HUD: Transgender Homeless Need Special Shelters

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the federal government needs to provide special accommodations for people who are both homeless and transgender. The agency is proposing a new regulation that would require all homeless shelters subsidized by the federal government to “provide transgender persons and other persons who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth with access to programs, benefits, services, and accommodations in accordance with their gender identity.”

The proposal comes as an addendum to 2012’s Equal Access Rule, which made similar demands of public housing. The department believes it’s now time to expand those efforts to homeless shelters. As a way of explaining this logic, the department said it had conducted a “listening session on LGBT issues” at a 2012 conference. Their takeaway?

That “given the choice between a shelter designated for their assigned birth sex or sleeping on the streets, many transgender shelter-seekers would choose the streets.”

Welp. Given the choice between having my tax dollars used for this ridiculous purpose or having them used for something actually beneficial, I would choose the beneficial. The difference is that transgender homeless people actually have a choice, and my choice is being forced upon me by a tyrannical and irrational administration.

Think what you will about the “rights” of transgender individuals, but if someone has made the poor decision to “change” their gender, should we be surprised when they follow that up with more bad decision-making? Such as the decision to sleep in a cardboard box because the shelter is not just as they prefer it?

Look, many Americans would agree that we have a moral duty to provide basic assistance to people in need. The shelters provide that basic assistance. We do not have any duty whatsoever to make sure every homeless person gets all of the luxury of a man who earns these things. Is there food? Is there water? Is there shelter from inclement weather? Then what? You need a TV? Internet? Cell phone? Netflix? A BMW? Awesome. All of those things and more can be yours…go earn them.

Liberals will say this is a harsh attitude to take and that being transgender is not the same as being greedy.


If some billionaire wants to pay to make sure all homeless shelters have “programs, benefits, services, and accommodations” for transgender people, have at it!

But even then, is it not true that there are more homeless Americans than there are shelters to house them? Is it better that people should go hungry or that transgenders have their special luxuries? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to make sure everyone’s needs are covered before we move on to what everyone wants?

Bah, but what does sense have to do with it anymore…

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    • Yep sadly we are waaaaaaay down the list

    • transgender Vet rights are the same as transgender homeless.

      your yelling at the wrong people.

      “GOP Slashes Veterans Benefits. Because Support The Troops!”

      “Senator Destroys Republicans for Underfunding VA by $850 Million”

      • Hold on there cowboy… was the DemonicRATS that allowed the VA to become so corrupt their current motto is DEATH BY DELAY. Have told you before – – get off the PCP & crack…..

  2. If they can afford their own transgender operations, they can provide for their own shelters. Ironically, they’re thrown in the same bathroom with NORMAL school children, but by some gay stroke of a sodomite’s pen, they must have their own shelters? Gay HUD is delusional.

  3. I am a 100% Disabled Veteran and I am very Angry. When I came home from the war I was on a stretcher and carried into an Army Hospital. 10 years of my life was in the Army and now I’m disabled and nobody gave a damn about me or my family. I had to fight for everything I got from the government. Oh they gave me 10% then I ended up in the VA hospital and because of the hired help I left AMA and fought with the VA and they raised it to 30% five more years of fighting with them and I got 50% five more years and it raised to 70% 22 years went by and I ended up in the VA hospital again and 3 more years of fighting with them I finally was diagnosed 100% and after all those years of struggling nobody every helped or gave me a damn thing so what I say to these people go f–k yourselves, what have you done for your country? I bled and lost body parts for mine. I don’t give a damn about you you want people to take care of you and you have done nothing, go f–k yourselves.
    Our veterans have given their bodies and lives for this country and this country screws them so lazy people can draw welfare git cheap housing and healthcare at someone else’s expense. You want to pretend that you can’t sleep in a mans shelter then cut off your man parts at your expense not mine. You want boobs work and save you money then pay for them just like regular women have to. May I suggest you go into the military go to war get your man parts shot off then maybe the VA will give you woman parts along with breast. This will take about 30 years or so can you live with that, I had to along with thousands of other veterans. Sorry about the language folks but I had a wife and two children and no help from my government without a fight and struggle. I spent a lot of years trying to feed my family, the only time I got food stamps was when I walked into the welfare office with a gun after they said I didn’t qualify “because I was a veteran and the wrong color”

    • I’d rather help one vet like you than 200 of these confused whack-a-do’s. And I’d see every vet like you helped before the first fag whack-a-do. Thanks for your service sir. I wish our service to you was vastly improved

      • Thank you Ralph in Denver, only I never got help and neither has many veterans even today. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and one of the worst VA Hospitals is right here, Carl T Hayden VA where there were at least 6 deaths connected to the current scandal. Nobody got fired 1 resigned but the others got bonuses and even promoted. I have medicare and Plan F, which I pay for just so I don’t have to go to the VA except for my Service Connected Disability which is enough for me and sometimes too much as I really hate going there.

        • From one Ralph to another I wish I could do more than pray for you sir! Glad I’m healthy and don’t have to deal with the problems you do, but that hardly makes any thing better on your side of the fence. I’m in the Denver area and have been paying a lot of attention to the disastrous VA hospital project here. It’s disgusting to me that good soldiers like you are suffering through budget concerns while I watch millions being wasted on this bloated project

          • My son has VA for his insurance and it is not helpful…he needs antibiotic, but how to get any???? Very complicated….this VA is new and not helpful to him at all…

          • A multi-million dollar new VA Clinic in SW FL forgot most patients have handicaps…….they forgot to allow Restroom doors to permit wheelchair, scooter, etc., access……..BUT every Restroom has a Baby Diaper Changing Station……D U H !
            I just waited 22 & 1/2 months for a VA appointment to reduce wound pain & bleeding…. am on blood thinners & have 100% Coverage, estimate over 50 requests (written & verbal) were made including a letter to the VA Clinic Director.
            Want to help the Vets….work to defund the VA.

          • I feel that pain….

          • Good luck Jar, we need to defund most of the federal (feral) government programs, as they all seem to only grow like feral hogs and cats ! Far too much inbreeding in this government.

          • Maryann33, I can’t speak for all of the giant pharmaceutical companies, but if you’re truly in need for antibiotics for your son, most pharma’s if you contact them directly, will provide you will little if any costs. Good luck, and tell your son thank him for his service.

          • I think you meant to say billions. Our overly bloated government spends far too much of the money that hard working Americans have earned, with the politicians living a lavish lifestyle all in the narrative that they’re serving us, while they’re only inflating their own their own bank accounts. That’s what you call “Just Us” !

          • You are so right about our government leaders, especially in the WH whose #1 priority is their own interest. We pay them to represent us but they are only using their positions as spring boards for personal agendas and to build their bank accounts.

          • Just take a look at the money most politicians net worth was before they got elected, compared to what it’s become in sometimes, just a few years. I mean, bank robbers don’t even get that for all the risks they take. And it doesn’t take an Albert Einstein to figure that one out. I realize I’m going out on a limb here, but I would guess that even some liberals might be able to comprehend this one, as they’re usually fairly good with playing with LEGO blocks, tinker toys, although they’ve got a problem with wind up cars etc., and I’ve found oftentimes, they can figure out some simple things if given proper guidance and instructions !

        • Not plan F so much as plan F’d…..

          I support you brother…

        • My mother had excellent medical coverage from my Dad’s insurance…My dad chose the VA hospital and it was a great mistake…They did his back surgeries and later he went there and the treatment was not good. He ided on the table in that VA Hosp and someone stole the 20.00 in his wallet that my mother thought he might need while there…He wanted me to help with his medical needs like I did with my mother…I was her medical advocate…I was well versed in that area…My dad asked if I would help him…I went to the VA with him but was not allowed into the room with the doc as I was with my mother…There was nothing I could do…He needed my help but he had chosen the VA who was very much letting him down…Just another old vet…not very important at all to them…even to stealing a dead mans last dollar in his wallet….What a crime…

          • I bet if you had raised so much noise that every one in the waiting room could hear you. they would let you in to keep the other patients hearing you . the other patients might have joined in but then again if we speak our mind we can be put into jail and left there with no trial.

          • I feel sad to this day that I was not allowed to advocate for my dad in his later years with the VA docs….

          • It was quite a long time ago, I was considerably younger then and even the VA was not like it is today….I found good help for my mother, of course in V A you have no choice at all…And I saw to it that the docs took good care of her to the end…If necessary I would call the doctors from her hospital room asking him to give her the help she so clearly needed at the time…My niece had severe diabetes and she saw many old ladies in their 80’s dying of neglect in the bed in her room….It takes this and that to get to know what is really going on…I guess they did not expect the young lady under 20 to rat them out for neglect….You can learn things just walking past the nurses stations with your ears wide open and having good hearing….

          • Not a whole lot different than most nursing homes today. Most are understaffed, barely pay their CNA’s over minimum wage. I’ve walked through many of them while in attempts to launch a relatively new technology that’s been proven in many countries and by Baylor to eliminate 99.7% of all airborne pathogens, bacteria, viruses etc., 24/7/365 which is a big problem in nursing homes, and although it’s unlike the current technologies being sold, this technology provided that protection round the clock without patients nor staff having to be removed from their rooms, unlike the conventional technologies that most hospitals and healthcare facilities use today. It gave me an very different viewpoint on the way that hospitals etc. look at healthcare. I had a good friend that went in for what should have been a 24-36 hour stay at best, but got stuck there for 3 months due to getting a staph infection. Gee, just look at all the $$$ a hospital rakes in from billing insurance companies for lengthy stays, all from getting HAI’s (hospital acquired infections). I did some serious research on this subject over a year ago, and found out that a major hospital in my city had an average of 5.4 people that were admitted on a daily basis that didn’t come in with an infectious disease like staph, MRSA, CRE, VRE, TB, but would get one. And the sad part about it, is that it happens in hospitals and nursing homes all across this country. My apologies for my train running off the tracks, but I’ve chosen to work with natural cures rather than modern pharmaceuticals and the doctors that promote them. After living for 30 years on them, I’m thankfully now off of all pharmaceuticals, I’m not dissing all of them, just a large majority, as it seems as many of them have forgotten, the “Hippocratic Oath” they swore to uphold, as it’s become more about the income they make, no different than politicians.

      • Gregg the voice of reason

        I stand with the 2 Ralph s here , And I thank all veterans for their service . Obumma could care less about the veterans , his agenda is to destroy America , import more Muslims and Mexicans and turn his eyes away from the racisl war he has created.,
        Transgender crap will lead to rapes in the bathrooms by transgender wolfs in sheep’s clothing.
        The enemy is within the gates and he is the President

        • Why is it then that the Republican-Dominated Congress has consistently Shot Down Increasing aid for Veterans,or care for Homeless Veterans?

          • They haven’t shot it down because of the Vets …they have shot them down because the Dems load the bills with BS pork chit….you know how supportive and patriotic they are.

          • Gregg the voice of reason

            Nonna you are so correct .
            Thank you I couldn’t have said it ant better.
            Democrats want to enslave the people into government welfare to control them , as they have been doing .
            Impeach Obumma NOW !!!

          • Remove him to Gitmo now.

          • Bill Clinton was impeached, just what effect did that have ? I’d say tie cement bags to his ankles and drop all of them in the Marianna Trench, feed the fish !

          • Gregg the voice of reason

            You are correct and that’s a good start

          • Boehner and McConnel and Graham etc were the very worst we could have…War on Tea Party for them…War on WE THE PEOPLE

          • FYI The Republicans control the House. It was the GOP that passed money for a $400.000 flight helmet, and other idiotic expenditure for other items for the Pentagon. But NOTHING in the Pentagon budget for improving healthcare for the Veterans .The Veteran have been treated like nothing but dirt. Veterans are dying while waiting for medical treatments, while staff and doctor are filled with apathy. Now the head of the hospitals will receive $140 MILLION in bonuses. What stupid idiot in Wash.,DC came up with the issue of transgenders needing special shelter, when there are a large number of homeless Veterans. Let the transgender bastards sleep on the streets. I tried to get treatment for an in service injury in the Dallas VA hospital. I promise God and some other people, I WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN A VA HOSPITAL I also worked at Walter Reed hospital during 60 & 70 and it was in piss poor shape then, and they finally had to shut it down, the building was worst than the slums. NO president have had the balls to fire the incompetent heads and install people to improve the VA hospitals.

          • Many VA Hospitals/Clinics have reported rat & cockroach infestation.
            Am afraid the corruption is too deep and wide spread – – VA must be defunded. VA Employees charged for their crimes (i.e., Death By Delay, fraud, perjury, etc., etc.)

          • And the VA is massively corrupt and has NO oversight…….VA must be defunded, all assets sold and Disabled Veterans issued Health Care Credit Cards….then FINALLY they can start to receive TIMELY/PROPER/BETTER Health Care WHEN & WHERE it is needed.
            The criminal FED/GOV employees must be charged, arrested and put in prison ….. i.e., DEATH BY DELAY POLICY, COOKING-THE-BOOKS, FRAUD, PERJURY, BONUSES RECEIVED FOR CRIMINAL ACTS, etc., etc. etc.
            NOTE: Over 142 MILLION was paid to VA employees last year FOR NOT DOING THEIR JOB, WATCHING HARD CORE PORN, and of course KEEPING SILENT…..

          • BOOM! Gutless needs a lesson in REALITY, not playing the blame game.

          • RINOS….Not truly Republicans…We voted Tea Party and they have yet to get our message…they prefer we have Hillary.

          • Dams gutless, yo sho nuf dont mak no sense no mo’!

          • VA is far to corrupt to fix……shut it down…..sell all the assets…..issue Disabled Vets a Health Credit Card so they can FINALLY get the BEST CARE, the FASTEST CARE and close to their home care….. Criminals within the VA need to be charged & arrested.

          • they suck like you do

          • because you are an idiot..sit down

          • I have a belief about both dimwits an repukes. Most of them ( not all but most ) got what they wanted when they lied their way into a cushy job. They will do anything or say anything to keep it. They like the title and the perks. This whole gay, lesbian, transgender thing is just what we all know it to be, pure BS. If you really want the whole smol you have to declare you are a half Indian, half black, transgender male who thinks he s a trandsgender woman only straight. Probably screwing fence posts.

          • REALLY,IgnoreTheFools? You ENJOY Screwing fence posts???!!

        • Right on the money with your post.

        • I agree Gregg! The transgenders have created this problem for themselves–it was their choice, and I resent our tax money going to them rather than to help our veterans!

      • Are you so Completely Misinformed as to believe than Transgenders are all Gay?

        • The transgenders are NOT gay. If they were born a male, they feel they should be a woman or if they were born a woman they feel they should be a man.

        • Stop being a suck-up asshole Guillermo3. As your Hitlery said “what difference, at this point, does it make”.
          Where did you serve? In the steam room like our bath house boy in chief?

        • Nobody really gives a crap. They are all mental cases in one way or another!

        • Let me see here,,,, aren’t they all LGBTQ’s? So yep all of those whack-a-do’s are the same. Not a single one of them is in any way shape or form an equal to the vets who served this country

          • Way to Completely AVOID my question,Numb Nuts…er..I mean Ralf in Denver!

          • I completely answered your stupid question, yes they are all nutty as a fruitcake so to that extent as per their own desires I lump them all together. I give two sheets about how someone feels they are different than what God brought them into the world as. If they’ve got a male package, they’re male, female package female. It is their problem to live with not mine. The plain and simple truth of the matter is whatever is done for these confused whack-a-do’s does not change a dang thing. They will still be whatever they were born as. Facilitating their craziness is your choice, not mine. If I knew Bruce Jenner I would refuse to call him Caitlyn

        • you are very upset and stupid…get a life

      • Yet we have to pay for transgender operations for prisoners???? Gays just make me sick..

    • I know exactly what youre talking about . I went through the Same Bullshit . But After I finally got 80/20% I just said , PISS ON IT . But they did change some things . And I get exactly what I should be at 100% .. Only difference is , It doesn’t say 100%

      • The big difference is rated at 100% there are a lot more given to you. My state gives me 1 free license plate and a free hunting fishing/license and I get base privileges on all military bases. I have no co-pays on my government issue meds I know these don’t sound like much for what we went through and it’s not nearly enough compared to what the illegals and welfare people get. I have forgiven the Liberals for what they did, but I still remind them every time I can especially on these comment sections. I believe in G-D and I know I won’t see any of them in Heaven when I die and that is a great reward because you can not support what they support and believe what they believe and still get into Heaven. I know this last statement will raise a lot of hell that’s why I put it in. G-D bless you my friend and I hope you find peace. Shalom from your Messianic Jewish friend.

    • Amen, sir. And, thank you for your service.

    • I’m behind you sir and had I known you, I would have done anything I could to help. I’m a nurse and I’ve seen the VA restrictions for decades. Having to rely on VA for help is a death sentence. In fact I think it’s worse than that. You’ve been used up and now they want to throw you away. This is finally being exposed- even the lying disinfo agent Andersen cooper did a bit on CNN. Was shocked to see any truth come out of his mouth. Anyway, God bless you and thank you for your service and I hope you get to feeling okay at some point. Even if you don’t in this world, there’s a place in heaven for you I know. I’m in process of trying to help a friend in same predicament as you right now (very young and it’s very sad). There are some of us out there who love you and think about you guys every day even though you can’t see us. Again, I’m sorry for your suffering and love you even though I don’t know you for giving your life for others. Your service to others is your ticket to eternal peace when your time comes. Take care of yourself.

      • Sara, Thank you I have accepted what happened to me and my family and I have found G-D, it’s not the government that hurt me the most it was the people of the United States that hurt the deepest. I was asked if I would fight for this country again and my answer is yes BUT not in a uniform of the military. When they attack my country I will fight to the death to kill the enemy I will not take prisoners nor will I show them any mercy. I have been down range and have seen what happens the enemy is treated better than the veteran. G-D bless you for what you are doing.

        • You are right in all you have said, and you’re a good man. I’m tired of seeing our men used as disposable pawns in “cabinet” wars. When it comes to defending our soil,it’s a different story, you’re right. These wars sadly unknown to those sent to fight weren’t meant to be won or end. I don’t see the initiators sending their boys or rolling up their own sleeves as it was in the days of old- when our commander in chief was often a General. They’re profitable. I need say no more- as a vet, I know you see the writing on the wall. G-bless.

        • As for the people being the ones who have hurt you, I totally get it. Most just go on about their daily lives worrying about their next purchase, car, big screen tv, or are so busy trying to scrape by and take care of family, they forget what’s going on in the rest of the world. The little yellow ribbons don’t do a whole hell of a lot to help do they? I know- the hipocracy kills me too, but there are some who care deeply and are hurting for what you’ve been put through, and for what? What has changed? No wars have been won, the soldiers were lied to, and it continues to worsen. It’s all coming out now though, so fear not, let’s just try to fix this so as not to leave such a complicated mess for our children to have to try to sort out.

      • My dad choosing the VA for his medical was a death sentence…If only he had known back then…

    • I’m actually considering helping veterans damaged or sent to early death by va through initiating a massive class action lawsuit. I’m only in beginning stages of this and need the families and vets to work with. Getting the medical records is a nightmare. You can’t even get access to your own records and if you do, they’re likely incomplete, falsified, redacted, destroyed, etc… So it’ll be major challenge, but drop me a note if you’re interested.

      • I was at my cardiologist here in Gilbert Az when an elderly black man came in asking if they would see him…they did..he thanked them profusely telling them that the VA wanted him to see a doctor in Tucson…thats a 3 hour drive!

        • Nothing they do surprises me. This only scratches the surface, but they have two lists because the requirements mandate that they have to see patients within 14 days, so there’s the computer list that gets reported, and the rest get thrown in a secret drawer and are undocumented, they are so understaffed, they try to get to the drawer ones later. The scheduling lady is actually TRIAGING vets trying to take immediate life threatening cases first, the rest get sicker while waiting for treatment. Forget the no treat death panel thing- that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms. Anyway watch the VA whistleblower that interviewed on CNN about the secret drawer of patients. If you’re interested, there’s another video you with VA doctor whistleblowers testifying about the conditions they’re forced to try to function under. It’s sad, when you come down to it, it’s usually not the staff at the VA who doesn’t care. They’re as pissed off and frustrated as the vets who they desperately want to help but there is not enough finding, clinics, or staff and the restrictions placed on them are a problem too. We just need to bring it all out in the open. Most are not aware of how serious this problem is.

      • Dear Sara, It is not just the Vets whose records are being falsified. It happens to the seniors too. This Adm and Congress has heaped such shame and disgrace on the American people. I sometimes wonder if they realize that the sight of most of them make people sick at their stomach and their faces bring a reaction of revulsion and contempt.

        • I’m a nurse, and it actually happens all over. My husband was killed in 2002 by having his jaw wired shut (broken in MCA), I told them not to wire it but they did anyway and then hid his wire cutters because they justvthought he was being a difficult patient, (despite my desperate pleas to every nurse and doctor I could find for 24 hours). After I hung up the phone with a doctor who swore she’d go check on him and was getting in the shower to head back down to the hospital, I got the call that he had arrested. I knew immediately what happened and prayed on way down there that the code went well. It didn’t. Nightshift didn’t tell day shift where the wire cutters were so they were trying to ambu him with a closed mouth and nose, (no trach or crich tray was in room) and he was brain dead by the time they nasally intubated him. They tried to cover it up saying he died of a pulmonary embolism, falsified the autopsy report and pulled the 24 hours of notes leading up to respiratory arrest. I got them in the end, but it was hell. This shit happens all the time, but I’m going to focus on vets because it’s the most widespread unfair system and they’re not given any choice or control over who they get to see, and are forced into blind trust in the system whereas other insured people have more of an element of control over it. However, I would advise that ANYONE admitted to hospital for even simplest of problems has an advocate with some knowledge with them at ALL TIMES.

      • I would join the effort to get recompence for the non payment for my dad’s disability…

        • I’m down with as many vets as I can get who’s medical records are redacted, missing, or show negligence. How do we get in contact without showing each other’s private contact info?

    • i too ama vet and white so i was not allowed any help from the state.
      went in to iraq healthy got out all broken up and 10%
      3 years i got 70%
      5 years i got 100%
      i am happy i got it cuz now i can survive and help my family but to give these freaks all they need is a sin to all veterans….they chose to do this to themself so let them live what it brings to them….
      i tried to get a ramp put on my steps cuz i am losing the ability to climb stairs and the VA says no……
      i have to wait till i can no longer climb steps
      guess i will have to crawl up n down now while these freaks get a nice cushy place to fornicate with each other

      • I have been fighting with the VA ever sense 1970 welcome to my world. The LGBT and the “refugees and blacks get everything they want for free while we who served our country end up with nothing but a fight all the time. We don’t even get a cost of living raise but Obama can give billions to other countries, some of which are our enemies. We still stand guard but now we watch our own country and wait for the war to start, living in a pressure cooker sucks.

        • well I agree with all you say except the blacks …I no a lot of them that is in the same boat as you not the ferguson idiots… the black vets that we owe thanks too to …for there service thks

          • Obama is making the word black person very very much to be disliked…He is the very opposite of Ben Carson and his ilk…O is pure criminal ala Chicago…

          • The blacks I’m talking about are the one that have been on welfare for life and get housing in the projects and free food and yet have a cell phone and smoke cigarets and drink and get drugs Yet live off the American people. Not our black veterans they served too.

        • obama is our enemy. He is a muslim marxist jihadist and has been supporting the muslim terrorists all his life and more so since he’s been in office. obama is our worst enemy over Iran and ISIS. He hates the military and that is why nothing is getting done.

          • It is getting done alright..He is firing all our Generals and Majors etc…He destroys the military all the time…Didn’t we all see the little girl’s workout video….He is so jealous and afraid of our military MEN…

        • Hello Ralph, I ‘m from your era 1970 also. I served that year for the Cambodian Operation, in the Army Infantry, attacking the NVA amassed along the Border. And I too since back then have suffered physically and Mentally all this years and finally got declared 100% disabled last month. Lost my family back then, but you know thats common and thats part of the pain. My new rating, It’s changed my life,don’t have to worry about not paying my rent. Thanks for your sacrifice in serving our Country. Our Veterans should come 1st. Unfortunately it’s not always the case. But , it’s getting better.

          • Hey, I was in a big fight near Tay Nihn on the border in 66 know what you mean. Glad you finally got what you deserve. Sorry about your family, it hurts.

        • Again, I agree with you so much! And I know the black community get a lot of the freebies from the government. But I also know a lot of whites that do, and also a lot of blacks who served in the military . . . just saying.

          • I have never been prejudiced against blacks…But the Ferguson types are turning my stomach….Like a total different species…

        • We must see that most of Congress and Senate are removed and put real people in charge to give WE THE PEOPLE the service we deserve…and stop all the nonsense..Obama is the biggest piece of nonsense ever born…

    • Ralph..I can only tell you how sorry I am for the despicable treatment..thank you for your service and candor..but there are things we can do..stop allowing government to be unanswerable….and there are ways to do that…painful but real….

    • Thank you for your service to our country! I am ashamed of our politicians grovelling at the feet of these crazy lunatic transgendered people like Bruce Jenner. I am tired of hearing the media label these clowns at heros. They are nothing more than a carnival show. Ralph Moran and those like him are who we should be committed to helping. It is my opinion that we should withhold pay to our politicians until they free up the purse strings to those who have sacrificed on the Battlefield. It is time we let our stupid politicians in whicht we have entrusted our hard earned tax dollars know that until these Veterans are made whole, no other money will be allotted to any special interest groups, and failure to adhere to the demands of a grateful Nation will cause them to forfeit their paychecks until these matters are resolved. I am tired of watching BLM, or college students protest for absolutely stupid issues, it is time American stand up and protest for Valiant causes such as this.

      • Thank you Mr. C

      • bruce jenner is a disgrace to America …to us he’s just another fancy queer which is what a transgender is a fancy queer …that sick s.o.b. should have sent that money on therpy instead of surgery …cause all he done is went from a ugly queer to and ugly fancy queer to me it was a waste of money I just hope he disappears myself

    • muskat antonopolis

      this same type of treatment regarding our vets has gone on since the War of
      Independence…don’t believe me…look up some of old requests for pensions
      because of wounds and other causes during that war..also the other wars
      that our warriors have been in….nothing really changes…of all the people
      who served this Nation, those that have been lied to the most and treated the worst by their Govt., are the Vets….doubt that it will ever change as long as
      young men feel the need to prove themselves in battle and the testosterone
      flows, there will be the same old bs treatment of some Vets….but, may God
      bless them all…those unscathed and those who shed blood…

    • I agree to h with those sick a bastards let there family take them it not other peoples responsibility to take care of them …p.s. I care I’m x military I no were your’re coming thanks for your service I appr. it if no one else does thks

    • I am with you 1,000 percent. We owe you everything we can do for you and then more. My husband went through the same thing with the VA and the government all to no avail. No one would help him either. I can’t say I know how you feel because I have not experienced what you have but I thank you for your service and sacrifice. I also apologize that you have had to go through all the hassles to get what you were owed and deserved. May God Bless you and your family.

      • MARYSWEET, Thank you, My wife went through it too. She like you had to deal with me and two little children. I took as much as I could then just made up my mind that if the American people hated me and my family that much then I didn’t care what happens to them. I started to carry a gun and was not afraid of what could happen. Like I said I had to threaten people to receive anything from the VA even as late as 6 years ago. I have no fear of death nor do I fear killing people. In 2009 I walked into the VA Hospital with a loaded 45 auto, I was so frustrated because they just don’t care. I spent 21 days in the lock ward and they let me go I also got what I was upset about. I don’t recommend that anybody does this but sometimes drastic times demand drastic things. I was not afraid to die to expose them.
        I have found GOD and now my life has changed dramatically I pray that you don’t feel you have to go to this extreme, but I do understand. The VA has been like this from the very start and we tried to warn people about Obamacare but they would not listen now they know. The only people the government helps are those that they want their vote and they want to keep them in a state of poverty and dependent on the government so the government trickles out some freebees and tells them “We understand your problem, we will take care of you and all you have to do is vote Democrat”
        The WAR on poverty failed the WAR on drugs failed matter of fact we have not won any war sense World War 2. Sorry for the rant. GOD Bless you and keep you

    • Except for the f word, I agree with every word! Our veterans should have every benefit possible for the sacrifices they’ve made – as you said, losing limbs and lives, having to leave families for long periods of time, etc. Thank you, Ralph, for your service! I certainly don’t blame you for being angry! These people want their own facilities, yet in our high schools, they want to be the the locker rooms of the opposite sex – they’re a bunch of perverts!!!

    • My dad’s ship was torpedoed by the Japanese and the wire came to them that they were expendable…The government gave my dad 13.00 a month for his 4 crushed discs…I tried to fight to get him more but the red tape was in surmountable…He had leg drop for many years and had no feeling in his feet etc…Travesty of our government toward the men who served…He was thrown on his back on deck from the blast…Many were more seriously injured….Get rid of the rotten stink in our White House now…He hates the military more than the average one of us…

    • I was the wrong color for disability in my city too….I did go back again and wore my shoes with holes in them and an old dress and cried…I got on it for a brief time…It took very good acting on my part…It was the only way I could enfoce child support payment according to the California rules..They did not enfoce the payment well at all, even then…

    • I tip my hat to you Ralph for your service to this once great country before it became overwhelmed by the liberal idealogues took over. Too many have their hands out, just looking for what the democrats will give them next. They’re ignorance simply shocks me in they’re seeking of Utopia. Does the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow” ring a bell ?

    • Chief Executive of Yahoo! – Marissa Meyer , is recommending people to start freelancing from home… Something that I have been doing for over 2 years now. My profit, for this year alone is $53k so far and all I needed was nothing more than my laptop and several hrs of free time each week at home working online job over internet company, despite that i have a full-time employment beside it. Great thing is that even newbies, can get $50/hr with no trouble and the earnings can go even higher over time… This is where i started. wey….

      See This Now……


  4. Next thing they will be “demanding” is a suite of rooms at the Waldorf Astoria. Ooops, my bad. obumass will probably want to do that next. Maybe he will move in with them ya think??

  5. with all these bullshit programs and special needs people that are suddenly popping up all over the place, the government is succeding in keeping the peoples attentions on these assinine subjects and not paying much attention what is going on all around them. i dont see the government telling us how they are losing a war, importing terrorists into the country and wanting even more, people are pouring over the borders into our country, some who are the worst people to ever live. but dont worry with these gay programs, and the like most have no idea of what is really going on. everyone just wants to live like a billionaire without working for it.

  6. So transgender citizens that don’t work and save up money for services are going to get it for free? Doesn’t seem fair. Taxpaying transgenders suffer financially so they can earn the exorbitant fees necessary to complete the transition and for medicine and hormones. Equality is one thing, but this is getting a little bit one sided in their favor.

    • regular folk who don’t save up for services can do just the same.
      your point?
      you act like they are getting free operations.
      they are just making a consideration for people who think they are the opposite, to “be” who ever they want when at a shelter or applying for benefits.

      • .

        rc is a troll and these trolls are “sexual intellectuals”. That means “effing know-it-alls”.
        RC and I combined know everything there is to know. He knows everything except that he is a jackass, and I happen to know he is a jackass.


        • well at least today you changed your copy and paste for something original.

          I don’t know everything.
          I just appear way smarter than you cons because you are ALL brainwashed drones right out of 1984.

      • Equality, isn’t that it Mr. Cola, you people like to preach equality but when it is focused on the rest of us it is all of a sudden a rebuttal. “regular folk” can do the same? How about the irregular folk? Yeah the ones that are sexually confused who are demanding for these special accommodations. I say let them deal with their homelessness like every other homeless person, no special benefits/services(yes this is replacement drug therapy and procedures) or accommodations.

        “programs, benefits, services, and accommodations

    • I would have told reality checkerinsky “up yours”, but that is what he really likes…being another coffee shop socialist he is very much in support of gay rights, especially where grade school transgender homos are concerned…he supports every race baiting, rag loving, economy destroying, and world leadership trashing that his messiah, kenyan boyo, moves forward with…

  7. Bullshit with their special needs. They can find a barnyard somewhere and relax in the piles of poop there.

  8. .
    Welp. Given the choice between having my tax dollars used for this ridiculous purpose or having them used for something actually beneficial, I would choose the beneficial. The difference is that transgender homeless people actually have a choice, and my choice is being forced upon me by a tyrannical and irrational administration.


  9. Don’t forget people. YOUR tax $$$ pay for sex change operations for people in prison!

  10. On Maslow’s Hierarchy, this is not registering when you are are cold and hungry.

  11. Here we go. Bending over backwards ( with taxpayer dollars) for a small handful of SICK motherfckrs. Thanks a lot ALL you worthless lazy Democrats for destroying America!

    • you have nailed reality checkerinsky perfectly….and headstraightupazz and jetleadheadmagnet and ak47holady. and a number of other mental defectives that voted for and continue to support kenyan boyo’s anti Real American program…they want to live here, but want Real Americans who work and pay taxes to support their worthless azzes….did you notice how the worthless scum and twits jumped on Mitt Romney?? It makes no difference if you like or support Mitt (or any other GOP candidate for that matter) or not 47% sucking on the dole is a fact…many need help and deserve it…a huge number of them just need opportunity…can not get that with the illegal alien in the oral office trashing the work force and bringing in more of the rags and other “children”….his agenda is obvious and anyone that still supports the african pretender is now out of the closet, the socialist/communist hate America closet….I hope that they can see me waving with one finger…

  12. This reminds us that the real purpose of the social programs of the left is not the alleviation of suffering or privation but the growth of the state, the crippling of the economy and the generation of societal division and discord that can be exploited to further communist revolution and the establishment of dictatorship, which remains their fundamental and unalterable goal.

  13. Absolute B.S., who the hell is paying for these new shelters? We don’t have the money to take care of our people now. People get a life or pay out of your own pocket, I am tired of my taxes being wasted on crap.

  14. I find it interesting that the government wants to provide separate shelters for these psychological misfit, while at the same time they’re taking action against schools for wanting to give them their own bathrooms and locker rooms.

    They want to have it both ways – whichever way makes it most uncomfortable for normal people.

    • think you misread what the government(sic) is trying to do in schools…they are demanding that the school officials comply with their homo agenda or face the consequences…

  15. Special transgender shelters? Hah! What these people need is to be the person God created them to be. Once any of this liberal nonsense gets started, it never ends.

    • true and the parasites, transgenders, gays, atheists, socialists, communists, and the rags all love the mulatto leg humping rag loving communist illegal alien and would vote for him if he runs again…all of his other efforts to stir up enough trouble to justify the declaration of martial law have not come to fruition. The african pretender is struggling mightily to get some trigger in place in order to “hit the button”. The clown may have hit on the right scenario with the whole sale importation of thousands of his rag buddies….the ahole will probably have a difficult time wiping the smile off of his filthy face when the cameras start rolling in the interview following the first bombing….

    • Lets pass a law requiring these pervert to wear Depends when in public and then they will not have to decide on which Restroom to use. For shelters I assume they want surplus GI pup-tents?

  16. Americans do not owe transgenders any “Special” anything in America…they are on the streets because they like it and will not accept their blatten lies about themselves regarding if they are boy or girl! Get a life transies and get jobs…during
    working hours be whatever gender God made you then off hours from your jobs you can defy God until He gets mad, but until then get onto living and quit asking for handouts! HUD your are “lawless and sickos yourselves for asking the rest of Us Americans to hand out to these freeks when schools are having to beg for funds to send food home every weekend in America with children of this Country so they will
    not go hungry” Stick it HUD!

  17. Do a DNA test, and whatever their Genes tell you is what they are. This is just more crap go get the bums of the world more “benefits”. If you are out working, supporting yourself and your family, right with your God, then none of this garbage is real. It is just make believe BS. Time to take all the money away from DC and give it to the States, only military/border and disputes between states needed at the Federal level. Fire all those unnecessary federal workers and get US back on track.

  18. There should be lots of room in the white house for homeless transgenders. I’m certain that BHO would welcome them with open arms.

  19. No they don’t, they need a good closet to crawl back into, they are nasty asses.

  20. There cannot be that many to require such a move. at taxpayers expense. It’s all about making a financial burden on America to “break the bank.”

  21. there no reason for this , in fact they could use the same bathrooms as the sex they have become..there are stalls with doors that lock. building separate bathrooms and housing is just another p=obama stunt designed to divide this country even further.

  22. Obama and his kind should all find a nice quiet island to live on and leave the normal folks that God made us to be, alone. This damn government doesn’t even give the veterans of this nation the privilege of the accommodations these sick folks want.

  23. 1. They are perverted sodomites. there are not a large number of them.
    2. We have special shelters for them. They are perverted sodomites. Jail is where they belong.


  25. The liberal dem bloodsuckers treat our veterans like dirt and now they want to do something special for the bent gender garbage.
    We are not going to be able to continue to coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers, we are going to have to physically separate ourselves from them, it is the only way to prevent civil war.

  26. Taking care of business!

    Yes, and they’re called “mental institutions.”

  27. We’re worried about freakin’ trannys when we have homeless veterans. What the hell is the matter with this country… not just the government, but this country???

  28. Build them shelters in Iran, Syria, Afghanistan….

  29. As long as basic necessities are of food, water and shelter are met, that is really all they need. 1000% of the homeless population should identify as the gender they were created to be by God at birth. When someone ‘thinks’ they need to be the opposite gender, that person is saying that God made a mistake. Well, since God is perfect, he doesnt make mistakes. Mankind is imperfect and goes and messes things up. The gender you are at birth is what your DNA will say, forever and ever and ever, which is the gender you will be until the day you die.

  30. If someone choses to live on the streets, so be it. Otherwise they can use restroom and shower facilities appropriate for their present sex.

  31. I remember Marie Harf, with her huge glasses, spewing that ALL ISIS needed were jobs…Since they seem to be “good” at cutting off body parts, problem solved…and then we don’t need housing for them. It’s a win/win…
    Our soldiers need care, where is the f**cking funding for that? HUH? Let me get off here before I really go off. These people are out of control and ridiculous. grrr

  32. Well, then you are going to love this! VA opens new VA Clinic for Transgenders. They will serve 20 vets.

    • WTF???? I’m sorry – I can’t stress wtf enough. I’ve got no problem with lgbt, only the crap like this pushed by a few or the establishment. gay people I know think all this crap is ridiculous as well. WHY do they need their OWN special clinic??? Women vets go to the regular VA! They wanna be women right? Why can’t they go to the VA like other female vets? Unf*****g believable- just when I thought I’d heard it all. Lmfao. Maybe cuz they’re afraid the marines in the waiting room will shove a crutch up their arse.

  33. Loved the rant! It is time, I think, to remove and end all of these governmental agencies that are for special interests only! The homeless shelters and welfare outlets should be kept ONLY for AMERICANS, and not just for transgender or gay, either!
    We must take care of those who are down on their luck, but NOT to make it possible for them to STAY on those benefits for life, just because they might be: 1. Too fat to work 2. Disabled without any doctor’s diagnosis 3. Too many children (this could be cured by a. Not sleeping around b. Using protection c. KNOW your baby’s or babies daddies d. ALL the above!) 4. By being an illegal or a ‘refugee!’ ONLY AMERICANS need apply!

  34. It is hard to believe that anyone, especially a taxpayer paid government employee, would advocate such a program unless they are a transgender working to get something for nothing at taxpayer expense. This is absolutely absurd and one among hundreds of reasons why HUD should be one of several federal government departments that should be unfunded by congress and shut down.

  35. More total CRAP from the REGIME, END the REGIME, NOW would be good!

  36. I worked in a homeless shelter for about a year and it was divided between men and women and women w/childeren for obvious reasons. Women have menstrual cycles and kids don’t need to be in the same room with sometimes criminally hardened males as it frightens them. While there are showers on both sides and washing machines,etc, the fact remains that most carry massive lice problems with them which has to be dealt with and all the bleaching in the world doesn’t cover everything.. I sent children to school from the shelter and it was shameful to them but they appreciated everything done, both men and women. Most facilities ask few questions and many of them running the places have no common sense to start with. My boss was afraid of the homeless but she was the wife of a minister and she had a background of banking which qualified her for nothing where the homeless were concerned. At Christmas time, when inquiring what they wanted, one professor of a well known university was on the board and decided to give all the homeless a minted silver dollar for Christmas. They, on the other hand were afraid to accept the coin as they knew they could be arrested for possible theft and all most of them wanted was a voucher to get a haircut or a bus pass to look for a job in the dead of winter and gloves, or heavy shoes.. who would have guessed…I might mention in passing there is a difference between a homeless person which can occur for numerous reasons as opposed to a hobo. The hobo’s do not necessarily want to come inside and are usually moving from place to place, and if they want something they will ask but usually just want to sleep under an awning and be left alone in their travels . Homeless can include veterans, mothers running with their children from an abusive situation, people losing their homes, accidents on interstates where they have been involved in an accident and their car and belongings destroyed and need a place to stay until a relative can come and pick them up…Of all the jobs I have had in my 74 years, the job at the homeless shelter was the one where I felt like I accomplished something and I learned as much from the homeless as they did from me..Actually I think they liked me because I cook everything from scratch and it felt like a home atmosphere to them and they felt encouraged to start fixing up their lives…

    • muskat antonopolis

      my friend big jim was a drunk,,,he would go along for a while just fine and then
      he would go on a bender….him and his buddy Frankie….well, I found jim and
      his buddy Frankie sleeping off a drunk in a old house out in the boonies,
      sick as a dog jim was…Frankie was ok….I got upset with him because he
      said that he wouldn’t do it again…I didn’t know sheet….asked a friend what
      I should do….and he said go make him some soup and help him eat it….
      I went back to the house in the boonies and couldn’t find anything to cook it
      in that was clean enough to chance it…the sink had maggots in it from
      spoiled food…so I heated some water and washed the dishes, cooked the soup and help him eat it……he thanked me….one of the best lessons of my
      life…… I really don’t think that we understand ourselves
      until we clean out somebodys bedpan……btw…big jim was still a drunk when
      I last saw him…….hope that he is ok now…aint life GREAT!

  37. This is beyond stupid, a transgender person makes a conscious choice of what they want to be and expect the
    rest of the world to accommodate them? This is a sign of the idiocy that has crawled out of the woodwork
    every since the muzzie slithered into the White House and the Socialist Democraps have pandered to a minute
    minority to try and get votes.

    • James needs to stop spreading his stupid around the internet.

      “a transgender person makes a conscious choice of what they want to be”


      and then the fool pretends this only started because Obama is pres?

      silly con.
      there have been transgender since we crawled out the grass in Africa.

      • Waaaa, Waaaa you hurt my feelings. Go play with yourself some more fool and grow
        up. Now leave the adults along and go try to deluge and confuse some innocent college
        fools who might swallow your clap trap.

      • Well, they can crawl their ass back through the grass and return to where they came from..It isn’t our responsibility to pay for this crap and we won’t!

  38. It is nice to know there are still people who have common sense in this country. We are becoming a nation of fools. We need to have a million American March on DC.

  39. Keep them together by their current physical characteristics. If they want something better, they can pay for it by working for their welfare.

  40. no i do not think so assholes
    how about more shelters for the veterans

  41. my kids will never be in a school with any of these freaks

  42. thefatefullightning

    House the homeless, all homeless— but house the homeless VETERAN first, then the rest.

  43. Patriot( retired Navy)

    They chose the procedure to change their physical sex, so why should the taxpayers support yet another social program for these folks when we have veterans who are in desperate need of shelter and services.

  44. Where has all the commom sense gone in this country? And who elected the idiots that keep coming up with this crazy babble of a lunatic.

    I so agree with Marlene! If these transgenders can afford that radical surgery to become something other than what God made, they certainly DO NOT NEED ANY HOMELESS HOUSING. What is everyone thinking in this govt? Sounds like they are only using a small portion of their brains if they have any at all.

    Why should anyone be forced to pay taxes to support projects such as this. If transgenders want to live in our world, fine, but do not force us to share your burden of confusion and deniability nor force us to pay for your lodgings. If you are grown up enough to make a sex change, you can surely find a job to support yourself. NO MORE FREELOADERS AMERICANS! THIS LUNACY NEEDS TO STOP NOW!

    This “Bleeding heart” liberal govt has stepped over the line again, yet all Americans do is sit and cry in their beer. How sad and pathetic. And you wonder why your world keeps crashing and burning? You choose to do nothing to change the laws or the idiots that keep making more and more ridiculous laws/projects. What’s up with that?

    ANY ACTION TO CHANGE IS STARTED BY ONE PERSON BRAVE ENOUGH TO MAKE A STAND AND DO WHAT THE MASSES ARE AFRAID TO DO – Are you that person? Can you effect a change that will remove the present misguided, clueless idiots from ruining our country any more than they have?

    2016 is upon us and the Presidential election will either save our country from ruin if a strong Conservative is elected OR toss America on the garbage pile if a liberal is elected. What kind of action are you going to make so liberals with idiotic programs are flushed from our govt and strong faithbased Conservatives are elected to dismantle this govt of entitlement and delusional spending?

    It is waaaay passed time we fought to preserve our traditions and faith and make America strong again! It’s up to us U.S. Citizens to make the CHANGE that counts – reverse ALL of bho’s legislation, obomacausticcare, etc. until there is nothing left to remind us of his disaster presidency. May the liberals learn the scope of following a fraud bent on destroying every American’s life, including their own.

    It’s time to begin our mission of the ReBirth of America the Beautiful! She was that once, we can make her that again! It’s up to each of us!

  45. I agree they need special shelters..lets reopen the closed mental hospitals and put them in them where they belong

  46. If you look at the 45 communist goals this fits in with it. DO NOT fall for it. It is to fulfill one of the goals to BRING DOWN America.

    The 46th goal states to bring America down get them to install elect a negro as their “President”. Preferably a sodomite.

    • You mean a mulatto pervert with their own Peter Pan reserved at a Chicago Gay Bath House and married to a Rhesus Monkey look-a-like?

  47. “given the choice between a shelter designated for their assigned birth sex or sleeping on the streets, many transgender shelter-seekers would choose the streets.”….. So what’s the problem? Folks, this is how down in the cesspool we, as a nation, have sunk. Can’t wait for Burnice or Ohillary to push us completely under.

  48. We have them already they are called zoos thats where the rest of the animals are kept anyway. I think they would be best in the lion pens although I am not sure the lions would like the taste of that tainted meat so we should just drown them in the ocean.

  49. Does this mean that any man “identifying” as a woman will be forced upon the women/children’s section of a homeless shelter? Does this mean if a man throws on a dress and lipstick he will be given priority over an able-bodied “man” in being granted access to an almost full shelter? If that first item is a “yes” then someone should begin a petition drive on behalf of these women/children to keep them protected from molesters/perverts who will use this as a means to access their next victims.

  50. Until all homeless and especially our veterans can be taken care of, those that have issues with what sex they want to be doesn’t register on my priority meter. Check out a mental health clinic, maybe they will keep you housed.

  51. Donald Trump is right, Our politicians are clowns, and a disgrace. It is a common joke at the VA, In America as Military personal you get the opportunity to die twice for your country, “once on the battlefield and the other time at the VA. We need to stand united and make demands that are louder that BLM and these ignorant college students, or Transgendered Wack-a-doodles.

  52. Why not put these sub-humans in the so called tent cities I’ve seen on tv of these weird cities that our country has been building in the west or south-west or what about some of those deserted old bases, let them clean up & supply themselves with food, water,shelter & they can all live together happy or not. And what about moving all these pan-handers (bums) to move in with them. One big happy family. Might be some new job opportunities to make a little money but work for your pay & existence to better your other life, maybe build your own house & you can have all your friends live with you. Thanks SCW..

    • The UN and their minions need to be shipped to the EU, Middle East and/or Siberia and the vacated UN building be used for housing all of these idiots.

  53. Sounds like the government is trying to discourage homeless shelters.

  54. All homeless lives matter: not just one perverted group!

  55. MORE Insane Lies and Bigoted Propaganda from Alleged “patriots”.

    • you suck cock and hump anything liberal. therefore you are a marxist gay perverted little fag with no life but hump 0berry bath house leg…piss on you..


  57. Mr Moran I think you and all our war hero’s should be first before refugees or transgender or any other freak our president can come up with. You belong to us the American people. I am sorry that this administration has been so hard on you. There will come a time when people like you will be hard to find and that will be America biggest lost God bless you and all the rest who put their lives out there. Thank you

  58. Charlotte Deneice Windham

    The Vets have been done wrong,and not cared for like they need to be. I am 100 percent support our soldiers being taken care of after they come home,and when they are fighting for our freedom.
    I am though a transgender woman,and I am not gay,and I don’t ask our government for any help. I am a good person,and why our minds tell us we are the opposite sex who knows. I was five years old when I could tell I felt I was a girl,and wanted to be one fully. I didn’t read any books,and shows. I just knew I should dress,and live as a girl at that early age. We don’t want to go to bath rooms to look at women,or have sex with them. We just want to go in,and go into the stalls,and use the bathroom as any other woman. Then wash our hands,and leave. It is so difficult to go to a mans restroom. We are afraid that we will get raped by the men. We are dressed as women,and so there is a lot of pressure on us. We are women,and fell women all the way.We just go through stages through our transition to a woman.

  59. I am sure that when the Syrian refugees arrive they will be more than willing to take transgenders in and teach them the ways of Allah.

  60. I agree… For the transgendered homeless, there should be special housing. They’re called…, institutions for the mentally ill. These folks are clearly messed up. A simple DNA test will conclusively determine what sex the individual is. Nature has determined what sex you are. Either male, or female…, there’s no in-between. If mentally you are confused and don’t agree with your DNA, clearly theres a mental issue. Oh…, hang on a minute…., perhaps this transgender freak show thing is caused by “Climate Change”. I expect at any moment Bernie Sanders will chime in and clear up any doubt…..

  61. Every person should be treated and provided the shelter and facilities that their plumbing calls for…no ‘special’ or overboard treatment except for legitimate disabilities.

  62. Ralph, I too am a Vet 100%, Took me many years to get it also. We get screwed, and people who don’t do a damn thing live like kings. I have seen people on Welfare and Food Stamps buy brand new cars, Flat Screen TVs and live in much nicer homes than my family and I do. This is BS. I agree with everything you said. Hooah brother, keep up the good fight.

  63. They have a special shelter already in place. It was created when Lucifer was cast out from heaven. It is a place called hell. Do you like your future housing Brucey.

    • You see, those of us with an I.Q. above 75 (most people who dont have a confederate flag terrorist icon) and parents that arnt related (once again, most people with out a confederate flag icon),and dont live in a trailer park where cleatus and billy-rae have competing meth labs…dont believe in your silly biblical superstitions:)
      But we do find inbred white trash such as yourself hilarious!

      • I am glad you find yourself amusing but everyone will be laughing at you and not with you. Did your mommy dress you in panties when your were young or did you turn this way on your own. You can say whatever you want but I don’t reply but once to trolls and homosexuals or other perverts.

    • We could send the UN and their minions to the EU, the Middle East or even Siberia and put all of the degenerates in the vacated UN building where we could control them better. At least they are not smart enough to procreate.

  64. Is the next step for the Fascist-in-Chief and his sycophants in the federal government to allow those who do not identify themselves as any sex, or even as a human being to sue for discrimination that they are not being treated properly and accommodated for the goat or antelope, or bacteria they feel they are?

    Meanwhile, the inept and scandalous VA hospital system killed my colleague and fellow vet by scheduling him for an appointment with a specialist 5 months later when his own VA physician said he needed treatment within 3 months without proper treatment. The system is still broken and has not be changed for the proper treatment of our vets. We will spend huge money to accommodate these confused perverts and not for our American heroes.

  65. This is STUPID !!! The current IDIOTS running our fed bureaucracy need to be taken care of before we crash into the cess pool of government debt.

  66. They would rather sleep on the streets BEFORE staying some where that doesn’t comply with their perversion??? HUH I guess the mentally ill part of the equation has NOW been determined!!! The street it IS then!!!

  67. The POS OBAMA is talking his lies again on TV…How nauseating…Can’t we just shut him the heck up????? We must remove him now but first do not let him on TV at all for more of his lies…He cannot tell the truth unless he makes a slip in speech…He is a full blown unbelievable POS…

  68. That “given the choice between a shelter designated for their assigned birth sex or sleeping on the streets, many transgender shelter-seekers would choose the streets.” …reminds me of a life lesson learned very early. Sat down to dinner, didn’t like what Mum prepared and told her so. Response…”Well I guess someone wouldn’t be eating tonight.”

  69. This is just more of Obama’s gayness in all areas of our lives. Now even the homeless have less rights than his LGBT’s. Somehow I doubt that females that are what they call butch are going to want to sleep with the men. So this is all about having the males gays having more rights than the rest of the gays. Sounds like the gays having rights and the Christian having lost theirs to Obama’s government sponsored religion of gay sexual preference . If it were not a violation of civil and religious rights, then why did Obama exempt the muslims?

  70. Great H.U.D.members,now that you have made this decision,ALL you H.U.D.members pack your bags and the bags of ALL these/those people,YOU feel sorry for,and ALL of YOU GO back to THEIR COUNTRY of ORIGIN!

  71. screw those queer, tranny bastards… America has enough to worry about without having to worry about a handful of weird ,sick ass queers or trannies which is just a fancier queer …nobody give me a place to live i got my own they can get there own or they can crawl back under the rock they came from

  72. GITMO can be considered! They are just as confused as some of the terrorists and being protected more so! The only difference is that the terrorists are brainwashed killers. We need to keep GITMO open for the terrorists that will be caught, again, when a sane person lives in our white house.

  73. This is a bunch of bunk..transgenders don’t “deserve” any more special attention than anyone else that is homeless. I am sick and tired of my tax money being used to further political agendas….enough!

  74. since there arent that many of them I suggest that they all be moved into the homes of liberal politicians at no cost to taxpayers

  75. HUD is the greedy one here. All govt. agencies have one main goal, get increased funding every year and grow like a cancer. This is just another ridiculous govt. scam. Unfortunately, given the increasingly irrational behavior of our witless Congress, this unnecessary, outrageous and wasteful idea will no doubt stir their warped heartstrings and receive due consideration.


  77. I agree,They should all get a brand new cardboard box with a bed pan.Our homeless Veterans get crap and these morons get special treatment. They should be put on an empty cargo ship with no engine and have it towed out to sea and let the currents take over

  78. Aren’t gays now equal, they got “equal rites” Equal rites, that they had already. By granting them special privilege’s, wont that action, discriminate against Normal people ? Or are these special privilege’s, more of the evil liberals, twisted logic ?.

  79. its amazing to me how the US govt thinks perverts and illegals, moslem syrians need more special help and money than the men who fought for our country and are homeless and Sr citizens who struggle due to the fact the govt took so much money from SS and never repaid it. shame on them

  80. The Republican Control house should be ashame as the way they are treating the Veterans, especially with the threat of more soldiers being sent to the Middle East in great numbers. But I must also give hell to the Democrats for not speaking out about the piss poor medical treatment at the VA medical facilities. The Dept heads should be Fired, not given ($140,000) bonuses. Get rid of the VA medical facilities, and give our Veterans a medical card to go to local medical facilities, they deserve it..

  81. ” but what does sense have to do with it anymore”…Obama’s policies have done it again! Ya can’t make this libTURD crap up!

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