Ignorant Liberals and Texas Open Carry

Open carry will become the law of the land in Texas on January 1st, and anti-gun groups (including the mainstream media) simply can’t conceive of any reason for this law. Three prominent grocery store chains – H-E-B, Safeway, and Whole Foods – have opted out of the law due to considerable pressure from Moms Demand Action, the Michael Bloomberg-funded anti-gun organization.

As is the case with most gun control issues, the fear of open carry is rooted solely in emotion. Liberals have this fantasy scenario where New Years’ Day will bring the wild west to modern-day Texas, a wasteland ruled by right-wingers who want to overthrow the government. This fear does not seem to weaken with the realization that Texas will be the 45th state to adopt some form of open carry legislation. When these people hear the word “firearm,” rationality heads out for a snack.

To them, the possibility that open carry might have societal benefits is unthinkable. As in, literally, they will not think about it.

But if they were to ever think about it, they might peruse some of the sound, logical arguments for open carry. To the gun owner himself, the benefits can be significant when it comes to both comfort and the speed with which he can get to his weapon. But open carry has benefits that extend beyond that, translating to a safer society.

Open carry is an indisputable crime deterrent. Statisticians can argue back and forth over how effective citizen heroes really are when it comes to stopping violent crime, but there’s no question that most criminals would think twice about robbing a store after seeing a customer with a pistol on his hip. Will a healthy population of open carriers eliminate armed robbery? Of course not. But any steps we can take towards a safer community should be embraced, especially when they dovetail with our constitutional freedoms.

Speaking of those freedoms, it speaks to how blinded liberals are to their own failures that they do not recognize that they – not the NRA, not the Republicans, not Rush Limbaugh – are responsible for radicalizing this debate, in so far as they see it as too extreme. Without Democrats constantly pushing their gun control agenda, there would be no reason to push back so vigorously. And because they don’t see this, they don’t understand why anyone might choose to open carry purely for the political statement it makes.

In “flaunting” their guns, these people are loudly exercising a controversial right that is constantly under attack. Use it or lose it, as they say, and nowhere is that idiom more accurate than when it comes to our basic liberties. One can only imagine what Democrats would have done to the Second Amendment by now if gun owners opposed them quietly and without conviction. When you have politicians – including the president of the United States – constantly singing a tune that sounds less like “control” and more like “ban” with each passing year, open carry proponents need only one justification for choosing to arm themselves:

Because they can.


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  1. Thanks for the information. When I am home in Texas—two or three times a year, usually for a good while—I will make a point of never buying anything from HEB, Safeway, or Whole Foods. As they say, F ’em all.

  2. Hell let them get robbed a couple of times and let’s see if they don’t change their minds. Maybe a few of these Mom Demand action could be shopping when that happens. They will need to change there panties if it happens.

  3. Are only politicos and celebrities and wealthy with personal security, body guards allowed 2 nd Ammendment Rights?

    • They seem to be the only people deserved of bodily protection as they claim to be smarter than everyone else. I believe I read a recent article that the state of Virginia is looking into eliminating Gov. McAuliffe’s body guards paid for by taxpayers since McAuliffe is so blatantly anti-gun. Let’s see how anti-gun he will be if they remove his protection. He will then obviously have to resort to carrying a can of beans with him wherever he goes to throw at an assailant.

      • “They seem to be the only people deserved of bodily protection as they claim to be smarter than everyone else.”

        well we are obviously smarter since we don’t run around whining about the 2nd being repealed all the time, WHEN IT’S NOT.

        • You are a bare faced low life liberal dem bloodsucking liar, you have tried and tried, you are not ever smart enough to see where it would take you if you were successful, you lying cretin

      • McAuliffe is HIllary’s BFF.

    • No ! ; Thugs & other criminals are allowed guns because they are necessary for them to ‘conduct’ their business.

      • are stupid things all you cons capable of posting?

        now wonder the country is in trouble.
        the conservatives have the mental capacity of kindergartners.

        • So why is it always the low life liberal dem bloodsuckers on public forums whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else toapay for them, cretin?
          Give your kids a break leech kill yourself.

    • seems only liberals have any brains.

      Care to link me to someone taking away those rights?

      or you just being a hysterical little girl?

      • lol sorry liberal dem bloodsucker, you will recall that when you joined the Democratic Parasitical Part you had to surrender 50% of your reasoning capacity
        Isn’t it about time for your shift over on MSNBC of whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on someone else to pay for them?
        Don’t be late they will dock you 3 days food stamps.
        Shoo, shoo, little parasite

  4. for some reason liberals think that trouble and murder only happens to other people and in other countries. when the “bird comes home to roost” and violence comes knocking on their family door…maybe they will see the light, or will they simply be ALL FORGIVING to their trespassers and murderers, and wife rapers

    • No, they will as always, blame the gun and demand more laws. These are not rational people!

    • There was an incident in a city nearby where a college professor and an avowed anti-gun liberal socialists daughter was attacked and raped. The criminal received the typical slap on the wrist sentence. When the bad guy was released the girls father found him and shot him multiple times, not killing him but making sure he won’t be walking around looking for any more victims. The professor got a stiffer sentence than the rapist.

      • Anti-gun people magically turn into pro-gun people after they are a victim of crime.

      • why does that not surprise me. all for the rapist..all against the victims…as obviously it was the victims fault. ‘something very wrong with the justice system ever sense osama-obama got into office

        • The DOJ has been taken over by activist judges since the 1960’s long before Oblowhard. The reason is the average citizen does not realize and was never taught that local judicial elections are almost more important than national elections. And the socialists / communists drum that into their sycophants from day one. This is how they gained control so stealthily. So getting rid of liberal politicians is only half the battle. Judges are supposed to enforce the laws not rewrite them from the bench and that is exactly what the democrats have been able to change. Activist local judges become activist Federal judges.

  5. Lets have more open carry states! What will you sheeple do when the dictator wants all your guns? Will you quietly surrender so he can become a tyrant? Think about it, it’s not the law abiding citizens that commit these horrible crimes. It’s the gun grabbers and their gun free zones to blame. Molon Labe!!

  6. Well the liberals just can’t stand that people can protect themselves. Most liberals know nothing about firearms, just that they fear them. They should fear a drug addicted asshole with a knife or hammer, but of course they don’t because a silent weapon is a much better way to be murdered. Typical liberal bullshit, they don’t like something so it must be bad. Funny how they like queers, communists, black thugs, and any other aberant behavior one can imagine, they like muslimes, MS13, and shit like that but GUNS in law abiding hands are way more to be feared. The idiocy of the left has no bounds.

    • Right on, Gunny! Semper Fi.

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    • A natural born American

      They dislike everything and everyone who is intelligent enough, logical enough, and wise enough to dispel their fantasies. Aren’t many of these liberals part of the ‘Binky Generation’? (I thought this is what they should be called since so many of them were still sucking away on their binkys long after they became young adults.)

      • ❝my neighbor’s stride mother is making 98$ HOURLY on the internet❞….

        A few days ago new McLaren F1 subsequent after earning 18,512$,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k$ Last month ..3-5 h/r of work a day ..with extra open doors & weekly paychecks.. it’s realy the easiest work I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months ago and now making over 87$, p/h.Learn More right Here
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    • Spot on Gyrene. Semper Fi.

    • Your last sentence says it all!

    • Hear, hear, Gunny, Semper Fi

    • Thanks for your service. Today’s liberals are people that have been brain washed by liberal teachers, liberal politicians and a liberal media all espousing the very same agenda; communism / Marxism. This has been going on for a very long time. Especially since the time when Sen. Joseph McCarthy was exposing Hollyweed and the entertainment business for what it was and still is. You are correct about liberals being in favor of every type of aberrant behavior imaginable. Mental illness runs rampant in the democrat party and in the Rinos of the other side.

    • Liberals are trying to repeat what the German Public did for Hitler.

    • Tell us what you “really thing” Gunny……………………Oooooh Yaaaaaa!

    • You sound like a babbling racist idiot. So far only Blacks have been murdered by cops who thought a pellet gun (12 years old kid) was real or a BLACK buying bb rifle in a Walmart store was real and murdered him. As an ex cop I am half way supportive of the Open Carry Law. And you can call me a half-way liberal or communists. I would not allow Openly Expose Weapons in my business, including YOU.

      • No one cares!

      • That your business and your right.
        it’s my money and my right to shop elsewhere

      • and you are a disrespectful whiney ass who can only see everything in black or white. Too bad that you cannot appreciate color, safety and freedom!

      • Stupid is not a profession, go back to school. The guy with the BB gun was white by the way.
        Being the son of a policeman, I can understand why you are an ex cop. I don’t need to call you anything you did it yourself. As to your business, you just lost more than you gained, not one person who believes in the 2nd ammendment and read your idiotic diatribe will shop there. See ya, NOT.

        • Does anyone no the location of Crawford’s business & it’s merchandise or clientele type ? I want to make sure I never shop there.

      • I just hope you aren’t robbed and killed by some thug,.

        • Why if he is he deserves it.

          • Glen: If that;s the way you feel about a life then you are just one of those that don’t need to have a gun. Life in itself is sacred, even yours so start acting like it. Should someone save his life it might just change his mind. But it is very hard to fix stupid.

          • It isn’t the way I feel about life it is the way I feel about the attitudes of those that want us to disarm and leave us helpless.

          • The less we try and repair others the more time we have for ourselves and family. Just keep your guns and pray we will not have to use them. Thank you and God Bless.

          • Yes I hope I never have to use them as have seen in the military what damage it does to a person. Yet I will be prepared to protect my family and other loved one’s. Thankfully even at my age of 75 am in better shape then most in their 50s. The trouble with being this old is I have seen this country go from hard working, conservative religious nation to what it is today. This country is on a fast downhill course and if it isn’t corrected soon it will be too late.

      • I saw photos of that ‘pellet gun’, it looked more like a real gun than many real guns do. I don’t know if you’re a Liberal or a Communist’ but that you are a certifiable Dumbass, is undeniable.

      • Steve: Have you seen some of these toy guns? some of them look exactly like the real ones and if the holder will not drop it or do what the law says all they can do is believe that it is real and take appropriate action as what has happened. You are not half way liberal but uninformed. Read more.

    • Back when I was in the service, between 1967 and 1973, we used to call you guys “jarheads”, and you folks called us “squids”! It was a kind of a friendly rivalry. Those were the good old days, before everything became upside down and ass-backwards! I cannot believe what is happening to our once great country. Very sad!

    • The first think to get them to like guns is to have them freed from a terrorist or thug that broke into their home and took them hostage or worse. You took the thug or terrorist out and saved their sorry buttttsss More than likely they still have the same way of thinking and not thankful

    • “Well the liberals just can’t stand that people can protect themselves”

      Well again the tool of the right wing LIES about liberals.

      WHY do you people make up SHIT?

      I thought Marines had honor?

    • “Most liberals know nothing about firearms”
      30% of the military are liberal (to you)
      liberals are in law enforcement, pretty sure they have guns

      I HAVE guns (hunting)
      so WHY LIE all the time, Marine who lacks Honor.

    • “They should fear a drug addicted asshole with a knife or hammer”

      You should live in a better neighborhood.
      find a liberal area, much safer.

      • DFid you tell the 131 people in Paris or the 14 in Ca you stupid pig headed c-sucker?
        Or the 339 in London?
        You might want to get you anew home loud mouth when the first attack comes out now, you will get some personal action.

    • ” Funny how they like queers, communists, black thugs, and any other
      aberant behavior one can imagine, they like muslimes, MS13, and shit
      like that but GUNS in law abiding hands are way more to be feared.”

      The idiocy of the righty Marine seems to know no bounds.

      what is MS 13,
      I can’t find it in my Conspiracy for idiot Conservatives, handbook.

      • Still stupid reality? Check out gangs you dipstick and if you can’t find reference you truly are a moron.

        • you live your life afraid of something that has less of a chance of happening than Lightning?

          and call yourself a Marine?

          you really think THIS makes you sound smart?

          “Funny how they like queers, communists, black thugs, and any other
          aberant behavior one can imagine, they like muslimes”.

          • Of course the inept liar in the white house is bringing Muslim killers into the USA.
            This lloud mouth C-suckers I send all of his post to every military site in the country, soon he will go on the list of people sup[porting the Muslim killers.

          • you need to be institutionalized.

            anyone this irrational, is a danger to society and people around you.

          • Sorry liberal dem bloodsucker, I will be right here when the fun starts.
            maybe you want to move to California.
            They don’t seem to care if someone kills their citizens.
            You garbage really think that you are going to get away with this, don’t you?

          • “maybe you want to move to California.
            They don’t seem to care if someone kills their citizens”

            THIS kind of stupid, is what gives conservatives the reputation for being low functioning idiots.

            You should be proud.

            I live in Ca. don’t even lock my doors.
            safe liberal community

          • You may live in CA but you are a liar. Saying you don’t lock your doors. You are a stinking liar and you know it.

          • Why am I not surprised, of course you live in Ca The business and population continue to leave there and are being replaced by more criminal aliens, that pay no taxes, be fun watch you parasites trying to find a way to file bankruptcy
            Don’t lock your doors, oh my have to move 5 or 6 of the criminal aliens out every morning don’t you?
            Did you notice that the killer Muslims killed 14 of your GOOD citizens, a short time ago.
            and you are upset with me , because I expect you hold you responsible for your actions/
            You fing garbage don’t like that being held responsible for your actions, do you.
            Sorry garbage you will on this one, once the list gets to about a million names we will post it on line.
            When they start knocking on your door, you can explain to them how silly they are being.

          • Ignore Reality Check. He’s a libturd proff at some shite-hole college and most likely a “flamer”

          • Nope, i just keep sending all of his posts to every military site in the country, probably another couple of weeks one of those guys will post his name and address, it will go direcectlly to the people making lists of the libera scum sup[porting bring the killer Muslims into the USA
            the reson he gets so peeeved at me he doesn’t like being held resposnisble for the crap he does.

          • He’s twisted, but these libturds endorse this stazzai,… rat on your neighbor crap-po-La
            His progressive BS is bankrupt but the 1st amendment still protects shitebyrds. Keep you eye on the “gentleman”.Personally I’ve had a belly-full of seditious little shits!

          • so who would you allow entry to the US, mr bigot? You seem to have all the answers.

          • Is it a gated, locked community? Because if it’s not, you will become a victim of a crime. With the liberal passing of AB109, and Prop 47, changing some “non-violent” felonies to misdemeanors, and, release of felons back to county control (probation), the state is experiencing more and more property crimes. Even stealing a gun, less than $950 value, is a misdemeanor. Thieves know this. They get caught with stolen property (used to be a felony regardless of the value), they know it’s not worth over 950, so they don’t go to jail, they get a ticket to appear in court. Of course, does anyone really think they’ll show up for court, when they know they will not do any time? If you wish to question how I know this, I retired after 28 years as an LEO. I still have many friends who are either retired or active in police work. Ask any beat cop, he’ll tell you the same thing.

          • That is a bunch of B.S. about don’t even lock your doors. The other part is if you don’t and are broke into the insurance won’t cover you as it wasn’t a break in. The insurance company does this so they don’t have to cover idiots.

          • “That is a bunch of B.S. about don’t even lock your doors. ”

            well YOU ARE a moron. I don’t expect you to understand much.

            the biggest crime in my community is a lost bike.
            liberal areas are very safe.
            Must be all the high IQ in one spot.

          • You are good for a laugh but then again most idiots are.

          • Reality Check we don’t fear anything but do believe in being prepared for any possibly, that is the intelligent thing to do. Just like we don’t fear much of anything until it happens to us. People build tornado shelters not because they know one is coming but to be prepared in case one does. For those that don’t, a lot of them die.

      • Won’t find in in your efty Manifesto either liberal dem bloodsucking parasite

      • Not to worry liberal dem bloodsucker as soon as your address comes back, well introduce you to MS13

    • Thank you for your service.

    • No they cAng because like good useful idiot drowned they are my way or the hi way and want everything you worked for like thee parasites that they are!

  7. I can’t disagree with anything you said in this column. And the most astute thing you mentioned is that liberals, while ratcheting up their opposition to anything having to do with the 2nd Amendment, have, themselves, created the atmosphere for more people nationally wanting open carry legislation and the end of ‘gun-free zones.’ Of course most liberals are far too dense to grasp the fundamental concept that an armed society is a polite society. And, more guns means less crime? Simply beyond a liberal’s comprehensive reach.

    • Really! An armed society is a “polite society”? I guess that makes the rest of the world’s developed societies are all impolite. We are the most gun-happy society in the civilized world, with the highest per capita rate of gun violence by a factor of ten times. So I guess that makes us “polite” in your mind? Interesting definition of “polite”.

      • Like I said, Peter, the concept is beyond the realm of a liberal’s comprehension. You just demonstrated it.

        • No. You just have very different definitions of those words. I just see what the statistics tell us about what is going on in our nation. Have a nice day. I have to go back to making money, now. It’s been fun.

          • Like they say, “there are lies, damn lies, and then statistics.” Make sure you say out of movies with gun free zones or you may end up as one of those statistics.

          • Why Carry a Gun

            I don’t carry a gun to kill people; I carry a gun to keep from
            being killed.
            I don’t carry a gun to scare people; I carry a gun because
            sometimes this world can be a scary place.
            I don’t carry a gun because I’m paranoid; I carry a gun
            because there are real threats in the world.
            I don’t carry a gun because I’m evil; I carry a gun because I
            have lived long enough to see the evil in the world.
            I don’t carry a gun because I hate the government; I carry a
            gun because I understand the limitations of government.
            I don’t carry a gun because I’m angry; I carry a gun so that I
            don’t have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for
            failing to be prepared.
            I don’t carry a gun because I want to shoot someone; I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed, and not on a sidewalk somewhere tomorrow afternoon.
            I don’t carry a gun because I’m a cowboy; I carry a gun
            because, when I die and go to heaven, I want to be a cowboy.
            I don’t carry a gun to make me feel like a man; I carry a gun
            because men know how to take care of themselves and the ones they love.
            I don’t carry a gun because I feel inadequate; I carry a gun
            because unarmed and facing three armed thugs, I am inadequate.
            I don’t carry a gun because I love it; I carry a gun because I
            love life and the people who make it meaningful to me.
            Police protection is an oxymoron: Free citizens must protect
            themselves, because police do not protect you from crime, they just investigate the crime after it happens and then call
            someone in to clean up the mess.
            Personally, I carry a gun because I’m too young to die and too old to take a whooping.

          • Nice! Very nice!!!

      • And we will continue to be,
        It is quite simple, our founders saw you liberal garbage coming over 200 years ago.
        They gave us the Bill of Rights, then they nailed it to the wall with the 2nd Amendment.
        Continue your war on our arms, you do so at your own considerable peril.
        We have seen and taken note of the people that agreed with you through out history.
        Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Kim Il Sung Mao Tse Tung, Hirohito, Benito Mussolini, Hugo Chavez, Adolph Hitler Josef Tito, Josef Stalin.
        More and more we ask ourselves, why do the greatest killers and detestable life forms sound just like the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
        There is zero patience left with you ersatz life forms, best quit ahead.

  8. Well they got one thing right yes I would like to overthrow the government, and get rid of the left wingers and our dictator, lots of people think the same way just afraid to say it

    • Let’s see, that “dictator” was elected by the majority of the voters – twice. So I guess the “left wingers” out number you. That means you are the minority. Maybe Texas should leave the union. After all, your citizens pay in less money in taxes to the Federal Government than the Federal Government pays back to your state and your citizens in benefits. That means those liberal states, which pay in more money to the Federal Government in taxes than they receive back from the Federal Government in grants and benefits are partially supporting your state’s economy and citizens. Maybe we would be better off without Texas.

      • If you liberals did not try to settle every illegal immigrant that crosses the border in Texas, then we would have a lot less need to feed, educate and supply medical services to future Democratic voters. Also, you are full of shit about Texas getting more money from the feds than we pay in taxes. Texas has one of the largest economies in the world on its own. I do not know where you got your information, but you need to get your head out of the Hildabeast’s a$$. Our biggest concerns in Texas are that the Liberals run all of our large cities. They have the same problems that you have in New York, Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit. These are all excellent examples of Democratic rule. Their education systems suck, they have strict gun control laws and more gun violence than anywhere else in the country! Please explain!

      • It is almost a certainty, that we will physically separate ourselves from the liberal dem bloodsuckers
        It is obvious to almost all of us, that we can no longer coexist with the liberal dem parasites and parasite enablers.
        I see you found your Lefty Manifesto, that particular piece of bs comes straight from there.
        Tell, why is it always the liberal dem bloodsuckers on public forums whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them, if you have all of the money

  9. One other quick thing , I like texexpatriate I would never step in to their stores and I hope because they cut their nose off to spite their face they go broke, and here we have had open carry always, I have yet to see a gun fight in the street.

  10. It takes 1 word to debunk your entire article: Japan

    You accuse liberals of not thinking, so Mr Admin, you think you can think? Think about why guns are just a hobby and how your hobby is being subsidized by everybody, even if they oppose it.

    You don’t have any right to complain until you pay the full cost. Look up Gun Incident Tax and then shut up if you can’t find an argument against it.

    • Japan has only Japanese there, that is the difference, they don’t have to put up with the mixture we do and that is where most of the crime comes from.

      • Are you claiming that the Japanese are smarter than us? More mentally stable? Maybe.

        If so, do you think its wise for less intelligent, less stable humans to have easy access to deadly weapons? Just think what would happen if you supplied a tribe of chimpanzees with guns. They’d wipe themselves out in a week!

        • No I think the chimps are more intelligent then a lot of so called humans I see so don’t think they would wipe themselves out. Yes the Japanese are smarter then us as they don’t have open borders. The majority of our criminal activities is from minorities and they are smart enough not to have any.

        • A significant percentage – more than half – of the crime committed in the United States is committed by a small subset of the population. Without the crimes committed by this subset, the United States would be one of the safest countries on earth. The Japanese do not have this particular subset and they have a significantly homogeneous society, we do not. The incidence of criminal activity is not evenly distributed among ethnic, national and racial subgroups. Neither is intelligence,and – while the data cannot validly be applied to all Japanese – members of that nationality do seem to do remarkably well in U.S. higher education, particularly in valuable scientific and technological fields. The Progressives have an irrational gun control ideology, one which will engender legal tools affecting people who obey laws. The persons whose security will be improved are the criminals who are less likely to be confronted by defensive use of firearms. Reducing gun deaths by reducing the number of criminals who get shot in the commission of a crime makes sense to the Democrats who also, incidentally, are in favor of releasing significant numbers of criminals – including foreign nationals here illegally without deporting them. Rather than creating DP camps in the Middle East, they are admitting tens of thousands of refugees from the area despite the known utilization by terrorists of this means to enter the country. They were also responsible for promoting the sale of thousands of guns to the criminal element in Fast and Furious. Obama’s programs effectively promote gun sales and the urge to carry by increasing the fear that we will need to defend our lives and property, the necessity of which is even being publicized by outspoken sheriffs and heads of police departments throughout the country. Promotional psychology says if you want to sell something, convince people that they need it. That’s what Obama has done with firearms.

          • Given that the Japanese are smarter than Americans on average and they still thought it a good idea to not have guns everywhere, who are we to disagree?

          • Exactly. It’s their country, it’s their government, it’s hardly our position to agree or disagree with what they want – as long as it doesn’t affect us. Likewise, insofar as a significant percentage – by recent polls a majority – of Americans believe in the right (upon which our government is Constitutionally enjoined from infringing) to have guns, it is not the position of the Japanese to object. Their visit to Pearl Harbor, after all, wasn’t something we could ignore. Reports are that they would have preferred we did not, at that time, have guns. They reportedly considered it a disadvantage to their plans, just as today’s criminals find it an inconvenience that the person whose home they are invading might be armed. Guns are useful tools when needed.

          • Reread. You missed the point.

          • Francisco Machado

            I reread. I’m not familiar with the Japanese system of lawmaking, so I
            certainly could have missed your point. The intelligence level of the
            Japanese is irrelevant if they have a system of lawmaking similar to
            ours. I don’t know if the Japanese want those laws, I just take your
            word they have them. We don’t want Obamacare. We have it.
            Intelligence obviously didn’t have anything to do with that
            legislation. Circumstances in the United States are also far different
            from those in Japan, which is why the Japanese make laws for Japan and
            the Americans make laws for the United States. I hope the point I’m
            missing is not that Japanese should be arbiters of American laws. I
            think you won’t find many people who would agree with that. I certainly
            have no argument with Japanese not having guns everywhere. I have no
            argument with the right of Japanese (or anyone else) living in the
            United States not to possess a gun, and I’m definitely opposed to our
            government passing any laws that require people to possess a gun. I’m
            also against any law that would tax people who do not possess a gun on
            the grounds that the responsibility for their protection then falls to
            police at cost to the state. A decade ago, the tax concept would have
            drawn laughter – but the Supreme Court, in a decision related to
            Obamacare, said that Congress can tax people for not buying something. With which I also do not agree, but that’s moot until enough people disagree to effect a change. That’s democracy.

          • The point iz that if the Japanese are smarter and more stable than Americanz and they STILL concluded that guns are too danjerous to be freely available, it makes sense that its even less wize here in stupidland. Look at the relative stats and, big suprize, its true!

            By the lojik uv the NRA, Japan shoud be a real life shooting gallery for the bad guyz.


          • That is their business a-wipe.
            it is our right, You don’t want guns don’t have them, leave ours alone and we are getting really tired of telling you that,.

          • Its amuzing how the dummest dummyz are the wunz who want gunz, yet are the least qualified to hav them.

        • We have the right, that is all we need. Continue trifling with that right it won’t go well.

    • Japan? AS in Japanese guns? Hobby? Police officers, security officers, Detectives, Armed guards and others are hobby jobs? Self protection is a hobby? Gun incident tax? Who wrote that one? Let me guess, a silly little Liberal. Please make certain if your life is ever in danger and someone with a gun tries to save your life just tell that person “no thanks, dont like gun owners”.

      • I’m not silly or little. I’m the guy who figured out that you freeloaders have been litterally getting away with murder for 150 years. Guns serve no purpose in private hands in a civilized society. They could all disappear tonite and the country will not come to a grinding halt tomorrow. Thus, hobby, plain and simple.

        • Guns insure a civilized society. Japan does not have millions of illegal uneducated invaders or refuges running away from their own countries. Are you really saying that before guns were invented for protection, not one person was ever murdered or maimed or taken advantage of or raped or used for slavery or controlled? Take away self defense and watch how civilized people really are. Remember king of the fly’s.

          • No, I am not saying that. Are you saying that ever since guns were invented that not one person wuz ever murdered or mained or taken advantage uv or used for slavery or controlled?

          • As long as there is greed, the worship of power, money, envy, hate, evil, it leads to tyranny in one sort or another. Guns are only a tool to make a bully think twice and reconsider his or her actions. They level the field and keeps everyone equal. The bad guys want to overpower their victims whether by force or numbers. A big man can overpower a defenseless man or woman but if he knows the people can defend themselves he will look elsewhere to do what he wants. Our 2nd. amendment guarantees that we be allowed to protect ourselves from people, persons or Govt. that wish to take away our right for Life, Liberty and our pursuit of Happiness.

          • Except it duznt work kuz the bully can get a gun also. And now, since he duznt need to be 300 poundz, even a scrawny nerd can get a Glok & lord it over a dozen people at the same time. So, not only has the gun multiplied the number uv effective bullies, it has given them super power.

          • That is the point now they ARE equal. You really have an empty head YOU should not have a gun in your case as survival of the fittest is long overdue.

          • And it gives the rest of us a defense against them. experience demonstrates that laws prevent only the law abiding from having guns. In the government Fast and Furious action, I didn’t even hear of the government motivating the sale of guns to law abiding citizens – they only pushed the sale of guns to criminals. And this is from the party that’s always whining about “fairness.”

          • Although I disagree with you, at least you seem to be thinking a little harder than the rest uv the commenterz here. Find the Gun Incident Tax topic in Shaping The Future on Disqus and see if youre smart enuff to find flaw with it. I’d post a link, but I think they’d probably delete it.

          • You are a fing cretin

          • Congratulations, there was statement that reeked of liberal dem bloodsucker stupidity.

        • Print your address supreme jackoff, so that your fellow libTURD thugs know where you infest!

        • they don’t have to serve a purpose liberal dem bloodsucker, all they have to do is be a constitutional right.

          You don’t want to own or carry a gun, don’t
          Leave our constitutional rights alone.

    • Sounds like he’s been getting happy with the PMIC.. HA! Come on down to Orlando chump. We’ll help you wind your clock correctly!!

    • Guns are just a hobby to the people who think of them as a hobby.
      To people that know they may have to defend their own life, at least once in their lifetime, they are way more than just a hobby.

      • An obsession then!

        Good! If you are obsessed, you shoud have no trouble justifying the expense uv paying for it yourself.

        • Then United states govt is and has been obsessed since the British were run out and prepared itself for defense against other possible invaders by having a strong national defense in the form of 5 branches of service.
          The best defense is a strong offense.
          But defense begins at home by preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.
          The govt doesn’t operate the military so that they can use it, they operate the military in case they ever have to use it.
          People don’t own guns so that they can use them, they own guns in case they ever need to use them.

        • Pay for it myself? Are you kidding?
          I think the democratic liberal Welfare state should give out a free obamagun with every obamaphone to protect it from being stolen.

        • We do liberal dem bloodsuckers, we are conservatives.

  11. The liberals are upset because allowing legal,tax-paying,law-abiding, patriotic citizens ability to protect and defend theirs selves signals the end of the liberals plan to take over, demolish the constitution, and force their perverse ideas on the rest of us. True intolerance resides deep inside the liberal movement.

    • No, we don’t have near the intolerance that you do. But we do believe in the facts. We are the most violent country out of all the modern developed countries. Gun violence in our country occurs more than ten times as often than the second country on the list of gun violence. It is simple math. We have the greatest number of guns per capita and we have the greatest number of gun committed murders per capita. Patriotism involves a lot more than carrying a gun. I served my country in the military. I come from a military family. I have lived in several different countries in Europe and North and Central America and many different states on both coasts and in the central part of America. This is a great country, but guns are not necessary to live a safe life. I have never carried a gun in civilian life except to go target shooting and I NEVER felt unsafe. Not once, even on the subway in New York City at 3AM on a Saturday night. Of course, you don’t wear your Rolex or a bunch of gold chains, but I never felt threatened.

      • If you have never felt unsafe you have been missing all of the muslims and illegals coming in and committing crimes – more and more frequently.
        I have a pretty good feeling that if some crazy muslim or mexican comes into a place of business, where you happen to be shopping, and starts shooting you are going to wish really hard that you were armed.
        My wife is scared to death and is pushing me to buy ammo, set up my reloading equipment, prep and stock up on food and water, buy plywood to be ready to cover the windows, etc., and she’s mostly liberal on a lot of things. But, like me, she can see the trouble brewing and is very scared.

        • I exercise common sense. It keeps me safe. Maybe you should try it. No, I don’t worry that it will happen. There are over 350 million people in our country. Maybe, Muslims shoot 75 people a year in our country. You have about the same chance as having an airplane fall on you as being shot by a Muslim. With your view of things, I would stay away from airports if I were you.

          • It is coming soon where the muslims will massacre more than 75 people a week in this country, but you will think it is just fine. Or perhaps you will be one of the first victims since you don’t believe in self defense.

          • It’s hard to believe he was in the service, probably flew a desk.

          • Airborne, 18th Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg. I was a CO and tried to lead by example. I had a great group of guys. Before that Infantry all the way as a platoon leader. I am very grateful for my military experience. My dad was in WWII and was one of the first Allied personnel to go into Goering’s bunker in Germany.

          • Well, thank you for your service, I’m glad I can say so while you’re still alive.

          • Because by doing that, you don’t attract attention. It was part of my routine that made me feel safe. It is called common sense. I didn’t say that there were no potential criminals around me. I just used my brain to make myself an undesirable target. You don’t need to have a gun. Many times showing a gun creates a situation where a violent type feels threatened by a gun and will challenge you with his gun and then it is off to the races. So I don’t bother with guns and at age 70, I guess that approach has worked pretty well. Never been threatened except at work by a rather emotional fellow from Yugoslavia. I just turned around and walked away as he followed me shouting at the top of his lungs. He was gone by the end of the day and a restraining order was put out on him.

          • Hiding your jewelry does not keep you from attracting attention.
            Your house with doors and windows and the likelihood that you have valuables behind them and the chance that you are unarmed attracts the attention of an armed criminal.
            You don’t think he’s going to just knock on your door and ask you politely if you have any thing to give him do you?
            He’s going to break in during the middle of the night and hold you at gun point demanding that you get out the stuff you’ve hidden and give it to him. Then he’s going to shoot you in thanks so that he leaves no witnesses behind. If your wife is lucky he may only wound her and leave her for dead but she will be alive enough to grieve over you when she’s healed up and out of her coma.

          • That will help if he is waiting outside your house.

          • Dang! Boom! Zing!

          • Thanks for your service. What happened to you that you now disdain the law abiding people of this nation? ??

          • What happened to you that you think a gun is the answer to everything?

          • probably flew a flask!

          • Nope, Pete will be among the first to convert from agnosticism to Islam ! He likes his head right where it is(still up his azz)

          • I am a card-carrying Christian and always will be. I have been on the vestry of my church and many committees and I’m a lay Eucharistic minister in the Episcopal Church.

          • If you need a ‘card’ to ‘prove’ you’re a Christian, that leaves much to doubt. I’ve noticed that the Episcopal church was the first (in America) to surrender to PC & endorse anti-Christ doctrine. Homosexuals flocked to that ‘church’ that accepted practicing homosexuals in the pulpit & higher leadership. Is there anything you would like to ‘come out’ about Pete? Anyway say ‘hi’ to your fellow Laodeceans at YOUR ‘church’.

          • Obviously I used the phrase “card carrying” in a way that was just a way to state my true affection for Christ’s words. Christ did not preach hate of any kind except for the worship of money and power over others. Beyond that, his message was about God’s love for us, with no exceptions. He also said “judge not, lest ye be judged”. That is the position of the Episcopal Church, too. Whom I choose to love and how I choose to love them is not your concern, but I do have a daughter, who you would probably like. She competed in High School Rodeo and in 4-H, where she competed against the boys in Tie-Down Calf Roping, she was the State Champion. At the Southeast Regionals in Little Rock, she placed fifth. In the National High School Rodeo Association, she qualified for the National Finals three years in a row in Breakaway Calf Roping. I never worried about her on dates because I knew she could handle herself and did manage to give one boy a black eye when he did something he wasn’t supposed to do. In a way, I kind of felt sorry for him when he went to school on Monday and had to tell the other kids his date punched him out. But he brought it on himself. I was a soccer player in high school, and spent three years in the U.S. Army in a unit attached to the 18th Airborne Corps during Viet Nam, but our unit stayed stateside.

          • Yeah ok, when someone comes in pointing a gun at you call 911.
            They will be there just in time to mop your brains off of the floor and send an APB out for your murderer.

          • What? Why don’t we just put up “GUN FREE ZONE” signs, in Farsi!

          • “send an APB out”, of course they won’t be able to mention race or ‘religious dress or utterance’ of the perp., that wouldn’t be PC.

          • And they can’t make them lift off the full face covering either because that would make them islamaphobes.

          • You should watch investigation discovery channel, open your mind a little to the world outside of your little safety bubble.
            Hiding your jewelry because you never feel unsafe is a strange and backward thought pattern.

          • No, it is part of the routine that makes you safe. Don’t do stuff that invites trouble.

          • Like go out in public unarmed and unready to defend your life in case an armed criminal comes in to hold up the place and probably shoot at you because he knows you’re weak, defenseless and pose no threat to him.

          • I’ll bet he doesn’t have a “GUN FREE ZONE” sign in his yard.

          • Darn tootin he dont.

          • You will definitely change your opinion when you become one of the next group of 75 people that get shit but then it will be to late.
            You’re kind of like my 26 year old learning disabled son.
            We have to constantly tell him about hearing someone got run over again and always use the cross walk so that he doesn’t get run over too and his response is always “Nothing is going to happen to ME”.
            But he does having a mental disability.
            A lot of people tend to have the same problem and the mentality that something only happens to someone else, I’m taking a guess about which category you fall in.

          • How man chance s do you get to come back to life.
            We are collecting names and address of the people supporting bringing the Muslim killers into the country.
            We will want to know where to go and who to thank, when our friends and families start dying
            You have already got to much time and effort invested in this Almost certainly you work for one of the liberal dem bloodsucker groups.

      • Your an idiot . I would much rather carry my gun and never need to use it than to not have it the one time I need it! Your argument is the stupidest thing I ever heard, on one hand you say this is the most dangerous country in the world then contradict yourself by saying you never felt unsafe. At least you did make the honest statement at the end about having to hide your jewelry so as not to invite a robber, isnt that a bit of “blaming the victim though? Also you fail to point out that the large majority of the crimes you talk about are committed with ILLEGAL GUNS which I have yet to hear one person suggest a way to disarm criminals! I will give up my guns happily the second you can guarantee 100% that I will never encounter some thug with some weapon he can kill me with! Until then STFU!!

        • I would bet that the survivors of San Bernardino thought just like Peter Bradin but I’m sure they have all gone out and armed themselves by now.
          But you just can’t teach common sense to people and they have trouble learning from others misfortunes, he will continue to think in his narrow minded, tunnel vision and unsensable fashion until something catastrophic happens to him and then he’ll change his mibd.
          It’s a shame that he’s like that but some people just can’t be taught reality until it slaps them in the face.

        • Why is it that gun-carrying people always have to resort to cursing and shouting others down? I have not called anybody stupid or an idiot or used foul language. We have Many Muslim customers in our store. They are friendly and peaceful and always polite. A few of them come in to have building plans copied because they are architects or work with architects. Some of them come in to buy art supplies and some are students at one of the three colleges nearby. Never a problem. Always well mannered.

          • People become upset when they discover that a retard thinks he knows something, that he doesn’t understand at all.

          • Why get upset? Everyone has a right to their own opinion. I don’t get upset when people disagree with me. It is your right to believe what ever you believe. I think verbal sparring is good mental exercise. I don’t feel the need to hate people because they don’t think like me, and I don’t feel the need to call other people derogatory names, either. And see, you had to inject a derogatory term to your comment. Learn to disagree without hate. It will make your life much more pleasant.

          • I’m not upset, I was just trying to answer your question. I’m not mad, I was just guessing.

          • Sure your mad, Peter said gun owners always shout and use obscenities.

          • Gun owners are tired of putting up with Any BS At All, due to the Second Amendment being so painfully clear. You see it says Shall Not Be Infringed. It doesn’t say anyone can twist it around like a little piece of rope. It doesn’t say, it is ok to infringe upon it if a bunch of faggots say so. It is Very simple and Yes, I do find the willingness to choke the sh it out of people who question ‘that which shall not be INFRINGED’. Why the hell even have a damn Constitution or a Bill of Rights and then remove the inconvenient parts? WTF is That? In fact all you folks who can’t live with the Second Amendment can really go and fu ck yourselves. This is My Country and we gun owners aren’t going to continue to tolerate stupid people who continue to think it is ok to just trim around the inconvenient parts of Our Constitution & Bill of Rights–That’s how they came & that’s how they damn well are gonna stay!

          • OK I admit it

          • An opinion is on thing anyone supporting bringing killers into my country is anoither story.
            We will take names and addresses, we willw ant to know who to thank when our friends and families start dying.

          • Peter,, Muslims are always friendly when their population numbers are small. When their population increases their attitude changes and their demands get more aggressive. You will see it happen in your store and it won’t be long from now. Arm your self before it’s too late. If I am wrong then no harm done, if I’m right you will be ready. Do it for your loved ones.

          • “Why is it that gun-carrying people always have to resort to cursing and shouting”……… Wow, always? Okay then! WHY DON’T YOU TAKE YOUR LIBTURD ASS ELSE WHERE.

          • Ah another , supporter of the Friendly , polite, peaceful Muslims.
            1958 I made landings with 3rd bat, 2nd Marines in Lebanon to bring out American citizens, mostly women and children
            They had been robbed, beaten and raped multiply, for the heinous crime of being bare faced in public
            1960 Went into Libya with 3rd Bat 2nd marines and the British 4-0 commando, to bring out American and British citizens, they too, were beaten robbed and raped, for that heinous crime, by the friendly tolerant peaceful Muslims.They formed an associationand are proud patrons of the 2nd marine regiment.
            I could probably arrange for you to addres them, I would suggest that you do it via long distance phone, it;s likely that they would shoot you immediately, when you said friendly tolerant peaceful Muslims/.

        • Excellent post. Couldn’t have said it better. As they say “stupid just can’t be fixed”.

      • Rainbows and unicorns!

      • Then you are very stupid continue to do so if you like, there will be few at your funeral no one cares what happens to stupid people

    • The sheriff in Milwaukee WI says the job of most police forces is not to stop crime but to show up after the fact to clean up the mess.

  12. Liberals still don’t get it…when SHTF, they will be the first ones crying out for someone to save them. Churchill did have it correct, “… if not a conservative by 40, you have no brain”.

  13. Mmm. Time to move to Texas!

    • Arizona is way ahead of all the states

    • Come on down to Texas.. Several gun manufactures have moved from anti gun states to Texas in the last several years. Employment, in spite of illegal immigration, is still good (well above the national average). We have the ICE, BP, Texas Rangers and Texas Guard, in addition to well armed citizens to help detour the illegals, Most that are coming here are from the feds new detention program from some other states. We are keeping an eye out on those locations. Taxes will go up due to the additional welfare burden (just like after Katrina). But our conservative economy can handle the extra burden, unlike other liberal states.

  14. I know it isn’t precidely the same, but it sort of is… Maine has had concealed carry with no gov’t approval now for a few months and the sound of gunfire in the streets hasn’t even been a whimper. I think we’ve had open carry for many years with not many folks realizing it.
    Understand that this law for Texas, and any other state that does something like this, the law only pertains to the good guys. Criminals have been able to carry forever. They’re criminals, they don’t obey the laws. Lets see… (thought bubble) “I’m going to hold up a liquor store and maybe shoot someone and get life in the slammer, but I can’t do it with a gun because having a gun is against the law.”? Really? Criminals have always carried. Those laws against carry, open or concealed only affect the law abiding.
    So following that logic, the left wants to see only criminals on the streets of Texas with guns since they oppose lawful carry by good law abiding folks. Clearly they are insane. Human rights deniers all. Sheep arguing for the rights of wolves and their, the sheeps, right to be victims. I can’t understand that mindset.
    FWIW, when CCW without gov’t approval was debated in Maine there was NO valid argument given by the opposition. Once they realized that they were saying that only criminals should have guns it pretty much shut them up and they wouldn’t even show up for further debate in any numbers. The debate was completely one sided after that.
    Open carry has worked in Maine, and the new concealed carry law where any law abiding person can carry concealed is also working.
    Open carry is different than concealed carry, but we have places that have signs up saying “No firearms”. Everyone I know just ignores them. In Maine the only penalty is being asked to leave, but if one is carrying concealed correctly no one knows it’s being done. 🙂 Only the criminals obey those signs and leave their guns in their cars before entering to rob the place. Unh huh, riiiiiight.

    • What? Please say it isnt so. The liberals must be wetting themselves silly. The cost of Depends Underwear is going to skyrocket and the shortages will be horrendous
      Just to give the Liberals some comfort, it appears some of the State govt. in Iowa is going to try pushing through gun registration and other restrictions this next session against the will of the people and the 2nd. amendment.

    • That same logic, carried over to other places means that we should not have speed limits, because “the criminals will always speed. Only law-abiding citizens will obey the law”. In Europe, there are much stricter gun laws, and their incidence of gun violence is less than one tenth of the rate of gun violence in the United States. Enough said.

      • Peter, You had better go back and check your stats about Europe’s gun laws. Here, I have done some work for you. >>>>>>>>>>>


        From the World Health Organization:

        The latest 2012 Murder Statistics for the world:

        Murders per 100,000 citizens.

        Honduras 91.6

        El Salvador 69.2

        Cote d’lvoire 56.9

        Jamaica 52.2

        Venezuela 45.1

        Belize 41.4

        US Virgin Islands 39.2

        Guatemala 38.5

        Saint Kits and Nevis 38.2

        Zambia 38.0

        Uganda 36.3

        Malawi 36.0

        Lesotho 35.2

        Trinidad and Tobago 35.2

        Colombia 33.4

        South Africa 31.8

        Congo 30.8

        Central African Republic 29.3

        Bahamas 27.4

        Puerto Rico 26.2

        Saint Lucia 25.2

        Dominican Republic 25.0

        Tanzania 24.5

        Sudan 24.2

        Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9

        Ethiopia 22.5

        Guinea 22.5

        Dominica 22.1

        Burundi 21.7

        Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7

        Panama 21.6

        Brazil 21.0

        Equatorial Guinea 20.7

        Guinea-Bissau 20.2

        Kenya 20.1

        Kyrgyzstan 20.1

        Cameroon 19.7

        Montserrat 19.7

        Greenland 19.2

        Angola 19.0

        Guyana 18.6

        Burkina Faso 18.0

        Eritrea 17.8

        Namibia 17.2

        Rwanda 17.1

        Mexico 16.9

        Chad 15.8

        Ghana 15.7

        Ecuador 15.2

        North Korea 15.2

        Benin 15.1

        Sierra Leone 14.9

        Mauritania 14.7

        Botswana 14.5

        Zimbabwe 14.3

        Gabon 13.8

        Nicaragua 13.6

        French Guiana 13.3

        Papua New Guinea 13.0

        Swaziland 12.9

        Bermuda 12.3

        Comoros 12.2

        Nigeria 12.2

        Cape Verde 11.6

        Grenada 11.5

        Paraguay 11.5

        Barbados 11.3

        Togo 10.9

        Gambia 10.8

        Peru 10.8

        Myanmar 10.2

        Russia 10.2

        Liberia 10.1

        Costa Rica 10.0

        Nauru 9.8

        Bolivia 8.9

        Mozambique 8.8

        Kazakhstan 8.8

        Senegal 8.7

        Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7

        Mongolia 8.7

        British Virgin Islands 8.6

        Cayman Islands 8.4

        Seychelles 8.3

        Madagascar 8.1

        Indonesia 8.1

        Mali 8.0

        Pakistan 7.8

        Moldova 7.5

        Kiribati 7.3

        Guadeloupe 7.0

        Haiti 6.9

        Timor-Leste 6.9

        Anguilla 6.8

        Antigua and Barbuda 6.8

        Lithuania 6.6

        Uruguay 5.9

        Philippines 5.4

        Ukraine 5.2

        Estonia 5.2

        Cuba 5.0

        Belarus 4.9

        Thailand 4.8

        Suriname .6

        Laos 4.6

        Georgia 4.3

        Martinique 4.2

        And ……………….

        The United States 4.2

        ALL the countries (109) above America have 100% gun bans.

        It might be of interest to note that

        SWITZERLAND (not shown on this list)


        However, SWITZERLAND’S law requires that EVERYONE….

        1. Own a Gun

        2. Maintain Marksman qualifications….regularly

        3. “Carry”……..a Weapon.

        You never hear about this?

        I am not surprised. This does not advance the Liberals’ Agenda.

        • that is enough information to cause peter’s pecker to shrivel….wait a minute a may already have…

        • I said developed countries, which is what we supposedly are. I would put Iraq and Syria at the top of your list. But those countries on your list are ones that have weak governments and very poor economies and where tribal warfare is still a part of daily life in some of them. You cannot compare apples to oranges.

          • independent thinker

            While few western European countries are on the list from what I have read if you take out the statistics for Chicago and a few other cities with high black on black gang related crime the US numbers are lower than even western Europe. Also, the violent crime rate in western Europe is much higher than in the US.

          • ‘the violent crime rate in western Europe is much higher ‘, Largely courtesy of their Muslim immigrants

          • Show me your data.

          • Why are you making excuses, Peter? You have the information. The United States is #1 in the world for per capita firearms ownership, but has a very low murder rate. If you want to talk about “developed countries” only, Britain’s murder rate has gone up since their gun ban, as has their rates of other violent crimes. Britain is the most dangerous country in the European Union. In fact, Britain is a more dangerous country to be in than South Africa. And, with their importing lots and lots of muzzies, they are becoming even more violent and dangerous.
            Since you had Dan do your research for you, and you still don’t want to believe him, do your own research. Start with FBI figures for the US and see how all crime rates, and especially murders have been on a downward trend for 20+ years now. Then check to see the breakdown of weapons used to commit murders.
            I am sure you will discount that information, too, since it goes against your preconceived notions.

          • See my post above which is straight out of the 2012 WHO report which is the latest one available. I did not even retype the info. I just did a copy and paste. The United States homicide rate is about 3 to 4 times the homicide rate of the European countries at 5.4 homicides per 100,000 people per year. Most European countries are between 0.8 and 1.2 homicides per 100,000 people per year. Facts are facts. We are one of the most violent, supposedly civilized and developed industrialized nations on earth. Your statement about Great Britain is only partially true. They have a homicide rate of 1.5 homicides per 100,000 population per year which is at the high end for Europe, but still less than one third the rate of the United States at 5.4. Our neighbors to the north, Canada, has a rate of 1.8, higher than almost all European countries, but exactly one third of ours. I used European countries as a comparison because their governments and societies are most like ours. You keep helping my argument. Thank you. You can keep shouting at me and calling me nasty names and even use vulgar and hateful words all you want, but that does not change the reality of the truth. It is what it is. By the way, even Libya had a lower homicide rate than us in 2012 which surprised the heck out of me, but I have a feeling the data was taken before things got really ugly there.

          • Like I said before cut out the gun deaths from the ghetto’s and our gun death rate would go way down.

          • See my latest post with homicide statistics straight from the World Health Organization several posts up. I refute what you say with facts.

          • There you go, sliding to the left and ignoring what the facts show while spewing drivel. Are you daft?

          • No, I use facts. Since those facts don’t agree with what you think, you refuse to believe the truth and live in an alternate reality. Good luck and have a nice day.

          • Your “truths”, like all those of held by liberals, appear to be written on a rubber sheet which is stretched from the corners by unicorns. When your “truth doesn’t fit at any given moment you take to herding the unicorns until it does.

            If you don’t think that this is true, look at Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donna Rice and go watch that video that caused Benghazi LOL

          • Fidel also outlawed guns!

          • yes; a Must Do, for all Socialist states.

          • Name TWO Socialist states Ron.
            you have no clue of what you speak.

          • Venzuela, Cuba, both have disarmed the citizenry inept and very stupid liberal dem bloodsucking liar

          • Yes and we liberals are standing right there with the leaders of those countries. It seems a “liberal” President tried, very badly because of very poor info from the CIA, to overthrow the government of Fidel Castro and Venezuela has never been on the liberals’ “best friends” list. Liberals do not want to disarm the citizenry. At least I don’t and neither do any of my “liberal” friends want to. We just want so common sense to prevail. We have a murder rate that is three to four times higher than the murder rate of almost all European countries and Canada. There is something wrong with the way we are doing things.

          • You liberal scum really do think that all you have to do, is keep talkign and you will get it done, you don’t even see it coming.
            First I was there, spent 21 days floating off of Havana Harbor, waitin gto see if we wre going to go in and bring out the Russian Nukes.
            Very poor advice, no, just like every liberal dem bloodsuckers in the world Kennedy though he was a little smarter than the dim witted Military and refused to allow, the air cover for the Cuban freedom fighters, and thy got killed by the old P51 F of the Cuban air force.
            The following is a list of people that agreed with you liberal garbage
            Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Kim Il Sung, Mao Tse Tung, Hirohito, Benito Mussolini, Adolph Hitler, Josef Tito, and Josef Stalin.
            The above group was responsible for the death of about 220 million people, mostly their own citizens.
            Frankly there are a few more of us daily, that, question why you scum are in agreement with this group.
            Our founders gave us the Bill of Rights, then they nailed them to the wall with the 2nd Amendment.
            Continue to trifle with either at your own considerable peril.
            We have been very patient with you ersatz life forms.
            From this point forward , you are ill advised .

          • And what is your point? Nobody is trying to outlaw guns. But guns should be kept out of hands of people who have shown that they will use them for criminal activity or that they have mental health issues. If you want to be paranoid about somebody knocking on your door to take away your guns, go ahead, knock yourself out, but that is not the reality of what is happening.

          • God help the indigenous People of Europe(developed) when the unassimilated Muslims(nearly all) bring on Cival War Jihad to install the Caliphate of their Qur’an and dreams. Frenchy & Hans can fight AK-47s & RPGs with their kitchen knives.

          • More ignorance, I see. It is the radical elements that are doing this. Not all Muslims, but you cannot seem differentiate between the radicals and the vast majority of peaceful Muslims. In the Christian Community, there are radicals. They swear they are the “true” Christians and yet they wage economic and social war on poor people, the homeless, the sick and the elderly, against what Christ called us to do. In Christ’s words, he said of the poor, the homeless, the elderly and the sick, “How you treat the least of these, you treat me also”. In other words, as Christians, we are called to help those less fortunate than us, not just the ones we like, but all of the less fortunate, yet if you listen to the right wing rhetoric, from the party that supposedly represents the Christian Community in America, their policies go against Christ’s words. They say they are Christians, but they’re actions say otherwise. They have hijacked the term “Christian” just like the so called “Muslims” radicals have hijacked the Muslim faith. Many people in the Conservative Christian movement say we should throw every Muslim out of our country, whether they are guilty of anything or not. This country has been through this before, twice in recent history. Japanese Americans and other oriental looking people were rounded up just because they “looked like” the people who attacked Pearl Harbor. They were not guilty of anything. They lost their jobs, their homes and their place in our society because the “looked like” the enemy. A dozen years later Senator Joe McCarthy started pointing fingers and called people “Communists”, because they were not conservative enough for him. He brought people before Congressional committees and berated them. Some were from Hollywood. Some were educators. Some were business people. Their only crime was that they did not think like McCarthy. They were not conservative enough for him, therefore they must be “communists”. Now, we are doing it again. Because of the actions of a few, out of 1.5 BILLION Muslims, some in politics want to act exactly the same as we did during those dark days when we rounded up all those people who “looked like the enemy” and all those people who were not conservative enough for Joe McCarthy. Some politicians are beating the drums of fear and hate, just as they did back then. They are opportunists, who see this as a way to look patriotic, when their actions go against exactly what this country stands for – religious freedom and tolerance, and they shout at the top of their lungs “See, those people are the enemy. They are the ones who are guilty” even though the vast majority just want to live in peace and raise their children and work for a living and participate in the American Dream. Yes we have been through all this before, but we have not learned. There is a saying that goes “Those who do not study history are doomed to make the same mistakes again”. And here we are, doing it all over again. You would think we were smarter than that.

          • You are not as dead if you are killed by extremists?
            Your problem is this.
            You are not going to bring these people into our country, get our friends and family killed and walk away smiling.
            We are collecting names and address, we want to know where to go and who to thank when our friends and families start dying.

          • So, in retaliation for your paranoia about Muslims, now you want to go out and round up those of us who chose non-discrimination as a policy? Now there is a page right out of Hitler’s playbook. Thank you for showing your true colors.

          • Did you really think liberal dem bloodsucker , that we would allow you to bring the killers into our country and not take offense when our friends and family are dying?
            Would I be paranoid if my friends and family are dead you incredibly stupid cretin??
            You really did think you would walk away smiling, didn’t you?

          • You know there are extremist whit people, too. Look at Timothy McVeigh, who blew the front of the federal office off in Oklahoma City, and killed over one hundred people. Every race, every nationality, every religious group in the world has its extremist members who are hell bent on killing people. The Muslim community is no different. Look at the right wing Christians who have blown up Planned Parenthood clinics and murdered their doctors, nurses and patients. They do that in the name of God because of their opinion on the abortion issue. It is fine to have a very negative opinion on abortion, but it is legal in this country and murdering people who work there and killing patients who go there is just as wrong as the Muslim husband and wife who killed those people in California. “Nut Cases” are not unique to any one group.

          • You are an inept lying liberal dem bloodsucking liar, Muslims represent 1% of the population and enough of the extremist killing to make them 5000% more likely that white people.
            Toiy liberal scumbags are not go in to bring the Muslim killers into this country and expect us to apt you on the should and say, aw gee it’s okay you thought you wre doing the right thing.
            You do this, there will be a price.
            We have allowed you liberal scum to get away with many things, that we should have run you our of the USA for.
            But you scum bags have made it , you got to the place that will not work.
            When our friends and families start dying there will be a price.

          • You just branded yourself as a person incapable of rational thought and civil discourse. Have a nice day.

          • Why is that wanting revenge on someone responsible for the death of my friends and family?
            Sorry liberal scum, I hope that you catch leprosy and spend 40 years dying.

          • You just cannot disagree without name calling. Have a nice day.

          • Oh I can, but why would I want to?
            I hate you liberal dem bloodsuckers with a depth, intensity and bitterness that has no bottom.
            I have no intention of allowing you garbage to think that you might have a point
            You are scum, garbage, ticks, leeches and the only known parasite that feeds on it’s own species.
            Please kill yourself, hurry, before your children find out that they are related to you, perhaps they can be saved.

          • it’s not a team, you insane traitor to your country.

          • Have a nice day. I’m going to sleep now. Goodnight.

        • nice link, what are you hiding?
          be nice if everyone who owns a gun gets that kind of training like Switzerland.

          BUT you cons resist THAT.
          so why make it an example?
          Disingenuous character flaw you need to work on?

          they ALSO have to keep their weapons LOCKED UP.
          not in this wild west country.

          Honduras has plenty of gun ownership disingenuous LIAR.

          “The Small Arms Survey says the most popular gun in Honduras is the
          9mm handgun, “which can be legally purchased and owned” — undermining
          the meme’s claim that Hondurans are banned from owning guns. Because
          this weapon is banned in nearby Mexico, the UN has said the difference
          in laws fosters the exchange of illegal weapons between the countries.

          An analysis of gun laws in six Latin American countries by Insight Crime, a foundation
          that studies crime and policy in Central America, characterizes
          Honduras’ regulations as “light” compared to the “restrictive” laws of
          Brazil and Mexico and “moderate” laws of Venezuela and Chile. Uruguay
          also has “light” gun control laws but an incredibly smaller homicide
          rate than Honduras of about 5.9 percent per 100,000 people. (It also has
          less organized crime.)”


          I await your LINKS of rebuttal.

          • The problem with stats is if you have a gun the other person doesn’t resist so you get what you want. What we really need is the total crime rate and it is very high both in South America and Mexico as the general population can’t resist the criminal.

        • As for Switzerland, tool of disinformation,

          “Switzerland does not require “citizens to own guns.”

          The government issues a gun to men for their mandatory military service,
          but the gun is taken home under “carefully controlled conditions
          without ammunition,” said Mikton, the WHO officer who is also Swiss.

          “As soon as they have finished their military service — typically
          around 30 years of age — they have to return the gun,” he said.

          Swiss gun laws are more strict than the post implies, though less tough than some
          other European Union countries. Swiss law requires mandatory background
          checks on civilian handgun purchases and licenses for the concealed
          carry of weapons, and it bans automatic weapons.”


          don’t whine about my links unless you provide some of your own.

          • You are a bare faced liar liberal dem bloodsucker don’t bring your Soros funded bs here and try to present it as truth , that is not a complaint it is a comment on your complete disassociation with truth

          • Yes just like the cops in England never used to carry guns but now do because the criminal has no problem getting them. The reason so many were killed in France was because few cops carried guns so couldn’t shoot back against the terrorist.

        • None of the countries are in Europe, except Switzerland, which you mentioned, had no murders. They also have very strict requirements for gun ownership and require training. Now, a little tidbit from another story:

          The number of Americans killed in gun homicides on Christmas Day is comparable to the number of people killed in gun homicides in an entire year in places like Australia or Britain. The 27 people killed by guns in America on Christmas this year is equal to the total number of people killed in gun homicides in an entire year in Austria, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, Estonia, Bermuda, Hong Kong and Iceland, combined. While not all of these countries are in Europe, several of them are, but they are all are what are called “developed” countries, with stable governments and a population that is part of the modern workforce. It is hard to equate what goes on in Europe to what happens in most of the nations you listed in Central and South America, where most deaths have to do with drug cartels or revolutions where the government has lost control of parts of their country. The same holds true for so many nations in Africa, where you still have much tribal warfare and parts of the country are controlled by revolutionaries. Similar things apply to some of the nations you list that are in southeast Asia, where territorial disputes are a daily occurrence. The only ones that I see that seem odd to me are the US Virgin Islands and Bermuda. The murder rate for the United States is much higher than what you say. What is your murder rate for the United States? Is that number 4.2 per 100,000 population? Is it per year per 100,000? You need to explain your data to make it credible. You have to compare apples to apples, like the United States and countries like Germany, England, France, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Japan, Australia. Holland, Belgium, Canada – all industrialized nations with societies similar to the United States, with democratically elected, stable governments and orderly court systems that value human rights and the safety of their populations. The big difference is that they have laws that require background checks for all gun sales and most require formal training. We, in this country, have a system that is so porous that virtually anyone, convicted felon, terrorist that is on an FBI watch list or FBI no fly list or someone who spent the last year in the care of a mental health facility, to go to a gun show or go online with no check whatsoever. That is nuts.

        • I thought your statistics were a bit off. I went to the WHO website and here is what I got for the countries of Europe, who have very similar governments to ours and similar societies and cultural values.

          Here are the
          real statistics from the 2012 World Health Organization Report: Homicide
          Estimates by Country for 2012

          I have
          picked out the European nations that have similar societies to the United
          States but have fewer guns per capita. These countries have stable governments,
          democratically elected by their citizens and have stable governments.

          They are listed alphabetically. The number is homicides per 100,000 population.

          Bosnia & Herzegovina…………3.4
          Czech Republic………..……….0.9
          United Kingdom……………..…..1.5

          UNITED STATES………….…….5.4


          THE UNITED STATES IS 5.4.


      • The same innocent people die, they merely are killed off in different ways. Outlaw guns & killings by automobile, knives and rocks magically seem to go up. People kill each other, it’s just something that we do. Those killings happen Everywhere, regardless of whether or not guns are available.

      • But not murder and even higher suicide rates. I guess you would prefer to murder someone with a baseball bat (cricket?) instead of a gun, but then again Overdose, car crash, & CO poisoning have pretty much eliminated killing oneself with a cricket bat. I notice you say gun violence is less than 10%, why is it not at Zero, if gun laws do really work on criminals and crazies?

      • Your are in errot, they are not.
        They also have laws that can get your arrested for saying nasty things about the government as do Canada and Australia.
        First the guns go, then the free speech goes.
        You go ahead, I’ll hang onto mine.

      • More made up liberal facts? Take away: New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, and gun crime drops to fourth lowest in the world. What do these cities have in common? The most stringent gun control laws in exsistance. Chew on that Peter.

      • We have to have laws in order to arrest those that break the laws or else there would be no need for police, so that is a dumb statement. Yes look at Mexico as a perfect example of strict gun laws, the criminals love it.

    • Nevada has had open carry for ever and I see more and more people doing it all the time.
      I think about doing it too but I seldom have time to stop and answer cops questions about why I might have it on me.

    • It is very hard to fix stupid!

  15. GO TEXAS!!!!!!!! SCREW THE LIBERALS!!!!!!!!

  16. Oh-oh, one of those pesky guns might jump out of a holster and start random firing.
    “Never let your emotions cloud your thinking” has turned to “does it feel good”.

  17. I hate to use this language but, FUCK THE LIBERALS! FUCK THE ILLEGAL, QUEER, COMMUNIST, MOOSELUM BASTARD occupying OUR white house. It won’t be too many more months before the slimeball and geo soros cause the biggest riot in history, and that’s when the prick will declare martial law. And anyone that believes that all these illegals are refugees has been drinking the same funny shit. Strategically located across America – these are his soldiers that will come crawling out of the woodwork to protect the asswipe!! GET READY AMERICA. GOD HELP US ALL!!

    • You’ve got anger management issues. That’s why we’re against open carry, because of hotheads like you. You are the best argument against open carry. Thanks.

      • “Anger Management Issues” sounds like a Jack Nicholson movie. Mr. Bradin, I think you have “reality impairment issues.” I’ll bet a long period of therapy with someone w/ an MSW won’t help you at all. The reality is Mr. Dennewitz is probably able to carry right now, and hasn’t made the wild, wild, west into what you think of the wild, wild west but is only able to protect himself and others. That is what frightens you, that he IS able to restrain himself. I’m guessing you couldn’t carry because you know what demons are telling you right now, and you can’t be sure you can fend them off. I applaud your self-awareness!

      • Muslims are against open carry too, unless it is them doing the carrying, they don’t want to have to worry about being shot at and killed (before they get a chance to push the bomb vest button) when they go to murder 14 people.

      • Yet he has never shot anyone!

      • have to eliminate rat shit like you! Come and say that face to face !

        • Ignorance always resorts to name calling because they don’t have a valid argument. I just repeat what the facts say. You cannot act on a totally emotional level when dealing with an issue like this. The Europeans and Australia have rather sever levels of gun control and their per capita gun-related crime rates are less the one tenth of ours. That says something. Australia passed rather strict gun control measures about a decade ago, and the gun-related murder rate dropped like a rock. I do not think America needs to be that heavy-handed, but common-sense control with background checks for every single transfer of ownership of a gun makes sense. With the gaping holes in the system for online gun sales, Gun Show sales and private party sales, virtually anybody with some cash in their hand can have a gun in their hands in a matter of minutes. So, if you have a criminal record a mile long, just go online, or better yet, go to your local gun show and pick up your weapon(s) of choice, along with all the ammo you want. The same holds true for known terrorists (like people on the FBI’s watch list and no fly lists. Yes these people cannot get on an airplane, but the can buy half a dozen semi-automatic weapons with thirty-round magazines. Something is not right with that. The same holds true for somebody who just got out of jail after serving time for attempted murder, somebody who was released from a mental health facility for treatment after being found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity. Yup, our laws need some tweaking. When I was in the military, we kept all rifles, pistols, grenade launchers, etc., locked up under armed guard. You had to sign any weapon out and have a reason to do so (guard duty, practice at the weapons range, etc.). Obviously, in the public sector, that is a bit draconian, but just making sure people who do have weapons, don’t have felony convictions, mental health issues or just have a desire to massacre a bunch of school kids because they are fight for some wacko cause, is a reasonable thing. That is what I am arguing for. The theory that, then, only criminals will have guns does not fly. With the way things are now, we are handing guns out to criminals and terrorists any time they want them. That is the crazy part. There should not be a reason that people feel the need to carry a fully-loaded weapon to “protect” themselves. They have done this in every other developed nation in the world and it has worked.

          • grossly paraphrasing for you- Pete : There is none so blind, as he, who’s head is up his behind. Wear it like you earned it, because you did.

      • Another bullshit liberal statement. Fools like you are the best argument FOR open carry.

    • Wow! You have a great imagination. You should be a writer.

    • Well said.

  18. WE ( PRO GUN GUYS ) PROTECT EVERYONE . But if I ever see ANYONE , getting Robbed , or Beaten Up . I think I will First ask , are YOU an ANTI-GUN LIBTURD !!! Before I decide to Save them . OR NOT

    • And I suppose you call yourself a good Christian.

      • It is called weeding out the weak as in survival of the fittest.

        • Oh yes, and having you “manly” piece jammed in your belt makes you the fittest. I consider intelligence to be more important. Without your artificial “manliness” which makes you the “fittest” of our species, you are nothing. Yup.

          • I can tell you that their were several people in Paris who would have loved to have had a gun instead of lying on the floor waiting to get shot. It would have been nice if all of the police in Paris carried as well. What the hell do they think the police are going to do to protect people when they cannot even protect themselves? If you people think that Europeans are so smart, it would be great if you moved over there and joined them. We prefer to live in the country that we fought wars to retain our freedoms, and yes it does take guns to maintain that freedom at times.

          • No, it means not protecting YOU and only YOU and defending someone else.

      • Succumbing or not preventing evil is not being a good Christian, so I must ask: are you a good Christian?

      • Typical libTURD retort!

      • wait for it, th Christians have been patient with you peopel for along time andf have resisted seeking retribution, it’s coming.

  19. No, Liberals just believe in common sense. More guns everywhere equals a greater chance of shots fired. It is simple math. Don’t bother trolling me. I already know what you all think. I just have to exercise my freedom of speech. Have a good day.

    • Glad you said “freedom of speech,” cuz it damned sure doesn’t sound much like “freedom of intelligence!”

      • And there is no Global Warming either, also. Right?

        • No, there is not, but there are a lot of liberal politicians heavily invested in green energy.

          • Al Gore has 4 energy sucking mansions, paid for by Global Warming scare tactics.

          • Yes sir.
            It’s the socialist way,
            Making laws for other people to live by while they live the way that benefits them.
            Taking other people’s money (,ours) and spending it on themselves.
            Passing a law and making other people sign up for obamacare then exempting themselves.
            Bernie Sanders is a great guy too. He wants to tax us at 90 percent but has a net worth of $700,000 (that we know of) that he doesn’t want to share with anyone else, yet he wants us to share ours with everyone else.
            SOS, do as we say, not as we do, live the way we tell you to live but don’t ask questions about how we live.

      • I dont go to gun shows anymore because of all those guns going off halfcocked. Bullets flying everywhere its a nightmare crawling along the floor, those guns getting drunk on gun oil is terrible.

  20. YOU GO TEXAS !!! I have 5 firearms and I have a CWP. I’ve been carrying concealed for years! Thank God some koolaide drinking, dope smoking liberal hasn’t been aware of it! My God! What a horrible person I would be, eh?? ROFLMFAO

  21. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    Texas whiney little bitches need to go ahead and secede already instead of calling for our tax money to bail them out. The US needs to quarantine all of Texas after pulling out every Federal penny source

    • You need to quit hiding behind your fake anger and visit Texas and repeat your mantra to our face.

    • Idiot libTURD!….Democrats are the whiners, “Safe place” twerps, BLM crybabies, pronoun sissies, gender free clothing stores.!

    • Why is it always the liberal dem bloodsuckers on public forums whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them.
      How odd, the liberal dem parasites tell us just before they start their shift of whining and begging for handouts.

  22. As long as we delay working on people problems the more we need freedom to carry. We have a people problem, not a weapons problem.

  23. More guns less crime!

  24. Just reading an article on Va. The governor has started a bunch of BS about weapons.
    A republican state senator has introduced a bill to cut funding for Armed guards for the Governor.
    That looks like a great way to go, when this happens in your state contact your legislators demand that they cut funding for armed guards for that politician.

  25. https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/4269/text
    H.R.4269 – Assault Weapons Ban of 2015
    114th Congress (2015-2016)
    Under a new law effective New Year’s Day, California cops can now seize guns from law-abiding Americans without charges and without giving any notice.

    And police can keep those firearms for 21 days under the law known as AB 1014.

  26. Funny that millions of guns didn’t kill or injure anyone yesterday, and the ones that did were in large part police or citizens defending themselves. I lived close to Kennesaw, georgia years ago when the city council passed an ordinance that every head of household must own a gun and ammunition. The liberals screamed that chaos and mayhem would result, but were strangely silent as the rate of property crime showed a sharp decline and the citizens behaved just as calmly as always. It has been proved all over the world: When people have guns, crime goes down. True, the criminals have guns, but they aren’t stupid- they don’t want to get shot. That’s why “Gun Free Zones” are such a stupid idea: Producing a target-rich environment with the assurance that nobody will be firing back. . . That has to be the epitome of liberal stupidity.

    • It is the same rationale used by Obama when he tells the Islamist terrorists when he will pull out our military. All they do is wait for ignorant Liberals to disarm!

  27. Yay for Gun owners in Texas …. How like that you gun hating queers and muslims ?

  28. Obummer and the anti gun nuts are the best firearm salespeople, ever.

  29. Repubs and TPs wanted a candidate -they got him Trump. Why are they whining then? They are dumb. Trump is exposing their truth – GOPers are lazy, after entitlements, racist and bigots. There is nothing wrong with Trump.

    • There is allot wrong with Trump. In ’07 he said H would be a good negotiator in the Iran deal. He has supported he bids for the senate and her run at the White house. He has no stated economic plan. He has no stated plan to combat terrorism. He has no stated plan to ease the domestic strife that Obama has caused.
      He has stated loud and clear that he is a bully. There is a great deal not to like about Trump.

      • You pointed out 2007 as a basis for your assumptions, that was 8 years ago. I dont know about anyone else but certain current conditions have made me reevaluate a very large number of our problems, people, strategies and the politicians that helped us get to this predicament.

  30. another episode in the protection of constitutional rights for Real Americans….of course now the coward candy panties will be slobbering all over each other on the pretenda news shows in an effort to get the mental midgets that watch their drivel all excited and to go “demonstrate” somewhere…

  31. Dang! Three more businesses added to my “DO NOT PATRONIZE” list!

  32. “Article 26 of Arizona’s state constitution provides for the right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself and the state. Arizona’s gun laws are more lenient than those of many other states, allowing most law-abiding adult residents to carry firearms, either openly or concealed”
    Hey libTURD gunphobes!! Where are all of those “wild west shootouts” you keep predicting?

  33. The answer to these stores is really simple, don’t shop there. Most stores that are ‘gun free’ I don’t give them my business. Some I do business with but simply don’t let them know I’m CCW. There are enough gun owners in Texas to make a big difference in these stores bottom line. It has to be a grass roots effort but when it causes them to loose money, they’ll change their evil ways.

  34. just who is gonna stop criminals from getting guns?

  35. I think the liberals want to take our guns because they are afraid people are sick of their lying cheating and stealing and may want to stop them

  36. Why do you think God is punishing Texas so severely lately with tornado’s, blizzards, rain storms, flooding, earlier droughts, gun violence and all the rest? It’s because all of the horrible legislation the state has passed dealing with guns, women’s health, marriage rights, voting rights and discrimination of all sorts of red blooded Americans.

    • Very true. In fact this article is very misleading. Texas is NOT joining the rest of the gun friendly states by restoring second amendment rights, they have only made it so that those who have PAID for the right to conceal-carry can also open carry. That means Texas views carrying a gun as a privilege not a right.

  37. I shop at Safeway here in AZ and they have no issue so maybe it’s the local owners that are libturd idiot oxygen thieves…..when you are worried about a law abiding citizen carrying a weapon then you have deeper issues for sure….maybe the libturds need to call themselves protectionphobiaidiots???? Aren’t they the ones that always name everyone else a *.*phobia???? Can’t fix STUPID! I only shop where I can go in armed.

  38. I got the answer, if you are liberal and you see an armed person walking down the block, cross the street so you won’t be on the same side of the street as the person who was armed. If you are in a restaurant and you see a person who was armed and exercising their right to open carry, leave the restaurant immediately. Eat in restaurants that prominently display the gun free zone signs. I believe this will solve your problems, if not I’m afraid you will have to move back to New York City New Jersey Connecticut or Massachusetts. These states all have gun free zones.


  40. When the Oklahoma legislature started debating the so-called Make My Day law, the hoplophobes predicted blood in the streets and a rise in murders. It didn’t happen. When the legislature started debating Shall Issue Concealed Carry laws, the hoplophobes predicted blood in the streets and gunfights on Main Street. It didn’t happen. When the legislature started debating Open Carry, the hoplophobes hysterically predicted blood in the streets and gunfights on Main Street. It didn’t happen. Instead crime rates went down each time, just as it has in every state that has passed these laws. The only places where blood runs freely in the streets are in the hoplophobes’ beloved Gun Free Zones. When that happens, the fools want to extend gun free zones everywhere. There are none so blind as those who are willfully blind.

  41. Ain’t it fun to ANNOY lieberals?

    Personally most should be hanging from the end of a rope because of the WICKEDNESS AND VIOLENCE, ironically, they bring on your land.

  42. This article is very misleading. Texas is NOT joining the rest of the gun friendly states by restoring second amendment rights, they have only made it so that those who have PAID for the right to conceal-carry can
    also open carry. That means Texas views carrying a gun as a privilege not a right.

    • Wow, that is a sad state of affairs, I always thought Texas was a Right to Carry state, but here they sound like they are just one step from turning into californy

      • Texas makes claims that it is a “right to carry” state, but it is only as long as you pay for that right by getting a permit. It’s been that way almost since it got statehood!

  43. After seeing the multiple security failures of the Oblowhole administration there are more from the left looking to arm themselves. So, in the name of compromise, I propose we disarm all democrats and identifiable left wingers. Yep, good compromise.

  44. Gun control has killed more human beings in the history of the world.

  45. Most of the so called Liberals are too stupid to read history , and see what happens when people are disarmed! You think people like Odumbo in our White House calls Christians, conservatives and anyone who speaks out against his Tyrney terrorist now,let this murdering ,lying thief take your protection you will see them take what you worked for right out of your bank account along with your 401! Think this won’t happen dos arm to the constitutional law breaker and see!

    • ” and see what happens when people are disarmed”

      Could the moron of the right please TELL ME who is trying to take your guns?

      you fools go ON and ON about Obama taking your guns.

      SO WHEN is it going to get proposed?

      • Why don’t you climb back in you communist sewer and as I told once before commie don’t answer any of my blogs , as I know what you are !

        • I see, the con LIES and then to cover up gets all “commie”.

          why not just answer the question?

          Oh YOU LIED and CAN’T answer the question.

          • I am sorry , I did not know you live in a mental institution! I will pray for you though as I believe can do wonders with people like you for his glory !

    • Here is some reading for the low info fool of right Wing Propagnada.

      as for GUNS

      “Despite the perception that Obama is anti-gun rights (gun shop owners say fear of his policies drives strong gun sales), he has repeatedly reaffirmed the right to
      bear arms. Indeed, the only gun-control laws he has signed as president have been to expand gun rights – allowing guns on national park lands and Amtrak trains. He also said this year that “hunting and shooting are part of a cherished national heritage.”


      maybe the LOW INFO con can link me to some laws where Obama is talking your guns.

      • Bet you listen to CNN COMMUNIST NEWS NET WORK.

        • bet you would be wrong.

          so where are those links about how Obama is taking your guns?

          the bloviating con likes to pretend IT is informed.
          so where is the info?

          so far you have provided Flapping Gums.

          not really cutting it, low info tool of the right.

          • I am sorry you are dead and blind ,with no brain as now I understand why you goose step because your to stupid to think for yourself

  46. Any merchant who does not comply with unlimited Open Carry in Texas needs to close up shop and move out of Texas by 1-1-2016! You are not welcome here!

  47. they want guns from the legal law bidding USA CITIZENS. not from illegals an gangs , an drug pushers, because they are their income. I would love to see a list of these lib-turds that have a gun or guns an rifles, you know they do,

  48. I live in Ky where we have had open carry for ever, we do not have shoot outs in the streets,, just left wingers are so stupid.

    • and EVERYONE of them is REGISTERED and TRAINED.

      that is all the liberals want.

      how about we be less disingenuous?

  49. I am a proud Texan who must live in Indiana (temporarily, I hope) but I visit home twice a year. I will never spend another dime in HEB, Safeway, or Whole Foods or any other store that has opted out of Open Carry.

  50. hey reality check Obama was just on national TV talking about it said he couldn’t get it through congress so he would do it through executive order YOUR CNN is reporting it with great fan fare. He is trying to figure out how far he can go before he does have a civil war on his hands but he is now openly speaking about gun confiscation.And so is Hillary this is nothing new .

    • why is it so hard for the low functioning con to post TO ME directly?

      he was not “just on” since he is in Hawaii on Vacation, dim bulb.

      I would bet some news outfit covered it.
      how about you link to THAT and not be such a silly con talking to the ether?

    • “he is now openly speaking about gun confiscation”

      nice link proving your not a moron by the way.

  51. “Three prominent grocery store chains – H-E-B, Safeway, and Whole Foods – have
    opted out of the law due to considerable pressure from Moms Demand”

    AND to be specific, those would BE moms from TEXAS.

    so now we know there are some sane Americans trapped inside Texasistan.

    Liberals will have to save them too I guess.

  52. When does the talking stop and the shooting start?That’s what they really fear! Not the guns, it’s what the other half of America thinks about their liberal, progressive Communist shit that is trying to take over America.We will eventually have to go there if we want to preserve the republic. And they know that so they push for disarmament.

    • why does this moron not know that liberalism and communism are the OPPOSITE.
      I think once we can educate the fools who think this shit, the country will be saved.

  53. Obama reafirms your right to bear arms that are no match for Goverment forces the reason assault rifles , semi automatic pistols and so called military style weapons are targeted And the real reason the founding fathers gave you the 2nd amendment.To protect yourself or even rise up against a tyranicle goverment..Gentleman the next American civil war won’t be fought with muskets and shot guns or your favorite six shooter.

  54. “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, and which against the usurpations of the national rulers, may be exerted with infinitely better prospect of success than against those of the rulers of an individual state. In a single state, if the persons intrusted with supreme power become usurpers, the different parcels, subdivisions, or districts of which it consists, having no distinct government in each, can take no regular measures for defense. The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair.”
    – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 28

  55. Liberalism, socialism, communism are all the same just different degrees? I have read Lynski, Marx and alot of your propaganda it’s good to really know the enemy!

  56. The problem you have is alot of do understand what is going on!

  57. Oh by the way I have a wothless diploma from a so called prestigous university and I served in the military and I make a good living, I’m even rich if you listen to the left. So your insults really don’t hit home!

  58. IF MY GUNS CANT GO ???? I WONT GO . They Don’t need ANY of MY MONEY

  59. Those who oppose Open Carry, be they Liberals or Conservatives or anything else are under no compulsion to join in. They can carry on as before and not carry arms if that’s what they chose to do. They might however try, just once, minding their own business, leaving others to do the same, if that is not to much to expect.

  60. Texas: We’re Going To Arrest People Who Call The Cops to Report Legal Gun Carry
    Yes- I said a criminal act. Police and Sheriffs in TX have stated, quite succinctly, that if ‪#‎LaddEveritt‬‘s fanbois SWAT gun owners- it is the caller who will be going to jail.

    Q​uestion: Some organizations that are in opposition to open carry, have said that if they see someone openly carrying a handgun, they will call 911 and say that person is being aggressive and threatening people with the weapon. How will the police handle situations like this.

    ​Keep Reading:


  61. Texas gun shows refuse to admit people with open carry! Not all Texans are stupid! just the open carry ones!

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