ICE Spokesman: Rubio Defended “Violent Gangs, Sex Offenders”

At a Donald Trump rally in Madison, Alabama on Sunday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council President Chris Crane told the crowd that Marco Rubio was not fit to be president. Lambasting Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill, Crane said Americans could expect complete amnesty for illegal immigrants if the Florida senator won the election.

“Senator Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill provides amnesty for almost everyone illegally in the United States,” Crane said. “It included special provisions to protect members of violent street gangs, some sex offenders, aliens convicted of assault and assault of police offenders, criminals convicted of theft, identity theft, vehicular homicide, domestic violence, the list goes on and on.”

His disgust with the bill palpable, Crane said, “It’s as if the criminals wrote it themselves.”

The ICE officer dismissed Rubio’s assertion that he would secure the border before addressing the illegals already in the country. “We know exactly what’s going to happen,” he said. “I’m going to predict it right now on stage. The minute we do Rubio’s immigration plan we’re going to have millions more illegal aliens flooding across our border overnight.”

Crane wasn’t the only opponent of illegal immigration to support Trump at the rally. Alabama’s own Jeff Sessions appeared at the event, giving Trump an unqualified endorsement. The senator, known for being one of the strongest conservatives on Capitol Hill, told the crowd that Trump was at the head of a true political movement.

“There is an opportunity this year, and we have an opportunity Tuesday,” Sessions said. “It may be the last opportunity we have for the people’s voice to be heard. You have asked for 30 years, and politicians have promised for 30 years to fix illegal immigration.”

Sessions donned Trump’s red Make America Great Again cap and announced that he was supporting the billionaire’s candidacy – a major coup just before Tuesday’s 11 Republican contests.

The rally brought Trump’s immigration plans back to the forefront of his campaign. It was with those plans that he made such an immense splash last summer, and it is the one issue where his competitors simply can’t match him. Both Rubio and Ted Cruz have toughened their position on illegal immigration in the primary season, but Trump has the trust of the voters in a way they don’t. Rubio is unequivocally pro-amnesty, and Cruz’s support of the Gang of Eight bill has been a major source of contention on the debate stage. If Republicans decide that Trump is the only one who is going to truly fix this problem once and for all, he may truly be unstoppable.

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  1. I do not and will not support RUBIO. He lied to the people of Florida ie the gang of 8. What makes America believe he won’t immediately change back to Mr. Gang of 8 if ever elected President. I for one do not trust him and will not trust him. The gang of 8 ended it.

    • Hey Armydad. I am a Viet Vet Navy Dad in Tex. You are absolutely right abt Rubio. His lies over the amnesty bill, kill him for me.
      I can recall months ago when he first intro’ ed thef amnesty bill, I was shocked that any Republican would do that, then when Iater learned that he lied about the contents of the bill. I wrote him off. He is absolutely no conservative.
      I think it is fitting the gop elite is running scared and the Rinos are comming out of the woodshed trying to rally Rubion into the nomination. The built this house of
      turds now they can live in it.

      • I find it amusing that the “conservative” PAC is running ads in TX about the great conservative Rubio and how he took on the establishment, outsmarted the Dems on Obicare, etc. He is the establishment. Semper Fortis shipmate. Retired Navy Dad and GF.

        • Rubio did not outsmart anyone.
          But at least he did not lie about this parents like Cruz did.

          • I see your still lying about this. I gave you the facts and you still can’t comprehend. It was Rubio who lied. He had to change the info on his Facebook page when the truth was revealed. Like I stated, stick to your dating sites. You have no credibility here.

          • Cruz claimed his parents were Cuban refugees.
            The were not.
            Daddy Cruz was Fidel Castro’s life-long friend and suppirter.
            He moved to Canada and only came to America when Teddy-boy decided to enter politics. He only recently became a citizen.
            You can make false statements until the ocean dries up — it will not change fact. Cruz’s father left Cuba with his bank account intact.

          • Rubio claimed his parents were refugees, but they came here on an immigrant visa. CRUZ’S MOTHER WAS A U.S. CITIZEN BORN IN DELAWARE. You are the stupidest person that ever lived, as Cruz’s father wasn’t even in Cuba when Castro took over. Cruz’s father left in 1957 on a student visa and applied for political asylum when his visa ran out four years later. Castro took over in 1959. DO THE MATH, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO?

          • Cruz’s mother and father lived in Canada.
            His father hook Canadian citizenship.

            Cruz was born in Canada.
            Crua had Cuban, Canadian and U.S. citizenship.
            He renounced his Canadian, but the Cunban citizenship remains in effect.

            You might want to take a look at the rules.

          • Learn to spell and learn to read. Cruz did not find out that he had Canadian citizenship until Aug 2014 when a Dallas newspaper printed it. His Mother had given him US citizenship at the time of his birth. Because his father had been a US resident prior to his birth, Cruz’s US citizenship was automatic. He neither had to apply or be naturalized, making him a US citizen at birth or in other words “natural born”. Cruz investigated the Canadian citizenship and upon finding out that he was given both at birth, file the application and paid the money to denounce his citizenship. It became final within 9 months. He has NO CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP!!!
            I’m tired of people that cherry pick their info to match their own hypothesis without doing the full research when checking people out.

          • Oh, and please learn the difference between typographical errors and spelling mistakes. You must be intellegent enough for that simploe exercisw.
            Spelling is rote memory, just like a parrot.

            Spelling has nothing to do with intellegence. These people coild not spell:

            Alfred Mosher Butts
            William Faulkner
            F. Scott FitzgeraldErnest Hemingway
            John Keats
            John Irving
            Jane Austen
            Albert Einstein
            Winston Churchill
            John F. Kennedy Jr
            Benjamin Franklin+
            Save your ignorant insults for someone you can impress. I am not one of the, I am dyslexic — I’ve jeard your abuse since I was a child.

          • What you do is neither a typo or from some one who is dyslexic. You just can’t spell. There is software in every computer called “spell check”. Learn to use it. Read what you just posted to me….
            “You must be intellegent enough for that simploe exercisw. Spelling is rote memory, just like a parrot. Spelling has nothing to do with intellegence. These people coild not spell: Save your ignorant insults for someone you can impress. I am not one of the, I am dyslexic — I’ve jeard your abuse since I was a child.”

            Then, GROW UP AND DEAL WITH IT!!!!

          • FALSE: “There is software in every computer called “spell check”.”

            Save your insults for someone yoi can impress.

          • Again, learn to spell or learn to use spell check. If you can’t do that, proof read before you post. “yoi” is spelled “Y-O-U”!

          • seersuckerandapanama

            Cruz claimed that only his father was a Cuban refugee. He never claimed that about his mother, who was from Delaware.

          • His father was Castro’s life-long friend.
            He claims to have fought with Castro during the Revolution.
            His father came here on a student visa.
            When he could not obtain a resident alien visa, he went to Canada. He eventually obtained Canadian citizenship..

          • Castro came into power in 1959. His father, Rafael Cruz left Cuba in 1957 to attend the University of Texas at Austin . He earned Canadian citizenship in 1973.

          • That’s BS. AKLady! Sen Cruz’s mother was born in America & his father is a naturalized American citizen. The Senator was born in Canada & at the instant of birth, he was a dual citizen of Canada & the USA. He renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014 & is fully qualified & eligible to be our next president!! For clarification, go to Title 8. US Code 1401, subsection (g). This covers Sen Cruz’s eligibility…..

          • Cite the evidence that Cruz has denounced his Cuban citizenship. His father was a Cuban citizen at the time Cruz was born. Cuba’s law are almost identical to those in the U.S..

            Your childish foul language is not at all impressive.

          • My “childish foul language”? What ….? BS offends you?? I can be one helluva lot more caustic than that, you airhead!! Your statements are devoid of fact &/or truth!! It is common knowledge & has been all over the visual & print media that Sen Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014!! The fact remains, Ted Cruz is a Natural Born Citizen, fully qualified & eligible to be our president & God willing, he shall be!!! Btw: your ignorance is very evident…..

          • Save you childish insults for someone yu can impress.
            I am not oneof them.
            You failed to respond to Cruz’s Cuban ctizenship.
            He is a nautral born Cuban citizen. as well aa, a natural born American citizen.

          • I take it you are referring to Sen Ted Cruz’s father & his citizenship. It matters not what his citizenship was @ the time of Ted’s birth. The fact remains, his mother was American born & as all residency requirements were met, the bottom line is, Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen of the United States of America. Your attempts to marginalize me with you snide remarks fall on deaf ears. I happen to be 80 years old, educated & a lifelong student of the scene politic. You play with me darlin’ & I will reduce you to a quivering mass of fecal matter! Now, bug off…..

          • A U.S. President with dual citizenship, you really do not think that would be a valid issue?

          • Sen Cruz hasn’t had dual citizenship since 2014 – I thought I made that very clear…..

          • Cruise has not had triple citizenship since 2014.
            He continues to have dual citizenship.
            Cruiz is a citiazen of Cuba by his birth.

          • Again, you spew total bullshit! Never has Sen Cruz held Cuban citizenship!! Facts: Sen Cruz’s father emigrated from Cuba in 1957, two years before the communist revolution. He & his American born wife went to live in Canada & neither of them applied for or received Canadian citizenship. While living there, Mrs Cruz gave birth to a son, Raphael Jr, whom we all know as Ted. At the age of 4, the family moved back to the U.S. Raphael Sr became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2008. Ted was born a dual citizen of Canada & America. He was unaware of the fact he held dual citizenship until after he was elected to U.S. Senate. In 2014, he renounced his Canadian citizenship & ever since, he has been a Natural Born Citizen of the United States of America, per Title 8, US Code 1401, subsection (g) & is fully eligible & qualified to be President of the United States of America. Have you bothered to research Title 8 or, as with every one of you birthers, you mind is made up & you refuse to be confused with the facts? Do you really believe you know more about the law than Sen Cruz, the premier Constitutional attorney in America? A man who served as law clerk to SCOTUS Chief Justice, William Rehnquist? A man who was the youngest & longing serving Solicitor General for the state of Texas & successfully argued many cases before the Supreme Court? Pull your head out of that nether region & have a look at reality!! “There are none so blind as those who will not see!”

          • Maybe you should actually look at Cuban law — the one about children of Cuban parents?

            Cruz’s father left Cuba in 1957 to attend the University of Texas at Austin. He became a Canadian citizen in 1973.

            Cruz was born December 22, 1970 to a father who was a “natural born” Cuban citizen

          • I have cases which changed state law.
            I have cases cited in law books.
            I have cases which have been cited by five (5) states in the decisions of courts/agencies.
            I have cases cited by professors at law schools.

            I am not an attorney — think a long while on that one.

          • Methinks you have a combination of megalomania & narcissism sorely misplaced. If you are all that you claim concerning “cases you’ve had…”, please enlighten us as to their nature….

          • The problem is that you do not think.

            Nature: Insurance law, employment law, and injury law.

          • BFD…..

          • Your problem is you are afflicted with the combination of arrogance combined with ignorance. Add to that, you are a general pain in the ass.

          • Cruz is a “natural born” citizen of the Republic of Cuba.
            To date, he has failed to denounce that citizenship.
            What has age to do with maturity? Maybe senility is your issue?

          • Your chidish threats are further evidence ..

          • Oh sure! It is AKLady2015 again. Still trolling are you? I suppose if you can’t get any action on your dating sites this is better than nothing.

          • What the hell is your problem, because you’re making no sense talking to me. AKLady is an asinine idiot. She puts her name out there and claims she has a history on everything there is and is always calling people liars. I got tired of her stupidness and Googled her name. She never denied that it wasn’t her.

          • I’m not talking to you!

          • Well, look at who you posted it to. It wasn’t the AKLady, it was me!!!

          • Why don’t you try actually looking up facts?

          • I do, you just make them up. Just like all the other lies you tell.

          • Yawn.
            Suggest you find some new material. You are repeating insults.

          • Maybe you should compair the lies instead of insulting?

          • You the most repulsive insulting thing out there!!!!

        • Out smarted the Dem’s in Obicare… hardly, Obicare is fully funded and going strong… just how did Rubio or any of the Republican’s out smart the Dem’s on anything? They fully funded Obama’s Administration for the last two years of his reign… and they are unwilling to hold him or any of his cabinet members accountable for their UNLAWFUL CONDUCT… criminal conduct.

          No, any sitting US Senator with few exceptions is unworthy of high office … and should be removed from Congress… they certainly don’t deserve to be elected to the Office of President. Rubio and Cruz are part of the US Senate which gave us Obama Care, fully funded Obama’s Administration, refuses to Impeach any members of this lawless administration, Sotomayor and Kagan as US Supreme Court Justices, open borders, wholesale illegal immigration, and are pushing for the (TPP) Trans Pacific Trade Agreement.

          • “Obicare is fully funded and going strong”. Wow, what planet have you been living on? 13 of the 24 state exchanges have folded. 8 of the remaining 11 are very close to folding and will most likely go under this year. The cost of these failures to taxpayers has been in the billions of dollars. Enrollment in Obicare is dismal. Less people have insurance now than prior to Obicare.

          • Excellent post!

          • By going strong I mean there is no viable bill to repeal it or court orders to dismantle it…. Obama Care remains secure in spite of local problems.

          • Thanks for clarifying. You are correct.

          • Yet.

          • According to the US Census Bureau, before the ACA in 2009 about 48.6 million or 15.7% of the population was uninsured. A 2015 study by the CDC using Census data showed the total uninsured rate as 9.2% and the uninsured rate for the 18 – 64 demographic as 13%. This would mean according to the CDC and census the uninsured rate has fell from 15.7% to 9.2% under ObamaCare (the lowest uninsured rate in 50 years).

          • what this survey doesn’t show is the dramatic increase in premiums and deductibles resulting in fewer individuals being able to use their insurance. It also neglects to inform you that millions of previously insured middle class individuals can not pay for their insurance.
            The poor and illegal aliens are obtaining subsidized or free insurance, without any deductibles, while previously insured middle class individuals have joined the ranks of the uninsured or those unable to pay the deductibles… effectively making them uninsured.
            It’s all smoke and mirrors… and only a fool would believe any figures coming out of the government.

          • That is the rumor.
            It is not true.

          • The illegals and the poor are provided medical care as a matter of national security. It is called epidemic prevention.

          • Certainly. They can still go to the emergency room as they are accustomed to doing. Nothing has changed for the poor and jobless.

          • Emergency rom use of that type is not only wastes resources, it is also extremly exoensive.

          • Yes, it is expensive and wastes resources. You are correct. The very poor have little choice but to use the emergency room for small issues that could be more cheaply handled in free out-patient clinics. Some hospitals I know about do make small charges, but when they know the person may be homeless, jobless and without a bank account and cannot pay, they do not pursue them.
            Rather than state the “poor have little choice but to use the government to survive,” I should say that the ones I work with, at least, do not really comprehend they should take responsibility for learning new skills, using government loans to acquire an education, and be a bit more entrepreneurial. They have not been taught that mindset.

          • Sweet Lady, what do you say about the jobless poor? How has it helped them? I thought that was the reason for that program.

          • Would you rather they becomes the street people of past centuries, or would you prefer to turn our cities into Kolkata?

          • Almost all the very poor that I know would much rather be working. The jobs simply aren’t there. I know many of the folk that come for food at our free-food pantry, when they get a few odds jobs, will stop taking our offered food. They have told me that they will leave to those who really need it. Unfortunately, many are soon back.
            Yes, absolutely, the poor will always be among us for various reasons. However, in my plus seventy years here of which I was old enough to understand, government support of the poor has never been so extensive.
            I was reared in a time most of the people I knew WERE poor. There was little government help even available. However, we were survivors and knew how to get by. Not so today. Too many only know how to ask the government (using our tax money) for help. Many just expect it.
            But even then, and especially since the fifties, the jobs were there if one really looked. Not so now.
            I can look extensively for an item or product I need, and often there IS no American made product. I am sure this happens to others also. The question is, why isn’t it there? The Repubs and demos in power have seen to it that those products aren’t there and have been doing that for many years. At least as far back as Regan (spelling??), in my opinion, our very presidents have been sorry fellows.
            It is time for a change. The status quo is not adequate. I am voting for DT.

          • It was touted to be a way to help the poor! It doesn’t help the really, poor and jobless.
            But for those who could afford a reasonable insurance, but not Obamacare, and stay without insurance, money will be stolen from their income tax refunds.
            I don’t feel as if I am living in reality anymore.
            I hope DT is voted in for nominee, but so many of the poor, desperate folk will vote their pocketbook. They will vote for the Hill, for they believe their foodstamps and gov. help will be taken away from them. I can’t blame them for they want their family to eat.
            And the powerfully rich and elite are really coming out against DT. Wonder why. It has to be because they know he really means business about bring jobs to America. They are running scared!!!!!

          • I would love to believe you. What real info can you give me?

          • Maybe you should look at the valid data?

            2014 — 8 million new enrollmehts.

            2015 — 11.7 new enrollments.

            According to Gallup the uninsured rate was 11.9% for the 18 – 65 demographic in the 1st quarter of 2015, down from a high of 18% in 2013. By the second quarter of 2015 the uninsured rate fell to 11.4%.

          • It’s you that needs to look at valid data. You failed to look at how many of those that enrolled have dropped out after they found they could no longer afford the high cost of the premiums. Typical liberal. Never let the facts get in the way of your lies.

          • Boy, you have that pegged. The budget Paul Ryan gave Obama was more than Obama asked for. Go figure! Ryan is now going into campaign mode and trying to fool the Wisconsin people one more time. I hope they vote him out!

          • seersuckerandapanama

            Time to tutor a member of the low-information crowd: Cruz was elected senator two years after ObamaCare was passed. Rubio was elected several months after ObamaCare was passed.

          • I understand that the ACA was passed in 2010… before Cruz and Rubio were elected. However, the GOP Congress promised to repeal or to DEFUND it ASAP. What I was attempting to state was that the US Senate, with Cruz and Rubio, have done nothing effective to repeal the ACA or too DEFUND IT… mainly to defund it, as repealing it would be very difficult without a veto proof congress.

          • seersuckerandapanama

            OK. I understand your explanation. However, the likes of Mitch McConnell are far more culpable in failing to repeal the ACA than Cruz or Rubio. I’m confidant that Cruz would lead a serious repeal effort were he the Senate majority leader.

      • i had to burst anyones bubble if they have been taken in by Trey Gowdy,who Endorsed Rubio. Civilian Jobs,Death to Americans Workers, now we have our Military Jobs. Gowdy support the ENLIST ACT only one of Gowdys ANTI American groups he supports or had for Clients. the ENLIST ACT is the Fast Track to Cititzenship by way of out Military while Americans are bing Truned away, the talk of obamas secret and private Army, An Army that will also belong to Rubio if in the WH. A foreign Military that will destroy America and Americans. Mexico has bee waiting for Decates, Bush and Rubio their hero. Castro has got to laughing his Butt off at this one. The Cuan deals will also a part of the foreign Military. Just a matter of time for the Cuban Refugees to start pouring in. The Democrat party and the Progressives own Rubio. Rubio coned his way into the Republican party for the Democrats. Rubio is a Progressive Shill. Rubio is Black mailable that in itself make him Inelegible to run for any Government office especially the Senate or the President.
        Rubio needs to be removed from the Senate WITHOUT Benefits and removed from the RNC pick as a Candidate for President. UNLAWFUL.
        obama and the Progressive,Demorats own him they will control him just like they have been doing with him in the Senate. It must Stop.
        Money,Fox and the ANTI Greedy weather donors or Steeling this election for not just cheap labor but to help obama and Rubio with the Transformation of America. Gowdy endorsement tells you where stands and it’s not of the side of America. Dems were attacking Gowdy supposedly, their not say much now that Gowdy endorsed Rubio.
        Many Good people on the committees and on the House that are American Patriots. Gowedy is not and neither is Rubio. Rubio is as dangerous a the clintons and obama may be even worse.

        • If this is true, no wonder Gowdy is not getting anything done regarding hellory.

          • He is playing a game with the Hillary thing. He releases a bit here and a bit there. Hillary should have been in court, convicted and serving time awhile back!

          • I believe you are absolutely right. I should not be so gullible about anyone in WDC.

          • First she must be charged. Apparently, there is simoly not enough factual evidence to do that.

        • Trey Gowdy is as establishment and phoney as the rest of them. He sure had us fooled for awhile, me included, that he was fighting for justice and bla bla bla.

          • Gowdy was a Clinton supporter he donated to them as well, there are some good people in the Republican party and they have been Silent. they all know what Rubio is and what he stands for, their all aware how he stabbed them in the back and the American people the day he got into the Senate.
            Another person that may shock you is Rick Santorum, he is the opposite of Rubio, Santorum calling for jobs and all that he would do for America and our military and he Endorses Rubio, unbelievable. You just can trust anyone any more,

          • To me it looks like Santorum is kissing butt to the establishment Republicans. Big mistake in my opinion but if he is staking his career on those tactics he (Santorum) better get another line of work. There is an uprising of grass roots Republican voters that are just sick of this crap. I don’t think they are willing to except this establishment Republican crap any longer.

          • I agree with you! I think there must be some good changes, like JOBS, or the people will revolt.

          • This election will be decided by the Independent voters, and I am one of them.

          • Tell that to the COngrwss you elected.
            Congress allowed American jobs to be taken to Asia.
            Congress allowed those products to be imported into the US for salw.
            The, there is the truely guilty — YOU, the buyer of foreign goods.

          • Amen. And the democraps are just as disgusted, I think.

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          • You are so right in being able to trust few people anymore! This has become a rather scary world to me.

          • Rubio for his efforts will NOT carry his own state. He is such a liar and loser. Go Trump!

        • Why do people beieve this garbage?

      • Just remember the next time you vote Stay away from the Democrat party who are socialist, and Progressives. Stay away from the Republicans that Supported Rubio, Rubio has the ANTI American vote,illegals, immigrants that have been pouring into this country.
        We about to loose our country and with Rubio, Gowdy and others were going to loose our Military first.
        Have any of you gotten an email that Says Putin want to release a Secret deal with Fema, they are ordering millions of body bags for all 50 states, What does that tell you.

      • Does thw name Reagan ring any bells for you? He was a Republican.

      • HILARIOUS!! Do You do STAND UP for Crackers??!!?

      • Regrettably, AMEN

    • i trust Rubio and also he is a Catholic we want A catholic president you are talking nonsence you are acting like a punk if you keep Insulting Rubio i am going to Fuck with your wife and she will hate you and she is going to love me and i am going to Elope with her and we will keep on Fucking

      • Ruibio has no respect for religion. he more of an atheist than anything. Rubio didn’t get religion until he was told So.Caroliine would be voting based on Religion. then he change his turn. he conned them just like he’ be conning everyone else.
        Rubio is a Sex addict, he a Gay homosexual that is chasing down Gays in the park.
        when in doubt check it out for yourselves.
        you can also check the search on you computer, he’s million $$$ real esstate deal with his sister and drug dealer Brother in law, Why is obama going out of his way to be friend Castro. because Rubio help him with his agenda in Transforming America not obama rewards the corrupt and Anti Americans when they perform deeds against America.

        • No, it is because the 50 yeat old policy of exclusion haa done nothing to help the Cuban people.

          A policy that does not work is worthless.

      • Flagged!

      • If you are a Catholic then that gives me even more reason to not be one or definitely not want one as our president.

      • Please send his wife a high-powered magnifying glass so she can see your tiny male organ. People like you who boast of sexual powers are almost always deficient in that regard.

    • how could he not change back, he is one of them he never left them. if not for Rubio obama would never have gotten as far as he did with his transformation of America. Rubio is in full support of this. Rubio wants to change our Constitution. Rubio says Death to American Workers. American can’t cut it , he call for more Foreign Workers to replace American workers.

      • “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

        two days ago new McLaren. F1 bought after earning 18,512$,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k$ Last month ..3-5 h/r of work a days ..with extra open doors & weekly. paychecks.. it’s realy the easiest work I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months ago and now making over 87$, p/h.Learn. More right Hereo!576➤➤➤➤➤ http://GlobalSuperEmploymentVacanciesReportsJobs/GetPaid/98$hourly…. .❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:❦A1:::::o!576……..

      • What transformation might that be?

    • What was the amendment Sen. Rubio add that kill the bill?

    • I live in Fl & he has never voted for anything that benefits Floridians, if he even bothered to show up to vote.
      Don’t take my word. Look him up.
      Snot nosed brat has been very bad for Florida & will be as bad or worse for America.
      Trump all the way!!
      I watched Cruz on Hannity yesterday.
      The crux of his interview was Stop Trump.
      I find it odd that that seems to be all he or rubio talk about, not the issues.
      Scares me & angers me.
      If they think all we the people are interested in, instead of the issues we are concerned with, &
      why either of them should be hired to lead Our Great Republic….they really are not POTUS material.
      GO TRUMP!!!!

    • As a Floridian myself, I couldn’t agree with you more!

    • For sure he wood be right back there! You can put ear rings on a skunk but it is still a skunk!

    • He has Lied about a Lot more than just on this issue..I know, I live in Florida, & have for over 33+ years..Cruz is also a WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING..Believe it..He is NOT What he is trying to SHOW himself, NOT ONE BIT..

    • He will without a doubt do exactly as BO has done or possibly worse. He is a rino and should be running on the democratic ticket. Fake republican most definitely!

  2. That is what the problem is with the establishment candates. Has been for years as they do their own agenda and not the will of the people.

  3. Rubio is just another Obama twin who supports open borders traitor. Just watch and listen to him, everything about him is Obama style and smoothness. Cruz showed his true colors when the Carson incident happened in Iowa, it was done deliberately to win. He wouldn’t have won without the incident, Trump would’ve and honesty is the most important thing

    • I can only say I have seen some of the things Trump has said and done in the past and he is as big a liar as the rest of them. He is no conservative. There are already rumblings about off the record remarks he made to the NY Times about deporting all the illegals. Seems he may backtrack on that if elected. I bet he won’t give the Times permission to release that tape. I will vote for the Donald over Hillary, but he is not what he has tricked everyone into believing he is. Cruz did not send out the tweet about Carson. Someone in his campaign did. Cruz was man enough to apologize to Carson. A candidate can’t control everyone with a phone and Twitter account that works on the campaign. That’s the problem with social media and those that think they have to live their life on it.

      • There is no tapes to release, that’s all another scam to deceive the voters to vote for someone else. That’s why they are releasing all the stories of Trump just before the big day of the election. Lou Dobbs show instead of fox news is a good honest source of the news as well as news max channel on TV has Dennis Michael Lynch on at 8 and 10 pm called the unfiltered truth. Great for the truth. Most of the stories about Trump are half truths at best and a last minute push to cost him the votes When the most honest republican came out to back Trump that should’ve told most of the American people who to vote for. Jeff Sessions is a great Patriot who is honest ànd for the American people not the gop establishment of corruption. Thanks for listening

    • You mean CNN miss reporting about Dr. Carson.

    • For pete’s sake,put the blame for that where it belongs onCNN.

  4. This, in addition to Rubio NOT being Constitutionally eligible to be president or v. president.

  5. I am not a Rubio supporter. I am not even certain he is eligible. I am on the other hand a Trump supporter. However, unproven comments just before an election day should not be made about (against) anyone. I realize Donald did not say them but they were said at his rally. Just like the question about Cruz’s eligibly was asked by a reporter of Trump, yet he is accused of asking it himself.

    • Unproven comments? Rubio WAS in on the gang of eight amnesty crap. It’s pubic knowledge.

    • Arizona Don,
      Rubio is NOT eligible. Go to your browser and type in “wordpress natural born citizen explained.” (Without the quotes)
      THAT should clear things up for both Cruz and Rubio. Neither are eligible. One is a Canada-born to an American mother and a Cuban Father (not on any army base or American military ship which would be considered American soil)and the other is basically an anchor baby born to two Cuban nationals.
      These people are trying to pull another “obama” and you know how that turned out.

      • BIG TIME WRONG. Check the court rulings on citizenship. Sen. Mc Cain – Arizona was not even a state.

        • Did you even BOTHER to check out the website? This person speaking is a Constitutional Scholar. Also McCain was born in Panama on a MILITARY ship. (American Soil)
          By the way what has THAT got to go with Obama, Cruz and Rubio NOT being “natural-Born Citizens”?

          • A Federal court ruling finely defined what a US citizen is. The Supreme Court upheld that ruling. All three are USA citizens. When did BHO enter this? Only Trump questioned his birth place. Because BHO’s brother said he was born in Kenya. Where is the truth.
            OH, BHO is a constitutional scholar. Really?

          • I didn’t say OSCUMBAG is anything but a liar and a fraud.. NOW the website: WordPress natural born citizen explained. Maybe even YOU can listen and figure it out. Try typing this into your web browser and listen to the lady. Might enlighten you a bit.
            By the way Obama’s own Grandmother said on National TV that her Grandson was born in KENYA. Gee, too bad she mysteriously died in the hospital and that video disappeared off the net. along with the other lady that made up his FAKE birth certificate. (I wonder WHY?)


          • And both McCain’s parents were American citizens……..also true he is now senile and belongs on a Funny Farm.



      • I researched that and many other sites long ago. I am not arguing for or against either Rubio or Cruz. I have done research on both sides of the argument. Here is where I think it stands. There has been no legal decision on the question I’m not making an argument for or against. In 12 many republicans would not support Romney because he was Mormon. Furthermore, many of those same people who saw obama as ineligible in 08, (and there was a lot of them) see both Cruz and Rubio the same way and will not vote for them. No matter what without a legal decision.

        It is not the question that will keep either of them from being elected to the highest office in the land it is the lack of a legal decision.

        Look if the nominee is Cruz I will certainly support him. I am only saying why take the chance, when so much is riding on this election, try to get it straightened out. It just seems to me it would be more presidential to attack a problem in an effort to clear it up then to ignore it hoping to convince everyone it does not matter. Because to some, perhaps millions, it does!

        If you want I will post some of the best points I have found for both sides of the question.

        • Arizona Don,
          I will NOT waste a vote on either one mainly because if you read on the internet and from some blogs, the Democrats are already getting ready for a court battle (over eligibility) if either one (Cruz or Rubio) are nominated. THIS will be in litigation for what I am afraid will be years. Will we be stuck with out imperious muslim leader until this is resolved? By the way, Did you check out the website? This woman explained all this in great detail. It would be worth the listen if you care to take the time.


          • So you say a specific decision has been made by the federal judicial system? Who made it and give me an address where I may find it.

    • You are correct.
      TRUMP 2016

    • when are you going to make the comments that bring attention to the fact that the people running our not even eligible? AFTER the election? duh

      • Come on. I am NOT saying either of them are eligible or not eligible. I have an opinion but it is only an opinion like everyone else. I have so called proof (opinions) claiming both sides of this. That and that alone is why I say there must be a decision and soon or neither can win for all the reasons I have stated a dozen times.

  6. Believe me folks, you really don’t want this guy as president. Follow his background and you’ll understand.

  7. Senator Sessions endorsed Donald Trump the next President of the United States! Senator Sessions is one of the very few conservatives in the Senate, and he knows that anchor babies like Marco Rubella and Canadian-Club-Cuban-Cruz are not even qualified to be President.

    • Sessions is a bigot stuck in the 1960s
      Rubio and Cruz are both natural born” American citizens — the law is very clear on that issue. That said, I woild not vote for either one,
      However, We the People do not elect a President. Never have. Cannot unless the Constiution is amended.

      • You are obviously not well-schooled in the Constitution. I highly recommend Hillsdale College of Michigan. They will let you take courses online for free!

      • The electoral college does. And majority rule can become very dangerous. i.e. House of Representatives vs the Senate. Divide government maybe the saving factor.
        The damnocraps make their nominees mostly by super delegates which can override the peoples vote. This is the party scam and not in the Constitution.

  8. I am voting Trump 2016 …. If congress is against Trump that just more reason vote Trump



    INTERNET POLLS TRUMP 67.63%, 66.99%, 61%, 83.55%, VIRAL 217 NEWS, TRUMP 73%,CRUZ 21%, RUBIO 6%, TRUMP WINS CNN 49%.

    • If you like Lou Dobbs you will like Dennis Michael Lynch at Newsmax.Com also on TV show unfiltered truth and ..great for the truth and he’s taking on the BLM for the Bundy families and the Oregon state land grab and the killing of Lavoy Finicum the unarmed rancher the government murdered

      • I heard that the feds claim to have found a gun. So if the rancher was unarmed, it means the feds used a throw down gun to justify murdering him. They committed murder at Ruby Ridge and Branch Dividian as well. I guess since the victims were white (white lives don’t matter?) and we don’t have people willing to riot and burn down buildings and loot, it’s mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. When McVeigh blew up the Federal building in Oklahoma in response to Ruby Ridge, it scared the hell out of the pigs in DC. They even made some noise about investigating Ruby Ridge. As soon as they realized that this was an isolated incident and not part of a movement, they quickly forgot about it.

        • The gun they claim they found in his coat pocket was a stolen 9mm. Lavoy Finicum always carried a revolver on his hip in a holster, also he always carried a revolver in a shoulder holster but because they were going to the neighboring town for a meeting with the sheriff and the local community they went unarmed. When you see in the video the so called shootout the truck was fired on without warning or provacation when they stopped at the first roadblock. When they sped off so fast it was because of being shot at. At the second roadblock they took the ditch to keep from hitting the cop’s cars blocking the road. Lavoy jumped out of the truck so that the people in the truck wouldn’t be shot, but they claimed he reached for the pistol in the coat pocket. They put the pistol in his pocket when they learned he wasn’t armed but the other cop’s continued to fire on the truck and the people in it. Repeatedly they shot into the truck and wounded one of the Bundy boys. None of them were ever armed. Finally they stopped and the woman in the truck had been recording the entire damned thing but guess who took the phone and the recording? Those people are all still in jail, in solitary, denied bail, the attorneys can’t even get permission to view the truck. On he is investigating the entire damned bunch of people involved so follow him for the truth. He was at the Bundy ranch when that stand off took place

          • Of course the gun was stolen. A stolen gun is untraceable and makes the best throw down gun. Finicum’s family should bring a “Bivens” action for civil rights violations. They can sue the agents personally as well as Uncle deep pockets. A criminal civil rights action could land the agents in jail. Some year’s ago here in Florida some of our local wonders in blue shot a homeless man. One of the officer’s “found” a revolver nearby and claimed it was the gun he was pointing at them. It turns out one of the officers involved stole the gun from a client of mine during an illegal warrantless drug raid of his home. The cops actually beat the state court case. The feds took the case and got convictions of the officers. They aren’t officers any more.

    • But hes going to lose 50%,of Republican base,such as myself. Mrs,Clinton will be the next President, should Trump win.

      • If you vote for Hillary , you will not have a country. In 16 years probably at least 10,000,000 Illegals have crossed our border and probably over 1000 per day continute to enter. I am not going to defend Trump on every issue because I have some disagreements. Nevertheless he is the only candidate who will put a stop to ILLEGAL immigration , and a stop to more bad trade deals like NAFTA and the pending TPA. Go to Donald and read his positions. Disagree with them if you wish. “A country without borders is not a country”! Thomas Jefferson. I am voting for Trump and encouraging all of my friends to do likewise.

      • This fits well into Obummer’s executive orders specially # 13603

    • Well, here is one Trump brainwash victim.
      Trump worships the God profit with greed.
      If elected he will form the 4th Reich in America.
      He has already made his bigotry known — white only is his goal.

      • So who’s the real third Reich here? You can count on the Democraps to give their own intentions away by trying to blame someone else for their own actions, cRAZY but effective!

      • Undoubtedly you are a Hillary supporter anyway. Trump is no racist. but if it makes you feel better to believe that delusion, then enjoy your delusion. At least Trump is not beholding to the special interests and can’t be bought. I am voting for Trump.

      • I hope you’re right. Us white folks have been without representation for too many decades now. It’s like the old saying “don’t s— where you eat”. How much longer can our government discriminate against those who are the producers and job providers without them quitting and letting the economy tank? So far, like a good parasite, the government has made an art form out of taking just enough blood so that it doesn’t kill the host. This is why our major manufacturing plants are moving to other countries! It is the Trumps in this nation who are the builders and creators of wealth and prosperity for many more than you can imagine. The Obama’s and Clinton’s and Sander’s only create welfare dependent masses who consume their free handouts but produce nothing but illigitmite little bastards who join gangs and commit more crime and fill our prisons to overflowing. Many years ago an author with great foresight named Ayn Rand wrote “Atlas Shrugged”, one of several books she wrote dealing with just such a society where the government took from each according to his ability and gave to each according to his need. After a while, the people of ability grew tired of being exploited and disappeared. You should read this book. It’s rather lengthy and doesn’t have any pictures but you should be able to read it if you really try or have someone read it to you. Who killed John Galt?

        • Standard right-wing propaganda and brainwashing — right down to the code words, i.e producers and job providers.
          You, and everyone like you, have caused these problems. American poverty increase every time you shop. Your shopping cart is filled with foreign made giods. In all likelihood, you also shop at Walmart — one of the lowest wage paying employers.

  10. Rubio is not qualified to be a Senator much less the President of this country.

  11. President Trump will build the wall, and mexico will either pay for it outright or suffer economic hardship on a biblical scale.

    President Trump will have the executive authority to order the FAA to ban all US commercial airlines from flying to mexico. They can also ban all mexican-owned airlines from flying into the USA. President Trump would not have to consult Congress, he would already have that authority as POTUS.

    The loss of tourist revenue alone would be more than ten times the cost of just shutting their fracking pie holes and building that wall. The mexicans can puff and posture all they want, but America has them by the cajones, economically speaking. ;>

    If that didn’t motivate the mexicrats fast enough, President Trump would also have the executive authority to order CBP to begin full and deep inspections of every single ground vehicle that attempts to enter the USA at one of the Ports of Entry. Each and every vehicle inspection would take a couple of hours, which would grind cross-border vehicular traffic to a halt, thus costing the mexicrats more in one month that it would cost to build that wall. President Trump would not have to consult Congress to do this, and the precedent for shutting down the crossing points *entirely* has already been set, on 9/11.

    President Trump could just simply sign an executive order that removes mexico’s “most favored nation” trading status overnight. That alone would cost the mexicrats more in one week than the wall would cost them.

    So, the mexicans are going to pay to build that wall, one way or another.

  12. Rubio has brought this race to its lowest level of honor and integrity since Bills episode in the white house library. Small hands, wet paints, and other insinuations that are not becoming of a potential presidential candidate is truly a turn-off to the electorate; and his most recent jab with regard to homosexuality. Obama has basically destroyed the country, and insulting one another is hot going to make things right. It may not be too much of a concern at this point because it looks like Trump is going to sweep the country,

  13. Just cast my ballot for Sen. Rubio. If not him, it would be Sen. Cruz. Most would be much better then the Madame.

    • Moron, he’s not eligible, is a lazy do nothing senator who will flood this nation with illegal and criminal immigrants! You just voted for someone who if elected (won’t happen) will destroy America once and for all. How’s that koolaid taste now!

      • All elected officials are a cross section of the people who voted for them. When did Sen. Rubio become not eligible?

        • He was born to illegal alien parents that’s why he is not eligible!

          • Do I get to vote if I were in the same situation and registered to vote? Like the other ~10 million.

          • I don’t make the rules but if your an illegal alien you can’t legally vote until your at least naturalized, otherwise there is no sense in holding elections where standards of eligibility rule! It becomes a free for all and violates the Constitution! We are, beyond any other pretext, a nation of laws!

          • They were not illegal just alien.

          • They were not legal citizens since they were not naturalized when he was born which precludes him from being on the ballot. An anchor baby at best! No matter how one says it. Not eligible!

          • He is actually an anchor baby. Were it not for the 14th amendment he would not be a citizen. In any case he is not a natural born citizen.

          • Different approach but same conclusion, not eligible!

        • At birth!

    • Cruz YES
      rubio the lying RHINO not just NO HELL NO

  14. Rubio & the rest of the politicians are afraid that if Trump gets in that he will clean up Wash. D.C. & all of it’s corruption! That’s what needs to happen to turn this country around. Trump is not a sitting politician presently like Cruz & Rubio who have done nothing in D.C.. Our governor here in WA. State came from D.C. & he’s as BIG a Commie as BO! If they can’t pass a polygraph test then they shouldn’t be controlling our tax dollars! Hopefully, Texas will WAKE UP, too!!!!

  15. I will be voting for Donald Trump for president. Rubio and Cruz are both liars, Donald Trump is not perfect, but who is?

  16. If Rubio is elected he will be as dangerous as if Hillary won. Rubio is Trojan Horse and a young man that is monitarily irresponsible and not qualified as Commander in Chief as he dictates with no personal hands on activity in any associations with any Armed Forces organization other then photo ops. No on RUBIO!!!!

  17. This is why Rubio can’t be President. It makes you wonder why he is the poster child for the GOP!

  18. I will NEVER vote for this Amnesty YES Boy for the Washington Insiders. He has never done anything to be qualified to run for President, except Lying to his voters after he is in office. He acts a Strung out KID on drugs with his Filthy Mouth.

  19. No more establishment spokes heads or fairies.
    Marco clicking his Rubio slippers together “there’s no place like the rainbow house, there’s no place like the rainbow house, there’s…..”.

  20. Dennis Derstine

    I am so sick of the mud slinging. Can’t trust Rubioor Cruz. I’m going with Trump. Seems to me the “establishment” is scared to death. Let’s put put a businessman in charge of the largest business in the world……the US government.

  21. The betrayal of American democracy. Elections have come to sending representation to Washington is like changing the safety pins on a soiled babies diaper. The bureaucracy remains.

  22. I think Rubio and his handlers realize he has no chance and so his puppet masters have relegated him to the role of undermining Trump’s campaign He does his “dick jokes” and other sophmoric crude attacks on Trump with the plan to provoke Trump into going over the top and losing voters. The pigs in congress are afraid that Trump will spill their trough that has all their free benefits they have voted themselves over the years. Here in South Florida, I will not vote for Rubio for any office. Mcconnel and Ryan need to be replaced. Actually, we need to form a new party after this election and have candidates to run against each of the fat cats in congress. I am sick and tired of the useless republicans.

  23. Yesterday there were articles and pictures of Rubio dancing on a stage at a gay bar. Today this story. What kind of president would he make?

  24. i think it’s total bulls–t. these so called ice agents are trump supporters.

  25. Trump appears to be unstoppable! But why all the chatter to stop Trump? I would think the Republican Party would really be behind a fella that has such a strong position and wants to save America. The Republican Party does want to save America. Right? Right? Oh boy!!!

    • Good question if you find an answer let me know. Some say the establishment (RINO) republicans will lose control and control is money.

  26. What happens if Cruz is the nominee and declared by a federal judge to be “not eligible” and at the same time hillary is charged with a crime making her ineligible and both happen in October right before the election. We cannot hold an election if there are no candidates now can we? Does the obama administration get extended? Or do we quickly put the VP choice in first position and select another VP. Or?

  27. This is the true Rubio. This is the way he thinks. He doesn’t care about the rest of America he is a Cuban Latino first last and always. He is another Obama wanting to destroy the United States of America. Rubio never said what he would do as President. All he did was hook with another Latino, Cruz and bash Trump. But he never said what he would . This article tell us what Rubio would do as President. He cannot be Po resident.

  28. That is a lie, anyone who says that is a either stupid or a liar. NO ONE would support rapists and gang members. If you can’t win with honor, you are a worthless waste of O2.

  29. seersuckerandapanama

    What possessed Sen. Sessions to endorse Trump instead of Cruz? Not endorsing Rubio makes good sense. Sessions and Crane are right about Rubio. Cruz, though, like Trump, is leading an angry American movement. The difference between the followers of Trump versus Cruz is that Cruz followers know WHY they are angry. Cruz supporters are the THINKING angry Americans. There seems to be a bit of low-information about Trump supporters.

  30. Get on Big Don’s Boeing Jet instead of a rented Bus!!

  31. Anyone who actually believes this was the “intent” of the bill has to be off into some Nazi fantasy world. Uh-oh, here it comes.

  32. GOP elite are shitting thier pants and they should be. We are tired of being lied to by them. If they don’t learn from this they never will. Vote their assessment out.

  33. Alleged Comment

    THE truth comes out about this foreigner who was NEVER constitutionally eligible. He was mean SPITEFUL and HATES America.


    He even talked with a bad accent and that should of been the TIPOFF not too mention he seemed to be like the other sodomite a sodomite himself.

    Why are so many foreigners F*GG*TSSSSS???? Why do the lieberals and the `elite flood this country with SODOMITES???

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  35. vote for me I make a great pres

  36. If you looked into his eye’s last night when he talked about Trump, you could see the look of a wanderlust like a mad dog. I believe Rubio is consumed by his place in this election, to me that is not good for him or anyone else. A reminder to all; ALL LIVES MATTER and go TRUMP all the way.

  37. Cruz did NOT support the Gang of Eight bill. He attached a 38-word amendment that was so ridiculous, but that would be binding if the bill had passed, that KEPT the bill from passing.

  38. The Gangs are the reason there is so much gun Violence in Chicago . Law enforcement start kicking in these doors will stop a lot of gun violence . Why would Rubio defend Gangs ?

  39. rubio once kept obama from being eating by a group of $hit eating dogs, rubio was bitten many time but obama kissed his wounds and gave him a sucker.

  40. RUBIO … is a Lying POS and Cuban Sympathizer, the same as Obama a Muslim Sympathizer! CRUZ is another of Cuban descent ” just look at the two “Spic’s and then decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do we really want another Sympathizer of their Own … elected to the POTUS, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How about considering an “AMERICAN” as POTUS this time around, HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s ………TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Every accused is innocent until proven guilty in a competent court of law.

    Every accused is entitled to representation.

    That is the law.

  42. THIS IS weak,even for the fascist Nut Cases at PatriotNewsDaily!

  43. “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

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  44. Figures that Rubio would support offenders of sex offenses. He has some issues apparently about whom he actually prefers sexually it seems.

  45. Rubio and Cruz need to return to their countries of origin.

  46. Has anyone noticed that everyone that is BAD MOUTHING Trump is a “Career Criminal Politician” who is actively doing America a disservice at this time screwing us in D.C.? So why are they upset with Mr. Trump? Perhaps, Donald will expose most of them for what they are!! Hopefully, many will lose their positions in government & be prosecuted!! We can only HOPE!!!!

  47. Rubio is just a latin obama. He has done everything obama told him to do. Rubio is for amnesty and allowing family members to come in also which will be a never ending flow of illegals following their family members (no matter how distantly they are related). Many of these illegals are also gang members and criminals and this is what Rubio wants for us. He cannot be trusted and does not have the skills to be President. He is immature and all he does is throw insults and what he does say he will do is contrary to everything he has been doing so I do not trust him in any way.

  48. I’ allways liked Rubio, but I’ got very disepointed when I’ find out that he was arrested in Miami, he was hawing sex with another male in a public toilet. It was in the middle of the night in a park. Miami Herald wild not relice the news clip, but the police report is available. Let us not exchange one hemeroide rider for another.

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