Idiots on “The View” Think Cuba and U.S. Have the Same Human Rights Problems

We’re beginning to think that the liberal morons on ABC’s The View have literally had their brains replaced with just enough helium to maintain the appearance of human heads. Because they are dumb even by American leftist standards. If we were liberals, we would actually hate to see these know-nothing women espousing our political views. Of course, it might also make us rethink those views, because if these people are on our side…well, that probably would mean we’re on the wrong side.

After President Trump wisely rolled back Barack Obama’s unilateral moves to make the dictatorial, Communist Cuban regime a “friend” of the United States, the Castro family said that the U.S. was hardly in a position to criticize the island country for human rights violations. Which, fine. It’s the kind of nonsense rhetoric we’ve come to expect from dictators. No American would ever believe that kind of obvious propaganda, so it isn’t even worth—

Oh wait.

“Well on Friday the White House announced that they are reversing the Obama administration’s steps to normalize relations with Cuba because of their human rights violations,” said host Whoopi Goldberg. “Forget about the fact he has shaken the hands of some of the biggest despots out there. We won’t point that out because that would be wrong of me. And because of their ties to hostile nations like North Korea. But Cuban officials said ‘really?’ Because the U.S. is in no condition to lecture us about human rights given the racial discrimination happening in America now.”

This line brought the usual rapturous applause from the show’s audience of imbeciles. Literally, they’re cheering for the propaganda of a brutal Communist dictatorship, just because it allows them to feel endlessly superior to President Trump. But okay.

Co-host Sunny Hostin then built on Whoopi’s insinuations, saying that while Cuba “has had a lot of problems,” the U.S. was pretty much just as bad because of verdicts like the one handed down in the Philando Castile case. “So,” she said, “Cuba has somewhat of a point when they talk about a lot of problems that we have here in the United States.”

Ugh. Look, we’re not going to defend what happened in the Castile case, because there is no defense. For once, the Black Lives Matter crowd got it right; there was no reason that young man should have been killed and no reason the cop should have been acquitted. But to compare that to Cuba’s “problems” is like comparing the Trump administration to the Taliban.

Which, as we recall, these same idiots actually did a couple of weeks ago.



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