Huh?? Liberal Journalist Wants to Criminalize Climate Denial

Once upon a time, it was the hallmark of the left to stand in defense of free speech. It was practically their calling card. It’s why, to a certain extent, the media is so infested with liberal politics. Standing up for the First Amendment is supposed to be a liberal cause.

Unfortunately, things have changed a great deal over the last decade.

Now, liberals – even some who work in the very media that depends on freedom of expression and freedom of the press – think we should shut some opinions out of public view. Some are even deranged enough to believe that we should put people in prison for espousing the “wrong” view on certain issues – one of them being the left’s favorite talisman for tearing down capitalism: Climate change.

Thus we have Vice Media’s Brian Merchant writing a long essay in favor of putting climate change deniers behind bars.

“The science is too clear about what will happen in the near-term to continue to allow profiteers and ideologues to place the public in danger without consequence,” Merchant wrote. “Climate change denial should be a crime.”

Over the course of his lengthy essay, Merchant makes it clear that he’s not saying that in the way you might lash out and say, “There oughta be a law” when you don’t like what someone else is doing. No, he’s quite serious about his conviction that climate change denial should be a prosecutable offense in the United States.

“I hope Harvey is a lightning rod that makes this clear: Climate change denial can and will leave people dead,” he writes. “It has never been more evident than now that it is not only scientifically wrongheaded but dangerously and morally abject.

“When a family of six drowns in the wake of flooding that could have been seriously mitigated, we blame mostly ill fate,” he continues. “But there are faces to this blame, and naming them will help us better and more seriously prepare for a more calamitous future—instilling the specter of consequence may be the only way to break the current cycle of ignorance and denial. But those faces reside not just in Houston, but city halls, state governments, Congress, and, of course, the White House.”

Merchant’s answer is to hold climate change deniers in local and national government criminally negligent for inaction in the face of global warming, as if such a ridiculous burden of proof could ever be made by any prosecutor in the country. Even if we were to accept that climate change is every bit as real and dangerous as the worst zealots proclaim, how could one possibly prove, legally, that a politician failed to take the proper steps to mitigate it? How can anyone – no matter how brainwashed by Al Gore – possibly blame Hurricane Harvey on Texas public officials?

Climate change as a Democratic Party platform began as a way to grow the government and enact regulatory policies that would cut deeply into the free market. It has since grown to become a leftist religion. And each new storm, no matter how much it may be echoed in history (remember, this is not the first time Houston has been completely flooded), is treated as an appearance of the Virgin Mary in the clouds. The One Great Truth, revealed to believers. And these believers are simply FURIOUS that not everyone shares their convictions.

So furious are they that they’re ready to wage legal jihad against America’s apostates – those dag-blasted Republicans who won’t shut up and drink the Kool-Aid. Burn the witches!

God help us all.


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  1. You really don’t need to read any further than ‘liberal journalist’ to know that your about to hear something that will make you wonder if they’re growing them on farms somewhere using idiot seeds and lots of rich, smelly manure to get the biggest, most idiotic idiots they can.😁

    • He’s a member of the Religious Left. They worship what they’re told to believe. Like Hillary’s list of reasons (excluding Hillary) she was cheated out of the Presidency when it was her turn (which ignores that the Democrats have lost the rest of the government, too). If you haven’t heard Al Gore’s traveling (with his caravan of SUVs) tent evangelist spiel on Human Caused Catastrophic and Immanent Disastrous Global Warming complete with a twenty two foot sea level rise submerging Manhattan, you’ve missed quite a hilarious show. We’re going to be hearing a “See, I told you this would happen!” from him now.

      • Actually it is more serious. The liberal left worships itself. That is truly the expression of 666 where the attributes of God are replaced with those of man – it is the number of a MAN – so the image of God is corrupted and they worship the creation / creature and not the Creator.

        Thinking themselves wise, they became foolish as their hardened hearts were darkened:
        ROMANS 1: 18

        18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

        21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.

        24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

        JOHN 3:19

        Have a great day, pray for the President, the hurricane victims and help MAGA.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ x 1,000

      Liberal Journalists want to criminalize anybody that doesn’t agree with them….

  2. There are no liberal journalists… Only liberal propagandists.

  3. The man is a moron and would make a great Nazi or Satsi or any other ***hole who wants to bully intimidate and punish people for expressing an opinion contrary to their own.

    **** *** *** ****

  4. What is wrong with these idiots. It is not global warming it is these idiots taking stupid pills or their mothers dropped them on their head when they were babies and it is now showing up. But for this ass why does he not send GOD a bill and citation for not allowing his and only his views be known. After all he must be some kind of super hero with all the knowledge in the world and everyone else is ignorant

  5. CRIMINALIZE the ugly idiot liberals that
    ARE CAUSING THIS LIE to survive!!

  6. “Thus we have Vice Media’s Brian Merchant writing a long essay in favor of putting climate change deniers behind bars.”

    I highly suggest that Mr. Brian Merchant, and others like him, should be the ones put behind bars!!!! Climate change is inevitable, and has been taking place here on Earth ever since God created the Universe and Earth itself!! Man has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH CLIMATE CHANGE~~~PERIOD!!!! And, if Al Gore is such a firm believer that man is at fault for Global Warming, why is HE such a big contributor to the problem of “Global Warming” by HIS EXCESSIVE USE of fossil fuels and electricity that is produced using coal as its primary fuel source????????????????????

  7. If a liberal communist democrat can get a law pass that is so asinine I swear I’ll go out an burn a bunch of used tires an watch the black smoke rise into the air. These people are so stupid they can’t remember what this Earth has went through for the last 4.5 billion years and I think that is a guess too.

  8. Here is a message from GOD about climatge change:

    Genesis 8:22

    While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night Shall not cease.

  9. Never has there been more evident than now that the liberal’s thinking, if not correct with absolute truths, their minds will continue to deteriorate to a point of no returning to reality….
    Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in this universe that God doesn’t allow to happen… He who created man from the dust of the ground and spoke the very existence of the universe into being, is all knowing…. Nothing that is done that He hasn’t seen and nothing is said that He hasn’t heard.
    The fool who hasn’t studied or searched for God will say there is no God… He may have knowledge and possible even wisdom on what he has studied and researched; but for the fool to say there is no God just because he hasn’t had a spiritual event or personal encounter with God it is ludicrous.
    God says he who will humble himself and call upon His name will be found by Him. Thus, Brian Merchant may be a smart man but he has absolutely no godly wisdom in this thinking….
    Just as it has been proven throughout history and especially with Mr. Merchant, all created things (Including the liberal’s thinking) will deteriorate with time if left to itself….

  10. It should be a crime to be a liberal and a democrat.

  11. The liberals just keep going farther and farther left. Now many are fascist. What’s funny is that there is a group called ANTIFA (anti fascist) who is any but anti fascists. They want to shut down conservative speech and all other speech they don’t agree with. These clowns need a little education cause apparently they have been taught that only left wing think is valid. It’s a shame what the left is doing to the young in this country. We need to put an end to this indoctrination. Oh and climate change which was previously global warming and global cooling before that is nothing but a way for the left to once again fleece the citizens of the US and many other countries.

  12. Libturd MSM and Demonrats should be outlawed!! They should be thrown from a cliff into a pit of vipers!!

  13. Most liberals are boneheads. Liberal journalists are worse because they have no values, only agendas. And every time a weather event occurs, it could be the middle of winter, they attribute it to ‘global warming’, or the all-inclusive, ‘climate change.’ And this, of course, is blamed on ‘man,’ that frail, little, insignificant being just plodding along in a vast universe. These bozo journalists are all for bigger, more intrusive, collectivist governments who decide which of their identity political groups are more deserving of government benefits and special protections. Will it be the blacks this week? Or the gays? How about the Antifa mutants? The Transgenders? So, Brian Merchant, I don’t believe in your pap and it you don’t like it, well, tough. Go pound sand! I guess it’s time to lock’n load. I’ll be waitin’ for ya!

  14. LOL What will these morons come up with next?

  15. This is just more solid proof of how stupid liberals can be. Freedom of speech ahole! Read the constitution!

  16. This just proves; a liberal has no brain.

  17. It’s Liberalism that is a lie, and it’s Liberalism that is evil, it should be people who stand for Liberalism that should be imprisoned.

  18. The issue of climate change is a call for sacrifice. Can you name one sacrifice that was make by Obama, or Lear Jet Leo, or Clooney, or Al Gore, or the Clintons. No, sacrifice is only for us low life common people. We are expected to sacrifice our freedom and to submit to an all powerful government. Ayn Rand once said that when politicians call for sacrifice that we should flee from them as we would flee from the lepers bell. She was right.

    • Nah, when they call for sacrifice, we sacrifice them to the gods they desire us to send them to. It’s high time that politicians be held To The higher standard they claim to hold. If they back peddle on their promises, prosecute them for fraud. If they steal from the citizenry, take everything they have or ever will have. If they wish to act like criminals in a mafia style organization, treat them accordingly. And If convicted of corruption at the public expense, they should receive a very public execution. As long as we allow them to decide what and how they are rewarded for their treachery, how can we expect anything to change? And to be honest, who do we really have to blame but ourselves for ” letting” them do it in the first place?

    • Sacrifice has been the solution inconvenient weather has elicited from religious extremists since prehistoric times. You expect a change now from the ideologically oriented Left? Like in those unenlightened days, the priests of AGW burn energy like whole neighborhoods of the common deplorables in sustaining their elite lifestyles. A point of which always to remain aware: Governments thrive on crisis. The depend upon it to justify themselves, nourish themselves upon it to grow. Without it, the necessity of their existence fades. They become non-essential and citizens question their cost.

    • I wonder how many of the “climate change leaders” are Builderburgers? Some of this climate garbage sure sounds like the reported thinking process of the ‘burgers.

      • Or maybe the Illuminati? Or the Freemasons? Or the Knights Templar? Trilateral Commission? Council on Foreign Relations? Skull and Bones? And don’t breathe too deeply when you see those chemtrails! Gotta go,now; a black helicopter just passed over my neighborhood!

        The horror! The Horror!

  19. I need an answer to the following question. If global warming is “settled” science, then please tell me what “Scientific Law” governs global warming??? Beyond that, no science is ever considered settled. Science is about “probabilities”, not “absolutes”. You want “absolutes” (settled science), go talk to your priest or minister or whoever it is that deals in absolutes. Bottom line: I have NOT read the “LAW” that governs global warming.

  20. Insanity on steroids; he blames Texas officials for creating Hurricane Harvey…Another LaLa Land lunatic intent on shutting down freedom of speech, freedom of thought unless you follow and adhere to the party line which is maniacal, and evil, in itself. This faux journalist is advocating for a totalitarian state. It does no good to tell the lefty media to go to hell, they’re already in residence.

  21. What let the drug dealers,rapists and murderers out of jail and put people in that deny climate change? What an idiot!

    • Now you sound like Obama! LOL!

    • Hardly. For which party do the drug dealers, rapists and murderers vote? For which party do what he calls Climate Deniers vote? In fact, it’s all meaningless because virtually no one denies that climate changes. For the most part, the denial isn’t even that humans have some influence. What’s denied is that there is any proof that it’s AGW or any proof that there’s anything we can do about it, and the adjustment and manipulation of both history and data to fit the AGW catechism, not to mention that the radically inaccurate predictions, the demonization of heretics and apostates (or the selling of carbon indulgences) makes the climate fanatics look like charlatans.

  22. How about we have a law to criminalize biased journalist.

  23. The Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization has spoken, you will follow all orders.

    • Not I think today my friend, for today is the day of decision, which side are you on? That’s really the only choice we have to make…..

  24. Fake science is the crime. Fraud has brought fake science to fruitation. Enlightment demands that knowledge and facts dispels the darkness of emotion and the manipulation of facts and half truths. The earth is not flat, we now know, We also know there are those who keep the evil agenda of Adolph Hitler alive. We must fight these Nazis at every turn, to make America safe again.

  25. I am a denier.please send me to the federal prison(?) located in Maxwell AFB Alabama. Warm weather, golf course and tennis courts, I hear the food is also quite good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GinCamier I started reading the article about criminalizing climate deniers and it was so stupid I quit after the first paragraph. Someone should censor those idiotic articles and not waste space on the computer and reader’s time. I wonder if the author can dress himself and/or feed himself..

  26. He sounds like a deranged idiot. Only God is in charge of the weather. I hope the majority of the public realize this scam for what it is.

    • Well put Zena. The main problem here is that God’s been removed from the equation and that is causing insanity. People NEED God, even if they don’t understand it, admit it, or want to entertain the notion. How can God’s creation live without Him properly? These freaks can’t handle the truth, so they begin to see themselves as all-knowing. They aren’t up to the task LOL so now they are losing it.

  27. Let’s criminalize liberal thought.

  28. Just like the universities….just like Hollywood…..just like the press……unless you ALL THINK THE SAME way ( and only toward the LEFT, at that)……you will be ostracized, shunned, maybe even be physically harmed, or worse. This headline is nothing new in this never-ending trend to un-democratize this country. Free thinking is heading toward death. Don’t think for a moment that all these different venues of life converge in this way by ACCIDENT !… is a fully funded and fully supported social re-engineering program run by the shadow deep state. Folks like Soros ( but not only him) are behind this and support this.

    • Sherree Hobbs-Ingle

      Hollywood, the liberal media, Congress, and some of pro-sports are controlled by Zionist Jews that Christ and the New Testament criticized calling them the sons of the devil, a brood of vipers, a synagogue of Satan, the ones who killed the prophets, and the ones the disciples hid from after the murdered Christ, and then started murdering the disciples who like Christ were good Jews. FLOYD Ingle.

  29. But all the stuff that Obama, the Clintons, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey did, those are not crimes, right? These people are just way too stupid to not be locked up themselves.

  30. Tell you what, Brian, you little dumb fuxk, my husband and I think climate change is a crock of CRAP! So why don’t you bring your sorry azz to our house and arrest us?! My husband is a real man, unlike liberals like you, and he would beat the crap out of you!

  31. “Climate change denial should be a crime.” I tend to think that Climate change fraud should be a crime.

  32. Liberals motto—–Agree with me or you are a ractist,low life,good for nothing pig!

  33. Why even bring up these stories about the idiot press writers and correspondence? !!! Wasted efforts by nitwit crazies.

  34. These folks would have been a real hoot in Salem circa 1680.

  35. The MSM should be labeled as terrorists, and sent to Git-Mo.

  36. Climate Change is BS. period.

  37. Sherree Hobbs-Ingle

    I find very few if anyone REALLY wanting to cut down the main waster/user of fossil fuels. About 30 years ago the Dept. of Energy said ENTERTAINMENT takes 2/3 rds of our fossil fuels. I believe it seeing the billions of people driving, flying, or boating to go to games, concerts, churches, vacations, and beaches to name the most wasteful. What I find is strange is the ones who call themselves “The entertainment capital of the world” such as New York , California, and Hawaii lead the way in waste with governors that think they have a handle on fossil fuel waste. In Oklahoma our waste mainly goes to going to casinos and Athletics and church.FLOYD Ingle.

  38. Nothing the insane left wing media does surprises me anymore. They’re all bat shit crazy.

  39. I think we should criminalize any media that doesn’t have all the facts to back up their stories. And Criminalize anyone who tries to tell everyone else what to believe, such as religious sects and deranged people who spout off about climate change without sufficient facts, such as NASA’s 20 year study that proves them wrong. Are ALL the Democrats sharing some kind of brain-clouding drug?

  40. Liberals don’t understand the freedom they have.

  41. The next thing these liberal bastards will want to have you shot for having bad breath. Why is it that these liberal freaks can say bullshit things like this, and if you are a conservative anything out of your mouth is called racist? It all comes down to that they are just fucking idiots. They have blm women coming on TV and they say they hate capitalism, but in the next breath they want white people to give them their property. This whole left thing is so absurd that it is a contradiction at every breath. The so called information they have is either very wrong, or it is fictitious. I would not trust these left handed lying bastards out of my sight.

  42. Stop calling these self-deluded miscreants “liberals”! That’s one of the self-serving techniques these monsters employ so as to attain their power. Let’s refer to these modern liberals as Elitist Snobs, or perhaps mentalists – dead from the neck down and really rather screw-loose from the neck up. Listen up! There is nothing liberal about a “liberal”. Liberalism is an utterly reactionary philosophy. Having caught a whiff of some of these Elitist Snobs who masquerade as “liberals”, I can assure everyone that they’re the most illiberal people to be found. They’re modern day bigots (bigot: a narrow-minded, intolerant person).

  43. There’s no more room for criminals, so turn them louse and put the public in there!

  44. How far does the Left have to go before we are forced to simply round them up and send them all to lunatic asylums for “re-education?” I for one do not believe in Global Warming, based on actual science (not the FAKE science of Al Gore). Okay, that being said, TRY to “arrest” me, and you’ll find out what the Second Amendment is all about!

  45. AL GORE – the biggest con man this side of the Mississippi. If only the Liberals were able to discern lies from truths, they would be able to make better choices. But, alas, they truly do NOT know the difference between a lie and a fact.

    Gore made a killing on his speeches abt Climate Change caused by the human race. Any red blooded American could have found out the REAL TRUTH – NOT GORE’S FALLACIES – about the climate patterns our Mother Earth goes through. By reading the past several decades of The Farmer’s Almanac – which describes the weather patterns of our planet at that time is experiencing – you would see Earth goes through cycles (with/without man’s interference) of excessive heat and then excessive cold. This is a natural phenomenon that is repeated through cycles.

    What Gore conveniently forgot to tell everyone (because if he did, no one else would want to hear his load of crap) is that what we are experiencing is another “natural” cycle of earth’s climates — not brought on by greenhouse gases or other liberal political B.S., but a natural occurrence.

    So here’s to the gullible idiots who drank Gore’s words as truth…they were only half truths. He left the most important part of the truth out — Man DID NOT CREATE THIS Warming cycle! It would have happened even if man never existed on this planet. But why say that when millions of dollars could be made off the totally gullible and irresponsible crazed minds of the unintelligent and mundane?

    Gore made his millions illegally because he conned the American people to believe our behaviors are causing global warming – WRONG GOREZILLA! It’s just Mother Earth going through one of her Hot Flashes which she does every so many decades, natural occurence – no matter how many “irrational” doomsday liberals think humans did this to the planet — we did not.

    Mother Earth controls her own destiny and her weather patterns. We can try to control the weather, but “She” is a hell of a lot stronger than anything we could throw at her!

    Respect her, for in the end, Mother Earth will ALWAYS WIN! But do not let any Liberal fanatic try to tell you humans are responsible for the nasty weather we have been having. Perhaps Mother Earth is just tired of hearing the same old lame climate warming rhetoric from a class of people who are emotionally wrecked and lost in their own fears…and wanted to wash this planet of this mindset…

  46. Melissa Martin Brierton


  47. Excuse me?? God help us all!!

  48. Climate change happens approximately every 11,000 years and there’s nothing anyone or anything can do about it. So Al Gore try reading more about ancient earth history.

  49. The climate has changed from the very beginning of the formation of the earth. From volcanic to super-sub-zero several times according to science. The man made evidence in the Antarctic that was discovered in recent years should not be any alarm. The smogs of London and Asia and European nations dating back to the 16th century should have melted the South Pole years ago. Well I have seen mountain glaciers disappearing on the North American Continent so I believe the climate is changing. But how much is man made causation. Guess we could blame it on the wars in the middle east. Bombs, Artillery shells exploding and jet aircraft smoking the skies etc. etc. etc. are the cause. Or how about volcanic eruptions? Seems there is a lot of blame to go around. Hmmmm. Well there will be change whether or not. But being a crime to be a nonbeliever. Hog Wash!!!! Poo on this idiot.

  50. Those Liberal journalists are either Anti-USA and want us destroyed and replaced by an Islamic Dictator or they are incapable of keeping up with they world news. I suspect the former. Re the latter: The head of the UN’s climate control/earth warming division made statement that should change peoples mind about the subject unless they belong to the former group.
    The UN said that there was only one goal for the climate control/earthwarming operation.. That one and only goal was to destroy capitalism..that is just a coward’s way of saying that the goal is to destroy the USA.

  51. Hope some one bitch slaps this scumbag punk ass pajama boy. Repeatedly.


  53. The only true news of our times comes from Matthew 24, JESUS our LORD and SAVIOR told of this day over 2,000 years ago. Man tries from day to day to look into the future of the weather, you see this everyday on TV, there is not one man that can get the weather report right, GOD IS IN CONTROL. Look at the massive earthquake in Mexico, JESUS warned us of such a time and it is about to get worst, climate had nothing to do with this earthquake. For some unknown reason that is beyond all of us, all the Atlantic hurricanes follow the Slave routes, they come from West Africa and travels the same way the ships that carried these people to the New World, is this a punishment from ALMIGHTY GOD? Right now there are three hurricanes out there, I want every weather man to know, global warming has nothing to do with this, this was ordered by GOD alone and if HE saw fit HE can make it worst. The real problem with this is AMERICAN’S SINS AGAINST GOD. We have decided that we don’t need HIM or HIS SON, so we suffer for these sins and transgressions, HIS GRACE has been lifted, our Nation still is murdering babies in the abortion mills, gays and homos are still getting married, the rich is still robbing the poor, our youth has lost their way, we have allowed Nations of other people to come here with their false gods and teachings, our school system and our government has stop PRAYING, our children are being indoctrinated by Islam, Islam is taking over our government and trying hard to pass Sharia. We forgot how to forgive and forget, we hold on to HATE for one another, sisters can’t forgive sisters, brothers against brothers, today house wholes are a wreck, their is no respect for the parents, this is why so many of our youth is dying, they know not the 5th Commandment. Honor your father and mother so that your days may be long upon the earth, this is a promise from GOD. The one most dangerous things we do, we do not keep GOD’S Sabbath, HE made this day from week ONE and HE never changed it. So when you think of bad things happening to this Nation, think of all the things we do against our CREATOR, pick up your HOLY BIBLE and read Matthew 24, this is the NEWS of the times. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND IN GOD I STILL TRUST, DO YOU?

  54. Typical Demo-Commie, they do NOT want you thinking for yourself.

  55. Liberal journalist? I don’t think so. Perhaps, “Liberal propagandist” Proper journalism does not go with liberal. Try looking at scientific facts, not liberal propaganda.

  56. So let me take a guess at this…………. it’s climate change and Trump’s fault because America is getting hurricanes during hurricane season. Okay, just wanted to make sure I had that right.

  57. I want to Criminalize Geoengineering and Chemtrail Denial ( And that is not a River in Egypt)

  58. While they are at it perhaps they should consider jailing any child over 10 who still believes in Santa Claus…

  59. While they are at it perhaps they should consider jailing any person with a tallywacker who claims God gave it to them by mistake…

  60. Remember when the coldest temperatures on record happened in places where Al Bore was lecturing on the demise of polar bears? It was not long after that when Climate Change took the place of Global Warming in the liberal religion. I think that those who want to throw honest scientists in jail for not supporting their irrational religion should themselves be investigated and evaluated as dangerously mentally ill persons.


  62. Ready for some hard TRUTH about climate change? Go here:

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