ICE Director Brings Hammer Down on Companies Employing Illegals

Thomas Homan, the acting director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, said in a speech to the Heritage Foundation last week that his department was set to deliver a major crackdown on companies that employ illegal immigrants. During a question and answer session after his speech, Homan said that while border security was essential and important, it was time for the feds to do more to limit the carrots that inspire immigrants to make the trek.

“As long as they think they can come here and get U.S. citizenship and not get removed, they’re going to keep coming,” Homan said. “As long as they can come here and get a job, they’re going to try and come.”

Homan said his agency was already stepping up enforcement of U.S. employment law and that they were preparing to go much further in the coming year.

“We’re taking worksite enforcement very hard this year,” he said. “We’ve already increased the number of inspections and worksite operations, and you’re going to see that significantly increase this next fiscal year.”

Among the new strategies, Homan said that the investigative unit of ICE would likely raise worksite enforcement actions fivefold over the coming year. “Not only are we going to prosecute the employers that hire illegal workers, we’re going to detain and remove the illegal alien workers,” he said. “When we find you at a work site, we’re no longer going to turn our heads. We’ll go after the employer who knowingly hires an illegal alien, but we’re always going to arrest a person who is here illegally. That is our job.”

This is a major shift that is only being made possible by a Republican President who campaigned on a zero-tolerance platform when it comes to illegal immigration. The Democrats have always been the ones obstructing border security, but Republicans have been just as reluctant when it comes to enforcing the law inside the country. They are so in step with the Chamber of Commerce and other pro-business, pro-illegal immigration labor organizations that they’ve been unable and unwilling to turn rhetoric into action.

Trump won DESPITE those organizations and now he is going to carry out his promise to the American people. Expect a great deal of pushback from the business sector over the next year or so; they will lie, lie, lie, to keep their cheap workers right where they are.

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