ICE Shows California There’s No Such Thing as a “Sanctuary” for Illegals

California may have declared itself a Sanctuary State, but a new immigration enforcement operation in Los Angeles shows that when it comes to illegal immigration in the Trump Era, there really is no such thing. According to the Los Angeles Times, immigration agents are out in force this week and have already arrested more than 100 people suspected of being in the country illegally.

From the Times:

The sweep, which began Sunday, is focusing on “individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Sarah Rodriguez said.

“This means that, ideally, we are working with local police and county jails to identify public safety threats in their custody, who are also in the country illegally, for deportation,” Rodriguez said in a written statement.

But “uncooperative jurisdictions” such as Los Angeles, she said, have forced ICE agents to “conduct at-large arrests in the community, putting officers, the general public and the aliens at greater risk, and increasing the incidence of collateral arrests.”

“That is what ICE is now doing in Los Angeles, and what ICE will continue to do in uncooperative jurisdictions,” Rodriguez said.

The fact is, the 2016 vote left no doubt about where the American people stood on the subject of illegal immigration. Donald Trump would not have made it past his first speech if his campaign rhetoric did not strike a deep and meaningful chord with many millions of Americans who are sick of watching our country go to hell in a handbasket thanks to politicians who won’t enforce the law. And California thought they could pass their silly little sanctuary bill and what? Trump was just going to wipe his hands and say, “Fine, you win, harbor as many illegal aliens as you want”?? Not a chance in hell.

If California’s problems could be kept within California’s borders, that would be one thing. Hey, we’re all for state’s rights. But when it comes to illegal immigration, California’s soft policies hurt all of us, everywhere. They hurt America. They endanger innocent citizens, they do long-term damage to the American economy, and they cannot stand unchallenged. Americans in Oregon, Texas, Kansas, North Carolina, and everywhere else have the right to expect that federal law will be enforced at the border, regardless of how overrun the California legislature is with anchor babies and bleeding hearts.

We could have done this the easy way, left coast. But, since you insist…

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  1. Pictured below is a shot taken inside a California taxpayer funded Sanctuary City Express Bus just after departing a location near a hole in the fence at the San Diego Tijuana border and heading to Sacramento to be personally welcomed by Governor Brown, given cellphones, housing vouchers and spending money.

  2. “The sweep, which began Sunday, is focusing on “individuals who pose a
    threat to national security, public safety and border security,”
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Sarah Rodriguez said.”

    Jerry Brown better stay out of LA for a while…. I’ll bet the mayor of LA is in a hole as well.

    • That basically endorses Obama’s stand. Funny as!

      • Does no such thing poo poo head!

      • Who? Obama? Who’s that? I seem to remember some leftist Muslim by that name, but he turned out to be a big 0. You know, zero legacy, zero common sense, zero influence, zero charisma~~ just zero………

        • All
          true EXECPT for “zero influence” His big mouth is still flapping his monkey lips and the MSM is eating it up.

        • That is why I spell 0bama’s name with a zero…

          Nobody notices… Obomo, 0zero… 🙂

          And I don’t have to waste energy hitting the shift key..

        • And like MrPoohead
          Zero common sense!!!!
          I just read in a post above, Governor BROWN is allowing MrPoohead’s people (shit) on the streets of California.
          People of California watch where you step. You could squash MrPoohead’s family. Unlike the Potato Heads, the PotHeads are not interchangeable!

  3. These childless politicians have thrown common scene overboard and let HATE rule their small, small brains. They are putting their childless wants ahead of rational thinking. They are supposed to work for AMERICANS! But in their infinitesimal behavior out of hate for this president they have completely forgotten their AMERICAN citizen ship and sworn oath to serve the American people and country and have turned traitor to ,Americans and America and are using their time which is paid for by Americans to further the interest of foreigners. Wake up americans Kick the, out of office.

  4. Don’t look like Mexicans. I suggest they get sent to the Hollywood liberals’ mansions and be housed there. That’ll get old really quickly.

    • I have a better one why don’t they just go live with Nancy Pelosi since she is the one always sticking up for illegal aliens let them come live with her for a while see how long that will last then maybe she will change her tune you really think that dream on and also to the dreamers there is not going to be legislation in Congress so you can stay in this country sad but true cuz neither side will compromise on this issue so sad

      • See if she likes it when they shit in her flower garden, and don’t think that won’t happen !

        • Yeah, SF just made it LEGAL to SH_T on the STREETS!

          • Like a Calcutta slum!
            A shithead governor will have shit piling up in the streets, every time 🕙

          • Same is happining in New York City, Newark, Baltimore and other East Coast liberal bastions of degradation. Particularly NYC Mayor De Blasio, a real freak, who not only condones street human urination and fece deposits in public streets, but intends to place tolls berween bouroughs where none exist at present…as that idiot Bloomberg attempted.

            So, between West Coast liberal states lead by California and East Coast liberal states lead by New York, America is being bracketed by these “enlightened, progressive, anti-American, power-mad hypocrites!

      • Excellent idea. i bet that wouldn’t last long. Plus let her pick up all their bills instead of the American taxpayer.

      • That witch will never change her tune; she’ll still have the same bad attitude when she falls into hell.


  6. Arrest the governor and appoint someone who will follow the law not make it up.

    • Cut the head off the snake and the snake dies !!!…Get rid of brown and then dissolve the state legislature.
      The FREE citizens of nutafornia need all the help they can get

      • Yes, we do. We feel all alone n the trenches out here.

      • OBAMA Is Head of Snake Leading A FAILED Globalist Gov COUP Against America

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        • Hahaha… so you fools elected an even bigger globalist and are to blinded by his and your racism to see it.

          • Do you know what a globalist is?
            When you educate yourself get back with me!
            Start with ms george soros

          • George Soros is one, how many does trump have in his cabinet and funding him. Sounds like you’re the one that doesn’t know what’s globalist is, or a traitor. Btw George Soros is donating his billions upon his death and doesn’t put his money into taking away people’s rights, health insurance, social security and Medicare. trump does and will if he can stay in the White House long enough, which is doubtful.

          • Are you a Russian Troll? I hear they are everywhere.

          • Well, anyone that thinks this is about race is VERY misinformed. It doesn’t matter what race you are. If you here illegally, you stand the chance of being deported. Period.


          • You think about gays a lot, don’t you? It’s ok you can admit it.


          • I think we can all agree Trump is not the best president, or so far has not matched the best of them, BUT – I THINK THE VAST MAJORITY, will agree – – – when the decison came down to seat him or Hillary Clinton in the White House – there ws no real choice and Hillary lost her 2nd try for election into the WHite House; all by herself – she lost her campain , best thing that came out of that loss was it showed that even a billion dollar campaign will not always get a person electd!

      • PLEASE! ASAP

      • You guys really do want authoritarianism don’t you? So un-American. To bad trump’s going to be a lame duck come November, if he even makes it that long.

      • . Governor Brown is a two faced, cheap liar! On the international arena He acts like global warming and hazardous materials are a terrible thing, He acts like he stands strong against the -alleged- bad effects of illegal handling of chemicals and industrial waste, BUT – while doing, AND being fully aware of the problem, he totally ignored the long term problems within the state where thousands of low income and under-privileged people are subjected to highly contaminated soils ever day. This is a known problem and has been known for years and years !
        Brown was aware of it and did nothing. When it became openly known he signed a bill to attend to the problem BUT NEVER funded any action and never followed through with it so see action was taken – – and the people there continued Living inside the threat! – – – BUT – Brown has ignored it!

    • And don’t forget that other idiot, Becerra, who should not even be in our country, along with the evil witches Feinstein, Harris and Peelousy.

      • Add California Pro-tem Senate President de Leon. This lawbreaker admits supporting illegal immigrants, including his family members; admitted and condones theft identity of American citizens and that of legal immigrants “…because they must do so to survive…if a citizen gets hurt…well, it can’t be helped, its been going on for decades.

        DeLeon also doesn’t believe The Constitution is only for Americans.

        • That may not be too bad. But the problem is that he does not believe the constitution defines citizen rights, defines government duties and limits their actions. Mexicans are trying to impose their corrupt political schemes on us.

          • And they could being that your mind is so weak you actually believe the crap that comes out of your mouth. Your president is the one that’s ignoring the constitution.

          • Nyet, Girvin. Go away.

          • It’s people like you that make America a place that is OK with supporting illegals. Maybe you need some time in jail too:)

          • How about we throw you out of the country, separate your family and ruin your life next time you run stop sign? Entering the country illegally is the same infraction, a misdemeanor. I’m sure you’d be happy to pay three times as much for food. Stick with beef, it’s brain food and you need all the help you can get. What are you snowflakes so afraid of that you’d spend billions on a useless wall to cower behind? Mexico is our partner in immigration and stopping terrorists from entering our country and if your idiot president keeps poking them with the racism stick they’ll stop stopping the quarter million people they stop at their southern border every year on their way to the U.S., they’ll also stop using the U.S. no fly list they use at all their ports of entry. Your obviously a weak minded, scared witless sheep, Fox News has done its job as the repugs mouthpiece and fear monger to well.

          • OK, name one specific thing he has done that has violated the constitution? Let’s see if you have any documented facts. I notice you tear people down apparently to make yourself feel smarter, you are going to be very lonely in life. Bye Troll.

          • He violates the emoluments clause every day, of course you probably don’t know, or care, what that is. Admitting on national TV that he fired Comey over the “err Russer thing” is blatant obstruction of justice for another.

          • Dave Girvin, you are correct in that i did not know it by that name. I did look it up, I think your friends suggested this as a joke on you. Per the web the emoluments clause is article 1, section 9 of the constitution. This refers to title of nobility and receiving gifts from foreign governments. The original intent was to preserve republican virtues. Looking further 200 democrat congressmen file a lawsuit against trump claiming his business interests were being “gifted” and i believe that lawsuit was dismissed by the courts. On the other hand Trump has been “gifting” his salary to various charities.

            As for Comey if i were president i would not have had him transition to the new administration. his handling of Clintons server and emails was a wishy washy political affair. Comeys firing was prompted by the attorney general and others and copies of letters were attached to the firing letter. From Trumps letter to comey firing him. >it is essential that we have new leadership to restore public trust in the FBI<. I think events over the past 6 months indicate problems with the FBI. So far as russia is concerned the only collusion found is Hillary and the uranium one deal which is not being prosecuted. And so far Mueller has stated that "no americian may have known of the russian collusion." So hopefully this witch trial is coming to an end.

          • Sounds like you’re listening to fake news, likely fox, and have bought the liar in Chiefs bs about the FBI. Funny how all you law and order people flipped on the FBI almost over night just because trump told you to because he’s got something to hide and that Clinton uranium story is just that, a story that’s been fully debunked. There’s was no uranium sold, there was stock in a Canadian mining company sold and Clinton had nothing to do with it. You’ll all have to comeback to reality when he’s impeached early next year. How anyone can still support this liar is beyond me, but then you guys seem to like lies. Btw you do know trump, his family and people in his administration are using private servers right?

          • WoW!, you really are big on fantasy. Perhaps you are using LSD.

          • Hahaha… right, that’s why Clinton’s being investigated… not. That would be trump and at least 6 members of his cabinet. How’d you like all those fake indictments anyway? There’s more to come and you’ll wish you were on LSD when reality crashes down and finally smacks you in the face, and it will. Probably missing the whole thing watching Fox News, they’re to busy pushing trumps propaganda.

          • Please elucidate, “how”? Compared to Barack I mean Barry, he’s a choir boy!

          • Mexico is already so screwed up, they want to move to the USA illegally, because they are criminals in their own Country. Why should Americans want to support them here, is a question I doubt will ever be answered:( The USA should start doing what our laws demand they do. Punish, deport & jail every illegal that is found here illegally. THAT will slow down their actions & maybe we can put a stop to illegals that are bound & determined to be here.

          • That and one ‘Big ar*e’ Wall!!!

          • BUILD THE WALL !!!!! BUILD THE WALL !!!!! BUILD THE WALL !!!!

      • Is Barbara Boxer still around out there?? Haven’t heard her big mouth in sometime.

      • You forgot Maxine “reclaiming my time” Waters.

    • Totally agree. If you are not going to enforce the law of the land then you do not need being a Governor.

      • I have been wondering this for years. The illegals have already ruined California, because there are so many illegals there, who could care less for our Country. All they want now, is to be supported by our Citizens.

    • Learn the law you fool, it’s not the law, or the states job to do ICE’s job for them.

      • We, as citizens, can help ICE by reporting illegals to ICE where we find them.

      • Dave, why do you want to support illegal aliens?

      • DaveGirvin, it IS the states duty to turn over CRIMINALS to ICE. No one is asking the state to do ICE’s job, just help get CRIMINALS out of this country. If you don’t agree then I can only conclude you are a CRIMINAL! Or really really stupid. Or BOTH.

    • Then, go after their ‘courts’!! They are every bit as ‘corrupt’ as Brown!! This Swamp needs a good ‘scrubbing’ as well!!

    • President Trump could impose order under the Insurrection Act of 1807. This act was subsequently modified but not in any significant way. If local insurrection is defying federal law, the President can impose martial law.

    • that sounds sensible.

  7. Gov. (Moonbeam) Brown isn’t a Gov. at all. He’s a law breaker who deserves t/b in prison.

    • He broke his oath of the office. Should be removed.

    • actually he already has had two terms and should be in jail for violation of law. Prop 140 was a lifetime ban on more than 2 terms for the governor.

      • So what is wrong with the people of California? We all sympathize with them in what they are exposed to day after day but it will take a sort of uprising or coup by the citizens of CA to kick ALL the liberal degenerates out of office, strip them of their power, position and benefits. It will hurt for a while, but if you don’t take back your State now then you will have no chance to do it later. Look around you and see who your neighbors are. They are either non-residents, illegals or politicians, all standing with their hands out, waiting to take what the real CA residents work for. I’m sure each of them are working to provide for their own family. The State of California is in dire need of an awakening, but they are the only ones who can set the time for the alarm clock to sound off.

        • What you’re exposed to every day is idiocy and lies from Fox News, as evidenced by your idiotic comments. There’s nothing wrong with the people in CA who have the 6th largest economy on the planet and see diversity as our strength, people like you and all republicans are our weakness. You really are brainwashed if you think your ignorant comments have any merit, it’s not reality.

          • USED to have he 6th largest economy. As a CA resident I see our middle class LEAVING CA for more business friendly states. Our taxes are choking us to death to give money to those who will not work. (Our infrastructure, water availability and basic needs that the state should provide are being over run by Welfare and the idiot ‘High Speed Rail”project no one wants except Gov. Brown. Welfare reform is the only way but CA Administration can’t afford to loose the welfare votes to maintain Democrats’ power. So, soon, there will be no more taxable income payers. Like Margaret Thatcher said, “Socialism is great as long as you don’t run out of other peoples money”. Our schools are cranking out wild-eyed liberals that cannot stand to hear any opinion but theirs. CA is in a sorry state and getting worse.

          • They also have the highest level of ‘debt’ in the nation!! From what I’ve been reading from your posts–YOU need the ‘reality check’!!

          • Right, California just replaced Mississippi as the state with the most poverty along with 25% of the nation’s homeless even though you have only 12% of the nation’s population.

            California is well on her way down the path towards replacing Venezuela as the most recent in a long list of failed socialist states.

          • Why is it that liberals like yourself that refuse to learn both sides of an issue blame a political party . Assuming is a bad thing. Democrats have been proven to be liars, cheats and criminals more than any other political party. If that is not true then why does the swamp need draining? Why have more democrats suddenly left office when the investigating began?, Early retirement , quitting and some even in jail. . so you really have nothing intelligent to tell us. Just sit down shut up and listen or in your case ask someone to read it to you

          • Hahaha… is that why republican administrations have had over 240 criminal indictments, prosecutions and prison sentences handed to them in the last 50 sum years, while democratic administrations have a whopping total of 4? Count them, 4, compared to the republicans total of over 240, of which trump just added a few more with more to come. Your statement just proves how uninformed you are and you’re nothing but a braindead foxbot.

        • Whats wrong with California you ask??? It is like you can’t fix stupid, any more than you you can fix California. not a lot of difference in the last dozen years or so

      • God you people are stupid. That two consecutive terms. You know what consecutive means?

        • Consecutive has nothing to do with it. It is two terms maximum for life per prop 140. You must be a troll in junior high school that does not understand good grammar. Bye Now.

        • DaveGirvin. Brown will be gone soon but not soon enough.
          People, did you know the CA primary picks the top two candidates regardless of Party? That means two Dems could be the only choice.

          God, how stupid are Californians?

  8. The Golden State has LOST its SHINE – COMMIEfornia!!

  9. Lynda Wheeler Dabson

    PLEASE PLEASE SET A STRONG EXAMPLE and teach Seattle and Governor Jay Inslee that Socialism sucks for EVERYONE and the rest of Washington is tired of PAYING through the nose for Seattle’s continued mistakes.

    • we are under a socialist/marxist invasion of no-goodnicks being supported by soros and the one-worlders from europe,and the muslim hordes. moonbeam,insley, there is no tax too high or idea too wild to keep these idiots in office. arrest them for sedition/treason or plain old stupidity if you have to JUST GET RID OF THEM.

  10. Why should the rest of America pay for CA’s irresponsible and uncaring practices? It’s bad enough they put their own citizens in last place and in danger from violent criminals here illegally; but they demand support, especially fiscally, for those policies from the rest of the states who don’t agree with their policies too; that’s just not right. IF they want to be walled off and considered as a separate nation with their own laws and cut off from all further support from the US gov’t, fine; they can do what they want. But not while they remain in the US.

    • Have you ever heard of fighting against communist?

      • Let me see; oh yeah, there was this thing called the Cold War during which I grew up, and later served in the military during, as well as this other thing called the Vietnam War… So yes, I have heard of “fighting communism”, in fact, all my life. CA hasn’t been American for a long time and yes, they need to be kicked out.

        • So you are the one showing your butt to the enemy while running away

        • There has not been a War since WWII All CIA created with “Military Advisors” (Soldiers of Fortune) Korea was a Police Action. Vietnam was a Conflict and so on.
          Congress has to declare War…!!!If Jack had not been Murdered there would not have been a Vietnam Conflict he had signed an Order three months before his Murder to withdraw 1,000 Advisors out of Vietnam by end of 63 and all 10,000 by end of 65. There was not going to be a Vietnam. LBJ rescinded that Order & Vietnam was on Big Time and the Bilderbergs were

          • LBJ was a war profiteer.
            No war no money. Just like Darth Cheney.

          • You can label them whatever you like and claim they weren’t official wars, but to those who served, especially in combat, they looked, smelled, and felt exactly like wars. I’m aware that 1 of the reasons JFK was killed was his intent to back out of Vietnam, along with dismantling the CIA and Federal Reserve.

        • We almost wiped out communism. We were down to two countries (Cuba and China).
          China would of fell like the USSR. Except Bush I, Bill Clinton, Bush II, and Obama
          (With Paul Ryan’s help) sent half of our manufacturing economy over there.

      • Works for me. START with ALL the ILLEGAL ALIENS in California who are Criminals, those on ANY form of WELFARE, those who do NOT PAY Income/social security/medicare taxes, those who have ILLEGALLY VOTED in OUR Elections. THAT should reduce the numbers in CA by about 80%! THAT’S a Good Start.

  11. ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL and that is a CRIME… What the hell don’t these politicians understand.. ARREST that Governor , elect a Governor who will obey the Law and get these Damn ILLEGAL’ the HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY.. They DISRESPECT AND BURN OUR COUNTRIES FLAG, but o they want AMNESTY. DESTROY this DACA thing and let’s make our country great again, where our country is not the LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD THAT OBAMA CREATED when he was our so called PRESIDENT. WE now finally have a PRESIDENT with a set of BA_ LS, and these people and politicians can’t control and make him a puppet like they did with Obama.

    • They did elect Brown! He is the choice of those who vote in California!
      The majority of those who bothered to vote, voted for him! It isn’t just Brown, but the majority of California’s voters who must believe his BS and support him! So the whole state is to blame for this! Call it what it is!

      • NO! NOT all of us! We are outnumbered by the leftists, voting illegals, dead people and animals.

      • Voter Fraud Got Brown Elected!
        That’s Why He KOWTOW To Illegal Aliens!
        Same for Majority of demoRats!

      • Yeah, and he is no doubt the one that Linda Ronstadt sang about in “You’re So Bad”. She would have known, being a hippy that he hooked up with. Remember when he wanted to live in a commune instead of the Governor’s Mansion in his early terms?

      • I hard they want to leave USA and become an own country. I support that idea 100%.

    • I still say we need to change the sign on the Statue of Liberty. From “Give us your poor, underprivileged, oppressed, ect.” With a big red neon
      NO VACANCY sign…..
      Who all can recite the sign?
      Do you want any of those people living next door to you???

  12. Alejandro M Castro

    I love it !!!. I hope the Feds continue with their fine work digging out every illegal in California and throwing them over the border fence, to find their way where they come from. We have over 333,000,000 people, the population in our country. We can not afford to add to that figure.

  13. they need to cut california from the res tof the country and set it afloat in the ocean or start the building the wall along california’s border and give it back to mexico.

  14. prayerfully, they will come to Colorado next and clean out Denver.

  15. All residents of a “designated” sanctuary city should be denied the right to vote. We don’t want illegals and we don’t want their votes and, also the votes of the residents of the sanctuary city. MAGA!

  16. Thumbs up ICE and thank you people. Now will some one in law enforcement go after Jerry Brown and the other supporting members? That would be most of the legislature. It would make my day to see them behind bars. It would also stop them from passing their very stupid laws they love to pass.

  17. Extend the border fence at the California, Nevada, Arizona border and let them fend completely for themselves! Let’s see how long Governor Brown and the Hollywood idiots last before crying for more help?

  18. They put Joe Arpaio in jail for enforcing our laws and Jerry Brown stays free for breaking the law.
    Welcome to America!

    • Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is about half nuts. Maybe more.

      • He is Completely Nuts. His idealism has overcome his commonsense (if he ever had any). He wants California to become “Venezuela” with a broken economy, environment over people, train to nowhere (“Brownhenge”, illegal’s rights over citizen’s rights. Vote him OUT, Cox for governor.

        • I don’t know much about Cox. Do you? I will have to do some research. Moonbeam was nuts during his first 8 years. Gov. Deukmejian came in right after him and I worked in his office for the Cabinet Secretary, Dave Caffrey. You wouldn’t believe the rundown manner Moonbeam left the Gov’s office – the whole Horseshoe where the executive staff worked. He had repaired the royal blue carpet with duct tape. Kid you not.

          • I have a friend who walked the neighborhoods with me for Trump’s election. She is working for Cox and has been to hear him speak. He is the “real deal”.
            I am not surprised to hear about “Moonbeam -BrownRot’s” strange behavior. Reality is not his ”Long Suit”. Climb aboard the Cox train. MACA : )

    • Thankfully, President Trump pardoned Sheriff Arpaio.

  19. The swamp runneth deep!!
    Need to clean the septic system.


  21. The Democratic People’s Republic of Californication either needs to leave the Union (don’t talk about it, do it!) or the Union needs to invade the shithole in order to restore order there!

    • Hey, IF they LEAVE, WE no longer have to PAY money to Clean UP Mud slides, Fight Forest Fires, Provide Earthquake relief, FIX their Neglected dams/spillways, cover FLOOD Insurance, & SEND BOATLOADS of money to SUPPORT ALL their ILLEGAL ALIENS.

  22. OBAMA Is Head of Snake Leading A FAILED Globalist Gov COUP Against America!

  23. No true American patriot is ever proud of separating children from their parents or breaking up families

  24. Every Governor, Mayor, Council members, running sanctuary States and/or Cities should be arrested, since they are breaking Federal law & endangering the security of the USA. This would put a stop to this ludicrous insanity. It is also way past time to deport those in Congress who are Communists! Yes we do have Communists in the Congress. Google it.

  25. Every Governor, Mayor, Council members, running sanctuary States and/or Cities should be arrested, since they are breaking Federal law & endangering the security of the USA. This would put a stop to this ludicrous insanity. It is also way past time to deport those in Congress who are Communists! Yes we do have Communists in the Congress. According to LTCOL Allen West (RET) there are 80 members of Congress who belong to the Communist Party. Google it.

    • The 545 people who are our government are responsible for ALL t5he overspending and failures, they ALL need to be held to the fire. Trump is the ONLY government official who is actually trying to9 restore America, the rest all want to save their asses, fighting him and us all the way….

  26. Do like Kennedy did to George Wallace mobilize the military and tell the dear governor he has 24 hours to comply if he does not locked him up for treason

  27. The writer of this article sympathizes with states rights, indicating that they are a legal issue in immigration. They are not. This is one of the clearest examples of Constitutionally federal jurisdiction of recent partisan bickering. The states have absolutely no legal governing rights in international affairs. One of the main purposes for creating a federal government was to handle international affairs, best done centrally for all the states. Over the last century the New World Order Marxist criminals in our government have done their best to blur the Constitutional jurisdiction of the state and federal governments by creating unlawful laws that steal jurisdiction over domestic issues from the states and give them to the federal government. Basically the Fed has no legal jurisdiction over ANY domestic issue whatsoever. The Fed stole that, along with all the public lands, that rightfully (legally) belong to the states.

  28. The time is long past due to start arresting the “officials” that refuse to follow the law for “personal political reasons”

    Throw ALL their Corrupt butts in a cell for a while to ‘think things over”. Don’t stop at mexifornia, start cleaning out ALL these States that refuse to obey the LAW. (come to N.Y. State where I live, our “governor” thinks he is a “king” and is the same “caliber” as “moonbeam brown”)

  29. Break the law and face the consequences. Weather your in office or not. Alot needs to happen and it will. Within 2 months we’ll see some heads roll. Bank on it….

  30. Illegals can take sanctuary in their own damn country.

  31. Jerry Brown wants to rescind the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, surrender California to Mexico and be appointed “Eternal Governor” to make California the great success Mexico has been under the Communist PRI party. Jerry thinks he has made a pact with God and will never die!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  32. I have lived in California long enough to have seen Fairy Jerry Brown sit as Gov twice. Californians are slow on the uptake. I can’t wait to move! State run by stupid and greedy progressives.

  33. Go get-um, they are out of here, take Jerry Brown with you…..

  34. This sounds good as a start, but when are they going to go after the california mayors and other politicians that are complicit in aiding criminal illegals.

  35. Go ICE! More ICE? Why yes! Thank you!

  36. I live in Ca. and have watched the 35 yrs of Dem. control destroy this beautiful state and it only gets worse. THEY stay in office with the Spanish vote. Love my Legal immigrant friends but the ILLEGAL has to stop. My parents were LEGAL immigrants. I agree with everything The Prez is trying to do.

  37. The guy responsible for bringing in so many undocumented illegally was of course Obama. Maybe, we could keep some of them, since they were invited here by him, and arrest Obama and his gang? However, we better prepare for the liberal riots. Polish your baseball bats and gather whatever weapons you can find. When Obama rallies his animals to riot with his former white house goons, let us be ready to respond if threatened by his anarchist. We can find a nice cell for most if them to include Holder, Leaner, Lynch, Comey, McCade, Johnson, Rice, Clinton, and the list goes on and on.

  38. Prop 140, from 1990, only addresses term limits of the legislature, i.e., Assemblymen and state Senators. It does not apply to the Executive. But why the hell should I care! I left left Cali in 1989. It was a great place to grow up in the ’50’s and 60’s and mid ’70’s, but has since descended into extreme leftist socialism, and I do not regret one bit my departure. I have no desire to ever return, either. Lefties certainly wouldn’t miss me either, I’m sure…. But why the hell should I care!

  39. Btw – I endured Gov Moonbeam’s first two terms from 1973 to 1981, wherein HE began the process of Cali’s demise. Californians, forgetting this recent history, put him back in office 30 or so years later to finish nailing Cali’s coffin shut and bury it. They deserve what they get. And go do some research on the LA 2000 study done in the mid ’80’s… many of its predictions actually occurred ahead of schedule..

  40. Arrest Gov Moonbeam for thinking he is able to disregard our Country’s laws. California is in a huge bag of hurt because he is a pitiful, foolish old man who thinks he is invincible…he is not.
    A.) Pothead, yes;
    B.) Liberal lunatic, yes;
    C.) Anti-Trump idiot, yes;
    D.) Illegal loving psycho, yes;
    E.) Great Governor, NO!

    1.) Arrest and take him far away from California.
    2.) Arrest ALL illegals in Calif and kick them over the border.
    3.) Arrest Pelosi and Feinstine for being ugly, stupid and not caring about California’s legal residents.
    4.) Drop Piggy & Fannystine into the MS13 Gang territory to be pimped out as granny whores.
    5.) Elect a governor who cares abt California’s legal residents and watch California grow and prosper…it can happen once the libs are gone!

  41. Thank You..President Trump”! Thank You “ICE”! To Hell With Wacko California and “Moon-beam” Jerry Brown”!

  42. The uncooperatives should be arrested also.

  43. They need to start a BOUNTY on these Illegals in these Sanctuary areas!! Let us all get a Reward for turning them in and bringing them in!!!

  44. Arrest Gov Moonbeam? On what actionable charge(s)?? But why arrest him? Californians have the power of recall.. they did it in 2003, recalling Gov. Gray Davis – and he’d been around CA politics a long time…. and then replaced him with the “Governator” – Schwarzenegger.. But they won’t. CA is a one party state, intolerant of debate and swirling about the toilet. Until what’s left of the middle class, blacks and Latinos realize they’ve been played for decades by Democrats, it’ll only get closer to the drain.

    • Until ILLEGAL ALIENS from Mexico and Central America are stopped from voting nothing will change

      • Well, recall Mooonbeam, re-institute paper ballots given only with a valid photo id and voter registration card and elect someone who will uphold the law….of course, this would have to get past the Ruling Party….nah, never happen, the place must descend into chaos before that kind of change can happen. I feel sorrow for honorable hard working Californians…. and nothing but contempt for the dishonorable, which includes *all politicians* who are psychopaths.

      • Well, recall Mooonbeam, re-institute paper ballots given only with a valid photo id and voter registration card

  45. State VS Federal Law: The law that applies to situations where state and federal laws disagree is called the supremacy clause, which is part of Article VI of the Constitution. The supremacy clause contains what is known as the doctrine of pre-emption, which says that the federal government wins the case of conflicting legislation. …. ARTICLE VI (2) This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof, and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, and the JUDGES IN EVERY STATE SHALL BE BOUND THEREBY, anything in the Constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding. I am from California and want to know when the federal government will start arresting the (elected by illegals) idiots that run California..

  46. If Trump were going to send a message to the anti American politicians, he would have those politicians in those cities who are going against federal immigration laws ARRESTED!

  47. Politicians and judges cannot pick and choose what laws they fell they want to follow!

    • I know that, you know that, POLITICIANS, & Judges are politicians, especially those in La La Land, REFUSE to accept that.

  48. Cali’s arrogance leads them to defy the will of the country. I’m sure their people have issues with this but the leaders and media smother their opinions.

    • Stop lumping all Californians on one lump. If enough illegals are removed maybe ALL our votes will count and we an clean this mess up

  49. Its about time that Californians follow the law like the rest of us have to.

  50. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    Brown should be LOCKED UP. Obama started this crap so the DEM’S could get LOT’S of cheap labor. Obama was doing the best he could by telling them to “COME ON IN THE DOOR IS OPEN”!! Now he did not make it a LAw so WE the PEOPLE have to pay for these 3-5 MILLION. As far as I am conserned they ALL should be sent back and make them come here the LGAL way. HELL just look at how mauch WE the PEOPLE are paying for their FREE college education and the list goes on. Enough of this crap already. Not trying to be mean but we LEGAL AMERICANS came here the LEGAL way and they should have to the same thing. 98% after 8 years have NOT become LEGAL. How can the LEGALS get jobs when the ILLEGALS are getting them for a LOT less money for they are getting paid under the table by these DEM’S. Do you see these people who WE elected doing ANYTHING for the people who put them in office??HELL NO!!

  51. Follow the law of the land. Arrest all who support anarchy like the Moonbeam governor and his cohorts.

  52. they should electrify the fence they already and put barb wire on the top. then place armed military personal there to guard it. if and when they build the wall they need to start around california and give it back to mexico.

  53. stop all federal funding to all sanctuary cities and states ,

  54. I’m a born and raised, native Californian. I have been against illegal immigration all my life. I’m sick of Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown’s policies. I have voted against the garbage he and the demo(n)crats have been forcing on native born Californians for years. The reason their support for it has been cheap labor for the farming industry and other businesses.
    Then legal American taxpaying citizens end up paying for their education, housing, MediCal and food stamps that Americans can’t get in a pinch. You go shopping in the grocery store, Wal-Mart to name a few, and they speak to you in Spanish (I’m of Irish descent, so I can’t even tan.). They are rude to you because you don’t speak their language and if you say something to the management store, they tell you there is nothing they can do about.
    It’s true that America is a nation of immigrants, when it started. The people who came had something to offer. My grandfather’s, who left Ireland, came and contributed to this nation. One of them worked as the designer and engineer on the Panama Canal. My father, who worked at the water department in S.F., took the sewer water that was been dumped in the ocean, rerouted it to water the parks in S.F.
    I fought the oil industry to ban MTBE so we now have national safe drinking water and my husband served in the U.S.Army for twenty-one years for Americans freedoms.
    It’s time for Americans to take a stand for the LEGAL Americans taxpaying citizens, not a sanctuary for law breaking ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

  55. Use to live in CA loved it, now Brown has turned it into a state for Mexico to reclaim…what an degenerate ass he is-to ruin that fabulous state!

  56. Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

    Living in Commiefornia, the “Red” contingent welcomes as many ICE agents as possible. I for one, am so sick of our state government going rogue nutty sideways on everything. Gov. Moonbeam, Lt.Gov Cocaine Newsome,
    Atty. General Open Border Becerra are running this state into the sh!tter! What was once a thriving state is now under the crush of ILLEGAL, NOT UNDOCUMENTED, ALIENS. Moonbeam gives illegals drivers licenses and now, with a license is an automatic voter registration, so the scourge illegals can now vote, of course voting Democratic… normal hard working people are exiting this state at a rapid pace… soon, and I mean VERY soon, this state will be nothing but Libtards, Hollyweird, and Illegals…
    I for one will vote YES when the Commiefornia state split is on the ballot.
    New California will be quite prosperous, and Original Commiefornia will be consumed by themselves…

  57. Santuary Cities are more than just a problem based on appeaing the desires of illegal immoigrants; these cities are setting a dangerous and growing threat thowiught our nation.
    Ameriianc is a natin of laws developed to manage, ocntrol and set atadrads of conduct and commerece apllicable to all men, women adn children in this country.
    We are all expted to comply with these laws and knowingly failing to do so makes violators subject to prosecution.
    But – there are so many federal, state and local laws that i the past noine years that are openly violated and never action taken agants those who knowingly elecetd to ignore ad vilate the laws.
    This became Nationally Visible when Obama decided to ignore federal Immigrationlaws and stated they were ineffective; in spite of the fact these same laws have been used for years and years by varous prior presindet. Obama set a precidence fro others in the country to violate laws when he openly ignored the laws adn allowed others to do the same.
    Today, with the presidnce set, so masny young perople feel they can picj and choose what laws they will or willnot obey. Illegal Immigrants fllod into our country and work here – both in violation of our laws adn the people we rely upon to enforce those laws just ignore it. Polcie officers do thire jobs and Obama criticises them basically telling many in our natin that they do not have to respect our law enfrocement people.

  58. This LAW has been for at least 150 years!(1)BRING YOUR SICK AND POOR TO AMERICA DAYS ARE LONG GONE!(2)Illegals lower pay rates{Look about northern bakery”ICE”found out that all their workers was ILLEGALS,deported them which was making $10 a hour!Replaced them with”AMERICANS making $14 a hour}(3)85% of them are total criminals,NO SKILLS)(4)THE MOST IMPORTANT THING:If they are coming to USA because they like OUR WAYS better than where they’re from!FINE:”AMERICA IS A TRUE LIVING GOD COUNTRY”DO NOT BRING YOUR BELIEFS IN”USA’S LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH,GOT TO PROOF THEY CAN SPEAK ENGLISH GOOD BEFORE ENTERING!!!

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