Idiots of “The View” Predict That Trump Will Turn Us Into Iran

When you really want your daily dose of liberal insanity, skip MSNBC, CNN, and stick with the pure, unfiltered morons of ABC’s “The View.” The ladies on the panel sometimes even manage to outdo the socialists of Shareblue when it comes to spouting abject nonsense and passing it off as serious political commentary. Every time we get wind of some absurd exchange on this show, we wonder anew who is actually watching this garbage that it gets to stay on the air year after painful year. Is it stoned college students, just watching it for a laugh? It has to be; no one could regularly watch this inanity on a daily sober basis without putting a bullet in their television set.

On New Year’s Day, the hosts of the program turned their attention to the protests in Iran, which opened the door for Captain Idiot herself, Joy Behar, to suggest that the United States under Trump was not far from becoming the same kind of totalitarian state.

The conversation began as guest co-host Ana Navarro, a so-called “conservative” who regularly bashes Trump on CNN, opened the topic of the Iranian protests. As the panel discussed the protests and the president’s reaction, Behar functioned as an animatronic dunce, continually steering the conversation back to outlandish attacks on Trump.

So first, Navarro talks about the protests, giving an overview of the situation.

Behar’s contribution: “Of course, they told Donald Trump to stay out of it and not to tweet. Of course he did because telling him not to tweet is like telling a 5-year-old not to eat the candy. He can’t help himself. He had to stick his two cents in. Just stay where you are in Mar-a-Lago. Keep playing golf.”

So then Navarro said (surprisingly) that Trump had the right and the duty to speak out in solidarity with the protesters, though she said she didn’t agree with the president’s decision to (accurately) explain that Obama was much too cozy with the Iranian regime.

Behar’s contribution: “Why does he always have to take a shot at Obama?”

The conversation turned to Iran’s support of terrorism, and co-host Meghan McCain explained why the Iran Deal was such a boost for the authoritarian regime.

Behar’s contribution: “I thought it was the Saudis who were really protecting terrorists? I mean, 9/11 came from there, those terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. He’s in bed with the Saudis all the time. So I mean, come on.”

Navarro didn’t bother addressing this inane tangent, proving that the NeverTrumpers of CNN actually look like sane, reasoned conservatives next to idiotic liberals like Behar. She said it was important to stay focused on Iran because if the people could rid themselves of the brutal Islamic regime, it would be a “huge game changer.”

Behar’s contribution: “I think that’s true in this country also, if we can get away from [Trump].”

The audience roared with adoring agreement – further evidence that the liquor is flowing freely in the ABC studios.

McCain, who has had her differences with Trump for obvious reasons, couldn’t let this one slide. She said Behar was out of her mind to be comparing the U.S. under Trump to Iran under an Islamic dictatorship where people were stoned for being gay.

Behar’s contribution: “It’s not apples and apples. It’s not equal. But we’re on a very slippery slope in this country towards throwing democracy out of the window every single day.”

Behar never offered any evidence that this was the case, nor any instance where even a single drop of our democracy was in danger of being lost to the Trump presidency. But hey, the audience still cheered their heads off and “The View’s” ratings are still high enough to keep it on the air, so we assume someone out there agrees with her.

Then again, there is a pretty serious opioid epidemic…


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  1. You have to wonder who their ‘audience’ is. Then you remember all the large, angry, half naked and comically jiggling vagina hat wearing feminists stampeding through blue cities smeared in their own menstraul blood ‘teaching’ their daughters to be strong by dissolving into silly liberal hysterics every time a man sneezes in the vicinity and immediately seeking to ruin his life for it. Then screaming at the sky like toddlers while in a state of absurdly false righteous indignation because their ‘offended’ by imaginary hate and terrified of losing imaginary rights all the while screeching a nonstop tirade of obscenity filled real hate while blithely attempting to override the real rights of others by childishly trying to get a legitimately elected President impeached based on absolutely nothing but their petulant anger that their awful candidate wasn’t just able to ignore the will of the people and smugly assume the presidency. That’s who their audience is.

    • do you know about glittering generalities?

      • That’s funny Richie, because I’ve seen you lump Christians, conservatives and Republicans into one homogeneous group and generalize them plenty. Did you ever hear what’s good for the goose is good for the gander? Do you know that if the shoe fits you should wear it? And even you can’t seriously believe anyone but the screeching harpie brigade actually watches that moronic drivel they have the nerve to call a show.

        • projection….

          • That’s it? That’s the best you can come up with? What does that even mean? I’m really disappointed, again. I truly think you’re losing your fake liberal indignation Richie. Might be time for you to get a real job.

          • come on Natalie he is struggling under a tremendous disadvantage…mental illness can take many forms…we saw them “demonstrating” their deficiency in many ways and in many locations during and after the africans time trashing the oral office and even though thousands upon thousands of morons, idiots, coffee shop commies, and retards like those twits on the view voted (often probably) the estrogen vote…the adults survived the onslaught of juvenile delinquency to put a “non politician” into the WH…hope that the sluts ginsbergerhole and the lezzies get replaced by Trump…that may require the fortunate passing of a lot of democrapo hores in DC and those rino aholes that campaign GOP, then vote democrapo….may they enjoy long illnesses that have them reeling in dementia for years…good thing they do not have african healthcare…

          • Natalie, you just saw the result of our decaying education system in Rich’s response. The same as viewers and the panelists on “The View” exemplify.
            I bet you Behar’s mother regrets naming her “Joy” – oxymoronic to her personality and mental makeup.

          • That`s all he ever comes up with he is an idiot and you can`t reason with an idiot nothing in nothing out. And as far as the job most employers don`t hire mentally disturbed idiot`s.

          • No, Natalie was not projecting, she was making an observation with common sense. .
            “do you know about glittering generalities?” is an excellent example of you projecting.

          • his new panties have lots of glittering sequins…”get that glittering on”….

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable


          • let natalie princess of the dark side respond-

          • You really are a masochist.

          • Yes she is ,however, it doesn’t matter because she has zero power-

            This is when projection is dangerous,because people like you cheeringly get sucked into it…


          • Rich,
            Ask yourself why it is that you can only see the projections that Trump is doing, and can not recognize the projections that the Left has been doing for years?

            The answer lies with Yuri…. You are not capable of seeing or comprehending anything that goes against your ideology.

            In your video, they put up a panel that said the Wash Poo had identified about 2000 lies of Trump… What you want to bet that the list is full of glittering generalities?

          • you have asked questions that don’t merit answers-

            This one is 100% mirroring/projection of a phrase I used…

            ” What you want to bet that the list is full of glittering generalities?’

          • I copied that phrase from your post… As proof that your post was a mirror.

          • BS -I used the term in a post to natalie and you defended her use of projection-

            You are lost in a circular argument regarding mirroring/projection You did a similar thing when you tried to redefine lying as “making a mistake.” That in my opinion is delusional.

            Predictably, you will call my response mirroring/projection.

          • Mirroring is a circular argument… and you are correct, both of us are stuck in an infinite loop.

            With your double standards and inability to admit you are wrong, this is a waste of my time.

            It seems you also have a double standard on making a mistake and lying…. The Left merely makes mistakes, the Right always lies…. Again, you will have to research Yuri to get help with your conditioning.

          • Quote you

            “Mirroring is a circular argument… and you are correct, both of us are stuck in an infinite loop.”

            You started it. I explained what a ridiculous exercise it is..

            “With your double standards and inability to admit you are wrong, this is a waste of my time.”

            Like wise-I agree-you are wasting my time because you do the same all the time-

            Quote you” The Left merely makes mistakes, the Right always lies…. ”

            That is a complete mischaracterization -I have never said that.

          • Your actions and arguments support the conclusion that you believe the Left merely makes mistakes, and the Right always lies….

            Think back to 0bama, You can keep your Dr., You can keep your Healthcare, A family of 4 will save $2,500/per year… Benghazi was a reaction to a Youtube video. The video I shared titled 65+ lies….

            Every one of these you have excused YOUR politicians words as wrong, and not lies.

            We have proof of Benghazi, you have not been able to accept it. Jonathan Gruber bragged about lying to the American people about 0bamacare… My assumption is that 0Zer0 knew as well. The other option is that he was as stupid as the rest of the people that believe Grubers lies….

            So lets see if you can admit that 0bama and Hillary lied about Benghazi… My bet is you can’t.

          • You know you’re probably the ninth or tenth liberal I’ve seen who smugly accuses someone of ‘circular arguing’ when he doesn’t have an answer to a question. Kind of like the other standard liberal evasion, smugly accusing someone of using a ‘straw man’ argument instead of answering the question. Or just accusing them of an ism or phobia and then sitting back and smugly assuming you shut down the debate and ‘won’ the argument instead of answering the question. Or dissolving into standard liberal hysterics, screaming incoherently until everyone else stops speaking, then smugly assuming you shut down the debate and ‘won’ the argument instead of answering the question. Do you see the common threads here Richie? And I can’t help but notice the final predictable liberal evasion in your post beneath this one. When your non arguments have gotten you no where call others names and hope someone else enters the argument so you still won’t have to answer the question. Like I said before Richie, might be time for you to get a real job.

          • I didn’t accuse you circular arguing

            “When your non arguments have gotten you no where call others names and hope someone else enters the argument so you still won’t have to answer the question. ”

            I wish I could get into a discussion of an issue one on one with you-But you disaipear from any back an forth and typically someone jumps in to “protect you -That’s why I refer to you are the “princess of (a verity of things)

            So I welcome an honest debate with you which includes opinions on an issue with sources to back up those opinion

          • Donna Baskett Peternell

            Go back and bury your head some more

          • regarding what? What are you afraid to respond to?

          • Donna Basketcase Peternail- Have you ever had mental health counseling? I worry about you….

          • 3 days …and no response-that is your right in a court of law-in the court of public opinion,”not so much.”

          • Excellent post but way beyond Riche`s mentality. He probably has to have someone read them to him.

          • ad hominem- zero content-

          • 1st year for sure now….LOL, sorry but you are so obvious.

          • One more time… Let me try to help you out.

            Natalie made an observation based on what she has observed and you called it full of glittering generalities.

            WA POO has compiled a list and accused President Trump of lying, their support as proof that Trump lied is nothing more than glittering generalities… In my world, Wa POO is slanderous unless they can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that Trump lied… Their glittering generalities has fallen way short…. Thus WA POO is the slanderous liar in my mind.

            Now here is where the mirroring comes into play. You (the Left) accused Natalie of using glittering generalities when all along you (the Left) are using them to support your arguments.

          • Get out of the endless cycle of the mirroring/ projection accusations-

            Stick to one specific issue we can discuss-

            Natalie’s “observations” are opinions that use mostly ad hominem attacks and generalizations -You’d be hard pressed to see her back up a discussion of an issue with factual sourcing of any kind.

          • Here is proof of the half naked feminists.


            Here is proof of silly protesters screaming at the night sky.


            If you really want to see the menstrual blood you are going to have to look it up yourself. But rest assured, it is there.

            You may not like what she had to say, but it sure seems factual to me. Satire is best when it is based in fact.

          • What is your point?

          • Your forgot that the “lies of Trump” are corroborated by-

            Washington Examiner
            The NYT-
            Fortune Magazine
            Raw Story
            real Clear Politics
            Daily Wire
            LA Times

          • Wrong Rich, Those fake news organizations are not corroborating, which would mean that they are confirming Trumps statements.

            All the Fake News does is REPEAT…. Why might you ask?

            “A lie told often
            enough becomes the truth.”


            Fight the Lefts MEDIA Cabal.

          • Sorry Richie your still a clueless idiot as you prove whenever you post. Get some help or quit drinking the Kool AID or maybe a quiet place with a coloring book and some crayon`s would help.

          • Like I said you are a clueless demented idiot.

          • please provide proof anything I have said is incorrect.

            Or you are just an ignoranus.

          • Too bad you should take a class in spelling you are the ignoramus.

          • ignoranus-an individual who is both stupid and an asshole –


          • You should know .

          • Doesn’t merit answers? Or you don’t have any to give?

          • A question asked, should be answered and not merit based. Merit basing, simply means you have no coherent answer.

          • Typical liberal….you talk in circles. I know why too…it’s the same thing a turd does when it’s flushed. You all end up together in the sewer, in lock step headed in the same direction.

          • No it`s because your too stupid to answear them.

          • Ari Melber, one of MSNBC’s residen

          • Outstanding.
            Semper Fi

          • Good post but it`s beyond his mentality. The only reason I don`t block him is because his idiot responces are funny and stupid.

          • Not first in your class are you?

          • Poor Richie….you are such a loser.

          • maybe….your “projection” does not even cast a shadow..

          • It seems MSNBC is struggling to take over The National Enquire’s spot as a news organization….

            More power to them. Nothing but propaganda there.

          • Hey, even the Enquirer is right sometimes. MSNBC, never.

          • Even A stopped clock is right twice a day .

          • Some of it must be true….whatever….your boys days are numbered

          • I don’t think so. This is just Communists doing what communist do.

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

          • Now the WP is pulling numbers out of thin air….

          • 2206 days

          • That is quite a hoot, coming from an incensed democrat.

          • Liberal Tears Are VICTORY!


          • You would be stoned to death in the streets of Iran or even Iraq! Here you hide in your basement and post your rude view of America!

          • Liberal Tears Are VICTORY!

            Seriously?! You’re attaching a clip from MSNBC? You have got to be kidding! LiL Richie, you are a special kind of stupid are’nt you!

          • Liberal Tears Are VICTORY!

            Washington ComPost…. 🤣🤪🔥🖕🏼

          • Next thing he will be quoting that oh so favorite source for liberal bullshit, SNOPES. lol

          • You eat their compost on a daily basis ????

          • suck this…

          • What? Can’t suck nothing…..No content- apparently like you cranium.

          • your mother is offended…

          • Liberal Tears Are VICTORY!

            WoW Lil Richie is back! Where is your pathetic side kick? You were obviously successful in renegotiating your paid troll contract!

          • Liberal Tears Are VICTORY!

            LiL Richie… attaching VOX clips? Seriously, again ? Melissa Bell and Ezra Klein of VOX both got kicked to the curb from the Washington ComPost… neither of these millennial whiners could poor pi$$ from a boot even if the directions were on the heel… you have got to get out more Richie! I suggest One America News, no politics, no Libtard or Conservative slant, just straight News…you’ll be surprised how the Demoncrap talking points are just that with no merit and no fact… I guess you could say the whole DNC is FAKE NEWS… 🤣💪🏼🤪🖕🏼
            Happy New Year
            MAGA TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

          • I agree one America news is great, better than cnn for sure

          • Excellent post but the responce from Rihie might take some time he is probably looking for a web sight for an answear. He is seriously mentally retarded and going for treatment. Or he`s back on the KOOL AIDE.

          • and science should never, ever be in the same sentence. It’s kind of like the liberal insistence on calling Bill Nye a science guy while watching that bizarre ‘transgender’ train wreck thing on his ‘show’ that even his liberal audience couldn’t seem to make sense of. Hilarious, but in the end pointless. He’s an actor, not a scientist, Vox is an extremely biased nonsense liberal site with nothing of substance to offer. And you Richie are a mystifyingly smug and arrogant liberal troll with nothing of substance to offer either.

          • “ and science should never, ever be in the same sentence.”

            There you go “shooting the messenger” and not proving the Facts are faulty-

            “It’s kind of like the liberal insistence on calling Bill Nye a science guy while watching that bizarre ‘transgender’ train wreck thing on his ‘show’ that even his liberal audience couldn’t seem to make sense of. Hilarious, but in the end pointless. He’s an actor, not a scientist, ..”

            What the hell does Bill Nye and transgenderism have to do with this conversation? You sound a bit off track.

            “And you Richie …”

            I love it when you call me Richie-It’s so warm and endearing.Thank you

            “…(you)are a mystifyingly smug and arrogant liberal troll with nothing of substance to offer either.”

            Not what a minute-I am like, really smart and a very stable genius.

          • 1st year psychology student? Take a couple entry level classes and suddenly your able to diagnose? LOL you’re so typical.

    • I was wondering where that crowd ended up… I can see where watching The View would have a kind of mind numbing hypnotic effect on them….

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      • IF I was hog tied & tied to a tree…i’d try to figure out how to hang myself so I WOULD NOT have to watch those complete nit witted jackasses…………

        • I’m with you on that one brother! How could anyone watch these disgusting sluts and function normally??

        • I get nauseous just clicking past them.

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        • Amen brother.

        • These ugly old women with no real talent have no values at all. As long as they can sit there and make big bucks spouting trash about our governement and president that their commie bosses want them to say they will keep doing it!

          • HOW TRUE ~~~~~~~~~~~~

          • Excellent post These pig`s couldn`t make a pimple on a womans behind.These are pigs who someone put lipstick on and couldn`t get a job cleaning toilets. Even pigs`s have a use these are about as low as you can get.

          • Thanks!!!

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    • Excellent post, what your dealing with is some discusting scum of the earth who `s audience is just like the scum they watch and are as evil as old Hillary and the rest of the Democrats and they belong in padded cells. This president exposed all of the corruption that`s been going on for many years. Thank God for president Trump he is a breath of fresh air.


      Very good Natalie

    • Thank you for that explanation. I guess that’s how they stay crazy.

    • The Springer mentality group watches them .

    • Their audience consist of the new sissy generation and the america haters.
      They would love to see the world come together as one happy family, no borders no walls no weapons and all under one happy ruler.
      They think thats possable. Nevermind whats actually going on in the world.

    • The demographics of the audience is 28 to 55 mostly black (60%) women some Asian, white..

    • I think you’re absolutely right Natalie.

    • Such a comprehensive and Excellent .. summation.

    • Couldn’t have said it better my self.

    • I am a man who raises his daughter to not only worship and serve God, but to FEAR these perverted females and stay far, far away from them and their ideas. God Bless You Natalie!

    • Your descriptions of those lunatics are so good that they conjure up vivid images right in front of my eyes.

  2. As Behar proudly sings: “I am woman hear me roar cuz I’m just too big to ignore…”

    And here is a chapter of her fan club protesting!

    • looks like a twat-a-thon….where are the Giant Vagina costumes and their boyfriends that have been told to wear their cutesy little pink pu$$y hats ??

  3. Captain idiot drives me to Captain Morgan….

  4. The view is not new as last years weather foercast is better reading than all the garbage they vomit up every day!

  5. Actually, “the view” will trun anyone watching into screaming idiots. So why bother.

  6. Who watches the View?

  7. I don’t think many people watch the show and if they do they know these girls are idiots. I can’t stand them myself and never watch them anymore. Probably George Soros is the only one keeping them on the air. He or Hillary probably pays them to talk crap on President Trump. If they had a brain they would know President is the best President ever !

    • You are right rk, they are just a bunch of liberal, leftest , media brainwashed, dumb a– idiots. Their so called audience are a bunch of ignorant sheep with a ring in their nose, being led around by the lying, fake news, so called media. The dumb being led by the dummer. People with a brain will look around beyond their tv screen and see an improving country, economy, work force, job market, stock market, ect, ect, ect, on and on. Look at your 401k lefties, maybe your under developed cranium can see the results of a real PRESIDENT! Not a political and illegal immigrant as- kisser.

    • I do not watch “The View” but 2.86 million people do-

      Goeorge Soros and Hillary Clinton have nothing to do with the show…If you think that you are blowing smoke

    • I think they are still on because Hilary, Ophra, Warren, O’Donnell, and Pelosi watch the view

  8. In Iran these hags would be silent .

    • or “silenced”…mmmm sounds like a tyrannical solution…I like it because we know the $luts will not move away, too many of the hores have promised that solution in the past and the morons are still here being morons…

    • Dead silent.

      • So would Rich Girod! Only here in the safety of his parents basement he spews his vomit and distaste for anything other than Oslamic love fest. Little does he know he is not a brother, just a totally lost idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      By all means let’s get them to do the show live from Tehran. once will do the trick.

  9. Let’s face it, the women on the view as with the main stream media are hard core leftists. They support the illegals, and the Muslim refugees, and any consideration given to the American people as in lowering taxes, lowering health care costs, bringing jobs back home, is bad for their agenda of bringing this nation to its knees. Look at those who call themselves democrats, for 9 years their focus has been the illegal population and nothing more. What are standing for today? The illegals, the DACA program. Not one word about making America prosperous, safe, and strong again. Over 40 companies gave out bonuses to their workers because of the new tax laws that will be enforced and what is the left doing, saying Armageddon is upon us. They are a mentally unstable and dangerous group. Threatening the President, his family, and those who support him. Taken from another poster, they are the American ISIS Party.

  10. Cant fix stupid!


  12. It would be more likely that the View fema-nazis would grow brains and we know that’s never going to happen.

  13. Never have seen The View only clips when they make news and boy they are a bunch of old worn out has been’s I have never watched them in each’s heyday as they were boring or just crude. Pity the people who watch and consider their garbage entertainment.

    • I can’t recall ever hearing of Joy Beher before this show. Who is she? What is she? Is she a she? Or does she bump purple tops with Rachel Maddow?

      • Joy is a never has been, supposedly a comedian but you would never know it by me. she always came off like a tough fowl mouthed New Yorker but I was wrong she is Trash like whoopy and the gang. How Mccain stands them I’ll never know. Wing Nuts galore. Never watched Joy or the view for more than a minute. See it on Fox.

  14. All that is missing is the bubbling bowl, sticks to steer with and pointed hats to make it known that this nothing short of a “Witches get together”! How does this mess stay on TV with the 100 or so viewers?

    • the “broom” room has many illiterate followers…just look at the numbers of morons that voted for the arrogant, incompetent, criminal hore clintoney…..oh and that african pretender before..twice !!…..startling evidence of just how widespread insanity is in the USA….

  15. That bunch on the ‘VIEW’ should change the ‘S**T’ they’re smoking. They are laughable at best.

  16. I find this an insult to true idiots I believe shitforbrains is more appropreiate

  17. remove these a-hole weirdos off the TV-please-no nothing idiots looking for a laff everytime they open up their misinformed fake bullshit about America & its president -Slick Hillary LOST-get over it-she will B put in JAIL & it is catching up for her 2 B prosecuted-the left is stalling hoping statuet of limitations will run out 2 prosecute-but many more actions against the American people for her gain for money & power-JAIL Time U old hag !!

  18. Has Rob Reiner found the Russian collusion evidence yet? What ever happened to that BS?

  19. anything these dilusional idiots say on the PEW is hate talk – they hate the President and everything about him! I take it with a grain of salt any more. Haven’t watch in 2 yrs. can’t understand how they are still on the air! they are spewing hate to kids who watch to people who can’t think for themselves and to puppets who just follow along!

  20. We all know that we =can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsucking compost heaps, when are we going to put a stop to this crap?

  21. No question Father Trump needs to make a list of vermin that needs to be sent to a Gitmo.

  22. I can’t understand why anyone would even watch the spew….

  23. The View needs to stay on the air, it is the best comic relief I have seen in a long time.


    I could care less what these brainless, dumb-thug, fatuous *itches utter; in fact, they can go lick one.


  26. The only view you get to see on “The View” is how inordinately dumb you can be and still get paid for it.

  27. WHO in their Right Mind listens to these Four Ragged Out Dried UP Menopausal HOORS, seriously people , still trying to Figure out how Ted Danson could have Ever Slept with Wooki Goldberg , she’s ugly personified !


  28. “THE VIEW” VERY bigoted, viscous crew. How do they keep an audience????



  31. If these wenches had any sense they would not be on that show in the first place. None of them can think out of the NBC box and everyone knows that box has a big hole in it!

  32. “Behar’s contribution: “It’s not apples and apples. It’s not equal. But we’re on a very slippery slope in this country towards throwing democracy out of the window every single day.”

    Behar, or more accurately Behardeeharhar, remains outstanding proof that freedom of speech is a dangerous right when out of the mouths of unhinged, inane fools; yet, it is also the right of such air-headed individuals to make idiots of themselves.

  33. The View is the most deplorable show…..makes your skin crawl with the sound of Joy’s voice.


  35. sandraleesmith46

    HOW do they come up with this insanity??? He’s supporting Iranians turning Iran OUT of being “Iran” as known today! It makes NO sense whatever he’d do that then turn around and turn the US into that “Iran”! And his actions say exactly otherwise than that as well!

  36. Since these elite morons hate the President so much,I suggest they donate their tax refunds to homeless veterans.

  37. Only a maggot would watch the view. Iran killing their own people should be the real news.

  38. Ya know, i seriously believe there is something wrong with those people on that show, even my wife thinks they’re Nuts. It’s like watching a bunch of unruly kids in a sandbox. No more view for us, we used to laugh at these people due to their stupidity, but now their stupidity has turned into a “Commie” show.

  39. Maybe Whoopi is back on crack and got the rest of those bimbos hooked

  40. Ignorance begets ignorance. That should say It all for all that follow the View.

  41. The Majority of that CIRCUS seem to reach New High levels of Mental Disfunctionality and Derangement Every day…Say “GIRLS” you keep Confusing OBAMA’s Iran love affair and selling the US to the Mullahs with Trump….NOW get it Together!!!

  42. Behar’s crazy comments might be true if democracy means the government continues to grow and take more and more of the citizen’s resources to spend on programs that do not produce results. Fortunately, that is not what “democracy” means. As someone approaching retirement, it is alarming to see how much younger Americans are expecting the government to do for them. “Feed me, clothe me, educate me.” Really? What is next? The nanny state has to shrink if any of us are going to be able to provide food, clothing and shelter for our own families! Come on people! It is not the governments job to take care of us. We are supposed to be caring for each other! Let’s get this going!!

  43. What companies sponsor that show?
    I want to be certain that I boycott them.

  44. Thank you! I too can’t understand why the “View” is still aired! Your comment to the opioid epidemic is a plausible answer. Again, thanks for your post!

  45. Very dumb comparison. I’m afraid that this seems to be a group of deranged people reinforcing their deluded beliefs. This not only includes the hosts but the viewers as well. Let’s face it, even the format of the show does not lend itself to a presentation of statistics, numbers or documents to back up any claim that they make. The show is oriented towards innuendo and implications without evidence, just like the Salem witchcraft trials.

  46. Joy Behar has to be the stupidest liberal on television. I don’t watch the “spew” but every time there’s a controversial statement from that group of crows, she’s usually the mouthpiece behind it.

  47. really they really must be getting desperate & dullisional or they forgot to turn the brains on today they have been brainwashed by obama’s way of thinking i think iran maybe come like us or more civilized ..they are tired f there leaders stealing & not giving them any rights do they figure another way brainless way i guess !!!!!

  48. The View?????? What a pathetic comedy show. I watched it when it first came out…twice. First to see what it was all about. Secondly, because they were a bunch of ditz — I watched it in hopes that someone else might show their face that had a brain in their heads. No one did. Removed that “Cackling Hens House” from my viewing from then on.

    Unfortunately, our general public is not the brightest in the world and when they watch these idiot women spouting off against rough toilet paper, they buy it hook line and sinker. So sad for the General Public, so sad for America to be validated by a bunch of cackling hens only bent on destroying our President and our Country’s foundations. Can we ship them to Russia? the Middle East? North Korea? What an eye opener for them that would be!

  49. In the remake of, ” A Clockwork Orange” they will have Alex strapped in the chair watching, “The View!”

  50. I do not really understand WHY are we talking about such human feces as Behar, “so called” Goldberg and a total political asshole Navarro?!? Don’t we have more interesting and important things to talk about?
    The people of “The View” is the scum of the planet. Why should we talk about them? This gives them way too much recognition I think.

    • You make an excellent point, our time could be spent much better by sending emails and letters to our Congress men and women. 1st Lt Clint Lorrance is incarcerated in Leavenworth for “murdering” enemy combatants and he didn’t even fire his weapon. Include the WH too. This is the type of crap under Obama, our warriors had to deal with.

  51. These women are crazy but too stupid to know it.

  52. Not only opioid epidemic!! It’s an IDIOCY EPIDEMIC, which is much more dangerous than opioids!!! The View is IDIOCY PERSONIFIED. And millions of our young and not so young people are watching it and BELIEVING IT! If you say that it is a catastrophe for the country, you are right. Do you have a prescription against it?

  53. Gotta be feminists and unemployed welfare ghetto mamas …who else would watch this garbage?

  54. George E. LeFebvre

    There isn’t a single women on this show with any intelligence to add two+two. They are all idiots. If anyone would have put this country into an Iran situation that would be the Head Muslim Odumbo along with all his Muslim plants throughout the country he placed in key political positions to destroy us. Plus the Witch Hitlery, Pelousi, Warren, to name a few. Oh! must not forget Schumer. In another words, if they are Demoncraps they are the one’s to keep an eye on. The Network who lets these Bitter old hags do the show are just as irresponsible .

  55. These women are stupid and morons. They need zippers sewn to keep their fat, ugly mouth’s shut!

  56. The view produces anti trump rhetoric for their ratings. The fact that their viewers applaud says more about the audience. And not because they’re stupid. Not all of them are so easily duped. They just hate Trump.

  57. Who really cares what the View says !!!!!

  58. When i hear some of the things these idiots say and want done I often wonder how they survived this long with out stabbing them selves to death with a fork when eating.

  59. They’ve lost all sense of reality! It’s the fake feminists who are embracing the hijib who are attempting to turn us into Iran. These women who’ve been forced to wear it since forever, are disgarding this hateful, anti-woman man-made policy. These fake feminists are not in their right mind – you won’t be seeing me or anyone I know embracing this insanity!

  60. We can’t watch the crap that these idiot females put out! Pure insanity from Liberal minds. They should be ashamed to breathe the same air we sane human beings breathe. Karma will take care of you somehow because you don’t deserve a carefree life!!

  61. Connie Valdez-Gallas

    Even if all he did was to stay at Mar-a-Lago playing golf, he will still “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”! He IS a winner and they can’t accept it. He is the best President ever…deal with it!!!

  62. who watches those nutty old bats

  63. A waste of oxygen, every one of them.

  64. View has sunk to below idiot. They are liberal droolers.

  65. Idiots of the View describes them well, and that stupid bitch, Behar, is the chief idiot! You have to be almost brain dead to watch that show!

  66. Have never watched this garbage show and never will,it would be like watching
    Opera reruns.

  67. Barbara, you USED to be a valued news reporter, now you sponsor a tabloid television show. Supporting crazy women that slander our President of the United States. Shame, shame on you! I guess, it’s all about the $$$ and not worthy news reporting.

  68. Obama tried to turn us into Iran! They are trying their best to DESTROY America.

  69. Never watched the view, but heard about it. My friends reviews were not good. I see why. They don’t make nonsense let alone sense. Glad I never wasted my time. Idiots they all are. That’s the name of this show.

  70. These women should be locked up in a mental ward. They are never right and what worse the feed each other on their mental dementia and lap it up.

  71. The View? Is that still on TV? They must have someone with a boatload of money backing that crappy show there couldn’t be more than 23 people still watching it.

  72. I predict that no leftist will likely survive the civil war they are so close to initiating. Bring it on. “Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.”

  73. Meanwhile our liberal media rushes us headlong into Shari Law! Surrounded by their goon squads armed with auto weapons, preaching gun control for the masses, and getting themselves re elected to government positions to orchestrate their corrupt view of the future. George Orwell’s 1984 come to hideous life and soon to strangle the life out of our freedom, and to destroy our ability to even think for ourselves!

  74. So far, at least, they’ve been successful at wiping the froth from their mouths while the camera isn’t on them . . . but soon, they will be in a constant state of foaming-at-the-mouth, like rabid dogs. 🙂

  75. The idiots on the view are actually promoting ideas that would result in an Iran-type of government.

  76. The Views is all the democrats have to spread their lies to a TV audience as most of the others have been taken off line due to sexual abuse of real women. Joy and Whoopie are the worst of the worst as both have garbage mouths and really don’t know how to act or dress in public.

  77. ‘IDIOT’ don’t be so kind; these ‘Silly Women’ need to be lobotomized or super glue their mouths shut

  78. Raquel Salientes

    May I suggest contributing those white belted jackets to “The View” prior to their being hauled off in paddy wagons?

  79. And, according to those same uninformed sources that write copy for The View, he will kick-off the transition from a Democratic Republic to an Islamic State by shouting “Death to America” followed by “Death to Israel”

  80. I don’t understand why they are so afraid of becoming like Iran, they love Obambam who did start to make us, US, into another Iran. What do these stupid a** holes think is going to happen with all of the Muslims coming here under Obambam ? It’s just more evidence that Demon-Craps are stupid and ignorant. JUST KEEP ON “TRUMPIN”. Viva La Trump

  81. Let’s not forget Obama’s imposition of “czars” in response to his failure to unite. This misuse of the executive office, of unprecedented use of executive orders speaks strongly of his totalitarian leadership. We’d do ourselves better to avoid tabloid journalism, judge on actions rather than words.

  82. Nobody since Nixon ran their administration more militantly and more authoritarian toward the American people with a huge amount of governmental corruption than BARACK OBAMA. Trump is for all the American people while Obama was only interested in a certain segment of the American people. I have not seen racism like I’ve seen over the last 8 years under Obama since the 1960’s.

  83. Joy Behar is one of the dumbest, maybe the dumbest person on TV followed very closely by Mika Bryzhinski. How do these people get work?

  84. What do you expect from a bunch of hags who ran to Canada led by a racist that is named after a Cushion???!!! Whoopi is the definition of retard!!!

  85. What do you expect it is coming out of the mouth of a BUNCH OF ASSHOLE LIBERALS AND NIGGERS!!!

  86. Why does Joy Blowhard always have to take a shot at Trump? Anyone attempting to create a totalitarian state may just try and take over 1/6 of the economy, and lie more than twenty times to do it!

    Obama was the one who gave Iran $1.5 billion, as well as a nuclear deal!

    Obama was the one bringing in Muslim “refugees”!

    And, all of a sudden, Joy Blowhard is worried that Trump is the one who will turn us into Iran?

    Trump has tried twice to stop Obama’s “refugee” program, and has come under attack by people like Blowhard as well as opposing court rulings!

  87. Joy Behar is a completely BRAINLESS IDIOT, and I’m surprised that “The View” hasn’t been cancelled by now!! “The View” is so nauseating it could gag a Buzzard off a gut wagon!! I’ve only seen snippets of “The View” in news broadcasts, and it amazes me that ANYONE with TWO FUNCTIONING BRAIN CELLS would watch it, especially supposedly “intelligent” women, who are “The View’s” primary audience!!!!

  88. Peanut Brained Carter took an Iran that was modeled after the USA and gave it to the Mullahs and obama gave the Mullahs $150 Billion to keep it that way and also fund Hamas and other Enemies of ours..!!!!
    To give you an idea of how much $150 Billion is the New Carrier #79 Gerald Ford cost $13 Billion so he gave them 10 of those armed with Modern Fighter Jets..!! “Traitor”
    on so many counts I lost Track..!!

  89. The TV’s that are hanging down from the ceiling in front of the Treadmill s in our Gym are stuck on the channel that shows ‘The View’ from 11am-12noon. Needless to say, for anyone who can stomach listening to that bunch of foul mouthed, evil, heartless, ignorant, liars and promoters of the “Hate President Trump” club they are trying to develop, this would be the perfect time to visit the gym. No lines, no waiting for a treadmill. The manager is trying to get the problem with the TV repaired ASAP since there are so many people complaining, most saying that watching ‘The View’ is almost as degusting as watching CNN or re-runs of Hillary’s meltdown following her ‘HUUGE” loss to Donald J. Trump.

  90. These people are on the “wide road to Hell”

  91. These losers on The View are beyond stupid. They are a combination of ignorant and evil which makes for the worst case scenario of all.

  92. Yeah, Well how many out there has heard Joy to the world Behar talk about all those bad men out there grabbing all those women years ago that for some unknown reason are just coming out and complaining about it?
    Now some may say this may be different because of the expressions on their faces BUT don’t you think a lady with morals would look at this performance on daytime television when children at homes in this country just mite be flipping thru the channels and seeing this then saying” Mommy why is that woman holding the man like that?”
    Talk about another case of the lefts Double Standards, This is unreal RITE

  93. West Central Texas Cowboy

    I watched “The View” one time and realized that these women squaked like my chickens….blabbering nonsense. I have more respect for my chickens because they have more purpose than the total combination of these “rumor oriented antagonists”.

  94. I made the mistake of watching that show one time and will NEVER waste my time on that BULLSHTT again!

  95. Dexter L. Wilson

    See “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” Arcadia Films via EWTN and read Dinesh D’souza’s new book ” The Big Lie” and discover how close the Democratic Party is to Islamic Nazism. It is is not the conservatism movement that closely resembles Socialism but the Democratic Party, Progressives and Liberals. The ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and some of the women’s movement closely resemble the Nazi movement in the early 30’s as well as Mussolini’s Black Shirts. According to Dinesh and his research, Hitler got many of his Ideas from the Nazi’s so why should it surprise us when the Amoral Atheistic Socialist left try to label conservatives with the label that best describes them?

  96. Good golly miss molly,what the hell is ABC thinking!!!!! This Bahar should be committed!!!!

  97. Is there anyone who still watches The View? What is wrong with ABC and why would they want to support and produce a program like this that is so anti-American. These dried up bitter despicable women are total sociopaths along with being socialists and communists. They are totally consumed with hate and all they do is sprew out their hated on anyone with whom they don’t agree who doesn’t walk in lockstep with them in their anti-American socialistic/communistic beliefs and mentality. No one is forcing them to live in the United States and God knows no one will miss them when they leave. The sooner the better. Why would they want to continue to live in a country that they despise as much as they do the United States. They certainly have enough money to leave and live in another country. Good riddance!

    • Excellent post and it tells you all about ABC doesn`t it?? The owners are as bad as the idiots on that show you know the old saying crap draws all the flies.

  98. Another example of empty headed morons flapping their lips.

  99. “Serious political commentary” The View? ??? That is a big insult to the term “political commentary” Those idiotic women in the show deserve our attention? Not even if they were the only living things on the planet.

  100. Everyone’s comment reflects what I want to say.

  101. People of Iran predict ‘the idiots of the view’ will turn US all into Trumpsters. Hallelujah

  102. Trump said Obama was much too cozy with the Iranian regime. Joy Behar says Why does he always have to take a shot at Obama?” Because the Muslim Mutt gave those Terrorists 150 Billion Dollars. Our Newest Carrier #79 The Gerald Ford cost 13 Billion so that’s like giving Iran 11 of them with a full complement of Aircraft Cozy is not the word for it “Treason” is the Word..!!!! A Squad of Six should be the ones taking a Shot at obama,,!!!!!!

  103. We were Iran for the past 8 years of obama’s term !!!!!!

  104. It’s beyond my comprehension, why any reasonably intelligent human being would watch or listen to the Views angry, bitter women. They do nothing but malign and complain about the President. Yet they gush and spew praise on liars like Hilary and Obuma. They are disgusting.

  105. Joy Behar and the clueless bitches on the view couldn`t find a job cleaning toilets. They all are being paid to spew all that bull shit or they would be fired.

  106. who watches those bat shitte crazy old b……., that show should have been taken off the air years ago.would boycott the sponsors but dont know who they are since I wont watch that show

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