ICE Raid Nabs More Than 100 Illegal Immigrants in Ohio

President Barack Obama used to say one true thing: “Elections have consequences.” He was damn sure right. Elections do have consequences and that’s why, despite all of the Democrats whining about the evil Nazi stormtroopers who apparently make up our nation’s immigration enforcement agency, the men and women of ICE just keep doing their jobs. We’re not exaggerating when we say this has to be one of the most thankless jobs in America. They deserve better for all that they do to make America great again.

At least they can rest sure in the knowledge that they now work for a president who appreciates the job they’re out their doing, day after day.

Because these agents are so often unsung (and, in many cases, outright vilified), it’s important to shine a light on the great work they’re doing. They outdid themselves this week in Ohio with a raid that decimated a landscaping company that thought they were above the law. By the end of Tuesday, ICE had arrested 114 employees of Corso’s Flower & Garden Center at two locations in Sandusky and Castalia. Criminal charges to be filed will include identity theft and tax evasion, according to the AP.

As for Corso’s itself, no criminal charges have yet been filed. However, the company will remain under investigation and an ICE spokesperson confirmed that “a large volume of business documents” were seized by agents.

The president spends much of his political rhetoric on the illegal immigrants themselves and the dangers they post to the economy and to public safety, but his administration is tackling this national scourge from a number of different angles. One of the most important is a crackdown on employers who hire illegals for the sake of cheap labor. Without companies willing to thwart the law in this way, one of the greatest carrots drawing Mexicans and Central Americans to the United States dries up and withers away. That’s why it’s essential to make an example out of companies that believe it’s just fine to break the law in the Trump era. And that’s what ICE did in Ohio.

Great job, guys.

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