Ignorant Liberals and Texas Open Carry

Open carry will become the law of the land in Texas on January 1st, and anti-gun groups (including the mainstream media) simply can’t conceive of any reason for this law. Three prominent grocery store chains – H-E-B, Safeway, and Whole Foods – have opted out of the law due to considerable pressure from Moms Demand Action, the Michael Bloomberg-funded anti-gun organization.

As is the case with most gun control issues, the fear of open carry is rooted solely in emotion. Liberals have this fantasy scenario where New Years’ Day will bring the wild west to modern-day Texas, a wasteland ruled by right-wingers who want to overthrow the government. This fear does not seem to weaken with the realization that Texas will be the 45th state to adopt some form of open carry legislation. When these people hear the word “firearm,” rationality heads out for a snack.

To them, the possibility that open carry might have societal benefits is unthinkable. As in, literally, they will not think about it.

But if they were to ever think about it, they might peruse some of the sound, logical arguments for open carry. To the gun owner himself, the benefits can be significant when it comes to both comfort and the speed with which he can get to his weapon. But open carry has benefits that extend beyond that, translating to a safer society.

Open carry is an indisputable crime deterrent. Statisticians can argue back and forth over how effective citizen heroes really are when it comes to stopping violent crime, but there’s no question that most criminals would think twice about robbing a store after seeing a customer with a pistol on his hip. Will a healthy population of open carriers eliminate armed robbery? Of course not. But any steps we can take towards a safer community should be embraced, especially when they dovetail with our constitutional freedoms.

Speaking of those freedoms, it speaks to how blinded liberals are to their own failures that they do not recognize that they – not the NRA, not the Republicans, not Rush Limbaugh – are responsible for radicalizing this debate, in so far as they see it as too extreme. Without Democrats constantly pushing their gun control agenda, there would be no reason to push back so vigorously. And because they don’t see this, they don’t understand why anyone might choose to open carry purely for the political statement it makes.

In “flaunting” their guns, these people are loudly exercising a controversial right that is constantly under attack. Use it or lose it, as they say, and nowhere is that idiom more accurate than when it comes to our basic liberties. One can only imagine what Democrats would have done to the Second Amendment by now if gun owners opposed them quietly and without conviction. When you have politicians – including the president of the United States – constantly singing a tune that sounds less like “control” and more like “ban” with each passing year, open carry proponents need only one justification for choosing to arm themselves:

Because they can.


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