If Democrats Win in November, Impeachment is On the Menu

According to a new feature story in the Washington Post, the Democrats may be downplaying the idea of impeaching Donald Trump in public these days, but they are certain to pursue that lofty goal should they wrestle back control of Congress in the midterm elections. Paul Kane writes that when Democrats had a choice between the experts who could fill the top party spot on the House Judiciary Committee, they could have picked someone with a long history of fighting for immigration reform. Instead, they chose Rep. Jerrod Nadler, a constitutional-law expert.

“Why?” asks Kane. “To ready themselves for a battle with President Trump that could end with impeachment proceedings.”

From the article:

One Democratic handicapper familiar with recent internal races expected Nadler to win by about 15 votes. Instead, he won by more than double that margin.

What changed the calculus?

“The constitutional argument,” Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.) said in explaining the broad support for Nadler. Democrats, he said, must “prepare for the coming storm.”


Democrats are careful to say that Nadler will not push too far or too fast on any impeachment proceedings. “He doesn’t rush to judgment about anything, very deliberative,” said Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.), a friend of more than 25 years.

Such cautious statements aside, it’s hard not to conclude that Nadler was given his new job for a singular reason.

“It’s something I think he was made for,” Crowley said. “He’s at the right place at the right time and when we need him most.”

This is why we cannot afford to rest on our laurels this November. It’s not just a matter of making sure we have the votes to push through a conservative agenda or even a matter of making sure TRUMP’s specific agenda gets through Capitol Hill with flying colors. It’s also a matter of preserving what we won in 2016, and that is going to become much more difficult to do if Democrats win a majority in the House, Senate, or both. The selection of Nadler is only one of many signs that this party has impeachment on the brain; does anyone seriously think they WON’T take a shot at it if they gain control of either chamber?

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  2. In my opinion, we need to eliminate all liberals and Democrats from the face of the earth before we end up with another “NAZI” type government in the world.

    • Sooooooooooooooo true!!

    • You know Trump is the one admired by actual Nazis?

      • you know that you are a moron aholey..??

      • give some details please

      • You DO???? REALLY???? You sure disguise it well! Nazi= national SOCIALIST worker’s party= LEFTISTS. You might want to learn your history before you try labeling folks something we’re not!

        • I know that Hitler hated Marxism, has a different definition of socialism, and killed off the left-wing branch of his party.

          • The Nazis and the Marxists are 2 peas from the same pod; just like y’all claim to hate the KKK but it’s part of y’all’s agenda, and has been for almost 150 years. Hitler and Stalin were FAR more alike than different in so many ways it’s ridiculous to think they were any way appreciably different, including their hate for each other and their extreme paranoias.

          • Exactly how is the KKK (who openly support the Republicans) connected to Democrats anymore?

          • No, they supported DEM ’til he ran on the R ticket TRUMP, NOT “Republicans” in general; and they were INVENTED by the southern Dems!

          • The ones who started the KKK would be Republicans today.
            Who “ ran on the R ticket”?

          • NOT a chance! They still have nothing in common with Repubs and never got over Repubs freeing their slaves on them.

          • The Republicans are no longer the party of Lincoln. Both the GOP and KKK believe in preserving their version of American culture.

          • What do you really know abut the KKK? In 1925, they numbered in the millions, but currently the estimate is perhaps 5000 spread across several states, They actually have very little influence now. When there were millions of them, there was no race war, so what makes you think there is a chance of one now.

          • I just mentioning the I don’t ideological overlap between the GOP, and the KKK.

          • Robert Byrd was a lifelong democrat and was grand dragon in the KKK. How do you make the stretch that all would be Republicans. AS for David Duke. He is a joke and is one of about 5000 KKK members today compared to about 4 million in 1925.

          • Byrd denounced the Klan, and David Duke is still big among white nationalists.

          • The KKK during time Byrd was a grand dragon killed innocent blacks. Ted bundy was sorry that he killed so many young women also. White nationalist are idiots and the numbers of them are very small . The news reports make them look a lot more powerful than they are. They are a joke and idiots.

          • Byrd did not kill anyone.
            If the KKK doesn’t matter why do you care about Byrd anyway.

          • Byrd wore an hood like the other KKK cowards did. The KKK did kill blacks, Byrd was a grand dragon and is responsible for any murder committed by the KKK. It is called guilt by association. He wore a hood so no one can prove he personally killed anyone, but he shares responsibility with the other cowards for the murders that did happen.

          • Not defending the Klan, but where there any murders connected to Byrd’s old chapter?
            There a KKK chapter on Long Island that hasn’t murdered anyone.

          • He was the leader of his group and the numbers nationally were large then. The numbers were in the millions, but now there are only a few thousand nationally with very little clout. Byrd voted against and tried to kill the 1964 civil rights act. With this comment, i am finished discussing Byrd. The man is after all dead and can no longer do any wrongs.

          • Republicans votes against the civil rights act to.
            And Byrd still changed his way, and got other Klanmen to follow suit.

          • Some republicans did oppose. The act passed due to bi-partisan vote and Byrd voted against. Even some killers change their ways, but that does not excuse what they did. Byrd did leave Klan. I concede that point and with that am finished with Byrd.

          • So long as you admit he changed, that’s OK.

          • You are correct about Hitler hating Communists, BUT, please be aware that left & right, in Europe, is opposite of the US, left & right! Left, in Europe, is conservatives-the right, is liberals

          • The British Conservative Party is considered center-right, much like the German Christine Union (Merkel). While the Germany Alternative Party is considered far-right (anti-immigrant, and apologetic of the Nazis).

  3. Tell the demorats to STICK IMPEACHMENT UP their BRAIN DEAD ASSES & CRAWL back into the CESS POOL they CAME FROM

    • Time to REMOVE THEM from the cesspool they call Washington D.C. PULL their lucrative “pensions” and throw their BRAIN DEAD ASSES in a CELL for TREASON. It is one thing to have “freedom of speech” but this is more like a “movement” to OVERTHROW the Government of the U.S and remove a DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT VOTED IN, BY WE THE PEOPLE, because they DEMOCOMMIES/RINOS don’t want to LOSE their “stolen” POWER, CONTROL and those all-precious TAXPAYER DOLLARS that fund their CUSHY LIFESTYLE.

      • Right ON Pappy 450, you hit the nail on the head.

      • It is nothing short of open sedition, in need of prosecution.

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        • Buy a dictionary, lunkhead.

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          • Why? Seems he knows exactly what he is talking about. Treason is not only in the air…..it is being worked on by the political left. The left has no soul, no class, no morality, no Americana at heart, no real values except the value to destroy all who are the least bit different, totally self-serving and selfish as a mad dog. The coup d’etat has been being worked on ever since before Obama was installed in the White House, the rats exited their closets, and they cannot afford to re-enter their closets, ergo, in their “minds”, they MUST PREVAIL AT ANY AND ALL COSTS, even if they have to destroy lives to get their way…….this is NOT politics…….it is TREASON.

      • Sedition and treason are NOT covered under the 1st A, as “freedom of speech” and calling for the murder of 1 or more specific individuals certainly isn’t either. Yet that is what we’re hearing from many members of Congress and their leftist sycophants!

        • Agreed, So please try to tell me WHEN the arrests and prosecution are ever going to begin. I don’t know about YOU, but I am getting TIRED of endless “investigations” that cost the taxpayers GOBS of money and go absolutely no where. “Testifying”, “taking the fifth”,walking out LAUGHING, their FREEDOM intact, and with pension in hand, isn’t MY idea of “justice” for the American Taxpayers .The time has come for these people to be sent to take up “residence” in a prison cell for the CRIMES they have committed.

          • I WISH I had an answer to that one; sir! I agree with you heartily and feel the same about it. Either we are, or we are not, a nation of laws, but if we ARE, then they apply to ALL citizens and legal residents EQUALLY, including those in elected or appointed positions! The rest are just criminals who don’t belong here anyway.

          • Congress passed laws over years protecting themselves hidden in bills that no one knew about . It is just like pork added to bills just to get them passed .

          • Yes; but every single one of those is unconstitutional as well. And if we’re invoking the Constitutional laws; those go away like mist in a hot sun.

          • With federal Judges on the side of the Democrats not much chance of that .

          • Those balances are being restored and many of those replaced with conservatives quietly, kind of behind the scenes, so it might not be as difficult as it seems.

          • I sure hope you are right on that one .

          • There was a story about it maybe a month ago or so; that Trump had gotten almost 150 new judges on Federal benches; many pushed through right before the Thanksgiving recess; or they didn’t get to go home for the turkey!

          • Good to hear that one , now if we could clean up the 9th.court that would help also .

          • It needs to be done away with, they never rule right anyway and just get overturned most of the time!

          • Yip, and while he’s at it kindly ask that idjit in Hawaii to resign for the good of the Nation and keep his pension; or lose everything and go to jail.

          • I’d rather see them lose it all for the trouble they’re causing to this country!

          • He wants to break that one up and I HOPE he does; it really is too large and powerful; I ALSO hope he gets around to reading the actual Constitutional laws about the duties of judges and courts and slaps them ALL down HARD!

          • Let’s hope what you say is true!! All Republicans need to support Trump and ALWAYS get out and vote conservative….my dream is to see all Democrats and leftist liberals go down the proverbial drain..never to be seen or heard from again!! True swamp creatures!

          • sieg heil!…herr pappy450…

          • Hey rich…stick your sieg heil up your racist ass. Come to my place and they will never find your moronic ass. Typical pos liberal…wish we could meet up..you’d find out if there was an afterlife.

          • can you be more ignorant…please….

          • Yeah, but I’d have to be like you.

          • YOU””? Here”? Try..AIPAC…$

          • Sieg..Bolshevik”’!

          • Don’t worry. We haven’t even touched the sums blown investigating Hillary Clinton for 30 years and turning up nothing. Mueller has Trumpie rats jumping ship and turning state’s evidence in every corner, and that’s not nothing. We can afford the price of justice in America, and you few who still support Trump can’t stop it.

          • Dude, I hope you loved kissing El Dumbo’s and Queen Hillary’s arse for the last couple of years. For instance being force to buy Obamacare or are you one of those sheeples (slave) that got a waver and didn’t have to buy one because you got yours free along with a free phone with a picture of her bent over.

            Retired US Army E-6, served in ‘Nam with A/228th ASHB as a door gunner.

          • Thank you for your service to our country my friend. But Jim Dandy is just another idiot from the Obama era . Excellent post.

          • Dude, the reason there wasn’t anything found on ‘Benghazi’ Hillary the Socialist (oops Democrat) Party covered up just as they tend to do for any of their members in good standing.

          • Pappy, you can speak for me any day of the week. Every word you have written COULD have come from my mouth as we so totally agree on all these issues.

            I wonder, does the left really believe they can cheerfully impeach President Trump and politically survive? Do they actually believe the rest of us will sit still and eventually get over their treasonous deeds? There comes a time when real Americans will tolerate no more and will DO something about the shredding of America.

          • I agree there WILL “come a time” and watching how the democommies/rinos constantly “get away” with everything up to and including murder of people that “know too much”. Does the name CLINTON come to mind, (many on “their list” or OSCUMBAG?) The ONLY one on the “crashed” aircraft that lost her life because she “forged” him a “birth certificate”, and who KNOWS how many more murders are “covered up” to protect this SCUM.

          • It’s a sad thing to admit, but I suspect you are totally on target.

      • How about impeaching Schumer and Pelosi, ? That would be taxpayer money well spent. These so-called reps of the American people have wasted more money in the prior administration that could have been better spent by letting it float down the river. RVN68-69

      • Look, stupid. The Constitution provides for the lawful removal of an unfit president, and that is exactly what you are seeing. The players in this affair are all Republicans; the Democrats have virtually no role. You may as well face it: you’re on the wrong side. You’ve taken the side of he Russian’s against your own country. It’s not treasonous of you to have fallen into error, but you’re working way to hard at it.

      • Any proof for that or are you just another conspiracy nut job on a paranoid rant?

        So pappy450 either you show proof or rant away until they come with the straight jacket-

        Happy New Year!!

    • You really are too sweet, Elmer. What could you be overcompensating for?

  4. The corruption runs very deep. I do not believe We the People’s votes are actually being counted anymore.

    Think about this. Do you REALLY know who is counting the votes?

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    —-Joseph Stalin

    Currently Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA….And we assume each is keeping each other honest, with the Elite MEDIA being the watchdog over corruption….. What a laugh.

    Did the Elites really count the votes? Can you trust the people counting the votes? Were the votes counted in

    New Jersey, and Virginia? Did Judge Moore really lose? I would be willing to bet that it is an illusion.

    So the statement of “If the Dems win” is not in question unless we find out and can trust who is counting the votes…. Because we know that if we let the Elites count the votes… The Dems have already won….

    • There ‘s Less than 30% Minorities of All Types/Stripes in the entire population of of this Nation! Why the Frack are THEY Running/Ruining this Country?? Gonna be a whole lot of Dead Assed Liberal Dem. weenies, when, finally,The Shit Hits The Fan!

    • Why is it that you will call anti-Trump protesters ‘sore-losers’, but you think every time a Republican loses you think it was a rigged system.

      • we know that you are a sore aholey…get the Giant Vagina suit out so you can march with your other soreholes…be sure to stock up on those cute little pink pu$$y hats for your boyfriends…

        • Are you still sad Doug Jones won he election far and square?

          • WHY wouldn’t we be sad an advocate of MURDER won a seat in Congress?

          • You know Roy Moore blames gay people for 9/11.

          • Never heard that particular accusation before; but even if it’s true; nobody is perfect, except Jesus, besides it was Bush and his globalist buddies who did that, and let the people die as a false flag, JUST like FDR did about Pearl Harbor, to drag us into wars Americans didn’t really want!

          • Why are a lot of the same people who support Trump’s travel ban the same people who don’t think 9/11 was a real terrorist attack?

          • Because the travel ban has NOTHING to do with 9/11; it has to do with the violent beliefs of Muslims that they have a right to come here and murder anyone who doesn’t believe as they do.

          • Why do you those attacks are real but not 9/11?

          • WHERE did I say 9/11 wasn’t real? I just said it wasn’t carried off by those we were told it was. And it has to do with the physics and mechanics of airline crashes and buildings, when they interact.

          • Who are you, Alex Jones?

          • NOT HARDLY! I don’t even listen to him. I just happen to be an originalist Constittutionalist patriot.

          • Well you two agree on a few things.

          • Roy Moore lost and is just about as relevant now as HIlary Clinton.

          • I was just sharing a fact.
            This other is a 9/11 conspiracy believer too.

          • two buildings were leveled and thousands died. I think the planes caused it. My oldest son thinks our government did it. the fact is that this was terrorism.

          • You if the government did do 9/11 Trump would have tweeted it out by now.

          • And Obama would have crawled in his hole in the ground. Your still the monkey someone put a suit on.

          • My son continues to show me things to support what he believes. I continue to go with what I believe. It was a terrorist cause disaster. I will not again even respond to that comment.

          • I continue to believe what evidence says to.

          • no sad that the rino azzwipes in DC and the media jumped on the lies that those two hore lawyers paid for….and the democrapo aholes believed…some GOP as well….40 years ago ?? get real…

          • Maybe Roy Moore is just a perv?

          • well actually the moder democrapo party and the clown rinos are lying $lut hores…like the biggest hore of all that criminal ho clintoney and her former leg humper ,billy “the rapist traitor scumbag” clintoney, the investigations are continuing….maybe those two hores will have heart attacks will redecoration the hore’s bedroom in the multi million mansion…you know the one the $luts bought after leaving the WH “dead broke”….

          • Why are conservatives so obsessed with Clinton?

          • they represent all that is wrong with humanity, like stalin, hitler, idi amin, the kenyan ahole and his hore, that moron $lut maxi headwaters and the dolts that keep electing the hore and many others such as feeeedel and che and mao naize….these scum were and are only interested in power…if they have to enlist the aide of perverts and darkies to shoot cops and dilute the USA with vermin…they do it joyfully….when it comes to trashing your “fair weather allies” you act like that piece of snake schit, tedly “the murderer” kennedyinski when pushing to stop supporting our “ALLIES” the South Vietnamese….now the scum sucking pigs want to elevate perversion, like that turboturd, jeremus brownhole, out there in the land of the commies and perverts…crapafornia… not only that the moron politician clowns in Albany, Salem, and Olympia are flying the fag flag as well….the adults are finally fighting back…and the panty waisted hores are crying their eyes out..too bad..

          • You just shouting nonsense.🖕

          • it is only nonsense to those that have no knowledge of history and are willing to continue the indoctrination of youth…much like the commie moron twats that want to remove names from schools, pull down statues, and otherwise change or mask history….the young are denied the truth from reality and when they are challenged due to how they are acting go on to demand “safe rooms”….others deny the Holocaust, the USA’s good intentions when moving to stop tyrannical despots, and other obvious things such as capitalism is far and away superior to other forms of economical government, much like the representative democracy that we enjoy…

          • It’s the same right-wingers who complain about ‘indoctrination’ who deny the holocaust.
            Everything else you said is just strew men, removing cobfederate icons dose not ‘rewite history’, and I don’t know what you’re trying to say in the rest of your comment.

          • I am a conservative and a well educated one. I know of no one in my circle of conservative friends who deny the holocaust. I do see some instructors pushing their views on students as though it was part of the subject matter. Kids need to be given a chance to form their own opinions based on facts, not the opinion of a left leaning instructor.

          • you need to pull old ben totuous’ weiner out of your mouth and engage both of your remaining brain cells before raving again…I realize that the street noise gets up there in the high decible range what with all that “boom boom crap from bunga bunga land” but if you get a chance you just may hear your mommy barking for you…she wants you to come home…it is Kibbles and Bits time…

          • Again, what are you talking about?

          • I will knock you on your ass if you keep spouting lies. If there is a modern day Hitler or Stalin, it is that shithole Trump. He is going to prison when Mueller reports. And any of you fucktards start trouble, your heads are gonna get busted like overripe melons.

          • your not going to do anything to anyone you azzwipe moron…

          • Not obsessed with klintons per se, just corruption they and democrats represent, Liberals are the scum of the earth and evil to the core. Yhe klintons represent that.

          • Yet Clinton seems much less relivent to the Democrats, so isn’t a lot of your claim mute?

          • maybe mute but certainly not moot

          • I meant moot.

          • of course you did

          • Yes, so did. It was a typo.

          • yes, of course it was

          • What’s your point?

      • Because leftist voting fraud is a WELL KNOWN fact and has been for decades.

        • This is literally no evidence of ‘massive voter fraud’.

          • ANY county that shows votes from 100-150% of the POSSIBLE registered voters in that county is recording FRAUD! You can’t have MORE than 100% of possible voters in a given county vote legally! That’s been happening and reported REGULARLY in counties in OH, PA, NV and many other states for the past several election cycles. In the ’10 midterms some 3,000 illegals were stopped by an astute voter registrar, from voting Dem in just 1 Tucson precinct! And that wasn’t an isolated incident either. People have been prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned for it a well, albeit not nearly all the ones who should be.

          • People who move away, or die, don’t always get removed from the rolls right away, that doesn’t mean votes are being cast in their name.

          • The don’t cast votes either; I was talking about the percentage of VOTES actually CAST!

          • No, you said registered. America famously has a low voter turn out rate.

          • NO, I said it was greater than the number of POSSIBLE registered voters in the county; in other words adults of voting age living in that county; not even that they were registered! TRY READING what’s there, not what you THINK is there for a change or stop wasting m time with your childishness.

          • I point still stands, just a person who dose not currently live is registered doesn’t mean voter fraud.

          • You don’t even grasp the English definition of POSSIBLE voters LIVING IN a county at a time; as opposed to those listed on the rolls.

          • I already explained that.

          • It does open up the possibility. If someone requested an absentee ballot , they could vote for the deceased person very easily. Cleaning up the voter rolls will stop that possibility.

          • It could also get actual, living resistants kicked out of the polls.

          • how can purging deceased persons from election rolls get living voters removed. they go to a lot of trouble to confirm they are not living.

          • Because what a lot think are zombie voting 🧟‍♂️ 🗳 are real people with similar names or S.S. numbers.

          • No two people have the same social security number. Admittedly similar names are quite common. Some people are registered in more than one state. Even Tiffany Trump is guilty of that. Theoretically she could have voted twice, but did not. There are many deceased persons who are still on elections rolls. someone could request an absentee ballot and cast a vote in the name of the deceased person. I guess if it has happened, it crudely could be called . zombie voting. The solution is easy Purge names from elections rolls when that is a proper things and appropriate thing to do. no one should be registered in more than one jurisdiction and when we die, our name should be removed quickly.

          • You know, you and everyone born at the same hospital share at least the first three number of your social security numbers.
            If you move around a lot, like if you involved in a large company, or you go to college, you register is more then one state.
            The issue with roll purges is how careless they could get, and political parties have been down to intentionally purge more voters then needed in areas where their opposition is strong.

          • I have moved around, but when I register in a new state, I inform the prior state so that my name is removed. That takes just a few minutes and avoids the problem, unless it is intentional. They mostly use a very careful process and rarely does it result in names of living being removed. Very few mistakes are made and I have no knowledge of politcal bias ever being used even when the Registrar is a Democrat. social security numbers are given out based on where you live when you apply. No two people have the same number.

          • http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion/editorial/bs-ed-0814-voter-rolls-20170811-story,amp.html
            My family didn’t inform voter registration in our old state when we moved. We don’t have any malicious intentions.
            And I said SIMILAR S.S. numbers, there are only so many combinations.

          • Likely they had not ill intent, but they did have a responsibility to inform the previous elections supervisor of their move so the rolls could be corrected to remove them. Numbers can be close, but within 8 digits, there are a lot of possible combinations.

          • The point is voter roll purges can be screwed up easily.

          • Without being purged as needed, they are really screwed up and have people who no longer are living or no longer live there. Most elections people are very careful in how they do the purge and few mistakes are made.

          • Nothing about Trump’s staff says they would do anything with care.

          • Trump’s staff are not and will not be involved in elections rolls being purged. Those are local government responsibility not the federal government. Trump does however have some extremely qualified people working for him, which includes Mattis, sanders and his entire cabinet.

          • OK ‘staff’ was not the word I meant, I don’t anyone overly eager to do it.

          • Excellent post but way beyond Wills mentality I don`t think he breads very well.

          • I added that last because he clearly wasn’t reading at all, what was written, rather than what he assumed it said.

          • Just like the main stream media does they make it up as they go along.

          • I think, actually, he’s one of those who “predetermines” how a dialogue will go, and when the other person goes “off script” he’s not able to adjust and keep up accordingly. I went off script.

          • IDIOT RESPONCE.

        • If it’s a rigged system how did Trump get elected?

          • Great question.

            I believe that the Project Veritas sting operations drove the Elites entire apparatus underground during the last couple of weeks of the Trump election. The fact is, those sting videos had the top brass of the DNC bragging about election fraud on them and that I believe was enough to stop it temporarily.

            The Project Veritas videos shined a light on the corruption and that always drives the rats underground.

            Note that the Lefts MEDIA has been in full on Russian hacking deflection mode since the election. I believe the entire Russian Election fraud story was devised to divert the public’s attention away from the true election rigging done by the Elites.

            The Enemy is within. I believe the Left is a pure communist force, and to that end have betrayed the people that identify as Democrats. I don’t believe the Democrat people really want to live in a communist state any more than the people that identify themselves as Republicans or conservatives.

          • Was project veritas that thing that got that that group that help inner city residents ‘acorn’ into bankruptcy and then their founder braged about it. And didn’t try to discredit the Washington Post but actually made them look better.
            Is system wasn’t rigged against Trump, it wasn’t a triumph over corruption, and fake votes are not canceling out your vote.

          • In your dream state world perhaps, but in the real world, project Veritas took down ACORN and saved the last Presidential election.


            It is sickening how you hypocrites use ad hominems in attempts to discredit valid information that goes against your ideology, and then scream like a baby if the accusations fit your ideology.

          • What was wrong with ACORN?
            That guy in charge of project veritas is a attention seeking hack.
            And how am I being a hypocrite?

          • ACORN was a liberal biased organization using public money to promote one political party. Their agents were supposed to get people registered to vote, regardless of how the person registered. But they not only influenced people to register as a democrat, they threw away registrations of those that did register as a Republican. To top it off, they distributed public money to blatantly illegal operations without saying a thing or thinking that it was wrong.

            Just you asking that question shows how sick and biased our society has become.

            For instance, Governmental agencies that are supposed to be without political bias now are biased. The DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, Registrar of voters, are supposed to be blind to political bias and they are no longer that way.

            The Left has become hyper hypocritical as they no longer can see anything wrong with anything that supports their ideology. For instance, 0bama and the Lefts entire regime lied about health care to get it passed.

          • If everything you learned about ACORN is from project veritas, I don’t believe you. They guy dressed like a pimp to make it look like they were funding criminals
            All the organizations you listed are not biased, Trump just says they are because they are keeping him in check.
            The liars of the healthcare debate are the one trying to sabotage healthcare.

          • Lerner was biased. IRS
            Comey was Biased. FBI

            Holder was Biased. (DOJ)
            Lynch was Biased (DOJ)
            Clapper lied to the American people to cover the CIA actions….

            So you are calling the hundreds of millions of people paying more for their healthcare that they are lying about it so as to sabotage healthcare?

            You don’t have both ores in the water…..

          • The IRS targeting conservative groups was debunked.
            Coney was the one who brought up the Clinton emails right before the election.
            And you probably think ever thing from Obama was ‘bias’.

          • It was debunked by partisan hacks.. whom are accomplished liars, that only fools believe…

            Probably, the same people that believed Hillary when she said that she had not sent confidential emails from her personal server… Now there is a group of people you can TRUST to get the story wrong….

          • How about this?


            From the article:
            “Refuting Democratic suggestions that progressive groups were also swept
            up in the IRS probe of the tax status of Tea Party organizations, the
            Treasury Department’s inspector general has revealed that just six
            progressive groups were targeted compared to 292 conservative groups.”

            Data is manipulated by these now corrupt agencies all the time, and our corrupt MEDIA is complacent in being a watchdog.

            Your willingness to accept only data that makes your ideology look good allows you to be easily mislead.

          • The Tea Party was bloated, imposing, and heavily funded. Of course they were going to brack more rules.
            Assuming those numbers are even accurate.

          • You know nothing about the Tea Party.

            I guess what your bigoted arse is saying is that they deserved it, just because they thought differently than you.

            Your type of bigotry and ignorance is exactly how and why the Democrat party created Jim Crow laws….

          • How am I wrong about the Tea Party. They were all over the place when Obama was around.
            But when Republicans are hicking up the dabt all you hear a some debunked IRS crap they used to play the victim card?

          • Let me guess, everything you know about the Tea Party you got from the MSM.

            If so, you know nothing about the Tea Party.

            What do you have against taxed enough already?

          • No, I base a lot of what I say on what I’ve seen of them.
            I have a issue with a group that railed about debt increases under one President, and is silent about it under another.

          • I thought we were talking about the Tea Party, now you want to deflect and talk about RINO’s?

            RINO’s are just Big Government Communists in Conservative clothing…

            Still doesn’t explain what you have against Taxed enough already…

          • The Tea Party is still around, what do they have to say about the tax plain?

          • I say Flat Tax, no loopholes…. I am tired of the Lefts Regressive taxation.

          • A flat tax is far from a fix-it-all.

          • Man you are lazy… Do you even think for yourself? Or do you just accept what your Liberal Masters feed you, without question?

            “1. The lone tax rate tends to be lower than current wealthy filers’ rates.”

            Who cares? The flat rate tax plans were revenue neutral. What that means is that the Government would be taking in the same amount of money. If I were paying a flat rate of 10-15% I would be saving money… I am a middle class person, so that tells me that the rich will be paying more.
            The assumption that the justification makes is that they KNOW what the rich is paying… Right now you don’t.

            “2. High-income earners face a smaller bite into their disposable income.”

            Again, who cares? It is not against the law to have disposable income, and I don’t see a reason to punish those that do.

            “3. Beware the embedded national sales tax.”

            Yes, beware of embedded national sales tax…. Never turn your back on a politician when it comes to taxes… Our current tax code is too complicated and purposefully done so. This sounds a lot like fear mongering designed to get you to keep the status quo.

            “4. Flat tax proposals aren’t necessarily simple.”

            ??? This IS fear mongering… A flat tax is just that.. Beware of embedded national sales tax and don’t let them do it…

            “5. Dealing with the debt.”

            The proposed flat taxes where revenue neutral. This crap about the national deficit growing is just fear mongering… Face it, the Government is doing just fine at growing the dept, and the flat tax will not change it.

            “6. A flat tax won’t eliminate the Internal Revenue Service.”

            Uncle Same will not need, nor will he be able to justify the bloat of the current IRS… Period.

            I am sure this rebuttal will do nothing to change your mind, but it sure has opened mine to just how weak the Lefts arguments are, and just how lazy the Lefts followers are. You swallow this crap without question… You are incapable of controlling the representatives that you put into office.

          • It’s a complicated topic, it hard find definitive arguments one way or the other.

          • I just gave you mine. You need to start thinking for yourself and quit being a parrot for the people that control you.

          • If I didn’t think for myself, I would think the flat tax was a great idea.

          • When the normal time to process an application is nine months and you have waited 3 years from the time you applied, you might think you are getting extra scrutiny. the IRS targeting was real and was not debunked. Politics came into play.

          • Most waited a lot longer than 3 years… As I understand it, ALL the democrat leaning groups that were scrutinized were approved, while none of the Republican ones were.

          • Yes, it was debunked, I’m tired of liking the same articles!

          • The only really independent review of the targeting was by the IRS inspector general who reviewed information and looked at other reviews and compared to teaparty and could only reach one conclusion . The tea party was subjected to a level of scrutiny not given to any one else. Lois Lerner was a top official at the IRS and publicly admitted that the targeting was not warranted and did happen. The IG report is public record . Read that and stop making yourself look bad when you refuse to accept facts.

          • Quote you-“I believe…” there you go again…belief is for myth and religion-please try to stay in the world of truth and proof in your comments-

          • I believe what I believe…. you do to….

            So my proof that the Left is a pure communist force is that everything the left argues for is larger Bigger Government with fewer and fewer individual rights.

            Big Government is just another form of Communism….. TRY to refute that.

          • Believe(belief) is for myth or religion….

          • In your case, myth…. Everything you believe in is based on false and misleading statements.

          • You just used a communist technique of accusing your conversational adversary of the very thing you are guilty of…good grief you are confused.

          • You just admitted that you use communist techniques….

          • Big…bigger…Big Government…it’s all relative. First you have to define what you mean. What is “Big Government” before I can begin to refute-

            BTW- I know what communism is-I am not interested in it-it doesn’t work

          • I would love to bring the United States back to the Boston Tea Party days where we went to war with the King of England for something like a 13% tax….

            Bottom line, if you pay 30% of what you make to the Government in taxes you are 30% enslaved to the Government. On all accounts we are well above that….

            Please provide your definition of Communism, because I think all your arguments are for increasing the size of the Government and Big Government is just another form of Communism.

    • I’d like to know who counted the votes in Alabama when Judge Roy Moore “lost”.

      • So would I.. We assume the Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest and the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest, and the MEDIA is keeping the whole system honest…

        But Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA, and NOBODY is looking out for the People.

        There is no doubt in my mind that Judge Moore got the short end of the stick.

    • Some bunch over in Spain that Soros owns is who is doing the counting! That came out somewhere around the ’10 midterms, in conjunction with the voting machines “flipping” votes from Angle to Reid, among other, R to D flips across many counties’ and states’ elections that year. He also owns the company that makes and programs and maintains those voting machines, which is ALSO off shore.

    • “Think about this. Do you REALLY know who is counting the votes?”
      When ever in the history of elections did anyone know who was county the votes?

      How do “we” know if anything is real? You can’t be serious-

      • There is a broken trust here. We no longer can TRUST who is counting the votes.

        The Left is just following their previous leaders examples. It worked for Stalin, if the Left can get us to ignore history, it will work for them now… In fact, it is…..

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
        decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        —-Joseph Stalin

  5. There are only two choices for Americans:
    Trump and our agenda
    continuing destruction of the US

    Do not get lost.

    • Trump’s agenda is his own, not the people of the U.S.’s.

      • wrong again dere aholey….

        • Prove me wrong?

          • Prove your right

          • Will Higgins, The article that you posted is an OPED. That is a ¨This is my opinion on the facts that I want to give you AND how I interpret them.” Some of the most important facts were left out of the information in the article. It would be good to read the complete writing of what happened in each of the areas mentioned. Any one can take what they want from a source and give enough information to help you draw the conclusion they want! Please do your own research and don’t just read and believe all!

          • I`m afraid your wasting your time with an idiot and you cannot reason with those kind of people and they haven`t found a cure for stupidity.

          • brucebluemel…another intellectually lazy righty

          • What agenda would you wish the administration to persue???
            More taxes, more welfare, more sanctuary cities so that our country becomes a third world entity??

          • Making a economy that working for the working class in stead of giving everything to rich people would be good.

          • If those who own businesses do not make profits, those who work for them will soon not have jobs.

          • Profit more businesses do not always seen employees are good off.

          • One thing is an absolute certainty. If businesses do not make money, employees jobs will eventually end. Increased profits increase the chance for more jobs being created and some getting raises. Just plain common sense.

          • I read a article, just today, that said only one company in the DOW Jones is doing anything with the money from the tax cut.

          • You cannot survive working at McDonald’s unless your the manager but you can pay your bills & look forward to buying a car if you work at Costco……..and stick it out for 10+ years. Trump knows there are good businesses that take care of their people and he wants them to prosper with incentive tax breaks. Illegal immigrants are draining our taxes and criminal drug cartels are making “tax fee” millions every year – these people need to be deported or in jail, PERIOD!

          • I read a article today that said only one company in the DOW Jones is doing anything the tax cut money.

          • So far at least ten of the 100 have stated their intent to do something. in four days, that is a good start.

          • Good post but Will is clueless and stupid.

          • Just pay attention…President Trump is trying to secure our borders. The last shit for brains was all about no borders. President Trump is trying to get our taxes back in our pockets. Not in the losers like you and the rest of the welfare state…illegals getting hand outs…us paying for 25% of the U.N. …not allowing unvetted muslims in….putting God back into our country (if you don’t like that I feel sorry for you)…stopping the fake news PRAVDA WOULD BE PROUD OF THE CRAP THE LIKES OF CNN PUT OUT…

          • The border was already secure, undocumented immigration was going down.
            The tax brack is clearly for the rich.
            Obama increased vetting for the countries Trump is trying to ban.
            And CNN, has more factual reporting then the sources Trump likes.

          • The tax cuts benefit taxpayers from the top all the way to the bottom brackets. If the border is secure, why do we have so many illegal crossings, including the guy who murdered Kate Steinle. He crossed illegally seven times. Vetting of those from those countries is nearly impossible since even their own government has limited information on them.

          • The lower class tax cut are temporary, no country has totally sealed off borders, and how do you know that guy wouldn’t haven gotten around a wall?

          • The wall will stop some and the added technology will stop more and the physical patrol by border agents will catch some who make it past the wall. This guy just walked though a wide open area. all of the tax cuts except corporate end in 8 years, so what! During those 8 years money will be saved and spent. At the end of the 8 years, I would predict the success or failure will be clear and either it will be extended or it will not.

          • And he would probably go through a underground tunnel to deep to be detecte if there was a wall.

          • I suppose you could make that stretch. Underground troubles are hard to construct and the deeper you go, the harder it gets. Dirt must go somewhere. They eventually must come up somewhere. /

          • Drug cartels have plenty of great tunnel diggers. I heard of one who dug his way out of Prison through the plumbing.

          • El Capo escaped a prison through a somewhat short tunnel near the toilet and behind a partition. The tunnel was not deep and came up into a parking lot.

          • Wasn’t there one who got out through a mile long tunnel?

          • That’s hilarious you saying that about the border. Kate Steinle would beg to differ if she could, but she was killed by an illegal that had been deported 7 times….7TIMES….guess he didn’t know the border was secure.

            Taxes are going down for the middle class….but I guess you only listen to the Commie News Network….Pravda would be proud.

            Hope they can get obeyme care repealed….that one cost me big time. I DIDN’T GET TO KEEP MY DOCTOR EITHER!

            CNN….they have proven they are just another liberal pos network that can’t provide unbiased news.

          • How do you know that guy wouldn’t have gotten around a wall?
            Middle class tax cut are temporary.
            My dad has switched doctors three time, and that had nothing to do with Obamacare.
            And CNN is less bias the Fox News.

          • Why did your dad change doctors so much? We had a great family doctor and were very happy with him. My boys went to him once they past the pediatric stage and they used him after they got married. Changing doctors means you didn’t like the one you had or you moved away…or in your dad’s case, probably an idiot like you….nothing to do with the fact we had to change plans because of socialism and it’s net effect of over charging those that worked hard to get what they needed, for the benefit of those that didn’t. See, you saying he changed 3 times and obeymecare didn’t have anything to do with it (its only been around for 6 years), if he did change 3 times since obeymecare started meant he switched every other year. What kind of nut does that? You get a relationship with your doctor and it benefits both of you. Of course, if you change doctors a lot, it usually means you are a hypochondriac and you don’t want to hear what they say OR you are a drug addict and you are trying to get multiple subscriptions.

            I do know….the illegal didn’t have a problem getting here under obeyme’s time. I do know no matter what it will be much harder with a wall. There will be less area for them to scurry across the border allowing the border patrol to concentrate on the easier points.

            Your comment on cnn ….just shows how little you know. They wouldn’t know the truth anymore than you would, judging by your comments. Just saying what you did about the new tax law shows you haven’t got a clue as to what will happen. Just the typical lib-speak—-if it’s done by the GOP it must mean the corporations and rich get richer. It’s old and tired….

          • My dad doesn’t like doctors so he uses petty excuses to change
            I changed doctors because my doctor left the practice they worked at, and once before that because a entirely different reason, and before Obamacare. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” is just a unkeepabil promise, doctors get dropped by insurance companies. I recently had to change pharmacies because of my medical insurance ended their contact with my old pharmacy, not Obamacare.

            The actually dangerous criminals Trump says the wall is for don’t care about a wall, it would just be a minor inconvenience.

            I’ve watched CNN, and Fox News recently, and CNN definitely more factual.

          • Will, you are not a “rocket scientist” and neither am I. But I lived in South San Diego and any night of the week I could go sit on this hill and watch the illegals come thru the fence….. The border is a “sieve” that needs to be plugged with a wall that at least slows the “illegals” to a trickle. Yes, they will still build tunnels and probably dynamite parts of the wall but then the Border Patrol will have enough personnel to manage those that “trickle thru.”

          • Actually those illegals that are crossing the border need to THEMSELVES be “plugged”
            Preferably with a .308 sniper rifle. That would “slow them down”, and others might think twice before attempting the same thing. AMERICA FIRST.

          • How many human beings have you personally killed? Or are you just another bag of hot air?

          • I bet you just saw border patrol walking around?

          • There were no uniforms – just small bags and backpacks and they were running in a group to get away from the hole in the fence…..

          • If you were that close to see them, they would have seen you.

          • Excellent post but way beyond Wills mentality.

          • We don’t have to prove that you’re a DUMB FUXK! You already provided the proof!

          • Excellent post and old Will proves it every time he posts he is just one of Obamas left over sheep.

          • the news about how much has been offered to the hores that waited forever to accuse Moore is proof enough for me…

          • Moore’s accusers were not payed!

          • so says you…two hores ran their fat azzes off to get there before the election and the younger $lut, daughter of the older $lut, offered mucho “assistance” to the 40 complaining whore….I suppose that there is a democrapo way of saying that “assistance” is not cash…

          • The time was because of all the other harassment cases being uncovered recently.

      • From what freakin’ universe do you hale?

        • This is my own opinion.

          • You are welcome to your opinion as everyone, but I’m of the opinion that your conclusion makes no sense.

          • That’s only because you aren’t looking at it from a leftist point of view; they can only see it according to the prism of their agenda; which Trump has grossly sabotaged, in the sense of tossing his sabots into the works and stalling it completely! To the leftist/globalist mind this is wholly unacceptable, no matter HOW much his actual situation might improve despite himself.

          • I agree with you about the delusional myopic democrats, but I refuse to look at the world through their junkyard visual screens covered with lies, obfuscation, and bitterness.

          • I find it’s helpful to “understand” why they think/act like they do, so we can counter it with TRUTH; which is the appropriate response to ALL delusional thinking and beliefs. Doesn’t mean I agree with them in the least.

          • That’s admirable, but misguided. They are not to be understood, because their decisions are based on emotion–not analytical and critical thinking.

          • I don’t mean “understanding” in the sense of compassion for them ; I mean it in the sense of comprehension of what’s driving them; so it can properly be dealt with. I have little to no compassion for overgrown toddlers throwing tantrums because they didn’t get their way.

          • That was my point, these people are not to be understood, compassionately or otherwise, because they are not rational, and people who are incapable of reasoning are impossible. These puerile infantile creatures need to be fed several times a day, along with necessary diaper changes.

          • u r giving trump way too much credit….he is not intellectually curious.. that works for 25% of the electorate that are as well

          • Don’t you just LOVE IT, when those liberal communists get so upset they can’t carry on an intelligent conversation, their heads spin in circles, and CRAP flies out of their pieholes.

          • You wouldn’t know an intelligent conversation if it bit you on the nose. Try fewer personal insults, fewer buzzwords and more actual analysis of the issue, please.

          • Hard to carry on an intelligent conversation with DEMOCOMMIES/RINOS because most are LYING FREAKING MORONS. How’s THAT for an Insult? I only tell them as I see them.
            I guess the TRUTH is hard for you to swallow. ( so you MUST be one of those SNOWFLAKES that need to be in a “safe space” with your hot cocoa and coloring books)

          • Maybe you misread the word “fewer.” As in fewer insults, etc. You decided go go with more. Typical, and predictable. It’s really sad that you feel this inexorable compulsion to go on insulting rants and raves like this. If you can contribute something that isn’t an irrelevant, insulting diatribe, please do. Until then, I’ll pray for you.

          • I just don’t see a lot of ‘power to the people’ from Trump’s agenda.

      • Even IF it is; it’s bringing most of America along with him, at present; and that’s a good thing for this nation. The leftist agenda that was being followed was doing MASSIVE HARM to everyone, even the idiots espousing and pushing it!

        • You all the stuff you think Trump did himself was happening before he took office, the economy was doing good, and Isis was in decline.

          • SERIOUSLY???? Which planet did you hear that from? NOT Earth! Try a few whiffs of oxygen; they do wonders for your cognitive abilities.

          • Why am I the only one who can ever give facts to back up my claims.

          • ROTFLOL – I think you and the fake news New York Times get your so-called facts from the same place – out of your a$$

          • I rest my case.

          • I gave good sources?

          • What’s wrong with what I linked?

          • Its all Bull shit is find another web site.

          • YOU didn’t!

          • First off; those were NOT O’s policies; that was MATTIS. Doubt me, follow the Military News site and find out what’s really going on, there and all over, with respect to the military! Might be an eyeopener. As for his bragging; so what? O bragged too! You were just too dazzled to notice.

          • What where Mattis’s policies?

          • Go into a war to WIN It; not to play political games.

          • Obama was looking to win against Isis.

          • Obama was a joke in that area. The pull out from IRAQ played a major part in the rise of ISIS> Remember his red line about gas warfare by the Syrian government . Enlighten me on what he did when the Syrian government used them.

          • He applied to Congress about attacking Sria for the gas attacks and they denied him.
            Either way, Isis went into decline with Obama in office.

          • He never asked for permission to attack. He had authority to do that and backed down. His red line turned green and gave ASSAD a free hand. Isis came into existence when Obama withdrew our forces all at once from Iraq. ISIS was not even a problem prior to Obama’s election.

          • And Al-Qaeda was a problem before Bush.
            Yes Obama wanted to attack Assad, but Congress said no.

          • You are beyond help you must be from a different planet.Get a life.

          • Congress said no kind of like before PRESIDENT Trump ordered the cruise missile attack in March against Syria for chemical attacks against civilians?

          • No Trump went around Congress entirely.

          • Excellent post, Obama created ISIS but the fool your dealing with doesnt have a clue.

          • Obama was a coward he doesn`t have the backbone Trump has. Obama Would shit his pants if a mouse farted.

          • Not only was O not trying to defeat ISIS; HE CREATED them; he armed and funded them illegally and THAT was what Benghazi was all about! Stevens was in Benghazi for 2 reasons: NO security making it easier for Morsi’s bunch to snatch him to trade for the Blind Sheik of the ’93 WTC attack; and to meet with Turks about running guns to the Syrian “rebels” who were the core of ISIS! WAKE UP and find out what’s going on in the world outside that bubble of yours!

          • Benghazi was not intentional!
            And why do you think Obama funded Isis?

          • Keep your head up whomever’s derriere awhile longer; the oxygen deprivation hasn’t quite destroyed the last cell, but it’s GASPING now.

          • Excellent post but you cant reason with an idiot this gut is brainless and O didn`t do anything .. Your are being too kind nothing from nothing is nothing. Spelled Barack Obama.

          • Some of us get that; clearly he doesn’t.

          • Will -been here 6 months asking the same question…haven’t been able get a direct response to that question. It appears as they don’t go for fact based truth. It’s ,me thinks, how they keep there “common sense”,conspiratorial, nonsense together in the echo chamber of the Patriot News Daily comment section- Please hang in.We love this country and they just need more patience and understanding to get through this horrible trump thing….I am not giving up on them. Even the really bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic,ignorant hostiles.

          • Well said.👍

          • Ignorance seems to be your forte as you prove on all your posts. Have a nice day along with Will Higgins birds of a feather flock together.

          • Your so called facts are very much awol in many instances and some just do not hold water.

          • Most of what Trump says doesn’t hold up.

          • You need to be a lot more specific than saying most.

          • His claims about crimes rates for one thing, and job rates, and pretty every time he calls something ‘fack news’.

          • The word is fake news like all of you posts are.

          • I will start with the fake news. We see one example after another of incorrect and false news reports. A recent example would be the report that Trump ordered Flynn to contact Russia during the campaign, when it was only true that the order came during the transition time and was a normal thing to do. Another false report was about the email offering access to the Wiki leaks disclosure about the DNC. It was reported to have happened prior to Wikileaks release, when in truth the information was already there to see and nothing new was being made available. The media itself proves Trump is right when he talks about false or fake news. His claim about 200,000 new jobs is part of government records as it would have been during the Obama administration The crime comment confuses me.

          • I was referring his claims about jobs and crime before the election. He pushed a narrative about unemployment and lawless Carnegie, when job growth was up, and crime was trending down for years.
            It’s weird that all this ‘fake news’ is just missing detail? That happens because News companies rush to brake stories. What about that Russia meeting with Don Jr., that seem to become more incriminating the more detail reviled.

          • No facts the water is in his head.

          • Of the 48 current Democrats in the Senate, name some who are not liberal or vote that way.

          • Yes, thing are hyper partisan right now, it’s not just the Democrats.

          • Right now Mueller and the entire DOJ and FBI have a huge credibility problem. Those few bad apples have contaminated the entire barrel and no matter what he does now, some will say it was political. If he clears Trump of any wrong doing the Democrats will cry foul and if he find something the republicans will probably say it was political. We need an impartial special council and that is not Mueller.

          • Trump supporters have been calling it a ‘witch hunt’ since Comey, they’ll always think it is political.

          • There has been some kind of investigation since the middle of last year and not one shred of evidence proving any collusion. That is kind of like a witch hunt. There were no witches to find and there is no evidence of any collusion with the Russians. If there were, we sure as heck would have seen it now with all of the history of leaks. A couple of indictments that have no ties to the original investigation. Money laundering by Manafort if he did that and lying to FBI by Flynn which he pled guilty to. The Mueller spending has crossed $50 million since may with no real results.

          • They do know Russia was trying to influence the election.
            And Manafort lie about not being a Russian agent, so there may be a connection there.

          • Yes, we do know Russia tried to hack the 2016 Presidential election IN FAVOR OF THEIR PUPPET, hilLIARy.


          • I thought Clinton wanted to go to war with Russia?
            And on bugy machine dose not prove anything.

          • hilLIARy offered a “RESET” button to Russian Foreign Minister as an offer of US capitulation to Russia.

          • And she got pissed when they invaded Crimea.

          • Intelligence does point to Russia, but the fact is that nothing they have would hold up in court if they had to try Russia for the hack or leak. Manafort was never a Russian agent. He did work for Ukraine and did not register as a foreign agent when he was contracted with them. That has no connection to the wiki leaks disclosure nor to any Russian collusion. There is not connection there Will.

          • Manafort worked for a pro-Putin government, and said he could install others.

          • Manafort worked for Ukraine and Ukraine is hardly a putin supporter. You do remember crimea right? The install comment has nothing to support it.

          • Manafort worked for Unkraine before their que.
            This should have that Manafort quote. https://youtu.be/NNCQMWwOZUw

          • Ukraine is independent of Russia and is Hardly in support of Putin. This was well before the campaign even started and would be a non-story if he had registered as a foreign agent. No connection to Russia much less to Russian collusion.

          • Ukraine used to have a pro-Putin Government, Putin took over Crimea because of their que.

          • The government has not been pro-Putin in a long time, but there are elements within Ukraine that are pro-Russia and even one political party, I think. Crimea did vote to separate, but that is kind of like California and some wanted them to separate from the united States. I kind of say go for it. Brown just pardoned two immigrants that were scheduled to be deported in a few days. How far is that state going to go to flaunt federal laws on illegal immigration?

          • Ukraine was pro-Russian, after a regimen change, it wasn’t.
            And Trump pardoned a guy who basically kept anyone he thought look like a undocumented immigrants in a interment camp.

          • Trump pardoned Arpaio (sp). The guy had given his life to law enforcement and did not need to live under that smear to his lifetime of enforcing laws. The man did enforce laws on illegal immigration. Undocumented immigrants have no right to be here. The Trump campaign has no ties to Ukraine.

          • Comey was a straight arrow and Trump fired him?
            Arpaio was rounding up anyone he thought was a undocumented immigrat, the court told him to stop. The fact that Trump pardoned him is kinda proof that Trump knew he was guilty.
            And Manafort definitely has connections to Ukraine.

          • Manafort did have connections to Ukraine. That ended some time ago, before the Trump campaign. As for The Arpaio pardon, Trump showed respect for an old man who had dedicated his entire life to law enforcement. For him to go to prison accomplished no positive purpose. as far as pardons go, Obama commuted the Chelsea Manning sentence. She who used to be a man in the military, released tons of classified information that put thousands of americans at risk. She was sentenced to a long prison term and after maybe six years of that sentenced , obama allowed a traitor to go free.

          • If Arpaio cared about the law, he would have shut down his camp.

          • He believed he was enforcing the law as required. He is retired now and was pardoned and can now live out his retirement without the stigma of that conviction.

          • If he wasn’t guilty, why would he have been convicted?

          • Comey bungled the Clinton email thing and after he was fired illegally leaked documents that were FBI property. I am referring to his memos to file on his lap top that was government issued. Once he typed them on a government computer, they became FBI property and were no longer his. It is illegal to leak government documents.

          • Leaks seem to be how corruption is exposed?

          • A whistle blower can be a good thing, but leaking government information is a criminal act. Your comment indicates that you think the DNC email leaks was a good thing. It exposed dirty politics and collusion between the DNC and the Clinton campaign against Sanders.

          • And you said that was in the past.

          • it was in the past. I can not see that they broke laws, but the scheming was wrong. I just happen to believe if a leaker breaks laws, they should be punished according to damaged done by leak.

          • I really don’t know what to think of leakers.

          • it depends largely on what is leaked. Most government information is confidential and employees have a responsibility to keep it secret, Now if laws are being broken, that restriction does not apply. The particular situation determines whether the leak is legal or not.

          • Most people seem to base weather a leak is good or bed based on their political biase.

          • I guess then you are admitting that since this was well before Trump started his campaign, that what Manafort did had nothing to do with the campaign or Russian collusion,

          • You don’t think it’s a little suspicious that someone who was looking into installing pro-Putin government work on a U.S. presidential campaign?

          • The campaign did not even exist. This happened years before Trump decided to run. Manafort has one major problem in that he failed to register as a foreign agent. Flynn worked for Obama and Trump hired him, before the lie to FBI came out and then he was fired.

          • It may been a few years before, that doesn’t it is totally irrelevant.
            And Obama told Trump he shouldn’t hire Flynn.

          • Flynn spent his adult life defending our country. He broke no laws with the communications with Russia in December. He made a mistake and did not come clean with the FBI and thus the charge for lying. I think Trump should just issue blanket pardons to everyone on his staff and everyone who has worked for him. That leaves only him to investigate.

          • Isn’t kinda weird how little straight/honest answers Trump’s staff can give about Russia?

          • They were not involved with the alleged Russian interference. I think their answers are appropriate and have been honest. They can not talk about things they had no part in.

          • For think Clinton and Obama are hiding things, conservatives are being pretty forgiving of Trump’s suspicious behavior?

          • I do not know the details but allegedly The Obama administration put the skids on an ongoing investigation of Hezbollah so as not to antagonize iran during the nuclear agreement talks. They let known drug dealers and money launderers go. That has recently come out and is now being investigated to see if laws were broken. Clinton hid her secret server for years and kept the emails at home for at least two years before returning them to the State department. I am unclear on what suspicious behavior of Trump you are referring. to.

          • Given conservatives record in accusing Obama of things, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was nothing. And Clinton sever did break any laws.
            And Trump has not been clear about how many Russian his team talked to.

          • During Campaign there was not any contact with Russian officials . During transition it did happen, which is simply the right thing to do. My main problem with obama was red line and his actions there and the fact that no one who violated laws during any of scandals was fired or charge with anything criminal. The best single example was the Fast and furious gun running to Russian drug cartel by ATF. Thousand of weapons were legally sold and never recovered. That was a crime and nothing was done. Obama was not involved to my knowledge, but was made aware of what happened.

          • You know there would be other bombshells about the Russian investigation out there?

          • Could would have been preferable to would. There have been multiple investigations for about a year and a half now and nothing has happened or been disclosed. We have had a couple of indictments that have nothing to do with the original purpose of the special council. Manafort for money laundering could happen and failure to register. and F;unn for lying to FBI. That hardly has any connection to Russian Collusion. Every accusation so far has fallen through. Clue me in on potential bombshells

          • Sorry for the typo.
            If you know how government investigations worked you may know something could lead to almost anything less.

          • Because what your spewing is bull shit jut like your friend Rich Girod who is as clueless as you are.You can put a suit on a monkey but at the end of the day your still both monkeys.

          • The FACT is you have nothing to back up YOUR claims.

          • I’ve given plenty of sources.

          • What sources? You’ve provided NO sources for YOUR false claims.

          • You are a clueless fool if you believe all that bull shit you post. You are still in the world of Obama land who clearly did nothing for eight years.Hope fully he will be in jail soon with Hillary and the rest of the swamp rat`s. Idiots like you can`t be cured.

          • Isis formed and grew while obama was in office after obama withdrew most US forces from Iraq in 2010.

          • Actually, Isis formed in 1999, when Obama was a state Senator.

      • Will is a DUMB FUXK!

      • Most of his agenda is a positive thing for this country and when implemented impacts each of us.

      • Get real!!

      • Get your head out of your ass Will you don`t have a clue your agenda is pure bull shit. If you really believe that crap you post you need a shrink. Or you should leave the Kool Aide alone it`s not good for demented people like you.

      • Idiots never change and you just proved it. You must be from the other planet Obama mentioned.

    • The CONSTITUTION; never put all your eggs into 1 person’s basket; but back that brilliant document our Founders provided us as a guide and framework! People are still HUMAN; and they fail regularly, just like we all do. The Constitution and the Bible are the BEST guides we could use as “measuring rods”!

    • Patriot47…sieg heil!

    • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Where is all this “destruction” you folks keep freaking out about? Are you talking about the Obama Recovery, which dug us out of the Great Recession and (literally) continues to pay dividends?

  6. Since they are far more guilty of stuff than Trump we should impeach them first!

  7. If these Communist BASTARDS try to do that they will regret it for the rest of their lives.Any FRAUD,MUSLIM or COMMIE they push thru that gets elected will be impeached

    • There are 2 in Congress now that should be a starting point! NEITHER holds allegiance to the Constitution and both have proven that repeatedly by how they vote.

  8. OMG On Christmas Day we have to listen to the trash & lies Democrats dish out daily?? From this day, anything & everything marked Democrat will be erased from my computer completely & permanently

  9. Maybe if Trump stopped acting so impeachable? Or if Republicans stopped acting like hypertension maniacs ever time Democrats do anything?

    • Maybe if LEFTISTS like y’all stopped acting so anti-American, anti-Constitutional, and hateful things could get done that NEED to get done for the BETTERMENT of not only all Americans; but the world at large.

      • The Democrats are not leftists.

      • You are either a traitor or the dumbest fuck ever. TRump has not done a single thing to make America better. He cuts the country down every time he opens his upper asshole.

        • That was O who made the “apology tours”and tore us down at EVERY opportunity as a nation and as individual people as well; YOU aren’t paying attention; and I took an oath to the Constitution of this nation over 45 years ago; then repeated it again, for all it hadn’t expired, a couple of years ago to serve my home city’s council on a committee for them. Trump isn’t the one cutting America down; and YOU need to clean up your language.

    • I think that the articles submitted by that idiot democrat was voted down. Trump has done nothing that justifies impeachment and if somehow articles were approved would remain in office.

      • You know if a President would impeached by a national vote it could happen, more people want Trump impeached then re-elected.

        • There is no vote by people on the President other than the election every 4 years. If Trump is denied 270 electoral votes in 2020, someone else will be President in 2021. Impeachment is action by Congress and I should remind you that the process has never removed any President.

      • Wait until Mueller nails tRump on collusion with Russia, money laundering and obstruction of justice. You are going to see DC RepubliScums running from him like a hornet’s nest. But the stench of tRump shit is all over them.

        • Can I get a small amount of what you clearly are smoking. If there was proof of Collusion, it would be leaked to the press already. Nothing Trump has done has been shown to have even being an attempt to stop any of the investigations. Money laundering idea is humorous. If there was anything, we would have already have seen it. It is so easy to make an accusation such as the ones in your post. Proving them is a lot harder. You are free to provide any proof you might have. You can not do that due to one very simple fact. There is no proof. In fact no crimes have been committed. To prove something, the first step is to show that a crime has been committed and you can not even do that.

          • I’m not giving tRump’s scumbag lawyers any specific tips on what’s coming. But they already know he is in a world of shit.

          • Nothing found so far. you imply you have inside information. You are full of something and it smells bad. To give specific tips, you would have to know something which any one with an ounce of common sense knows is not true. You do not like Trump and say these things, but within a few months this investigation must end and either clear or indict Trump or some of his people. Muelller has spent more than $50 million for an indictment against a couple of people for small things like lying to FBI. No charges related to the original purpose of his investigation have come out. It kind of got diverted and even reached back years before the Trump campaign even began.

          • Minor things? Felonies that have Flynn singing to Mueller. And Trump’s lawyers are already planning to paint him as a liar. Absurd when tRump is on course to tell 2000 lies in this year of masquerading as prez.

  10. Hores most often can recognize other hores…that is why nadlerho was picked…same reason $luts like sheila jacksonoff leehole, nance pe$lutsi, maxi headwaters, chucki schoooooomster, rickie “dickless” dirtbaghole, and a parade of other scum sucking democrapo holes are re elected….then they join forces with the rino $luts the cow and the colon and the aholes like mcshame and flakey…

  11. They try to impeach Trump they’ll have civil war. We Conservatives put up with Obama for 8 yrs. and he was the worst president in the history of our country.

    • Sorry to interject fact to your insane ravings, but Obama was voted by CNN presidential historians as the 12th best president EVER.

      • The very worst. Sorry to burst your bubble!

        • Sorry, fool. But i will take the opinion of C-SPAN historians over your mindless drivel. And they voted Obama the 12th best ever.

          Trump had the worst ever locked up upon completing the oath. Which he has violated many times already.

  12. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

    I don’t THINK THE LEFT WING SOCIALISTS REALIZE HOW MUCH THEIR LIVES WILL BE IN JEOPARDY IF THEY TRY TO REMOVE THIS PRESIDENT OTHER THAN BY THE VOTERS. This is not Venezuala, and you have not confiscated our weapons. Tread Softly you idiots and remember the old slogan: “don’t tread on me”.
    There will not be a civil war, just a quick selective removal of those shits attempting to overthrow the U.S.
    There will be bloood in the streets but it will be that of those attempting to overthrow the government.

    • Your post has been forwarded to the FBI. They don’t think this threat shit is cute or funny. They will tell you welcome to the terrorist watch list.

      • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

        Big Benny, I am shaking in my boots you left wing piece of crap. I always forward my ideas to the FBI and unlike you I have a clear understanding of the law, you ignoramus. Were you one of the Antifa hiding behind the masks in Berserkely or in Portland Ore gone?? Put your money where your big mouth is Big Benny….

  13. This entire proposition that the democrats “may” win in November of 2018 is an absurdity. Who will vote for these delusional losers? They have done nothing for the American people. This is all hype!

  14. Greetings to a wonderful new year all!!
    this is only a discussion, not to intimidate, just state your truth of fact with no bad words. The truth of all this, is it only prolongs for what we are trying to strive for, and that is to be a great nation so others will be at peace and be willing to join and share their honest opinion. Trump only sets back history for what others must achieve and that is, good relations with other country’s is part of his job, not to make war, the truth is we read things that we have no clue about, and that is the truth, media, and internet are not always putting the truth of word for what we should be hearing. this is the true part that you will never know about until all to late in a few years down the road.
    People who work for the news, get paid for a scrap of piece of information, that’s what they do, sale news. $$$$$ and yell fall for it. we need to bring all those who make fault statements to make money should be fined and jailed. then just maybe we will get the real news.

    • Trump is BRINGING back what SHOULD be here; not the leftist/globalist agenda which is SATAN’s and DEADLY to all humanity! Y’all should really be a bit more choosy about who y’all choose to follow; the fact is that plan was laid out THOUSANDS of years ago; and every attempt at bringing it to pass has FAILED badly; starting with Nimrod and his tower; and this one will also fail, even more spectacularly; the end of that story is already written, for any who are willing to read it and understand it!

  15. The Democrats will lose more seats in 2018 and some of these spineless Republicans must also lose their seats. We need to vote into office younger Republicans who will stand united behind our President and end the madness that we call our Government.

  16. And I will ask again, on WHAT Constitutional GROUNDS??? There isn’t a single thing any leftist has pointed to that satisfies the Constitutional requirements upon which to initiate an impeachment ! Trump may be all kinds of “not nice” person, although he’d have to work REALLY HARD to outdo some of the leftists we’ve had in that office in the past century, even on that score, several of whom have in fact committed impeachable offenses in office, and CRICKETS! HATE is not a reason; neither is “I didn’t get my way”! They HAVE no grounds and THEY know that too; neither, at present, do they have the requisite votes to do so.

    • Not only will the traitor tRump be impeached. He is looking at hundreds of years of incarceration and forfeiture of all of his assets. He plans to take it all with him. Not a happening.

    • Since when did the US Constitution mean anything to demonicrats?

      Treasonous demonicrats believe PRESIDENT Trump winning the election and MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN are impeachable offenses.

      • I know they do; but that’s “just not so, as a very wise philosopher would cheerfully observe. Indeed, so much of what they know “just ain’t so”! And the fact is there’s not 1 of them that can come up with anything but his own personal hate for Trump as why he should be impeached. SO either we stand on and for our Constitution, or we let what our Founders risked so much to give us be thrown down the crapper!

  17. IF THE COMMUNISTS WIN REINFECTION THERE WILL BE CIVIL WAR. NOT TROOPS ARRAYED ON A BATTLEFIELD BUT MAFIA STYLE RUB OUTS. WE DON’T WANT THAT. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/11e079501bcd7625724e4da533182cdf8ce286189993e86cd21299cfd6a031f0.jpg

    • He is on the way to wipe his ass with that flag. Traitor.


        • Oh bullshit. Obama and Hillary are clean. Any investigation Repukes launch is an attempt to get forthcoming charges on tRump dropped. Ain’t gonna happen. He is going to prison.

  18. God allowed Mr Trump to win, & He’s not going to sit by idly, & allow them to destroy our country. There are too many REAL Christians that are praying for God to intercede in our country, & allow morality to come back, & to end abortion, & the perversions that are running rampant in this country. Plus other people around the world are praying for this country too. We’ve come too far to give up now. God bless America, & Merry Christmas to all!

  19. That is scary, real scary, but just as scary if not more so is, IF the Demo-Commies ever get back in the White House we WILL become Socialists if not Communists. Count on it. Take a look at Venezuela for our future, IF the Demo-Commies get in control. Soros and Obama will have control over our lives.

  20. Opposition needs to flood Nadler’s district with funds to defeat that pervert. Surely there is an independent or republican that can beat that communist/socialist.

  21. F them all…civil war will be next on the menu if they push an impeachment. I’ll go down swinging…and it won’t be with wood.

  22. Jerrold Nadler is another LEFTIST Jew …who could only get elected in a place like NY (HYMIETOWN….as Democrat Jessie Jackson called it).

  23. Why do the Democrats want to plunge our country into civil war?

  24. Lynda Wheeler Dabson

    I think this topic would be hushed for good if a trial against Hillary and Obama was started and they all had to choose to save their own asses and throw the obvious under the bus or try to hold impeachment hearings while their historical contributions were being examined in court for treason. It would be nice if the corruption could finally rise to the surface and the spot light shined on ALL of them for one final “enough is enough” trial, sentence and go forward…we could use a final curtain on this crap and feel free to take hollywood with you.

    • There is nothing to charge Obama or Hillary with, or your nazi RepubliScum goons would have done so long ago.

      • Lynda Wheeler Dabson

        I disagree with you – I believe that the Benghazi issue is disgraceful because they were in charge.
        You are mistaking if you think there is a political party that is absolutely right and the other wrong.
        Both parties were present and part of the leadership of this country when an American Embassy was attacked and our FBI obstructed the investigation. I am not a nazi republiscum goon, I am saying it like it is. You are welcome to disagree also. Where in my comment does it say any political blame? It doesn’t!
        There is plenty to charge them with, no – nobody in office today, that was there 4 years ago, is going to do anything about it. That is why we have corruption.
        Your picture looks like you already graduated from high school – I almost didn’t reply because messaging teenagers isn’t appropriate.

      • Your continued liberal tirade is so invigorating that I am about to block any further educated comments.

  25. we all suffered thru 8 miserable years of Obama…and every week we find out more corruption and illegal activities by the Obama admin and the government agencies…yet not a peep about any of this from the democrats…and yet they want to impeach trump..who has brought this economy from the brink of disaster to multiple record highs, record lows for unemployment, and record highs for all other achievements…..and not one idea from the democrats. and in every election we find out about high numbers of illegal voting and voting fraud from the democrats…and they cannot even say merry Christmas……and yet they think they are so great to win elections…and for what…more economic misery, open borders and higher taxes….we just got thru 8 years of that.

    • You must be a goddamn retard. The idea that tRump acquired the country on the brink of disaster is the height of stupidity. In fact, tRump is not even matching the job creation of Obama for his last year in office. Obama nearly tripled the stock market after taking over in a near depression. Obama cut unemployment front 10% to 4%. Obama saved the domestic auto industry, to the boisterous disapproval of stupid ass Repukes.

      Oh yeah, and merry fucking christmas, dumb fuck. Enjoy your present of tRump’s stinking fat ass to lick.

  26. democrat equals fricking dumb ass !!!

  27. I guess the Democrats were not content on getting their ass whipped on April 9, 1865. They want to get it whipped again if they impeach our choice of President. Hillary will not replace Trump.

  28. This witch hunt for impeachment has gone beyond the boundaries of justice, with no substance to bring forth any meaningful legal deposition to start a legal process……. If the Democrats manage to get a hearing for impeachment then Trump should consider “shutting down” the current governmental process: And “The Don” should confer with the “Joint Chiefs of Staff” & with total military cooperation, let the military take control of the “governmental process” in a “soft coup” to allow Trump to continue to lead and make the necessary changes to support Constitutional law & process. The military could use a passive role to prevent Democrats from illegally & fraudulently trying to depose The President by being a ” substantial presence” in the physical halls of Congress to prevent Democrats from obstructing the governmental process. The military can also be directed to guarantee each individual State within the United States to follow their State Constitutional process and support the Federal Government or vote to secede and become an independent country. This is the price of real freedom……

  29. When in history has anyone ever heard of the losing party being so angry at losing, that they want to impeach the winner. Is THAT how our countries political system is meant to work?

    • Ignorant bastard. You just ignore Trump’s heinous crimes

      • If you think stating facts is the indication of an “ignorant bastard”, then I am guilty. Of course, ignoring facts is an indication of a stupid bastard.
        By the way, it IS a fact that the losing party (Democrats) want to impeach the winner (TRUMP). What “heinous” crimes is Trump guilty of. I don’t know, because I don’t watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC.

        • Yes, you watch fake news. Otherwise, you would be aware of what Mueller is working on.

          • I feel for you, as you obviously have lost your way and believe all of the BS the liberals feed you. Fear not, as eventually you will wake up from your dream and realize that you have been had by the professional politicians who what to rewrite history. Until then, so long!

      • What heinous crimes?

  30. NEVER let that happen, NO MORE votes for dumocommies!!
    They’re losers, be sure they lose!!

  31. They want a civil war.

  32. If we are going to have an honest election in 2018 then we need to make sure every legit vote is counted. Will we ever be able to get rid of those who are bused around to vote 2-4 times in different counties for Dems? How about those illegals who they sign up a couple of blocks from the border w/no ID? What about the dead people the Dems have voting? How many ballots get misplaced in predominantly Repubs districts? Calif & New York are good examples. The election in VA was a tie? I doubt it, if you subtract the illegeal votes.

    • Anytime you lying right wing bastards are ready to prove all those accusations, get off your dishonest asses and do it.

    • If we stop Putin from putting his thumb on the scale, we will have an honest election. Large scale voter fraud is a total fallacy.

  33. The Democrats think the voters are stupid and they will gain seats the mummy Pelosi and cry baby Schumer and all the RINOS won`t be around much longer. what goes around comes around and their time is coming .

    • They KNOW certain voters are stupid. 62 million supposedly voted to for a traitorous imbecile like tRump.

      • Wrong the stupid ones voted for The traitor Hillary Clinton. You must be one of them that are from the other planet your boy Obama mentioned.

  34. Goddamn right impeachment is on the menu. If RepubliScums were doing there jobs, it would be done already.

  35. If Dems win, they will all die in the civil war that follows. A solemn vow.

    • Your threat has been forwarded to the FBI. I’m sure they will be very interested in adding you to the terrorist watch list.

  36. The only liberal thing about liberals is they are liberally vested with ignorance and stupidity. Oh they’ve read and written many books but have no clue what is going on between the front and back covers. Their righteous indignation at everything great that Trump is bringing to the USA should be a required textbook analysis for would be psychologists and psychiatrists to study. I would label it “Textbook studies of group insanity.” .

  37. If the Demonrats TRY to impeach Trump….THEY WILL BE ON THE MENU!

    The Party of Pond Scum would need 2/3 of both Houses to impeach him as far as I know and if ANY republican votes to impeach Trump…….well “Stupid is as Stupid does”!

    Trump has done more GOOD for OUR COUNTRY in less than a year than Carter, Clinton and Obama did combined!

    As a matter of FACT, Obama (purposely) did more damage to OUR COUNTRY, than any ENEMY IN HISTORY!

    God bless America and Damn the Demonrats!

    • PRESIDENT Trump has finally sent anti-tank missiles authorized while Putin’s puppet obama was in office to Ukraine to fight Russian-backed rebels.

      PRESIDENT Trump returned US air defense missiles to Poland and Czechoslovakia that
      Putin’s puppet obama unconditionally removed in 2009 as requested by Putin.

      PRESIDENT Trump attacked a Syrian air base in March after Putin’s Syrian puppet Assad ordered chemical attacks against his civilians.

      PRESIDENT Trump has pushed for stricter economic sanctions against Putin’s North Korean puppet Kim Jung Un.

      Putin’s puppet hilLIARy clinton as obama’s Secretary of State presented the Russian Foreign Minister a “RESET” button as a sign of capitulation to Russia.

      Putin’s puppet hilLIARy clinton as obama’s Secretary of State agreed to sell 20% of US uranium to Russian which already has more uranium than the USA.

      • “Putin’s puppet obama”

        What mind- bending drugs are you on? Anybody with active brain matter knows tRump is Putin’s puppet.

        • As shown by my comment above, in less than one year PRESIDENT Trump has done more to defy Putin than obama and hilLIARy together did in eight years to capitulate to Putin.

  38. Of *course* impeachment is on the menu. Donald Trump *deserves* to be impeached. He has abused power, obstructed justice, attacked the Constitution, and very probably colluded with a hostile foreign power to steal an election. His irrational views on issues such as global warming place our entire species at risk. He is a menace.

    It is unlikely that the Dems can gain the Senate supermajority to remove Trump from office, but the Dems do not have to dethrone the megalomaniac to defang him. A simple majority in the Senate, which is eminently achieveable, would bring the disaster that is the Trump Administration to a grinding halt.

  39. whats new, nothing under the sun, impeachment has always been on their menu, the whole committee is corrupt, and has dealings with the Russians, like the fox protecting the chicken coup, need second committee to investigate the first committee for corruption then turn them over for prosecution

  40. What can you expect from Democrats?! They have no idea what is happening in the country and only want to get rid of Trump because he makes them look like the inept fools that they are! He refuses to kick the proverbial can down the road, and he is doing things that should have been done years ago! He is also making it more difficult for these liberal politicians to bilk the people as many have been doing! To further prove the idiocy of these fools, they find it necessary to attack not only the President, but members of his family! May God, Who they obviously deny by their actions, judge them severely for their mean-spirited, nasty actions against a duly elected, very capable President! They would do well to deal with the dirt in their own Party!

  41. If the Demo-Commies ever get back in the White House, we WILL become Socialists!! Soros and Obama will rule, no matter what Demo-Commie wins, they will rule.

  42. If Dems win in November, I promise you civil war that none on the Left will suvive. I wish I could tell you more; but you would.not believe anyway. So, let it be.

  43. Bill Clinton was impeached, yet remained in office. How does that work? They want to REMOVE Trump, but can they?

    • Clinton was witch hunted. Impeached for a CONSENSUAL blow job. TRump has sexually molested 18 women AGAINST THEIR WILL. Add in treason, obstruction if justice and money laundering. Yes, he can and will be removed. Nobody who loves America wants to stand by a traitor.

  44. if they remove our President illegally, they will start a civil war!!

    • He is as good as gone. It is only a matter if time, and It won’t be illegally. He is looking at no less than 300 years worth of charges.

      • name the 300 years worth of charges.
        I don’t recall Mr. Trump being the president when Benghazi happened, or the Iranian deal was struck, or the protection of the dopers so the Iranian deal could be struck. or the 30,000 + emails getting “lost”. har har. The NSA has all yours and my emails and this message too probably, but they couldn’t keep track of hillarys to obama’s emails………..correct?
        I have a bridge I will sell you!!

  45. There is no way that the Demorats will win in 2018. Enough said!

  46. I think it is time to eradicate those Demo Commie bastards and send them to North Korea so they can have the kind of lifestyle they want for the USA. All they have ever done is damage this country. I cannot believe Americans with one half of a brain keep electing these parasites.

    • Just try to send me to North Korea, tough guy. It seems you voted for that traitor tRump. YOU are the trash who needs to be deported.

  47. That’ll be the day… The Washington Post is just a dolled up version of the National Equirer.

    • Both the Washington Post and the National Enquirer are tabloids famous for reporting outrageous stories and LIES.

      • That’s right. It makes one wonder how the heck they remain in business. It’s hard to believe that anyone would pay for that crap. I guess that all of that says something about the overall mental health of a good portion of the U.S. population.

    • The national enquirer sucks Trump’s lying ass.

  48. If the these libby loonies try to impeach our President they will find themselves up to their armpits in alligators. Now I would pay to see that sight. But the truth is that we Conservative Americans have found out how powerful we really are, and the lefties are beginning to get on our last nerve. They need to shut up and sit down.

    • Bad news for you. TRump is guilty of treason and his own sycophants will have no choice to impeach him when Mueller comes in with the report. Plus he has laundered money and gone to great lengths to obstruct the investigation into his crimes.

  49. When are you liberals going to come up with something useful. You have no good ideas, no platform other than wacky nonsense. The demwits in your party just use you. Wake up as your party is over in our country.

    • Wait until November, assclown. The Democrats are taking Congress in the biggest wave ever. And Putin/Trump’s assault on the USA will be over.

  50. No. If Dems win in November, then civil war and the demise of all Leftists in on the menu.

    • You have been reported to the FBI for threatening a violent civil uprising. If you start it, you can count on getting busted up, chump.

  51. soon we will be entertained by the congressional darkie carcass in the white dresses singing “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”…..in the house chambers…overpaid hos..wait just a cotton picking minute now…at least hos perform pleasurable things in return for their compensation…

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