If “Obstruction” is All Mueller Has, Then He Doesn’t Have Anything

The so-called “Resistance” is getting pumped up, thanks to news reports that indicate that Robert Mueller is closing in on Target #1: President Donald Trump.

According to several reports last week, Mueller wants to interview the president as he nears the conclusion of Phase One of his investigation: The question of whether or not Trump obstructed justice when he fired FBI Director James Comey.

We’re not so sure why liberal America is so excited, because this is a question that already has an answer: He didn’t.

How do we know this? We know this because as President of the United States, Donald Trump has the right to fire every successive FBI Director if he chooses to do so. No one disputes this hierarchal fact, so we’re not even sure what this investigation is supposed to prove. That he fired Comey for the “wrong reasons?” Well, sorry, but if your top man in law enforcement is spending all of his time engaged in a phony, Democrat-driven witch hunt, we’d say it makes all the sense in the world to send him packing.

The truth is that if this obstruction charge is all Mueller has, then he’s got nothing. And we’re increasingly certain that this IS all he has, aside from some moot indictments targeting several other members of the Trump campaign, none of which have anything to do with the 2016 election or Russian interference. Obstruction has become Mueller’s only handhold, his only excuse to get Trump alone in a room with witnesses and a tape recorder, at which point he can proceed with the only real hope he has left: Perjury.

Yes, this is where Mueller is going. He wants to catch Trump in a lie, no matter how insignificant or tangentially-related the lie may be to the matter at hand. It could have something to do with his business practices in 1978. It could have something to do with his marriage to Melania. It could have something to do with the kind of laundry detergent he used during the campaign. It doesn’t matter. He wants to catch Trump in some sort of lie so he can perpetuate this myth that the President of the United States is GUILTY. And thus, he can retire on his laurels as if he is the last great American patriot.

Trump has said he would like to speak to Mueller under oath and on the record, but this might not be the best course of action. If this were really an investigation about getting to the truth about Russian collusion, then by all means, we would encourage the president to be honest and forthcoming. But that’s not what this is, and we all know it. Trump should avoid Mueller like the plague and let this pathetic investigation wind its way to its pathetic end without his direct help.

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    • Trump has a mind? Unlikely!

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      • Says the brain dead liberal turd.

        • Awww, you’re gonna hurt mrpoohead’s feelings saying things like that. You do know that as a snowflake, he should at all times be protected from words that are hurtful and make him fear you. HAHAHAHAHA

      • Trump has a better mind than you do poophead!

      • You are most likely correct in your assessment, Mr Trump probably acquired 4.5 billion robbing toys R us stores and invest the proceeds in assholes like you


        • He promised things he couldn’t do – wall, repeal, ban and mass deportations.
          He claims things that are none of his business – economy, unemployment.
          He makes frequent idiotic comments on social media.
          Seems a fair accusation from me. Refute with reputable reference please.

    • Good post. And if one is in charge of “classified information” or documents, as Hillary was as Secretary of State, then “intent” doesn’t have to be proved if those documents are exposed to parties who lack the requisite clearance or if they’re compromised in any way. The fact they were compromised by being placed to an unsecured server in the closet of Hillary’s home and away from the all-seeing eyes of the government is prima facie evidence of guilt.

      • If it were any of us “little people” we would be in jail….

        One of the reasons people flocked to the United States was it was perceived to NOT have this kind of Government. America was supposed to have equal justice under the law…

        The sad thing is that this type of tyranny didn’t start at Comey, it started at the top…

        • You’re right it may not have started with corrupt Comey ,but it has to end somewhere ,or this country is thru and all who died for this great nation will have died for naught!

          • God Willing it will end with the draining of the swamp.

            What a great State of the Union speech we were given tonight.

          • Satan and his army of the communist a.k.a. Democrats have been brainwashing their followers and they hate trump no matter what he says about America being great. You are absolutely right he had a very find speech.

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          • HOMERIC… sadly NOBODY from the DUMBO C RAP party Heard a single word

      • According to 18USC793 (f): “Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating to the national defense, (1) through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer—
        Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”
        There is no mention of intent. Mishandling of classified information is a crime.

        • Obviously Comey had to have been familiar with the law, but chose to ignore it when he presented Hillary’s case to us back in early July of 2016 when he told the people the government couldn’t prove intent. Instead, he chose to tell us a bald-faced lie. Notice how the legal term “grossly negligent” in applying to Hillary’s activity was intentionally removed by Comey’s investigative team and changed to the relatively benign, and without legal significance, “extremely careless.” Thanks, Kevin, for providing the essence of the US Code dealing with mishandling of classified material.

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  1. If President Trump allows this interview with Mueller, he should only address questions concerning Russia and the 2016 election. Mueller has nothing there so he will try to trap Trump. I would expect the Presidents counsel to be present and object to any question outside of the Russian BS.

    • Trump should use every means at his disposal NOT to meet with Mueller!
      Better that some Americans think he is dodging the interview than to meet with Mueller and have him pick your testimony to pieces on his witch hunt! No matter what the outcome of such a meeting, the liberal, socialist, communist, democrats and the media will condemn it anyway, so what is there for Mr.Trump to gain? Sometimes in life, we must weigh what we stand to lose against what we might gain!

    • Oh how I pray that Trump stays cool, gauges his responses carefully. Mueller will try to trap him in any way possible.

  2. The time is long past due to FIRE mueller and his cabal of crooked Hitlery-loving DEMOCOMMUNISTS, and bring out the arrest warrants for HIM and his “minions” for THEIR crooked corrupt “deals” HE was in charge of. (uranium one ring a bell for just ONE “example”?) The time has come to “investigate” the “investigator”, his “team” and THEIR “laundry list” of dirty “dealings” in yet ANOTHER attempt to keep OUR President from achieving HIS agenda to MAGA.
    This whole “investigation was started by a presentation of FALSE, SALACIOUS, DNC “financed” “documents” and if I was the judge that issued the FISA “warrant” after being presented with LIES to obtain it, I would call in ALL the SCUMBAGS that LIED to get “their way”, and hold ALL in contempt, and prosecute THEIR butts to the fullest extent of the LAW.

    • DirtyDaveyDownEast

      Pappy450 my friend, let’s not forget to go all the way to the top of the dung heap and get that Muslim tyrant.


      • Agreed! and “his” name keeps popping out more and more as “evidence” is slowly but surely being “discovered” after all the cover-ups. Time to build the GALLOWS and lets have a PUBLIC HANGING for TREASONOUS TRAITORS right in front of the White House with TV crews on site to televise the whole spectacle.

    • I am thinking that once this first (#1) is over and done, Trump might fire Mueller. It is past time and everyone knows it. When I think of how many thousands of dollars spent these last few months, paying the well-chosen attorneys to dig around, searching for something to charge the president with, it makes me sick.

      • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

        Thousands? Mueller spent 10 million just picking a team. He has refused to say where he spent it too.

      • As has been said…This is just a corrupt “investigation” spending Exorbitant amounts of taxpayer dollars looking for a crime that doesn’t exist to keep this idiot and his HITLERY-loving DEMOCOMMUNISTS in a “job”. FIRE the whole bunch, and begin investigating the “investigators” they have wasted enough of OUR money and are guilty of CRIMES themselves. (uranium one come to mind anyone?)

  3. As McCabe sprints to the door hoping to retire i’d Say The corruption of a secret cabal trying to bring down the president may render Mueller mute. Evidence is mounting no matter what the deep state establishment and their lap dogs in the media have in store. I’m just giddy that the fortune Soros and his friends paid for this will hurt them for a very long time. Here’s hoping our Justice system serving all of us and President Trump make them meet lady Justice. They need to serve time to ponder their arrogance.

    • Retirement?
      As long as it’s in the form of three free square meals a day and an hour walk in the “run” outside his cell I’m for it. If the DOJ and FBI really want to work on restoring our confidence, let’s see the convictions. And I don’t mean a Martha Stewart ankle bracelet.
      Remember to vote.

    • retirement will NOT save him from prosecution.

  4. Comey is a criminal, a liar, and has been corrupted by the Clintons and Obambam. He needs to be indicted and convicted and sent to Gitmo, along with the aforementioned.

    • The criminal Clintons rub off on anyone who gets near them. They are inherently evil and need to be punished for what they’ve done. The list of people they have hurt or perhaps even had killed, is long. They cozied up to Obozo and between the four of them, caused a lot of damage to this country. Their time has come and I would love to see Soros take the punishment along with them.

  5. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    I’m betting the Presidents attorneys will brief him on what questions to and not to answer. How to answer certain questions. Just as President Trump has made fools of the Lying Leftist, Liberal Lapdog media; I believe he will make a fool of Mueller. I believe Mueller will go for the jugular based on the President’s typical personally, but that won’t be the personality displayed during questioning.


    • Remember Scutter Libby? He said vs she said…the special prosecutor convicted him. Remember she recanted her testimony a few years later….oops too bad. A prosecutor can convict a ham sandwich if they so choose.

      • DirtyDaveyDownEast

        Scutter didn’t have the President’s attorneys one of which is Jay Sekulow from ACLJ. He’s one hot ticket. President Trump is in good hands. Will he behave himself? This remains to be seen, but don’t be surprised if he does. Never underestimate the President’s ability to Trump his opponents. .


  6. The libs went nuts (if they weren’t already nuts) when their crooked effort to shove the Hildabeast down our throats failed. Now they have been on a nonstop quest to get rid of the best POTUS in decades to try to revive the “beast’s” agenda.

  7. Mueller is pathetic and should bring this witch hunt to a pathetic end and go join comey somewhere, maybe the woods Hillary hides in or another country like north korea, iran, Saudi, Africa, yemen, or California where it is worse than the rest of our states. I want to puke every time his face shows up on TV or my computer. If you have a problem with Trump, quit taking federal money for your stupid witch hunt and get out of town and the country which would be better for the rest of us who support our president..

  8. He doesn’t have anything, and never has. It’s all in an effort to berate our President. Seems to me they better watch out what they’re looking for, only things they’ve found evidence of is Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Comey and Clapper corruption and treason. Oh and add Mueller and his cronnies to that.

    • Just trying to keep alive something that would make Trump look bad while covering up all the accomplishments he has to his credit. How many of you have even read or heard a whisper of all that has been accomplished while the MSM are still harping on what they hope to find. that he did wrong.

    • very true, the more that is attempted to get Pres. Trump, the more that is being exposed about the ‘swamp’ and the swampRats

  9. Really? Trump is paying back Putin for his help in the election by the non-enforcement of the sanctions and we are not supposed to notice his efforts to block the investigation. That is what some Republicans think while other Republicans want out before the collapse comes.

    • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

      Oh get over it. Do you really think Putin would back Trump when he knew he could buy Hillary? Trump already put sanctions on Russia and now you demolosers seem to want to start a war with Russia? Grow up, your evil queen will never be president.

      • Ray needs to wise up. The only people who are trying to block anything are the Dims and the MSM who have racked up so many blatant lies they can’t keep track of them all. The problem with being a liar is that you have to keep a very close record of the lies because they usually come back to bite you in the butt. That’s one reason why some of these folks walk funny.

  10. When is the DOJ going charge and try one or more of these s__t heads for treason?

  11. Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

    Comey got fired because of corruption and incompetence. He suppressed evidence and let Hillary walk. The deeper Mueller digs the worse it is for Comey. Good thing Mueller gave his buddy Comey immunity from prosecution, now isn’t it?

  12. Comey would also have been fired if “the witch” had won and might even landed on the clinton-crime-family-hit-list.

    Looks like Adam Schiff must have leaked his Secret Memo he’s been warning about.

  13. And he has now spent in excess of $7 million of US taxpayer’s money in his phony witch hunt.

  14. All this wasted money to just protect the first black President, that was as big a thug as AL-Sharpton!!

  15. The president has important things he needs to stay focused on. This has already distracted him enough. He shouldn’t give another thought to answering any of mueller’s questions or even give that dirty POS the time of day. Congress should tell mueller to end this now and prepare to be investigated himself.

  16. Mr. Poop head I see the emblem you use to cover your self instead of a name worth saying. The emblem off Satan, being blind is something that some people cannot help but you are being ignorant. If you know how to read then take time educate yourself to reality of the real world. In truth Mueller for one is bias against anything that his pea brain can handle, which is he is a Democrat for one, two he was once director of the FBI he was chief of staff when, Obama was President, to which eight years to hurt the American people, four he now is a Senator. All know that Mueller is a idiot. Now he is in such a hurry to make a name for himself that he does not care to whom lives he destroys just to make an ass of himself. Two people Paul Manafort, General Michael Kelly was accused of this BS from this Russian Dossier. They both were brought up on charges that had nothing to do with the Russian BS. Now both of these gentleman have filled a lawsuit against Mueller. Mueller as well as the Democrat clan are acting like two year olds, because this is not Burger King, they can’t have it their way. It is all about control, for thirty years the Democrats was in control, Obama and his administration for eight years sold us the American people to sell the American people to ISIS, Iran, China, North Korea, even Russia. Our military cut back, these people sold us out to these countries, Obama, Clinton, Mueller, the list goes on and on. Your so concern about the wall, study what is being done, look into the prototypes that these contractor’s have done, the one that will get the contract is the one who will build the wall. You wish to make ignorant remarks about our President,

  17. Then take a good look how DNC, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, who by the way was impeached for laundering money, and got caught with his pants down with Monica. Take a good hard look at what these people did to our country, you wish to trash our President, his administration, people who give a damn about the American people. The President has done more for the us the American people than any of the Obama administration, just in his first year as our President he has done more for US the people, than any President since Reagan. And President Trump Is just getting started. I look forward to seeing what he will do next for the American people!!!

  18. It’s time for Mueller roll it up, and stop making himself look like jackazz

  19. The main issue in all this hoax is that nobody know EXACTLY what the word “collusion” and the word “obstruction” mean. It should be given a written strict mathematical definition what’s included in these words: what topic, with whom, its influence on the 2016 elections and the like. Otherwise a highly tricky professional bureaucrat Mueller can include here everything he likes, even a lunacy about President having dealt with the Russian prostitutes many years ago. Mueller must be cut or strictly limited in his despicable “investigation”. Of course, without it the President shouldn’t go to Mueller’s cloak (by the way the President has rights to fire Comey for whatever reason he wants: Trump doesn’t like his nose)

  20. If the P4resident chooses to meet with Mr. Mueller then he should do it not only on the record but on live TV. then the ameican people can see for themselves, without the filter oof bureacrats and the press.

  21. Comey stated publicly that his firing wouldn’t affect the investigation. The FBI team conducting the investigation said Comey’s firing wouldn’t affect the investigation. What “obstruction” is Mueller looking for?

  22. So far all that Mueller and his CLOWNS have shown to have done for MILLIONS of tax payers dollars is a BIG SELF Applied CIRCLE JERK OFF ( masturbation for those who don;t know)

  23. Mueller is a perfect example of WHY the US needs public executions……

  24. Well – al least they aren’t taking pictures (for their kids) of their work station on a sub……

    Just selling out everything the US has to foreign powers……China having a 117 stealth made me curious….Now they have the J-20’s….

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