HUD: Transgender Homeless Need Special Shelters

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the federal government needs to provide special accommodations for people who are both homeless and transgender. The agency is proposing a new regulation that would require all homeless shelters subsidized by the federal government to “provide transgender persons and other persons who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth with access to programs, benefits, services, and accommodations in accordance with their gender identity.”

The proposal comes as an addendum to 2012’s Equal Access Rule, which made similar demands of public housing. The department believes it’s now time to expand those efforts to homeless shelters. As a way of explaining this logic, the department said it had conducted a “listening session on LGBT issues” at a 2012 conference. Their takeaway?

That “given the choice between a shelter designated for their assigned birth sex or sleeping on the streets, many transgender shelter-seekers would choose the streets.”

Welp. Given the choice between having my tax dollars used for this ridiculous purpose or having them used for something actually beneficial, I would choose the beneficial. The difference is that transgender homeless people actually have a choice, and my choice is being forced upon me by a tyrannical and irrational administration.

Think what you will about the “rights” of transgender individuals, but if someone has made the poor decision to “change” their gender, should we be surprised when they follow that up with more bad decision-making? Such as the decision to sleep in a cardboard box because the shelter is not just as they prefer it?

Look, many Americans would agree that we have a moral duty to provide basic assistance to people in need. The shelters provide that basic assistance. We do not have any duty whatsoever to make sure every homeless person gets all of the luxury of a man who earns these things. Is there food? Is there water? Is there shelter from inclement weather? Then what? You need a TV? Internet? Cell phone? Netflix? A BMW? Awesome. All of those things and more can be yours…go earn them.

Liberals will say this is a harsh attitude to take and that being transgender is not the same as being greedy.


If some billionaire wants to pay to make sure all homeless shelters have “programs, benefits, services, and accommodations” for transgender people, have at it!

But even then, is it not true that there are more homeless Americans than there are shelters to house them? Is it better that people should go hungry or that transgenders have their special luxuries? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to make sure everyone’s needs are covered before we move on to what everyone wants?

Bah, but what does sense have to do with it anymore…

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