How The GOP Is Inadvertently Helping Trump Win

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

( – Former President Donald Trump’s challengers in the 2024 GOP primary race have not spent a lot of time discussing the legal problems faced by Hunter Biden, including his tax charges and charge for illegal firearm possession. They have also avoided discussing the allegations that President Biden was connected to his son’s foreign business affairs and may have engaged in influence peddling.

In part, this decision to not discuss these topics has been driven by the belief that by focusing on Biden’s legal issues, the Republicans were in fact aiding Trump’s argument that there is a double standard in the Justice system. This is an argument that Trump has repeatedly made following his multiple indictments.

Republican strategist Greg Keller in Missouri argued that this was the reason why the Republican candidates were opting to not discuss this topic: they were afraid that discussing the misdeeds of the Biden family would only reinforce Trump’s narrative. He added that he was unsurprised by their decision to remain silent on the subject.

This position was also supported by veteran political strategist Chuck Coughlin’s statement on Tuesday when he questioned whether Republicans were aware of how discussing things about Hunter Biden was just helping Trump.

The decision to not discuss Hunter Biden was also obvious during the first primary Republican debate in August, which Trump had not attended. Throughout the event, there were only two passing references made about Hunter Biden, with former New Jersey Governor and Presidential candidate Chris Christie telling ABC News last weekend that the first son was “not on the ballot.”

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