Huh?? Liberal Journalist Wants to Criminalize Climate Denial

Once upon a time, it was the hallmark of the left to stand in defense of free speech. It was practically their calling card. It’s why, to a certain extent, the media is so infested with liberal politics. Standing up for the First Amendment is supposed to be a liberal cause.

Unfortunately, things have changed a great deal over the last decade.

Now, liberals – even some who work in the very media that depends on freedom of expression and freedom of the press – think we should shut some opinions out of public view. Some are even deranged enough to believe that we should put people in prison for espousing the “wrong” view on certain issues – one of them being the left’s favorite talisman for tearing down capitalism: Climate change.

Thus we have Vice Media’s Brian Merchant writing a long essay in favor of putting climate change deniers behind bars.

“The science is too clear about what will happen in the near-term to continue to allow profiteers and ideologues to place the public in danger without consequence,” Merchant wrote. “Climate change denial should be a crime.”

Over the course of his lengthy essay, Merchant makes it clear that he’s not saying that in the way you might lash out and say, “There oughta be a law” when you don’t like what someone else is doing. No, he’s quite serious about his conviction that climate change denial should be a prosecutable offense in the United States.

“I hope Harvey is a lightning rod that makes this clear: Climate change denial can and will leave people dead,” he writes. “It has never been more evident than now that it is not only scientifically wrongheaded but dangerously and morally abject.

“When a family of six drowns in the wake of flooding that could have been seriously mitigated, we blame mostly ill fate,” he continues. “But there are faces to this blame, and naming them will help us better and more seriously prepare for a more calamitous future—instilling the specter of consequence may be the only way to break the current cycle of ignorance and denial. But those faces reside not just in Houston, but city halls, state governments, Congress, and, of course, the White House.”

Merchant’s answer is to hold climate change deniers in local and national government criminally negligent for inaction in the face of global warming, as if such a ridiculous burden of proof could ever be made by any prosecutor in the country. Even if we were to accept that climate change is every bit as real and dangerous as the worst zealots proclaim, how could one possibly prove, legally, that a politician failed to take the proper steps to mitigate it? How can anyone – no matter how brainwashed by Al Gore – possibly blame Hurricane Harvey on Texas public officials?

Climate change as a Democratic Party platform began as a way to grow the government and enact regulatory policies that would cut deeply into the free market. It has since grown to become a leftist religion. And each new storm, no matter how much it may be echoed in history (remember, this is not the first time Houston has been completely flooded), is treated as an appearance of the Virgin Mary in the clouds. The One Great Truth, revealed to believers. And these believers are simply FURIOUS that not everyone shares their convictions.

So furious are they that they’re ready to wage legal jihad against America’s apostates – those dag-blasted Republicans who won’t shut up and drink the Kool-Aid. Burn the witches!

God help us all.


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