How the Left Has Been Quietly Changing the Language

There’s an old George Carlin routine where he skewers the retirement of worthy, clear language in favor of PC, limp replacements. One of my favorite examples is how the powerful term “shell shock” became the limp “post-traumatic stress disorder.” While Carlin meant it as little more than some benign social commentary, played for laughs, the fact is that these kinds of changes aren’t as innocent as they may seem.

For a rare look into a liberal’s mind when it comes to these changes, consider House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. On Wednesday, she was asked if Obama’s actions on illegal aliens would also affect Iraqis living in the U.S. Before she could address a serious issue like this, Pelosi had to first chide the reporter on his choice of phrasing.

“Are you referring to undocumented people who are in the United States?” Pelosi asked, as if there was a chance the reporter might be referring to Martians.

The reporter stuck to his guns. “Illegal aliens, yes ma’am.”

Pelosi responded. “Undocumented people, ok.”

Normally the left likes to be a little more subtle with their systematic rebranding efforts, but then again, this is Nancy Pelosi we’re talking about here. So, what is it with the left’s unquenchable desire to change names we’ve had in place for years? Names which already were entirely sufficient to describe the concepts in question?

You can say that “native American” is a better term than “redskin” or “Indian,” but why is that? Why is “negro” a terrible thing to call a black person? Why is it now wrong to call someone “retarded”? We’ve become so brainwashed by the PC police that the upgrades seem self-evident. Of course we wouldn’t call someone retarded! Perish the thought!

But “retarded,” “negro,” and “redskin” are just words, made up of letters, strung together so that we can communicate in a common language. I’m not stomping my foot up and down because I can’t say “negro” anymore without getting some strange looks (at the very least), but there are some name changes that carry with them some dangerous consequences.

Note how the left successfully renamed the concept of being in favor of abortion. Note how they successfully renamed the concept of being anti-gun. Note how terms like waitress and stewardess have largely been relegated to the landfill of history. These changes are pushed through with a purpose. They help liberals get inside the American psyche, making it easier for them to change the social landscape as they see fit.

When conservatives stand up and cry foul at all the hullaballoo about the Washington Redskins, it’s about more than just a football team. It’s about fighting back against these shifts. But these supporters are demonized by the media, as if anyone really believes that Redskins fans are a bunch of Indian-hating colonialists.

Whether we call Washington’s team the Redskins or the Fighting Obamas doesn’t really matter. They’re all just words. But what does matter is how the left uses these name changes to push their agenda onto unsuspecting Americans. That matters a lot.


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