How the Left Has Been Quietly Changing the Language

There’s an old George Carlin routine where he skewers the retirement of worthy, clear language in favor of PC, limp replacements. One of my favorite examples is how the powerful term “shell shock” became the limp “post-traumatic stress disorder.” While Carlin meant it as little more than some benign social commentary, played for laughs, the fact is that these kinds of changes aren’t as innocent as they may seem.

For a rare look into a liberal’s mind when it comes to these changes, consider House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. On Wednesday, she was asked if Obama’s actions on illegal aliens would also affect Iraqis living in the U.S. Before she could address a serious issue like this, Pelosi had to first chide the reporter on his choice of phrasing.

“Are you referring to undocumented people who are in the United States?” Pelosi asked, as if there was a chance the reporter might be referring to Martians.

The reporter stuck to his guns. “Illegal aliens, yes ma’am.”

Pelosi responded. “Undocumented people, ok.”

Normally the left likes to be a little more subtle with their systematic rebranding efforts, but then again, this is Nancy Pelosi we’re talking about here. So, what is it with the left’s unquenchable desire to change names we’ve had in place for years? Names which already were entirely sufficient to describe the concepts in question?

You can say that “native American” is a better term than “redskin” or “Indian,” but why is that? Why is “negro” a terrible thing to call a black person? Why is it now wrong to call someone “retarded”? We’ve become so brainwashed by the PC police that the upgrades seem self-evident. Of course we wouldn’t call someone retarded! Perish the thought!

But “retarded,” “negro,” and “redskin” are just words, made up of letters, strung together so that we can communicate in a common language. I’m not stomping my foot up and down because I can’t say “negro” anymore without getting some strange looks (at the very least), but there are some name changes that carry with them some dangerous consequences.

Note how the left successfully renamed the concept of being in favor of abortion. Note how they successfully renamed the concept of being anti-gun. Note how terms like waitress and stewardess have largely been relegated to the landfill of history. These changes are pushed through with a purpose. They help liberals get inside the American psyche, making it easier for them to change the social landscape as they see fit.

When conservatives stand up and cry foul at all the hullaballoo about the Washington Redskins, it’s about more than just a football team. It’s about fighting back against these shifts. But these supporters are demonized by the media, as if anyone really believes that Redskins fans are a bunch of Indian-hating colonialists.

Whether we call Washington’s team the Redskins or the Fighting Obamas doesn’t really matter. They’re all just words. But what does matter is how the left uses these name changes to push their agenda onto unsuspecting Americans. That matters a lot.


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  1. What about the Affordable Care Act?
    An instant oxymoron created by the left to lie and mislead the people.
    The main stream media is corrupt, has been for a long time.
    Help me rid the Left Stream Media of bias, please join at madashellboycott

    • Kind of like how the Patriot Act actually removes our freedoms?

      • I supported the original intent of the Patriot Act, that is to get the bad guys using communications to plot terrorist activities. The Patriot Act was used by Bush and all to protect Americans. We have no proof otherwise.
        At the time of its inception it was the left that did not trust Bush, and suggested that Bush would cross the line and turn the thing into a monitoring device for Big Government.
        Before 0bama was in power, he “promised” (another lie) to shut the Patriot Act down. That was before Bush got into office. The Left was against the Patriot Act.
        NOW, 0bama has put the Patriot Act on Steroids, he did exactly what he was afraid that Bush would do, turn the Patriot act into a Big Government Monitoring device to monitor US.
        Turns out the Left was right, the thing needs to be shut down, too much power in the hands of humans, corrupt them.
        If the media actually “Reported” things instead of spreading liberal propaganda, we might understand a lot more about stuff.

        • BUSH DID CROSS THE LINE. The big problem was that President Obama left their programs Running and I am not ok with that action. Oh And The President can just SHUT DOWN the Patriot Act. It has to Congress that shuts it down. And I don’t recall them rushing to do it.

          • You are correct, Bush crossed the line. Whether Bush did it to protect Americans or to succeed to temptation and spy on them, Bush used the 9/11 crisis to cross the line.
            0bama ran on the LIE that he was going to end it, shut it down. Instead, 0bama not only did not follow through with his campaign promises, he put the program on Steroids. Even the original architects of the Patriot Act have said that 0bama modified the program to much more than they intended.
            0bama can shut it down, just like he can open the borders. The Constitution hasn’t stopped 0bama yet.

        • But, did you notice haw fast the Patriot Act came into being? No weeks, months or years of debate in Congress, but a week after the 9/11 murders of 3000 Americans by Islamic Terrorists (Saudi’s actually).
          The thing was already prepared and sitting on a shelf ready for such an incident so that politicians could start the Liberal/Socialist/Marxist process of enslaving American’s.
          It was prepared in secret without any public input. The dangers are apparent and politicians knew it from the outset.
          Vote all the bums out.

          • I agree that the elite politicians used 9/11 to get the patriot act in place. Not at all convinced that 9/11 was done by insiders to get the patriot act in place.
            What it does show is just how corrosive the power structure is in politics. We put good people in and before they get their, they are corrupted.
            You put evil like 0bama in and he accelerates the corruption beyond belief.

            Term limits for all political offices.

          • Two terms like the Presidency?

          • Yes, I think that should be adequate. For all politically appointed positions.
            The Founding Fathers didn’t make a career out of politics, they went home to their families.
            I think they would be appalled by the notion of the Bush’s handing down the presidency from generation to generation, or the fact that you have to be rich and “connected” to even stand a chance at winning these days.
            term limits would limit how long the people are exposed to the cesspool, as they say power corrupts, and Politics stinks of power. .

          • One term ONLY!!! That includes ALL apointed positions including ALL judges and ALL voted representatives and senitors. If they can be in office longer, they have more time to live off the “Dole” and become corrupted. We Americans need to clean up Washington DC and this would be a good start.

          • Agreed, The corruption must be cleaned up and it is the people that have to do it.

          • NO!!! One term, including the president…..If they can’t do their job in one term, they sure as hell can’t do it in two terms….

          • Why you big jarhead……you are absolutely on to something, and I for one whole heartily agree..ONE term to stop the BS etc and furthermore if the President in this one term turns out to be a ringer, fraud or charlatan (like one we know) have someway to remove them quickly with legality……thanks brother.
            best regards, Joe T

        • The Patriot Act’s “original intent” was exactly exactly what we see now.

      • Rodney Davenport

        Erin dear, who does it give more power to? There’s your answer.

        • Well lets see.. It gave more power to Bush and Cheney that let them start the spying programs and Torture people. So There is your answer

          • Rick,
            How about power to the politicians over the people?

            This really isn’t a right against left issue. It is a politicians against the people issue.

          • how about I let Thomas Jefferson answer.. “The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.”
            But let me ask you something.. Lets say you had a small store just one. DO you think you would get a Discount on goods and Services that say a Chain like Walmart would? IF you know anything about business you know the answer is no.. So why not apply that same principle to other things in life. A group of people working together can ALWAYS do more then one Person and always have more Buying power then one person. The current healthcare reform was based on something that the Heritage Foundation (You know the Heritage Foundation right? that Nest of liberal Vipers) Its not perfect and can be improved but until the GOP comes up with an detail laid out plan that will not enrich a small group of men then its what we have.
            My personal Healthcare program when down from 1000 a month to just under 400 and with better Benefits. The only problem I could foresee is that it requires me to use a Hospital Chain that they are associated with. But since they have the medical Facilities I normally use just down the street that’s not a big lost for me. Until we stop the name Calling and start working together again we are making people in IRAN, China, Russia, and People in ISIS very happy because we are tearing ourselves apart. If people on both sides would start to Realize their Rights end at the end of their nose and stop trying to push their Religious and Political Beliefs on other people we could do amazing things.

          • Yup, I know exactly about your healthcare plan. Just don’t need a doctor or hospital in another State. Talk about pushing beliefs on others, hypocrite. Get off your soap box, or do you think you are superior to all the other posters here?

          • Acutally seeing some of the Bigoted, Racist Comments by the Majority I don’t feel that is so far of a stretch to think that I do try and follow the Golden Rule more then they do yes. And as to you comment about another State.. That was the exact question I ask and was told in writing that if I travel and have accident or fall ill that My coverage follows even if its not the Hospital group I am signed up with . So Yes I am very happy with my plan.. and so are majority of the people that when from no coverage to having coverage. Including those that were denied because of some “existing Condition” Oh and by the way.. Its not a soap box. Its an effort to find some realistic dialog. Its the way evolved people try and settle their differences.

          • I think you evolved in the wrong direction, Rick.

          • What a liar you are. You don’t even know what the golden rule is. Your posts are proof of that.

          • Thank you every insult you throw my way just proves I am right. and your delusional. IF you go back Ass Clown you will notice I insulted no one that did not insult me first.

          • Wrong, you insulted the Tea Party and Christians without provocation in an extremely bigoted post. Which makes you a liar, and knocks you off your high horse.

          • First of all I don’t have to Insult the Tea Party their actions Insult themselves very nicely.

            Second.. I Insult Phony Christian with Complete Provocation so lets look at the evidence.
            Jesus said;

            “Heal the sick.” –Republicans refuse to take any action on a plan to make Healthcare affordable to those that need it. Affordable Healthcare act was a start but did not go far enough. Fact can be proven.
            “Feed the hungry.” Republican members of Congress voted the biggest cuts in the SNAP program at the exact time the poor could not afford it. But they were able to vote Farm Subsidies to Rich Farmers. (some of who’s Families Benefited from those Subsides. Again FACT Can be Proven.
            “Care for the weakest among us.” The Kids that were trying to escape from other countries to keep from being murdered got here and say Crowds Protesting to send them back home” Oh by the way The Government was following a law that was signed by George Bush.. You remember him right the last Republican President.
            “And always pray in private. ” So those that want to enforce Christian Prayer on those that don’t wish to take part or forcing it on our Kids in schools. Prayer has two places. In Church and in the Privacy of your own home. I can picture the heads that would explode if a Sihk or Muslim decided to pray in their fashion right before a “public Meeting”
            My insults are for CHRISTIANS in NAME ONLY and if you can’t handle that then maybe you should ask yourself.. WHY DOES THOSE STATEMENTS BOTHER ME SO MUCH.

          • Rick, when the Bible says “pray in private,” it meant to pray privately also, not only. A well-rounded prayer life must be private, public and in concert with the entire family of God. Also, I agree with you that there are many phony[people who profess to be true Christians, but their lives are abject denials. There are so many church members who base their Christian faith on attending church services and activities, and even serve in some capacity, such as singing in the choir, teaching a Bible study class, holding some office in the church, but from Monday through Saturday there is no sign of their Christian faith. The last command Jesus gave to His followers was to be witnesses for Him throughout the world. Yet many who profess to be Christians never share how Jesus can transform their life and make it worth living. Sharing the way of salvation from sin has been my life’s purpose for many years and it has brought me wonderful experiences as I see someone believe on a receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. I sincerely hope and pray that you will receive Christ and have your life transformed into more than you could have ever dreamed it could be.

          • I think Rick is right, pray in privet means what it says. You, Rudy, can do what you want, there is a 1st Amendment.

          • Rudy I appreciate your words and thank you again for being one of the few that understand the idea behind Discussion of a topic. If all I wanted to do was hear one side of a issue I would stay on the groups that only support those issues. But then a lot of them seem to forget that the country was actually founded by people getting in a room and Debating all sides of an issue. A lot of these people that are so quick to Insult are the ones that think the Founding fathers just walked into a room and started Writing. They don’t know that there were at least 5 other Plans put forward on how to create the Country and it was done by debate. Rudy I will say this here for all to read but it is not aimed at you. IF you want to talk and discuss I will do so if you want to insult and make charges without facts or with false facts You or someone else Makes up then your not worth the effort and my lack of Response is the contempt I feel for you.

          • “A group of people working together can ALWAYS do more then one Person”
            This is where your analysis falls apart. When the group is a TEAM you are absolutely correct, that team will perform better. But when the group is FORCED together, as in socialism, the team effort falls apart, and so does production.
            And you must consider who is running the bus! Big Government, and look at their track record, just why do you think 0bamacare will succeed?
            So it is impossible to tell the difference between the lending institutions, moneyed incorporations, and our Elite Politicians on either side.
            My health care has tripled in price, I had a zero deductible, now I have a 1,200 deductible, my copays went from $5 a visit to $25, I was not able to keep my dr, nor my health plan.
            I guess our experiences are net zero. Except we both were lied to. .

          • Your blaming the wrong people.. No Government official Doubled your Healthcare. The insurance company did that. So why don’t You use that Free Market The GOP is so fond of Praising and find a better deal from another company. There are plenty of them out there.

          • No, I think you are blaming the wrong people. Healthcare is controlled by the Government now. And the “insurance” comapanies are only responding to the regulations the Government sets.
            The Government regulates what is “good” and what is “bad” coverage.
            When it comes to Healthcare, there is no FREE market.

          • MahB001 I am willing to listen to you. That much is the most anyone can hope for. So I ask you this honest and openly. How can regulation set on what should be covered by a Standard Policy be a bad thing? There are standards on other things I see no one complaining about. I mean A gallon of gas here weighs the same and has the same volume on the east coast as it does on the west. The Original Heritage Foundation IDEA. was the Blue print behind it along with the version of RomneyCare that was put in place under Mitt Romney in MASS. If there is not a Standard then insurance companies could charge anything they want excluding anyone they want because of Pre Existing Conditions. This Time Last year I Fell and crushed my Elbow so bad it had to be artificially replaced. It took two surgeries. over 2 months then 9 months of wearing this huge metal brace. If the law as it stand now were not in place the new insurance company my employer signed up with could have declared my injury a pre existing condition and I would have been on the hook for it.

          • MAHBOO1 My daughter an son in law are paying 500 dollars a month in premium, and he is paying 600 dollars. and their deductible is 5,000 dollars! Wow! And Obama promised so many things about his health plan, but none of them have happened. I will say he made changes, but he destroyed the hope he promised. I pray that the next two years will not be as disastrous as the previous six years!

          • Capitalism

          • LOL! Who was tortured? Was it the five Muslim terrorists that your messiah just traded for an American deserter?

          • Its Called Water boarding bud.. and if you don’t think that’s torture then I invite you to let me do it to you and then you can tell me its not. Here is the problem I have. For our “Bill of Rights” to mean anything it has to apply to everyone not just US Citizens. Because if it doesn’t then the term would have been ALL AMERICAN”S Are CREATED EQUAL. Not all Men are created equal. Torture is not an Effective way to get information because there comes a point the person being tortured will tell you what you want to hear where it is true or not just to stop the Torture.

          • And the good info we received by water boarding was for nothing?! We need to do what we need to do to get valid info.

          • Rick, that is absurd, applying the bill of rights to the enemy only strengthens the enemy.
            Do you actually think those beheaded people were given their bill of rights by the enemy?

          • Sorry that’s a big difference between world views. A lot of people see that “bill of Rights” as being a bill of “human rights”. If it does not apply to everyone it is worthless. The people fighting with ISIS are Criminals who see their enemies as non human? You feel comfortable having the same View as they do?

          • So you do not believe in self defense? You say that if I was to fight back against ISIS I am a criminal.
            You are messed up dude.

          • You misread it. The people Fighing “with” (as in Besides them, in support of them )Isis not the people fighting against them.

          • here is what I believe, I believe that anything you do to a terrorist is alright by me no mater what is done to them up to & including killing the slimey little basturds by slitting their throat too. Eff em all they are worthless pos that should have no rights not even the right that pigs have before they are slaughtered rights are to good for them & if we treated them like they treat their captives we will be better off they may talk a little more freely if threatened with being butchered & then dismembered & strewn to the winds so they wouldn’t have that muslim burial either. Maybe the threat of being smeared in pigs blood will also loosen their lips they can’t get their 72 virgins that way

          • Let’s see if the censors let that post go through

          • Censors let the post through. I agree with you to the extent that justice is done. As soon as due process is done, and it is absolutely known that the person is a terrorist, they need to die like a terrorist is a manor that makes those pigs think twice about messing with America. That is all covered under self defense and the defense of America.
            What the left is doing is trying to say we are not compassionate and this is hypocritical to Christian beliefs. What the left forgets, is that this is a WAR, and war time codes of ethics apply.

          • Rick, the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written as a basis for the founding of the United States and a guide forAmericans, and it does not apply equally to other nations and citizens of other countries. and not by any stretch of imagination does it apply to our enemies who seek our destruction. It is not a Constitution and By-laws for the world. It defines our freedoms and places limitations on individual and national liberties. It certainly allows war against those nations that would harm us. Wars can be, and often are, conducted in defense. World War II was definitely conducted in defense of America since both Japan and Germany(Not to mention Italy to some degree) since they were trying to destroy us. As I have said, war is never enjoyable and only the extremely cruel or devious nations would seek to bring us down, such as the Muslim terrorists who come from several countries. Our battle against terrorists, if Obama would change or get out of the way, it would certainly be a war of legitimate defense.

          • TELL ‘EM RUDY…..THANKS

          • Thank you Rudy.

          • AMEN. Don’t know what country Rick came from or what school he attended but he knows nothing about America and it’s Constitution and Bill of Rights. He didn’t learn that the men that wrote these, FLED FROM ENGLAND to find a new country so man could live a free and justice life. And said we would protect this country from all enemies. Man it gets harder and harder to see that there is SO MANY people that do not have any education about our country. How can they defend this country when they have no idea what it stands for? Our laws are FOR ONLY OUR COUNTRY. He didn’t know that. My God that is so sad.

          • Rick, your words imply that you believe our rights are granted by government. THEY ARE NOT. Rights are inherent by fact of being born a human being. No government can “grant” you what you already possess. If you are a man, you take it.

          • Do you know that Piglosi actually witnessed wate rboarding at Gitmo in the early 2000s? She approved. Every one of our soldiers is water boarded in basic training. As you know, water boarding is benign torture to kneeling on the ground, and having your head cut off with a short knife, while you are still alive.

          • Torture of any kind violates the Constitution. Period.. You know the part “Cruel and Unusal Punishment”

          • Torture that ends in death at the hands of a Muslim extremist is cruel and unusual. Torture has been going on for thousands of years.

          • We are not talking about thousands of years. We are talking about United States Government officials committing acts that are not only against the Constitution but are against a number of Treaties we have signed with other Nations. We are talking about UNLAWFUL acts plain and Simple. You want to be Concerned about something Be concerned about The TSA or Homeland Security or NSA. The TSA has documented case after case of their people Stealing from the American Public. Homeland Security does not need to exist as that should be a function of the FBI . And NSA they were give free rein by the Patriot ACT.

          • Rick, “cruel and unusual punishment” applies to criminals in the United States who commit crimes, and forbids exorbitant punishment by the law and courts.

          • Rick, I need to state that the Constitution IS a set of guidelines for all of humanity. But it was developed explicitly for America.

          • Rick, I’m sure you must have heard the saying that “All is fare in love and War.” prefer love instead of war, but sometimes you have to fight to protect your self…and your country. I am personally convinced that America is in a war with radical Muslims. I fought in war and I don’t recommend it, but I did what I had to do, and actually didn’t mind it so much because I thought of my family and my country, And a beautiful young lady waiting for me to come back…and she married me!

          • First off people start wars then they want to make up rules to fight by some one killed in war is just as dead no matter how they were killed. In the US after we go to war we want to have “rules of engagement” which are rules that our soldiers are supposed to abide by & some of those rules are so stupid they have had to be made up by bleeding heart liberals

          • Thank you for your service. That comes from the bottom of my heart.

          • Wow! I made some egregious typos!! I mispelled “fair” and left an “I” out of the start pf the second sentence. My ooops! BUt I really am brighter than that!! Honestly!!

          • The constitution is for citizens of the US of A not for foreigners in other lands it just doesn’t apply to them. That’s why they were sent to Gitmo so they wouldn’t have those rights & at first the SCOTUS agreed it was much later that they started letting them have that protections (to bad for us)

          • And that statement is your problem. The rights outlined in the Constitution are rights of every man woman and Child. They are basic human Rights.. When you start creating a class of people with limited Rights it makes it a lot easier if you decide you want to bomb or kill them in the future.

          • So you think that the constitution pertains to every one no matter what country they live in? Gee how could I be so dumb as to think that it only applied to America, maybe you should tell the rest of the world that they have all the rights we have try starting in Russia I am sure they would welcome the news

          • When you start picking and choosing that Rights below to what group your heading down a road you don’t want to travel. Because its not that far a reach that some Group someday might decide those Rights DON’T apply to you.

          • Oh yes I want to know if you know what the first sentence of the constitution say. We the people of the united states in order to form a more perfect union establish domestic

          • Yes and as I have been in a long discussion with others on here how about this piece of History. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The rights talked about are Human Rights and belong to every person on the face of the Planet. Unless of course your saying some of them AREN’T Human.

          • “What goes around, comes around”. This simplified version of Karma applies to American troops. When we engage in torture, we legitimize the torture of out men and women in uniform.

            Your “moral high ground” is on the stinking bottom of some horrible swampland.

          • Your reply to my post has me baffled I never mention troops or torture & depending on the issue I don’t have, ‘moral high ground” & also have no idea what you are talking about, do You?

          • The 8th Amendment applies Americans convicted of crimes under U.S. laws; Not military combatants who have declared war, dominance, or attacked U.S. with intent to damage or destroy our Country, our Gov, our culture, or deny us our Freedoms under our Constitution, Declaration of INDEPENDENCE, and the British Magna Carta.

          • Unfortunately Article 6 says that any treaty under the authority of The United States as the weight of the law of the land. We signed and Ratified those two treaties that said we would not torture so to do so is Going against the law of the land and Violates Article 6

          • I don’t give a Tinkers damn who witnessed it .. I did not vote for Nancy Pelosi and if she did she is as guilt of commenting a crime as the people that ordered it in the first place. unlike a lot of things that some people around here “claim to be unconstitutional” Torture is cruel and unusual punishment it is in most cases perform against people that have not had their day in court so are being considered guilty until proven innocent.

          • Nobody voted for Pelosi, the elections are fixed in California.

          • And you’ve been tortured how many times? & how many ways. & you confessed all???

          • Cancel Torture has been studied and the information obtain from it looked out for the last 50 years. And all the studies say the same thing. Information is not reliable because there comes a point then the person being tortured will till you exactly what they think you want to hear to stop the Torture. You don’t have to experience everything to learn about it. I mean I know from Studies and Experiments that if you jump out of a Plane at 30,000 feet your with a parachute your going to make a nice splat when you hit the ground But I don’t have to try it my self to know that.

          • Excuse me gentlemen for putting an old soldier’s opinion in, but you are both a bit right. The Bill of Rights should be for all Americans as long as they are here legally. If you do not think one law should apply to you then you have the right to just skip others as well. The law may say all are created equal but we all know that is a bunch of naïve crap. There is a lady born in America who cannot get a SS card replaced because a thief stole her picture too, but an illegal alien can get a driver’s license showing a power bill. There is an American born mother of two daughters whose husband deserted her for another woman who gets about a hundred dollars to feed the three of them while an illegal mother with two daughters gets a bit over six hundred dollars to feed them. Equal? And as a PS I have been tortured. I have been in the hands of the enemy. If I was captured, or my husband, or my children, or my grandchildren I would have not wanted 5 terrorists set free to kill more people in this country or any other country.

          • Keyword Americans are someone whom was born in or is a citizen of The United States of America and FYI those scumbags and our president Who called my unit a$$holes to are face while we were in Iraq fighting for this awesome country that was founded on Christian Values and belifies,and the belief that the Bill of Rights will guide for this country to flourish but all these democrats and republicans deface and stomp on it every day and not with hold there oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America

          • I am an Army nurse who served in Shield/Storm and this war. You are all the greatest of men and although this country is in the hands of the enemy within the people of this country, most of it, love, respect and admire each and everyone of you.

            I never met a soldier I did not like and I have met thousands. During this war alone I saw 30 to 40 a day in the RR or DWMMC for over a year same with Shield/Storm. Your the best this country has to offer and I am so proud to have served with you all.

          • Thank you, Rick. These people have abandoned their humanity. I hope they never move next door to me.

          • You de3finitely have a skewed view of what Bush and Cheney did. What would be your choices in acting to defend America?

          • Rudy that is a fair question and I give you an answer. 1. One I would not have attacked a country that had nothing to do with the 9/11 Attack. It removed forces from the theater they should have been in which was Afghanistan. It also allowed a Power Vacuum in that country that has now been filled by a number of Former Followers of Sadam. I would have made it clear to the Iraqi government that if they don’t sign forces agreement not to come running to us if they find themselves with their feet in the Fire again. I would not have left the problem for another President to try and correct. And I would not have allowed my VP to commission reports on how to get the Iraqi Oil industry up and Running and how to control it once I did. WHICH CHENEY Did and then handed it to Halliburton in a no bid Contract. Its funny it really does not matter if you put your stock holdings in a blind trust if one of the things you do is make sure you can give about 39 billion in US TAX PAYER DOLLARS to your former Company. Some of you might not agree with everything (or anything I say) but do you honestly believe we could not have found uses for that money right here on our Roads, Bridges, and Schools. how many Thousands of College loans could have been given to people that are studying to be our next Doctors, scientist, and Teachers. You know the ones that all of use maybe in need of one day.

          • So, we would have good roads and other infrastructure when the terrorists attack America? I think there is a hard choice that needed to be made, and while I never like war, I do know that there are circumstances that make it necessary. Many wars, or perhaps most of them, are begun on a weak pretense. But sometimes the advantages outweigh the negative aspects. I served in the Korean War. I certainly didn’t like, and I most certainly didn’t enjoy it, but I could never be convinced that it wasn’t necessary and eventually helpful to America. I believe we do owe assistance to our friends. I would not want South Korea to be under the malignant rule of North Korea and its evil regime.

          • Rudy a lot of the hatred has grown is the fact we have killed thousands of Non Combatants in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. All that does is help the terrorist recruit new members. I mean how hard is it to believe that a son might hate the country that killed his Father or brother or mother and sisters. We took the 3000 plus killed in 9/11 and gave it back to them 10 fold. After 9/11 yes I wanted the ones that did it to pay. But we started killing the wrong ones? No country has ever won a war against terrorism. because the very act of war does nothing but create new Terrorist. Ever war in the last 50 years except for Korean there has been a form of Guerilla warfare involved and Guerilla warfare is nothing more than Terrorism. I can’t even count the number of times I have read “KILL THEM ALL AND LET GOD SORT THEM OUT” on this website.. And the thing is .. You will never Kill them all and some day their sons and Daughters are going to come looking for those that tried to Kill them all. I am so ready to see the Human race start to grow up because if we don’t grow up The Human race will join the rest of the Failed Species that have lived on this planet in extinction.

          • Rick, I wholeheartedly agree that the idea of “KILL THEM ALL AND LET GOD SORT THEM OUT,” is a silly and evil idea. It is a barbaric idea that if others are killed in warfare it’s okay. Perhaps it was God’s will. But as I indicated, war is horrible and we should never enjoy it. And it is sad that in pursuing a war that is valid there are many innocents that are casualties. But in fighting a war there is no way to avoid the deaths of innocents. However, I think the way Israel warns the people of Gaza where they are going to bomb or shell is an amazing way to minimize the deaths of those who are not soldiers. However, Hamas deliberately places their missiles in schools and neighborhoods where there will definitely be such deaths and they use such deaths as an evil action by Israel. Would it be good for Israel not to return fire on Hamas? I don’t think so. Certainly, the deaths of innocents is a horrible aspect of war, but does a nation simply endure the evil attacks of the enemy and not seek to defend itself? It that were the case, nation after nation would have a brief existence on this planet. There have always been terrorists, and there will always be until the end of time, but to declare terrorists as an unconquerable enemy is self des destructive for any nation. The time is coming when there will no longer be wars, but a time of absolute peace when the Lord returns to earth. He is the Prince of Peace and there is no peace without being obedient to Him. I am grateful that I know Him personally as my Lord and Savior, and He has given me the “peace of God that surpasses all understanding.” I pray for that peace in every life.

          • If that brings you peace then I wish you all the best.

          • Rick Rodgers, “Political Scientist extraordinaire.”

          • Thank you for your service.

          • The “power vacuum” was created by 0bama. 0bama held all the cards, he could have negotiated a status of forces agreement, but chose not to because 0bama wanted out of Iraq. Bush was NOT in office, don’t fall for the Bush’s fault crap.
            0bama owns this, no way around it.

          • You seem to forget that in October 2008 George W. Bush was president when the Status of Forces Agreement was drafted and ratified by Iraqi lawmakers a month later in November 2008. That Agreement stated that ““All the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory no later than December 31, 2011” So you wanted him to keep him there in violation of a Signed agreement? The Iraqi government could have renegotiated the agreement and President Obama approached them about it but they turned him down. Sorry but FORCING your WILL on another State is not Diplomacy its the Act of an Invader ( or sorry I forgot Bush and Cheney Made this country an Invader much the same way as Putin is with Ukraine in present times)

          • You seem to have forgotten that that was when Bush was in office and Bush had control of the situation.

            0bama did not negotiate, he could have but refused. 0bama wanted out, 0bama purposefully set the residual levels below what was recommended by the Military and knew that Malike could not and would not agree to the terms.

            So, 0bama got what he wanted, 0bama got out, all by himself, 0bama is responsible for the situation in Iraq right now

          • Bush Could not control himself in the Bathroom let alone anything thing else. OR do I need to point out he was so well “respected” by the Republican Party as a whole that there have been two Republican Presidential Conventions since he left office and he appeared by invitation at NEITHER OF THEM. Also MahB001 I am still waiting for you to show me President Obama’s Signature on the Status of Forces agreement in 2008. You won’t because it was Signed IN October of 2008 a month before Obama was elected to his first term. So he is enforcing a treaty signed by Bush that was agreed upon and worked out with the Iraqi Government that was Setup up By Bush but its Obama’s fault that about Right? Now who is making excuses. Sounds like maybe it was a bad Treaty to me. Why don’t you just come out and admit the who Iraqi adventure was a lie and a mistake from start to finish. There will never be peace in any portion of the Middle East or Persian Gulf until those People decide they have had enough.

          • Insults then deflections. Typical. Tired, old school bullying. Every Military advisor out there gave 0bama advice, and he didn’t listen to any of them. 0bama and 0bama alone acted to get the US out of Iraq, and to throw away all the gains that were accomplished with precious blood.
            Bush had nothing to do with it. 0bama’s misguided self actions put the country were it is right now. All 0bama had to do is listen to ONE of the military advisors, but none of them recommended a troop level low enough for 0bama.
            I’ll tell you what, I am all for withdrawing all our precious troop, putting them in defensive positions on our open borders and letting 0bama return to the golf course for the rest of his term.
            At that point we will have an opportunity to put someone into office that at least on face value is responsible for his/her actions. And that would not be Clinton. She is a liar as well.

          • So your going to ignore the Basic Fact that the Status of Forces Agreement was Signed by President Bush and was approved by Congress. All President Obama did was follow thru with an Agreement that would not be changed by the Iraqis without making changes that would have subjected our service men to oversight by Iraqi Law. It does not matter what OBama wanted to do unless the Iraqi’s Agree then we become an Invader in Iraq again and history shows no country ever keeps Allies by invading other countries.

          • it does not matter what 0bama wanted to do, because 0bama did what he wanted to do. And that was throw away all the gains our brave forces accomplished.
            0bama could have and should have negotiated a proper status forces agreement, Bush would have. Romney would have, 0bama didn’t want to. That is NOT Bush’s fault.

          • THats Crap pure and Simple. The reason there was no renegotiated Agreement was for one reason and one reason only.. The Iraqis did not want it. Or maybe your ok with being an invader in someone else’s Country.

          • Actually, no it isn’t. The Iraqis wanted more protection or none at all. 0bama purposely set the troop numbers below what OUR Generals recommended, strictly for political reasons. Maliki knew he was unprotected and felt betrayed by the USA. All 0bama had to do was listen to his Generals and set the troop numbers accordingly, It was 0bama’s decisions and actions that got the US out of Iraq prematurely, it is because of 0bama’s arrogance and unwillingness to listen to America Generals that we have to go back and will no doubt lose more lives. those lives will be on 0bama.
            What I don’t buy is the crap that you swallow about America invading for less than noble reasons. You have zero proof that Bush lied about WMDs, and yet your bigotry allows you to swallow the shit the main stream media feeds you.
            America and Americans are good decent people and we went into Iraq for the same reasons, 0bama is staying in Iraq. So quit being a hypocrite.

          • Good stuff. Rick I agree with you about this. Keep up the good work..

          • Rick, it seems that even the good guys(That’s a relative assessment!) do bad things and make horrendous mistakes. I have been around a long time and have been under several presidents. Not one of them had been perfect, but the best I have seen was Ronald Reagan, an imperfect man who made good decision and brought our nation out of the doldrums that Jimmy Carter put us in. But our current president is making decisions that are bringing us down to the level of a third world country…or less!

          • And how do you know this? You have a direct line to government??? BS!!!

      • And Obama follows it as well.

      • You mean the same Patriot Act that Senator Obama voted to renew again, and again?

    • How about calling them ” illegal undocumented people” in the US? Also now they are talking about bailing out the insurance companies in the ACA.

    • In my postings, I always call it the Unaffordable No Care Act, which is correct. No one seems to mind.

      • Excellent,
        A while back I started spelling 0bama’s name with a zero instead of an O, based on a similar suggestion I got from a post. Now my spell checker has given up on trying to correct me.
        BTW using the 0 saves some time, you do not have to hit the shift key…
        Unaffordable Care Act, is what it is from now on. But that ruins the oxymoron.

  2. All the “Acts” are misnamed and misleading. Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act, Dream Act,,,etc.

  3. I began teaching in a smaller rural school in 1970. This would be grades 4-6 and ages 9-12. Almost all boys carried a knife in their pocket. Many boys , upon getting home from school, headed to the barn and used their knives for such “criminal activity” as cutting baling twine off bales. It was not uncommon for boys to show up for their school bus rides with a bow or a cased rifle/shotgun for speech class. The firearm/bow was delivered to the speech classroom and used for their demonstration, after school the whole process was reversed. Boys would get into a scrap during noon, but no knife was a weapon.
    By the time I retired in ’05 it wasn’t uncommon to have either a teacher or a student sent by a teacher step in to borrow a knife/ multi-tool. A friend and I seemed to be the only ones carrying. They were still getting zippers stuck or shoe laces in incredible knots.
    In about a generation, we as a society created a whole mountain of fear and tools became weapons.

    • I attended Kindergarten in the basement of a Church in 1968 in Frankfort, KY and remember frequently bringing my cap pistols for ‘show-and-tell’, try that today and administrators will call the state police, the BATF, CPS, and the child’s parents to arrest them for allowing a child to have ‘weapons’ of mass destruction around other children.

    • Yup, a young boy was suspended from school last year for making a gun out of a pop tart.

  4. the whole idea is u r still talking about the same issue they just want u to not think that. goebbels did it for Hitler and Cass Sunstein whose wife is s power our un ambas. does it for ovomit. samething

  5. The libtards still trying to get more of this…

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but 
not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or 
to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a 
check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not 
to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that 
was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from 
owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty 
F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but 
not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make 
you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is
 run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a 
wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman 
in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head 
searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but 
is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions 
of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his 
teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class 
in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more 
government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with 
Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free
 cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses 
but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to 
provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment 
checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was 
diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest 
big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a 
wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government 
forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a
 nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself 
makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, author unknown, please spread it far and wide!

    • If you just Jeff Foxworthy has your sage you might be uneducated? Why do you think they picked him for the Game show??

      • Better than the Porch Monkey You LIBS jammed into the WH ……..

        • Last thing I have to say to you is that there is a special Place in Hell for Bigots like you and I hope you enjoy the weather.

          • With the posts you have here, I know you will be in Hell. Your bigoted language is a real Hell pleaser. Enjoy your GLOBAL WARMING, as Hell is the real deal. It doesn’t take an Al Hore to see the real deal.

          • Funny because the one way to make sure you never go wrong is to follow the Golden Rule. Which is what I do in every Dealing I have with every person I meet. But you have to draw the line somewhere and Bigots are the line. So use I guess you could say I am a bigot but I am a bigot against OTHER BIGOTS.

          • A bigot by any other name, still makes you a bigot. Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black.

          • Using your reasoning would make Jesus a bigot as well. See he was against injustice, Poverty, War, Sickness, prejudice and Greed. Something that were is plenty of calls for in every Tea party Rally I have ever seen. So remember those WWJD bracelets going around.. Somehow I don’t think would be send immigrant Children back to the countries they came from where a number of them were killed on their Return. Or that it would be Cut the money to help feed the poor so a rich man can save on Taxes.

          • You are an outrageous liar. You have never been to a Tea Party rally. You don’t even know what the Tea Party stands for. Jesus was against lying.

          • Dang Jesus was against Lying huh.. Guess All those ridiculous Talking heads at Fox news are going to have plenty to answer for in the afterlife.

    • Frank, you have repeated this rant in every comment that you have made in all of the Conservative forums. Do you just go in find it, copy it and slaper up there again in case anyone missed it?

      • keep up the good work, Frank!! Maybe it will sink in; however, I won’t hold my breath as liberals don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t match their P.C. BS !!

      • Yes, absolutely, as I’ve said before, Truth is Truth and everyone I can get the truth to, I will!

      • Terry, does the truth scare you?

        • Problem is studi30, I have known this stuff for a long, long, time. Now if Frank was to post the solution, instead of repeating the same he he ho ho complaint, I would be interested.

          • Vote Republican in November, even if you have to hold your nose as you pull the lever. If during the 2012 elections, Republicans hadn’t refused to vote for a Mormon and stayed home, we wouldn’t have this travesty in the WH causing more mischief.

          • If you look it up, you will find that Obama won less than half of the states that Romney did, but naturally they were the big demo states, NY, Cal. etc. with huge populations. Also they were States that had no voter I.D. Law on the books. You are only talking about the 2016 Presidential election, since of the seats that are up for election this November, only 8-9% are actually up for grabs, the rest are, due to political party manipulation of the districts, “in the bag”. That is why, when the RNC or the DNC are pushing candidates they are always the same ones!
            In my opinion the GOP has not put up a decent candidate since Reagan, and that was for his second term! Still want to know where Obama came from……??

    • I’m a seventy year old originally from a small town. Often a teacher would ask “who has a knife?” Virtually every boy in the class did. She’d either ask to borrow it or ask the student to do whatever she needed done with it. The fifth/sixth grade teacher gave every boy in the room a knife for Christmas. I took a firearm to school twice (not the same one). I took them to the Ag shop. One was to refinish the stock and the second was to fit a stock to a barreled action. Times have changed and not for the better.

      • they have just 36 years ago I was on a high school Rifle Team. The sort that shot real life .22 Target Rifles. We keep them locked in a safe with about 4 large bricks of ammo.

        • My high school had a rifle team also. We took our .22 rifles to school, put them in the boy’s vice principals office in a gun rack he had made at home and went to class. After the 3PM bell we would go back to his office, retrieve our rifles and walk to the range behind the bleachers on the football field. Nobody called the police, nobody feinted, nobody panicked and believe it or not, nobody opened fire and killed a bunch of people. Just to add a footnote here, this was in a high school in Los Angeles, Kalifornicate. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT ???

          • my hi schools in Los Angeles, actually Inglewood, also had a rifle and pistol(revolver) team that shot at the shooting range in Centinela park just off Florence blvd. at Prairie.

        • Fifty years ago a lot of guys had a shotgun in their dorm room during pheasant season. The town I left in 1976 for the Army, every other pickup that rolled into town had one or two guns on a rack in the back window. Never a gunshot or murder. I have a good friend who’s a Jew and goes to Israel from time to time. He likes to say “an armed society is a polite society.” Too bad there wasn’t a half dozen (or the victims themselves) with pistols on that subway platform when the hatchet man showed up like there was in the plant where the “decapitator” showed up.

  6. “Negro” means black in Spanish,”Redskin” is a term that the”Native Americans” gave themselves,while calling white people “White Eyes,Paleface”,etc. Few people actually are offended by these words until they are told that they should be! I’m not offended by “Cracker”,”Whitey” ,”Gringo”,”Guerro”or other names that I’ve been called,as nobody has told me to whine! All of this changing of language is reminiscent of other dictatorships that control their subjects through manipulation of culture and language. Look for the FEMA camps to be used for re-education!

    • lha: It brings to mind the picture of the three monkeys. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Liberals don’t want to hear anything but P.C. They are so sensitive!!

    • Any name the left can come up with that means “White Man” is A Okay with me. They don’t even have to say “Sir” cause how ever they say White I know it’s implied.

      • I’m proud to be a Caucasian. Besides, I can’t change my skin color this late in the game.

        • how doing something amazing and admit your proud to be a human instead.. No Race is superior to any other for the simple reason that under the skin we are all the same. I am sure you have heard the line before. “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” and Yes Women are part of that men Statement as well.

      • Don’t worry you won’t get a Sir from me.. that indicates Respect and there was nothing about you that deserves that.

    • Call me anything, but don’t call me late to dinner.

  7. Gee I don’t know why isn’t ok to referrer to Southern people as Crackers, Rednecks, Hillbillies, Or Tea Party Members as Tea Baggers…

    • Your “hatred” is still “hatred” , Rick. I guess that when you went to your progressive school, they didn’t teach American History, otherwise you would have learned what the real “Tea Party” was all about!!

      • The Current tea Party (or the American Ebola Party ) in its current form has NOTHING to do with the Original Tea Party. The Idea of a Grass Roots movement was Destroyed when They let the KOCH Brothers buy them lock stock and Barrel. As for Hatred.. Well lets just say I return what I get from the readers of this website you don’t want hatred then don’t throw it at me .. I fight back.

        • Sorry Rick. No sale! The current Tea Party stands for “limited” government. Not the current Marxist style of Obama. You neglected to mention your Messiah, George Soros who is bent on one world government with him in control. His ego is even bigger than Obamas!Why didn’t you blame Ebola on the NRA? Be careful what you wish for, you could get a “one Party” system which wouldcancel out the constitution. Obama & Holder see it as an inconvenience to their plans to “Change America.” I wonder how your female friends will fare under “Shariah ” law??

          • Dear lord do you even understand what your writing. Don’t you understand The GOP Christian RIght Platform is more like SHARIAH LAW then anything ever put out by any member of the Democratic Party. You know from the 60’s on The Democratic Party changed for one big Reason.. The Southern Bigots switch to the Republican Party.

          • You need to change the tinfoil in your hat .. it’s slipping to the LEFT!

          • roflmao @ mac boy…I love it when you get fired up..

          • Actually, he should pull it out of his butt, as it is causing brain damage.

          • The Democrat party opposes everything and attempts to force feed every socialist scheme my homesteader grandparents stood for. I’d just as soon see the Democrat party gone.

          • George Wallace did not change his party !!!

          • Nor did Byrd.

          • Dear Lord, do you even understand what you are writing? You don’t understand because you are an atheist, far left Libterd, or I even think you can be a white trash, white supremacist.

          • Then its pretty clear you have not bothered to read and understand what I was saying. IF I was an Atheist (which I am not) That would be no ones business but mine. If I decide to pray to god in Private (Like Jesus said to do) that is no ones business but mine. The fact is when you write down the stated Goals of the Tea Party and Compare it to the Stated Goals of the Taliban just leave out the Name God or Allah they are exactly the same. in fact they are pretty close to the doctrine of control that Fascist believe in. oh one other think how does me saying ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL and All of us are the same under the skin make me a piece of trash white Supremacist. Only sheets I own are on my bed and they aren’t white and don’t have eyeholes cut in them.

        • You don’t have a clue LIB …
          Go finish your Kool-Aid ………

          • Oh I have more then a Clue I have the entire case laid out that proves that people that Call themselves Liberals more closely follow the Teaching of Jesus then any want to be Tea Bagger ever has.

          • Really? Jesus was pro-choice? HA!

          • Ok. I challenge you NO I Dare you to find and quote me one passage in the King James Bible that has Jesus saying anything about abortion or Gays.. Come on.. If your so sure of youself it should be easy. I remember a line from a Movie back in the 1970.. A phony TV Preacher was making up words that he said were from God.. God came back and told him to shut up.

          • I’m not a Christian, you brought it up. I doubt that he would think killing babies or inciting argument was a good thing.

          • If you read the Old Testament part of your Bible, you will see much against homos, beastiallity and abortions. Since Jesus was a devout Jew who followed the Old Testament, you are wrong.

          • Again same Challege.. Show me one Passage one Quote that is suppose to be the word of Jesus that says that and I grant you I was mistaken. Don’t tell me what you think he believed in. Because one of those Old Testament beliefs was not to go against the Temple Leaders.. Something he did very well.

          • Since the Old Testament is not the word of Jesus, I can’t possibly show you anything said by Jesus. I can say that the Old Testament came 3000 years before Jesus, and he as a pious Jew, followed the Old Testament. Using deductive reasoning, we can safely say that Jesus, as a pious Jew, believed God’s word that homosexuality and beastiality was forbidden. The New Testament which came 300 years after Jesus’s death, also repeats the words of the Old Testament. To see the words, you must read the first part of your Bible, the Old Testament. You, like the KKK, who hate Blacks, Jews and Catholics, believe that Catholics must us a priest as an intercessor in praying to God.

          • So then all these people that are claiming things that suppose to have been said by Jesus you know people like Michelle Bachmann, Pat Robertson, Mike Huckberry are all making stuff out there where is no quoted reference. FYI.. the supposed Holy Men that were in charge of the Hebrew Faith were the ones that turned him over to the Romans weren’t they.. Weren’t they supposed Men of God as well?

        • sandraleesmith46

          “Taxed Enough Already” is what both tea parties are/were abiut!

          • Sandra Lee Smith I will give you that it was the original purpose but the leaders you elected to congress made it their mission to cut the taxes of those that did not need it and raise the Taxes of those that need it the most. I was all for the original purpose as a tool to cut programs that don’t work in place of common sense programs that do. But The WRONG PEOPLE got involved and have twisted it so much that comparisons to the Taliban are shocking accurate.

          • Thank you for speaking the truth and trying to have an honest conversation about how we’re all getting played by BOTH parties. Register Independent!

          • My brother claims to be an independent, as he tows the far left Libterd line. Do you?

          • Independent means not Rep or Dem, two wings of the same vulture. Independents don’t have much of a chance in this 2 party system, better to change the Rep’s to Conservatives. Conservatives are closer to Ron Paul. Independents are a 3rd party. Anybody that is against anything Ron Paul is for post it here. I want to smack you silly and will.

          • sandraleesmith46

            That has less to do with the TEA Party, and more to do with how Congress has actually functioned for the past century and more. No one gets onto a national level ballot, without signing onto the NWO agenda. That’s not the fault of the TEA Party, except insofar as they either don’t accept that fact (denial) or are ignorant of it still. Ultimately, the candidated hace betrayed them, as they’ve done all Americans, and continue to do.

          • You know you had me willing to listen till you threw out the NWO.. So what do a group of wrestlers have to do with Politics.

          • NWO has NOTHING to do with WRESTLING; more like wresting things from you, like your personal property, liberties, and life!

          • I am Sorry Sandralee but the only NWO that has ever been proven to exist is the wrestling team. The rest is just a myth.. Unless you want to consider the Christian Right that seems to think that is ok to force their Religion on everyone and that theirs is the only Religion that should be allowed Rights. That sort of sounds like a Desire to form a new world order. And before you say anything. I am not Anti Christian I am against the Self Righteous Christians. You know the ones that should remember the statement “pride cometh before the fall” or “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” I am against those Like Pat Robertson that think they speak for God. Boy are they going to be in for a shock standing in from of St. Peter the key holder of the Gates of Heaven.

          • The New World Order doesn’t exist because we don’t want it to.
            To me, you are in the same group as Pat Robertson, fakes. Nobody speaks for God.

          • hmm I don’t see where I was saying I speak for God.. There is a difference in Quoting and saying “those are Gods Words” which I don’t do.

          • The ONLY religion being forced on anyone these days, is Islam, unless you consider perversion a “religion”. As for the NWO, denial and/or ignorance is “bliss”.

          • I’m sorry Sandra, but the thing that is the absolute worst about these liberals with the “crazies” is that they just don’t have any damn manners and are NOT inherently kind or decent people, and they don’t think it’s important. That’s what separates us from them. They can can only come to no good in the end.

          • Sadly, that’s true. They also feel no accountability toward others, whatever, which adds to the problem.

        • Another Koch obsessed libtard. They employ 60,000 people and donate millions to hospitals and schools. Democrat donor George Soros is a convicted felon and a Nazi sympathizer. Another democrat donor, Tom Styer was involved in a 60 million dollar Ponsi scheme in the 90’s. Low lives donate democrat, Jethro.

          • They pollute Thousands of acres of Land, They Buy politications by the Dozens, They pollute Ground water by pumping poison into the ground by FRACKING. They are behind a massive voter Fraud efford in North Carolina where their groups are sending out bogus information where you go to vote in Democratic Areas of the State. They are a couple of Rich Brats that never worked up a Sweat doing a hard days work in their life. They were Given everything they have. They also Are behind a pipleline that will allow Canadian Oil to be piped thru the United States were it can be sold to other Countries. That’s the biggest fraud off all that the Keystone pipeline is going to help with our energy needs. How exactly is that going to work then the Oil gets sold to China, and other countries. Must be a good trick. They are SCUM just like their father and their Grandfather the Nazis lover was.

          • Did you hear about the EPA official who was fired for his false claims about fracking? He hook up gas to a faucet and lit it on fire for the cameras. The left wing media, as usual smears anyone on the right especially the Koch brothers. They donate to republicans and are free market capitalists.
            Keystone would bring down the price of oil and create jobs. Lower fuel prices brings down the cost of food and all goods. Open offshore. When gas prices were rising during the Bush administration he opened offshore and before they even started drilling oil prices went down 13% in one month. Drilling on public land would also bring down prices. That would help the middle class and also the poor and create a booming economy. 13 million business have gone bankrupt during the current administration. Last Friday the jobs report came out and I think it was 248,000, but during the same week 284,000 applied for unemployment. They never tell you those figures from BLS. That report comes out every thursday, four times a month and it’s usually 300,000+ a week.
            The Kennedys and even Henry Ford also knew Hitler before WW2. So what? Soros collaborated with them DURING WW2. The Koch brothers are successful business men Soros is a convicted felon. Soros is scum and Obama resides in his wallet pocket. Did you know that Soros has vast Rail Road stocks? The rail road also carries oil, the most dangerous way to transport it. No crony capitalism there, right Jethro?

    • sandraleesmith46

      The last is a very disgusting homosexual practice, nothing to do with the TEA Party!

      • Acutally I coined the term from a poster I saw at a Tea Party Rally.. It said she was TEA BAGGING” for Jesus.. SO don’t blame me for using a term I hear them use themselves a number of times. IF you don’t believe me then go to a search engine and type in “Tea Bagging for Jesus” and see what Comes up under images.

        • Dude, I you seem way to intelligent to have fallen for a plant, and not spotting it !
          I mean you really didn’t know ??

          • Dude that was just the first one I had on my search.. That term was used by a lot more then Just her during the first 6 months of the “tea party” And I laugh every time because I knew they did not know what they were saying. oh and its not just a homosexual Practice. Have heard women say they were teabagged in they writing before.

  8. Let the crazy b!tch call them what she wants. Everyone knows what they are and what she is

  9. “Progressive” has become a fancy word for Socialist/Communist. These people are the intellectual liberal elite among us, who would homogenize the earth with the mixing and intermarrying of races, until the world is populated with yellowish-brownish people all of a color and mentality, living in cookie-cutter box houses like the apt. buildings in Moscow, and marching off in the a.m. to their menial jobs providing profits to the corrupt dictatorship they live under.
    Count me out, I’m 82 now; it pains me to see what my grandchildren are about to experience in the (former) United States of America.
    Voters had better make a clean sweep of Congress, in the next 3 elections, and elect an American statesman (if they can find one) to lead a crusade against this abomination, or all will be lost, and the US will join the poverty-stricken, crime-ridden 3rd World. Utopians are insane, and should be housed in FEMA camps until they come down from their ivory towers and join the human race again, IMHO

    • slotiac, based on the first part of your comment, I could also say that conservative is a fancy word for racist.
      Respectfully I must assume that you are enjoying Social Security and Medicare, both are benefits of our social democracy. I agreed with you on Congress though. Why are we (likely) about to reelect these clowns that we only hold at a 10% approval rating?

      • To change an Obozo the Clown quote, “I paid for that”. The Federal government was supposed to bank all that money I contributed to my SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT. It is not the government’s right too steal from me.

        • I’m not sure I understand what specifically happened to you that you’re upset about. Are you being denied your Social Security payment? Right, I didn’t think so…

          • Erin Please, must I keep telling you, your ignorance is showing!

          • Yes, I am collecting Social Security. After paying into it for 55 years, I am entitled to get back what I invested for my future. Yes, I am collecting Medicare, but I must pay $104 a month for part B and a deductible of $147 a year for part B. You can label it Socialism if you like, as it doesn’t matter. I don’t think it is Socialism, but the First Amendment gives you the right to call it what you like.

      • Erin…he worked his whole life paying into Social Security…nowadays social security pays 25 year old with kids social security or its equivalent… hardly a question asked…explain that Erin…

        • lv, you have changed the subject. I was calling studi out on “the government stealing his Social Security account”. As he explained, this has not happened. Again, you’ve been played by your party into attacking poor people rather than the billionaires who get rich off our government. Wake up people.

      • Erin please, your ignorance is showing!

      • Erin said, I could also say that conservative is a fancy word for racist.
        Girl, you are way off base. I’m a Conservative and not a racist. I think this country would be a lot better off following Ron Paul, don’t spend more then we have. Balance the budget. Audit the Fed. Stop nation building, back up paper money with a tangible source. Most Americans want Ron Paul, communists and socialists don’t. This year we are counting the votes at the polls, don’t try to steal them.

        Erin, get your facts straight about S.S. I payed for it, the govt. held it for me and used it until I wanted it back. That’s it, it is not a govt. entitlement and never was. Progressives can’t stand the fact that its my money and the govt. is stealing it. Are you a member of the DSA? You sound like you are.

        • I see you choose to leave out the beginning of my reply to that guy. Wow, you seem to be eager to defend someone’s rant about race mixing, “brown people” etc.

          • Erin, from what I read in his post he is against race-mixing. I personally am also against it. If you are also this thread can stop.

            slotiac32 said, “Progressive” has become a fancy word for Socialist/Communist. These people are the intellectual liberal elite among us, who would homogenize the earth with the mixing and intermarrying of races, until the world is populated with yellowish-brownish people all of a color and mentality, living in cookie-cutter box houses like the apt. buildings in Moscow, and marching off in the a.m. to their menial jobs providing profits to the corrupt dictatorship they live under.
            Count me out,

          • I believe that all men are created equal with unalienable rights. I have no problem with anyone marrying whoever they wish. I am done with this thread.

    • Actually slotiac, “Utopians” are traitors and need to be hung if they’ve acted on their ‘I hate America and Americans’ bents. Or deported to N Korea or Cuba if they haven’t acted on them.

    • slotiac32, I resent the word “intellectual” when referring to liberals. My IQ will compare with just about any of them. I have often said that so my “intellectuals” do some of the dumbest things! Being smart doesn’t mean a person doesn’t act in a dumb manner. Just consider so many of the stupid ideas the foolish “elite” have brought into our education. Liberals, or as they prefer, the euphemism “progressives,” do not realize their stupidity.

      • It’s like words that get replaced because people don’t like what they stand for, Graveyard, Cemetery, Lawn Park. Socialists, Liberals, Progressives. First Bills were misnamed, the Patriot Act has nothing to do with being a patriot. They got away with that. The GMO fiasco, I just got a flier that called it a Farm Bill that would destroy farmers. Pay no mind to the tests that show animal damage, it’s all about making more money the easy way. I like the slogan “say no to gmo’s” So there are a lot of liars out there, obama is an example.

        How do you tell a lier from one who tells the truth? It’s not true that everyone lies a little. A person that lies to deceive should have a date tattoo by a Liars Court so we can tell he’s a lier each time he is proven guilty.

  10. Heh, heh, I can’t understand or speak leftish.

  11. Yup last year my new years vow was to never be pc again……Call it what it is

  12. Hey, l see a lot of news letters using US instead of USA, so why is that, sicken me to the gut.

    • THAT’s what you’re worrying about? Really?

      • No, l just wondering why it is not USA any more…. Not happy about it but not worried about it. I am more concern over the Obama policy in whole. May be l should have not mention it, but seems like people wanting to use words or names and want to censor so many things and calling it racism.. it is the changes that we are use to and never had problems with it before.
        It is like when Michelle Obama wanting to ban the word Bossy, now you are going to think this is silly, but l have cows, two with names Bossy and Bessy, was l to change the one cow’s name to please Michelle Obama ? Or Changing REDSKINs, l am part redskin, I do not see where this is racism… l am not a shame of it. Just all seems silly… Again, this is my personal opinion. l am sick to death on all this dividing people into groups and the race cards.

        • Well stated Dusty, but I can’t blame the First Lady for trying to be an advocate for young girls. Please, I don’t want to overstate the case, but it’s not right that strong women get labeled as bit_ches, and maybe this does start with how we think of strong young ladies.

        • Democrats and Republicans want and need to keep us divided. It is all about control. the two parties at the top are getting harder and harder to tell apart, except, one would rule by socialism, the other by Capitalism or a corrupted Big Government version of Capitalism.

      • Go back to sleep Erin.


    NO DEMS!

    NO RINO’s !!

    • NO BIGOTS, NO TEA BAGGER, NO CHINO’s ( You know Christians in NAME ONLY)

      • What do you mean no Chinks? You racist liberal, go crawl back under your rock.

      • Take a hike Jethro.

      • Yup Rick, lets stay home and let the Libterds take complete control of the US Congress. Just like the A-holes from the Republican side who wouldn’t vote for a Mormon. Obozo the Clown was elected for a second term. If no Republicans, of any stripe, can control Congress this time, the Supreme Court will become totally Libterd. You can than kiss your Constitution goodbye.

        • I believe the reason 0bama got re-elected was because of a corrupt liberal owned and controlled media that used unscrupulous, hypocritical propaganda (not reporting) to suppress 0bama’s lies and keep 0bama in office.
          The media feeds guys like Rick Rogers liberal propaganda which eventually sways public opinion. Most people trust their media sources to be “fair and balanced” and do not question the presentation of the news.
          Liberal Progressives OWN and Control what used to be called the main stream media, which I now call the Left Stream Media.
          The corruption and bias of the media is what I am trying to correct on my web site at.

      • Who are you to Judge anyone,better read up on your bible.

      • Rick Rogers,
        What a bigoted statement.

        • So you have no problem with MAC BOY’s statement but you do with mine.. Figures.

          • Why YES, Mac Boys comment was not bigoted.
            Your comment is extremely bigoted, exactly like calling a black person a nigger.
            Only your hatred and bigotry is directed at people that are taxed enough already and Christian.
            Come on, your smart enough to know that, aren’t you?

          • Yes and am Smart enough to know that its very clear you have a double standard where that you agree with is right and want you disagree with is wrong. So lets break it down.. He said No Dems (I said no Bigots) he said No Rino’s (I said no Tea Baggers which the Moderate Republicans the Tea Party has not chased off consider OFF) I also said No CINO (which stands for Christians Name only whos Acts are not reflected in their Daily Life) It’s ironic because the biggest enemy of the phony Republicans isn’t Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama. .Its Jesus Christ He said ‘Heal the sick. Feed the hungry. Care for the weakest among us. And always pray in private. ‘

          • Now you explain your bigotry? Nice.

            It is apparent that you know nothing about the Tea Party, yet you write hate about them. Proof once again that bigotry dwells in ignorant minds.

            Nor do you know anything about Christians.

          • So when you list a groups TRUE Actions its Bigotry and when you answer a bigot in a manner you think he would understand that’s Bigotry also. Let me give you a hand here..


            If a person is intolerant of other ideas, races, or religions, we call that person a bigot. The intolerance expressed by that bigot is called bigotry. Bigotry is ugly. Members Tea Party have proven through there statements over and over they are intolerant of anyone that does not agree with them. What I am Intolerant of is their ACTs of Intolerance. they Refuse to acknowledge that people can disagree with them because if they do disagree with them that makes them Bad American’s. Nope sorry not buying what your selling. Call me what you want. I know who I am and what I believe in and I also know that I can hate what you say with a passion but am never going to try and Muzzle you from Saying it. Unlike the numerous people that time me to stop commenting on this website.
            There are different types of bigotry — like religious bigotry or racist bigotry. Although bigotry can mean any form of intolerance or prejudice, when the word is used alone, it is most often understood to mean racial bigotry. The bigotry behind Jim Crow laws that separated races in the 1950s seems unbelievable to most modern teenagers.

          • See the thing is, you do not have proof of the “Intolerant” statements from the Tea Party. And you seem to willingly accept the statement of maybe 1% of the people and label the other 99% with that persons beliefs. You simply accept bigoted lies as truths without question. Your bigotry and stupidity allows you to do that. Accepting bigoted statements without validity is your form of bigotry.
            It is you that is intolerant and refuses to acknowledge others. The use of terms like Tea Baggers is no different than calling a black person a nigger.
            BTW, it was the Democrats that created and fought for the Jim Crow laws, it was the Republicans that put an end to those laws. It was a corrupt Liberal Progressive teacher that filled your head with the crap that you spew. You need to quit trusting that individual, and start thinking for yourself.

          • I checked with a few of my African American Friends and they say your wrong about the N-word.. Oh and be the way.. I don’t need to prove anything. All you have to do is read an article or watch A video of some of the “shining Lights” of the Tea Party and you see all the intolerant statements you want. “Louie Gohmert: Nurses infected with Ebola are part of the ‘Democrats’ war on women’.” that’s pretty intolerant.. So If it makes you happy I stop using Tea Bagger and call them exactly what they are .. The American Taliban. They want to force their Religion on everyone.

          • I am wrong about the N word?? In what context? That calling the Tea Party member a Tea Bagger isn’t the same? Unless your African American Friends are actually Tea Party members (I am sure they are not, because I don’t think you actually know ANY Tea Party members, nor would you socialize with someone you consider as poorly as you do) their opinion just isn’t valid. Of course they would take more offence at being called the N-word over a Tea Bagger.
            As for your proof, you read some bigoted article and take the authors word without checking the facts, and then base your entire view of a group of people on those fact less statements? That is just ignorant. But, ignorance is where bigotry breeds. The people writing those articles are playing you like a fool. And you are letting them.
            What you are doing is no different that seeing ONE African American person that is mentally challenged and saying the entire race is mentally challenged.
            Sure there are people within the Tea Party that are extreme. But you have to look long and hard to find them. You don’t even know what the average Tea Party member is, what they stand for, or even care.
            That is bigotry. And your last sentence proves my point. American Taliban, and forcing their Religion on everyone? That is possibly worse than Tea Bagger, and certainly the most ignorant and stupid comment I have heard in a long time. Doubling down on the bigotry aren’t you!
            So Rick, you have proven you are not smart, bigoted, and certainly not a nice person. Are you the typical liberal Democrat?

  14. It is known as SOVIET DISINFORMATIONs which the MUSLIM SPY Obama is a master of.

  15. I sure am enjoying the warmth here at this time of year, Native American summer.

  16. sandraleesmith46

    Words have meaning, and when that becomes distorted, communication fails. BTW, nowhere does our Constitution guarantee the “right to never be offended”, only the right to free speech, which the left abhors!

    • That’s funny because I get told to stop using my right of Free speech on this website quite a lot? I don’t see very many members of the Left on here.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Where , in my post did you find a request to curtail your “free speech”?

        • Where in my post did you see that I said you were the one doing it.. You won’t find it because I did not say that.

          • Put on your foil cap, drink the Kool-Aid, and wait for the space ship to come for YOU !!!!!!!!

          • Believe me I wish there was one coming because letting the current crop of elected Officals allow Companies to Destroy this planet means maybe we could come back in a 100 years or so and pick up the pieces from the Disaster they are creating.

          • sandraleesmith46

            You posted the accusation. TO me, not generally, so I reasonably inquired where in my comment you saw reason to post such an accusation!

        • No I was talking about the people who decide its ok to insult instead of Debate. A day does not go by that in response to some point I am making in a conversation that some “yoke” does not tell me something Like STFU.. So since this site is made up most of the RIGHT it seems they don’t like to practice what they preach were free speech is Concerned.

  17. Foreign invaders is a more truthful term.

  18. sexual identity confusion and same sex attraction both equal pervert

    • You’re right, one of my pet peeves is the hijacking of the word GAY ! When soldiers came home after WW 1 AMERICANS sang ( when Johnny comes marching home again ) you couldn’t sing that song today because of the Orwellian new speak liberals !!!!

  19. I think Obamacare should be called the “Adjustable Care Act”. They have no trouble making changes in it.

  20. What part of illegal don’t you understand nancy, libtards like you are what’s wrong with this country, I hope you get fired your next election, try getting laid, I think you need it.

  21. ‘Negro’ isn’t a terrible thing to call a black person as negro is Latin AND Spanish for “Black”, nothing more.
    “Retarded” has become the limp-wristed “developmentally disabled”.

  22. Orwellian !!!

  23. I am offended to be called “white”. Who can we call “white”. I am not an albino. I am not white but I am “off white”. So instead of “white” (which would refer to an albino) can we come up with the term “almost white” or “close to being white” or “leaning towards black”?

  24. Dear Admin, it’s a good question to ask, but I don’t think you can conflate this language with the kinds of terms that we no longer use in civil discourse. This is because in many case they are…offensive slurs. I don’t need to list them; we all know what they are.

  25. l have two Cows, Name Bossy and Bessy, Am l to changed Bossy’s name to please Michelle Obama ? How silly the Democrats. It is insane of them

  26. The liberals have been at for a long time, while we sat back and let them get away with it. We have no one to blame but ourselves, that being said, what are you going to do about it? PUSH BACK!

  27. You think you get a strange look; I still use nigger for the type of negro who thinks trayvon martin is a good guy. Dr. Ben Carson is a negro. Al Sharpton is a nigger.

  28. Joining this thread for many reasons but mostly i like to see what Dusty has to offer seems to me she does her home work.
    Just saying .

  29. This country is run by career politicians who want to control virtually every aspect of our lives. America as we know it won’t be around much longer. It’s disappearing a little more each day and ‘We the People’ don’t seem to be able to figure out what to do to preserve it.

  30. OK, I am a pro gun REPUBLICAN! But why can’t you people stay on topic?

  31. Makes one wonder how MANY illegals (PP) ‘Prissy Pelosi’ has working in her vineyards!!!

  32. Illegal is still Illegal no matter how you try and define it.

  33. The “politically correct” thing is just about enough to make me want to vomit.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp!

  34. That is what “political correctness” is all about.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and when you speak you they will listen.

  35. VILE LIBERAL SCUM using DISINFORMATION tactics of Propaganda are SOPHISTS deliberately confusing the TRUTH to enslave the PEOPLE.


    Let’s try and start something here. I came up with 2 new names we should start using when discussing democrats.
    1) DEMACOMS. 2) COMMUCRATS. Self explanatory. YES!

  37. But we can still call the Kenyan in the WH an Asshole, that hasn’t changed.

  38. Fighting obama??? Does that mean we are fighting him or that he is fighting us? (as an aside-he could not struggle (let alone fight) his way out if a paper bag).

  39. If the phrasing doesn’t matter, why do you give a fuck if it changes?

  40. There will need to be a lot of house cleaning to fix the spin doctor’s crimes. Along with lying by politicians is ok. If we not only think but know we are being lied to how can we vote intelligently?

  41. AN AXIOM….to remember for all time, to wit:
    “Words are the fingers that molds men’s minds”!

    Copyright © 2014

  42. What about the term “Redneck”, I am one and DAMN proud of it. I would say we are not so thin skinned we freak about it.Just Like cuss words most are acronyms.


  44. Why the media has willingly become a propaganda arm for the Left is beyond me; it appears that the owners of the Big 4 media are all leftist One-Worlders beholden to the likes of Soros & Co. and the Marxists in DC and the corrupt UN itself. America needs a GOP landslide next week, to begin a purge of the vermin in DC from the top down, and in every important agency.

  45. Getting back to “The Left changing the language” …
    It is appalling how the Left continue to get away with stealing ‘Blue’ and foisting ‘Red’ off on Conservatives.
    The Libs are the ones who have owned ‘Red’ since the time of the French Revolution – does anyone really think that “Better Dead than Red” was a reference to the GOP?

  46. When I was a kid the demo party was the working man’s party and the rep was the rich man’s. The Bible and prayer was allowed and we swore an oath to this country on an American flag under God. Now the Bible, prayer, and God are under attack along with quite a few other American freedoms including free speech. You can’t bless someone if they sneeze without a fight. Now I read Mr. Obama wants the Bible out of the military, and another article talks about he wants mothers out of the home and working. If this latter is true it is to get more control of our children. They are already working to teach them what they want, which is a long way off from the three Rs. Some school has the kids signing songs about now president as if he is a saint. Everybody is worried about the wrong things. Our children are being brainwashed. We are being brainwashed and it is being done in the simplest ways of all and it is passing the biggest share of us by like it isn’t even happening. Get the Bible out of the serviceman’s hands and you have a bunch of gorillas in uniform who will do anything. Viet Nam was nasty because so many young and naïve men and women in with hearts wanting to do their country proud and fight the enemy back to their commie lair. They thought they were helping save the world as there forefathers before them. Our soldiers can so easily be used because like the rest of us they love and trust their country to be the kind of leaders who will not use them. We are all in danger now and it is the very party that served the poor man’s spirit that is the danger along with any person of any party that believes they are bigger than the American man and woman . Any leader who thinks he or she has the right to think over us and that we do not count, because they are the only ones that know what is best for this country and the Americans who live here should be fired NOW. We need to clean house in America and take our country back. The United Government has many good leaders who feel the same way.

  47. The worst is “progressives’ as if they want real improvement rather than the destruction of America as we knew it.

  48. This is a very important article. This plugs into the science of memetics; see Richard Brodie’s book, “Virus of the Mind”.

  49. La Pelosi who married into that rich Cleveland Mafia family learned her language from them.

  50. Joyce Laverne Sullens

    I understand what your saying. It’s true, their just words. When society picks up on these words they become more than “just ” words . Some simple little words can be made into a life or death situation. Such as negro. It’s really only 5 letters of the alphabet, but then someone puts more meanings to the word making it a bad word. The Black people decided Negro is a negative word, not the white people.

  51. A couple of words will never change… and that’s ‘Cracka’ – ‘Whitie’……. Why is it the Blacks are so offended when called ‘darkie’ – ‘coon’ then, when the Whites are called just the same?

  52. Well, there’s one name/term that will never lose its meaning, no matter how you paint it, type it or say it…

  53. You mean the TheyDon’tCare Act or the Unaffordable Care Act or PelosiCare since she pushed it to pass so we could see what was in it.

  54. They not so secretly change MY language… so $UCK IT !!!!!

  55. Call it what it is. Undocumented means one thing. They are here illegally. Illegal undocumented immigrants. Pelosi is a conspirator and traitor to this country. Her position in Congress is a threat to the security and welfare of this nation. Her intentions and thoughts are against all American interests. It’s amazing how she continues to serve the American people. It’s also amazing how Republicans in Congress don’t step up and do something about the atrocities stemming from the Executive Branch.

  56. F__K Pelosi for her liberal “undocumented immigrant” B.S. . That bat and Boehmer?? should leave politics to adults.

  57. May be the government knew of the attack but stayed silent to push threw the patriot act.but under estimating how big it was.

  58. Impeachments and High Treason remove all that attack people that they know not anything , People, Army and new Republicans have both House and Senate and all real Americans will have all put so many in a Nation will make them or all will be voted out in two years

  59. As to the redskins… Just change the Indian head in the logo to a potato and use the Indian head without a title… 😉

    The potato lobby would likely be thrilled at the prospect.

  60. Being of Native American decent, I am insulted by be referred to as “Indian”. My ancestors, as far as I can determine, never set foot on the Indian sub continent. My ancestors were called “Indians” by a lost sailor who landed in the Bahamas and confused his position with a land half way around the world. I don’t know if Columbus was a drinking man or not. But that is pretty strong evidence that he did partake of the firewater in copious quantities.
    Now I may be wrong here but I think I remember when blacks were called “colored people” and made it known they preferred “negro”. Then that name didn’t suit them so they wanted to be called “blacks”. Now they want to change to “people of color” or another way of saying “colored people”. Full circle. Also isn’t the word “negro” just a Spanish word for black? Some people are just not happy unless they are complaining about something even though the something is really nothing. Don’t call me “Indian”, call me “Cherokee”.

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