Hunter Biden’s Call Girl Won 20K PPP Check as ‘Female Owned Sole Proprietorship’

Hunter Biden’s Las Vegas call girl, Cheryl Deboves, won a $20,207 Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) check under a “female owned sole proprietorship” designation.

Deboves’s check reportedly was doled out to her under the criteria of “Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers.” The check was reportedly sent to her person instead of a business because she alleged her work was performed under a sole proprietorship, the Daily Wire reported.

Text messages recovered from Hunter’s laptop show that Hunter and Deboves had lots in common, including drugs, according to the Daily Wire:

“Honestly babe the problem is you have too many girls there,” she wrote in one August 2018 text to the younger Biden. “I understand you like a lot of girls but that’s fine do one at a time at the tops to Which is fine but just hire the second girl for like 1 hour.”

Deboves also asked Hunter for help combating a drug dealer on August 23, 2018:

“Eric keeps threatening me, and now he has someone named keaton threatening me too who just got out of prison or whatever… Can you please help me? Like he scares me a lot. I hate it when men threaten women,” she wrote.

“Hi beautiful how are you been too long,” Biden wrote, also asking her to FaceTime naked. He arranged to to pay her to ensure her phone plan would have data for the call. On March 1, he sent her $500 through Venmo, according to emails on his laptop.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the PPP loans were ripe for fraud. According to CBS News, “a total of $813 billion in PPP loans went out in all, and a new report shows ‘more than 70,000 loans totaling over $4.6 billion in potentially fraudulent PPP loans’ are now being called into question.”

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