How The Left Is Ruining the War on Terror

In the months following 9/11, the American perspective on the new War on Terror was simple. Islamic extremism had to be defeated, and we would go to the ends of the Earth to see it crushed beneath American military might. As the years went on, of course, our mission became divided. It became diluted. And the left began humming a refrain that has swelled in power to this day. The enemy is not Islam. The real enemy is America. The real enemy is Halliburton/Bush/Cheney/the TSA/etc. And while they had their points, this view of terrorism is why we haven’t yet smashed ISIS into oblivion. In fact, it’s why there is an ISIS at all.

The Not-Islamic State

One of the worst examples of this refrain comes when world leaders like Obama try to characterize ISIS as something other than an Islamic faction. The point, of course, is to quell national hatred towards Muslims, but there’s a difference between making distinctions and telling lies. Unbeknownst to Obama, Americans are sophisticated enough to draw a distinction between a terrorist and an American who just happens to be a Muslim. By distorting the facts, though, Obama convinces us that this is some new threat. Something different than al Qaeda. It isn’t, though; strategical differences aside, it’s all terrorism, it’s all hatred for the West, and it’s all Islam.

Bush’s War

Liberals have put themselves in a tricky position, of course, because of their stance against the war in Iraq. Now, there are reasons to go back and question whether dethroning Saddam Hussein was the right thing to do, but there is no doubt that Democrat lawmakers were on board with it. They weren’t duped by Bush’s lies as they claim now; they sat in on the same intelligence briefings. They were complicit in America’s actions. To later claim that it was a mistake – to claim that it was evil Bush, deceiving the masses – is just so much political backtracking.

Today, of course, there is another persistent lie that leaves us vulnerable. It is the lie that says ISIS is a “distraction.” It’s the lie that says we can defeat them using airstrikes. We don’t have to get our hands dirty. That’s simply not true, and we’re beginning to realize it as our coalition fails to destroy the enemy. The jihadists involved in terrorism are in it to die for their cause. You can’t defeat an enemy like that unless you’re willing to do the same.

No one wants war, but you can’t just operate on “the way things ought to be.” That’s what liberals never understand. They look at a situation, see the way they would like it to be, and then base policies on that idealism. Conservatives prefer the truth. And the truth is that the War on Terror is far from over. When there is another domestic attack as frightening as 9/11, the liberal lies will go up in smoke. It would be nice, though, if we exposed them before that happens.

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  1. He’s a F’ing Muslim Islamic believing terrorist………

  2. “When there is another domestic attack as frightening as 9/11, the liberal lies will go up in smoke. It would be nice, though, if we exposed them before that happens.”

    It’s not gonna happen until again…., the Islamic radicals come knocking on our doors…, with terror, bloodshed & violence!
    If you understand America at all, you’ll understand that we react after the fact. Just look back at history. We’re a reactive nation. There never seems to be a preemptive strike from us. This administration & the MSM , and I don’t think it’s a stretch for me to say…, would spin a terrorist attack on US soil as anything but what it truly is. Progressive/Liberal/Democrat ideology has a very difficult time not only accepting the truth, but their actions & policies that actually led that very truth into being.

    All I can suggest is we, as citizens be very aware of our surroundings when we’re out and about with our families.
    It’s up to us.
    Obama and his flaccid little worms have proved time & time again…., they’re inept!

  3. More desperate , whining, yada yada, yada bull crap from the lying idiot republican traitor/trash who have YET to be able to back ANY of the bullshit they have shoveled since Obama was elected. Good luck peddling your crap, republicans. “Don’t screw the pooch,” now. You are being watched like a “bug in a bell jar.” EVERYONE KNOWS that this mid term election is NOT turning out to be the win/win you traitor republicans thought it would be. EVERYONE also KNOWS it’s only a short matter of time before you republicans finish pulling the dirt over your political graves. You’ll screw up. You republicans CAN’T help yourselves… It’s inherit in your warped genes and you just CAN’T fix stupid…

    • Just like your buddy Gruber said this stuff relies on the stupidity of the voter! The left is never let down by this!,at least not in the last sixty years anyway! Keep spouting you rocket scientist you!

    • Liberals are predicable, very predicable….LMAO…You bit on that hook line and sinker, you see people in this columns deliberately set liberals up. JUST LIKE YOU!!!……Why ? I…You did exactly what you people always do when you can’t handle the truth you behave like a rabid Liberal……The moral of the story??…Liberals are predictable rabid animals who suffer from the mental disease NEUROSIS….Liberalism IS a MENTAL DISEASE. Is it because they are stupid because they are liberals or liberals because they are stupid……LMAO

      It Ranks up there with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases. The liberal agenda’s principles violate the rules of ordered liberty, their most determined efforts to realize its visionary fantasies eventually fall short. Yet, despite all the evidence against it, the modern liberal mind believes their agenda is good social science. It is, in fact, bad science fiction. In spite of all the data that shows their visionary fantasies are all failures, they persist in this agenda. despite its madness, and therefore fall under the old saying insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.

      The liberal always has scapegoats, far flung theories, distortions and above all LYING, to prop up and keep their mindless fantasies and doctrines moving. Then when you, the modern liberal mind, whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains, speaks of conspiracies and credulous statements seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious.

      Liberalism is a MENTAL DISEASE, common sense is the cure. But as Ron White the comedian says……there ain’t no fixin STUPID in this case the same applies……………… There ain’t no fixin liberalism. SO you hump someone elses leg muttface beforfe some REPUBLICAN comes along and pushes yours in…..LMAO>>>LMAO……….

    • Yes Melinda You are correct You are living proof hopefully
      You have not reproduced so when Your head finally explodes
      You can be nominated for the Darwin Awards.

    • After you change the tinfoil in your hat, Melinda ….
      You can go finish your Kool-Aid …….

    • You are absolutely right, you can’t fix stupid as you are living proof. Hook line and sinker flopping like a fish.

    • Melinda–You’re the Victim now–“30 Million Abortions have Killed any
      “Rights” that you may have Had-! 40 years ago, there was to be a future
      Young Generation of 40 Million Kids–but 3/4’s of that Generation is now
      “Gone Forever” (Clue–“One Working Person” will find it “Impossible” to
      Pay “Three Older People to Retire”-!) Your Social Security Retirements are
      “Gone”-! As Obama’s Legend Says “Since You’ll not have any money even
      to pay for ‘Food’–the “Death Panel” in Obama-Care will take care of that–by
      offering you an ‘easy death’ by a “Cheap Suicide-Pill”-! Yes, the Democrats
      have “TRASHED” Social Security–the ‘Only Thing That Helped Older People to Retire’-! Obama said, “I’d rather have Abortions than to pay Military Salaries”-! I Think He’ll get his Wish-! This Way, he get 3 “Abortions for the Price of One”–( “One Baby, plus 2 Adults”-!) “Worthless Elderly People” without any money can now be “Aborted” the same Way that “Helpless Babies” were “Aborted”–Like Them, You’ll Not “Have a Choice”-! The Democrat Agenda of “Buying women’s Votes” by offering “Free Abortions” & Labeling it as “Freedom of Choice”–has Back-Fired-! This Way, Obama & his Democrat Congressmen will retire ‘Fairly-Rich’ on Govt. Pensions-! And ‘You Voters’ who gave them “Your Votes” & Your “Political Donations of Money”–You’ll (Get the “Democrat Bargain of the Year”)–The “Cheap-Thrill” of a “Suicide-Pill”-! (After all, they wouldn’t like “Seeing You Starve to Death”-! ) “Isn’t that Fair Enough”-! These Women who “Chose $3000 worth of Abortions” have “Lost-All” of their “Rights to $200,000 worth of Social Security”-! (And it’s ‘too-late’ to “Save It”–Your Retirements are Gone just like 3/4’s of those “Helpless Babies” that had
      “No Choice”-! Democrats who “Got the Money that you were supposed
      to get”–are nearly “Home Free” & they “Suckered you with a Death
      Punch”-! Sorry–but the Democrats “Lied to You” & “You Lost”-!

      • Sorry, Vet, but “I” am NO victim.. The republican party IS the victim of their OWN greed, lies, duplicity, and stupidity.
        “I” am helping to keep the nasty, traitor republican paws OFF of this country’s throat. If you don’t get that, then GOD help you!
        The republican lies and bullshit are hurting them, not helping them. Their traitorous actions won them the mid term elections, but now they are finding out that win/win situation wasn’t as winning as they thought it would be.
        I hope Obama CONTINUES his stance on NOT letting the traitor republicans get their way.
        You spoke of abortions. Well, Vet, ROE VS WADE made that legal. The republicans KNOW that to attempt to overturn ROE VS WADE will sink them faster than a lead sinker! Go ahead, try it, republicans!! I damn well dare you! You may run the senate, but you DO NOT govern the will of the people. Republicans NEVER have.
        OH, and by the way, Vet. Obamacare IS implemented and it IS working. Taking it away again from millions who didn’t have health care before would be sentencing many to their demise. I don’t think that would be a good idea either. The republicans are SOO damn locked in their hatred, self absorbed, self serving mode, that they haven’t a CLUE what the people want or what they need. They don’t give two hoots about the people and their welfare. ALL the republicans think about is power, greed, and making their corporate cronies happy. That’s NOT what is needed here. When the republican traitors can get over themselves some day, they ‘might’ be able to govern. But, until then, they need to stay in the shadows with their master, the devil.

        • OBAMA in his own words!

          “I promise 100% transparency in my administration.”
          “I promise NO NEW TAXES on a family making less than $250K a year.”
          “I will allow 5 days of public comment before I sign any bills.”
          “I will remove earmarks before I sign any bill.”
          “I will end Income Tax for seniors making less than $50K a year.”
          “I’ll put the Health Care negotiations on CSPAN so everyone can see who is at
          the table!”
          “I’ll have no lobbyists in my administration.”
          “I’ll close Guantanamo Bay.”
          “I’ll resign if I don’t cut the deficit in half by the end of four years.”
          “I believe marriage is between one man and one woman.”
          “I won’t seek re-election unless unemployment falls below 5%.”
          “I’ll unite the people of this great country.”
          “If you like your insurance you can keep it”
          “If you like your doctor you can keep him”
          “The ACA will save most family $2500.00 a year”

          And this is the man you worship? Nothing but LIES but you indicate that this is acceptable behavior for this nation’s leader. That says a lot about your character.

          • Hey fedup. Obama has done a LOT of things already and he still has time to do more of them. The problem with the republicans is that no matter WHAT Obama does, they whine and moan. It may have taken a bit longer to accomplish some of those things, but he HAS accomplished them, DESPITE the republican attempts to train wreck this Presidency from the “get go.” The republicans are pissy because they CANNOT dictate this President to their warped agenda… Obama ISN’T one of their corporate “butt buddies,” nor the republican’s “lacky.” Too bad. Get over it and move on.

          • The point is that Obama has no idea what “truth” is. He just lied once again to the American public when he said something like 22 time that he could not do anything regarding amnesty for the illegals. He miraculously finds a way to give them amnesty. The only thing he has done was fudge the numbers to make you think he is doing good. There are many of us who have given him the benefit of the doubt from the very beginning and have learned that he has done nothing to deserve it. He goes against everything that is good for this country, does not listen to people who are experts in their fields, and does what HE wants to do. He has made us the laughingstock of the world and world leaders from countries that count have absolutely no trust, respect, or confidence in the US because of the stupid things he has said and done. He has reduced us from the greatest country in the free world to a country that no longer is able to defend ourselves or come to the aid of the few allies we have left. He is all for giving Iran the capability to make nuclear weapons which will be used to wipe Israel off the face of the earth before they point them in our direction. This is not a leader. This is someone who is hell bent on destroying our nation.

          • Really, fedup? Then why are you republican liar/traitors in such a huff if things are going so well for you? Because Obama IS getting things done despite the lies, half truths, inuendos and bullshit you republican traitors have been throwing since day one of his Presidency. You are chewing nails because Obama is FINALLY doing something about issues that have been around for years not getting done. It galls you that he is NOT one of your republican strung by the heel and asshole puppets you can control. Obama STILL CAN stop your bullshit with “a STROKE of a pen, sir,” because HE has final say, not you republican assholes. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! The pea green color looks good on you, fedup. Keep whining while your fellow republican traitors pull the last bit of dirt over your republican graves. You can’t get rid of Obama with your bullshit, but that doesn’t stop you from continuing to “spread your manure” around. The rest of us just sit back and laugh while you have strung yourselves with piano wire. We would feel sorry for your dumb asses, but it’s just too funny to watch you hang yourselves…

          • I pity your blind faith. Maybe one day when your eyes have been opened by the truth, you will see him for who he is. I would recommend that you research socialism and see how it applies to this administration. Apparently you like having the government tell you what to do and how you can do it. Keep following them blindly and you will not be able to anything without heavy regulations on everything.

          • I pity your abject stupidity, fedup. Must suk to be led around by the asshole by “faux noise” and the gop hater/traitors. You can’t see the forest for the goddamn trees!

          • So very well put! I don’t know, but these pro OB people must be living in a cave!

    • Melinda Killie, The one and only thing I can agree with you on is your statement that you just CAN’T fix stupid. Hence you will surely remain mentally and morally broken forever and ever.

      • Old salty britches, I was referring to the stupidity of the republican party..
        But of course, you already knew that.
        Keep whining and blubbering, dearie..
        We know that your favorite saint, Saint “boo hoo” boehner, would be proud of your long and
        snotty, tearful whine..

  4. i can tell you,,,, they are persistently letting all these illegals into this country and not getting rid of the ones that are here already. also a lot of Americans are really getting tired of it and the Obumbler administration. the whole lot of them can go with the illegals, in my opinion and my opinion stands pretty solid.

    • The real Problem is–“that some U.S. Citizens have been Killed by these
      “illegals” & nothing is being done about it-! One “Illegal Killed at least 3
      American-women while traveling thru several states as a “Hobo” on the
      Freight-Trains-! This event was known to me–as special news reported it-!

      • this is exactly part of the meaning what i had written if you can read between the lines. it is all in that short little paragraph that you had commented on. it has to do with politics and the illegals all around.

    • Let us figure out why the “Liberals” wanted this war, and why they are dragging it out instead of finishing it.

      Let us figure out why they are spending billions of dollars to finance the enemy.

      Let us figure out why they are spending billions of dollars to import terrorists.

      And, by all means, let us figure out why they import persons infected with Ebola.

      Could it be that “Liberals” are just plain insane?


  5. ….. This “TAR BABY” president needs to GOOooooooo !!

  6. It`ll take a lot to restore this Country after this JO has run us and the Country down this, May be several years’ Just work to get the RIGHT PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE!

  7. How sad and stupid of Melinda. Hopefully next time there is a terrorist attack Melinda and her family are not
    Part of it. It is to bad she can not realize how good she has it unlike the Kurdish women who have to fight for their freedom against ISIS. There is a lot of character
    Missing there.

  8. The “left” are communists and Obama is a Muslim terrorist who all worship SATAN. Forget what they say, pay close attention to what they are doing.

  9. 0bama and the Alinsky radicals he runs with destroy everything American in order to break down American resolve. They wish to break down America’s Capitalism in order to instil their brand of socialism, which will turn into communism. With a dictator, with horrendous loss of human lives. Just like all other communist dictators and history has proven.

  10. For YEARS now, Liberals have been trying to turn Americans against their Noble history, by yacking out the mantra that America starts all wars for imperialistic reasons, not noble ones.

    Now that 0bama needs to go back into Iraq for noble reasons, he can not do so unless he admits that all those other wars were done for Noble reasons too.

    It is nice seeing that arrogant narcissist squirm.

  11. If you’ll check the (permanent) “Congressional Records”–You’ll find ‘Nearly All the
    Democrat Senators’ on the Senate Floor–were making Speeches–about
    “Someone” had Better Do Something to Stop “Saddam Hussein” because “He had WMD’s” & was preparing to “Use Them”–! All these Speeches were recorded–while “Bush” was still ‘Sitting as Governor of Texas’ & had Not Campaigned Yet for President-! After Bush “Won” the Election & Came to the White House”–the
    Senate was urged to “Give President Bush”–his “Marching Orders”–to “Go Get Saddam”-! But this would also take time to “Move Military Supplies to Saudi-
    Arabian” so the the Troops could get placed on the Borders–to make the Invasion-! (This probably took another 2 months-!) Bush didn’t Lie–“He was told by the Full Congress to Go-!”


  13. Can you explain in simple american patriotic language what Halliburton/Bush/Cheney/TSA and others did to let the furor of Isis or Isil loose. I do believe the WMD were there we just delayed in getting them before they left the country or were packed off to Syria. Let me be very clear obama has done more damage in the last six years than Bush or any other president could do in a 100 years. He really needs to be stopped with his lawlessness but he won’t too much at stake for bothe the republicans and the democrats holding political positions.. We the American working middle class have lost. America so we must live with the continued destruction of liberty and freedom. Minorities will rule with in the next ten years. God bless America..

  14. I spell relief I M P E A C H

  15. If Obama did any more aiding and abetting terrorists he’d be wearing a rag on his head and he’d have to send Kerry to negotiate peace with himself. That’s about the kind of insanity Americans have to tolerate in our white house.

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