Idaho Protestors Vow “Defiance Against Tyranny”

About 100 residents of Priest River, Idaho gathered in solidarity Thursday evening after reports surfaced that the VA was planning to confiscate a local veteran’s firearms. The veteran in question – former Navy man John Arnold – was reportedly sent a letter from the VA office warning him that he was not allowed to possess or purchase guns of any kind. Concerned that federal agents might soon show up at Arnold’s door, residents formed a human shield around the house.

This wasn’t simply a demonstration driven by Arnold’s neighbors. Idaho state representatives like Heather Scorr and Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler were among the conservative officials present at the protest. The event even drew politicians from out of state. Washington state rep Matthew Shea said he was there to exercise “defiance against tyranny.”

The crowd passed the time with spirited songs, flag-waving, and a celebration of freedom. This area of northern Idaho runs toward the tea party end of the political spectrum, so it was no surprise to see the Gadsden flag make a prominent appearance. Notably absent, however, were any federal law enforcement officials.

“We don’t send officers to confiscate weapons,” said VA spokesman Bret Bowers. “We are about providing health care to veterans.”

That said, Bowers did admit that the VA sent a letter to Arnold, but he declined to specify the content of that communication. Technically speaking, the VA does have the right to bar veterans from purchasing firearms if they are found to be incompetent. Mental health problems such as dementia can lead to such a mandate, a policy that Second Amendment supporters fervently disagree with.

For now, it appears that Arnold’s firearms remain safely in his home. Whether that changes or not, the writing is on the wall. Just last month, the Obama administration warned that Social Security officials could use a similar mental-health test to determine whether or not recipients should own firearms. By forcing recipients to choose between their benefits and their home protection, they are trampling both the spirit and the text of the Bill of Rights.

Don’t Tread on Me

It’s encouraging to see a demonstration like this, even if it was relatively small by protest standards. It shows there are still at least a few Americans willing to stand up against federal tyranny. If there were more people like the hundred who gathered in Idaho, this country would be a lot better off.

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  1. So this is all well and fine, as long as those hundred protesters will be personally liable if anything happens to anybody, by letting them keep his guns.

    Kind of like an insurance policy (which we have been asking you to to put on firearms)

    don’t send officers to confiscate weapons,” said VA spokesman Bret
    Bowers. “We are about providing health care to veterans.” – See more at:

    • Troll,

      How is it that you don’t think politicians that run sanctuary cities like San Fransisco are not personally responsible for the death of Kate Steinle?

      You are such a bigoted hypocrite…

      • Had they GIVEN a crazy guy a gun that would be a different story wouldn’t it?

        Or is that logic to far above your pay grade?

        • Actually, they far worse by not deporting and not detaining the illegal that killed Kate Steinle.

          This was actually a law that could have saved lives if enforced. It has been proven, time and time again that the current unconstitutional gun laws are not preventing or even slowing down gun crimes. All they are doing is impeding on law abiding citizens 2nd amendment rights.

          • “It has been proven, time and time again”

            So posting a link should not be hard,
            Unless you are lying like usual.

            Let’s see what you turn out to be?


            Or ignorant?

          • Troll, CA has ample gun laws on the books for years now. They have NOT made a smidgen of a difference in gun violence.

            You are going to have to do your own research from here on out.

            You can not wake a person that is pretending to be asleep. You are pretending to be asleep.

          • The gun laws should apply to everyone not just to licensed firearms dealers. Anyone else can sell a firearm to another person without getting a background check on the purchaser. If the purchaser turns out to be a felon and kills a dozen people the seller isn’t held responsible in any way. This is not right. Everyone selling a firearm should have to get a background check on the purchaser before selling that firearm to him. I for one would think that all gun owners would want this also. It would be just much protection for them as well as everyone else. I know your going to say those felons will get their hands on guns anyway but we have to start somewhere.

          • You can sell a firearm without the buyer getting a background check, but if it’s used in a crime, they can trace the serial number back to the seller and he WILL be held responsible. It’s already illegal to sell firearms to felons. Come back when you actually know something about the gun laws.

          • Only if you are a firearms dealer. Check it out. I would like to hear from the last time a person that sold a firearm to a felon and got served with papers. I have never heard of one. Maybe you can clue me in.

          • Again, NOT HERE in California. You can not sell a firearm without passing it through someone with an FFL. You can not purchase a gun out of state and bring it into California without passing it through a FFL.

            That cost you about $100 on each transfer and a 30 day waiting period.

            NONE of these draconian unconstitutional laws have had an effect on gun violence in California. None have made the citizens of CA any safer.

            All the laws do is punish law abiding citizens. All they are designed to do is disarm law abiding Americans…..

            The criminals don’t bother to follow the laws, or obtain the guns through the process and then go insane. .

          • I am assuming that FFL stands for Federal Firearms License. Which goes with what I said. The average Joe can sell a firearm to his neighbor without getting a background check on him. I don’t know why you insist on dancing around the problem. Everyone should have to get a background check on the buyer of a firearm. A firearm dealer will lose his license if he gets caught selling a firearm without getting a background check but the average Joe has nothing to lose. He should be fined. Felons know this so they buy their firearms from the average Joe and not from a firearms dealer.

          • WRONG, I the average joe can not sell my firearm to my neighbor without sending it through an FFL. That FFL does the background checks, and waiting periods. All the while charging for his services at the tune of about $100 per transaction.

            These draconian laws have been in place for 20+ years in CA.. They have done nothing to curb gun violence. They have done EVERYTHING to hurt the average joe who wants to own a gun.

            You advocate for the destruction of the 2nd amendment. That destruction will only turn all of us into slaves.

          • You say the laws have done nothing to curb violence. So these felon that are doing all the violence have gotten their firearms somewhere. They had to get them off of the average Joe that wouldn’t lose their license for selling them their gun. Now don’t dance around my question. When did any average Joe get stung for selling a firearm to a felon. You can’t get me this information because nobody has ever got stung for this crime. A firearm dealer knows he will lose his license if he sold him the gun. I ask you again not dance around the question. I will bet you will.

          • Honestly, I do not understand why you can not grasp this concept… You must be pretending to be asleep. One can not waken someone that pretends to be asleep.

            Look at the data…. The mass violence shooters are getting their gun through legal means, including passing the current background checks and wait periods. After they obtain their guns, they go insane.
            The Thugs get their guns either by stealing a gun (Illegal alien in San Fransisco) or other lawless means. The gun that the illegal alien that should have been in jail in the first place that killed Kate Steinle in San Fransisco was stolen from a Park Ranger….

            So I tell you, the average Joe isn’t selling a firearm to a felon, the felons have multiple ways around the current laws to obtain firearms.

            BUT, the average joe is getting stung by the Government and their anti gun laws. The Average Joe PAYS all the fines, goes through all the background checks, does everything according to the unconstitutional gun grabbers laws…

          • So let’s let the felons have their 2nd amendment rights if we can’t stop them from getting guns. Doesn’t sound very smart to me.

          • Troll,

            Felons don’t HAVE 2nd amendment rights. The laws you propose will not stop felons from getting guns. Those laws only PUNISH law abiding citizens.

            Your statement makes me wonder if you have any smarts to start with…

          • Then you tell me if the background checks were made properly how it would affect you and all the other legal gun owners. Only if you are a felon does this law affect you. What are you afraid of? You have been brainwashed by the big firearms companies who would lose a lot of sales if this background check was enforced.

          • Again, you can not be awoken if you continue to pretend to be asleep.

            Every time I sell a gun in CA, whether or not through a swap meet or directly person to person, I have to hand the transfer of the gun over to an FFL. That FFL charges the buyer, approximately $100 for holding the gun and doing all the paperwork.
            If I purchase a gun outside of CA from a store, that gun has to be shipped to a CA registered FFL, the FFL holds the gun for the waiting period, does a background check on me and it costs me an additional $100 for his services.

            None of these CA laws which have been in place for MANY MANY years, have made a difference in CA gun violence..

            What these laws have done is COST, and punish law abiding citizens in the form of burdensome fees (taxes) and wait periods.

            I was awarded two handguns from a company based in Nevada. It cost me $100 each to use an FFL to get the guns shipped to me. They could only do one gun at a time, each with a 30 day wait period. So it took about 75 days and $200 to get those “Free” guns into my hands.

            Another friend of mine won a silent auction at a NRA banquet for a pair of dueling pistols. It cost him $100 in fees, and a 30 day wait for EACH gun.

            When you advocate for more stringent gun laws, you are NOT doing anybody and favors, nor are your efforts doing anything to stifle gun violence. All you are doing is hurting law abiding citizens.

            Politicians know that these laws will never work to reduce gun violence, they simply want to rid the general population of guns for their own nefarious reasons.

            Troll, Please intentionally wake up…

          • You are obviously a firearms dealer. I’m sure you have a license to sell firearms that you would lose if didn’t get a background check on the person buying the firearm from you. I’m talking about the average Joe that owns a .22 and wants to sell it to his neighbor. They can do this without getting a background check done and are not guilty of doing anything wrong. Stop dancing around my illustration.

          • Wrong again troll. I am not a firearms dealer. I am talking about the average joe that wants to sell his .22 to someone else.

            They can not do this in California… Not legally. I can’t even inherit a gun from a relative without registering the gun through a FFL.

            Do some research before you blather.

          • Well with all the firearms buying and selling you do even across state lines you should consider moving to another state where they don’t have such big transfer charges. I have a hard time believing that if the average Joe is selling his .22 to his neighbor for a 100 dollars and they have to pay a 100 dollar transfer fee. Your story just doesn’t add up. Like judge Judy says if you get caught in one lie it makes everything you say suspect.

          • Well I tell you the truth, yet you refuse to accept it. If you do not believe me, do some of your own research, you will find that I am telling the truth.

            California has had the laws you are proposing on the books for over 20 years now, They have not worked, and those laws will not work in your state either.

            You can continue to drink the liberal juice and allow yourself to be mislead, but you should understand that what you advocate for is nothing short of socialism.. In other words, communism.

            From this point forward you have been told the truth, and assumable have the knowledge to confirm what I have told you, if you don’t you are willingly staying asleep, and nobody can wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.

          • You still haven’t sent me a case where someone that was an average Joe and not a firearms dealer that was prosecuted for not getting a background check. Until then I will consider you a liar. I think I already proved this. You absolutely fabricate stories like all the Republicans to try and make someone look bad. Nothing new.

          • What the hell are you talking about? Why prosecuted for not getting a background check.

            Look you do not want to see, therefor you will never see.

            The laws you advocate for HURT average Joe people like ME, They cost me money, and they do NOTHING to protect ME, the average joe from gun violence.

            Your advancement of these laws serve only those in charge that want the average joe to live under socialism as a slave, but you are too thick headed to figure that out

          • The average Joe would understand exactly what I am talking about. You just want to keep dancing around the subject. You know you got caught in another lie. That’s why you keep dancing. If what you say is the law. Give me a circumstance where an Average Joe got found guilty of selling his gun to another person without getting a background check. I wouldn’t be afraid to come to your city and sell a .22 to anybody in that town and not get a background check. I don’t know how I can be more specific. Now all you have to do is admit you lied.

          • Bigot, if you wont believe me, do a little research on your own…


            What is the process for purchasing a firearm in California?
            Generally, all firearms purchases and transfers, including private
            party transactions and sales at gun shows, must be made through a
            California licensed dealer under the Dealer’s Record of Sale (DROS)
            process. California law imposes a 10-day waiting period before a firearm
            can be released to a purchaser or transferee. A person must be at least
            18 years of age to purchase a rifle or shotgun. To purchase a handgun, a
            person must be at least 21 years of age. As part of the DROS process,
            the purchaser must present “clear evidence of identity and age” which is
            defined as a valid, non-expired California Driver’s License or
            Identification Card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A
            military identification accompanied by permanent duty station orders
            indicating a posting in California is also acceptable.

            If the purchaser is not a U.S. Citizen, then he or she is required to
            demonstrate that he or she is legally within the United States by
            providing the firearms dealer with documentation containing his/her
            Alien Registration Number or I-94 Number.

            Purchasers of handguns must provide proof of California residency,
            such as a utility bill, residential lease, property deed, or
            government-issued identification (other than a drivers license or other
            DMV-issued identification), and either (1) possess a Handgun Safety
            Certificate (HSC) plus successfully complete a safety demonstration with
            their recently purchased handgun or (2) qualify for an HSC exemption.

            (Pen. Code, § § 26800-26850.)

          • Well you danced around it again. Are you just stupid or is it you just can’t admit you lied to me. No average Joe has been persecuted for selling a firearm to another person without getting a background check. I have asked you more than once to give me a for instance where they were. I’m getting sick and tired of reading the sane cabbage from you. Why don’t you admit you lied to me or if you didn’t send a copy of someone that got prosecuted. That would have to be someone that is not a gun dealer.

          • I have not lied to you… one can not waken someone who pretends to be asleep.

            If you think your nonsense is winning the hearts and minds of people around here you are wrong.

          • Nice dance.

          • The readers of these posts will decide who is dancing.
            I suspect you will pretend to sleep through that as well.

          • Did the Mexican drug dealers who were furnished firearms under the “fast and furious” deal get checked by the FFL before they got their firearms?

            Did the attorney general get arrested for orchestrating this deal, which resulted in the death of a border patrol agent and many Mexicans?

            Are you an Obamabot or just plain stupid?

            Stop dancing around the question.

          • If they weren’t checked they sure should have been. That is exactly my point. Every time a firearm is sold a background check should be made on the buyer. Even from one neighbor to another, a brother to a brother ect. That way there is always a paper trail. So when a felony gets committed you can trace the firearm all the way back. Just like an automobile.

          • “we have to start somewhere.”

            Why not start by electrocuting killers instead of freeing them like Obama is doing with illegal alien killers?

          • Do you trust your government totally in every aspect of your life?

          • I don’t trust them them in ANY aspect of my life!

          • your points are mute. the gov’t wants to disarm America. Period. Ck our NY Safe Act. It’s a long term confiscation scheme with 96% NON COMPLIANCE. You should ck out “reality” before posting stupid comments. They are after law abiding gun owner guns while letting illegal criminals in and not deporting them….That ILLEGAL ALIEN piece of crap who shot Kate Steinle who was walking down the street with her dad…..had no problem getting a gun ILLEGALLY with all the gun laws in place…..and yet you support going after a veteran. Your type of thinking makes me sick.

            Like MAHB001 said, the only people effected by gun control laws are law abiding gun owners who are not the problem.

            We have a Constitution which guarantees our God given rights to keep and bear arms. You wanna change that? Then get 2/3 of the states to agree with you. Otherwise, stop the insults towards those who understand our foundation and the difference between criminals and normal people.

          • I think you fit the bill, lying and ignorant.

        • You obviously are just another brain dead liberal /
          communist. Enjoy your false security blanket. You are just like the little peanuts character running around holding your security blancky (the government will take care of all my needs and keep me safe) in one hand and the thumb of your other hand in your mouth

        • That guy that shot Kate Stienle WAS a crazy guy, been deported 5 times and yet came back to his sanctuary city to shoot her. The media stated right off the bat he’d been rated as mental but let him go, don’t want to offend him so let’s be PC and hope he doesn’t find a gun or something. Before you start, I didn’t use or call you by any defamation so you keep it on an adult level too please. We’ll get farther discussing rather than arguing.

          • Question:
            Did the sicko who shot Kate Steinle get his gun from Holder’s “Fast and Furious” debacle?

    • You certainly are a gullible troll… among other things! If it’s true that the VA is “about providing healthcare to veterans,” why have so many veterans died while waiting to even be seen at a VA facility? Obama has mobilized the IRS, TSA, DHS and other entities within our government to illegally harass and intimidate law-abiding Americans. Maybe they don’t “send officers to confiscate weapons,” but that’s just misdirection. They will probably send somebody to this guy’s home, after the protection has left, and they will indeed strip him of his weapons.

      The right does NOT make up crises! Obama makes them up, so he and his minions can take advantage of them and screw the American people. Their battle cry for years has been “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

    • You are an idiot suffering from cranial rectal immersion.
      You’re the one who needs a Reality Check , because you’re stuck in the twilight zone , and refuse to see what is actually happening in this country.

    • And you’re a delusional fool.

    • You have NO IDEA what our Vet’s have to go thru. I have served as a service officer { American Legion} giving these folks rides to get their help THEY EARNED and were promised. Your ass is sucking air !!

  2. My Dr. actually asked me if I had guns at home….

    I told him that was none of his business…

    His answer was, “good for you,” and he smiled at me with a wink. This was not a question he wanted to ask.

    Anti-gun nuts are using the Health Care System to confiscate and log guns.

    I could see where the VA has become as corrupt as the IRS, NSA, and the MEDIA.

    • You are so right. Just think the potential of 3 of the 4 could be turned around if we get the right person in the WH and congress. I have not been asked that question at the VA but if I am I will demand to know how that information is needed to fix any of my medical problems and if you can’t give me an absolute reason then it makes no difference if I do or don’t have any guns at home.

      • The scenario here is worse than we may think. The very fact that one is asked says much. Please note also the questions that are being asked in different polls on the internet. 1) Who did you vote for last election 2) Do you approve or disapprove of Obama’s policies and then 3) Do you have more than $250,000 in the bank. Now, how did we get from question one to question 3?

        • I agree. I always refuse to answer the last question there or if you need to answer it to move forward I lie through my teeth because it is none of there business how much I make a year. Many of those polls have a refuse to answer option which is what I mark.

          • No such thing as a “lie through your teeth” when libtard ass holes are trying to destroy your Rights with a dictator’s whims, which requires our instant retaliation for his own destruction and every one of his supporting enemies against the U.S.A. Freedom …. !

          • Hey The Koran says to those of Islam it is okay to lie to defend your Faith. Lets take that bit of sound advice. And Lie like a Persian Rugs to defend our civil rights. Our God given rights. After all the commander and chief turd lies to the nation about every single subject matter. If it’s good for that scumbag it’s good for us.

          • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

            How can this piece of sewage feces be a commander in chief when he has never served in any kind of service or commanded any type of service rxcept to have people wait on him

          • Thank God all of my Commander’s in Chiefs have been White Guy’s

          • Your bigotry is not welcome in America.
            It is not even welcome anymore in S. Africa.
            Get a life.

          • I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS ABOUT S. AFRICA, And you jibber jabber about RIGHTS AND THE LAW! I have the right to say whatever the hell I want to! and if you don’t like it To bad! go crawl back in your hole! You are the one who needs to get a Life! Does the Truth in what I say Bother you! To bad so sad! BTW you have Collard greens on your breath YUCK!

          • Hate speech is a crime.

          • So Then Shut Up Already. Lord Shut Up.

          • It is your speech that borders on the criminal;.
            Moreover, you are extremely immature. How old are you. 10 or 11?

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            You are talking about Ted Cruz, right?

          • Cruz, who’s daddy was Castro’s best buddy? Well, until the money issues came up.

          • Or owned a business or even had a regular job. He has no idea about the ‘folks’ he’s always addressing.

          • Attorney at Law is a job.
            College professor is a job.
            Maybe you should have stayed in school?

          • He was disbarred and no one has ever been able to confirm his stories of professorship. Maybe you should have stayed in school.

          • Obama has never been disbarred.

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • BY David Herold

            I am reposting for those who have missed it.

            FORMER LAWYERS?

            I knew they had both lost their law license,
            but I didn’t know why until I read this.

            This is 100% legit. I check it out at Stands for Illinois
            Attorney Registration And Disciplinary Committee. It’s the official arm of
            lawyer discipline in Illinois
            ; and they are very strict. (Talk about irony.) Even I, at the advanced age of
            almost 65, maintain (at the cost of approximately $600/year) my law license
            that I worked so hard and long to earn.

            Big surprise.

            Former Constitutional Law Lecturer and U.S.
            President Makes Up Constitutional Quotes During State Of The Union
            (SOTU) Address.

            Consider this:

            1. President Barack Obama, former editor of
            the Harvard Law Review,

            is no longer a “lawyer”. He surrendered his license back in 2008 in

            order to escape charges he lied on his bar application. A “Voluntary

            Surrender” is not something where you decide “Gee, a license is not

            really something I need anymore, is it?” and forget to renew your

            license. No, a “Voluntary Surrender” is something you do when you’ve

            been accused of something, and you ‘voluntarily surrender” your license

            five seconds before the state suspends you.

            2 Michelle Obama “voluntarily
            surrendered” her law license in 1993.

            after a Federal Judge gave her the choice between surrendering her

            license or standing trial for Insurance fraud!

            3. Facts.Source:

            4. A senior lecturer is one thing, a fully
            ranked law professor is

            another. Barack Obama was NOT a Constitutional Law Professor at the

            University of Chicago .

            5. The University of Chicago released a
            statement in March 2008

            saying Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) “served as a professor” in the law

            school-but that is a title Obama, who taught courses there part-time,

            never held, a spokesman for the school confirmed in 2008.

            6. “He did not hold the title of
            Professor of Law,” said Marsha

            Ferziger Nagorsky, an Assistant Dean for Communications and Lecturer in

            Law at the University of Chicago School
            of Law.


            7. The former Constitutional Senior Lecturer
            (Obama) cited the U.S.

            Constitution the other night during his State of the Union Address.

            Unfortunately, the quote he cited was from the Declaration of

            Independence … not the Constitution.

            8. The B-Cast posted the video:

            9. Free
            Republic : In the State
            of the Union Address, President

            Obama said: “We find unity in our incredible diversity, drawing on the

            promise enshrined in our Constitution: the notion that we are all

            created equal.

            10. Um, wrong citing, wrong founding document
            there Champ, I mean

            Mr. President. By the way, the promises are not a notion, our founders

            named them unalienable rights. The document is our Declaration of

            Independence and it reads:

            We hold these truths to be self-evident, that
            all men are created

            equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable

            Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty
            and the pursuit of Happiness.

            11. And this is the same guy who lectured the
            Supreme Court moments later in the same speech?

            When you are a phony it’s hard to keep facts
            straight. Keep this moving — educate others

          • Neither have ever been disbarred. Stop repeating lies.
            Maintaining a law license requires continuing education. Expensive, time consuming education.
            People who have no intention of returning to law practice normally surrender their license — voluntarily,

          • I love it! AKLady must have an obumma phone, internet, and is on Crack! do you even know who your babies daddy’s are! That Scum Bad won’t be in Office much longer! He will wind up having to hide!

          • American bigotry for the world to see.
            I expect you claim to be a Christian,
            probably even go to church on Sunday.

          • The University of Illinois – Chicago has confirmed his position as a part-time professor, which is titled “Lecturer”.

          • Okay So Obama claimed to have attended the University of Columbia. Here’s a fact for you. Out of the 400 Obama’s supposed fellow Alumni. Not a single one can recall him ever being there. The only recollection comes from .One progressive professor. PERIOD.

          • No, Peatro, Obama never claimed to have attended “The University of Columbia”

            Well, for one thing, you have the wrong school in your statement.

            Obama attended Columbia University. The University proudly claims Obama as one of its alumni. He has bee profiled in the school paper on more than one occasion.

            Please stop repeating lies. It damages your reputation, not Obama’s

          • Same school same results just reversed the two words
            However the story is still very much the same not a single one of his former Alumni of 400 ever remembers him being there just like so much of his false history and fabricated events. And we’ll go back to his Forged Birth Certificate as well the social security card Number which in fact had been a signed to an individual from Connecticut. The federal law states All social security cards and numbers shall be a signed and given to only residents of those born in that state period. End of the Bullc##p Obama isn’t hated because he is black no he is hated in spite of him being black. I hate him because he is a profuse liar. A profuse divider of ethic groups of economic groups, That’s exactly why He is hated. Now for your information. I pray our next President is Dr. Benjamin Carson. Now here is a man of High morals high ethics a truly honest man a steadfast man. A highly skilled highly intelligent man. A truly gifted man Who came from near nothing guided by the loving hand of his Good honest hard working mother. This an is Proud to be an American . This is the man who can and should he be elected Will finally bring our Nation back to gather . Unlike the divider an chief liar Obama.

          • You are a lying bigot.

          • Actually only a racist bigoted piece of Obama dumbed down fool would call me a bigot. Facts speak for themselves. If your unable to handle the truth then please go back in to your Utopian false dream state. Apparently reality is just to much for you to handle. As for lying The FBI has never investigated Obama Forged birth certificate. Never. But Israelis Mosad has Sheriff Joe’s Deputies have and an Alabama a superior court judge found sufficient evidence enough to prove it a forgery. But The case which that evidence was brought before him was not pertinent to the case on Hand. So he rejected it.

          • I have very bad news for you — the FBI does a background check on everyone who is elected to government or is hired to work for government.

            You, sir, have no concept, whatsoever, about security in either the American government or military.

            You are making a fool of yourself before the entire world. Since you do not have to provide your real identity, you can indulge yourself in bigotry and les.

            Yes. that is what you are — an ignorant liar and a bigot.

          • No that’s not news and your diverting away from facts as I stated them . The FBI has never investigated Obama’s Birth certificate. As to the a Allegation of it being a forgery. Stop right there with the obfuscation. Fact is it is indeed a forgery as proven By the Israeli Mosad and Sheriff Joe’s Deputies as well experts of technology who specialize in photo and copy documents. Which is exactly why the Alabama supreme court justice believed also that they were forgeries. But would not let them be submitted as evidence because it was not pertinent to the case before him. Wake up sister Your guy is a lying cheating thieving racist anti American dog . And if you support him that make you just as guilty. For the destruction of what once was the only truly free social in the world .

          • Peatro, you have never worked for the U.S. Government or the U.S. Military. Further, you have never served in the U.S. Military.
            You are simply repeating a lie.

          • You are a Typical Porch Monkey! BLACKS HAVE NEVER EVER DONE ANYTHING on their own! NEVER! GOD MADE THEM THAT WAY FOR A REASON! Why aren’t you raising hell about the Bibles use of the word NIGGER!

          • Bibles do not use the racial slur.

            Dr. Mark Dean
            St, James West
            George Alcom
            Benjamin Banneker
            Dr. Patricia Bath
            Otis Boykin
            Maria Van Brittian Brown
            George Washing Carver
            George Crum
            Dr. Mark Dean
            Dr. Charles Drew
            Kenneth Dunkley ….

            Your education is extremely lacking.

          • BS. Barry couldn’t even pass a background check for access to Confidential and this Usurper has access to Secret and Top Secret data. Of course an illegal alien cannot be charged with treason. Terrorism is his forte.

          • ….. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels.

            Are you a member of the American Nazi Party?

          • I Am. Heil Hitler. (click click)

          • Speaking of lies, consider the following:

            I will have the most transparent administration in history.

            The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs. I

            I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.

            The IRS is not targeting anyone.

            It was a spontaneous riot about a movie.

            If I had a son., he would look like Travon Martin.

            I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds
            division, conflict and cynicism”.

            You didn’t build that!

            I will restore trust in Government.

            The Cambridge
            cops acted stupidly.

            The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my

            It’s not my red line – it is the world’s red line.

            Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.

            We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto
            companies, with interest.

            I am not spying on American citizens.

            Obama Care will be good for America .

            You can keep your family doctor.

            Premiums will be lowered by $2500.

            If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan.

            It’s just like shopping at Amazon.

            I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning to
            Mexican drug cartels.

            I knew nothing about IRS targeting conservative groups.

            I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi .

            I have never known my uncle from Kenya who is in the country
            illegally and that was arrested and told to leave the country over 20
            years ago.

            And, I have never lived with that uncle. He finally admitted (
            12-05-2013 ) that he DID know his uncle and that he DID live with him.

            And the biggest
            one of all:

            “I, Barrack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and
            defend the Constitution of the United States of America

          • Those are your lies — every one.

            Statements taken out of context are no different than lies.

          • Finish it out, an adjunct, semester by semester, no benefits, and with lecturer as his title he is one step up from a graduate assistant, or janitor, take your pick.

          • No, sir, you are repeating lies.

            You also do not know what an adjunct professor is.

            Many professionals also share their knowledge and experience by teaching part time.

            Obama taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for twelve years, as a Lecturer for four years (1992–1996), and as a Senior Lecturer for eight years (1996–2004).

            He practiced law as part of Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, a law firm specializing in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic development.

            He also served on a number of foundation boards, many of which he headed.

          • Wrong again. But then you have had to learn to live with failure, obviously. As a full professor of 45 years in the university system I can assure you I know infinitely more about professorial rank than you. Bammie Bojangles was, and is, a totally disgusting failure as a lawyer, lecturer, human, and president. Live it with, he’s your rumination of what a president should be.

          • Why lie?
            Your reputation is safe behind a screen name.
            Regardless, you are still a despicable human being — a bigot.
            All it takes is two quick Google searches to prove you lies.

          • And you hide behind a communist rifle? How nefarious, just like your hero, the fraud-in-chief. You have the integrity of a horned toad, the credibility of a democrat, and the honesty of a muslim.

          • Your language disproves your claimed education and employment.
            Your insult rather than fact post also disproves those claims.
            Your repeated assumptions speak just as loudly.ain, you could have been a football coach.
            Failure — Are you siting in the Whitehouse? Have written two International best-selling books?
            Have you taught at the University of Illinois School of Law?

          • Apologizing for the fraud-in-chief’s alleged accomplishments is much like petting a turd and thinking it likes you. Enough said here. Happily I don’t stand before you in judgment nor do I tolerate your arrogance. Look up histrionic personality disorder, it was tailor-made for you.

          • Same old, same old.

          • You lie like a rug.
            Anyone can spend two minutes on the Internet and debunk your lies.
            Give it up. Adjuncts and Lecturers are Professionals who teach part-time.

          • It took you forty-five years to graduate, or were you the janitor?
            Explains everything.

          • How you coming with your turd petting? Maybe you could learn to comprehend the written language along the way. In the mean time, GOTCHA!!!

          • Schools Are INDOCTRINATION CENTERS. Try Again.

          • Attorneys Are Lying Lazy THIEVES. So Called College Professors Are BURNED OUT HIPPIES. Try Again.

          • Come back and talk to me when you have passed the Bar Exam.

            When you qualify for a teaching license, we can discuss teaching.

            Since neither of those are likely to take place in the next 50 years, I don’t see us having much to discuss.

          • The same way as every other President who has not served — there have been many.

          • Because the
            U.S. Constitution say so.
            Obama is not the first not to have been military, he will not be the last.

          • He’s Not The Commander In Chief! All States Governor’s Are Commander In Chief Of Their States Military BECAUSE OBAMA HAS TOLD THE WORLD THAT HE IS A KENYAN! NO FOREIGN BORN CAN SIT AS OFFICE OF PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! His comments of his African birth was made THREE TIMES and if you DID’NT hear it when he broadcasted it go to u tube, IT’S THERE! #1 I AM A KENYAN AMERICAN! #2 HIS MICROPHONE WAS ON AND ALL OF AMERICA HEARD HIM TELL HIS HUSBAND MICHAEL THAT AMERICAN’S ARE STUPID! #3 HE STATED HE WAS RAISED IN AFRICA AND INDONISIA! Michael as Obama called him STATED “ALL THIS FOR A DAMN FLAG”! So demand of all your state leaders they already have control! Now take the citizens and military and arrest Obama,administration, all Obama appointees, all veteran administrators , state leaders,homeland security,department of justice and defence that REFUSED TO PROTECT AMERICA and have proven to be KENYANIZED!

          • Come on now! You haven’t learned anything from Liar an chief. Your being to honest.

          • Freedom of religion is the law in America.

            There are over 1.6 billon Muslims in the world.

            What more do you need to know?

          • And 10% of them are terrorist. And another 60% hate America even More now thanks to Obama Shillary an Kerry

          • American bigotry is so beautiful to behold.

            Then Americans, such as this one, wonder why we are called “Ugly Americans”.

          • You write as if You know something about American Bigotry. Yet You absolutely Know nothing of History. Whether Middle eastern Or American History. My suggestion for you is to study the 1915 Callepheit. If your intention is to side with Islam. Which unlike Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity or Judisum . Islamist and their Religion and those That practice Killing those that reject or denounce Islam worthy of beheading as it has been with Islam for thousands of years to present date. As well so called honor killings .But you wish to talk about American Bigotry. Yea I think I shall not learn much from you, when you present one singular, Facet of the story.

          • I have 18 years of excellent Catholic education.

            Christianity is not innocent, by any means.

            Islam has not yet exceeded the numbers killed in the ‘name of Christ’.

            Christians continue to murder. They are murdering in Africa. They are murdering right here in the USA.

          • No many have been Murdered in the name of Christianity. But millions are murdered in the name of Islam. Thousands across Europe an America each year. There is a significant difference though . There is zero Christian Priest ,Pastors, Bishops, Cardinals.not even The Pope is calling to murder Muslims. .Where on the other hand there are hundreds of Eimoms calling for the killing of infidels, Christians or others even other Muslims. If you have to go back a thousand years for comparison. Your argument is not valid. The Crusade s for one thing was about taking back Land. So history says . That History being ancient Roman .

          • Millions were murdered in the name of Christ.

            The Crusades.

            The conquest of the Caribbean.

            The conquest of South America.

            The conquest of North America.

            Thw conquest of Africa …

          • And how many conquest in The name of Jesus or Christianity in the last two hundred years Zero how many Africans are being murdered or enslaved today in the name of Islam Hundreds of thousands.
            Now AK LADY you say you’ve had 18 years of Catholic education. It seems the only thing you’ve learned from all those 18 years was about religion tradition and the Catholic dogma. To me one thing is clear . You never developed a relationship with God the Father ,his son and have cast out the Holy Spirit from your soul. I shall Pray for you. And shall continue to do so with each disparaging remark you make in reference to me or the only once truly free country. Yes America has made its mistakes. But not to acknowledge the events of maturity and growth. This nation has come to know prior to Obama is a sad state of mind for those whom dwell in past sins. Ask yourself this question. Why is it hundreds of million folks from all over the world wish to come here and basically no where else in the world. Why us that. It isn’t because we are an evil nation . No it is because we are a nation of fundamental good people . It’s a shame you dwell in such a tiny box of the past. You act as all those who live a life of victim hood. Never excepting responsibility for your actions or for your own persist of happiness. No you appear to be the type to blame everyone else for eternity your struggles or your unhappiness.
            Your only a victim if you wish to be a victim.

          • Christians, in the Central African Republic, have been quite busy murdering those who will not convert.

            Christians — ignorant ones at that — have been busy murdering in Oklahoma. Only, they were so stupid they thought only Muslims wore turbans. They murdered Sikhs leaving their temple.

            How many Americans are enslaved every day. Minimum wage is slavery — there is no argument to that fact.

            You are falling behind. Maybe you should find another information source.

          • Your referring to Bokaharom. It is Muslims murdering in all of Africa Christians are not.. Now your talking about an individual or two in Oklahoma. Please stop acting and speaking with ignorance.

          • You need to open your eyes.
            The news is reality — not what you want it to be.

          • Sorry but your talking like someone who believes every false report or post on some liberal progressive Bloggers sphere. What you perceive as reality ,is in fact false . For even the far left fringe media sources ,such as the BBC . Make no such claims. Please stop the fictitious stories they make you out to be what you accused me of being.

          • One cannot educate self-imposed ignorance. Hate will eat you from the inside.

          • Those that perceive hate from others; are merely viewing what is a reflection from with in their own hearts.

          • Your bigotry is on the Internet, to be witnessed by the entire world.

          • When are you going to join ISIS?

          • … “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels.

            Are you a member of the American Nazi Party?

          • “Do you know what we call opinion in the absence of evidence? We call it prejudice.”
            ― Michael Crichton

          • that being said ak –then you better hold on to something the wind will blow ya away

          • Americans are not Nazi.
            Religious hate is wrong.
            Prayed for a Muslim lately? Matthew 5:44

          • Nothing false about the data I have.
            Christians are killing in America.
            American prisons are full f Christians who have been convicted of murder.

          • Ah so Prisons are FULL, but not with Christians. There Full of LUNATICS LIKE YOUR SELF.

          • Peatro, check the data.

            I’ve found Jesus, I’ve found the Lord … I’m now a Christian is something parole boards see every day.

            Before the convict is off parole, they are back in prison — having committed another crime.

            Same goes for Murderers trying to have the death penalty set aside.

            Do some actually become Christians? Yes, but the numbers are tiny.

          • you can do an say as you please ak but it will not make you right—ahhh but you already know this

          • I know I am right. Jesus told me so.

            “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” Matt 5:44

          • That doctor murdered in the middle of a church service was not Boka Harom. He was an American — in America.
            If you are going to make accusations, at least learn the name of the accused.

          • It’s a pity. That at your age you need be taught about semantics. You start out by accusing Christians as a group . When you’ve finally figured out. That your unable to expand your false hoods you merely Resort to pointing toward sick demented individuals who’s actions do not even come close in comparison to the group known as Islamic extremist. Further more when naming those groups who are a serious b threat to all man kind you point to ancient acts. Then you revert to false claims of Christ’s murdering whole sale in central Africa. Then again. Back to actions of an individual. Pity try telling your false hoods to a lesser educated individual . I’ve spent many more years in Europe and Northern Africa then You have in a relationship with God.

          • your asking way too mush peatro

          • You might be right ? But I must ask.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            You’re nothing but a disingenuous BS artist, content to live with your head in the sand. But….you are highly ‘entertaining’. Liberal stupidity on full display for all to see.

          • Is “disingenuous” your new vocabulary word for the week?

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            “Lady”, and I use that very loosely, clever you are NOT.

          • What makes you think I was trying to be clever?

          • The only prejudice of either word or deed is that reflection of your own image in the mirror of Truth. A moderate Muslim today is a terrorist of tomorrow. Proof the false charity group knows as Cair.

          • Americans are not Nazis.
            Religious hate is wrong.

          • The only religious hate is that from Muslims

          • The Council on American-Islamic Relations is a civil rights and advocacy group. It is not a “charity”. It is a nonprofit organization.

          • So now your trying to deny, What Ciar , states through its own leadership. You really need to catch up on the facts.
            The B.S. your spewing has risen to its highest level,having reached the press apiece.

          • Mastery of the English language would resolve much of your political angst


          • Well mastery of understanding when bullshit is being spewed from a liars mouth . Is what I received my Masters degree in. Your quite the neophyte in spoken bullshit . Fact is Cair Claims to be a non profit charitable organization. Now try peddling your bullshit else where. Your in way over your head.

          • Actually, it does not — never has.
            Why do you find it acceptable to lie?

          • Now isn’t that Just like the immature child saying but you said this or you said that. Yes child an your daddy says
            !grow up. In fact ever single occurrence when CAIR WAS CAUGHT BY ISRAEL RED HANDED SENDING SUPPLIES TO HAMAS ,AN THE HEZBALA. This is The statement That CAIR would make . We are a not for profit charity providing emergency supplies to The Palestinian people. Please continue with your over blown lies. And just what an who are all three organization they are Terrorist. CAIR COVERTLY. HAMAS PUBLICLY AS WELL THE HESBALA

          • lord no ak clever is beyon you

          • Insult all you want.
            Matthew 5:44 — Suggest you read and learn.
            I don’t hate elderly people.
            I don’t hate little children.
            I don’t hate babies.
            How many have you murdered?

          • How many have your bored to death with your socialist BS? Round to the nearest 100K.

          • Only the ignorant — like you.

          • Wow! An entire nation of ignorami and only one glowing ember of intellectual deliverance. But then, all we have to go on is your opinion of yourself and, like Bammie Bojangles and his nefarious past, it just aint good enough, sister. You are, in fact, a genetically identifiable female, are you not?

          • ..Same old, same old.

          • And a great big Monday morning “yawn” to you bag lady.

          • If I wanted to kill myself I’d climb your ego and jump to your IQ.

          • no ak but if the shoe fits you should wear it

          • muskat antonopolis

            yup….you and Reality Check are buds…..both on the payroll….what a
            shame….good minds being dumbed down just to illicit banter on the
            network….my advice …teachers are in demand…get certified..and go
            to work using your God given intelligence to help someone rather than
            being AKLady and RealityCheck…such a waste…

          • College-level teachers are not licensed. The university that hires them validates their experience and education.

          • muskat antonopolis

            whoa thar lil lady….don’t get the uppities now. didny say that you seemed qualified as
            an instructor at that level of ed……perhaps hi-schl wld be more appropriate….regardless,
            you seem educated and it is truly a waste of your time hammering away at these little
            squares for the purpose of argument….I however am not as smart as I think I am and,,,
            I do not think that I am very smart…yet not do I pound the plastic for the accumulation
            of letters perhaps sorted into intelligible meaning for no aim …forsooth..forsooth…

          • Same old, same old.
            I am retired. However, I still tutor.

          • “What a sad era when it is easier to smash an atom than a prejudice.”
            ― Albert Einstein

          • It is easier for a camel to walk through the Eye of a needle. ( here’s my addition to this parable) Than it is for a progressive fool to leave behind childish Ideals.

          • You assume so much. There was a time when I respected your opinion. That is becoming more difficult with every recent post you have made.

          • Not for not converting for defense!!! You need to quit dreaming and read a news paper or LISTEN to someone OTHER than the voices in that head of yours!!!

          • $$$$ A big lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

          • Do you know where Hitler got his message??? Woodrow Wilson!! Distortion is easy when you do not look for facts just repeat what people tell you!

          • It’s probably because they are all BLACK! so Ms. Know it all! Why did God Create the RACES! let’s just see how smart you really are! and I don’t want a Friggin Google Answer either!

          • God did not create the races. Environment did that. Melatonin protects against sun damage and cancer.

          • Now I know your an IDIOT!

          • You believe in a magical sky god.

            I accept document scientific research findings.

            The two will probably never come to agreement.

            Well, I take that back, Catholic schools teach both science and religion. You see, nothing in the Bible says how God made things or how long one of His days lasted.

          • I’d love to come and Piss on your God while you watch!

          • the lady is cutting limb from behind her

          • How many children did you murder last week?

            Matthew 5:44

          • Give up, You just can’t fix stupid. You will accomplish more trying to talk to a fence post.

          • Sorry but I am driven by the spirit with in. To never give up.
            Giving up just isn’t with in my nature even in front of over whelming odds. Aka lady has walk away an denounced her faith in Christ Jesus . It is apparent for all the world to see. She had taken upon her neck the yoke of Islam.That also is quite evident. So like King Solomon she now worship at the alter of a false god. An a religion based solely in lies as well designed by a Rapist, pedophile, thief,murderer ,liar Hypocrite, an final a Plaigurer.

          • Don’t you get it? Aklady is a paid troll that gets paid per response. It will say anything to provoke an answer. Quit replying and the troll starves. Believe me and others, it will continue longer than you are able and you are making it rich. Starve the troll!

          • Yes: I fully an completely understand your contention. Have you ever thought quite possibly that I might be a paid Conservative troll . Payed to distract the progressive trolls. So that others might converse without interruption. This for me is a game of love. In which I would do freely without payment.

          • muskat antonopolis

            et tu brutus? just like the kids used to say…”takes one to know one….
            nana booboo…phtttttttttttt

          • You are deceived !! The Americas were conquests for land and power by governments they may have had religious freedom in mind for N.America because it IS founded on Christianity can’t commit about S.America or the Caribbean that would take WAY too much time. But as for the Crusades that was to drive the Moslems out of southern Europe back to the Middle East and besides that was 1000 years ago.Oklahoma USA 2015 have no idea what by your talking about IF the Molem that killed people by beheading ??? Yes that was over Islam S.C. was PURE racism!!! The god of Islam WAS/IS Moham head’s moon god of Mecca one of over 300 demonic things the Arabs worshiped and IF you read the Bible or the news you would know that THE GOD of the Bible is NOT the same! Stop making judgments from what you have been TOLD and see for yourself!! You will greatly surprised they are TOTALLY different!! Jesus died for US for FREE the moon god of Moham head wants YOU to die for him!! BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!

          • The Good word.

          • Oklahoma 2015 — Christians murdered Sikhs as they came out of their temple.

            They thought only Muslims wore turbans.
            Prime example of red-state ignorance.

          • muskat antonopolis

            hey, are you and Reality Check related or did you go to the same school
            of “just plain stupid” together?

          • You are publishing your abject ignorance.

            Muslims worship the God of Abraham — the same Gog worshipped by Christians and Jews.

            Are the lies you are spouting how you justify engaging in Nazi religious hate and killing?

          • Why do you hate muslims?

          • Thee are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. They worship the God of Abraham, just as Jews and Christians do.

            America is not “founded on Christianity”.

            A big lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

          • The Arabs of the old testament worshiped false gods even then. The Dagon’s Moleck’s etc… In the time after Christ the worship Jinn’s or as we say jennies Mohammed met a demon in a cave that horrified him HE then elevated the moon god of Mecca HIS home town to supreme deity and that IS history!! None are so blind as those who will not see! The Allah is the God of the Bible IS WAS and always will be a lie!! You need to read what Walib Shobat a former Palestinian terrorist can explain much better than I can there all SEVERAL other former terrorist out there if you google the subject!! I believe that the Bible tells us best, those that do not believe can NOT understand!! You have my prayers that you can see this someday!! Do NOT take my word for it but please LOOK so you can SEE!!!

          • PROVE IT.

            YOU ARE A LIAR.

          • Your overdosing your Xanax girl. Seek help.

          • its more than an over dose

          • … “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels.

            Are you a member of the American Nazi Party?

          • The promise was made to Abraham’s sons all the way to The Christ, Jesus Christ was the promise; not Hagers offspring and surly not to Mohammad, the star that fell with the key to the bottemless pit.

          • wooooo lady i got so bad news for you –it easy to see with that 18 years of ed. you learn nothing an your talking through a hole in your head–if you think the god of islam is the same as the one i know you have took leave of your senses–mine is a god of love–isliam is not—no god i know besides satan tell you to do what the koran tell them to do–have i read it yes have you –no

          • Christianity, Islam, Judaism all worship the God of Abraham.

            Apparently, that truth makes you very uncomfortable — it should. Religious hate is wrong.
            Matthew 5:44.

            Islam is also based on the Holy Bible — Old Testament. The Koran is only one of the Holy Books.

          • B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Why not really exaggerate your facts? List all those who died of natural causes in specific locations around the globe. Then list those who died of complications of illness that occurred in the absence of medical facilities, then all those who voted a democrat ticket in the last election, and you can round out the figures much better.

          • No, there needs to be something left for you to lie about.

          • Why? You are lying about being a lady, and one full of BS at that.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            “I have 18 years of excellent Catholic education”….Yet, apparently you didn’t learn a damn thing, if you think there’s some sort of moral equivalency between modern Christianity and modern Islam. For someone so ‘progressive’, you sure spend a lot of time living in the past.

          • Grow up.
            Get an education.
            Ask God to forgive you for hating.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            Shut up.
            I have degrees in Math and Physics, how about you genius?
            God helps those who help themselves. Something liberals have great difficulty understanding.

          • Biology, Chemistry and International Trade.

          • He asked for degrees, not introductory college courses. You really get off on being insulted, degraded, belittled, and verbally maimed, don’t you? We have a term for it in psychiatry, masochism. Next you’ll be instructing us on how to defy God’s law and change sexes in the middle of a life span.

          • Those are the degrees I hold. BS, BS & Ph.D. in that order.

            Now, lets see what the next insult you can invent.

            No, I enjoy making bigots look like ignorant fools.

            What can I do for you?

          • I guess you said it best; TWO, two, 2 BSs. You’d need that much fodder to rest your laurels on.

          • Same old, same old.

          • I hate all STUPID PEOPLE! and if you don’t like what our Founding Fathers started pack your Crap and LEAVE!

          • Freedom of religion is what our Founding Fathers insisted upon.

            Maybe you should pack your bags and leave.

            By the way, foul language is very childish.

          • oh boo hoo, I thought you were a Christian! you are suppose to love me ! your a hypocrite

          • You ignorant moron. How many Christians do you know that beheaded anyone in the USA in the past 50 years? Most Christians gave up the crusades hundreds of years ago. The Muslims have not progressed in a thousand years.

          • Disgusting, sad but true. NUKE ‘EM is the answer.

          • Four Florida students hacked a 17-year-old boy with a machete and buried him alive before two of the killers celebrated by having sex near the murder scene (08/20/2015).

          • I have read and studied the Catholic History also, the Catholic Priest were giving to much power that they abused. they even evented the torture chair. They over taxed and treated the people unfairly and instead of Christ they became the lil gods. It’s a fact.

          • Then, we must agree, religious hate is wrong — For Christianity as well as all other religions.

          • really? an lady they are getting killed left an right–now–18 years of excellent catholic education–hummmmmm–what did you learn?

          • Getting killed?

            Ignorance is said to be bliss. You seem quite blissful.

            How many children did you kill today?

          • I’ll bet if you were face to face with any of us here you wouldn’t be so MOUTHY!

          • You would be wrong.
            If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels.

            Are you a member of the American Nazi Party?

          • Better ugly like you and not be-headed.The only good mu-slime is a dead one!

          • There won’t be any Virgins left if we Kill them all! 🙂

          • ….. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels.

            Are you a member of the American Nazi Party?

          • now your wrong–freedom in america has took a hike since the mad rabid dog obama came in power

          • How many old ladies did you murder today?

            Name calling is for children in nursery school. Grow up.

            You are an embarrassment to America.

            You are an embarrassment to your parents.

            Religious hate is wrong. Americans are not Nazis.

          • 1.6 billion people who want us dead.

          • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Religious hate is evil, it is wrong. Are you a Nazi?

          • If you people just don’t respond to that AKLady, “it” will just fade away.

          • Sorry brother. But it just isn’t in my nature to quit. I love drawing the lunatics out from behind their walls of ignorance , intolerance an prejudice. So that the world might see them for who they truly are.

          • Peatro, I agree. I just get tired of a bitch who thinks she knows everything and berates others. However, keep on keeping on. I’ll read the comments. Have a good’un.

          • Actually the bitch we are referring to utilizes some truth ,however she manipulates those truth’s in such an extreme manor . Making them irrelevant. Further leaving herself looking much like the bigoted, racist ,moron She Truly is.She wants the truth but she can’t handle the truth. As old Jack would say.

          • …..Get an education.
            Read the Constitution.
            Pay particular attention to the 1st Amendment.

          • Insult away.

          • Get an education.
            Read the Constitution.
            Pay particular attention to the 1st Amendment.

          • ….Get an education.
            Read the Constitution.
            Pay particular attention to the 1st Amendment.

          • Get a life, go back to school ,study the true meaning of the 1st amendment to the bill of rights. For you interpretation is whoa fully inadequate.

          • You really should not make assumptions about someone you know nothing about.

            I am quite familiar with the 1st Amendment. I am also very familiar with what the U.S. Supreme Court has repeated ruled is not covered under “free speech”.

            You might want to research and read those cases.

          • Yep, a muslim usurping illegal alien commander in chief of queers and liberals….Wait same thing, my bad…

          • Freedom of religion is what America was founded upon.

            Your hate is un-American.

          • I suggest you get your head back into the sunshine and open your eyes and ears. Complacent people have taken down other countries.

          • skyhawk your wrong an the lady is right

          • You a troll, too? Or just very intelligence challenged?

          • Get an education.
            Read the Constitution.
            Pay particular attention to the 1st Amendment.

          • You’d stand a better chance of convincing a rock that it’s a Nerf-Ball then convincing AKLady of ANYTHING! Been there and done that!!! Trust me I’ve dealt with her before!! Your just a wasting your time on her!
            You can lead a horse’s a$$ to knowledge but you can’t make it think ergo ALL she knows is the DumboCRAPZ rhetoric!!

          • Your are entirely correct. Constitutional law is over the heads of red-state, Fox brainwashed robots — such as yourself.

          • I suggest you read the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

            Ignorant people are destroying this Nation.

          • Correct, you ARE destroying America…
            If you are not ignorant, you are evil.

          • I never insult anyone accidently.

          • Are you a member of the American Nazi Party?

          • Educate yourself.
            The border jumper is not the problem. S/he is the target you are being aimed at.

            The majority of illegals in this country are highly educated and work in technical fields. They entered the county legally and have failed to renew their visa or leave when it expires.

            The problem will not end as long as Little Jimmy keeps getting “Art History” degrees.

          • If anyone is un-American it’s you.

          • ..Get an education.
            Read the Constitution.
            Pay particular attention to the 1st Amendment.

          • Yes, you have the right to be an azzhole.

          • Foul language is childish. How old did you say you were?

            If you want involved in American government, please learn our language — English.

          • My age is NOYB. You consider yourself a good American? You’re not.

          • Foul language is English and if it’s not, it’s American! who you think invented the middle finger salute for the love of Christ!@’#*

          • I strongly suspect you claim to be a Christian.

          • Childish foul language.
            Grow up.

          • It is said that ignorance is bliss. You seem very blissful.

          • You say the same thing to everyone. It must be you who are the one who is stupid.

          • It is terribly sad, but there seem to be many on this site who failed both history and civics.

          • I refuse to do your homework!

          • Your self-imposed ignorance is not only sad, it is an embarrassment to our Nation.

          • You must have had a bad childhood.

          • Typical —

            When devoid of fact, the right-wingers always insult.

            ..Get an education.
            Read the Constitution.
            Pay particular attention to the 1st Amendment.

          • FILTH.

          • Pay attention.


          • …“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Joseph Goebbels.

            Are you a member of the American Nazi Party?

          • Liberal policy (Democrat) philosophy!

          • Maybe you should try studying some history.

          • Why do you hate everyone?

          • Why do you ask stupid questions?

          • So is trolling, so dry up and blow away.

          • Such intelligence.
            Grow up.

          • …Get an education.
            Read the Constitution.
            Pay particular attention to the 1st Amendment.

          • Hate is a poison you take hoping everyone else will die from it.

          • Maybe, but it doesn’t mean we have to offer up our azz’z for the enemy
            Leaving us exposed is un- American!

          • In 6 years he’s turned America into Six Flags for fags.

          • Homosexuality is a variation documented in 1,500 species.
            Your hate and bigotry are un-American, as well as, unchristian.

          • Sit on it. I don’t hate facts. I see more bigotry on the sodomite side than on the straight side. As for being un-American, Homosexualism is not American. It’s deviant sexual behavior. Liberals always want deviant sexual behavior. if everyone does it then they won’t feel guilty. I’m not part of your guilt game. Quit with your ignorance and social engineering. You’re no lady. Your a progressive activist that needs to find a hole to crawl into and shovel the dirt over yourself. The 1,00 species you mention have these deviants in their species. That’s how nature thins the herd. Homosexualism is entropy on steroids.

          • Bigotry and ignorance on display for the world to see. Get an education — a valid science education.

          • Same to you!

          • I did.
            Try it, you might like it.
            Education opens a lot of doors.

          • Validation of sexual deviance 101. I didn’t sign up for that class. Glad I didn’t. It was full of corrupt liberals.

          • The class you missed was Biology 101.

          • Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. I remembered that much. My gutted frog had more sense than you.

          • Biology: The science of life or living matter in all its forms and phenomena, especially with reference to origin, growth, reproduction, structure, and behavior

          • Speaking of life; you should try to “get a life” & stop trolling !

          • I have a life. I suggest you take control of your own.

          • Biology has come a long way since your “gutted frog”.

          • Freedom of religion is what this country was founded upon.

            Freedom of religion is what our Founding Fathers fought and died for. Islam was been part of American from the beginning.

            The first casualty of the American Revolution was a Muslim.

            The first country ro recognize our Nation was Muslim.

            Oh, and we brought thousands of Muslims here against their will — in chains. We also bought and sold them like livestock.

          • Carla,
            I have spent a lot of time trying to prove you are correct but even our best allies have caved into big bucks.

          • muskat antonopolis

            carla..i do not know if this post will make it or not…..the last one did not…but here goes double dipping…the big ‘o’ did not speak of his citizenship nation but of his ancestoral
            nation…the nation from whom his gpeople descended… we say that we are
            descendants of German or Italian people….(and because we like to drink beer and eat
            fatty foods), but, relax..he, the big ‘o’ got caught up in the magic of the microphone and
            popularity…..he made some unthoughtout comments perhaps as did JFK when he
            said ich bien ein Berliner (i am a Berliner (Germany)…..oops, so sorry JFK but you
            cannot be the pres. because you are from Berlin….no he was descended from
            Ireland….the land o farty shades of green……oh well, we all misspeak………

          • muskat antonopolis

            but just so anybody who reads this post and says….ahha…hes a bloody obama pusher,
            …NO..I AM NOT….i await the next election with anxiousness…..i look forward to a
            day when America is numero uno in the world …and not to “more of the same”….
            but man i mean….if we DO NOT HOLD OUR ELECTED LEADERS FEET TO THE FIRE
            this time to make them do as they “promise”, then IT IS OUR FAULT……and no amount
            of whinning will make a difference…..VOTE with your head outside your ass and after
            you have done enough research to say “YES….this is he Man to vote for”..then you
            have done your job!………

          • Freedom of religion is the law in America.
            Freedom of religion is why America exists.
            Bigotry, hatred and ignorance seem to go together.

          • ITS what the radical Mu-slimes do…….Bigots, haters, ignorant stupid maggots.

          • “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels.

            Are you a member of the American Nazi Party?


          • “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Joseph Goebbels.

            Are you a member of the American Nazi Party?

          • Why Yes I Am. Now Kiss My Iron Cross.

          • But you apologize for the usurper in chief? Better get your priorities straightened out, ace.

          • muskat antonopolis

            nyet….stupido…..ich bien nicht “ace” name is muskat anatoplois…and WHO are you?
            este hadke loxie ojus….chow…

          • Obysmal is more arab than black. His ancestors were slave traders and traitors to their tribes.

          • Where do you get these lies? Why do you find it necessary to lie about Obama?


          • Lying is wrong — the Bible says so.

            Racial hate is wrong,

            Are you a member of the American Nazi Party?

          • Why do you hate the Bible?

          • JFK had American parents — he could have been born anywhere in the world.

          • muskat antonopolis

            berry berry true..but anyone can disavow their citizenship…not saying jfk did..just saying,,,and then he would have been removed from office….hypotheatrical……ladeda..

          • You think Anyone spends over a million $$$ to cover up a document cause it has good news written upon it?

          • Your post is 100% false.

            Anyone who is American by birth may be President — does not have anything to do with where you are born geographically.

            If it did, every child of military parents, who is born overseas, could not become President.
            Foolish, foolish lies.

          • Lying is wrong.

            Your lies are an insult to every American.

            Your lies label you as very ignorant.

            Your lies are an embarrassment to America.

            You need to repeat English 101. You missed a whole lot.

          • There’s a saying that I like: “It is no sin to mislead evil people.” And many in our government are downright EVIL!!

          • If we are to reflect upon that saying ,one would soon see, that the sin winds up being more evil committed against good.

          • whether i do or do not own a gun is none of there business and if they ask me i will tell them that. i don’t own a gun but they are making me think about getting one to protect myself from illegal immigrants, black thugs, lying politicians and a traitor for a president. i can see a time when lock and load may be needed even in little nh! between the refuge city of manchester and the epidemic of heroin that the state can’t seem to do anything about, protecting oneself seems the thing to do. thank you obama! you non american lying fraud president. just keep leaving those borders open and putting us in danger while you do not uphold your oath of office!!!

          • Francesca ! You live with in the epitome of live free or die state yet You do not posses a firearm . My sister do you not understand . You and your loved ones very lives depend on you for providing the very means ; for your’s and their security. It is not the police or county Sheriffs. Who are responsible for your protection. Purchase one or more pay for some quality training and practice as often as you are able.

          • i have an airborne desert storm vet for son and a five year marine grandson….my loved ones have me covered at the moment.

          • So when their not around and your grandchildren are with you alone and in danger, what will you do then. Call 911.

          • At first thought, one would think that that having members of your family being either a “Vet” or a current US Military recruit or officer would be sufficient to protect you but then again, the current administration is working overtime to conger up ways to disarm ALL of our US Military Vets and then some…

            Note to everyone…every day that goes by where Hillary Clinton’s numbers continue to go down is one step closer to a false flag which will of course plunge us into and under “Martial Law”

            The current person in office cannot afford to have anyone but one of his insiders win as president because if someone else did win then ALL of the truth would come out about the goings on including the corruption and the weaponizing of our Government so….

            The powers that be need to and must figure out a way to disarm our American Vets and anyone else who has some sort of formal training because they could stand in the way of whatever plan they have up their very nefarious & collective sleeves.

            The very good news is that “they” live in a bubble and mostly tend to step on their own peckers because they almost always immensely under estimate the resolve of the American People.

          • You’re for Hillary? She’s very anti-gun.

          • lets talk about the resolve of the american people—resolve is a word like took a hike–gone–setting–looking out for # 1 screw the rest–takes too mush effort to stand up for this country—will someone –any one fix this nation?—THAT I SET AN LET IT GO TO HELL

          • Executive order 100 is still in effect, we are under martial law.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yea, right! You’re so full of shit!

          • good luck on that one

          • Charlotte Deneice Windham

            Do they live with you at all times. All it takes is for them not to be there. Never open the door to a stranger. I keep a gun on my night stand,move it to my living room by chair,and it is always with me.

          • And Charlotte.
            Never leave home without it !

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Sorry, it got washed away.

          • Ever consider she might not want to the let the world know the extent of her ordinance?

          • That might have been possible, though not likely considering her reply back to me. Which you may wish to Read.

          • that reason does not work–less crime if they know your cocked an loaded

          • Yeah, advertise all your hardware so the feral government can drop by and liberate it all. No, thanks.

          • Feds already know what I have, “NFA’s”. (Former NFA Dealer)

          • The research shows in communities where people legally own guns, the crime rate goes down. Our 2nd Amendment is adamant on this issue.

          • Ordnince?

          • There we go. I wasn’t trying to be petty. I knew there was a different spelling and that’s why I asked. Have a great day.

          • Hey, not a problem. We were both wrong, but now we know.

          • How about you learn the English language and maybe some grammar — before you tell us how to run our country?

          • She got her point across, didn’t she? I understood what she meant and I’m fairly sure that everyone else did too (excepting Alice) of the Restaurant).

          • Aklady is a well known and totally ignorant troll.

          • Yeah, I know. I just like to “tweak” her every now and then.

          • look aklady–not everone is or thinks their as smart as you think you are—a first stone thrower

          • The wrod “their” is a personal pronoun.

            As in ‘their house’, ‘their can’, ‘their children.’

            Again, please learn our language before you try telling us how to run our country.

            Americans are not Nazi.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            G F Y BITCH !

          • –On June 8, 2015 Michael Dennewitz was arrested on a fourth degree felony charge of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. (Washington Country, OH Sheriffs Office).

          • No, but a lot of Nazis are Democrats, please go back to wherever it was you came from before you ruin ours! There it’s been said; they’re not going to be happy that your Muslim leader failed in bringing down America. TThis illegal should be deported and take as many of his loving Muslim followers with him!
            Trump 2016; deport Obama back to Kenya!

          • Hello you old troll, you. How’s tricks? How’s it hanging you old pusbag? Got any lately?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            G F. Y. TROLL

          • On June 8, 2015 Michael Dennewitz was arrested on a fourth degree felony charge of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. (Washington Country, OH Sheriffs Office).

          • I’m thinking he should have slapped you around a little harder!

          • How about stopping the harassment toward anyone on this listing…..good manners dictates!!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            How bout if you run out back and have sex with your dog again and STFU ??

          • —-On June 8, 2015 Michael Dennewitz was arrested on a fourth degree felony charge of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. (Washington Country, OH Sheriffs Office).

          • you best get a gun cause things are not going to get better–we are setting this out been setting 7 years why get up now–

          • I hear 22 LR rounds are getting plentiful again. About time.

          • .22s aren’t much better than bb’s, unless you’re a dead shot to an eye or vital organ. Better to employ a 9mm, .40 or .45; better yet, a .357 magnum! Hollow points work best, too.

          • I like the 44 mag. Ruger Redhawk . I’ve owned two. I’ve blasted through cars in junk yards with the 44. Through the firewall, the front seat, through the back seat and out the trunk using 240 grain wad cutters. I like 22 rds for rabbits and squirrels or other small varmints. The 22 rd is light weight ammo. I can carry more of it. With 25 round clips I’m sure anything else will get the message.

          • Visit your local gun store, and get it before you won’t be able to. A .40 or .45 should work real well to protect yourself & family from the onslaught of criminal illegal US invaders. Then, visit your nearest range and get trained in safely using it!

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Hey, the Talmud, the most important “secret” scripture of the Dzhooze says that as well.
            It also says that if you find a lost wallet on the ground in a mostly Jewish neighborhood you should publicize that, but if it is a mostly Christian neighborhood, you should keep your mouth shut.

          • The Talmud is filled with writings of everyday life, news of births,deaths,anniversaries political news, Gossip, rumors, cultural events. The Talmud Tells the stories of Everyday Jew’s and their normal lives. I think you know not much about The Talmud and are merely promulgating falsehoods. From lack of Knowledge.

          • It is Druze, learn to spell. The Druze are not Muslims. They are not Jews. The Talmud is not part of their religion.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            I am not talking about the Druze, AKLady. I am talking about the Dzhooze, which I am spelling phonetically.

          • Well, you are making no sense, whatsoever.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            Then you should understand him perfectly, you’re very good at “making no sense”.

          • The Koran also says it is ok to LIE to advance the cause of their Siria Law! And that is exactly what has happened in this WH administration.

          • Maybe you should try reading the Old Testament — lies, pedophilia, murder all permitted by God.

          • Good – so now we can NUKE ‘EM and rid the world of Mu-slimes.

          • ..“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Joseph Goebbels.

            Are you a member of the American Nazi Party?

          • Speaking of lies, consider the following:

            I will have the most transparent administration in history.

            The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs. I

            I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.

            The IRS is not targeting anyone.

            It was a spontaneous riot about a movie.

            If I had a son., he would look like Travon Martin.

            I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds
            division, conflict and cynicism”.

            You didn’t build that!

            I will restore trust in Government.

            The Cambridge
            cops acted stupidly.

            The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my

            It’s not my red line – it is the world’s red line.

            Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.

            We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto
            companies, with interest.

            I am not spying on American citizens.

            Obama Care will be good for America .

            You can keep your family doctor.

            Premiums will be lowered by $2500.

            If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan.

            It’s just like shopping at Amazon.

            I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning to
            Mexican drug cartels.

            I knew nothing about IRS targeting conservative groups.

            I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi .

            I have never known my uncle from Kenya who is in the country
            illegally and that was arrested and told to leave the country over 20
            years ago.

            And, I have never lived with that uncle. He finally admitted (
            12-05-2013 ) that he DID know his uncle and that he DID live with him.

            And the biggest
            one of all:

            “I, Barrack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and
            defend the Constitution of the United States of America

          • You forgot one ! There is not A smidgen of evidence that there was corruption at the IRS. ” Really ” now he is claiming and quite falsely I might add that there is now less uninsured. Totally discounting those that lost and will be losing their corporate sponsored Heath insurance. ” Fact.” Further more if anyone disagrees Just simple go to

          • Yes the last one being the worst! He is a fraud! No justice, no good will as long as he is in power

          • Funny AKlady doesn’t have anything to say about your post

          • Never to anything that sounds like good advice from a Muslim. Always tell the truth, that is what define who we are. Like I was always taught, I’f you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all. Also if they ask you, you don’t have to reply. I should take my own advise, but then several years ago I didn’t know what I know now.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I thought it was The Korean?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Obama: the dictator who is so effective within the US borders keeping down the rights of the conservatives, but so ineffective and such a pussy with foreign countries. Says a lot about the right wingers.

          • but how else are they going to know how much to steal from you??? they have a budget to maintain, and they need YOUR MONEY to sustain it…

          • That budget could be severely cut if they would get rid of the fat. We could get rid of about half of the agencies and we could quit giving billions to our enemies. We could start doing serious oil drilling and sell it to other countries, friends only. The list goes on and on what we could do to cut the budget significantly. We just need a president and congress willing to do what is needed and not afraid to make the tough decisions. We also absolutely need a balanced budget amendment to stop the tax and spenders from going crazy at every turn.

          • i don’t have a problem selling oil to other countries…. however we should not be selling them gasoline or diesel fuel…. they just use that fuel to run a better war against us and our allies….but i personally think that they should use up all their oil first.. cause you can’t fight a war without oil…and you are absolutely correct on not giving a cent to any other country… they just buy more and bigger weapons to use against us….dump the united nations as they are not our friends…i have never been able to understand why we give any money to afghanistan, pakistan or iran.. along with syria they all hate us and want to kill us… so why do we keep giving money to them??? we should be giving them bombs instead….

          • I said we would sell it to friends only. I have no problem selling oil to Israel, Australia, England etc but not a drop to any of our enemies. The same goes with sending money to other countries. No problem sending it to our allies but our allies only. Not a penny to the muzzie countries that hate us. I have been screaming to get out of the UN for at least a decade, it is a waste of time and money and resources. We need to get out of the UN and get the UN out of America.

          • I hear you and wholeheartedly concur! To the UN, “DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU THE WAY OUT”!

          • We are only years late. Just think of how much money we could have saved from going down the flusher if we would have gotten out and tossed them 25 years ago.

          • We would have to have gone back before Bush.

          • The 25 years was not meant as an exact date but was meant as we needed to be out a long time ago. IMHO we should have never joined them.

          • Look at the trillions we are enslaved to pay back that paid for third world countries illegal aliens in America AFTER WE’VE ALREADY GIVEN THE COUNTRIES BILLIONS, Military support,medical,food,Charities from America,American Red Cross Blood for free!blacks free welfare then have to pay for the damages when they riot and steal. If you don’t call your State Representatives and Demand NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING! SHUT THEM DOWN! Arrest And Fire Them All! Then it’s your fault AMERICAN’S!

          • Your ignorance is an embarrassment to America.

            Your bigotry and hate are an embarrassment to America.

            Please find somewhere else to live. We don’t need your kind — never have.

            My ancestors did not fight and die for your kind.

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            Don’t let the door knob hit ’em where the Good Lord split ’em!!

          • Here’s how to ‘welcome’ the UN;

          • AWESOME!!

          • Damn straight. Semper Fi

          • Rude, ignorant, childish …

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            Go wrestle a bear.

          • we can make that happen if we elect the right people this next election..

          • Absolutely right, the only problem is that the information is an obstacle to getting the right person into office. I mean they voted for obama twice, I can see making a mistake once but twice says that they don’t have a concept of what it takes to turn the country around and put it on the right track.

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            Look at how many idiots are eating out of Donald Trump’s hands!! He’s only in the race to split the Republican vote so that Hillary will win the presidency.

          • If the hildabeast is forced out we would find out. I am not sure if I can agree with that because his ego is so huge I don’t think that being “used” that way would be acceptable to him at all. He is in it to win I think and if he doesn’t he will NOT take responsibility for why he lost, it will be somebody elses fault but not his. Maybe he can blame Foxnews or Magyn Kelly or Chris Wallace etc. I am not so sure that the hildabeast will be the nominee. She has far to much going against her right now.

          • you may be correct.. looks like that may be a possibility….the people are desperate for a new patriotic leader and are swallowing his rhetoric…if the donald does go third party, we lost the election…we need Dr. Ben Carson and/or Ted Cruz to win this election….the average voter in this country today is uninformed to what each of the candidates stand for..we really need to educate the voters, but they only listen to the MSM. so there is not a lot of hope for us..the Donald is saying all the things that the people want to hear, and he knows that…

          • Wish, you and I want the same thing for our country. Please consider that Scott Walker has come out on top through 3 recalls–unheard of.
            Scott Walker was not afraid to make it more difficult to get an abortion–and he did so shortly after being elected==also unheard of now days.
            Walker stood against the Unions in a Union strong state. Walker has reduced government spending in his State–has reduced government jobs in his State—has eliminated debt in his State. I am a Cruz supporter and I believe in Cruz—but Walker has proven himself wise with savy–and we know by his example that he means what he says. Cruz has yet to be in a position to prove such–and for the present why take a chance if we don’t have to?

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            Look at how many idiots are going for Donald Trump!! The only reason that rich bully scumbag is in the race is to split the vote so Hillary will win the presidency. Remember; Donald got a call from slick Willie just before he threw his hat in the race.

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            A fool am I? Who’s the bigger fool; me or the idiots voting for a super-rich scumbag that tried to take a little old lady’s house in Atlantic City by eminent domain? Read and educate yourself. What kind of sorry jerk would try to misuse eminent domain to force an old woman out of her home? This man is a rich bully who takes what he wants whenever he can and the little guy be damned.



          • I understand what you are saying, but I think they should not have the right to send help to any country, even to our allies. They send money and then tax the American people. If we the people choose to send our charity all is well; but the decision to arbitrarily say I the gov will send money to x and then tax my citizens–I don’t think this is good either.

          • Oh well, I said it wrong, should have said, “I don’t think they should have the right to send help to any country, even to our allies”

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            I say keep our money at home and help our own first.

            You let a white working class American go to Uncle Sam for help and he gets the finger every time. Let some foreigner come in and the Feds will fall all over themselves giving them millions in grants and free health care. Heck, they’ll give them the money to start a business and then exempt them from paying ANY income tax for so many years. More times than not, their money gets shipped back to the family in the old country.

          • I think countries like Israel need our assistance. They are unique and live in constant threat of war. This takes a huge part of their budget. They are also probably our closest ally in the world. You also have the Biblical reason to support her. I would never have a problem with supporting her with our time, treasure and talent. I remember when I was in the military. We were put on high alert to go to Israel during the 6 day war. Everybody was all for it and this was during the Vietnam years. We knew the importance of Israel to America and we knew what a great friend she was. I would have no problem adopting her so to speak and making sure she had all she needed.

          • I would hope our Nation would always support Israel at a time of need or war. But, I would also hope we would support others in emergencies. Other than that though I still see an ethical–even moral- flaw in the idea that the government ever has the right to send tax payers money somewhere else without the consent of the tax payer. You and I may say ok to Israel whereas the remainder of the population may disagree and desire to support someone else. Again, I would want our nation to support A good defense of Israel when another seeks to conquer.

          • If you take it to the logical conclusion then the ONLY things that should be funded are those things specified in the Constitution and absolutely nothing else. That would include SSI, medicare, all welfare programs even for those in real need, basically all of the agencies etc. That would really be putting the screws to all of us who have retired and put a bunch of funds into SSI, vets would no longer be cared for because the Constitution talks about keeping our borders safe and nothing about caring for disabled vets.

          • I receive ss right now and it is needed. But I also realize that what I receive is much less than what I have put in—so that if I had the means to save what I put in in the past then my savings would provide for me now much more than what I draw from ss.
            Veterans could be taken care of by higher wages for serving and better benefits such as a continuing retirement–even for those who have not put in that many years. I believe in government spending for defense and I am convicted that we must have a strong military—and as such our soldiers should have a better paycheck and a better retirement—-those critically injured should not only have medical expenses covered free at a facility of their choice–but they should also receive lifetime benefits such as a salary that continues for the remainder of their lives. But I agree with you about taking it to its logical conclusion and I accept the consequences of my conviction. But, if other things are handled appropriately those consequences are covered by exercising the proper expediencies of the tax system that would apply the dept of defense.

          • I have always been for a retirement program that leaves out the government. The government destroys everything it touches. The reason that SS is in trouble is because the government couldn’t keep there grubby paws off of it. If I would have had control over my $$ instead of the government I would probably be a millionaire right now instead of living paycheck to paycheck. I am all for vets making more money but many of them become disabled and unable to work at a very young age and would not have had the time to put away the funds to last a lifetime. Many of these wounded vets are in there early 20’s, many are on there first deployment and may still be teenagers. The military needs to be covered like something similar to Workmens Comp. That is basically the same thing as what the military gets now for free or discounted medical service and VA disability. It is just under a different name. IMHO someone who goes into the military and is disabled for life deserves to be taken care of by the federal government that put them into that situation that caused it. I can not ever see the government being totally for the people ever again. I can only see maybe a little here and a little there. We have to many people in the country who think that they are entitled for a whole load of freebies paid for by others. That is why Bernie Sanders a totally admitted and hard core socialist is beating the hildabeast in NH by double digits and this may very well spread to other states.

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            Did you ever hear of “The Rights Of The Child Treaty”? That is a U.N. initiative that, if passed, would strip parents of the right to home school their children. If parents want to give their child a GOOD CHRISTIAN education at home, that’s their right. No parent should ever be forced to send their precious child to any of our public indoctrination/brainwashing camps.

          • I have heard of it, I just forgot the name of it. They parents and only the parents have the right on how to educate and bring up their children, not some stupid village.

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            In Germany, a Gestapo-like agency has actually come into homes and forcefully removed children because they were being home schooled against their gov’t mandate. Even aftet families got favorable court orders for the return of their children. This agency kept the kids in defiance of the court orders and would not return them to their parents. Don’t think that could happen here? Think again. The Sandy Hook Commission vilified home schooling and blamed what that disturbed young man supposedly did.

          • Sadly most people don’t see what is going on here. That will become the norm if we the people don’t stand up and say enough and be willing to fight back. When you have someone who is so power hungry as obama anything and everything is possible from the ovens being brought back to be used on conservatives to outright murder of innocent civilians just trying to live there life.

          • Sandy Hook? what a conspiracy, what blind sheep we are. Look to the facts, and be real.
            Want proof? Check out youtube
            and truth check.Wake up America this bull sh##t now is the new norm.Follow or die.Just doesn’t work for me.

          • And you dare to accuse Muslims of lying?
            You don’t seem to know the meaning of the word truth.

          • Your reading comprehension level needs vast improvement.
            I would also suggest you obtain treatment for your paranoia.

          • The Convention obliges states to allow parents to exercise their parental responsibilities.

          • How else would the indoctrination start?…”The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
            along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”

            Karl Marx

          • If I wuz a crop duster, I’d load up some pig blood and “dust” some mosques.

          • Now THAT is a grand idea, I’m in.

          • The children would become “property of the state”, and the parents caretakers unless the government decides differently. Liberals suck.

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            I don’t think you can really call them “liberals” per se. None of the following definitions fit the people you’re describing. We are talking about totalitarians. Their idea is “It’s our way or the highway!” These so-called liberals are only liberal so long as you agree with them. Disagree and then see how many of these definitions would apply to them then.

            LIB’ERAL, a. [L. liberalis, from liber, free. See Libe.]

            1. Of a free heart; free to give or bestow; not close or contracted; munificent; bountiful; generous; giving largely; as a liberal donor; the liberal founders of a college or hospital. It expresses less than profuse or extravagant.

            2. Generous; ample; large; as a liberal donation; a liberal allowance.

            3. Not selfish, narrow on contracted; catholic; enlarged; embracing other interests than one’s own; as liberal sentiments or views; a liberal mind; liberal policy.

            4. General; extensive; embracing literature and the sciences generally; as a liberal education. This phrase is often but not necessarily synonymous with collegiate; as a collegiate education.

            5. Free; open; candid; as a liberal communication of thoughts.

            6. Large; profuse; as a liberal discharge of matter by secretions or excretions.

            7. Free; not literal or strict; as a liberal construction of law.

            8. Not mean; not low in birth or mind.

            9. Licentious; free to excess.

          • More lies. Weren’t you the one talking about Muslim and Jewish lying?

            It is is a human rights treaty which sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children.

            It does not have anything to do with “home schooling”

          • I have one problem with sending money to our allies.That problem is we have to borrow the money from our enemies to do so.

          • If it is put into a balanced budget that would not be true. How much money would be freed up if we stopped 100% of our money going to muzzie nations. Think of how much more money we would have if we started drilling and became the world leader in oil. Think of how much more money we would have if we defunded many of our agencies and the list goes on. It just requires good accountability and good judgement.

          • Okay so let’s say That Congress Decide T0 amend the constitution. And let’s say that That balanced Budget amendment was approved by every state legislature. That’s approximately 10 years down the road. Now having in acted the amendment. We certainly would not see a balanced budget for another 20 plus years which is about the amount of time it would take to Pay off the publicly known debt. That our nation bares presently , given the time frame for states approval of the amendment add another 15 trillion dollars to our national debt. So no I say Pay our bills forget about other nation and let’s get the hell out of the UN. STAY IN NATO BUT MAKE EACH MEMBER NATION PAY EQUALLY. INSTEAD oF US CARRYING THE LARGEST BURDEN.

          • The Constitution doesn’t have to be amended in order to balance the budget. It was done when Clinton was president and Gingrich was speaker. You start working toward an amendment but realize that it doesn’t preclude having one because that is what the congress delivers to the president. You are making far to difficult. I agree with getting out of the UN. I have wanted that for decades. You can also make it happen in far less than 10 years. Since most states want it approved you push the states to get it on the ballot of the next election. It could be done within 2 years. If they get the 2/3 they need they can implement it even if other states drag there feet because they don’t want it. A balanced budget is a high priority with republicans so it could possibly be pushed through congress pretty quickly if they pick up enough democrats, if they can’t it needs to be with a Constitutional convention which bypasses the congress. You need to change your approach to these big issues and not try to see why it can’t be done but look for solutions. When I was a manager and someone came into my office with a legitimate problem but no possible solution I threw them out of my office. Anybody can complain but if they don’t have possible solutions then don’t waste others time.

          • What most are saying makes sense . why is it the common sense only comes from sources that only write it on these forums, not from where it would actually make a difference.

          • Because most on this site don’t have a self centered agenda, we want what is best for America as a whole not necessarily what would favor self. Obviously a strong America favors all but it is not personal gain that most here are after.

          • Why do you believe it is acceptable to insult Muslims?

            The first casualty to die in the American Revolution was a Muslim.

            The first country to recognize our Nation was Muslim.

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            Don’t overlook PORK BARREL SPENDING…attaching more senseless expenditures to something that’s really needed, thus holding what’s needed hostage to the wasteful spending.

          • IMHO the law should be changed so that every bill ONLY consists of one item with nothing attached to it. The congress votes on one thing and that one thing gets passed on. That is the quickest way I know to kill the pork barrel spending. Also every bill that is passed needs to have Constitutional authority attached to it.

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            There should be line item veto on every single bill ever submitted.

          • I go back and forth on that one. If only a single item is in each bill you will get an up down vote and the president can’t complain it is because of something attached to it and you can then hold him accountable much easier.

          • we can;t even get the stupid GOP to support that.. even with a majority in both the house and senate…they add just as many earmarks as do the libturds.

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            Maybe that’s a big clue we need to trash both parties and start all over from scratch. Obviously any politician currently in office is a selfish, self-enriching, greedy, power-grabbing, money-grubbing jerk that knows how to cheat the system 7 ways from Sunday.

            Anyone running for a public office of any kind should not be rich, have any ties to big business of any kind, should not be a lawyer,and no matter how well or poorly they perform, have a 2-term limit with no perks and no retirement. They travel on their own dime. They follow the law like the rest of us. They don’t get to vote in their own raises. Raises for elected officials should be by referendum only.

          • We could save hundreds of $Billions annually by deporting ALL Illegal Aliens!

          • Truer words were never said.

          • YOUR’RE NOT LISTENING PEOPLE! Go read your CONSTATUTION! We already have all the government we need! Our State Representatives ARE OUR GOVERNMENT! They control our Military, Education, Taxes. SO WHY DO YOU WANT TO PAY THE CRIMINALS IN WASHINGTON? IT’S SIMPLE! DEMAND YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVES ON OUR BEHALF “FIRE THEM”! Of course you have to DEMAND IT! NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING! SHUT THEM DOWN! Then start firing your state representatives who don’t do what you tell them. Why would you want to continue to pay employees in Washington that steal,lie,abuse your trust,loyalty,aren’t defending you and your families,are rich while you work your ass off to support them,they’re lazy, Come On, the LST goes on and on and on. DOWN SIZE PEOPLE! They cut American Jobs, CUT THEIR JOBS! Call your State Representatives Today!

          • AND TERM LIMITS!!!!

          • ABSOLUTELY

          • What? Are you crazy? Do you think think any one of those people who are making laws and deciding who gets what are going to stop paying themselves first? Why, they will have to quit riding horses, multiple mansions, jet setting to make sure their expense accounts are used up so they can get the increase for the next session. OH MY GOD! I NEED MORE MONEY!

          • We are a petroleum product exporter.
            American does not “need” foreign oil.

          • Garbage – piled higher and deeper.
            Why do you lie>
            Why do you believe it is all right to lie?

          • Respond that as their employer you request a balance and an accounting of funds in their accounts! Let me see one asking for my banking information. OH MY GOD PEOPLE ! Only you can stop these filthy practices.

          • Sorry, but all us dissenters and GOPers are in Obozo’s database and listed as enemies now. Lock and load!

          • I am sure we are. I wear it as a badge of honor as all patriots should.

        • I don’t think the doctor should have caved in and even asked the questions but kudos to the patient for telling him it was none of his business. My doctor has not asked me any of those questions – yet but my answer will be the same as this patient but I hope it will not come to that. I had heard about 3-4 years ago that this would be happening and knew what I would do. obama just underestimates the American people. Wait until the revolt really starts.

        • If you don’t have at least $250,000 in the bank? Than your answer is irrelevant!

        • I do a lot of polls and I’ve not seen one with the 3rd question.

      • Well, if you refuse to answer, you could find yourself on a VA very long “wait list” for your next VA medical appointment or even on a “no-fly” list.

        • The VA I go to is pretty good about appointments. You usually get them pretty quick. I have only had problems with one appointment that has been a long time but I am not all that sure they have the clinic up and running yet. The VA also knows I won’t tolerate and will go over there heads faster they can imagine. I have done it before and will do it again if necessary. They also know I would not be shy about going to the media or any where I need to go. I have had to go to DC because of moronic decisions that they made here and they came down on my side. I am not worried about being put on a “no-fly” list. I have only made one round trip flight since 9/11 and the new TSA faggots were installed. The only way to stop them from violating my Constitutional rights is not to fly. I drive much more. The one time I did fly was when the VA sent me to a different hospital for open heart surgery.

          • Were you seen by an actual MD, or one of those Nurse Practitioners who do their work by clicking Yes/No through a logic puzzle on a computer screen? Were you attended to by a student, or a nurse who was educated in US by our higher standards or a Filipina or Hispanic (not that race matters, but I do take into consideration the type of education they got). That is all

          • The majority of the time I am seen by a doctor. Since I see multiple people there because I am 100% disabled things can change. Most are Americans but I have had a few muzzies. There is a major difference in competency. I have an advantage having several doctors in the family so if I have any question at all I just pick up the phone. Unfortunately they are out of state so I can’t actually see them. I also see a PA who is MUCH better than the foreign doctors there. Since I am in a unique situation though I can approach my medical care differently than most folks.

        • I don’t use the VA anyway Too many other vets who need them more than I do !!!

        • Another reason bo and his crony muslim, libtard, commie administration have to go in 2015 ASAP to save the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights that bo is destroying daily … !

          • but then you will have Hillary or Bernie, so…

            no candidate who is anti gay or anti climate change can win.

          • when bo gets out of office we should take everyone of his muslime staff and him to the firing squad for treason and sedition against the US..

          • bo has proven his treason & deserves the worst but his whole damned appointed libtard muslim commie administration deserves the same .. l Being a sure elimination of these traitors & restore the U.S. Republic.. !

        • Or you could find yourself in a FEMA camp.

          • mary is still pretending they exist.

            mary must be “challenged”

          • Your name is a farce because you are not facing reality.

          • so where are they?

            are there no conservatives in the media to expose this HORROR?

            no con citizens to point the finger?
            or are they in the Bermuda triangle?

          • Your stupidity of facts will be your #1 fema entry to find out about bo’s dictated deceit …. !

          • Sure moron.

            Is that really the best you can do.

            these fools going on about FEMA camps and secret armies.
            Nothing to add fool?

          • Is Mary still looking for the FEMA camps?

            how about the location of that secret army what it’s final goal is?

          • You have to be a real mistake of nature & “challenge” to eliminate your brainless posts !

      • 7papa7 – Actually, it makes all the difference in the world if you do have guns at home. Those who have guns at home are virtually the only thing standing between WE THE PEOPLE and outright tyranny, which Obama and his Marxist/Muslim/Homosexual whack-jobs are attempting to institute!

        • I was referring what I would say to the doctor. We absolutely need to be armed, if not we will be defeated by the Nazi in the WH.

      • WishIWuzACropDuster

        I don’t care what the scenario is, I’d still tell them it’s none of their danged business.

      • no 7papa just think what could really be done if the american people got out their asses an stood for something—fat chance

    • as corrupt?–their letting our vets die from lack of care

      • Illegal aliens, disease carrying free-loaders/moochers, convicted felons and murderous radical MU-slime all receive FASTER, BETTER, FREE Health Care than our Wounded Warriors……W H Y?
        No FED/GOV VA employee has yet been charged with manslaughter, fired or demoted…..
        W H Y N O T ?

    • I have not yet had any of my doctors ask about gun ownership, but like you I would tell him it was none of his business.

      • I’d merely reply with a question… why are you asking?

        • A good moral man would not ask the question of one of his patients unless he was convinced his patient had mental instability. I am persuaded that any and all patients asked such a question by his doctor needs to ignore the question, leave the office and find a new doctor. Why should anyone entrust his health to one of no character.

          • I pretty much agree with you, but I’d still ask him why I was asked the question in the first place, then make my decision about continuing or leaving. I believe that the question is being raised because certain organizations representing MD’s have taken a strong anti-firearms stand and also came from the CDC.

      • Both of my doctors are shooters too. Don’t think I have too much to fear there.

    • These anti-gun A– H—es are the downfall & destruction of Freedom & Rights in the U.S.A. but the A #1 instigator is bo & his crony administration of crime against U.S. Patriotic Citizens ! The bo cronies and his illegal E.O.’s are the attack & bo’s illegal foreigners & muslims he is bringing into the U.S. are his support that will build his gestapo type S.S. army to create his wannabe muslim dictatorship .. !

      • I agree completely but let’s not forget the UNs involvement to push their AGENDA 21 they both need to get out of the US .

      • If they get our guns, we will be subjects, not citizens.

        • Not subjects, which are servants of the government; we become slaves of every dictatorial edict or are faced with felony charges and imprisonment. And watch for cruel and unusual punishment to return to the scene. Look at Waco, TX and the mess with a religious compound and the treatment of American citizens at the hands of the Federal Government, led by the Attorney General. Never forget!

          • So very true, without our guns, we will be slaves.

          • The Waco wacko (David the Dingbat Koresh) and/or his fellow nutjobs set the fires that burned the Branch Davidian compound and its people. Numerous fires were set at the same time INSIDE that cult’s building, which could not have been done by the government operatives OUTSIDE the building.

          • It has been reported that the smoke”bombs” used by Gov. Forces were of the incendiary type.{there are more than one type,smoke, flash /bang ,etc. } ??? I wasn’t there so…… I don’t trust the media or the motives of many inside our “government”. Just sayin’.

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            Incendiary rounds were used to ignite the tear gas and to turn it into a poisonous gas. They knew exactly what they were doing. They intended to kill from the start.

          • I must say you need to check the settlements of the case. It was both proven and admitted that the fires were not set by anyone inside. The government both instigated and committed crimes against the Davidians. Just a few days before the incident Koresh was freeling shopping in a nearby town and the government could have picked him up with zero resistance or conflict. They chose not to. They chose to wait until he returned to the compound and then they chose to make a show of power. Again, it is all in the testimonies pertaining to the case.
            I do not however defend Koresh, his religious beliefs or the life he was living. He took advantage of his followers. But the government could have picked him up many times over without a shred of conflict as he did freely travel back and forth consistently day to day. The government had the option of separating him from his flock; but they chose not to. They chose to make a show of power and had complete disregard for the followers and even complete disregard for the safety of the children.

          • Dead wrong, 725!

            The definitive investigation of the fire is found here. Read up and get yourself educated::


            The exhaustive, immaculately documented investigation concluded as follows:


          • Thanks for the site. But I suggest you take the time to read all the testimony. This is the verification wherein the FBI and the Justice Dept. refused to allow investigation that included an infrared camera to determine who fired first. The FBI and JD refused investigation into the cause of the fire by arguing “top secret camera” that might allow our enemies to know of our weaponry”—really amusing. Take a look–
            -[The Dallas Morning News 2/18/00 Lee Hancock “….. British experts say data not considered classified in their country The release of full plans for a potentially pivotal infrared field test in the Branch Davidian case came after FBI officials were forced to abandon their claim that even basic information about the camera used in Waco was classified, an infrared expert said Thursday. ……. Justice Department and FBI officials had contended for months, to both a federal court and to congressional investigators, that revealing even the manufacturer of the camera or basic data about how high it operated in Waco would jeopardize law enforcement secrets and classified national security information. They offered that argument to U.S. District Judge Walter S. Smith Jr. of Waco in November when they tried to convince him to reject the recommendation of the Waco special counsel’s office for a field test. Not only would such a test be confusing and scientifically invalid, they wrote in the November pleading, it also could compromise government secrets. “Disclosure of even the most fundamental information would permit identification of the aircraft and provide notice to those who seek to avoid detection by federal law enforcement,” the pleading said. …………A British Defense Ministry spokesman said Thursday that the loan was contingent on U.S. agreement that there would be no public access to sensitive operational information about the aircraft and its camera. But in Wednesday’s meeting to finalize the March tests, the court’s British-based scientific experts and British defense ministry representative said none of the information that the FBI and the Justice Department had tried to withhold was considered secret or sensitive in their country, said Edward Allard, a retired infrared expert who attended the briefing on behalf of the sect’s lawyers. ……”
            In other words the Justice Department and the FBI were lying in a Court of Law.

          • The evidence of who shot first was in the hands of the Justice Department who argued “secrecy.” So the reason the evidence of who shot first was not made available was because it might reveal something to our enemies. Also, a part of the testimony in the Court revealed constant contradictions from almost every shooter involved, including the officers in charge of the soldiers. The tank that rammed the building was not ordered to do so according to the testimony of the soldiers. Now, I ask you if your home was rammed by a tank would you have the right to protect your self? Maybe, if you read the testimonies given in the case you may not agree with the “conclusions” reached by the “experts.” I do not say this with sarcasm, but with the most sincerity.
            Testimony from the soldiers in this case was withheld for a long time. Likewise, the Justice dept refused to allow a full investigation with the right kind of equipment arguing secrecy for the type of camera necessary to resolve the case. But the secrecy argument was found to be a lie during proceedings. You agree with the verdict of the judge. I agree with what was revealed in the case and wonder why the verdict when looking at admissions and evidence.

            Do you know the resolve and fortitude it takes to willingly burn yourself alive–and to burn your children alive–to burn your husbands alive? Do you know of anyone whom you genuinely believe has the kind of conviction to set oneself on fire as well as one’s own family?

            Now look at the general picture. This group of people had no record of violence. They had no record of using unauthorized weapons against anyone, much less the government. Koresh was going about his every day activities not running from the government, not refusing contact.

            The compound was rammed with a Tank. They were surrounded with military men and military weapons. They were trapped and burned alive. Investigation was withheld and evidence was withheld predicated upon the claim of secrecy. You may continue to agree with the verdict. I agree with what the testimony revealed–testimony of the soldiers and the contradictions revealed by the testimony was self convicting.

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            I have heard this tragedy was sparked because the group refused to pay some piddly $200 tax. They stood up to big gov’t and were made an example of. Are we really dumb enough to think our Military wouldn’t turn on the people if so ordered?

          • The problem is that when soldiers or even some FBI agents come in they who must shoot are often the most uninformed–sometimes not informed at all. They simply follow orders. Also, keep in mind soldiers are trained not to question, but simply obey your commander. It is likely that if a conflict were to break out wherein the government was the aggressor (God forbid) those who actually fire have no idea that they are firing on innocent people. What is even more problematic is the fact that if every soldier was to constantly question his superior we wouldn’t have much of a defense. This is a challenge even for the best of leaders or officers–and quite frankly a challenge for anyone serving in the military. Think about it–how would you like to be an officer wherein your orders were constantly questioned.

          • The evidence of who shot first was in the hands of the Justice Department who argued “secrecy.” So the reason the evidence of who shot first was not made available was because it might reveal something to our enemies. Also, a part of the testimony in the Court revealed constant contradictions from almost every shooter involved, including the officers in charge of the soldiers. The tank that rammed the building was not ordered to do so according to the testimony of the soldiers. Now, I ask you if your home was rammed by a tank would you have the right to protect your self? Maybe, if you read the testimonies given in the case you may not agree with the “conclusions” reached by the “experts.” I do not say this with sarcasm, but with the most sincerity.
            Testimony from the soldiers in this case was withheld for a long time. Likewise, the Justice dept refused to allow a full investigation with the right kind of equipment arguing secrecy for the type of camera necessary to resolve the case. But the secrecy argument was found to be a lie during proceedings. You agree with the verdict of the judge. I agree with what was revealed in the case and wonder why the verdict when looking at admissions and evidence.

            Do you know the resolve and fortitude it takes to willingly burn yourself alive–and to burn your children alive–to burn your husbands alive? Do you know of anyone whom you genuinely believe has the kind of conviction to set oneself on fire as well as one’s own family?

            Now look at the general picture. This group of people had no record of violence. They had no record of using unauthorized weapons against anyone, much less the government. Koresh was going about his every day activities not running from the government, not refusing contact.

            The compound was rammed with a Tank. They were surrounded with military men and military weapons. They were trapped and burned alive. Investigation was withheld and evidence was withheld predicated upon the claim of secrecy. You may continue to agree with the verdict. I agree with what the testimony revealed–testimony of the soldiers and the contradictions revealed by the testimony was self convicting.

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            With this incident in mind, can we ever be sure our Military wouldn’t turn against us if so ordered?

          • With bo’s mockery & purge destruction of the U.S. Military I do believe the Patriotic Soldiers would help defend U.S. Citizens to protect the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights..! This is the U.S. soldiers sworn oath that bo is defying & the Military would not protect his treason … !

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            I sure hope you’re right. So many times, the ground troops of law enforcement and the military as well blindly follow orders. They are probably routinely given no or misleading to downright false information. They’re almost brainwashed into blindly following orders.

            How many tragedies have you heard explained away with a dismissive “I was just following orders.”???

          • Also keep in mind that soldiers today are being consistently exposed to Chaplains being restricted in what they say; whereas many Muslim leaders are free to speak their mind. Soldiers who see this are keenly aware of what is going on.

          • Yes, soldiers often follow orders without question. And generally speaking we could not have a functional military if this were not so. But, considering the many political problems we are having at home now most soldiers are already aware of the many inconsistencies within our leaders. Most soldiers have mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers who keep them keenly aware of what is going on at home and the soldiers keep their relatives keenly aware of what is going on abroad. Soldiers who have gained citizenship in exchange for military service will simply follow orders being unaware and for the most part uninvolved–they likely will fire on innocent Americans (though there would be exceptions to this). But many in the military will not and if given order the chaos will begin–and likely a pretty good split between who would fire on innocents and who would not. Young people however who begin their service with the dept of homeland security may have a different mindset.

          • How can this be “definitive” when the evidence to be provided by a special camera was not entered into testimony upon the claim that it would also reveal secrets to our enemies. Read the transcripts of the case and perhaps we both can get this “education” you speak of. In the transcripts it was revealed
            1) Tank pushed down the walls without order
            2) Soldiers gave conflicting testimony as to whether they were to fire
            3) FBI and Dept of Justice disallowed camera evidence of who fired first
            4) FBI and Dept of Justice claims of secrecy concerning camera evidence was proven not to be true in the proceedings
            5) Smoke bombs used were admittedly incendiary, though claimed not to cause the fire
            So you believe the side that first refuses to allow evidence to be submitted.
            You believe the side that gives conflicting testimony
            You believe the side that claims military secrets will be revealed if the infra red camera is used to verify who shot first and so is not entered into evidence.
            Quite a case of the pursuit of justice when –OK let the presentation of evidence begin. Oh by the way you can’t present your evidence because it may tip off our enemy. Unfortunately, the British revealed that no such secrecy was involved.
            How about you and I? What kind of people are we? Do we want to be fair? How could anyone desire to escape a burning building looking down the barrel of a tank and military and FBI sharpshooters waiting outside.
            And how about the harm of gassing little children for hours before the shooting begins?
            Why not arrest Koresh when he is not in the compound? They had previously followed him for days.
            Why not arrest Koresh when he is not in the compound and remove the children at first opportunity?
            And where are all the so called “illegal weapons?” Every weapon shown by the News Media was legal.
            No previous arrest records. No illegal use of weapons previously. A leader frequently leaving and entering the commune never stopped detained or arrested.
            No previous attempt by the FBI to remove children or any person from the commune. NO previous attempt to separate anyone or warn anyone not to return to the commune. No arrest or detainment of anyone living in the compound when they were away from the compound or shopping.
            And to top it all off you can’t enter evidence showing who fired first. Sounds good. Well, not really. Sounds sad. I would hate to think that I belittled or misrepresented this incident when so many men, women and children lost their lives. Did they all burn themselves up or were they unable to escape looking down the barrel of a Tank and surrounded by government agents? Who knows the real story was never allowed to be told- pssst-might reveal something to our enemies over seas. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-better whisper

          • The one thing that might be a positive is the D.O.J. then was better than the bo crony D.O.J.administration of created lies, racism & bo’s E.O.’s to dictate illegal command .. !

          • Ferguson MO is equally as bad. An officer of the Law is doing his duty protecting lives. He is protecting white lives. He is protecting black lives. The man he shot continues to be portrayed by the media as a good man–a peaceful giant. Yet he had just assaulted a man and robbed a store prior to the incident.
            The officer who loyally protected lives on this day is cleared of any wrong doing in Ferguson. But that is not enough. The DOJ decides to created havoc in his life. Yet they also find him innocent. The DOJ causes him to loose his job, and though they cleared him he does not get his job back–they issue no apology–neither do they make any attempt to settle the violence by stating that this man did his job–he did his job well.
            Not only should white people support this man who was faithfully doing his duty–but black people should support this man. Instead it seems that the majority of blacks are allowing the DOJ to stir their anger against whites. There needs to be a black voice for innocence, not color. Interesting that black officers immediately involved in the case found not fault with this white officer. Far too many are allowing the government to dictate their actions rather than having the character to stand for what is right. Some of these same blacks may fail to be protected by a white officer if the crime is black on black–for the officer will be afraid to protect them.

          • The immaculately conceived investigation died before the egg was contacted. Not to sure that would be considered immaculate. An abortion of an investigation is not an investigation. They resolved the case by refusing to investigate. Parents became childless, wives husbandless, and children without parents. Shhhhhhhh—it’s a secret what really happened and if we are to allow a detailed investigation we might reveal some secret to our enemies. But then the British revealed that the camera photos that should have been available were not top secret at all and that the Justice Dept and FBI were lying.
            The greatest inconsistency of all is that of shooters on the building shooting at agents as they are being intruded upon—so they are defending themselves— oh– and suddenly decide instead to burn themselves up.

          • There is a point of clarification however that we both ought to make. When speaking of fires being set we need to be asking “fires set for what purpose?” You speak of fires set by the Davidians; whereas I speak of fires set by the government. If, as you claim, fires were set by the Davidians (note: I think evidence backs your claim on this) there remains however a presumption on your part that said fires were set for the purpose of self destruction. My denial of fires being set by the Davidians is a denial of set for the purpose of self destruction.
            Here is what is involved when it comes to accountability
            1) Did the government set any fires
            2) Did the Davidians set any fires
            3) Did the Davidians fire the first shot
            4) Did the government fire the first shot
            5) If the government fired the first shot why
            6) If the Davidians fired the first shot why
            7) What determined why the Davidians set fire if they did set fire
            8) What determined why the government set fire if they did set fire
            In addition to those questions above it must be noted
            1) The Davidians had no record of assaulting anyone
            2) There was no record that the Davidians planned to assault anyone
            3) The government could have separated Koresh on any given day from his followers
            4) The government could have separated the children from his followers on any given day
            5) The government after listening to conversations in the compound never found compelling evidence to arrest anyone
            At best the judgment of Janet Reno in the handling of this reveals
            1) Lack of compassion
            2) lack of planning
            3) lack of execution
            4) lack of authority in the application of justice
            Not only did the government not pick up Koresh when opportunity availed itself; they picked up no one–not one little innocent child. Diddle dee diddle dee day after day they could have picked up me—-instead I am a child burned alive.
            Let’s call in the dept of family and children services–Never mind let’s call in the tanks and sharpshooters!

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            I think the conflict with Koresh was that he refused to pay some sort of tax.

          • The attack at Waco was horrifying to watch, but you’re correct about what David Koresh did. Furthermore, in view of the brainwashing those within the Branch Dividian compound received, including all the children, I shudder to think what damage to our society would have resulted if the members of that cult had survived. Something to think about, eh?

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            The fires were caused when incendiary rounds were fired into the house after tear gas had been deployed. Not only was a flash fire started, but the tear gas, when burned, turns into a very toxic gas. Cyanide, I think.

          • I provided a detailed technical report by a qualified expert to back up my position. What have you provided? Nothing but your opinion.

            I win; you lose.

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            All that over defiance to pay a $200 or so tax. They stood up to unfair taxation and look at how they were treated. The law enforcement fired incendiary rounds into the ventilation knowing the fire from them would flash ignite the tear gas that they had just deployed in the house and turn it into a poisonous gas. They knew exactly what they were doing. No one inside detonated a bomb. That was from incendiary rounds fired into strategic areas to flash ignite the tear gas.

        • WishIWuzACropDuster

          Dang skippy!! Armed persons are citizen. Unarmed people are subjects.

      • WishIWuzACropDuster

        Who are the bo cronies? Those who support the Brady Gun Laws?

    • Obama has corrupted every agency of the federal government. All agencies should go back to the
      states where they belong.

    • While my Healthcare Insurance Screening kept asking was i depress, having a hard time sleeping and other physiological problems, I said NO. I asked her why she was asking me the question, she said the government requires medical staff to ask those questions. The VA did ask me how i was feeling. There is something to these questions being asked,. Since, state and federal governments are wondering how to certify people who are suffering from some level of mental illness, and to legally take their weapons. I believe much attention is being given to military personnel that have been in combat, and may be suffering from PSTD. I wonder if the list of those that have a Conceal Handgun License (CHL) and purchases ares being reviewed by the government. However, if someone is truly have acute mental problems they should not have firearms.

      • Agreed, if someone is truly having acute mental problems it might be best to keep firearms away from that person.

        The Government is walking a fine line, I no longer trust the Government. With all the lies coming out of our “officials” these days, I assume they are looking out for their interests, not the American peoples interest.

        There are ramifications for lying… Our Government should not be allowed to lie.

    • Same here, only i was asked if i was an NRA supporter, i said what’s that? he continued my exam.

    • obama said a long time ago that they would be using obamacare to have doctors ask their patients if they have guns. I am so glad you and your doctor gave the responses you did. Of course, if I were the doctor I would refuse to ask my patients that question. My doctor hasn’t asked so far but then maybe they don’t ask women that often even though that is being sexist. I don’t have one at the present time but am planning to get one very soon. We are going to need them.

      • To be clear, my doctor is not a VA dr.
        He asked me the question about firearms during my yearly physical.
        I was not depressed or even being treated for depression.

        This question WAS an attempt by the Government to obtain information about the public and the status of their guns.

        We have EVERY right to fear the government collecting gun lists that would eventually be used to confiscate our guns in the future.

        I see no reason for them NOT to ask a female the same question.. I hope all citizens give the Drs. the same answer as I did..

        It is not any of the damn business.

        • I didn’t think your dr. was a VA dr. because I knew that obamacare was demanding that drs. ask their patients if they have a gun. I couldn’t agree with you more that it is none of their damn business and I hope everyone answer the way you did. In fact, it would be better if the drs. refused to ask. I am afraid of what else obama is going to do before we can get him out of the White House.

        • i CAN’T say 100% but at least the VA doctors are told the must ask. Even now, I don’t know “if” it passed or not but if your a senior citizen collecting S.S., and can’t manage your own finances, I think how it was worded, they’re supposed to also ask and or confiscate ones guns. As for the private doctors I’m not entirely sure if they are supposed to ask one way or the other!

          • 0bamacare, socialized healthcare, must be repealed.

          • ACA is insurance reform , ill informed human.
            NO ONE has an ACA insurance.

            stop being ignorant on the internet

          • Troll,

            ACA is insurance/Big Government collusion.

            The ACA is socialized healthcare. Just like socialism leads to communism. So will ACA lead to a single payer system and socialized healthcare.

          • Regardless of how many times the FOOL says IT,
            it still remains FALSE.

            unless you are on Medicare or Medicaid,

            lets see you PROVE DIFFERENT.
            (like that will happen)

          • Troll, your disinformation has been debunked by common sense.

            Insurance companies colluded with 0bama on 0bamacare. To think otherwise is burying your head up someones arse…

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            Our gov’t sold us out to big business/big money a long time ago.

          • That is socialism, seeping into capitalism… The Government is favoring their aristocracy

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            Mornin’, old Phart!!! I don’t care what doctor it is, whether or not one owns a firearm isn’t any of anyone’s danged business. i am now against registering a firearm in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Those are only government hit lists for firearm confiscation. MAHB001 answered spot-on. I know us two old pharts see eye to eye on this one for sure!

          • AMEN!!

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            Back at ya, ya ol’ phart!! 🙂

        • WishIWuzACropDuster

          Your answer to that invasive question was spot-on. It’s none of their business. Period!! You notice they’re making a concerted effort to disarm the ones who REALLY know how to use a firearm and who have tactical training.

    • …///“We are about providing health care to veterans.”///…

      Given the history of the VA for decades stretching back long before Obama, that statement is laughable.

      …///By forcing recipients to choose between their benefits and their home protection, they are trampling both the spirit and the text of the Bill of Rights.///…

      The granting of benefits in itself has always undermined the Bill of Rights. In surrendering certain specified powers to the government, the states and people never granted the responsibility of old age security to the federal government, therefore, as Mike11C said on keeping arms out of the hands of mentally incompetent people, that remains strictly in the domain of states and their subdivisions, and the people’s own private associations.

      However, the federal government does have the responsibility of providing for the common defense, hence operating VA is a proper function. However, the long-standing practice of the federal government has been to subject its veterans to the same heavy-handed statist tyranny they had originally fought against abroad. And this administration in particular has been notorious for warring against the very military they are supposed to command, from denying the aged veterans who waded ashore at Normandy and the Pacific access to their own war monuments, and deliberately set up rules of engagement calculated to provide the VA plenty of business.

    • Based on my understanding, when a “patient” refuses to answer the question if they have guns at home, the doctors are required by the G.D. Obama Administration to report that. Those who refuse to answer are then “supposed” to be added to the no-fly list here in America, the supposed land of the free! So, MAHB001, any idea if you’re listed on the no-fly list, or have you checked? If so, what’s up, Doc?

      • I have had no problem flying so far. I think if they put all of us that refuse to answer that question on the no fly list, the fly list would be the shorter of the two…..

    • The same thing happened to me. More than a few of us are aware of what is really going on.

    • Obama & the Communist Democrat party are using it to disarm America….

    • Dennis B Anderson

      Obama this black -astar- most definitely doesnt leave any stone unturned does he??. Did he think this would work on hillbilly tatter growing white folks in Idaho??? One of the reason he keeps pushing on this is because no one is pushing back. I suggest that we all start using the N word again, maybe he will listen ?? Nawww I didnt think so either. A god fearing american wouldnt be doing this!

    • They are completely corrupt. They crippled my lower back and got away with it with a fake investigation that didn’t even include my doctor! They are burying mal-practice cases so as not to have record of how many vets are injured in accidents at the hospital. No way for Vets to fight it. Layers won’t take the cases because of the limits placed on them by Congress to make money off the cases. A vet only has 6 months to prove their case. It’s absolutely criminal…

    • My VA Dr ask me the same thing and he told me this was all bullshit and he is a navy vet and that was the end of that.

    • Same with my doctor. I told him I wouldn’t answer any questions that weren’t directly related to my yearly physical. He agreed 100%.

      He also told me that he left a communist country to come here for freedom only to find the same encroachments starting here.

    • Unfortunately, not all doctors would be so willing to let it go…. I’d lie through my teeth and say “nope”

    • you should always say no to that question for obvious reasons.

    • My doctor asked me if my blood pressure ever gets high. I said only when I watch the news.

    • They already are. Arnold isn’t the first vet that the VA has wrongly worked to take away his 2nd amd right, and he won’t be the last.

    • The #1 problems for corruption & deceit to all U.S. Citizens in 6 years has been created by bo … bo must go ASAP in 2015 to eliminate his tyranny, muslim, commie threat to destroy the U.S. Constitution !

    • I am a disabled veteran however, I also worked as a pilot for uncle so I have reasonably good insurance so I do not go to the VA. I figure if I did it may take away form a vet not in my position. So I do not utilize it. However, if I did and was asked the same question you were asked I would reply the same as you did. I have a relative (also a disabled vet) who was asked that question and I cannot actually print here what he told them. But they got the point.

    • retired cop in marana

      In my mind, it’s a defacto gun registration. Tell them nothing but, name rank and serial number, just like any POW should do!!!

    • They are Marxist communist like Obama, they are traitors to the constitution, like killary an the traitors in the demon rat Marxist , demoncrat party.of tyranny.

    • That question is on a form my doctor uses for my annual physical. I answer N/A to that question, and he never mentions it. We have been friends for over thirty years, so I just consider the source of the form and don’t worry about it

    • I put out No Trespassing signs on my gates. They have a space below to write like a phone number or something. I wrote , in water proof marker, Death Is Forever! They can think about that before opening it. That’s if they can read.

    • Simple don’t answer private question from your Doctor, I real don’t thing won confiscate any weapon, but treat doing set un happy a lot of citizen.

      • I believe they are collecting lists of guns and gun owners. That way it will be easier for them to confiscate when they are ready to do so…

        History has shown great brutality in dictators when they go to confiscate guns.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      His answer was, “good for you,” and he smiled at me with a wink and then took his finger out of my ass.

  3. Democrats are too stupid to realize that they were conned by a low-life con artist, Brokeback 0bama.

    • The greatest fraud ever perpetrated on America, It wasn’t just the democrats he conned but some of them still fall into that category, they still believe what he says even though he has lied all the time & then when found out he was lying he simply tells another lie to cover the first one. I call this clown exactly that he is a liar from the git go probably until the end.

      • Democrats would defend 0bama if he raped a child on national television.

        • I’ve been saying that for years! The DemoRATZ would defend him like you say even if EVERY major news network was there covering it! They give new meaning to “you can’t fix STUPID”!!

          • so the old fool thinks the left don’t rag on Obama?

            you must live in a hole in the ground.

            or be an ignorant con.

      • Okay angry American.

        List two lies that Obama has told.

        Don’t bail on me now.

        We’re going to pretend conservatives are full of hot air and can actually prove what they say.

        on other hand, I Predict right now, that you will bail.

        Parrots only repeat what they hear, not like you have critical thinking skills

        • The three biggest lies that every man has said at one time or another:
          1. The check is in the mail.
          2. I promise, this won’t hurt a bit.
          3. No, I won’t come in your mouth.
          BO has said all three in one sentence and the majority of idiots elected him anyway!

        • #1. “If you like your health care, you can keep your health care”.
          #2. ” If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”.
          Want more troll ????

          • since that is the same lie, yes moron.

            he lies every time he speaks.
            surely you don’t have to use the “keep your doctor”.

            It’s like the ONLY lie you silly cons have.

          • still waiting FOR MORE LIES.

            should take too long since “every word” is a lie.

            come on con.
            you flaking out cause you were lying?

          • Well, Obama did say that. In fact it was during an interview on a public news station. I will look for it and send it when I find it. Also on another occasion he apologized and said he was going to set it all straight. But indeed he said both things that catman posted.

        • Anyone with camel fecal matter for brains shouldn’t be criticizing the adults! You helped to enable Obama to keep his records hidden from the American people. You don’t have any proof that he’s even eligible to be president, and you decided to deprive all of us of that proof also. Sounds like it qualifies as treason. You don’t deserve any proof from us.

          Parrots are good at repeating what they’ve heard, but it has been proven to me on this forum, that a parrot can’t hold a candle to a jackass!

          • I don’t know. Parrots, at least some, can talk. Well I should have said speak. But the jack ass just hee haws. Maybe we are not all that smart in here–after all if we speak to a parrot we might get a reply–but why speak we to a jack ass? Just can’t help it can we?
            The turtle was slowly walking across a wide field getting very tired and as he approached the river he slowly starts to cross–when suddenly he hears the voice of a scorpion also approaching the river. The scorpion says how about letting me on top your shell as you cross the river. The turtle says I am afraid you will sting me and I will drown. —-The scorpion replies–why would I do that then we both would drown? So the turtle says ok comb aboard. The turtle gets midway across the river and then suddenly feels the STING. —Why did you do that says the Turtle? It’s just my nature said the scorpion–as they both sink and drown.
            Just can’t help it can we?

        • You must be an obama lap puppy. I suppose you are thrilled with the Iran deal, if you have heard anything about it.

      • you still looking for some lies, lying con?

  4. Whether you have guns in the house is not the only intrusive questions being asked in Dr’s office now & doesn’t have to matter why you’ve made an appointment. ‘Do you wear a seatbelt? Are you sexually active? Just examples, but this info is going to a Data Base & we’re being categorized.

    • Yes, I see it happening all around and it smells of an eventual assault on certain Americans.

    • The government is profiling us all the time. If we do it, because of common sense situations, we are called sexist, racist, bigoted, or anything else that’s nasty. Our government is nasty, not us.

      • Actually is an ADMINISTRATION as WE, THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT and we need to get off our behinds and take back our America and remove all these clowns in all legislatures, state and fed, city and village NOW!

    • When and if my doc asks me those questions, I will ask them right back. Medical is one thing, invading my life this way is not kosher nor wanted nor needed. I am not there for politics but possible health issues. PERIOD!

    • We’re being studied moron.

      That’s how they analyze and predict trends.

      Also called research, you may have heard that word before.

      You think they’re sorting us out?
      So we can put conservatives in camps?

      • “WE”???????

        • Of course “We”. After your 5 year stint in the Re-education camp, you will be a “We” if RC has his say.
          He’s just jumping the gun (pardon the pun) a bit on what he believes to be his future reality.

        • I have to explain the word WE?

          wow, cons are vacant

          • You liberals think you’re so smart, but you’re notorious for not even understanding the meaning of two letter words. Bill Clinton even had to debate the meaning of “it!”

            In this case, dip wad, you didn’t have to explain anything!

  5. The bureaucrats in D.C. and the politicians, in general, have very little respect for the law. No one should be allowed to bother this vet!

    • Because the unstable people with guns is good for the community?

      Is that conservative logic?

      • I would be very happy if your community would just deny YOUR right to protect yourself.
        You are delusional, Sir! A true Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us or one of their Sheeple-People followers.

  6. What Morons !!! You know there is stupid and there is beyond stupid !!! This has to be a joke no one is that stupid let alone a group of 100 stupid people getting together !!! Oh wait their neo con republicans !!! That’s why !!!

    • You’re a delusional democRAT.

    • What’s beyond stupid are the people that voted for a guy that said he would lower the oceans.

      • Was that supposed to make sense?
        Who said they could lower the oceans?

        And what person in their right mind posts that crap?

        • “this was the moment, when the rise in the oceans began to slow…and the earth began to heal.” One of Obama’s speeches before being elected president. The speech that gave all the liberal minions chills up their legs.

          • Funny, the con quotes the Pres, but does not include the link.

            THAT ALWAYS means you hare hiding something.
            or just outright LYING.

            which is it con?

          • YouTube is your friend. You forgot his most famous speech? Jobs for the jobless, no red states or blue states just the united states. No white Americans, no black Americans, just Americans. As usual everything he promised was a lie and the pigeons still voted for him.

          • you forgot what a link is?

          • Don’t know how to navigate YouTube? That was his speech between styrofoam Greek columns complete with tele-promter and echo chambers so he would sound majestic. He did sound like a queen!!

          • still waiting for that link con.
            you bailing on me?

            stop lying, it’s easier.

  7. The fact is that every army soldier is informed, during basic training, that, regardless of what other military occupation skill he may be taught and acquire in advanced individual training after basic, he is, first and foremost, a foot soldier, an infantry soldier, trained in killing by both gun and bayonet. Ironic, isn’t it, that the same government (irresponsible non-entity) which trains people to follow the orders of politicians, has the incredible foresight to realize that those same people, upon re-entering civilian life, have those survival skills? If politicians only thought before they took action to prove the gross inconsistency of their logic, they might prevent much of the animosity which people have concerning them. If the economy were robust enough to support people, young men and women would not consider the military a logical choice, given the risks inherent in that career choice.
    The “American dream” has not been a reality for many veterans. On the contrary, their lives have been a living nightmare, a hell, not of their own making. It is logical that politicians are concerned about this. It is also logical that veterans should resist to the last full measure of devotion, their God-given right to defend themselves from all enemies, especially domestic!

  8. You have to love it when 100 people get together to sing about their imaginary friend who live in the sky !!! Even better is when they show up to let a mentally ill person have a gun !!! And people wonder why the sane people want a system to keep guns out of the mentally ill people’s hands !!! If new port , arora or sandyhook wasn’t a clue !!

    • You will stand before our God, prior to being dragged to hell, by demons.

      • YOU will stand before YOUR god.

        MY God is happy with ME.
        He thinks you people are truly screwed up

        • Interesting that you are so arrogant and high minded that you speak for God.

          • how dim are you hypocrites.

            many religious enthusiasts always claim to be speaking the word of God.

        • You and your god are fruity delusional! When you two get together, who is on top? You seem to have a God complex and believe you know better than all we little people.

          • it’s not hard to be smarter than the moronic right.

          • Dum bass: I was disappointed when you so abruptly left our discussion last night. Did your mommy come home from pulling her last trick of the night and tell you to turn out the light in the basement, where you live, and get to bed? Or did you have to get up early so you could run your paper route?

            It must be a short paper route, since you have so much time to come on here and spew your ignorance. That was a lot of responses! But I guess that sending
            hateful, ignorant posts is as good a reason to skip school as any other. I’m certainly glad that you use your “useful Idiot” government entitlement checks to keep up your internet connection. By the way, what grade are you in. I’d guess the third! Am I right?

            You’re pretty outspoken for just an ignorant young kid. You really ought to go outside and play in the street like the other liberal kids do. Staying in your room all day, with
            your head in that dark hole at the base of your spine isn’t good for you. You know what they say, “If you have your head up there too long, you’ll turn into a liberal, PERMANENTLY!

            You’re obviously infatuated with your own hateful words. I’ve noticed that you’re careful to never make statements, because you might have to prove them, except when it’s concerning the lack of intelligence of the person you’re lambasting. Even when you do make statements, they’re either bogus, or there is no way you could KNOW that “fact” for sure. Either way, that makes you a liar. (I never said I knew
            the mental state of the gentleman. But you attributed those words to me! Dum Bass!)

            You have no idea where I get my news from, but without ever possessing that knowledge, you have deemed everything I read as “PROPAGANDA.” Even that Pelosi witch knew that you would have to read something before you would know what it says. That proves to me even further, that you’re just an ignorant, socialist leaning parrot that has had a lobotomy! (A parrot that hasn’t had a lobotomy is smarter than you!) Nothing that I read smells as badly as the lying bull crap that you read!

            Your statement “Obama was born in Hawaii, and is over 35, which are the only qualification necessary for president.” is completely false and if you had a brain you would know that. You have no way of knowing that Obama was born in Hawaii. You’re just taking his word for it. It may be an inconvenient truth for you, but they’re also required to be a natural born citizen of the United States. Also, no person who has a
            dual citizenship may be president of the United States. Obama was once a citizen of Indonesia and I don’t think anyone has ever seen proof that he rejected that citizenship.

            I’m no fan of Alex Jones, but since you seem to loathe him, (just because he calls out Obama on his bull crap) I will say that Alex is far more truthful than Obama has been or ever will be. Surprisingly, Alex has never seen the need to have his records sealed.

            You refused the opportunity I gave you to supply some proof of the bull you’ve been spewing, so here’s another chance. You said “Obama’s record is not atrocious, now GW Bush has an atrocious record.” Please feel free to prove EITHER half of that
            statement! I’m betting you can’t do it. Put up or shut up!

            You repeatedly chide me for “gum flapping,” which I know is a derogatory term for “talking.” I’m really disappointed in your intelligence, or should I say lack of intelligence. You don’t see me “flapping my gums,” what you see is the results of me “typing!” And you keep saying that I’M the ignorant one? Polly want a cracker?

            You keep DEMANDING proof, but you never give any. Typical dum bass liberal! Most
            people, even liberals, are pretty decent people, but you’re just stupid (not idiotic, because even idiots can learn!), broken down hack who pisses on the graves of veterans who have fought to keep scum like you free. None is so blind as he who has eyes but WILL not see!

            I doubt that you’ve even read this far. I know how much strain that puts on that one, sickly, broken-down little brain cell of yours. But if you have, don’t bother answering this post. You’re beyond irrational and you’re not even trying to do anything but gripe, ridicule, and bleed on your rag. I won’t read it anyhow. I’ve already wasted too much
            time with you.

          • ” I’ve already wasted too much time with you.”
            Sure moron.
            that must be why you just posted 500 words.
            cause you don’t want to waste time.

            more proof you are low functioning

        • Yes I’m sure satan is.

    • The sane people are delusional if they think they can keep guns out of the hands of the government!!!!

      I know that’s not what you meant, but that’s the REALITY of it!

      We don’t KNOW that this gentleman is indeed mentally ill. That’s just the spin that has been put on it. The government would love to declare all of us incompetent, so they could “lawfully” take guns away from us. That kind of thinking is exactly why we must not give up our guns. Our government is so corrupt today that nothing would surprise me.

      The government is far too interested in taking guns away from all of us. If an elderly person is incapable of safely handling a firearm, that person’s family should be the ones to take the gun away. The government is delusional for thinking that we need them for EVERYTHING in our lives. With some of the things the government has done during the last few years, they have no reason whatsoever to believe they know better than we do.

      • “We don’t KNOW that this gentleman is indeed mentally ill”

        that’s right moron.

        but HERE YOU ARE pretending you DO KNOW.

  9. I think the democrat communist dictatorship in Washington needs to end now. Partition the US and let the states who love democrats and their brand of absolutism kill themselves with their liberal idiocy.

    • I am all for that because the Demos/liberals and progs would die quickly because they know nothing, are inept, and just blabber a lot and none of which will feed nor care for them, while we, on the other hand, will thrive!

      • They would ban oil & coal….and all the nincompoops would starve and freeze to death in the dark…….good riddance! Would disposing of the bodies to a Cuban Pig farmer be disrespectful?

      • Another silly conservative who forgets America ran under complete democratic control from the early 30s until 1982 and we built this great country.

        Then the GOP started taking over, AND the national debt started to rise.

        And the the middle class started to decline.

        And that’s when income growth started to decline.

        What have the GOP done for us lately?

        • “. . . America ran under complete democratic control from the early 30s until 1982 and we built this great country.”
          And look at the mess it got us in!

          • oh, and WHEN did the national debt start to grow?

            when did it TRIPLE?
            when did it DOUBLE?
            Bush one

        • The national debt has risen under both Republicans and Democrats. But Under our present administration it has risen more than the previous four presidents put together. If you don’t think so check the info even that given by Democrats who argue it was necessary. Yet most of the rise in debt was given to CEO’s and Big Banks by both Bush and Obama.

        • You didn’t build that!

          Every time a Democrat gets in, they cut our military until we’re weak, just as Obama has done. Then, when Republicans get back in, for the sake of the safety of this country and everyone in it, they have no choice but to rebuild our military, Other government programs probably have a similar history.

          Democrats have never been our savior. They only want to take credit when things go right, otherwise, “It’s Bush’s fault!”

          • cons are a bunch of scared little children.
            WHO do you think is going to attack us?


            there economy would collapse the next day.
            they are broke.
            they can’t feed their own people let alone take the US mainland.

            no jokes please.

            Does the ill informed con know the the US can’t even build a Cruise missile without electronic chips from CHINA?
            we don’t make chips in the US anymore.

            if the military has gone down that supply road, they are either morons or don’t think china is that big a threat.

            Republicans support things like the F 35 that can barely fly and has billions in overages.

            makes for great retirement packages when they get out of congress.

          • I and a lot of other “cons” are Vietnam veterans. So much for your scared little children, dum bass! What have you ever done for your country?

            You said “China?. there economy would collapse the next day.” The word is “Their” dum bass, not “there.” If you’re going to be on these forums, I’d think the least you could do is to learn the language. That should be much easier than learning about our government and its place in world affairs, which is obviously beyond you.

            Your girlfriend, Obama, has been importing so many muslims into this country that I’m sure their number within our borders is quite substantial. Obama has given them plenty of opportunities to bring dirty bombs and many other weapons into this country, while he diverted our border guards elsewhere, or while his TSA agents were strip searching little girls and 90 year old women who were in wheelchairs.

            The muslims have lived in third world countries all their lives and live a pretty stark existence, but we Americans are used to many things that we now count as essentials; electricity, running water and many other things that would disappear if a dirty bomb were used on our power grid. You’d probably be surprised how much that would level the playing field. The muslims could do a lot of damage by themselves, but if they coordinated their plans with another country that hates America, it could be very bad. The UN Is just full of countries that hate America, even though they gladly take our handouts. Obama has been contributing to those who plot our demise for at least six years now.

            There are legitimate scenarios that our country needs to be aware of and be very vigilant about. I’m sure that Goliath had no fear of little David, but if you remember how that turned out, you should know that things don’t always turn out like you might expect. Your cavalier attitude about such things shows what an idiot you truly are.

    • Idiocy would be THIS POST.

      Without a liberal idiocy you would be at work right now.

      Without liberal idiocy your wife would NOT be able to vote.

      Without liberal idiocy you wouldn’t have health insurance

      Without liberal idiocy you wouldn’t have paid vacations

      Without liberal idiocy you would still be part of the British Empire

      Tell me more about liberal idiocy, Bob

    • whats up Bob?
      no comeback?

      • What’s up? The National debt is what’s up. Check it out check.

        Barack Obama – The debt grew the most dollar-wise during President Obama’s term. He added $6.167 trillion, a 53% increase, in six years. Obama’s budgets included the economic stimulus package, which added $787 billion by cutting taxes, extending unemployment benefits, and funding job-creating public works projects. The Obama tax cuts added $858 billion to the debt over two years. Obama’s budget included increased defense spending to around $800 billion a year. Federal income was down, thanks to lower tax receipts from the 2008 financial crisis. He also sponsored the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which was designed to reduce the debt by $143 billion over 10 years. However, these savings didn’t show up until the later years. For more, see National Debt Under Obama.

        George W. Bush – President Bush added the second greatest amount to the debt, at $5.849 trillion. This more than doubled the debt, which was $5.8 trillion on September 30, 2001 — the end of FY 2001, which was President Clinton’s last budget. Bush responded to the 9/11 attacks by launching the War on Terror. This drove military spending to record levels, $600-$800 billion a year. This included the Iraq War, which cost $807.5 billion. President Bush also responded to the 2001 recession by passing EGTRRA and JGTRRA, otherwise known as the Bush tax cuts, which reduced revenue. He approved a $700 billion bailout package for banks to combat the 2008 global financial crisis. .

        • Are you Bob’s alter ego?
          All true.
          Let’s remember Medicare part D that was never paid for.

          And let’s also remember 1.4 trillion that attributed to Obama was a budget given to him by George W. Bush

          Let’s also remember that Obama was obliged to continue spending money in Iraq and Afghanistan due to the foolish actions of George W. Bush.
          (Though I think he could have got out sooner)

          Funny how conservatives want everything paid for now there’s a Democrat in the White House.

      • Please forgive Bob for his tardiness. He doesn’t still live in his mommy’s basement! He actually has a job and a life!

        • i’m actually retired and living the good life in Ca.
          union pension. paid for house.

          If you are going to speak for the ignorant Bob, perhaps you make him look less vacant.

          • I don’t really know Bob. I guess anybody you’re picking on, seems like a friend to me.

            Surprisingly, we seem to have several things in common, except I wouldn’t live in CA if you gave it to me.

            I guess the real question I’d like to ask you is “Why do you so blindly support Obama and seemingly all Democrats?” Surely you realize that we’re all Americans, who just happen to have different points of view. In truth, none of us may have the right answers to the problems we face, but we need to talk about them, rationally, and come up with solutions that will hopefully help our whole country and all of its inhabitants.

            There were both Democrats and Republicans when I was a kid, but we were a lot more sensible in those days. Each party didn’t see the other party as mortal enemies, and nobody was locked voting for every position within our own party. It’s irrational to think that people are going to be either good or bad, based solely upon which party they identified with. There are both good people and bad people on either side of the aisle.

            The way you and I have been going at it would have been sternly frowned upon in those days, and if you will notice, neither if us has been gaining any ground. I think that’s a large part of what’s wrong with our whole country today.

  10. What part of “NO infringement” of right to bear arms don’t you liberal wackjob idiots understand?
    According to the 2nd amendment, even felons are allowed to own firearms. No infringement means No infringement! I don’t have a problem with anyone owning a firearm.
    Back in the wild west everyone owned firearms and crime was almost nonexistent, except for a few bank robberies and train high jackings.
    If you were a career criminal, would you rob the unarmed little old lady, or the little old lady packing heat and willing to use deadly force?
    Any background check, registration, or denial to own a firearm is an Infringement on our right to bear arms.
    Just like our freedom of speech has been infringed upon by this tyrannical regime in Washington District of Criminals, all of our constitutional rights are being attacked and slowly being removed.
    We the people need to do whatever it takes to to take back OUR country from our so-called “representatives” who are not representing us but corporations and foreign interests,
    just like we did with the British during the Revolutionary War!!!
    I love my Nation but hate and distrust its government.

    • we hate an distrust our government for a reason—tyrants

      • And who would be a “tyrant” in the US government?

        You know what “tyrant” means?

        • Yes! WE know what “tyrant” means, but by the time you get through telling it, it will be likened to something that is good. You lib terds are making every good thing seem to be bad, and you’re also making Obama and every other bad thing seem good. I’m not buying it!

          As for who is a “tyrant” in the US government, if we just combine “treacherous liars and traitors, I think we could come up with a very similar list which would include Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Hillary, Valery Jarrett, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Elijah Cummings, Larry Ellison, etc., etc., etc.. And we might even place John Boehner and Mitch McConnell on that same list.

          • Oh, so you don’t know what “tyrant” means.

            you really didn’t need 100 words of stupid to tell me that.

          • Well dum bass, my dictionary is pretty clear on the meaning, and it’s pretty much what I thought it was. So why don’t you tell us what YOU think the meaning of the word “tyrant” is? (This should be good!)

          • ok moron.

            Full Definition of TYRANT
            1a : an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution

            now all you have to do is post some examples of how that applies to Obama.

            seems to me we still have more laws than we can use.

            and even though you morons THINK the constitution is no longer in effect, that’s only because you have the intellect of a radish.

            you could post some examples for me to make fun of, but radishes have a limited capacity.

          • Well wise guy, your definition starts out with “1a” which should tell anyone who knows anything about a dictionary, that this part is only the beginning of a list; the rest of which will follow. Yet you say “Full Definition of TYRANT.” You must enjoy making yourself look like a fool!

            And don’t tell me what I HAVE to do! I don’t take orders from traitorous idiots! However, that definition DOES apply to Obama, because he picks and chooses which of our laws and parts of our Constitution and Bill of Rights he chooses to obey. That gives him the distinction of being “unrestrained.”

            The Constitution IS still in effect, for we mere mortals, but Obama doesn’t allow himself to be hindered by it. How does it feel to have an intellect that is lower than that of a radish?

            You’re right about one thing though. We DO have more laws than we can use. But liberals are busting themselves, trying to make MORE laws that will take the guns away from all of the law abiding citizens. I know this will sound really crazy, but let’s take the guns away from the CRIMINALS first and see how that works.

            Yes, I COULD post some examples for you, but like I’ve told you repeatedly, do your own research. I’m not going to do it for you. You are a traitor, and I take that very seriously. Besides that, you have proven yourself to be too ignorant to know when I have given you proof. You’re too infatuated with your man-whore to have any sense. You deny everything that makes any sense, but then you call me a moron. Ha!

      • You hate and distrust your government because you listen to too much RIGHT WING PROPAGANDA

        • Hell, Stupid. The folks that wrote the Constitution distrusted the government they created.
          What we are experiencing today is the proof for their reasons for distrust.
          You, Sir, are willing to trust yo’ massa.
          I am not!

        • ====and you, s—head, have been drinking too much LIBTARD KOOL-AID. Creates “mush on the brain”. You’d have to be a communist to believe these marxist/socialist idiots.

          • so name something tyrannical that Obama has done, moron.

            like that will happen.
            cons are the most ignorant humans in America.

          • President Barack Obama passed down an edict that every health-care plan in America must pay for sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives, including those that cause abortions–That’s an act of tyranny.

            To individual American Catholics, and those who share the Catholic religious and moral conviction that sterilization, artificial contraception and abortion are wrong, Obama said: I am ordering you to buy a health insurance plan that violates the teachings of your faith and your conscience.

            To insurance companies, Obama said: If you do business with a Catholic organization–or a religiously based organization that shares the Catholic view on sterilization, contraception or abortion–you must provide sterilizations, contraceptives and abortifacients to the employees of that organization free of charge.

            This is exactly as if Obama were to say to grocery stores: You must provide milk, meat, and bread to your customers free of charge.

            We have here not only a violation of the fundamental right to freedom of conscience, guaranteed by the First Amendment, but a violation of the property rights of insurance companies.

            The president’s edict that Americans must buy insurance plans that cover all FDA approved contraceptives, including those that cause abortions, means he is saying to Americans: You must pay a private company to dispense drugs that kill unborn children.

            No man has the rightful moral authority to issue such an order. It is an act of tyranny.

            Do you want more dum bass?

          • A LINK MORON.

          • You said “so name something tyrannical that Obama has done!” That’s exactly what I did Moron! If a link is what you want, ASK FOR IT dum bass! But since you helped to betray all of your fellow countrymen, by assisting Obama in keeping his records hidden from the American people, you DESERVE no proof of anything, from me or anyone else. You gave up your right to request facts from anyone! You’re a traitor! Proof of Obama’s eligibility was of monumental importance to this country, but you helped the usurper to keep proof of his INELIGIBILITY hidden. And then you’re ignorantly brazen enough to blame Republicans for everything and you still think we should do your research for you.

        • You trust our government exclusively because you keep your head in that dark hole at the base of your spine!

    • You blithely say, “I don’t have a problem with anyone owning a firearm.”

      That is a very broad statement, Richard. That means, taken literally, that you do not object to gun ownership by even the most deranged, psychotic raving maniac in our society. Don’t you think you need to accept SOME limitations?

      • You’re right headonstraight. We should change that statement to read that everybody EXCEPT ANYONE EMPLOYED BY THE GOVERNMENT should be allowed to possess firearms!

    • What part of “well regulated militia” do you not understand?

      It’s actually beginning of the second Amendment, but for some reason conservatives like to ignore it completely.

      Maybe you would like to take a stab at why that part you like to ignore, but the second half you feel is from God’s mouth?

      • Well, if this idiot of a president comes out and issues an executive order banning the public from owning weapons, I think you’ll find out just how fast the arms bearing citizens come together to form a national militia.

      • Now I know where you get your crazy ideas. You have little or no understanding of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, the writings of the Founders, nor the structure of the English Language.
        That being said . . .

      • independent thinker

        What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand.

        • When is the moronic right going to figure out that no “right of the individual” is absolute.

          Go into a crowded theater and exercise your First Amendment rights by yelling,
          and see how fast you end up in jail

          • independent thinker

            You obviously are ignoring the article I provided.
            You have the right to yell out ANYTHING you want in the theater. If you miss use that right then you should expect to pay the penalty for that misuse. Having to pay a penalty for the miss use of a right in no way negates that right.

          • Sir, may I refer you to DickG’s comment above, ” Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon.” The reasoning you gave above is clear enough, most sane, reasonable people comprehend this. Same could apply to the “bearing of arms”. Sane people understand that just because you have the right to own a firearm, does not mean you are free to go out & shoot someone with it. The anti-gun crowd wants to deny my right to own a gun because there are a few idiots out there that if they didn’t have a gun, they would come steal mine or yours. Guns are like drugs, anyone who wants one, for whatever purpose can get it. That’s what drives me insane with these idiots who think if we just take up the guns, we can stomp out crime. If a lot more people had guns & knew how to use them, we might could take a bite out of crime.

        • I like the way you tap dance around “well-regulated militia”.

          “Oh we love the Constitution”, well at least parts of it.
          We just ignore that we don’t like, because we’re strict constitutionalists.

          The low intellect of the right is very scary

          Once we get a couple more liberals on Supreme Court, you gun nuts best go join a militia.

          • independent thinker

            “Dance around” You are the one dancing around the issue. I provided an article by a language expert that proves you wrong yet you refuse to accept it. As to the militia membership, I am already a member of the militia as is every other legal resident of the USA.

          • Mr realityck, since you seem to think ALL liberal/progressive/marxists are genusis, maybe you could define “the right of the people to keep & bear arms, shall not be infringed”. You say” the low intellect of the right is scary”, I think the “knowledge” of you know-it-all gurus is what is really scary. You want to change this country into a socialist utopia. There is no such place. Show me a country where the masses are better off under socialism/communism than a land where the people are free, free to speak their minds, free to worship or not worship, free to own property. Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than socialism ever has. Rev. Ike once said he believed in the golden rule, those who have the gold, makes the rules. In a communist regime, the communist party has most of the wealth, they control it & dole it out as they see fit. I do not like socialism/communism in any form, it is slowly, like a cancer, taking over in our country. The American dream is still alive, but now there is a generation of millennials [ millidiots ] who don’t want to work for it, they want the government to take it away from those who are willing to work for it & give it to those too dumb & sorry to work for it.

          • “Show me a country where the masses are better off under socialism/communism than a land where the people are free, free to speak their minds, free to worship or not worship, free to own property.”

            god your a moron.

            you live in a cave or just really dumb.


            for starters.
            ALL with a higher standard of living, better education, healthier and happier than America.

            your other BIG PROBLEM is you think socialist countries have no voice.

            THAT proves your idiocy.

            socialist countries are also rated as the best countries to do business by Forbes, the CONSERVATIVE economics magazine.


          • You cajole and criticize us for everything, but if you’re so smart, when are you leaving? Unless you have plans of moving to one of those countries soon, I’d say you’re just blowing smoke. (Lying! As usual!)

          • PS.
            Social Security is SOCIALISM
            Medicare is SOCIALISM
            Medicaid is SOCIALISM
            unemployment insurance is SOCIALISM

            and YOU are a MORON.

            you’re probably on SS & medicare or your PARENTS ARE.
            making you not only a moron, but an ignorant hypocrite to boot.

          • I have worked & paid into it for around 60 years. I do not use medicaid. Some of the social programs, maybe are good, but they have gotten out of hand, for ex., allowing an unwedded mother to have numerous kids, & draw a ck. for each one they have, allowing non-citizens to draw it. allowing people who wouldn’t work in a pie factory, to draw benifits right on & on.

          • so you didn’t know you were part of SOCIALISM.
            changed your tune real quickly.

            AND you are voting for the guys who will KILL medicare and SS. that would be the GOP.

            since you didn’t know this,
            WHY do you think you are now qualified to post more LIES about the system YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND?

            “allowing an unwedded mother to have numerous kids”

            “allowing non-citizens to draw it”

            unless you have 10 years of paying INTO SS, you CAN’T collect.

            WHO tells you these lies?

          • Word bender! Liar! Ignoramus! Idiot! Those are just a few of the descriptive words we could use for you. Just what is it that keeps your little Obama cheerleader panties so wadded up?

            Social Security was supposed to just be a temporary program, but I believe it was the Democrats who saw an opportunity there, so they kept it. In more recent years it has been the Democrats who raided our Social Security funds, for other things. They STOLE it, because we sure didn’t give it to them.

            You probably think churches are socialist too, since they help those who are in need. But the thing about the churches helping people is that they do it as a humanitarian act of kindness toward our fellow men, not to make those people dependent upon and/or beholden to them.

          • How dumb to you have to be to think the people in EU can’t own property.

            as for communists,
            since you are clueless about socialism, we are not even going to go there.

  11. Why does the VA need to confiscate our guns when they just kill us in the waiting room?

    • They want to take your guns so you can’t kill them.

    • But the VA fudges on the waiting period……spent over FIVE HOURS waiting at the Tampa VA Hospital and the VA RECORD SHOWED I WAS TAKEN CARE OF IN 4.5 MINUTES. Had to go to another Hospital for the Emergency Care required. VA pays huge bonuses for liars!

    • well they are NOT taking any guns.
      perhaps you should read the article.

      so the big question is WHY you are ignorant on the matter but feel the need to post LIES?

      • That’s exactly what we were wondering about you, but then we came to the consensus opinion that you’re just a regular, run-of-the-mill liberal! (Please don’t make me list all of the adjectives that are encompassed by those terms!)

  12. To think many, many people only THOUGHT the book “1984” was only a book!! We’re seeing just about EVERYTHING portrayed in the book BECOMING a reality!
    WAKE THE FU@# UP AMERICA! The book is becoming REALITY!! I wonder how many have ACTUALLY read the book????

    • Good to see you here you old Phuck ! {w/ love} Give them punks hell and don’t let them spread their B.S. over OUR discussion. I pledge to do the same in honor of those that gave all and gave me the right ! God love you and guide you. Stay Vigilant !!!

      • I’ll try!! Sometimes I have to sit back a bit as my blood pressure almost reaches critical mass!! LOL! Then I sit back BUT I’m still voting either up or down depending on the posts!!
        Why is it so hard for people to open their eyes??? They think DimmiWITZ are the cats meow!! The Democrats have just about become the new Third Reich! Everything they touch or do is almost “1984” for America! They, the DemoCRAPZ are pushing for the NWO with the help of a few RINO’S!
        Wake up America!! The Country, your rights and your freedoms are at risk! The solution isn’t the CommieCRAP party!!
        “Most” all the Patriots on these blogs ARE NOT DumboCRAPZ!! Most, myself included, lean more towards the Tea Party!
        I’m no psychic but what I see a coming and i PRAY I’m wrong isn’t very pretty! The Country already had one and I don’t wish to see another!

        • “This year will go down in history, For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!” Adolf Hitler, 1935, on The Weapons Act of Nazi Germany. Obama would just loooovve to say this for the USA. I hope this never happens in the USA.

          • I”ll drink to that and buy the next round!!

          • which was the moment when GUNS were NOW ALLOWED in Germany.
            Up til that time, guns were ILLEGAL for citizens.

            another ignorant con embarrasses himself.

    • It’s the corporation that took over in the book.

      the GOP are the ones completely owend by the corporations.
      PROOF of which is the TPP passed by the GOP.

      Why is Obama behind it?
      He’s a CORPORATIST.
      proof of which, is the members of his cabinet are from WALL STREET.

      so why are YOU voting for the party that uses 1984 as THEIR BIBLE?

  13. Write, call, e-mail or otherwise contact your House representative and demand they enter articles of impeachment against Obama !! Obama controls all federal agencies !

    • They know he is an illegal and as such cannot be impeached, let alone how many Demos would not allow it (at least not yet but who knows when and that may be soon), but he can be arrested, thrown in prison, an overnight Pelosi trial, and shot as an invader on our soil! just like the illegals he is protecting because he knows he is an illegal as well.

      • That is the only reason he hasn’t been impeached, the democrats just will not allow it & Obama knows it that is why he wanted the gop to try before the last election. If they had him on camera committing some hideous crime, I still think they would vote against impeachment they are all complicit with this administration. I live in Ca. & after all these years I wouldn’t vote far any democrap ever even though I have in the past, they are all crooked to the core & can’t take enough of your hard earned money

        • “the democrats just will not allow it ”

          I think you fools forget you need GROUNDS to impeach.
          the GOP in congress are just a little bit more savvy than the moron right.

          Clinton’s popularity also rose up when the GOP tried to impeach Clinton.

          short memory?

  14. it is time the people stand against Obama and his tyrants and it is very refreshing to see that there are still great people in this country that are willing to stand up to protect people from tyrants

  15. Americans Erickson is doing and being a frontline copy cat of Obama against Trump because everyone is allowing him to do to Mr. Trump! The rest of the debaters may get the same from him since We stand by and allow Erickson to do this which is Un-American…he is acting like a “HITLER”!

    • Obama could give a crap about Trump.
      you cons are SO deluded.
      He knows Hillary or Bernie is going to win.

      your candidates are complete morons.
      anyone against gay marriage or climate change
      IS TOAST.

  16. When my doctor asked if I have guns, I simply told him to tell ovomit to cram it up his oreo a$$. That made the doctor laugh and nod enthusiastically! I do not think our doctors care what ovomit (a.k.a. Beelzebub) wants. Tell the Lord of the Flies to go pound sand. Keep your guns! Keep your freedoms!

    • independent thinker

      ” I do not think our doctors care what ovomit (a.k.a. Beelzebub) wants.”
      Depends on the doctor. Some are anti-gun and some are either pro -gun or neutral on the subject.

  17. Sticking tight to the 2nd Amendment is synonymous with stopping tyranny and our own democide. They want the power………..we got it thanks to our Founding Fathers.

    Twentieth century governments committed “democide” (i.e. genocide committed by government) to the tune of murdering 262 million of its own citizens, according to a University of Hawaii study. Just to give perspective on this incredible rate of murder by government, “this democide murdered 6 times more people than died in combat in” all of the wars fought in the 20th century.

    Never forget this. If we ever allow government to subvert the second amendment, we very will witness an American genocide.

    • Our government has declared war on America…Wake up..There are out side forces in control.

      • AND bo is the #1 enemy that is destroying our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights …. !

        • Ok, so what parts of the bill of rights or constitution has been destroyed?

          Ward will BAIL because IT is ignorant and just parrots what the bimbo on Fox said last night.

          prove me wrong Ward.
          (like that will happen)

          • You proved yourself wrong in your asinine post along with all libtards that support bo …!

          • Sure ward.
            you bailed.

            what a surprise.

          • You’re non-intelligent reply also proves your type of support for a wannabe dictator bo that depends on the ignorant to create his subjects for enslavement in his N.W.O. tyranny !

          • you go to a lot of trouble just to not say what he has destroyed.
            you think you are fooling anyone?
            Face it. you’re vacant.

  18. America in going to hell, and thats sad. Our churches, military, heritage, constitution, medical, you name it, its all being restructured to be like other countries and not america. V.A. med care is for those of us who served, its not free. But now our healthcare seems to be an open book.V.A. records, theres your transparentcy we were promised!!!

  19. Mental health is indeed, the MAJOR cause of killings and that does not necessarily mean major mental health issues. But dementia is not one of them. Our failed mental health system leaves a lot to be desired. As a veteran, I understand where the VA is coming from. When I disagree over any specific medication and I have, I prevail.

  20. richard schlinder

    I am not attacking the man ,I am attacking his policies.Obama keeps finding ways to destroy our rights and freedoms. Congratulations to the protesters in Oregon.

  21. richard schlinder

    I am not attacking the man,I am attacking his policies.Obama keeps finding ways to eliminate our rights and freedoms. Congratulations to the people of Idaho.

    • I like to go right for the jugular it is the man that thought up these policies & with the current clown almost al of his policies have been bent toward the destruction of our way of life & our liberties

    • this “law” has been in effect for over a decade.

      you CAN”T own a firearm if you are MENTAL.
      (cons need to be careful about appearing too crazy on these web sites)

  22. Not to get off the subject but herre in Oregon I just heard on the news those liberal pansies running our state govt. has allowed the handgun law to quietly slip in. Supposedly now we have to register with the state if we sell or give a handgun to even a relative, for approval now. APPROVAL! It’s none of their business what we do with what we have, they don’t pull this crap on anything else like giving a car away, we’ve got to stop this right now before other states say it’s ok because Oregon did it. If any of you know how or who to contact about organizing a protest and inviting Americans from all over the country to come show support for us, not the state, then please contact them or post it here or tweet it or whatever so we can stand up for our rights. Any input is greatly appreciated. One last thing, God Bless America, please!

    • Well, get together and get it stopped. Obviously, these are NOT representatives but communists so recall or force to resign and repeal the acts against you and our country. If you do not, then just like all liberals, etc., you are permitting them to dominate and control your lives. Each state needs to be on top of this as we are also trying to get rid of the dregs in CA.

    • “hey don’t pull this crap on anything else like giving a car away,”

      god you people are stupid humans.

      THAT CAR has to be REGISTERED and LICENSED and the driver has to be LICENSED and have INSURANCE.
      You can give it to a junkyard AND THAT still has to be REGISTERED.

      so now that I have proved you to be ILL INFORMED, perhaps you should do some research before further embarrassing yourself.

      • You haven’t proved a damn thing, except in your own feeble little mind, sorry you can’t find any other youngsters to play with. It’s past your bedtime anyway, go find mommy and tell her you need your rubber undies before you jump in bed. Good night rubber ducky!

  23. “Fundamentally Transform America” (Obama). That is what the worthless POS Democrats voted for. Lying, Thieves, Crooks, Morons. ALL of them.

    • Just remember they drew first blood.

    • he was speaking of Healthcare and the poor, fool.

      • With your track record of ignorance, I really don’t think you are even remotely capable of determining what ANYBODY meant by what they said, least of all that gay muslim traitor. If you will recall, all of his records have been sealed, so we don’t KNOW anything about him.

        I see where you’ve had your ass handed to you several times just on this page, but you’re so brain dead that you don’t even seem to notice. What a good little useful idiot you are!

        • since you prove yourself to be a complete idiot by believing Obama is a gay Muslim,
          i hardly think you are in a place to be judging ignorance.

          • It’s too bad that you’re an INCOMPLETE idiot! Does that make you self conscious!

            Put the Obama thing to a vote on here, if you dare! Which I sincerely doubt!

          • “Put the Obama thing to a vote on here”

            Why do you keep proving to be a complete idiot?

          • Why do you keep proving to be an incomplete idiot?

            Why do you keep proving to be an Obama useful idiot?

            Why do you keep proving that you lack both common sense and a moral compass?

            Why do you keep proving that you’re a traitor to this country?

            Why do you keep proving that you’re a traitor to our military and to the veterans of this country?

            Why do you keep proving that your opinion isn’t worth pig snot?

      • Oh, REALLY? I don’t recall He “specified” that. “FOOL”. The niga has ONE goal: To DESTROY America as a World Dominant Country. And morons like YOU go right along. ACA is destroying the US economy, and idiots like you are too stupid to do the math.

  24. Damn straight. The Vets know how to use guns and that scares the hell out of liberals/progs (communists)/Demos. Go get ’em and stop this administration and its minions from taking over our Constitution and country and do it now!

  25. Great! Time to stand for what’s right, Freedom Against Tyranny!! God help us all if this country gets another Ovomit in office.
    Look at history, it does and can repeat itself!!
    God Bless America!!

    • if THIS is the feds big gun grab, it’s only going to take a thousand years to accomplish.
      I can only find half a dozen cases of this in the past 3 years.
      maybe YOU can elaborate with some links.

      name another Democratic country that has been disarmed?

  26. To successfully take-over the politics of a country a tyrant must first disarm its citizens!!!
    “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence… From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to ensure peace, security, and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable…The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference–they deserve a place of
    honor with all that’s good.” George Washington.
    “Americans need never fear their government because of the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation.” James Madison.
    DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR FIREARMS least we become slaves to a tyrant!!!!

    • let me guess.
      OLD White Fart?

      if this is how the feds are taking your guns, it will only take about a thousand years to accomplish.
      that sounds very efficient
      one begins to wonder if any of you cons have any brains what so ever?

      perhaps you should stop listening to HATE radio, or go see a mental health professional.

  27. The VA has NO business even asking a veteran if they own firearms. There is no place in the 2nd Amendment that takes away the right to bear arms for any citizen! This bullshit is nothing more than the CRIMINAL ovomit devotees trying to strip us of our freedoms!!

    • ya
      cause PTSD IS NOT REAL.

      “There is no place in the 2nd Amendment that takes away the right to bear arms for any citizen!”

      time for the con to realize that NO RIGHT is ABSOLUTE.

      don’t believe me?

      go to the local theater and yell
      “Muslim with a bomb” and see how many months you spend in jail.

  28. Again I ask what are our options?

  29. The scum bags in this administration will stoop to any level to take any of our rights as citizens away from us… They can take a flying —k at the moon as far as I’m concerned… Don’t tell them anything that would cause you to lose any right period….

    • one has to be exceptionally silly to think the pres is orchestrating
      “the taking of our guns”
      one gun at a time.
      not very efficient method don’t you think, silly con?

      or is your intellect so low you think this is a good plan and your guns are next?

  30. independent thinker

    “We don’t send officers to confiscate weapons,” said VA spokesman Bret Bowers. –
    No they don’t they just turn the information over to the (In)justice department and that organization confiscates them.

    • Name one incident where the Justice Department went in and took someone’s guns?

      JUST ONE

      I have a feeling that Will not happen, what do you think conservative?

        • How deluded does one have to be to quote Alex Jones and infowars.

          You might as well quote yourself, just as much credibility.

          Shall we examine the situation, and see if it’s the same as Idaho?

          First off it was NOT the Department of Justice that went in it, was the local police.

          And why did they go in?

          BECAUSE the moron put a stupid message on his answering machine that made him sound like a whack job.

          Don’t you conservatives like to bitch and moan when the VA doesn’t pay attention to its patients?
          Had he killed himself or everyone in his neighborhood, conservatives would been the first to point to the VA for having let them down.
          Cons love a good hypocrisy.

          And you think the VA is a working arm of the evil Obama administration and his plans to disarm America?
          So there are no conservatives working in the VA?
          And since liberals don’t have jobs (according to the moronic right) who else could they be but conservatives.

          So that means the conservatives are selling out their own brothers.
          Good to know

          It’s this kind of crazy thinking that makes us wonder if conservatives actually have brains.

          Now if you really believed the evil Obama administration is going to use this tactic to take your guns, why do you post stupid shit on the Internet that sets you up for your three day evaluation and subsequent confiscation of guns?

          IF you’re so convincing it can happen, WHY post moronic shit that would easily qualify you for your psych eval?

          Critical thinking is out of your purview?

          • independent thinker

            Obviously you did not read my second reply to you (or if you did you chose to ignore it)where I stated the obvious that being it doesn’t matter if the US department of (in)justice did the actual confiscation it is the principle of the confiscation taking place.

          • so TWO examples now.

            If Obama is going to disarm America, he is going to pick up the pace.

            you do realize that probably has an agenda.
            your not too good a picking sources.

            why are you cons hell bent to let crazy people have guns?

          • what no come back?
            still looking for the MILLIONS of cases of guns confiscated?

            I hear Obama is going to stay president until ALL the guns are collected.
            and it this pace, that means FOREVER.

          • independent thinker

            No rebuttal possible because of lack of intellectual content in your comment.

      • independent thinker

        Weep some more.

        It does not matter if it is literally the US department of (In)justice or state or local the principle is the same.

      • I think you should work on your reading comprehension, there, R.C.
        The letter specifically states that he is not allowed to possess firearms, which means if he has any, he must divest himself of them.

        • What letter?
          there was no letter published in this article so how do you know what it says?
          Maybe you can link to it.

  31. Sounds typical of Tyranny!!

    • Did you miss the part where the VA said we don’t take guns we provide medical care?

      Did you miss that part?

      Where exactly did you see anybody saying they were coming for his guns?
      He can’t go to a gun store and by one legally anymore.

      So basically everybody has their panties in a knot for no reason.

      You must be conservatives

      Makes me sad a mentally unstable person can’t buy a gun.

      • What kind of idiot believes what the government tells them? Does “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, and if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it” mean anything to you?

        If and when the stuff does hit the fan, you’re going to be an early casualty, because you just have no awareness of the things around you. (Boo-hoo to that too! ;>)

        Answer me this sparky, if our military was still being maintained and upgraded, as it had been for years, there should be no reason for Obama to have his own personal attack squads. So why is he having several offices of our government that have nothing to do with our military, to be stockpiling millions of rounds of ammunition and doing military type maneuvers, designed to “handle” a civilian population?

        It’s funny how things go. Obama is all in on Global Warming, Sometimes he has said that it’s a proven theory, which it’s NOT, whereas before, he had said that we should all go all in for Global Warming, just in case it was true.

        With all the far reaching consequences of gun confiscation, shouldn’t we have the right to protect ourselves against the government, just in case it’s true?

  32. This NWO communist regime is out to disarm “US” then enslave us! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – bet on it! mInr, NSA!

    • Anyone who thinks there’s a New World order, has just shown the world he is short several loaves./

      Care to throw some evidence into the mix to illustrate why you think the New World order is on the horizon?

      • Go crawl back into your hole, lefty A$$HOLE that you are! I suppose Jade Helm – if you are even aware of it – is a figment of imagination too! You mentally disordered leftists will cry like the wimps that you are when the shit hits the fan which will be sooner than you think.

        • any people been kidnapped by Jade- Helm yet?

          any town under marshal law yet?

          you think Jade Helm is part of the NWO?
          no conspiracy theory is too stupid for you guys.

          let’s not forget those evil UN trucks in Montana last year, that you cons were wetting your panties over.

          Oh, and lets not forget when Obama was going to kill us all with Ebola.
          How did that turn out again?

          • Wow! You must really be tight with Obama to know so much about EVERYTHING that’s going on. Are you gay too?

            You continue to criticize everybody, but all you have done is to throw out a bunch of questions that you don’t even KNOW the answers to. No proof whatsoever. Blah! Blah! Blah!

          • I think it’s the fools claiming the world has been taken over by the New World order,
            are the ones that need to prove that.

            Not the other way around moron.

        • Still waiting to see if anyone has been kidnapped by the Jade Helm operation?

          Any towns under martial law yet?

          Maybe Dave’s out looking for them right now?

          Maybe Dave is hiding under his bed with his AR 15?

      • Deny and die. You really should start reading the news. You are soooo uninformed about so many things! Again, it’s been on the internet and in the news. Look it up. Or, if you really want to continue denying these things, that’s fine by me. The chaff always has to be removed from the grain, before it’s ready to be used. Lots of luck chaff!

        • “You really should start reading the news”

          got news for you fool.
          what YOU READ is not news.

          It’s PROPAGANDA.
          you are so screwed up it’s scary that you fools are permitted to vote.

        • does the dim human notice that all the G-20 were missing?

          especially Obama, who you claim is the leader, right moron?
          pretty hard to start a NWO without the worlds superpower on board, right Dim one?

          I think the 3dr world is getting tired of the west raping and pillaging their countries.

          you have to be short several loaves to think it’s gonna happen.

          but then you ARE a con, so,,,,

  33. Good for them, I am so glad we are moving to Idaho this spring. I knew these were good people who would stand against Tyranny. I am not getting rid our guns, I am buying more.

  34. Obama is a tyrant who wants this country and people on their knees.

    • Penny needs to look up the word “tyrant” in a dictionary.

      And while you are at it perhaps you can provide some examples of how Obama has brought the country to its knees

      I have a feeling you are lying, Like a good conservative

      • Your last line indicates who you are, a liberal socialist Obama supporter. As many of your kind you do not see, or want to see what your fearless leader is doing to YOU and this country. One and most important the electronic voting machines were set for only Obama, he did not win that election Romney did. There are over 50+ million people out of work, you wont know that Obama and his comrades have changed the standards of counting. Our country is at it’s lowest productivity ever. People on food stamps who needn’t. The rest of the world laughs at us, Russia calls Obama ” a monkey with a hand grenade.” He writes executive orders as if it his primary ruling tool. The Miliitary has been decimated to their lowest since before WWW II There are a lot more that I am sure you will not listen to. His promise to fundamentally change The United States is the only promise and lie he has kept. He has changed the country for the worst. He has let millions of illegals enter the country by his order of non compliance. As for lying I am sorry liberals take the crown for that dishonor, Slavery was one of their most grotesque honors perpetrated. Yet, I’m sure you will say i am lying.

        • “One and most important the electronic voting machines were set for only Obama,”

          AND that is the most sane thing in your post.

          where do you get this shit?

          AND why do none of the GOP in congress ever say ONE WORD OF THIS?

          cause not ONE WORD is true penny.

          It’s scary ignorance like yours, that makes me come here to counteract the loony.

          you listen to too much HATE radio.