Huma Abedin Must Truly Be a World Class Fool

Either Huma Abedin is a world class fool or she’s a glutton for punishment. This week, the New York Post reported that Abedin was back with her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner, and they’re giving their marriage one more try for old times’ sake. Weiner, who sometimes goes by the alias Carlos Danger when he sex-chats with groupies online, has been busted on at least four occasions carrying on inappropriate relationships with women other than his wife.

The last of these occasions, which occurred in August, indeed not only led to another round of public embarrassment for the couple – it may have indirectly led to Hillary Clinton’s loss in the election. It was out of that event – in which Weiner was caught sending a photo of himself and his son – that an FBI investigation was launched into his dalliances with an underage girl. It was through that investigation that the FBI found emails that had not been identified during the Clinton case. That triggered Comey’s letter to Congress, which the Clinton camp believes to this day is what led to their downfall.

It also led Abedin to finally say “enough is enough” and walk out on her husband, a once-rising star in the Democratic Party.

But according to the Post, Huma is back in Carlos Danger’s arms, ready to believe that it couldn’t possibly happen again:

“Huma has been working hard on her relationship with Anthony,” said a source close to the Abedin family. “He has been spending 80 to 90 percent of his time at the [Irving Place apartment] they share. If there is a disagreement, he goes to his mother’s apartment in Brooklyn.

“Both [his and her] families are hoping they will reconcile.”

Another source, who worked closely with Bill and Hillary Clinton for several years, corroborates this, saying the breakup was “more for optics for the campaign and [under] pressure from Hillary’s camp.”

Ah. So the surprise isn’t that she’s going back to him, the surprise is that she never left. It was phony. Okay.

But don’t try to figure it out. Just observe it. Observe how bizarre and fake these people are, and how everything they do seems to come with an ulterior motive. Not just them, but the Clintons as well. If there are real people underneath these masks, they may be lost even to themselves.

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