ICE Spokesman: Rubio Defended “Violent Gangs, Sex Offenders”

At a Donald Trump rally in Madison, Alabama on Sunday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council President Chris Crane told the crowd that Marco Rubio was not fit to be president. Lambasting Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill, Crane said Americans could expect complete amnesty for illegal immigrants if the Florida senator won the election.

“Senator Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill provides amnesty for almost everyone illegally in the United States,” Crane said. “It included special provisions to protect members of violent street gangs, some sex offenders, aliens convicted of assault and assault of police offenders, criminals convicted of theft, identity theft, vehicular homicide, domestic violence, the list goes on and on.”

His disgust with the bill palpable, Crane said, “It’s as if the criminals wrote it themselves.”

The ICE officer dismissed Rubio’s assertion that he would secure the border before addressing the illegals already in the country. “We know exactly what’s going to happen,” he said. “I’m going to predict it right now on stage. The minute we do Rubio’s immigration plan we’re going to have millions more illegal aliens flooding across our border overnight.”

Crane wasn’t the only opponent of illegal immigration to support Trump at the rally. Alabama’s own Jeff Sessions appeared at the event, giving Trump an unqualified endorsement. The senator, known for being one of the strongest conservatives on Capitol Hill, told the crowd that Trump was at the head of a true political movement.

“There is an opportunity this year, and we have an opportunity Tuesday,” Sessions said. “It may be the last opportunity we have for the people’s voice to be heard. You have asked for 30 years, and politicians have promised for 30 years to fix illegal immigration.”

Sessions donned Trump’s red Make America Great Again cap and announced that he was supporting the billionaire’s candidacy – a major coup just before Tuesday’s 11 Republican contests.

The rally brought Trump’s immigration plans back to the forefront of his campaign. It was with those plans that he made such an immense splash last summer, and it is the one issue where his competitors simply can’t match him. Both Rubio and Ted Cruz have toughened their position on illegal immigration in the primary season, but Trump has the trust of the voters in a way they don’t. Rubio is unequivocally pro-amnesty, and Cruz’s support of the Gang of Eight bill has been a major source of contention on the debate stage. If Republicans decide that Trump is the only one who is going to truly fix this problem once and for all, he may truly be unstoppable.

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