How Texas is Helping Mexico with Border Security

Texas will provide authorities in a Mexican border state with razor wire and training on how to deploy it in order to increase security at the U.S.-Mexican border, Texas officials told Fox News on Saturday.

The unprecedented agreement between Texas and the Mexican state of Coahuila — which is situated across from Eagle Pass — will involve Texas providing the Mexican authorities with c-wire (concertina/razor wire) and training on its deployment near the border.

Texas Department of Public Safety said that in the coming days, Mexican officials will come to Eagle Pass and be trained by the Texas Military, take possession of the wire and return it to Mexico.

Texas officials say that it is the first time in history that such a deal has been made, and that it will put Mexican and U.S. authorities together on the subject of border enforcement. The development was first reported by journalist Ali Bradley.

Texas has taken a number of unique measures to stop the surge of migration that it has encountered at its border. There were more than 221,000 migrant encounters in March alone across the entire border and comes on the back of a number of historic months of migrant encounters.

Those numbers are expected to rise should the Biden administration lift Title 42 — a Trump-era public health order that has been used to expel a majority of migrants at the border. The administration announced that it would lift Title 42 on May 23, but a number of states, including Texas, have sued to prevent that from happening.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has bused migrants to Washington D.C., and also ramped up inspections at the border as part of an effort to get Mexican and U.S. federal authorities to do more to solve the ongoing migrant crisis. Last year, Texas officials set up a wall of vehicles to prevent migrants from entering the state.

Last week, Abbott said his state is considering a challenge to a 1982 Supreme Court ruling that required public schools to teach illegal immigrant children.

“I think we will resurrect that case and challenge that issue again because the expenses are extraordinary, and the times are different than when Plyler v. Doe was issued many decades ago,” the governor said.

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  1. That’ll piss off Killer Biden.

  2. I agree with the state of texas in preventing those foreigners from crossing our boarder. I just hope arizona and california do the same. If the govt. doesnt help then its the states right to secure its boarders. Same with schools. These illegals are a drag on our economy which has taken a toll on all of us. We are not responsible for all these foreigners illegally crossing our boarders and getting free hand outs when american citizens are struggling.

  3. America is BROKE we have homeless Families in every large city in AMERICA a RECESSION is probably on its way and the BIDEN Administration just keeps letting illegals in the country every day, They say they are sending them back but we see busses everyday leaving out of Brownsville Texas SO we need to lock the BORDER down till ECONOMICS in this COUNTRY IMPROVE.

  4. The US Border Patrol has repeatedly tried to work jointly with Mexico, and it usually turns into a corruption case. Sadly, it’s US Border Patrol agents who get corrupted. I personally know of several cases where the US Border Patrol liaison agents secretly shared critical operational information with corrupt Mexican authorities. There was even a case where the agents were springing the smugglers from detention, and cutting them loose at the behest of the Mexican corrupt cops.

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