Hunter Has the Most Vile Description of Jill Biden

Hunter Biden called Jill Biden an “entitled cunt” among other things, as revealed in text messages obtained by media. The disgusting language used for Biden’s wife by his son is so foul the leftist-run media are looking the other way to protect Biden’s family from going lower than anything seen to date.

The Sun reported on July 8 that it has exclusively obtained Hunter Biden’s text messages to his uncle and his sister-in-law, Hallie, with whom he was sexually involved. The messages show repeated insults and disparaging language used for Jill Biden, Hunter’s stepmother and currently America’s First Lady.  In one text message sent to Hallie, Hunter called Jill Biden a “selfish silly entitled cunt.” The messages also reveal that in the winter of 2018, Hunter made fun of Jill’s teaching skills and said to her “go fu*k yourself.”

The Washington Times cited the text message to Hallie Biden in its story on July 9. The text reads:

F—k my stepmother for always being as much of a selfish silly entitled c—t as you.

It sounds like Hunter was also hurling at Hallie the same insult he used for Jill. In yet another text, one sent to his uncle James Biden, Hunter called Jill a “vindictive moron.” The text also says:

And you do know the drunkest I’ve ever been is still smarter than you could ever even comprehend and you’re a shut … grammar teacher that wouldn’t survive one class in an ivy graduate program.

Hunter’s rage at Jill Biden seemingly stemmed from her suggestion along with other family members that Hunter needed to be admitted to rehab as his addiction to drugs and sex was spiraling out of control.

Though the story about the text messages obtained from Hunter’s laptop was featured in many conservative news sources in America and abroad, mainstream leftist media has observed a near-complete blackout on it. 

Hunter Biden’s messages were obtained from his infamous laptop and provided to the media by an organization that is investigating the laptop. The FBI seized the original laptop in December 2019 from a repair shop in Delaware but has been sitting on it with no action over the many scandalous and potentially criminal dealings of Hunter Biden which also allegedly involve Joe Biden. The mainstream media, allied with the Democrats, first tried to discredit the laptop story as “Russian disinformation” but has chosen to stay silent ever since the authenticity of the laptop revelations was established.

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  1. Biden Crime Syndicate Family sounds a trifle dysfunctional to say the least!

  2. What a group of sickos the Biden’s are. Shocking to have such a person in the White House.


    Birds of a feather just can’t help flocking and turning together…..

  4. I’m holding my judgement about Jill until I better understand that is is being judged by her crooked kin folks.
    Maybe she is not crooked so in their eyes that makes her look dumb to them the same way we would look to them too and that was proven by his becoming president. I bet her computer notes do not look like Hunters!

    • Wanna bet google her she was a married woman having affair a Joe Biden pretending to be the babysitter and her husband caught them because they had a car wreck and Joe Biden was driving the car she doesn’t have a halo on by any means she likes the money

      • No you are right when Joe’s wife was dieing with cancer she was sleeping around with Joe. She will do what ever it take to be First Lady if she has to prop Joe up in the corner. She hated being second as Joe being VP.

  5. my wife mentioned to me that if i got in a similiar mental state she would not permit me to humiliate myself or expose me to the type of humiliation jill allows joe to endure .
    she claims this speaks volumes about jill’s personality and that there is something in it for her!

  6. Jill appears to be a climber. She wanted the prestige of being first lady so badly that she pushed behind the scenes for him to run for pres. The democrat party wanted a puppet and were complicit in his election and the apparent cheating that went on in the questionable states of Wisconsin, GA, and AZ.


  8. Just remember that “Dr.” Jill has passed the Joe Biden sniff test…

  9. Quote: “Hispanic Americans are unique as breakfast tacos.” – Jill Biden 7-11-2022.

    Hunters’ description of the “First Birthing Person” is vial but correct, but I’d have chosen words like: Sour cream filled Fish Taco!

  10. Well that’s still nicer than some of the things I’ve thought about her…But being a gentleman, I’ll just refer to her as “The Puppet Master”

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