Comedian: Trump is “Terrified” of My “Intersectionality”

Taking for granted the dubious idea that President Donald Trump could even come up with her name on the spur of the moment, much less that he spends a whole lot of time thinking about her, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) told repugnant feminist comedian Samantha Bee this week that Trump is “terrified” of her because of her “intersectionality.” Folks, this is what happens when you spend too much time with your nose in Gender Studies books. It makes you dumb.

Omar told Bee that she never could have dreamed as a child in Somalia that she would one day be involved in impeaching a real-life U.S. president.

“A lot of people think we take joy in impeaching this president because we don’t like him,” Omar said. “But we take joy in making sure that when we say we’re going to protect the rule of law, that the American people know that we are serious about that.”

Bee then asked one of those “when did you stop hitting your wife questions” of her guest: “Why do you think that the president focuses so much on you?”

If we were writing for the New York Times, we would write something like: Bee, without evidence, suggests that President Trump focuses a great deal on Ilhan Omar.

Naturally, though, Omar was ready with an answer.

“I think he is terrified by any women who are practicing ‘Shine Theory,’ who have each other’s back,” Omar said. “But for me, I think he is terrified at the fact that I sit on the intersectionality of many identities that he really despises: a woman, an immigrant, Muslim, refugee, and Punjabi in one beautiful package.”

Right, because Trump’s history of hating the Punjabi people is well documented.

Who knows, maybe Omar was trying out to be a permanent correspondent on Bee’s “comedy” show. Certainly, her idea that Trump is “terrified” of her because she’s a Muslim woman is funnier than anything we’ve ever heard the host say.

Unfortunately, we suppose she wasn’t actually joking. Like her Squad-mates, a little bit of political fame has gone straight to her hijab. She actually thinks she’s important. How adorable.

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