Ilhan Omar Refuses to Condemn Islam’s Female Genital Mutilation

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) will condemn white supremacy in a heartbeat, even when none is in evidence. She’ll go out of her way to condemn U.S. foreign policy in Venezuela. She’ll blast Israel without a second thought, and she won’t shut up when it comes to the migrant detention facilities at the U.S. border. But when it comes to casting a critical eye on Islam or its adherents? That’s a different story. She won’t say an unkind word about Al Qaeda. To her, 9/11 is just “something some people did.” Palestinians are under siege, justifying any terror they might unleash in return.

But what about the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation, which is rampant in Muslim communities both abroad and here at home? Surely not even Omar would hesitate to condemn that, right?


Appearing at the Muslim Caucus Collective for Equitable Democracy event in Washington this week, Omar was asked if she and her fellow Muslim congresswoman Rashida Tlaib would condemn the practice.

Instead, Omar went on the attack, bashing “assumptions about what our value basis might be because of where we might come from and who we pray to.”

This response would have been nonsensical even if the questioner had been from Stormfront, but it was especially puzzling given that the man asking the question was Ani Zonneveld, the president of Muslims for Progressive Values.

“Would you be able to make a statement against FGM because that’s an issue in Detroit,” Zonneveld asked. “And it would be really powerful if the two Muslim congresswomen, yourself and Rashida, would make a statement on this issue.”

Omar said the question was “appalling.”

“Because I always feel like there are bills that we vote on, bills we sponsor, many statements we put out, and then we’re in a panel like this and the question is posed, ‘Could you and Rashida do this?’” Omar said. “It’s a very frustrating question. It comes up – you can look at my record. I voted for bills doing exactly what you’re asking me to do. And so I am, I think, quite disgusted that as Muslim legislators we are constantly being asked to waste our time speaking to issues that other people are not asked to speak to, because the assumption exists that we somehow support, and are for – right? No, there is an assumption.”

Well, frankly, you’re the one with a turban on your head. You’re the one that constantly makes these “gaffes” where you bash U.S. troops instead of Islamic terrorists. You’re the one that has spent much of your time in Washington slandering Jews and the politicians who support Israel. So yes, you will be asked questions that your colleagues are not asked. Why? Because we really don’t know where the hell you’re coming from.

But trust us, Ilhan, every time you react like this, we get a little closer to understanding.

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